Tales of the Shop Keeper: Cat Scratch Fever

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2 of Tales of the Shop Keeper Yet more fall victim to the Shop Keepers Call

Sam sat at his boyfriends house, the other young man late from work despite numerous texts saying he'd be home soon. They'd shared the apartment for almost a year at this point, the place homey and warm though run on a college student's budget. The clock above the tv showed midnight and with an exasperated sigh Sam moved to the bedroom to change and get ready for sleep. He heard a door shut loudly as his boyfriend, Cain, move into the apartment with a haggered look as he staggered into the room just as Sam was changing into his pajama bottoms. "H-Hey there..." Sam giggled, his thin frame and long black hair giving him an almost girly look. Cain on the other hand was a weight lifter and dock worker by trade, his close cropped hair and physique drastically different than his boyfriend. Cain only grunted in answer though gave the other boy a swift kiss as he staggered to the shower as Sam sniffed the musky and sweaty scent of his boyfriend after a hard day of work. By the time the other boy came out of the bathroom Sam was fast asleep, Cain smiling at him with a soft smile. He slipped into bed, the other boy rolling over with a loud groan as he was roused by the movement though was quickly shushed. "Go to bed." the larger boy whispered, wrapping his arms about his boyfriend tightly as they fell asleep. When Sam awoke Cain was already gone though a note on the bedside dresser and a wad of cash indicated that he hadn't left without thinking about him. He moved to read the note, smiling as his eyes scanned over the words. "Sorry I've been working so much. There's a new sex shop in town, go get something and I promise we'll spend some quality time together tonight. Love Cain."

Sam giggled, blushing a little at the notes intent but slide out of bed to dress. He followed the address into town, the building totally unassuming on first glance. "Animal Desires." the bright neon sign read, giving the whole place a somewhat trashy vibe that was all but intentional. Most people on the street avoided even looking at the place and from the windows he could tell the place was empty. He'd never been one to be embarrassed about his sexuality and strode inside without a care in the world. The door gave a soft jingle as he moved in, the inside cool from the air conditioner and the scent of sex and perfumes filled the air. He didn't even see an employee so he figured he'd just browse for a while and maybe pick up some gag items. He didn't need another dildo or anything, Cain usually getting him one every christmas despite his constant whining that he had to many toys. He was to engrossed in his browisng to notice a tall and muscled tan figure move up behind him. "Finding what you need?" the soothing voice asked, Sam twirling around with a soft gasp before his eyes fell on the handsome man with a toothy smile. "No no, just browsing for now. I really don't need anything. I was told this place had just opened so...wanted to see what you had in stock." he chuckled, unable to meet the blazing green eyes of the man that seemed to stare right through him. "Oh, well don't be a stranger. I'm John by the way, the owner." He moved a hand to take Sam's before leaning down to place a gentle kiss on the top of his hand. Sam giggled boyishly with a soft blush though slide his hand away. "Sorry, I've got a boyfriend...he's the one who told me to come. I was just looking for something...unique for him. He's always busy so I wanted to do something special for our special night." He didn't know why he was opening up to this man but the words came so easily. John nodded, placing a hand on the small of Sam's back. "I think I know what you need. Why don't you wait here and I'll just step into the store room?" he asked with a faint smile. Sam was more than happy to wait, glancing at the doors at the back as the owner of the store returned with a small bag. "I think you'll find everything you need here." he winked as he handed the bag over to Sam. "And don't be a stranger, I'm sure there's plenty more here you'd be interested. Take those on the house...you're my first customer!" he laughs. Sam only nodded a little, blushing and thanking the man profusely before striding out the store and home. He set the bag down on the dinner table as he moved to wash up and put the money he was given back in Cain's part of the dresser before returning to the main room of the apartment. He glanced at the bag, biting his lower lip as he moved over to sift through it's contents. A butt plug with a long rubber cat tale, a thick leather collar, a pair of cat ear headband and a bottle of lube called Exolube seemed to be the whole bounty though to be honest he had none of the things and it would maybe make a good surprise for for Cain. They'd looked at some yaoi before with cat boys and he seemed to enjoy them enough. He stripped down as he took the toys to his room, laying out on the bed with a soft sigh. He glanced at the small bottle of lube, obviously a sampler of sorts. He had plenty but he figured why not? Might as well use it, wasn't any harm in trying new things and at worst he just wouldn't buy any more of the stuff if it was crap. He took the butt plug off the bed to apply the lube to though was surprised at it's liquidy nature, frowning as he spilled some on the bedspread below.

Cain probably wouldn't mind but he didn't want it to stain so he quickly moved to toss it into the washer to clean. He made his way back with the toy in hand, the lube seeming to have dried somewhat on the plastic plug as he laid back out on the bed. He lifted his hips, sliding the toy into himself with a soft sigh as it slid in easily even without the lube though it seemed to hold it in place rather well even as he clenched about it's shape. Next was the collar though as he put it on he felt a bit naughty. He'd never been all that submissive and the one time Cain had tried to put a collar on he felt like it was chocking him but this time was different. The inside seemed to have a fine fur lining that was gentle and almost tickling on his skin and made the whole experiance much more comfortable over all. He sat up slightly once he was done, padding into the bathroom with the headband in hand before taking a look at himself in the mirror. He made a few meowing sounds with another boyish laugh before sliding the head band on to complete the look. His slim frame seemed to make the cat ears and tail look even more believable and as he looked at himself he couldn't help but feel a little horny. He moved a hand to his length as the butt plug started to tingle in his ass causing him to gasp. The Exolube must have had some kind of added ingredients inside he thought. He gave a few more twirls in front of the mirror, giggling happily as he got used to seeing himself with the toys on though his cock remained hard in an almost painful way. He padded out to the main room, sitting in front of the TV before flicking on one of the porno's in the DVD player, powerfully built men fucking the life out of twinks just like he liked it. As the movie got into the good action he moved a hand back down to his cock, stroking along it slowly at first but as he got himself working his hand became a blur. His orgasm built quickly though he let his hand slide away, denying himself the pleasure for a moment before resuming his work. He continued this, working himself to the edge before backing off all the while his eyes glued on the TV. He panted, his body slick with sweat from his work as he felt the toy in his ass grow in heat with each subsequent time he stopped himself from cumming. It was almost maddening how good he felt, his hand moving along his cock once more before he felt the final twinge, his cock twitching before spewing cum onto the carpet before him with a loud cry of pleasure. His body sunk against the couch, trembling wildly as he rode the sensations of a glorious climax though he didn't notice the headband he was wearing slowly start to melt until he felt something hot and wet against his ears. He blinked as it broke him from his pleasured haze before going rigid as twin tendrils of rubber invaded his skull all the way to his brain. His mouth hung open as he was flooded with even more pleasure, his eyes twitching as his brain was coated with the strange goop until it leaked out his mouth and coated his tongue. "You're a good little kitty." a voice whispered into his head. "Good kitties listen to master." it continued. He nodded dumbly as he felt the toy in his ass start to squirm, the tail almost siphoning through the plastic butt plug into his innards until they to were completely coated. Pleasure continued to spread through his body as his insides melted and turned into more of the liquidy black rubber, the ears merging to the top of his head as his tongue slide out of his mouth like a long black slug. He felt a painful pin prick above his ass as a black nub slowly pushed from his skin only to wind up into a cat tail like the toy he'd purchased earlier.

"Good kitties listen to master." the voice repeated as he moved his hands back to his cock, Sam's mind going black as images of similar cat boys sat before a tanned and handsome man knee deep in a pool of thick black oily liquid with thick tendrils up their ass. Each sucked off the man before them, his mind remembering the name John but none of that mattered now. His name was Master now. His hands worked over his cock slowly, black pre dribbling out onto the floor as his new black tongue slid over his lips. His modest cock swelled in his hands, six inches then seven then eight before growing and expanding and thickening to a large thirteen inches and as thick as a cock can. The tool looked almost obscene on his handsome and smooth twinky body but it didn't matter to Sam, more black pre spilling from the head of his cock as he pleasured himself. Master wanted good kitties to cum, a powerful orgasm rocking his body as liter after liter of black jizz spewed over the apartment without a care. Sam mewled as he relaxed, the rubbery jizz slowly pooling at the center of the room as several figures broke it's surface. More cat boys pulled from the sticky depths, looking over their new brother with hungry eyes. Sam's tail flicked as he gazed at the other cat boys, moving over to the black pool before being tugged down into the inky depths. The pool shrank down to almost a pin prick before sliding under the couch in wait. Cain returned from work early, almost giddy compared to the night before. He'd left money for his boyfriend earlier that morning and his mind had been focused on it all day. He wondered what he'd got but as he stepped into the apartment to the sounds of a porno going and no sight of his boyfriend...he started to wonder. He glanced around, thinking maybe there was a surprise coming but he wasn't prepared at all for what it was. He moved into the bedroom, finding the wrapping of the toys and the empty bottle of lube. He frowned as he moved back to the main room, seeming the mess of cum on the floor with another frown. He'd have to scold Sam when he found him for being so careless and not waiting for him but he didn't have time to turn as he felt something wet crawl up his legs. He glanced down before screaming as a puddle of black goop flooded out from under the couch and moved up his leg. He tried to run but the slime held him fast, causing him to fall to the floor as more forms pushed out from the black goop that started to pool around him. He tried to push himself up but the forms moved his hands quickly to hold him down as they formed hands around his wrists. He tried to use his muscles but the hands held fast, holding him down as slim bodies slowly pushed ever upwards out of the goop to reveal a trio of beautiful cat boys with massive throbbing cocks coated in the black slim as well as leaking it from their tips. He couldn't believe his eyes, unable to process anything that was going on until his eyes settled on one of the cat boys with flowing black hair. "S-Sam?" he asks in honest surprise, the cat boy moving forward to try and tug Cain into a kiss which he didn't resist at first though once a thick and long tongue like appendage moved into his mouth he tried to jerk away with a cough. The other cat boys moved to hold Cain in place as the tongue slid deep into his throat, fucking him solidly as it wiggled about. The taste was heavenly even as his brain tried to process what just was going on but he wasn't given any more time to think. The other two cat boys starting licking at Cain's ears, their tongues pressing as they grew thinner as they invaded his skull. His body grew rigid as he rubber coated the inside of his skull, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his boyfriends tongue continued to fuck his mouth and throat wildly with mewls of happiness. "Master doesn't like big buff kitties." he heard in his head, whimpering at the cruel tone. "Master only likes cute little boy kitties. Do you want to be a cute little boy kitty?" he voice continued to berate, Cain nodding dumbly as the tendril of rubber pulled from his ears. He tried to slide his tongue along Sam's as best he could even as his mout was stuffed, the other two cat boys moving to slide against him as the rest of his clothing dissolved away to reveal his toned and muscled frame. They slowly started to drag their tongues along his pecs, tracing the outlines of his form lovingly as a rubber tendril moved to slide and coil about his engorged cock. He moaned around the tongue in his mouth though whimpered as Sam slid away, his eyes dull and emotionless as he shifted behind the buff boy though at this point Cain didn't care to resist. He could feel his boy friends cock slide between his length, for a moment faltering though the other cat boys were swift to move and replace their friend in sucking and kissing at Cain's face and neck. Sam thrust his cock into the human, the oily rubber coating it allowing him to slide in easily as he stretched the boy for the first time in his young life. Cain whimpered as several more tendrils moved out of the pool to slide over his body before piercing into his nipples. He gave out a weak cry though two thick tongues were swift to invade his mouth and overpower him once more. He felt the cock in his ass start to move, whimpering as he was left almost completly empty before he was filled again so completely. He didn't care who was fucking him or how he was being fucked, all he cared about was the pleasure that was slowly moving through his body as the tendrils at his nipples started to suck, causing his mind to go white. Each suck at his nipples caused his cock to throb as he was stroked off by a pair of slick hands and a thick tendril of the goopy slime underneath.

Each tug to his cock made it swell until it swung down against the wet goop below easily. He didn't notice however as the thick cock rammed his ass that with each suck at his nipples his body deflated. All the muscle he had worked so hard to build slowly melted until his body resembled the other cat boys that were fucking and teasing him. A pair of catlike ears slowly grew on his head from the residue from the cat boys tongues, completing the look as his eyes grew dull as he came into the ooze below. The other boys mewled happily as the other boy joined them, their hands moving to tug him deep into the sludge until they disappeared from view. Before long, the pool of rubbery liquid did the same, seeming to almost evaporate into thin air as the porno on the screen ended. The four cat boys found themselves back at their home, John the store owner of the Animal's Desire standing above their play pen with a broad smile. "Look what the cats drug in." he chuckled, moving to scratch behind the girly boys ears. "Master loves his kittens very much. You're going to make me lots of money. Aren't you?" he hissed, his green eyes fixed on his servants lovingly. The boys merely nodded, moving to try and get more of the Masters attention while whining and mewling at the others. "Be patient, be patient." John cooed, slowly sliding away from the pen as the phone started to ring. He picked the phone up quickly, a voice sounding from the other line which caused the green eyed man's eyes to perk. "Yes of course, the ad is correct. One hundred dollars per hour with one of our boys. Three hundred for the day and you can do as you please with them. We've got four available. All four? Excellent sir. Pleasure doing business with you." John glanced back at his new hires, a long serpent like tongue sliding past his lips. "Oh yes." he hissed. "You're all going to be wonderful for me."