Human Bitches Chapter Five: Master

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5 of Human Bitches The climax (no pun intended) of Girl's plot, as Rachael, Bird, Yoko, and their friend Shania all come over to watch Spike breed and train Benny to be a good dogservant and accept Rachael as her mistress.

But now that Girl's plan has been successful, what will happen next?

Human Bitches

Chapter Five: Master

By Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Something was up. Well, something more'n what Girl's usually up to, that is. The rest of the morning was pretty tough, but also pretty routine, and I finally let Benny break for lunch while I did the same. I ordered Benny not to touch herself, and she seemed all right with it, honestly sincere when she said she'd do what I said, though I doubted she really felt the need like she had in the early morning after that sex session on the track. The feeling'd come back pretty fast, of course, since she was still in heat, but not for a few hours more.

That morning...oh Dog. I came back into the house, my mind caught up in what I'd done, and what the fallout would be. Not so much that I didn't notice Girl's smell, or the stance of her body, or the wagging of her stubby Spaniel tail above that cute, plush butt of hers, though. Girl's really good at lying to humans - part of her training in information and misinformation, you see - but against another morph, she's hard-pressed. I suppose it's possible for her to pull it off, but she'd have to be constantly concentrating on it so as not to give things away with a change in scent or her body language. That's stuff morphs pick up on right away, while humans tend to miss those subtle details, if they can even notice them in the first place.

Naturally, when I discovered Girl in the kitchen with nothing on but the radio, I walked over and gave her buns a smack, making her give a cute little yelp before she grinned back at me, cooing softly as I rubbed her furry bottom gently where I'd spanked her, teasing my fingertips into the crease of her tushie. I've learned from long experience that, when Girl's not wearing much, she's giving me an invitation for contact. If she's got clothes on, though, I keep my hands off. Right now, though, it was pretty obvious Girl was so horny she was almost in heat herself, even if that shouldn't be physically possible. Her inner thighs were soaked with eager moisture, and it took all my remaining self-discipline to pay attention to the other subtle clues, and not just the obvious ones. After all, that was a part of the games Girl and I play with each others' heads: I'd try'n figure out what was going on in her head, and she'd do all she could to try and make me think with the head between my legs. Naturally, she won these games a lot more often than I did.

"Where's Bird, Girl?" I asked, my nose working as I took in the smell of aroused teenaged human on Girl, insufficiently disguised by the ham sandwiches she was making. "And what're you up to?"

"Miss Phelps went home already," she told me with a knowing grin over her shoulder, before holding out one hand for me to smell. Mmm...yeah, that was a scent I knew well, still fresh in my mind from the early morning. "I just gave her a quick checkup before sending her on her way."

"More'n that, obviously," I added with a chuckle before I stepped away, sitting down at the small secondhand table in the little kitchen. "Also obvious she's pretty healthy. Not fertile, though, thank Dog."

That made Girl pause for a moment as she was finishing up with the greenery on the sandwiches, her expression slightly pained. She recovered fast, but that look still made me wince. Poor Girl: she was made to be bred, her whole body specialized in so many ways for that purpose, just like mine is, and yet, because of the cruelty of one very evil man, she'll never be able to fulfill that purpose. I'd do anything for Girl. But...I can't give her what she wants most of all.

"Bird should be back around four o'clock," Girl said, breaking into my momentary brooding, her voice and demeanor honestly cheerful despite the brief moment of pain that had spiked through her before. "Along with her friends, of course." That hot spanny turned and set my sandwich in front of me before seating herself facing me, her legs spread beneath the table, letting me get a good scent of the wetness down there, making it seep into my sandwich, which I quickly started to greedily devour. "I had a nice talk with her about this morning."

Despite myself and all the steeling I'd been trying to do, mention of that morning still made me pause mid-bite. My red eyes met Girl's brown ones, and I waited to see what she would say next. She didn't say anything else, though, not for several long minutes while she started into her own, much smaller, sandwich, so I figured that it was still time for eating rather than talking and got back to enjoying my meal while I still could, the sweet scent of Girl wrapping around me, my eyes playing over her soft, womanly curves, just hanging out there on full display, her caramel-colored tits captivating me like headlights on a deer.

"You know," I said, licking the crumbs off my fingers as I finished, "after I finish up this McMichaels contract for breeding Benny, I'm gonna hafta call Dallas, see if he and the boys can come over for a bit of fun."

"If you can get Red to come over as well," Girl countered with a grin, wiping her mouth with a napkin, "then I'll like that just fine. I understand her daughters had their first fertile heat not too long ago. I'm sure she'll want them to have a proper cherry popping party, and I can't think of anyone better for the job than you, Dallas, and the boys."

Dallas is a good friend of mine, a German Shepherd morph on the local police force. He's got some rugged, honest good looks, that Dallas, and he's always been popular with the ladies, besides being an honest cop. Dallas is a longtime friend from back when we were both in the military, though he, unlike me, managed to be discharged honorably before he went into the police academy. Red, another ex-military honorable discharge, is the principle owner of the Quick Brown Fox delivery service, as well as its principle employee, along with her twin daughters, Mona and Lisa. All three of 'em are skinny, leggy little vixens with this really sexy shade of red fur. You'd think a short, scrawny thing like Red'd get split in half taking a cock any bigger'n a pencil, but I've seen her take a ride on Thunder, and Thunder's a Clydesdale morph.

Having Girl bring up a cherry popping party for Mona and Lisa got my boner up and running right away in my sweatpants. Since morphs are such intensely sexual creatures by design, we need to learn early how to rein in our needs. It's normal in our culture, as it's developed, for younger morphs to get introduced to sex by older, more experienced morphs. Usually there're more experienced morphs than youngsters in these groupings, so as to keep things under control for everyone involved, but there's plenty of variation on the theme as circumstances allow. The thought of those twin teenage vixens with their naked, slim runner's bodies and tiny tits on full display, presenting themselves so trustingly for a thorough but very careful gang-banging, their green eyes shining in eagerness, was enough to make me start to drool. Girl responded to this with a giggle which partially broke me out of the flash of fantasy that had distracted me, and then caught my tongue between her lips before she kissed me deeply, which finished breaking the spell. I kissed her back as we leaned over the table towards each other, my hands groping her boobs.

"Ngh," I growled, wincing as I felt Girl grip and then squeeze my erection through my sweats, before she tugged them down, letting her start to stroke me under the table. "Girl, that's...rrrnnngh, you're so sexy, Girl."

"And you're still working," Girl reminded me with a wink, giving the mushroom cap of my cock a flick of her thumbtip before she released my turgid shaft, leaving me hanging.

"Grr," I growled, now in sexual frustration rather than rising anticipation. "If I wasn't still working on Benny, Girl, I'd..."

"Promises, promises," Girl teased with a girlish giggle as she pushed away from the table, scooping both our plates up to wash them quickly in the sink. "But don't worry," she said over her shoulder, making sure to spread her legs just barely enough to give me a glimpse of her puffy, sweetly fragrant cunny. "After all, you've got an orgy to look forward to after you're done. Maybe you'll even get a crack at some tight male tush, or maybe," she licked her lips, her expression dreamy as she looked out the window above the sink, "Red will let you knock up her daughters. We could even adopt the kits that might be born, if she'll allow it."

"Oh yeah," I said, standing up, grinning toothily as I started to approach Girl, and then held myself back, knowing I wouldn't be able to control myself if I got any closer. "I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Girl, the sexy MILF, two little foxkits sucking on her fat, juicy teats...when her hubby, Spike, isn't hogging them for himself, that is."

The mental image my words evoked made Girl's tail and darker-furred ears hike upward in a combination of surprise and some of the most intense arousal I've ever seen in my spanny, the smell of it hitting my nose in waves. Whimpering in helpless arousal, Girl almost fell over the counter as she bent forward, one hand holding herself up while the other immediately buried itself between her legs as she started to frig herself good and hard and fast. I'd hit a sensitive nerve, it seemed, but in a totally good way as far as I was concerned: what a show it was! Her rounded rump wiggled, tail raised to put her on full display as she spread her fawn-furred outer labia, offering her pink inner folds to me in open desperation. I held back, though, and Girl whimpered piteously at this, two and then three fingers quickly jamming themselves almost violently into her aching quim. Letting her fine boobs rest on the counter, Girl then reached back and teased the fingers of her other hand around her tightly-clenching tailhole, before she slowly squeezed her index finger past that tight ring, giving a soft yelp at the sensation of double penetration when her anal sphincter suddenly gave way. A second finger soon joined the first, and Girl really started to pick up the pace now, her fingers in cunny and tailhole pumping - pounding, really - forward and back, twisting frequently to make sure to get every bit of her tender inner spots, making her whole body shake and writhe as she rode herself through orgasms like the crack of a belt-fed machinegun. Soon Girl was howling in her high-pitched voice as though she'd been stuck with a railroad spike, jerking violently as she humped the countertop, squirting her juices onto the floor as her pleasures hit an even higher, more intense peak, rocking her right to the core. I'd seen people at that level of pleasure before, a close cousin to drug-induced stupor, but even more intense because you're completely aware of everything that's happening, nothing dampened by chemical brain fog.

Then, quite suddenly, Girl's whole body went limp, and she started to slide right off the counter. She'd probably have hit the hard floor if I hadn't stepped forward, catching her up in my arms, cradling her like a baby.

"Poor Girl," I said softly, ignoring my own raging boner right then as I carried her with all the tenderness I had into the bedroom and carefully tucked my pleasurestruck spanny into bed. "I'm so sorry - I should know better." I kissed her on the cheek as she snuggled herself into the blankets, smiling contentedly and looking much cuter than should be legal - I'm talking fluffy puppy levels of cute here. "I keep forgetting how much you've always wanted...," and then broke off as I saw her breathing growing slower, deeper, signaling her descent into a much-needed post-lunch, post-orgasm nap.

Girl would be fine. She always had been before, anyway, and while she seemed more heightened in sensitivity right now, a lot more prone to sexual activity than she'd been in months, Girl wasn't in any distress. I'd have picked that up really fast, because it's one of those scents I can't stand to have coming from Girl. I'll do just about anything to make it go away. Girl being unhappy tears me up on the inside; her happiness means more to me than anything else on Earth. But the one thing that would make her truly happy is also the one thing that I just don't know how to give her.

Heh, guess angst has some purpose after all: it got rid of my hard-on.

Giving a snort, disgusted with myself at being such an emotional putz, all teary-eyed and weepy even for a little bit, I grinned, letting my lips curl away from my razor-sharp pearly whites. I tensed up the muscles in my chest and belly, flexing them until I could see the blue veins standing out under my white fur, and then willed myself to relax, letting all that tension flow down into my center of gravity, and then up into my lungs as I breathed, and then out with each breath, a little at a time.

"Better," I said to nobody in particular, nodding in satisfaction after I felt more in control, the negative emotions cleared out. "Much better. Now let's get back to work."

The junkyard needed a bit of sorting anyway, besides some extra time working with Benny, and then I'd need a shower. There were still a few hours before showtime, and some good, hard work would clear my head some anyway, give me time to think.

My resolve set, I pushed my way out the door of the house, and headed to the rear of the junkyard, where I stacked the real messy stuff. Time to get dirty.


I'd been a bad girl.

That was what first came to me when I came to myself and discovered that Spike had tucked me into bed after I'd lost control in the kitchen. He's such a sweet, wonderful male, and I really don't deserve him. He'd even called himself my "hubby," which made my heart flutter a little. Sure, I love watching Spike with others - sometimes it's even better than having sex with him myself - but to know that he thinks of me like that...I'd do anything for Spike.

And here I was, manipulating him just like I'd manipulated that human girl, Bird, and her friends, not even giving him a straight answer to let him have a hint at what I was planning.

It had been two hours since lunch, as I saw when I glanced at the clock on the bedside table, and so I tossed off the blankets and set about tidying up around the house. Glancing out the kitchen window, I saw Spike playing fetch with Benny, tossing a Frisbee and having her catch it in her muzzle, then throw it back to him. He caught the plastic disc in his hands, of course. That was a part of the game: it was an exercise in humility as well as exercise for the body. In the military, that was one of the many little games that we'd play with ourselves or our human officers. When there weren't any humans around, we'd take turns being the "human," only using our hands, while the others used their mouths to catch whatever it was we were throwing around at the time. Benny was naked, as was normal during training, and Spike was still in his red sweat pants. Watching them move as they played together made me smile dreamily: Spike's just so Dog-gone sexy, his body a study in raw, masculine physique; Benny wasn't bad herself, her muscles clearly defined even through her fur, her belly and bottom tight and toned, her arms slender but still obviously muscled, in a uniquely feminine way, accented all the more by her big boobs. They weren't as big as mine, but they were still the sort of shape and buoyancy, with tasty-looking pink nipples, that made me drool a little thinking about putting my muzzle on them.

While it was fun watching my guy and that sexy colliemorph romp in the yard, I did have a few things left to do before the girls showed up. Spike had filled me in on his plans for the evening, or at least most of them. Not that he needed to tell me, really: I was the one who first proposed them to him. As I walked out of the kitchen, the bead curtain clacking as I stepped into the main room, my nose worked, my upper lip curling a little so that I could better take in the pheromones in the air. I'd made sure to keep the air conditioning off since yesterday, and Spike had been too busy to notice so far. This ensured that Spike's own pheromones didn't leave the room, instead settling into the figurative as well as literal atmosphere of the room.

There were plenty of things that Spike knew, and he could be honestly called an expert breeder, but he hadn't read the same sorts of scientific reports that I had about just how perfectly adapted morphs were to breeding. I subscribe to an online newsletter on the subject, something Angel Lords started funding about a year ago as part of her efforts to help morphs understand themselves, right along with the newsletters for humans wanting to understand morphs and morphs wanting to understand humans. She also funds research into morphs, studying every aspect of our physiology and psychology, and a lot of the things learned in those studies ends up reported in the morph-only newsletter. Among the many jargon-filled reports that show up, mostly ignored by the rest of the newsletter readership, was one on the hormonal changes that morphs go through when they mate. To sum up the article (which was ridiculously wordy), we start producing sex pheromones almost immediately to match the nearest member of the opposite sex around us, regardless of species, provided there was at least some basic genetic similarity. An example used in the study was a relationship between a honeyglider male and an elephant female, both morphs. The longer the couple was together, the more intense their pheromones made their desires for each other become, even though, as different morph types, they couldn't interbreed. With morph types that could breed, the effect was even faster-acting and much more intense, and likely part of the reason why Spike and me are so crazy about each other - sure, we like each other as friends, too, which isn't something related to pheromones, but the passion in our relationship never goes stale, ever, even when we're not really doing anything that new. A final interesting note made in the article was how humans seemed to be affected. While it was only mentioned in a cursory fashion, since it wasn't the main focus of the article, it seemed that the reaction of humans - especially female humans - to morph pheromones was almost ridiculously powerful, as shown by some of the researchers when they briefly tested their own bodies' reactions to the pheromones of the morphs they were researching. It had been done as a joke initially, but the results were so striking that the conclusion of the article called for additional research. I'm hoping they get that research done soon, so I can see the results, but that little hint was all I needed for my plan to start developing in my head.

Pheromones aren't really a scent, you see: they're chemical signals passed through the air. They're almost like some sort of science-fiction mind power, or a mind-affecting drug. Once pheromones come in contact with a matching receptor part of the brain, like a key fitting into a lock, generally passing through the nose and mouth to do so (which is where the confusion with scent comes in), they trigger a change in the internal chemistry of the one who received the chemical signal. As an example, ants use them all the time to send simple messages, like where food is or where there's danger. Animals 'mark' their territory to place pheromone signals, and pheromones are the reason why yawns are catchy and female mammals in close proximity tend to shift their fertility cycle to match each other.

The bottom line of all of this was a simple one: if a human female is around a morph long enough, breathing in the scent of that morph, that female will start to get seriously interested in mating. The fans out in the kennels out back worked all right for moving air around, but they didn't allow much air circulation. We morphs like our own scents, you see, so fresh air isn't as important for us as it is for humans, provided that the scents aren't accompanied by sickness. Besides that, Spike had noticed on his own that the morphgirls he bred tended to get a lot more horny when he kept the inside air mostly contained. That meant that the kennels were a perfect 'trap' for exposing visitors to a hefty dose of sex pheromones. After the girls had visited yesterday night, I had made the main room of the house - all the rooms, actually - into equally perfect traps, baited with the exquisite ecstasy shared, in clear view, by both Benny and Bird Phelps, along with the seeds of seduction planted by Angel Lords' little pamphlet. Unless these eager, intelligent, healthy, and curious girls deliberately steeled themselves to resist the temptations, they would be squirming and squealing under a powerful set of white-furred hips in the very near future. And, really, if they intended to resist temptation, why were they here to watch Spike in the first place?

Putting the finishing touches into place, I slipped back into the bedroom to get dressed. Though I didn't expect to wear clothes for too much longer, it was best to keep up appearances. No sense frightening off the prey until it was far too late.


Rachael shifted nervously as she pushed the call button to the side of the big front gate of the junkyard. Yoko and Bird were there as before, flanking her, giving her the courage she lacked herself. Also with them was another good friend, Shania Green, a black girl Rachael had always wanted to be like since they were just little kids, pretty and smart as well as athletic. Shania was the sort of friend who kept her secrets close, and Rachael knew she could trust the other girl with anything.

"Yeah?" came the strong male voice from the speaker by the gate, rough with a slight undertone of a slow snarl. Rachael shivered despite herself, thinking about the owner of that voice, remembering the sounds of impassioned snarls and grunts as he'd...her face was hot, and she knew she must be blushing pretty hard, judging from Yoko's giggle at her friend's discomfort.

"W-we're here," Rachael got out, swallowing down her nervousness as she felt Bird's hand on her shoulder and Shania's hand rubbing her back, giving her their silent but much-needed support, sharing their courage with her where her own was lacking. "May we come in?"

"Heh, yeah," answered Spike through the speaker. "Be down at the front to meet you in a moment."

The gate gave a short squeal as the old motor controlling it sprang to life, and then it slowly slid to the side, letting the four girls step onto the grounds of the junkyard. The front area where they were was just a large gravel space, kept mostly empty and obviously meant as a loading and unloading area. In front of them was the rest of the junkyard, past a chain link fence with a padlock on the front, while to the side was the good-sized, long, low kennel, where Spike was keeping Miss Benny, and in front of that was Spike's modest house, a simple four-room affair (if a bathroom counted as a room, that is). From out of this house came the owner himself, those razor-sharp teeth of his glinting in the afternoon light as he grinned at the four girls, full of confidence and a raw, masculine presence that was almost overwhelming.

"Glad you made it, Miss Rachael, Miss Yoko," Spike paused, his grin almost slipping for just a moment, "Miss Bird. And who's your friend?"

"I'm Shania Green," said Shania, stepping forward and glaring up at Spike. "I'm just here to make sure my friends don't get hurt."

Spike chuckled at that, and then extended his hand.

"Good to meet you, Miss Shania," he said, not seeming intimidated in the least, but also not being disrespectful. "Any friend of Miss Rachael is a friend of mine, of course."

For a moment Rachael was afraid her friend wouldn't take Spike's hand, but after looking first at the hand and then up into the pit bull's red eyes, Shania pressed her hand against Spike's, his much-larger fingers closing around her own. Rachael watched, biting her lower lip, as Shania's arm visibly tensed, her eyes locked with Spike's.

"They say pit bulls are one of the meanest breeds of dog," Shania said challengingly. "They're illegal all over the place."

"They also say Teddy Roosevelt loved 'em," Spike answered right back. "And one, Petey, was the animal star on the old kids show 'The Little Rascals.'" Then Spike's grin shrank to a smirk as he leaned down, since he was a good head taller than Shania, looking her in the eye. "Besides, pit bulls are easy to keep; we'll eat anything," then he winked. "We love children."

For a moment Shania blinked in surprise as Spike straightened once more. Then she grinned as well, her teeth a dazzling white against the smooth, chocolate tone of her skin.

"You're all right, Spike," she said, releasing her grip on his huge paw.

"Feeling's mutual, Miss Shania," Spike answered, and then motioned for the four girls to follow him as he turned away and started walking towards the kennels. "C'mon. Tonight's session should be extra interesting, if I judge these things right. Just to warn you, though: Rachael," he turned his head to look the carrot-top in the eyes, making her come up short for a moment, "you're gonna need to participate tonight in the proceedings. If I'm gonna get Miss Benny to recognize you as her mistress, I'm gonna need you to cooperate with me. It may get a little embarrassing, but you'll be safe, I promise. You'll work with me on this?"

Rachael felt her heart patter at the thought of taking part in...what she'd seen yesterday. What could Spike possibly want her to do? The thoughts that immediately popped into her head made Rachael's legs feel weak, her mouth dry. But she met Spike's eyes and nodded.

"I'll trust you, Spike," she said, and meant it, though she hated how weak her voice sounded when she said it.

"Heh, relax," Spike said, patting Rachael on the shoulder as they got to the door of the kennels, which Spike held open for his four guests. "It's nothing too big, I promise. Least, it shouldn't be, as long as you just relax and do as I say."


Pushing her small, rectangle-framed black glasses up her nose as she trailed the rear of the group, Shania admitted to herself that she didn't really know why she was there, whatever her stated reason might have been. That morning Rachael, Bird, and Yoko had come over to her house, since her mother was never home anyway and there'd be plenty of privacy. Bird was still dressed in her running shorts and tee, and she had a story to share, something that was too important to wait: she'd lost her virginity that morning, given it up to somebody, and she didn't really know what to think now. Mostly this was because of who it was that'd she'd had her first time with, though she didn't really go into more details on that. Of course, Shania booted up her desktop and took the flash drive Bird handed her, the ponytailed blonde sitting next to Shania's chair while the other two girls settled on Shania's bed, which conveniently faced the widescreen monitor, making it perfect when Shania wanted to watch a movie while lying in bed. Rachael kept tugging on her white school blouse nervously as the video started, still dressed up so formally even on a Saturday, a visible sign of her mother's constant, domineering presence, her legs resting on the floor. Yoko, on the other hand, wasn't nervous at all, kneeling on the edge of the bed in her jeans, almost leaning over Shania's shoulder to better see what was going on.

Of course, Shania had seen Bird naked before, since they both did sports and they'd sometimes shower together after practices, though Shania was on the baseball team while Bird did soccer. She'd often wished that she had long, pretty, easy-to-manage hair like Bird's, though she kept what she had tugged back in a bun with a small wooden hairpin run through it, partially mimicking the blonde's style, while also using an aspect of Rachael's shorter, twin-bunned (she'd heard on the Internet that it was called an odango) hairstyle. She'd also long envied Bird her big breasts, since Shania's were less than modest, even smaller than Rachael's little mounds (not that she'd seen Rachael naked, of course). But now, seeing Bird peeling off her clothes right in a wide open place on the screen in front of her, where anybody could see...there was something more intense about it, something that caught Shania's eyes and held her captivated. It didn't help that Bird was there with another beautiful woman, even if Benny wasn't human. And she was naked around a man.

As the video clip continued, the room soon filled with the sounds of grunting and panting: the sounds of hard, honest exertion. Bird blushed furiously as she realized how the sounds of her exercise must sound to her friends - how they sounded to her as she was listening to them - while she was running hip-to-hip with another naked girl. It didn't help at all that whoever had made the video was obviously an expert editor, making sure to have the camera pause and home in on every little detail, first focusing on each of the three people exercising one at a time, and then on all of them as a group, adding additional focus at key intervals. Shania found herself captivated by the flex and sway of Bird's smooth, pink bottom, and then the furry, toned rump of Benny, the movement of her hips accented in such a shockingly sexy way by the collie's tail. But the real star of the show, the eyes of all the girls dilating as they watched his back, his bottom, his balls, all bouncing and flexing so freely before their eyes, was Spike. There was something about his looks that just screamed out that he was a wicked person, and if you didn't watch out every moment, he'd grab you and do terrible things to you. Somehow, though, Shania got the strong impression that, whatever he did, whoever he did them to would enjoy it whether they wanted to or not.

Then, as the exercise part of the video ended, the panting and grunting of hard work slowly turned to another sort of panting and grunting...and moaning, and even more loud, lewd noises. Shania was glad she was wearing laced jams, anything that made sure it didn't show off anything between her legs, even as she pressed her legs together, eyes fixed on where Spike's tongue was plowing into Benny's convulsing cunny, her tailhole visibly tensing from where the camera lingered upon it, and also on Benny's face as she panted and then yelped and finally wailed like a human in the extremes of her pleasure before she collapsed to the ground.

Nobody said anything, the only sounds in the room either those of the girls' breathing, or from the computer's speakers. Yoko was making soft whimpering noises almost right in Shania's ear, and though she didn't make a sound, every one of them could feel Bird's equal mixture of embarrassment and arousal at the next part, as she heard her own voice commenting on Benny's pleasure...and then asking for pleasure of her own.

"Well, it looks like a lot of fun to me," came that familiar voice in such unfamiliar tones as the camera focused in close on Bird's soaking wet and heavily flushed cunny as she bent over, wiggling her bottom towards the camera at a slight angle. "C'mon, Spike, don't I get a reward too?"

The angle was just enough for the girls to see Spike approaching.

"He's huge," gasped out Yoko in an awed whisper. "There's no way he'll ever..."

Then Yoko hushed at a look from Shania, who turned back just in time to see Spike put his hands on Bird. Where he'd been almost brutal with Benny, and despite his obvious, surely painful erection standing straight out from his sheath (and Shania couldn't help but look with fascination at how that particular mechanic worked, his sheath almost disappearing when his penis was erect, with only a tightly-stretched, furry ring barely visible at the base) he took his time, made sure to touch her everywhere, first with his hands, and then with his tongue.

Then Spike was humping Bird's cunny with his muzzle, the camera zooming in to show the girls just how deep he had to be thrusting that slick, smooth, thick oral organ, just how much his jaw and neck muscles were working as he gave Bird pleasure. Watching Bird's reactions to Spike's effort was even hotter than watching Spike, the emotions so raw and so real the four watchers could feel them tingle through their own bodies in sympathy, and Shania caught herself nibbling on her own finger as Spike pressed his into Bird's eager mouth, and then, as he drew his muzzle back, began to carefully but very thoroughly triple-penetrate her with his fingers, making Bird writhe and almost sob in pleasure so intense she couldn't seem to control herself very well any more.

And then Spike mounted Bird.

The camera angles were perfect, the sounds so exquisite they were obscene, even more obscene than the sights that were filling the eyes of each watching girl as Spike's thick, pink prick slowly squeezed its way into Bird's soaking wet and tightly-clenching cunny. This wasn't just some porn flick, Shania realized with a start, her mind and body shuddering at the realization. It was one of her best friends doing the things she was watching, a friend who was standing right next to her shoulder, as aroused by what they were watching as Shania herself was. On the screen, Spike had stopped being gentle, but Bird was doing her best to thrust back at him just as hard as they went at it like animals. Was this bestiality, Shania wondered? She'd heard of girls who let their dogs or horses or other animals do things to them, but actually seeing something like this, seeing her friend being used like a bitch in heat by this brutal, powerful male, made her mind reel in confusion as well as arousal. In all honesty, Shania didn't know what to think any more, certainly didn't know what to do: should she comfort Bird after her ordeal? Provide support? Encourage her?

It was as Shania was desperately trying to sort out her complicated feelings that Benny joined in on the action.

While Shania might have still been developing her opinions on the subject of sex, a development she felt was sorely hampered by a lack of experience or opportunities to gain that experience, she'd never thought of herself as a lesbian. Sure, she'd looked at other girls, had even found herself admiring the bodies of her friends and teammates in the showers and the locker room after practice and games. This was all normal, though, just casual observation and occasional comparison, without anything really sexual in it. At least, that's what Shania had always thought, right up until the moment she saw Bird in a sixty-nine with a morphgirl. Only a short while later, the camera zeroed in on Spike's penis as it slowly spread Bird's butt open as she lay on her back, Benny's tongue lapping eagerly at her puffy cunny, making the shy, reserved Rachael gasp in shock. It was maddening, watching such things, watching barriers between species and sexes torn down so quickly and so completely, that Shania's head swam with as much confusion as arousal. What was she supposed to think about what she was seeing? What was she supposed to do? That what she was seeing was an intense turn-on for Shania didn't make matters any better, especially since everything she was seeing was arousing, even things that she'd been taught were supposed to be wrong.

She'd never be able to look at girls in the locker room the same way again.

"C'mon," came Spike's words as the movie began to wrap up. "Let's get you to bed. You're gonna need some rest after all that work. We'll wake you up for lunch."

All of this played through Shania's head as she followed Spike towards the kennel, feeling such a strange sensation of warmth and rising anticipation between her legs, which she did her best to conceal by smoothing down the slight creases of her knee-length jams. What were her friends thinking, she wondered. All that Shania could think of, as she watched Spike lead the way, was how hot his butt had looked when it was naked, and how much she'd like to see it again.


Unlike Bird and Shania, who both trailed behind, and Rachael, who was almost forced to stay up front by Spike's mention of needing her, the implication of immediate action in the near future keeping the redhead's attention fixed so that she trailed just behind Spike despite her obvious desire to simply fade into the background, Yoko was not at all shy about how much she was enjoying this. Rather than walking behind Spike, like the others, she walked right next to him, chattering away as they walked towards the kennels.

"Do you think Benny's pregnant by now, Spike?" she asked, grinning up at him, a grin which Spike returned, along with a chuckle as he reached down to rub her short, ink-black hair.

"I've only given her one full dose of sperm, Miss Yoko," the big white dog told the Japanese-American girl with a slight shrug. "It's pretty likely, considering how in-heat she is right now, but I'll only be sure after I check once we're in the kennels."

"You can tell if a girl's pregnant by her smell, right?" Yoko pressed, eager to know all the messy details she could. "Just like a dog."

"Yeah," Spike agreed, unfastening the latch on the kennel. "Pretty much just like a dog. Actually, I can tell a lot of things just by scent, also just like a dog. Like, I know you had cornflakes for breakfast, and Miss Rachael had cream of wheat, and Miss Bird skipped breakfast, which I think was kinda silly of her. I don't know what Miss Shania had, though - she's not quite close enough."

Glancing back when Spike mentioned Shania, Yoko blinked as she noted that Bird and Shania weren't very far apart from each other at all. Could that little distance mean the difference in what Spike could pick up with his nose? But then a mischievous smile spread across her face as she realized that Spike already knew what Bird had (or, in this case, had not) eaten, because he had smelled Bird earlier in the day.

"I wouldn't worry about Bird," Yoko said, brazenly reaching over to rest her hand on Spike's sweats-clad butt, feeling the firm muscles beneath the fabric flex and tense as he started to open the door to the kennels. "After all, she got plenty of protein this morning, from what I've heard."

Spike came up short at this, his face showing his shock.

"Hush, Yoko," Rachael chided softly as she looked over at her friend, even though Shania and Bird were easily in hearing range. "It's not right to talk about such things."

Spike's expression told the whole story as Yoko studied his face. Just from that simple exchange, and a quick glance at Shania, he'd immediately known that all three of the other girls knew what he and Bird had done that morning. For a long moment everyone was silent, not really knowing what to do or say. Then Yoko giggled, and slipped her hand under the waistband of Spike's red sweats, giving his hard-muscled bottom a squeeze, which made Spike give a short yelp of surprise. He snorted, reaching back to grab her wrist and tug her hand off his buns, though he was careful not to hurt her with his strong grip.

"That's my personal, private butt, Miss Yoko," he said with an affected air of wounded dignity, pulling the door open as he spoke. The girls laughed, then, even the normally so reserved Rachael giggling a little, before they all stepped forward. "Now, let's get down to business."


Huh, so they all knew. Guess I should have seen that coming, though. I mean, that was a pretty pivotal moment in Bird's life, being deflowered and everything. Not at all the sort of thing any female would keep to herself. Probably not even the sort of thing somebody should keep to herself, as I thought about it.

Uncertain of what to do now that the dog was out of the bag, I fumbled for a moment with the lock, my brow furrowed as I fought to regain my concentration. It wasn't easy: Yoko's scent of eager arousal vied with Rachael's achingly succulent scent, her fertility now at its peak, pretty much guaranteeing that the first healthy sperm cell that entered her cunny would knock her up for sure. As I worked on the door, Shania and Bird also drew near, and I could feel as much as smell their own budding erotic tension, their awakening to matters sexual hitting them with full force. My eyes widened a little as I heard the lock click open, my nose warning me of another highly-troubling little detail: Shania's ovulation cycle wasn't far off from Rachael's.

All my concentration centering in the pit of my stomach, pulling the tension from below my waistband up to my center of gravity, keeping myself tucked in for the time being, I pushed open the door, walking inside as I heard the girls shuffle in behind me. I could feel their eyes on Benny as the rough colliemorph knelt on the resin-smoothed cement floor of the training area, completely naked, her eyes turned down. She looked up as we entered, and her tail immediately started to wag before she lifted herself up, getting into the "begging" position, her downward-turned hands pressed just under the white fur of her chest, forcing her bouncy breasts upward into full display, her pink nipples achingly hard, showing her own arousal even if the matted, wet fur of her inner thighs and her puffy outer labia didn't serve pretty well for the same purpose.

"Hello Master Spike, Mistress Rachael," said the colliemorph with bright eagerness, her attitude totally different from the haughty bitch of the day before. "How may I serve you?"

I'd done a bit of rearranging to the room, and Girl had done a bit more, bringing in a few metal folding chairs with cushions stitched to their sitting surfaces, setting them around a small but sturdy metal table, on which were several basic snack foods, things she'd whipped up in the kitchen or else just grabbed from the store. The table was really close to where the action would take place, I noticed, ensuring the girls had ringside seating for the evening's entertainment. Of course, Girl herself was nowhere to be seen, most likely in the security room, fiddling with the video equipment there, recording everything. After all, she already had the first day of Benny's breeding put up, making for a good set of "before" images. Just using today's "after" image, with Benny kneeling there naked, in begging position, her eyes shining with eagerness to obey, her muzzle smiling and slightly open, tongue extended like a happy pup, I'd have a model bit of advertising for the training side of my little business.

Benny herself was kneeling on a large, soft mat, coated with a sort of plastic that was yielding and comfortable, but was also waterproof, ensuring it would wash off pretty easily. It had been a bit hard to find a plastic mat that didn't crinkle when you touched it and was still pleasant to the touch and wouldn't get stained by cum, so I'd always felt quite proud of myself for locating it. On another small table nearby, I'd placed several implements for use in Benny's training and breeding. Not too far off was the breeding bench, soft straps and padding clean and ready for additional use.

"The last step in Benny's training," I told the girls as they gathered near the table that had obviously been set out for them, though none of them seated themselves yet, too charged with youthful energy to be ready to settle, "is going to be having her accept Rachael as her mistress. If we can get that, then I'm sure she'll do the same with Mrs. McMichaels as well, since you probably smell almost the same."

"They do!" Benny chimed in, her eagerness to please expressed so clearly in her wagging tail. "I'll do anything for my mistresses!"

I couldn't help but chuckle at Benny's honesty and enthusiasm, and I heard the girls giggle a bit as well. She'd apparently gone back to the "default" of most canomorphs when they weren't in an alpha phase, which was to be happy, eager-to-please, and quite literally ready to do anything for the ones they recognized as higher in rank than them. Canomorphs aren't really good at lying to each other, even if ones like Girl can be pretty effective at deception in other ways, so I knew right away that Benny wasn't making any of her present behavior up. What I didn't know, though, was how long it would last.

"We'll see if that's true," I said out loud, as much for the benefit of the girls as for Benny, so they'd know what was going on. "What we'll be doing today will give you a chance to prove it."

Picking up a collar and leash from the equipment table, I held it out to Rachael, her small hands taking it and holding it timidly against her small body. The carrot-topped girl looked so shy and uncertain, it kept setting off my predatory instincts, making me want to just grab her and make her squeal in a very good way. The urge passed after a moment of concentration, refocusing on Benny instead.

"Rachael, you'll want to take off your shoes for this part," I told her. "Socks too. You girls," I motioned with my muzzle to Yoko, Bird, and Shania, "can have a seat if you want, but I'll need Rachael to walk with me."

Gulping a bit, Rachael set the leash on the table, then knelt and quickly undid her shoelaces, standing and putting them neatly on the edge of the snack table, while her friends settled into chairs around the sturdy metal folding table, keeping as quiet as they could, sensing that this was a time to just watch and be inconspicuous. Staying standing, Rachael lifted first one foot and then the other, tugging off her striped socks one at a time, rolling them down as she pulled on them and then tucked them into her sensible brown shoes. Her feet were small, like her hands, and actually pretty cute for feet. If somebody had a fetish for that body part, Rachael was obviously the sort to really set that kind of pervert off. My instruction fulfilled, Rachael picked up the leash again, then looked up at me expectantly, her green eyes timid as well as eager, a strange combination indeed, but one that was making my instincts go nuts. They were the eyes of a girl who would do anything I told her, no matter how much it might frighten her.

Stepping behind Rachael as she stood there in her bare feet, I rested my hands on her shoulders, blinking for a moment as this made me really notice the difference in our sizes, my paws engulfing so much of her upper body. Rachael was the sort of nerd that ended up skinny, almost scrawny, obviously an exomorph, besides her already small, petite frame. I leaned in, murmuring softly in her ear so as to make sure Rachael's words were the ones Benny heard when commands were properly given.

"Be firm when you speak. Now, order Benny to kneel at your feet."

Rachael nodded at the soft direction, and then visibly steeled herself, standing up a little straighter as she directly faced her dogservant.

"Benny, come here," said Rachael, her voice wavering just a little on the collie's name, but soon turning firm, properly commanding, her finger pointing to the floor in front of her. Benny looked at her carrot-topped mistress for a moment, her expression one of confusion. Obviously this wasn't a tone that Rachael had ever used with her before. But after that moment of initial hesitation, Benny crawled over, staying on all-fours, her tail flagged upward, spreading her heatscent through the room, her breasts swaying with each movement of her arms. Kneeling before Rachael, sitting her furry bottom on her feet, Benny looked up at Rachael expectantly.

"A good start," I praised Rachael, making sure to keep my voice down, audible to others, but making it obvious I wasn't the one giving the orders here. "Now we're going to do some humility training. You need to establish that you're in charge. Once Benny understands that, you won't have to keep proving it to her; she'll just take it for granted after a while." I waited for Rachael's nod of understanding, and then gave her the next instruction. "Tell her to lick your feet."

That made the human girl's eyes widen for a moment, a soft gasp escaping her mouth. She looked over her shoulder at me uncertainly, but then did the same physical tensing of her body, steeling her will at the same time to take a command role.

"Benny, my feet are dirty," she told her dogservant. "I want you to lick them clean."

"Yes mistress," Benny responded immediately, and then bent her head forward, her muzzle parting. Rachael giggled at the feeling of Benny's smooth pink dogtongue across the tops of her feet, wiggling her toes as she was obviously doing her best not to just start laughing at the ticklish feeling. Benny didn't seem to notice, instead carefully lifting first one and then the other of her young mistress' feet, letting Rachael lean against me and also rest her weight on Benny's capable hands as they massaged and gently palpated those dainty feet, her tongue moving in to lick them clean, top and bottom, going a little slower than she'd started, slow enough that Rachael soon stopped giggling, no longer being tickled as much, though she did still squirm a little.

"Good," I encouraged Rachael as she leaned back against my stomach, watching her dogservant at work with rapt attention. "Be sure to praise her after each command, though."

"Good girl," said Rachael as Benny finished, setting Rachael's foot down once more. She even reached down and started to rub Benny between her ears, Benny's tail promptly starting to wag at a rapid pace, so fast that it made her whole taut backside wiggle in a way that was at once cute and enticing, her dimples of Venus clearly visible even through her soft, sleek fur.

"Thank you, mistress," said Benny, leaning forward once more to run her tongue, slowly and carefully, up Rachael's naked ankles, making the girl gasp in surprise. Benny's eyes were worshipful, as any good dog's should be, as she looked up at Rachael...before they widened as they drifted a little lower, looking right up Rachael's skirt, the colliemorph giving a soft gasp of complete surprise at what she saw.

Frowning, my curiosity piqued, I let one of my paws slide down Rachael's back, making her shiver, biting her lower lip to keep a whimper from escaping her throat. Stroking around the slightly bony swell of her hip, then down her leg to just beneath the hem of her plaid skirt where it ended at her knees, I slowly raised my hand once more, lifting the skirt with it. My eyebrows shot up as I looked down, Rachael looking back at me now, her face almost beet red with embarrassment at what I'd discovered: the sweet, naïve, conservatively-dressing schoolgirl wasn't wearing a stitch beneath her skirt that she hadn't been born with.

That suppressed whimper escaped Rachael's throat at last as my big paw closed on her bare bottom, squeezing the firm, rounded flesh there gently. She gripped the leash tightly against her chest as I explored her body, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Releasing my soft grip, I slid my fingers beneath her skirt around to the front, running their tips through the sparse curls of no-doubt carrot-colored pubic fluff gracing the trembling teen's mons. Satisfied, I lifted my hand once more, letting her skirt slide back into place, resting the hand again on Rachael's shoulder opposite the other hand. She looked over her shoulder at me once more, her eyes filled with trepidation now that I knew her awful secret, fearful of my harsh judgment. I smiled back, my paws squeezing her shoulders reassuringly, my muzzle bending to nibble at the back of her neck in an affectionate manner, and Rachael started to relax a little, returning the smile before her eyes returned to Benny. Sensing it was time to move on, I released my hold on Rachael and stepped onto the mat.

"I've only bred Benny once so far," I said, facing Rachael but addressing all four girls there. "I like to start out with only once a day for the first two or three days. Then, after I've made sure the femme's gotten a taste for it, and she's nice and eager for more, I increase that amount to as much as I think a femme can handle." I rested my hands on my hips, and smirked at Rachael, motioning with my muzzle towards Benny. "Now it's time for Benny's second breeding. Tell her what you'd like her to do, Rachael. I'll follow your lead."

Already Rachael was starting to gain confidence in her new role as Benny's mistress. Having me discover that she'd gone without panties that day, and then accept her as she was without judgment, was a major step to making that possible. From Benny's reaction to seeing Rachael's pink parts, I knew that this was a major thing for Rachael, likely something she'd never done before. She was the quiet sort, the sort who didn't say what they were thinking, whose actions were subtle, but spoke loud volumes. Rachael knew that I'd put my penis into her friend, Bird; she knew I was a morph that mated with humans. She didn't want to be seen as a slut by myself or by her friends, but at the same time, she wanted to be sexually desirable. Lacking other male attention that she trusted or felt comfortable around, her attentions focused on me, the most sexually-charged male in her young life. Would I find her attractive, even desirable? Would I be willing to do to her what I'd done to Bird, if she allowed me? Without panties, she was offering herself to me completely, hoping for my approval, letting me know that I could indeed do whatever I liked with her, all without letting her friends know. Since I'd been between them and her at the time I'd made my discovery, they still didn't very likely know. Having me nibble her neck like that had let Rachael know that I accepted her offering, gave her the silent promise that, if she allowed it, what I'd done to Benny and to Bird, I would do to her in the very near future. Right now, though, it was time for Benny's second breeding, and Rachael stepped into the role I'd given her to play with steadily rising eagerness.

"Benny," said Rachael, her attention drifting between me and her dogservant, her courage right at its limits as she said her next command, likely the single most slutty thing she'd ever done in her young life. "I want you to take Spike's penis into your muzzle, and then to make him orgasm."

"Yes, mistress," said Benny eagerly, turning and crawling towards me, reaching out to take hold of the front of my red sweats, tugging them forward. The look on her face when she released the waistband of my sweats, and on the faces of all four of the girls, was priceless as I relaxed the tension in my stomach that had kept my cock in its sheath, letting it all just stand out, holding the sweats open in the exact position Benny's pull had left it before she let go. I couldn't resist the smug, toothy grin this brought to my face, watching all five of the femmes in the room getting hot and bothered as their imaginations started racing.

Those imaginings soon became reality as Benny carefully lifted the waist of my sweats over the head of my outthrust cock, letting it pop free with a slight bounce of shaft and balls. As she bent forward to lower my sweats to the floor, her rump thrusting upward as she did so, I could clearly see the cream-colored treasure tail right between the cheeks of her bottom. My paws closed on her bum, squeezing and groping and stroking the firm half-orbs, making Benny moan in the intensity of her arousal, pressing her bum upward all the more eagerly, her head down by my feet.

"May...may I lick Master Spike, Mistress, before I suck on him?" the colliemorph asked, looking at Rachael hopefully. Rachael swallowed, the tension of the moment getting to her as she unbuttoned the top of her blouse, letting more blood go to her head. But then she nodded her ascent.

Almost immediately Benny's tongue darted out, and she started to lathe my bare paws, getting between each toe as I flexed them, smirking down at the eager femme. Lifting each toe in turn, I made it easy for Benny to take each thick, furry digit into her muzzle, one by one, her eyes closing as she simply basked in that supreme sense of satisfaction that only comes from complete and total submission. It's a feeling I've felt myself a few times, and while my alpha personality won't allow it usually, I have to admit that it's an addictive sensation.

Soon, though, maybe too soon for Benny's liking, the collie turned her head up, her eyes meeting my own. Then her gaze lowered to my penis, while I pressed down on the top of my shaft with one hand, tilting it down towards her upraised muzzle, my other hand resting on my hip. Her tongue extended, Benny slowly worked her smooth dogtongue over the domed surface of my glans, her expression showing that she was rapidly approaching a state of total submissive bliss. When the tip of my prick glistened, now properly polished, Benny's muzzle parted and she thrust her head almost straight up as she crouched below me, greedily slurping down every inch of my cock until she had to gulp me into her throat to handle the rest. Clasping my hands behind my back, the firm muscle of my abdomen and rump standing out clearly as I tensed myself, keeping my body under control for the time being, I watched Benny's almost deliriously happy expression as she worked her head up and down, still facing up towards me, my cock plunging at roughly a forty-five degree angle downward into her eager, skilled throat. Mister McMichaels must have been pretty well-hung for Benny to have gotten practice deep-throating like that, and I had to admit that I appreciated her skill very, very much.

"Mmm," cooed Benny for several rapid pumps of her head, before she suddenly stopped, letting my cock pop free of her muzzle, gripping the base with one hand as she looked over her shoulder at Rachael, who was standing there, her mouth open, her legs pressed firmly together, a hint of slick moisture dripping down her legs. "Mistress Rachael, is it all right if I don't make Master Spike cum? The first orgasm is the one with the most sperm, mistress, and," she looked worshipfully up at me, "I think you might like it better if all that sperm went somewhere more...productive."

The carrot-topped cutie looked taken aback by this, and seemed to struggle with maintaining her dominant position. Her green eyes went to my red ones, and I smirked, giving a shrug.

"She's got a point, Miss Rachael," I admitted. "Still, it's your choice on what you want to see. Benny's your dogservant, after all." Then I looked down at Benny, whose ears turned down bashfully at my gaze, looking ashamed of herself for questioning her mistress' orders. "I think she might need a little more...firm training, though, just to make sure she doesn't forget that you're in charge. I've got just the thing for that, if you'd like us to move on to more thorough obedience training." My eyes met Rachael's for a moment, finding that she was blushing furiously, swallowing at my steady gaze, unable to meet my eyes for too long. "It's a little rough, but it'll guarantee that Benny is your obedient dogservant for life. You game to try it out?"

For a second Rachael seemed uncertain, but soon she nodded, curiosity winning out over her trepidation. I grinned and walked over to the table with all the toys, selecting the one I'd need, and walked back to Rachael, standing in front of her, holding up the toy.

"It's a strap-on dildo," I explained, while Rachael's eyes got absolutely huge as she looked at the rather sizable faux-penis on one end of the straps...and then got a little bigger still as she saw the small suction cup-like projection on the inner side of the harness. "You'll wear it while you stick this end," I flicked a finger over the bulbous business end of the jelly cock, "into Benny's butt. We canomorphs are like that: anal sex is how we establish dominance."

Now it was Benny's turn to have her eyes get huge, her gaze shifting first to me, then to the strap-on, and finally to her mistress, obviously wondering what Rachael would do.

"Do I...?" began Rachael, looking down at her bare feet, "do I have to take off my clothes to put it on?"

"Just your bottom half," I said with a casual shrug, trying to play it off as nothing too major. "It'd be easier all around if you took off all your clothes, though."

Rachael hesitated for a long moment, then looked over towards the table where her friends were sitting. I could see the thoughts running through her head, her anxiety about being seen by her friends in such a compromising situation, about the fear of being seen as a slut, as somehow less of a person, less of their friend, because she gave in to the temptation that was now presented to her. I could feel her desire to do just what I'd suggested, though, so overwhelmingly powerful that it was making her legs shake, the scent of her arousal so strong it almost made me lose control of myself, almost made my seize her and strap her to the breeding bench instead of Benny.

A long, awkward silence followed in this moment of truth, or at least it felt long, though I suppose it was less than a minute. Rachael looked at her friends bashfully, while her friends looked at Rachael expectantly. Finally, it was Yoko who broke the silence, her voice shattering through the tension as well.

"You know," she said, pushing her chair back a little, then casually reaching for the hem of her shirt, "it's kinda hot in here, don't you guys think? I think we'd be a lot better off if we all just got comfortable."

The motion was almost like a stretch, but as Yoko's arms lifted, she was peeling her shirt up and over her head, then tossing it casually onto the table, right next to the snacks. She then started to reach for the back strap of her white bra, but seemed to have a little trouble, obviously not very flexible that way. I was almost as surprised as Rachael when Shania reached over, unclasping the bra strap for her friend.

"Here, let me," she said with a slightly sheepish grin.

"Thanks, Shania," said Yoko, before she stood up, the Japanese-American girl quickly unbuttoning and then unzipping her jeans, then pushing them down her legs. My mouth started to water as I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties herself, her full, boyishly-rounded tush thrust up into the air, though sadly facing away from me. She had nice breasts, good-sized, enough to fit in my hands, bigger than Bird's, actually, with surprisingly light pink nipples - surprising because, well, I'd always thought Asians tended to have darker nipples. Huh, live and learn. As she straightened I saw that she had a healthy black bush between her legs, thick and untrimmed, so that I couldn't see her mons.

I turned to look between Shania and Bird, who looked first at me, and then at Rachael, and finally at each other. Then Shania giggled, followed by Bird.

"Guess since everybody's doing it," said Bird as she got up, followed by Shania, and the two quickly shucked off their clothes as well, piling them up on the table with Yoko's.

Of course my eyes lingered on Bird for a long while. She was just as hot as before, just as sweet and sexy, and I felt my rock-hard cock throb with desire to be buried in her sticky quim once again. Then my attention shifted to Shania, my eyes caressing her trim, tight body, her cute little breasts with their extra dark nipples, her deliciously smooth, milk chocolate-colored skin, her hot, tight buns, and her smooth-shaved cunny. I licked my chops as I eyed the three naked cuties, loving how Shania and Bird blushed, looking eager but nervous, Shania just a little bit guilty and uncertain, while Yoko just looked (and smelled!) ready to get a cock stuck in her at any moment, her eyes eagerly running up and down my rampant shaft in a way that told me she wanted it to be her hands, not her eyes, but was holding back so as not to scare off her friends until they were all properly reeled in. Yoko was completely on my side here, that I could tell right away - she was just like my precious Girl, wanting me to make babies in these human hotties.

That's what Girl had been plotting, I realized at last: she'd been too ashamed to admit that she intended for me to breed these human girls, to give Girl the babies she'd always wanted. Maybe I should have felt angry, hurt, or used at such a realization, but I didn't. How could I? I'd only just barely started to get used to the idea of mating with humans myself. Girl wanted puppies so badly, but couldn't have her own, and she was never allowed to keep any of the pups from any of my breeding jobs in the past, since that wasn't a part of the deal. But here she had a choice opportunity: a number of young, healthy, fertile girls, each just awakening to their sexual maturity, each vulnerable and impressionable and eager to discover the great secrets of sex for themselves. They'd been practically throwing themselves at me since yesterday, though some of them might not have admitted it to themselves (Rachael and Bird, to be exact), almost desperate in their need for a cock inside of them - my cock. They were the perfect breeding material, except for one little detail: they were human, the forbidden species.

For just a moment I looked towards one of the many small, high-powered cameras Girl had set up around the room, giving her a reassuring smile and a slow nod. Even without the benefit of scent to help her read me, I knew she'd be able to read the subtle cues of my body language, knew that she knew that I knew. More than that, she knew that I accepted her in spite of everything, that I loved her more than anything, and that I'd give her just what she wanted: well-bred human bitches.

Turning, I saw Rachael still fumbling with the waist button of her skirt, still so very embarrassed even when she was the only one in the room still clothed, and smirked, walking to her, one hand reaching out to grip her hip, while the other easily popped the button, then pulled down the zipper it covered. The skirt dropped, and Rachael's three friends gaped as they saw that their friend was just as naked under her skirt as they now were. My nose immediately picked up the sudden spike of erotic tension in the room, all four of the girls now realizing that they had all been thinking and feeling the same things. It was one of those deeply bonding moments, as the unspoken communication between these friends spoke volumes, cementing their friendship even more firmly. Then their eyes drifted to my cock, standing firm and hard and proud. It would be the final seal that would bind them together, friends forever.

I stepped behind Rachael, then knelt, slowly, my muzzle brushing her smooth back through the white blouse she was still wearing. She shivered as I scented her tight little tush and achingly fertile cunny.

"You're as ripe as Benny, Miss Rachael," I said in a curling growl, the words making Rachael swallow, as much in nervousness as to wet her dry mouth, even as I smelled her moisture and that of her friends increase even more: there would be no condoms put to use here. "Lift your legs," I ordered her, and Rachael obeyed, letting me slip the loops of the strap-on around each ankle, before I rose one more, my hands reaching around to carefully squeeze the suction cup end of the strap-on firmly against her erect little clitty, the sudden grip on her most sensitive parts making Rachael give a soft whimper, my fingers coming away soaking wet at their tips. Then my hands went to Rachael's hips, holding her steady on her feet as I murmured in her ear once more: "Tell Benny to come over here and present herself. It's time she submitted to you properly."

"Benny," Rachael said, her whole body trembling with my proximity, my hands and my body pressed against her seemingly the only thing keeping her upright, "come here." The colliemorph obediently crawled forward, looking up at her mistress expectantly. "Present," Rachael said next, her voice catching only a little as she fought to maintain control of herself, a battle I could feel her steadily losing.

Benny was eager, her whole body almost vibrating with her readiness. It was as though she'd been hoping that somebody, anybody, would make her submit at last, make her finally become a good, proper, obedient dogservant. She was panting hard as she turned herself around, staying on all-fours, and then lowered her upper body to the mat, tail flagged high, baring the snowy white-furred folds of her heat-swollen labia and, just above that, her snug pink tailhole. She reached back to grip her rearcheeks, spreading them wide for her mistress.

As my hand wrapped around the shaft of the strap-on's dildo, Rachael's head arched back, resting against my chest, her back arching at the sensations this gave her. The strap-on was one of the more advanced ones on the market, carefully designed to transfer feeling from its length to the clitoris of the user, making it almost as good as having a real cock. At least, that's how Girl described it to me. Of course, she found this out by active experimentation on her favorite subject for erotic play: me. Girl's the only femme I've ever allowed to peg me, and I think she always will be. Don't misunderstand: it was a lot of fun. But...I don't trust that easily, and I can count on one hand the number of people I've willingly allowed to have my tailhole.

"You need to get the shaft wet, Rachael," I told the carrot-topped cutie, stroking the dildo a little faster, while nudging her forward with my hips, letting my cock hotdog between the girl's small buns, making her tense with each slight movement of my body against hers. "We could use some lube, but I think Benny would like some more...natural lubrication."

Benny's eyes were wide and excited as she felt me rubbing the tip of the dildo against her soft, inviting gates. Rachael, on the other hand, was obviously well on her way to being overwhelmed by new sensations, and if I hadn't wrapped my other arm around her waist, I know she would have stumbled, perhaps even fallen. She was completely at my mercy, and willingly so, ready to do anything I wanted, because she knew it would feel so very, very good. When I arched my hips back, then thrust them firmly forward, my cock sluicing into the cleft of her cunny, the top of my shaft rubbing hard against Rachael's sparsely-furred quim, she gasped loudly. When my hips slapped against her tiny buns, slowly but firmly shoving the whole, long length of the strap-on's dildo into Benny's tightly-clenching slit, that gasp turned into a high-pitched wail of orgasm as she felt her own dogservant's inner walls clamping down so very tightly around her surrogate penis.

"Are...are you all right, Rach?" asked Shania, now standing next to us, having moved when her friend cried out. The chocolate-skinned cutie was in easy arm's reach now, and I saw Bird only a little farther off, though Yoko hadn't moved from her place by the table, too eagerly watching the scene unfold to have reacted at all. "Did he...are you...eep!"

This last, cute squeak of surprise came when I reached over with the paw that I'd used to guide Rachael's shaft into place, and grabbed Shania's tight buns, pulling her up nice and close to me until her tasty-looking little breasts were rubbing against the side of my chest. She had a cute butt, actually - small, yes, but tight and sweetly rounded, giving it a hot heart shape. About what I'd expect of a girl in as good shape as Shania obviously was, a hard runner, probably from doing sprints, or maybe soccer. I noticed her body was nice and smooth, almost certainly treated with one of those newer defoliant lotions. Idly, I rubbed my fingers firmly into the bald little nook of her cunny, making her shift on her legs, her back arching as she went to tip-toes, the eyes behind her glasses growing wide in arousal and shock at such brazen treatment, especially as I stroked her hymen, proof of her inexperience.

"Tell her, Rachael," I said with a toothy smirk, giving my hips a sharp little thrust, making the redhead squeal again, before I turned that squeal into a moan by slowly grinding my hips, the placement of my cock between her legs, so snugly pressed against her soaking wet sex, making her own strap-on cock do the same things to Benny, who made the most arousing sounds of her own as she was worked over so. "How's that feel?"

"So good," said Rachael in a hoarse croak, her voice obviously right on the verge of failing her completely. Her eyes were closed now, her hips starting to move of their own accord, grinding down against my shaft, and also thrusting forward, pumping Benny's gushing pussy. "It's!"

She shuddered again as I pulled her back, gasping softly as the dildo popped free of Benny's juicy cunny, her slickness already matting down the fur on her inner thighs quite heavily. Releasing Shania's waist, I reached around to grip the dildo again, working it slowly with my clenched fist, making sure to get the entire length nice and slick with Benny's copious juices. Once the whole shaft glistened properly, I nudged Rachael forward again, this time aiming the false cockhead a little higher, right at the tensed little bullseye of Benny's tailhole. Rachael's eyes were huge at this point, her mouth wide open as she realized just where I was about to squeeze the thick, pointed organ that now felt so much a part of her. The tip nidged against the winking little rosebud, and Rachael lifted her head slightly, looking at me uncertainly. Then I started to slowly, steadily press my hips forward again, spreading Benny open nice and slow before my and Rachael's eyes until, quite suddenly, the mushroom-capped head of the false penis popped past her tailring. With the hardest part past, I slammed my hips forward, making Rachael's hips slap loudly against Benny's upraised butt, making morphgirl and human girl howl in time as they were wracked with another short orgasm, their bodies so wound up right then, so tense and ready to pop at the least additional stimulation, that I hardly had to do anything to take them to heaven on earth.

My paw now free again, it was only a matter of moments before my fingers found Shania's clitty, making the black girl start to gyrate, half-reluctantly pulling away with the lingering remnants of her inhibitions, half-eagerly rubbing herself against my fingers all the more eagerly. Now pumping my hips with a good, steady rhythm, taking my time for now, I let Rachael and Benny have all the time they needed to properly savor this experience, my glans nudging against Benny's labia, just barely wetting the tip with each forward thrust, while my hips clapped against Rachael's, keeping her own hips moving, her whole body tensed and sweating at the pleasure coursing through her body, this new pace keeping it at a steady constant, not quite enough to bring her to another orgasm, but letting the pleasure build instead, getting her all set up for even greater pleasures to come.

"Mmm, nice," I rumbled, turning my head to Shania's breasts. The teen's cheeks darkened a little more, a subtle thing, but one I noticed as much by scent as by sight. The speed of my fingers rubbing her clitoris increasing, making her grip my arm as her face showed her lingering, fading trepidation at what she knew this path would lead her to do, with me, I kept my arm's grip around her middle firm, not letting her get away, not letting her escape what I had planned for her next. "You're smoking hot, Shania," I told her with a toothy grin, before I bent my muzzle to her breasts.

Some say that a girl's breasts are even more sensitive when they're small. Personally, I've never found that to be true - it's a very individual sort of thing, actually, and some girls, big-chested or small, like having their boobs played with, and some just don't. Shania, as it turned out, loved having my tongue lathe her perky little mounds, and combined with the increased speed of my rubbing fingers, she was soon clenching her jaw as her body bucked in my grip, my fingers feeling the clenching of her virgin vagina as she started to cum. I didn't discourage this at all. Actually, I pushed her harder, teasing her anus with my thumb at the same time I started to really grind the heel of my palm into her cunny. At the same time, my tongue, long and thick and smooth, just like that of most canomorphs, lovingly but vigorously caressed the undersides of her cute girlbumps, circling upwards and around her nipples, before my lips closed on those, one at a time, tugging on them, suckling them with all the hungry eagerness of the puppies I'd soon plant in her belly. I told her as much, my voice a harsh, savage, lusty growl as I described getting her and Rachael as pregnant as Benny; how sexy they were, and how gorgeous the babies I'd make with them would be; how much I'd enjoy rutting them both even more when their bellies were nice and plump and ripe; how they might try to waddle away from me like overstuffed field mice, but I'd just catch them and drag them back to my bed, so Girl and I could do with them as we pleased; and what we pleased would very much be what would please those three females.

It was at that moment that I thrust my hips forward with a little extra force, pushing Rachael up almost on top of Benny's upthrust rump, my cock plunging straight and true to the hilt into Benny's soaking wet quim. This was the start of a chain reaction, as Benny started to gush her juices onto my short-furred hips, yelping like a puppy getting her bottom paddled with a newspaper as my cock rasped against her needy G-spot. Rachael came next, her hips thrusting spasmodically when she felt my washboard belly slap and then stroke against her suddenly-exposed cunny, working the dildo hard and fast into Benny's bottom all of her own accord, her pink hips pressing firmly against the soft, white fur of Benny's undertail, grunting almost like a male, but higher-pitched, as she gave herself over utterly to the pleasure. Finally, by fractions of a second, Shania gave a high-pitched squeal of her own, her legs going straight to jelly in my arms as my fingers pulsed spasmodically, my whole hand making brisk thrusting motions against her clit, drawing it out so that she got the entire length of fingers and palm and a little bit of wrist before my thumb popped inside her snug anal ring. That last bit of stimulation was the last straw, and in desperation Shania's hands grabbed at my chest, fingers digging into the fur as she fought to stay on her feet.

Even as their friends joined in orgasmic chain reaction, I glanced over to where Bird and Yoko were, still thrusting my hips, now giving it to Benny good and hard, holding nothing back, letting my balls start to tighten in readiness to plant my seed good and deep in her fertile womb. Yoko was sitting on the table, partially leaned back, a vibrating egg from the toy table in one hand as she worked it feverishly against her black-furred cooze. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, but she was obviously fighting desperately against the impulse to close her eyes and just give in to the pleasure, not wanting to miss a single moment of what I was doing with Benny, Rachael, and Shania, her other hand holding up a cell phone, recording everything taking place on video. Bird was still standing partway between me and the table, her eyes huge, licking her dry lips as she watched the scene unfolding, obviously unsure of what to do with herself. Should she give in like Shania, let herself come closer and be caught in my grasp, letting me do to her what I'd done before? Should she go to the toy table or otherwise allow herself to succumb to self-pleasure, like Yoko? Her beautiful breasts heaved as she stood there, her juices making her thighs glisten as they leaked copiously down her long, smooth runner's legs, her blue eyes fixed on the scene before they finally lifted slightly, meeting my own as I motioned with my head slightly, just enough to get her attention.

"Bird," I said, my sex-tensed voice a deep, commanding growl, breaking Bird out of her indecision. "Go to the table and get the silver cylinder. It's about the size of a marker. Then come here." I licked my chops as I looked her over hungrily, making her gulp, the smell of her arousal growing even stronger with the faint hint of danger. "After I get these gorgeous girls pregnant, I'm gonna strap you to the breeding bench," I promised, making Benny and Rachael cry out again with another, especially rough thrust of my hips, enough to nudge at the gates of Benny's womb. This made her clench down on me good and hard, since morphgirls are made to truly love thick slabs of male meat, the bigger the better. Humans, well, that was a cointoss.

As I picked up speed, hard spurts of precum gushing out into Benny's tightly-clenching channel, signaling my imminent eruption, Bird moved like she was in a trance to the toy table. Her eyes swept the table for a moment before she picked up the only silver cylinder there, turning to bring it to me. Her eyes were wide as she got close, her breath catching in her chest as she got within arm's reach, obviously filled with trepidation after she'd seen me grab Shania. She had good reason to be a bit nervous, as my other arm snaked around her waist , pulling her close to me while I ignored, for the time being, the object in her outstretched hand. Plenty of time for that soon enough. Bird opened her mouth, probably to say something, but I didn't give her time before my muzzle pressed against her lips, making her whole body tremble with anticipation as my tongue invaded her pretty mouth. Moments later, my other hand invaded her sex, both hands working hard and fast on the girl held on each palm, right along with the speed of my thrusting hips as they slapped both Benny's and Rachael's bottoms, making the heart-shaped half-globes bounce one above the other, Rachael's pale-skinned buns quickly turning a light red from the steady abuse.

Holding nothing back, my head snapped up as I felt my orgasm hit, my balls tensing, rump tight, tail hiked, as I slammed my hips forward one last time, my cockhead punching past Benny's cervix right as I started to cum inside of her, whitewashing her womb in a copious gush. This was the final straw for Benny, her whole body suddenly tensing up for a long, long moment, and then just as suddenly giving out as her head slumped to the ground, her muzzle parted, tongue lolling on the mat, a silly, adorably happy expression on her face as she let her eyes slowly close.

"I love you, mistress, master," she said sleepily, before she drifted into a doze, her bottom still hiked high, giving Rachael a decent platform to rest her body on as she also was on the verge of overstimulation.

My cock still spitting cum into its proper place, deep inside Benny's belly, I kept moving my hips, working out every last drop, even as I arched my upper body back a little. At that moment, my hands left the juicy cunnies of Bird and Shania, sliding up the smooth curves of their backs, to the backs of their heads. Almost before they knew what was happening, I was pressing them forward, towards each other. I didn't force them too fast, just fast enough that they didn't have time to think about what was going to happen next, didn't have time for second thoughts or inbuilt restraints as first Bird's breasts squeezed against Shania's cute little mounds, and then their lips pressed against each other.

The kiss was a shocked thing at first, but my hands on their heads kept the girls from pulling away. Then I didn't need to use my hands any more as the two girls started to use their hands instead, stroking each others' breasts, backs, and bellies. It was an easy matter to slip the silver cylinder out of Bird's hands, since she wanted to use them for better things anyway, before gently pressing on each of their shoulders, coaxing them gradually to their knees. In this position, as they momentarily broke their passionate kiss, they both had the best seat in the house to watch my cock pop out of Benny's heavily-flushed pussy, the entire length glistening with her and my comingled juices. They only hesitated a moment longer before my hands stroked the backs of their heads, that being all it took to make them lean forward to kiss once more, this time with my rock-hard cock between them.

Nibbling and licking up and down the full, throbbing length, I nodded in satisfaction as Bird and Shania got me nice and clean, their eyes, blue and brown, looking up at me often for approval. They got it as I stroked the backs of their heads, telling them how sexy they were, how good a job they were doing, and how they could do even better, suggestions which the two girls quickly took, catching on quick. Then my eyes lifted slightly, to the swollen-looking little cunny of Rachael, so tempting and tight and right before my forward-pointing cock. Bird and Shania saw my eyes shift, and let their own gazes follow mine, their eyes widening as they realized where I was going to stick that fat dogdick next.

"Hold me steady," I told the pair, their hands promptly, obediently wrapping around my shaft, Bird taking a hold near the tip, Shania near the base. "Now, hold Rachael open." Shania hesitated for just a moment, but when Bird reached out, grabbing one of the carrot-topped cutie's pert rearcheeks, spreading her open, using her thumb to part Rachael's labia, Shania followed suit, both girls shifting their attention between my raging erection and the sweet, snug, pristine little cunny I was going to use as its sheath in the very near future.

Feeling her friends' hands on her bottom, Rachael looked tiredly over her shoulder, her eyes widening as she realized what was about to happen. She started to wriggle a bit, obviously having second thoughts, but this just made Benny moan and shift under her, sending more stimulation up the hyper-sensitive strap-on's shaft, making Rachael freeze in place for a single long, fateful moment. That was all I needed. In that moment, I carefully pressed the silver cylinder up against Rachael's cunny, gently nudging her labia open as I pressed the flat top firmly against her hymen until I could just barely feel it starting to yield just the slightest bit. My thumb depressed a little stud on the side of the cylinder, and there was a soft hiss and click as, almost faster than the eye could follow, first a tiny puff of anesthetic misted onto her delicate membrane, before immediately afterward a tiny, razor-sharp blade removed Rachael's maidenhead, and followed right after that by a light mist to speed healing, enough to instantly close tiny wounds, like that of a needle's prick or the precision slice of a maidenblade. That's what I'd just used on Rachael, of course, instantly opening up her little cunny for my use.

"Pop goes the cherry," I growled softly in Rachael's ear as I slowly moved my hips forward, letting Bird and Shania hold my cock steady, until the swollen, mushroom-capped head nudged against Rachael's flushed, lightly-furred inner labia, slowly parting them around my glans, taking my time to let myself sink in, nice and slow. "Now it's time to make you a mommy, Rachael."

A maidenblade's anesthetic isn't made to last more'n a few seconds, and when it wears off, it leaves the flesh very sensitive. Because of the healing spray, there's no pain left to feel by that point, but when a nice, thick, juicy dogdong gets slowly squeezed into your formerly pristine, girlish cunny, spreading you open nice and wide for the very first time, there's a whole lot of other things to feel. I've done this plenty of times, though it was only with morphs before, enough to know that what Rachael went through right then wasn't unusual at all. Of course, Bird, Shania, and Yoko didn't know that, and so they could only watch in open-mouthed awe as their friend's whole body started to thrash, buck, and jerk in wave after wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy. Even Benny, tired out as she'd been, woke up as her mistress' hips started to pound the poor colliemorph's well-abused butt with a will, wailing almost as loudly as Rachael herself as she and her human mistress kicked their legs, Benny's heavy breasts bobbing with each solid thrust of my hips.

"Lick," I ordered Bird and Shania, my hands going to their heads, fingers running through their hair, feeling the difference in texture as I pressed them forward, forcing myself to be gentle despite the rush of pleasure threatening to awaken instincts I could not control. I saw their eyes meet for just a moment, sharing a silent erotic message, before both girls pressed their mouths up against Rachael's cunny, right where I was spreading her open, and started to lick and suck and nibble on every inch of exposed flesh, mine and hers, like it was the sweetest candy they'd ever tasted.

I saw Yoko moving around with her cell phone out of the corner of my eye, but I only barely paid her any attention. After all, she'd be squealing on my cock as loud and long as Rachael was soon enough. After so long a buildup, and with so much stimulation, I knew I wasn't gonna last long, not with Rachael's slick inner walls gripping me like a vise as she came again and again and again. I slowly licked her back, running my tongue lovingly over the delicate curve of her spin, from the base of her bottom all the way up to the base of her neck, making Rachael's whole body arch in response. Suddenly feeling myself losing control, I seized Rachael's tiny rump, giving a sharp bark of startled pleasure as my second orgasm hit, the force of it even harder than the first. It was all that I could do to keep from hurting Rachael as my hips started to pummel her sweet little buns, my balls slapping against her inner thighs and Benny's much-abused quim in a shuddering tattoo. Even Bird and Shania, as eager as they were, just stopped and stared in awe, while Yoko cried out from just behind me, unable to hold back her own shuddering orgasm any longer as she fell to her knees on the mat behind me, her cell phone aimed straight at my butt and, right below that, where my cock was vigorously shafting hot little Rachael's cunny.

All I could hear was the rush of blood in my ears as orgasm washed over me. I was dimly aware of Bird and Shania, their faces flushed, their expressions almost trancelike, as they greedily licked up the backwash of my cum as it dripped down Rachael's thighs - there was just too much of it to all fit inside of her. I'd just done that most forbidden thing; I'd just cum inside a fertile human female. No condoms, no pills, no nothing. The hot little carrot-top was as good as knocked up, though I wouldn't know for sure until a day or two had passed, and my sperm had time to find her waiting egg. For a moment I considered getting one of those plan B pills for Rachael, the sort to keep a fertilized egg from implanting in a girl's womb. But then I looked at Rachael's face, now relaxing as the rush of her many orgasms started to slowly fade into a blissful afterglow, and I just stroked her pale, pink bottom affectionately before I started to slowly, carefully pull out, my cum almost gushing out without my penis for a plug. On a whim, as I gently eased Rachael and Benny onto their sides on the mat, letting them spoon together, the strap-on still firmly in place, as was Rachael's white blouse, I gently nudged Rachael's anus with one finger, making it wink, making me chuckle.

"Next time for sure," I told her, making her eyes momentarily widen, before tiredness made them close once more. She snuggled into the fur of Benny's neck ruff, hugging the morphgirl around the waist, while Benny reached down, squeezing her mistress' small hands lovingly in her own.

Standing up to my full height, I turned to face Bird and Shania, kneeling on the floor before me like worshipers at some pagan altar, my cock bobbing slightly at the movement. Their worshipful gazes on my raging erection just made me even hornier, and I reached down, seizing hold of Bird's long hair and the top of Shania's short-haired head, gripping them easily in my big paws. Instead of being repulsed by such a display of dominance, the two girls turned their heads, nuzzling against my hands eagerly.

"Now," I said, my voice that same lusty growl as before, "who's next?"