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A request from Frederik Nielsen on FA.

"Why do all the guards look alike?" Luna asked, earning a confused look from her sister. The two were standing before the assembled ranks of the royal guards, observing as the guards performed a ceremony. It was a ceremony performed every dusk and every dawn, to commemorate the guard of Equastria changing hooves between princesses.

"It's a simple glamour spell," Celestia explained to her sister. "It protects the guard's identity for when they are not on duty, and gives them a sense of unity when they are. It is also more intimidating for the enemies of the kingdom, to see a uniform army instead of an assortment."

Luna smirked. "Didn't intimidate me. You didn't either, for that matter."

"Oh please sister. I let you win."

Luna rolled her eyes, and once more looked over the assorted guards, all looking near identical with their golden armor and charcoal colored fur. "I don't even understand why I'm even here," she muttered. "They care about you, Celestia, not me. You make the sun rise every day, without fail. All I do is make everyone go to sleep. Every day they thank you. The only time they even acknowledge I exist is one night a year. At dusk they celebrate the day you brought. At dawn, they celebrate that you make another day rise. If I were not here, they would continue on without worry or fail."

"You fill a vital role, Luna. And... I have to admit, it's been so much easier since you returned. Having to move two heavenly bodies, every day, it was exhausting. Especially now that I don't have the Elements of Harmony at my disposal." She smiled. "I'm really happy that you're back."

"I'm happy... I'm happy to be back. Not just to be free of my imprisonment, but to do some good, for a change." Luna sighed, and looked out over the assorted guards. She lowered her head. "I just wish they were happier to have me..."

Celestia opened her mouth to say something, but Luna had already turned and was casually trotting back into the castle tower for a good day's rest. Celestia thought of chasing after her sister, but the guards... it would be improper not to watch the guards as they praised... as they praised only her... She sighed.


It took all types to fill the ranks of the Royal Guards. Size or build was not important, as the glamour would make even the smallest of ponies look like an absolute stud, and shrink a giant to a more manageable size. Strength, however, was crucial: the brute strength in one's body, as well as the magical strength of one's soul. Specialties were accounted for, but far from crucial, as even a baker might have the will to serve the princess well, or the soul to inspire others to rally for a cause.

For proof that the Royal Guards took all kinds, one need only look to Frederick. Frederick was far from the largest pony to ever grace Equestria. He was far from normal, even by Unicorn standards. He was, simply put, small. But his fearless determination to serve the princess prompted his acceptance into the elite group. His intriguing abilities did not hurt either. Despite being fully grown, his flank was frequently bare, something that baffled any who laid eyes upon him. His Cutie Mark changed frequently, with his emotions, with his duties. Perhaps uninhibited by a static Cutie Mark, his role within the guard changed frequently, and he was proud of how much he was able to do.

Today, he and three others had been called to Celestia's throne room for a "special assignment." What it could possibly be, none had a clue. It could range from planning a surprise party for Luna, to organizing a resistance force to combat Equestria's newest threat.

A princess such as Celestia should of course have a grand throne room, but Frederick was still awed every time he stepped through the heavy doors and entered Celestia's personal quarters. Of course, the beauty of the polished marble, crystal chandelier, and satin curtains was nothing compared to the beauty of the princess herself, sitting delicately at the climax of a red carpet. It was awe inspiring, humbling, to be in the presence of a pony such as her, and instinctively all four of the guards bowed their heads when her gaze turned to them.

"There's no need for that," Celestia said, rising and stepping down off her thrown. Her long strides carried her elegant form forward until she was before the four bowing colts. She leaned down and gave them a touch with her long horn, and they rose slowly, hesitantly, as if frightened to be in her presence. Even after her insistence, they just could not bring themselves to make eye contact with her.

"Please, relax," she said, sighing. Frederick managed to lift his head, although he was shaking gently when her eyes fell upon him. Her smile was warm and sweet and inviting. He smiled back, as best he could, unsure of what else to do. Soon, he decided to resume looking down, bowing his head, trying to keep his whole little body from shaking.

"You four," Celestia continued. "I have chosen you four for a very special task. You four have demonstrated such loyalty, such inner strength and willingness to serve, I can think of none better to carry out this task, and I know that you will tackle my every request with the same devotion you have always showed."

Frederick looked up again, although his eyes squinted as he noticed Celestia seemed much farther away. Granted, Frederick was not a tall pony, and Celestia was a giant, but before he had been about up to her knee joint. Now, if he looked forward, he would be face to face with the golden rim of her slipper. Trying to look up at her was like trying to make eye contact with the Statue of Celestia that was erected every Solstice. Nervously, he took a step back, noticing that Celestia continued to grow larger and larger before his very eyes. And yet her smile never ceased. Not a smile that sent a shiver down Frederick's spine, even at this size. Her smile was warm and motherly and kind, and somehow told him that, no matter what, no harm would come to him.

By now the other guards had, of course, noticed that their princess had grown to titanic proportions. No, they all realized, looking around the throne room that they still inhabited. The princess had remained her natural (if very tall) height, but they had all shrunk to the size of a field mouse!

"Being a princess is not an easy job," Celestia explained. Her left hoof crossed over her body, and she gently nudged the golden slipper off her right hoof. She did the same to her left, and then eased each slipper off her rear legs. "I don't mind battling monsters and the forces Chaos. What is most agonizing is standing, hours on end, and shaking hooves with all the aristocrats who expect an audience with me."

One of her now bare hooves came down, selecting Frederick first. He did not run as the princess' massive white hoof came down, either from paralyzing fear, or the absolute trust he put in his monarch. She gently placed her surprisingly soft and warm hoof down, and then gently squeezed around his body. He felt his hooves leave the ground, and was vaguely aware he was being carried. He stopped abruptly, and was dropped, and fell through the whistling air. Fear replaced trust. Some part of him imagined him plummeting onto the ground, and going splat against the polished marble, a tiny splotch of wine red on the otherwise pristine floor. But of course, Celestia had no intention of hurting any of her subjects. Instead of cracking against the ground, he landed on something soft and warm, that smelled slightly strange. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw golden walls on each side, and far up above him was Celestia's underside. He actually blushed, his eyes just happening to glimpse between her mile long legs and to the curve of her groin, and he determined he was in her left rear shoe. Such suspicions were confirmed when the vision above him shifted, replaced by an approaching wall of white: the perfectly maintained hoof of the princess. It slipped into the slipper without any struggle, and he found himself completely pinned beneath one of her hooves, actually sinking into the white wall by how soft it was.

Celestia sighed dreamily, allowing her full weight to settle on her four hooves, squishing the guards beneath her. Of course, they were in no danger, her magic would see to that, but they were delightful pressure against her weary hooves, in a way that even the finest slippers could not provide. With an extra skip in her step, she trotted off, ready to get through the day's work.


"You're awfully springy this evening," Luna observed. "Did you drink too much coffee again?"

Celestia had spent the better part of the Dusk Ceremony bouncing from hoof to hoof, or rolling her weight back and forth. She looked to her younger sister, and blushed. "Just happy... you're back."

"Sister, I've been back for three years and never seen you like this. Are you alright?"

Celestia smiled, and gave her sister a soft nuzzle along the side of the face, a common pony mark of affection. Luna returned it with a soft nip, before drawing her head back. Luna set her head down on the balcony's rim and watched the guards passively.

"Would you like to see how much your subjects adore you?" Celestia asked. "How they would do anything for you? How they would put their life and their faith in your hooves?"

Luna looked down, and then gave a soft, embarrassed shrug.

"Select four of your most trusted friends. They can be of any species and any rank. And then meet me in the throne room, whenever you can spare the time."

Luna looked to her sister, puzzled. Celestia spent several moments rocking back and forth, shifting weight between her four hooves, sometimes giggling childishly. Luna was worried, but nodded, and when the ceremony was over, went out to recruit the four ponies who immediately came to mind: four ponies who had been with her almost daily, tending to her needs, reminding her about the customs that were dominant in today's age, and in generally being such nice friends for her.

Three of them were unicorns, the fourth a Pegasus pony, and with them in tow, Luna walked into the throne room to find her sister relaxing in her regal chair. Celestia rolled onto her hooves and approached her sister. Although Luna was curious what Celestia had in mind, Celestia assured her that there was still one more to join the party.

Cadence arrived not long after, with her own guards in tow. The only pony that Luna recognized was Shining Armor (as he did not have a glamour spell cast over him). For some reason, he was no longer wearing his coat of arms, instead going bare chested. She wondered if she should order her personal guards to strip, but assumed Celestia would give the order when it was time for that.

Celestia walked around to each of the guards, giggling each time her hoof came down for some odd reason. She touched each guard's cheek with the tip of her glowing horn, including Shining Armor. The touch caused their glamour spell to fall away, and their identities no longer concealed, Luna recognized a few of the colts as residents of Ponyville. It must be, one day a month or so, the citizens come to the castle, are given a glamour spell, and serve their duty without fail. "What is the meaning of this, sister?" Luna asked.

Celestia smiled, and gently removed all four of her slippers. She gestured with a hoof, and curious, Luna leaned down, peeking inside until a tiny pony head popped out of the shadowed interior. Luna gasped and fell backwards, losing her footing and landing rather comically on her rump. Feeling something small and wiggly beneath her, she took to the air after several powerful beats of her wings and looked at the ground, to see her trusted guards had all been reduced to a miniature size. She had landed on one of the poor guards with her rather ample posterior, and quickly fluttered back to the ground. Gathering the poor guard into her hooves and lifting him, she was happy to see he was fine, if slightly dazed. She glared at Celestia, who was smiling softly.

"They will be fine," she said. "Of that I can assure. Their strength and stamina has been concentrated into a small area, greatly increasing their strength. These little helpers have been in my slippers all day, and show the same amount of vigor as this morning."

Cadence nuzzled the now tiny Shining Armor. At first reluctant to embrace the snout, the nostrils of which were large enough he could climb inside, he eventually gave her a nuzzle back, followed by lick. She giggled at the display, and licked him back, only for the friction of her tongue to pull him into her mouth. Smiling, she toyed with him, eased him about and swished him cheek to cheek. Celestia licked her lips, and then looked to her four slippers, and the four tiny morsels that were housed inside.

Frederick had just managed to crawl out of the slipper and land on the floor, when a shadow fell over him. He looked up, to see the enormous face of the princess, smiling down at him. A terrifying sight to say the least, as her looming stare was now larger than any celestial body in the sky, but she leaned down and softly nuzzled him with her lips, and blew warm breath out of her snout playfully. He chuckled at that, and when she opened her mouth wide, rolling her tongue out to invite him in, he was not at all hesitant. A gust of warm breath struck him, knocking him onto his rump, but quickly Frederick was back on his hooves, trotting over the slimy muscle and deeper into the mouth. He was soon joined by the other three guards who were servicing Celestia, each taking tentative steps onto the moist tongue and stepping inside the humid cave.

They tasted delightful, to say the least. Each had a unique flavor, and how happy she was she could now sample all three of the species at once on her tongue. Earth ponies, of course, had a rich, dense flavor to them. Hardy and fresh, like vegetables and fruit. Pegasi seemed to taste a little sweeter and a little spicier than the muted flavor of the earth walkers, their unique flavor constantly shifting between sweet as wine and spicy as a pepper. But it was the unicorn's flavor that she savored, for that one had no equal. The taste of unicorn was indescribable, as if the magic that swelled in their soul embraced their flavor as well. Sweet... so sweet, and without the spiciness of Pegasi, they were like suckling the finest of candies. She carefully moved three of her helpers to one cheek, keeping them in the pocket, and savored the flavor of the unicorn alone.

Luna stared, baffled at her two companions. Cadence was swishing her mate around her mouth like a piece of hard candy, and Celestia had no less than four imprisoned in her now bulging cheeks. She looked down at the Pegasus she was holding, one she had known for quite a while now. He was a handsome stud, with a grey coat, with little trims of white and a black mane and tail. She normally preferred the black coats that Earth ponies had, but this one... she liked this particular Pegasus. And his eyes, sparkling green and looking up at her with love and kindness, she smiled down at the little creature.

Cadence had eased her mate out of her maw, and was holding him in one hoof. With her other, she softly stroked him, and although he was soaked to the bone in strands of her saliva, his face spoke of the pure bliss he had relieved while in the giant mouth. The other three of her guards were at her hooves, massaging and working them tenderly.

Luna suddenly looked down, and noticed that her own guards had begun to show her affection. She was sitting, almost dog like, with her rump on the ground and her rear legs out in front of her, and without being asked to, her three remaining personal guards had begun to rub and massage and lick her weary hooves gently. No longer worried or panicked, she had to admit that the feel of three tiny tongues on her hooves was actually blissful, and after a nod of assurance from the colt she held in her hoof, she opened her mouth and popped him inside.

The flavor of Pegasus flooded her senses. She felt his strong arms wrap around her tongue and hold it tight; hugging her as she began to swish him about, savoring every touch of flavor she received. She pushed him against the roof of her mouth, and pressed her tongue into him, as if she intended to squeeze his flavor from his body. He licked her tongue with his miniscule one, kissed it.

Celestia, meanwhile, dipped her head, and allowed her four captive free of her maw. With a wave of her head, she ordered them to help tend to Cadence, which they did, dripping with drool. Celestia walked towards Luna, who was oblivious of her presence, more concerned with the delicious Pegasus that was on her tongue. She opened her eyes when she felt Celestia's warm breath upon her face, and smiled at the sight of her gorgeous sister. Turning her head to the side, she opened her mouth and allowed Celestia's lips to touch hers.

Cadence, meanwhile, was in a state of utter bliss. She simply lay on her back, spread eagle, as eight little colts all got to work diligently at one of her appendages. Shining Armor was at her right rear hoof, and he did the best, he worked the hardest of all of them. Even at this size, he was strong and sturdy, and used all his strength and resilience to push into the silky squish of her foot, giving her the smallest of hoof massages. His two little hooves though, against her one massive one, felt like a little tickle. He poked her gently with his horn, which tickled, but when his tongue came out and began to work in a little circle, she was taken by a sense of ecstasy like she had never known. She giggled and neighed softly, her other helpers backing away in favor of giving the two lovers their space. She did not notice, nor did she care, only concerned with the affection that her handsome stud was giving her. He pressed into her hoof with all his might and squeezed at the soft skin. His tongue constantly worked in a little circle, leaving a little tingle of drying saliva wherever it ventured.

The hoof suddenly shifted, and Shining Armor found himself being pushed over the ground by the undefeatable wall. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that another of the pink walls was fast approaching. He just had just enough time to look up at Cadence, see her sweet, smiling face, before he was sandwiched between the two house-sized hooves.

After a moment to regain his bearing, he got right back to work, hugging, licking, and kissing the feet. Cadence's giggles and neighs could be heard, even though he was so utterly smothered by her soft hooves. He hugged her hooves as tight as he could, and then braced all four of his hooves against her, and pushed. The resistance was wonderful for the princess, who applied her own force, struggling to keep her hooves together. It was slightly difficult, given Shining Armor's strength, but she enjoyed the bit of dominance at keeping Shining Armor so utterly trapped. She knew he enjoyed it too, though: pinned between the warm, soft, flowery smelling hooves. When she wiggled her hooves side to side, and ground them together, she could feel a tiny strip of heat working against her center, and giggled at the thought of a miniscule erection, jutting forward from bite sized legs.

Celestia took a step forward, and turned her head to the side. She was over Luna now, pinning her down with her larger size, and kissing her deeply. Luna shivered at the touches and the power of her big sister. Although she tried to resist the tongue that was slowly working its way past her lips and clenched teeth, eventually she succumb, and felt the fullness of her older sister's tongue in her mouth. She felt one of Celestia's arms wrap around her and hold her close, the kiss moving deeper, the little helpers at her hooves continuing their duty diligently.

At last Celestia pulled back, and smiled. Luna smiled dreamily, although her heart plummeted when she realized her mouth was completely empty, and she looked to her belly, terrified she had swallowed the Pegasus she had been suckling. Celestia put her fears to ease when she opened her mouth, and revealed the grey Pegasus sitting on her tongue, only to close her mouth again before he could flee and return to his mistress. Celestia dipped her head, and used her long tongue to slurp up the other ponies who were tending to Luna's hooves. Luna glared at her, wanting to protest, but with a nod of her head, Celestia ordered her younger sister to stand. Luna continued to glare, but concerned with the captives Celestia held in her mouth, she got to her four hooves. Bouncing with each step, Celestia walked around behind her sister. Luna followed her as she moved, unsure what was going to happen, and when Celestia had circled her, Luna quickly looked over her other shoulder. Once more coming to stand before her younger sister, Celestia leaned forward and softly touched their lips together.

Luna recoiled, unsure of the affection that had just been displayed, and Celestia gave her the space she required. The white princess' cheeks were bulging slightly, from all the ponies that she still kept in her mouth. Inside the warm, wet cave, they were pushing against the cheeks, trying to find their escape. She kept swilling them about, enjoying their taste. If one listened closely, one could hear faint, muffled neighs and laughter, apparently the colts in the giant maw enjoying their ride quite a bit too. All the while, Celestia was careful that none should slip and make the voyage down her throat. She was not certain that her magic could sustain the tinies before she figured out a way to get them out.

It was Luna who made the next move, leaning forward and tenderly licking over Celestia's face. Celestia carefully lowered her rear to the ground, and sat down. She reached for her sister, and wrapped her long arms around her to pull her close gently. Luna wrapped her own arms around her big sister, hugging her, and kissing softly over her face. Luna's horn sparked and flickered with a magic glow every few moments, and she wiggled and squirmed in the strong arms of her beloved sister, but the contact of their lips was never broken, their tongues wrestling and exploring the other's mouth.

Celestia carefully used her tongue to fetch a few of the tinies that were held in the pocket of her cheek. She eased them out of the pocket, and gently gave them to Luna, sliding them into her mouth. She gasped and groaned, mumbling something muffled as she felt the tinies get to work immediately: hugging her tongue, massaging it beneath their hooves, licking it feverishly. Celestia scooped the other group of tinies from her other cheek, and carefully pushed them into Luna's mouth. They got to work feverishly, aiding their comrades in showing the huge tongue affection.

Although the feeling was incredible, the bliss indescribable, Luna wiggled and squirmed several times. Celestia nodded, aware that Luna was utterly terrified of swallowing one of her servants, and once more took the tinies into her own mouth.

Celestia shifted her weight, and carefully set Luna down on her back, using her greater girth and strength to keep the darker pony from getting up. With her pinned, Celestia once more dipped her head and licked Luna, from her nethers to her face, giving her a long kiss. Luna sat up, noticing that the four ponies who had before been held captive by Celestia were now free, drenched in drool, but resting in the blue fur of her underbelly.

"Please do not be afraid," Celestia said, addressing the four tinies, who all looked up to her. "I assure you, my magic will keep you from any harm, and your size will return soon. But now, I ask you do your duty, and serve my sister well."

Luna sat up weakly, the tinies all tumbling over her body, and coming to rest in her lap. She gathered them up into her hooves and hugged each, licked each, kissed and nuzzled and then asked gently in what way might they want to worship her?

Celestia looked to Cadence, to see her lying on her back, one hoof over her groin. Celestia imagined a certain white and blue pony was trapped within the gripping nethers, held in place by the hoof. Celestia knew that Cadence and Shining Armor did not require any help. In fact, she would not dare intervene. Cadence could have her way with a dozen adoring subjects if she so desired, but she chose to be intimate only with her mate. Celestia found herself smiling at that.

Celestia looked down to the ponies who remained, and they all looked up at her towering figure. She leaned down low, and took the time to nuzzle and kiss each and every one. "Thank you for your service," she said. "You have all done such an exceptional job, gone far beyond your duty. And for that, I am in your debt."

She folded one leg across the other, and gave a sincere bow. The tinies all returned the gesture of respect, as they all began to grow back to their proper size, one by one. All expect for... where was the one called Frederick? Celestia was suddenly aware that she had not nuzzled or kissed him, breaking the enchantment that was keeping him small.

Looking about the room, she spied her slippers lying innocently on the floor, and her sharp eyes fell to a tiny head that was peeking out from over the golden rim. The moment their eyes met, the tiny head disappeared, and Celestia found herself smiling. Casually she approached the slippers, though did not look down into them, simply placing them on her hooves one by one. She felt the delightful bulk of a certain miniature pony, hidden away in one of her rear slippers, and sighed as she applied just a little more pressure. "Thank you, to you too," she whispered.

As she left the throne room, she passed Luna, who was having fun with the tinies, toying with them with a hoof or letting them stroke and rub her belly. The tinies all treated her without fear or worry, all treating her like a loving, if titanic, friend. Celestia leaned down, and gave Luna a soft kiss on the cheek. "Be at peace tonight, sister. You have earned it. I will guard the night in your stead. Sleep well, with your subjects close, and know how much they adore you."

Celestia allowed the ponies who had returned to size to leave the throne room with her, before closing and sealing the door shut, so no one would bother Luna, Cadence, or the tinies. With her little helper safe in her slipper, she made the happy walk to the guard tower, from where she could survey all of her domain.

None of the other guards could understand why Celestia kept giggling each time her right rear hoof came down. Perhaps, sometime later, she would show them.