Flesh and Stone 2: Fur and Stone

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3 of Gargoyles The second part of the Flesh and Stone series. After watching the events of the previous story by peeping in through Elisa's apartment window, Maggie the Cat, her heat making her have a hard time thinking properly, pleasures herself, little knowing that she, in turn, is being watched...

Flesh and Stone

Chapter 2: Fur and Stone

A Gargoyles fanfiction

By Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Commissioned by JadeStyx

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How could she have left him?

Maggie felt the night air cooling her head, calming her mind, letting her thoughts flow more freely as she rode the multitude of air currents that were always buffeting the upper reaches of Manhattan's many buildings. Several times before she and Talon had started to become intimate, their longing glances and gentle words turning steadily more physical. At least, that was the direction in which things always began. Then, just when it looked as though they were about to take their relationship to the next level, to take the great step into the physical unknown...Maggie would balk.

The lionlike, winged mutate settled onto an outthrust stone gargoyle overlooking one of Manhattan's almost endless apartment buildings and lowered her face to her hands. Talon, for all his martial skill, all his strength as a leader, was such a gentle soul. The bouts of her increasing sense of need had been getting stronger and more urgent in recent days, until Maggie felt as though she were burning up inside with her desperate craving for the touch of a male. It was as though she were turning into some instinct-driven animal, her behavior matching her appearance with embarrassing perfection. She had come onto the beautiful panthermorph that was her packleader and her dearest friend after the transformation that had taken her humanity, had initiated so many of these near-misses, and then had been the one to turn away just as suddenly as they started to grow more physical, more passionate. Talon must be going crazy with the female he loved swinging from hot to cold and back to hot again, but never long enough for him (or her, for that matter) to ever find any release. But he'd never grown angry with her, had never been impatient or cross. He had certainly never forced the issue. Instead, Talon had always been a perfect gentleman, caring only about Maggie's needs, about her desires, even when she'd left him with what must have been a painful erection far too many times.

"What is wrong with me?" Maggie half-sobbed into her hands. "I know what I want, but...but I'm so afraid. I just don't deserve him. I don't deserve to be happy."

The tears were right on the verge of flowing when the she-mutate looked up, her sharp night vision easily catching sight of the familiar figure of Elisa Maza, the human friend of the true gargoyles. Now Maggie knew why she'd been drawn here, even in her state of desperate distress: it was one of Elisa's few nights off.

Settling into the makeshift stone "nest" at the rear of the statue, letting her watch without being seen, Maggie's golden eyes played over Elisa's toned body, her smooth skin as she undressed. Maggie hadn't had much self-esteem even before she'd been transformed into her new shape, her efforts as Maggie Reed, the actress, always turning to failure, further reinforcing her belief. When she'd been approached by Anton Sevarius with his generous offer, how could she resist? It was only her looks, and those weren't much anyway, as far as Maggie was concerned. She envied Elisa, who was beautiful, strong, confident - all the things Maggie wished that she could be, and yet could never seem to attain. More than that, Elisa was in love, and wasn't ashamed to show it, as Maggie soon had reaffirmed for her once more as she saw the hulking figure of Goliath settle onto the ledge outside Elisa's window, and then let himself inside.

Stroking her long-fingered hands down her body as she crouched on her digitigrade legs, hidden from the view of those she was spying upon, Maggie watched with a volatile combination of lust and regret as the two lovers of such vastly different species fell into each others' arms, kissing and pulling off their clothes in almost desperate eagerness. Soon both of them were naked, and Maggie watched intently, whimpered softly as she stroked her mound through the simple white panties she still wore beneath her slightly tattered dress, the fabric clinging to her moistening flesh, outlining her female parts clearly. Elisa must have incredible breath control, Maggie idly thought, as she watched the human woman go all the way down on Goliath's massive cock, taking him to the roots in her mouth and her throat.

It was at this point that Maggie started to let her fantasies take control, feeling secure in her present position, completely safe from observation from anyone below her vantage point, the wall behind her giving a slight overhang, encircling her all around. Lifting her dress, a green one-piece garment she'd modified for her new shape with her skill in the costume department back when she'd still been trying to make it as an actress, up and over her head and setting it aside, Maggie shivered at the rush of chill air her sudden near-nudity gave her, though the sensation passed quickly thanks to her tawny fur. It didn't stop her tiny pink nipples from becoming almost instantly erect, though, and the feline femme shivered again, this time for far different reasons, as she reached up, stroking her hands over her pert breasts, then rolling her nipples between her clawed fingertips.

"If only I was bigger," Maggie muttered to herself with a slight pout as she compared herself to the much better endowed Elisa, before her eyes widened, watching as Goliath hefted Elisa over his shoulder, and then carried her to the bedroom like a conquering warrior. As the purple-skinned lead gargoyle lowered Elisa to the bed and pressed his head between her legs, Maggie shuddered again, first rubbing her fingers over her panty-covered slit once more, and then hooking her thumbs into the waist, pushing her underwear down, bending forward as she did so, deliberately thrusting her rump backwards. As she leaned forward, resting one hand on the head of the stone gargoyle on the edge of the ledge, in her mind's eye she saw Talon doing something similar to her, but much, much more roughly.

The fantasy was a savage one, born from equal parts need and guilt. Maggie's long fingers found her moist slit, and she imagined they were Talon's black-furred fingers as she squeezed her index finger up and into herself, her body shuddering with a minor orgasm. She would have been teasing him, working him up with her hands, heavy petting having gone so very far, until he was unsheathed, that heavy proof of his masculinity, as dark as the rest of his sleek body, a solid weight in her hands. Then, just as so many times before, Maggie pulled away from Talon. This time, however, instead of being distraught, caught between her desires and her desperate fear of being hurt, in her fantasy Maggie was a teasing tart, a wicked wench that led this savage male on, and then left him hanging, turning away with a taunting laugh. And this time, instead of being the sweet, comforting friend that he always was, not willing to sacrifice their friendship for the sake of sex, Talon was a savage, unstoppable beast.

Gargoyle and human bodies writhed together in Elisa's apartment in full view of Maggie's sharp eyes, the appearance of the small, purple-skinned gargoyle female, Angela, also spying on the lovers, hardly more than a footnote to the passion unfolding in the room itself. Maggie was too far gone into her own fantasy, fueled by the eagerness of the lovers she was watching. She was picturing herself turning away from Talon, only to be seized by the powerful, black-furred male and dragged back toughly, her breasts against his chest. She stammered out an apology, only to have it turn into a cry of fright as Talon shredded her dress and then released his grip on her, her unsteady feet making her drop to her knees before him. Fantasy Maggie lifted her hands in supplication, opening her mouth to beg him for mercy, for forgiveness, only to have the fantasy Talon seize her blonde tresses, and then force every inch of him into her muzzle and down her throat. Wondering what he would taste like, Maggie pressed three fingers to her muzzle then, pushing them between her lips and bobbing her head slightly as she imagined having her muzzle raped so cruelly, her tongue arching along the underside of her fingertips. She deserved it, Maggie realized with another whimper of growing arousal. She deserved to be held down and taken like a common whore, first her mouth - and her fantasy Talon came so very much, first in her mouth, and then pulling back to spray onto her tearstained face, marking her as his rightful conquest - and then the rest of her. The fantasy Talon did not disappoint, for as Maggie tried to turn and crawl away in her fantasy, her real self wiggling her small bottom in anticipation, he seized her by the back of her head once more, shoving her cheek to the ground, whispering obscenities in her ear, telling her just how much of a slut she really was, before he pressed that same muzzle that had been cursing her to her soaking sex, thrusting his tongue inside of her.

Maggie cried out at this first penetration, mirrored in the real world by her own thrusting finger, which drove deep inside of her, her inner walls fluttering as another orgasm overtook her. Her fantasy grew more wild, more passionate then as she imagined herself begging with steadily greater urgency and desperation, her voice growing more high-pitched as Talon held her wrists trapped with a single powerful hand, his other hand stroking the globes of her bare, golden-furred bottom, which were less bony in her fantasy, more like those of Elisa, firm and rounded with womanly muscle. Her fantasy pleading hit a fever's pitch as she Talon fit his huge black penis to her tiny channel...and she actually did have to bite down on her forearm, using her elbow to lean on the stone gargoyle before her just to stifle her scream as she very suddenly forced three of her fingers into herself, the sudden rush of pain-spiced pleasure at this stretching making Maggie's whole body shake with climax.

Lying there, panting, Maggie turned her eyes back towards Elisa's apartment. Neither Elisa nor Angela was visible any more, and Goliath was flying off, not noticing her as she lay sprawled across the inanimate gargoyle that had been her voyeur's perch for several months now. With the overhang of the building, of course, it would be impossible for anyone to see her from above. In order to have a chance of seeing her, you'd have to be at just the right angle, or else right behind...ah!

Golden eyes opening wide, her face still flushed from her recent orgasm as much as from her embarrassment, Maggie's bottom clenched as she felt the strong hand gently squeezing her presented rump. Someone had been watching her, had spied on her at her most vulnerable time, had seen her...like this! Heart sinking as she feared it might be Talon, not wanting to know what he must think of her, acting like such a nasty slut, masturbating while watching others have sex, Maggie didn't want to know who it was, didn't want that sense of knowing who it was that knew just what she was really like, or really wanted to be like, if only she had the courage. But she had to, her eyes closing for a moment...before she turned, opening them wide. The person she saw made her breath catch in her throat.


Why should he blame her for watching? Elisa and Goliath were both incredibly beautiful people, after all. For months now the golden-furred, winged lioness had been making her way to this single, well-hidden spot, a place he had only managed to notice quite by accident himself while giving Elisa's apartment a quick flyby. He had turned his head at just the right moment, at just the right angle, and saw a quick flash of strawberry blonde hair and a pair of large, luminous golden eyes. Knowing to whom that hair and those eyes belonged, he'd just kept on flying, pretending he hadn't seen a thing. But later, when he'd been out of sight long enough to let Maggie relax, he'd come back, and ever-so-carefully crept up behind her, not letting her see or hear him.

Brooklyn had watched Maggie touching herself on that night, rubbing her delicate pink treasures while watching Elisa Maza naked and alone. On nights that followed, the pattern repeated, except with more passion, more fire, more desperate need as Goliath sometimes joined his human mate, Maggie's passion equaling their own every time she would watch. And always, Brooklyn kept still and kept silent, slipping away each time before Maggie could see him, could see how he was watching her the same way she was watching his clan leader and his mate.

Tonight, Brooklyn decided he'd had enough of watching.

The red-skinned gargoyle's lean, toned body was on full display, his loincloth discarded nearby, his long, thick, uncut erection standing at full attention, throbbing and ready to be buried to the depths in this female's sweet and soaking wet sex. Brooklyn's beaklike muzzle parted slightly, drawing in her scent - for his beak, while it gave him such a sexy-yet-sinister appearance, also gave him a sense of smell to rival Bronx's - tasting her heat. This was a female in need of a good, rough, thorough breeding, her body crying out in desperation for what her mind didn't yet understand. It was her first heat, her body trembling in aching need.

A less experienced or less caring gargoyle would likely have simply seized Maggie's presented, pert rump, mounted her, and shagged her until he got his rocks off. Brooklyn, however, had been taught what to do by Demona during her seduction of the younger gargoyle, had been shown just how to properly bring pleasure to a female in her bid to win him over to her way of thinking. As those wide, frightened golden eyes watched, Maggie's muzzle parted in shock as she tried to think of something to say, Brooklyn's muzzle lowered, his long prehensile tongue lashing out. It was like the knife-ended ribbon-tongue of a lizard, slim and strong, and Maggie gave a loud gasp as it caressed her swollen, desperately needy female places with slow, careful attention. Brooklyn's talons gripped Maggie's rump a little tighter, his thumbs spreading her outer labia, and the only thing she could think to do was to spread her legs a little wider, bracing herself against the stone gargoyle beneath her arms and breasts, giving Brooklyn full freedom to do with her as he wished. A moment later, Maggie had to bite into her arm once more, muffling her desperate, high-pitched wail of orgasm as Brooklyn's upper and lower fangs pricked her soft-furred bottom, his tongue plunging deep, deep inside of her until it was licking at the very gates of her womb. His fleshy, flexible beak spread wide, Brooklyn's neck and shoulders strained visibly as he held on tight with his strong hands, his head driving forward and back, back and forward, setting a brutal pace, pounding Maggie until the cat couldn't hold back her yowls of ecstasy, her delicious juices squirting out copiously into Brooklyn's greedy maw.


Feeling spent and thoroughly, exquisitely used, Maggie's upper body slid off the flat-topped stone gargoyle she'd been resting upon as Brooklyn's tongue had violated her, and she slumped to the stone ledgeway, breathless and flushed and helpless, thinking to herself what a sight she must make, her skinny butt stuck in the air like some cat in heat. She couldn't do anything about it, though: she was just too used up right then to move, even feeling the red-skinned gargoyle's lusting eyes on her. Feeling his strong talons gripping her rump once more, Maggie whimpered softly, but it was only half-hearted - she knew on a deep, instinctive level that she was now his, and he would do with her as he pleased.

Daring to look back, Maggie gulped softly at the size of Brooklyn's thick, meaty organ. She was a rather slim young woman, and even when she'd been sexually active as a human, she'd never taken anything so large inside of her - most of the directors and actors she'd allowed to have her had tended to be middle- to small-sized, and didn't last very long or produce very much in the condoms they left knotted on their bedroom floors. But Brooklyn's smooth red sac looked swollen with an aching weight that promised copious quantity, the dark, angry-looking red head of his dripping penis swelling his foreskin until it was peeled back, promising many hours of hard, bestial ravishing. And with such a beast as this, his body as smooth and powerful as sculpted marble, there would be no condoms.

This last thought making Maggie's whole body start to shudder, she quivered through another small orgasm as she felt those strong, sharp-clawed hands grip and grope and handle her smooth-furred, presented bare bottom so roughly, exploring her in a way that Maggie knew Brooklyn had wanted since he'd first seen her. He'd loved her since that first chance encounter, a love that Maggie realized had simmered with equal parts longing and lust when she'd repeatedly turned him down, choosing Talon over the bright red gargoyle. Talon wasn't here now, though, and Maggie had such needs, such driving instincts, that she couldn't deny herself any longer, couldn't have resisted even if she'd tried. At the first feeling of that immense, surprisingly cool cockhead nudging against her pulsing inner lips, Maggie gave another soft cry of orgasm, her head lifting slightly, weakly. Brooklyn gripped her hair as she lifted her head, tugging on it with one strong talon, while his other seized her lion-tufted tail near its base, holding her cruelly suspended, small breasts crushed against the cold stone of the ledgeway, head held back like a mare about to be ridden hard, tail end held hiked nice and high, making such an easy target. That swollen gargoyle cock was spreading her open nice and slow, nudging in half a finger's width and then tugging back out again, over and over, and Maggie knew she'd never be able to stop Brooklyn from rutting her like some brute beast. She was too weak to even muster up an electric shock right then, too thoroughly ravished already to do more than accept the girthy penis about to split her wide, about to fill her unprotected womb with a gargoyle's sperm. Would he get her pregnant? Could he? Would he stop if she told him to? Could she?

All these thoughts stopped as Brooklyn's hips pressed forward, that hard, juicy length of swollen gargoyle meat slowly, oh-so-slowly, filling Maggie up, inch by girthy inch until she was going out of her mind. If she'd been able to control her voice, she'd surely have begged - pleaded! - with Brooklyn to violate her like the needy little slut she was. But such an act was beyond her now, her body greedily clenching down on that wonderful, immense shaft with every little inching forward, her body shuddering through a series of orgasms until Maggie wasn't sure what to think any more, wasn't even sure if she could think.

Then, suddenly, Brooklyn's hips slammed forward, his rock-solid balls slapping hard against Maggie's inner thighs, his claws gripping her hair and tail pulling hard, forcing her head and bottom high even as the rest of her body lay limply on the cold stone, her claws rasping at the stone, so very weak and pathetic compared to this mighty beast, at least in Maggie's mind. She deserved this, she realized as Brooklyn started to hump her like an animal, good and hard and rough, just like she'd wished Talon had always been with her. It was in a moment of crystal clarity right in the middle of her mind-shattering orgasms that Maggie realized she'd been a terrible person, leading Talon on as she had, and that she needed to be taught a lesson. Now her aching, hard, tiny pink nipples were rasping against the stone ledgeway beneath her with each loud, wet, juicy slap of Brooklyn's hips against her upraised rump, a rump that was surely turning nice and red and sensitive beneath her fur. Her whole body felt like she'd been filled with electric light, and she just couldn't stop cumming to save her soul. This was what she could have been experiencing with Talon all this time. This was what she could have had him experience all this time! As she heard Brooklyn's triumphant cry, heard her own answering yowl, felt his cum gushing into her as he ground his hips against her uplifted little bottom, making sure not a single drop was wasted, she swore to herself that she'd more than make up for lost time, just as soon as she saw Talon again. She only wondered if it would be his children she'd be having.

Helpless now, simply lying there limply, her rump still hiked high as Brooklyn slid out of her, his cum dripping copiously down her inner thighs and onto the stone beneath her, Maggie knew she must make a truly slutty sight indeed. Even if she'd wanted to, she didn't have any strength to resist as Brooklyn's strong hands lifted her, resting her spread legs on his lap as he seated his cute red buns on the smooth-topped stone gargoyle she'd been using as cover not too long ago.

"I love you, Maggie," said Brooklyn softly in her ear, before licking the side of her neck as she rested her back against his chest. Already his erection was returning - or had it ever left in the first place? - as Maggie discovered when she leaned back a little more, wiggling her rump on Brooklyn's thighs, only to feel something thick and blunt nudge her tiny buns.

"Yeah," she got out softly, breathlessly, feeling her strength already starting to return. She would have been useless for a good week after a shagging like that if she'd still been a human, if she'd have even been able to handle such an impressive endowment inside of her. But now, with her strong, healthy mutate body, Maggie lifted her leg and deliberately stroked it against Brooklyn's chest as she turned on his lap to face him. She rested her long-fingered hands on his shoulders, smiling at him with almost kittenish eagerness. "Want to do it again?"

Brooklyn's eyebrows shot up at this question, and he nodded eagerly, a grin spreading on his beak. Maggie didn't let that grin fully form before she kissed him, closing her eyes as she felt his long, flexible tongue wrap around her shorter, kitten-rough one in an intimate embrace. She lifted her body, awakening at last to the primal needs that she had so long been neglecting in favor of self-loathing and depression, and eagerly sank her juicy, clenching cunny all the way down Brooklyn's bright red cock, right up until she felt her tail brushing against his balls. Her head tilted back, breaking the kiss, as she gasped loudly, loving the sensation of fullness and of having Brooklyn's tongue lash over her sensitive breasts. Her kittenish mew of surprise and pleasure was adorable as Brooklyn began to slurp messily on her throbbing nipples, one at a time, one strong talon gripping the other as he alternated, palpating her breast so that it wouldn't feel left out for a moment.

The attention to her breasts felt good, each tug of Brooklyn's astonishingly flexible beak on her swollen, needy nipples making something intensely erotic flutter inside her belly, but Maggie knew that she needed more. She was in the grip of something more powerful than herself, a force older than time, and it would not be denied.

Her hands suddenly going to the red-skinned gargoyle's smooth, muscular chest, Maggie bared her fangs in pleasure as she roughly shoved him fully onto his back, then grabbed his wrists, holding them at his sides as she straddled him on her knees. Licking her lips like a starved lioness, Maggie's golden eyes fixed on Brooklyn's, which were wide with surprise and a hint of fear at this sudden shift in the feline female's behavior, his beak slightly open in his shock at being pinned. Maggie didn't hesitate any longer, however, and started to grind her pert tush and juicy sex down against the gargoyle's hips. Gasping at the raw sensation that washed over him as Maggie took charge, Brooklyn's hips arched upward, his balls smacking Maggie's tight buns with the force of his answering passion. This was all it took to set Maggie off, and the golden-furred female started to ride her 'prey' good and hard and rough, holding nothing back, simply exulting in the joy of mating. She felt Brooklyn shudder beneath her, his tail slapping the cold stone beneath him after only a few minutes of this rough treatment, cumming inside of her, his cock still hard despite its rough usage. The splash of his cum against the gates of her womb just made her even more wild and needy, roaring out like a true queen of the jungle as she came again, and again, and again, feeling more alive and powerful and beautiful than she ever had in her entire life.

Many long minutes later, Maggie slowly lifted herself up from Brooklyn's shaft, glistening with her copious juices, a trailer of his cum and her slickness connecting them for just a moment before it broke. She looked down at the softening gargoyle cock she'd just ridden with savage abandon, and felt herself flushing in a combination of embarrassment at her behavior, and also pride, with not a little of the sweet sensations of afterglow. For the very first time in her life, Maggie felt a sense of complete sexual satisfaction. The feeling was complicated, to say the least, one fraught with so much emotional baggage that soon came crashing back in as she considered the consequences of what she'd done. One look at Brooklyn's face, however, showed that it was obvious he had no such feelings. His were far simpler, far more basic and natural in nature. His expression was one of open-muzzled, tilted-head, drooling bliss, and Maggie couldn't help but giggle at how thoroughly pleased the beautifully monstrous male looked, his chest rising and falling just beneath her gentle hands on his chest, his penis flaccid against his belly, still trailing a little dribble of their comingled cum. Lowering herself, Maggie pressed her chest against Brooklyn's, feeling his heartbeat against her own, and licked his cheek. This roused the well-ridden male sufficiently to close his beak and kiss Maggie's head, and then her cheek, and then her lips once more.

"If you're willing to wait a little bit," he said with a shy, hopeful smile, his beautiful voice wrapping around Maggie, "we could try something different."

The slender-waisted gargoyle's talon stroked down Maggie's back, and then up beneath her tail, a fingertip teasing lightly against the tightly-clenched pink pucker of her tailhole. Maggie's eyes widened at this, her expression adorably pensive.

"But...but I've never taken anyone there," she said, her ears turning down as she looked at Brooklyn, her expression not telling him no. Actually, her expression was a complex thing, full of nervousness, arousal, and newly-awakened eagerness.

"First time for everything," said Brooklyn, hooking his hands behind his head, his wings still splayed out to either side of his body, as they had been before. He leaned back a little more, arching his hips slightly, enough to thrust it almost straight up, an open invitation, but without any insistence. The message was clear: if Maggie wanted to, Brooklyn was more than ready, and she could take her sweet time, without him forcing her to do anything.

Feeling her heart pounding in her ears, her breathing faster now as she mustered her resolve to give up her last virginity, Maggie turned away from Brooklyn, starting to stand up. For a moment he thought that she might be about to leave, and his expression was just turning to a lost puppy look of disappointment when Maggie lifted one leg, then set the toes of her digitigrade foot down on the opposite side of Brooklyn's waist, straddling him.

Brooklyn smirked despite himself for a moment as he looked at that three-toed paw, as it was quite broad and powerful-looking, a significant contrast to the rest of Maggie's leg, which was long, slender, and shapely, an obvious sign of Maggie's artificial origins and the results of Doctor Sevariuss tinkering to produce a digitigrade foot strong enough to hold up a biped. To a human, the sudden shift from humanlike to animallike might have been unattractive, but to Brooklyn, who reached out to stroke the top of Maggie's digitigrade ankle (really the length of her metatarsals), it was intensely sexy, a minor touch that enhanced the warring sides of her nature, the human and the bestial. Besides that, he noted (and stored away for future reference) how Maggie shivered at his touch to her metatarsal-ankle. Well, well - it seemed that he'd found a new and sensitive place to play with.

Reaching down as she crouched, Maggie carefully wrapped her fingers around the still slick and glistening length of Brooklyn's penis, swallowing nervously as she considered what she was about to do with it, and where it was about to go. She was determined, however, and continued to bend her legs, holding Brooklyn's length in position, her tail swishing to the side, out of the way, giving Brooklyn a better view of the action as she guided his swollen, uncut glans right up against her tiny, virgin pink rear passage, its tip already leaking copiously.

"You are so beautiful, Maggie," said Brooklyn in that heart-aching voice of his, just as Maggie's hand left Brooklyn's cock, which was now firmly positioned at her tailhole as she pressed down on it. She smiled shyly over her shoulder at him as she gripped her taut, golden-furred rump in both her hands, spreading them as wide as she could, all the better to ease the discomfort she suspected would come to her very soon. A precious, kittenish, whining little mew escaped her open muzzle as she started to press down, feeling herself starting to stretch slowly open, taking her time, forcing herself to go slow even though she could see Brooklyn's tail lashing, his talons gripping the stony rock beneath them as he fought to keep himself under control, to not thrust his hips.

It was at that moment that Maggie finally, and for the very first time, realized the true depths of Brooklyn's until-then unrequited love for her. She still wasn't sure what her full feelings for him were, but sensing his complete and total devotion to her was an intense turn-on, as was the desperation with which her gargoyle lover struggled to control his savage instincts, and all for her.

"Wow," said a light, sweet, feminine voice, suddenly breaking into the moment of shared passion. "You two are amazing! Did you get like this from watching Elisa and my dad?"

Maggie had only just barely taken Brooklyn to the corona of his glans, mostly covered by his foreskin, and was just about to make the final push to fully and properly pop her tailcherry when her head jerked to the side, looking at the pretty face of the purple-skinned female gargoyle, Angela, smiling back at her eagerly. This sudden intrusion shocked Maggie's passion, her reason swiftly returning, as did all her old anxieties. What had she done? How could she have given in like this? What about Talon?

It was that last thought that made Maggie give a half-sob, her legs closing together, bunching beneath her (and in the process squeezing down especially tightly on Brooklyn's cockhead, making the poor gar-guy squirm) before she launched herself into the air, her wings spreading wide as she took off like a shot. She had to get back to the Labyrinth. She had to get back to where it was safe.


Angela gaped at Maggie as the naked mutate took off, having completely not anticipated that reaction. She looked away from the cute, tight, yellow-furred little tush of the winged woman and instead looked at Brooklyn, who was just rising to a sitting position, his look one of shock and hurt.

"She...she left," he said, blinking, not seeming to comprehend what had just happened. "I had her, and she left me."

The young gar-girl realized then just what a terrible blunder she'd made. She'd been horny as well after her lovemaking session with her father and Elisa, her arousal swiftly returning as she felt the cool night air on her smooth, naked purple body. She'd briefly considered turning back and rejoining the older couple, but as her head had shifted slightly, she'd caught sight of movement from a nearby overhanging stone gargoyle, the sort that didn't come alive at night. Coming closer, she'd seen a couple much closer to her own age, and, her youthful curiosity and lust kindled to a searing heat, she'd come closer, and closer still as their passionate, animalistic lovemaking had continued, until, finally, she'd spoke up in the hopes of joining them.

For her part, Angela had been developing a steadily growing attachment to Broadway, who was a real romantic at heart, a sweet, kind, and caring male who Angela sincerely wanted to be her permanent mate. Obviously Goliath wasn't suited for that role, since he had Elisa as his mate, but he wasn't much of a romantic anyway, his dutiful nature not really a good fit for Angela's carefree personality, though it suited Elisa perfectly. But right then she was feeling desperately needy, her whole being finally awakened to the potential pleasure that could come from sex, and when she'd seen Brooklyn - himself a very sexy male, even if he wasn't quite Angela's type for a more permanent sort of relationship - and the adorable and beautiful Maggie making love, she just had to be a part of that intense passion, and thought that they were too far gone to really mind. Now she saw that she was wrong, and the look on Brooklyn's face as his expression slowly awakened to the despair of losing the woman he loved was enough to cut Angela to the quick. No! She had to do something to stop this, and fast!

"Go after her!" Angela said sharply, pushing Brooklyn's back, right between his wings. "If you love her, you won't let her leave like this."

These words galvanized Brooklyn into action, his rump tensing up as he also leapt into the air, adding a hard flap of his wings and a slap of his powerful tail for additional lift. While he wasn't as acrobatic as the small gargoyle Lexington, and didn't have the sheer physical might of Broadway, Brooklyn also lacked the weaknesses of his clutchbrothers, and had a force of personality and intuitive sense that made him a perfect second to Goliath, more than able to take over the Manhattan clan at any time it should be required. This same force of personality also gave Brooklyn an indomitable nature, never willing to give up even when all seemed hopeless. It was this determination that helped him tear through the night sky, never once completely losing sight of Maggie as she raced ahead, her flight wavering, uncertain, clearly showing her distraught emotional state.

It was because he loved her that Brooklyn followed after Maggie. It was also because he loved her that he didn't catch her, at least not right away. He was a far more experienced flyer, it was true, and he was physically stronger than her, vastly more athletic. If he'd wanted to, he could have caught her in midair and made her come with him, likely even if she used her electric shock against him, provided he braced himself for it in advance. But what was the point, catching Maggie, if she hated him for it? Better by far, Brooklyn thought, to hold back and follow for now, waiting for Maggie to cool off a little, to calm down enough so that they could talk once more.

As Brooklyn followed behind Maggie, he saw her climbing as she headed towards the smokestack of an abandoned factory near the waterfront. Reaching the top of the stack, Maggie suddenly dove downward, vanishing into the depths of the dark metal tube. Without hesitation, Brooklyn followed, diving as well, trusting that Maggie knew what she was doing, his keen night vision never losing sight of the feline female's cute little rump for a moment. This trust proved well-founded, as Maggie curved upward after a matter of seconds, the long-disused smokestack having taken them both deep beneath the streets of Manhattan, her change of direction now carrying Maggie, and soon after Brooklyn, along an abandoned sewer line which had once fed the derelict factory above them.

Soon, for the two flyers were still moving at breakneck speeds, Maggie began to slow as she neared a solid-looking brick wall. Brooklyn also slowed, then dropped to the ground as Maggie did so, stepping forward to the wall to press her delicate hand against one of the bricks. To Brooklyn's wide-eyed surprise, the wall opened for Maggie, and she stumbled forward into the room beyond. Hesitating only for a moment, Brooklyn followed just before the wall shut once more.

Looking around him, Brooklyn knew where he was: it was the Labyrinth, the home of the mutates. Maggie had brought them both back to her home, the place where she likely felt safest. This place, specifically, was the inner laboratory of the Labyrinth, where the majority of the scientific equipment that had created them in the first place was stored. To one side, Brooklyn noticed Fang, the conniving and treacherous cougar mutate, sitting in his clear plastic cell, his expression surly at seeing Brooklyn again. He didn't spare much time for the washed-up attempted tyrant, however: Brooklyn was far more interested in Maggie, who had finally come to a stop, falling to her knees on the tile of the lab floor.

"Maggie," said Brooklyn as he approached her, his expression pained as he saw the tears on her cheeks, his hand going gently to her shoulder. "Please, Maggie, what's wrong?"

"Oh Brooklyn," Maggie sobbed, her hands covering her face. "I'm such a horrible person."

"No, Maggie, you're not..."

"Yes I am!" Maggie insisted, turning to look at Brooklyn, her golden eyes blurry with the tears that were flowing so freely. "I love Talon with my whole heart, but I've never done anything with him like what I've done with you. I've neglected him and I've used you. I'm just no good for anybody, Brooklyn. I...I don't deserve to ever be happy."

His muzzle slightly parted at the shock of hearing Maggie's words, for a long moment Brooklyn just stood there, crouched over Maggie as she knelt, sobbing into her hands once more, his hand still on her shoulder. What she'd said hurt, of course: she loved Talon, not him. It didn't hurt as much as he'd thought, though; actually, Brooklyn had expected it, had known in his heart that he would never really have all of Maggie's love like he wanted. But Brooklyn wasn't the sort to get jealous, not really, and not for very long when he did feel it. If it meant that he got to have even a little of Maggie's love, then that would be enough.

Meanwhile, Fang was grinning from ear to ear as he heard and watched this little drama play out. This sort of stuff was great for hurting others, now that words were the only weapon he could use in his prison. Normally the cougar-based mutate would have had a host of sarcastic, cruel comments to make, but right then he didn't want to interrupt the flow of ammunition he could use to tear out Talon's heart. Figuratively, of course, though Fang wouldn't mind doing it literally either.

It was as Brooklyn was deciding what to say and what to do, slowly lowering to his knees behind Maggie, his hand never leaving her shoulder, never losing his contact with her, that the false wall leading into the Labyrinth slid open once more, allowing Angela to step inside. For only a moment she surveyed the scene before her, taking it in with astonishing rapidity. Then she stepped forward, still as naked as her clanmate and her mutate friend, and knelt in front of Maggie. Her fingertips lightly stroked the feline's chin, and Maggie couldn't help but look up into Angela's eyes.

"What...?" she began to say, only to have her question cut off by Angela's lips pressing against her own.

For a moment, Maggie started to pull back. Brooklyn was behind her, though, his wings slightly opened as his jaw dropped at the suddenness of Angela's action, and the leonine femme found she couldn't draw back nearly enough to get away from that sweet, gentle, feminine kiss to her lips. Feeling Brooklyn's rapidly-renewed erection prodding her soft-furred backside, Maggie realized just how hot the image must be of her kissing this gorgeous, powerful, liberated young female, the sort of girl that she'd always wished she could be. She felt Angela's hands on her furry breasts, cupping them, stroking them, squeezing them, and moaned loudly into the tongue invading her short muzzle. Soon her own tongue slid into Angela's mouth in return, her own hands rising to lovingly molest those perky, streamlined teenaged tits as she finally let go of all the pain and hurt and guilt, and just reveled in the moment.

Their hands leaving each others' breasts, Maggie and Angela pressed closer together, their hard-perked nipples dueling in the squeeze of flesh on fur. Maggie's hands were stroking Angela's back, and she gave a muffled mew when Angela reached down and firmly seized Maggie's pert little bum. The young gargoyle's leg lifted, her thigh wedging itself firmly against Maggie's tight, juicy cunny, and as their bodies rubbed together, soon Maggie was lifting her leg as well, marveling at how very smooth Angela felt, smooth and wet and wonderful.

Now a spectator to this erotic sport, Brooklyn had to fight with all his will to resist the powerful impulse to start stroking his rock-hard red cock, since he knew if he started, he might not last as long as he sensed he might need to. His eyes were so focused on the two lovely women before him rubbing against each other, the old lab filling with the luscious sounds of their coupling, that he didn't notice Angela's tail wrapping around his throbbing cock until she was stroking him, balls to tip, obviously taking her time, savoring the feel of his hard, heated flesh and his precum dribbling down onto her own cool, smooth purple skin. Following Angela's tail with his eyes, Brooklyn saw that it was thrust between Maggie's legs, though the mutate girl hadn't realized it yet, still too busy arching her back, slowly grinding herself against the gar-girl's thigh, her juices running down and off Angela's knee. She noticed it, however, when Angela released Brooklyn's cock and instead curled her tail backwards, its pointed tip aimed as straight as an arrow for the sweet spot right under Maggie's upraised tail.

Giving another adorable, muffled mew of surprise and protest as the precum-slick tip of Angela's tail nudged and then started to rub against her tightly-clenched backdoor, Maggie started to pull back once more, this time a little stronger than before. Just as before, however, Brooklyn moved forward, one hand going to Maggie's shoulder, holding her in place, while his other hand gripped Angela's wriggling tail, which soon straightened in his grasp, before he slowly squeezed it forward, thrusting it firmly into Maggie's rear, popping her tail cherry. At this combined effort, Maggie couldn't help herself, breaking the kiss with Angela to give a loud yowl of pleasure as she gave up her last virginity to another woman.

Closing her sharp fangs on Maggie's bared neck as the mutate girl's head tilted back, Angela made Maggie gasp in shock mingled with pleasure, cutting her off mid-yowl. Rubbing his aching erection against the snug curve of Maggie's tush, leaking copious precum onto her fur, Brooklyn lashed his tongue over Maggie's back and neck, turning her gasp into a deeply-pleasured moan. Writhing between the two gargoyles as Angela's tail started to pump Maggie's tailhole, both girls still humping each others' thighs, Maggie was lost in the moment, giving herself utterly up to the euphoric waves of pleasure washing over her. It felt good, it felt right, and she knew that, when she saw Talon again, she'd eagerly let him have her, in any way that he wanted. That was the final barrier, and as it fell, Maggie lost herself in orgasm from a particularly hard thrust from Angela's tail.

While Maggie trembled, frozen between the two gargoyles in the throes of ecstasy, Angela jerked her tail inside of Maggie's spasming little tushie twice more, then pulled it free with a soft 'pop.' The motion continued smoothly, however, with the purple prehensile tail then wrapping around Brooklyn's raging erection, gripping it, and then angling it downward, aiming it straight and true towards Maggie's fully prepped rosebud. So fluidly that it might as well have been choreographed, Brooklyn's hips arched forward at Angela's lightest tug, his rampant prick sinking smoothly into Maggie's clenching anal heat until his balls were squeezed firmly against her sopping wet, furry cunny. Finishing the flow of the motion that had undulated through all three of them, their bodies communicating without a word being said, Angela slid back, letting Maggie's upper body lower carefully to the floor, her claws raking the stone as she grit her teeth, hiking her sweet little buns until they were perfectly flush with Brooklyn's hips, which soon began to thrust as the contact with Angela was finally broken, the powerful, sexy red gargoyle's expression one of ultimate bliss as he began to thoroughly rut the woman that he loved, his strong talons gripping her upturned tushie firmly, squeezing her buns together to just enhance her tightness all the more. Maggie took this to the next level, crossing her legs, making Brooklyn gasp this time, and then to growl and grunt in rising pleasure, sounds which he soon had rising from Maggie's throat as well as his tail lifted, then curled around his hip and hers, seeking out and then penetrating her soaking wet little cunny, starting to pump her pussy with just as much enthusiasm as he was now pounding her fine, toned tail.

Her upthrust breasts heaving as she got to her digitigrade feet, Angela smiled, looking at the happy expressions on the faces of both lovers as Maggie gave herself completely to Brooklyn, thrusting back at him as he pumped almost straight down into her lovely little bottom, both of them tensed, their sleek musculatures standing out clearly as they did their best to hang on for as long as possible for the sake of their partner in lovemaking. The young girl-goyle felt a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that she'd just brought two such beautiful people together, undoing her former mistake. Watching them, idly rubbing her bald mound, her tail flicking eagerly behind her, still dripping juices from both Brooklyn and Maggie as she fantasized about what she'd get Broadway to do to her as soon as she could get him alone, Angela then let her eyes drift around the room. They soon settled on Fang, and those eyes widened as she saw that the cougar mutate had pushed his loin binding to his knees, and was eagerly pumping his rock-hard, rubbery-barbed stiffy, his hungry eyes fixed on the lovers coupling on the floor.

It was too good an opportunity for her to resist. With a deliberate, exaggerated sashay in her walk, Angela made her way over to the clear plastic window that kept Fang imprisoned. Inspecting the little metal box that allowed communication outside and in, she noticed that it was turned to be one-way, so that Fang could hear what was going on outside of his prison, but not be able to speak, something that Angela immediately decided was a very nice thing, from what she last remembered of the cougarman.

"They're gorgeous, aren't they?" she asked Fang, giving him a sultry smile, showing a hint of the razor-sharp tips of her teeth.

Fang and Angela's eyes both shifted back to Brooklyn and Maggie, following the smooth, supple curves of Brooklyn's back, down to his lashing tail and the taut, firmly-rounded, well-muscled rump beneath it.

"I bet you'd like to have them both, wouldn't you?" Angela continued, idly stroking her hands down her body, the motion drawing Fang's hungry golden eyes back to her. "You on top, them wiggling underneath. I bet you'd like to rape them, wouldn't you?" She half-turned to face him, extending a leg so that he could clearly see as she teased one finger between her streamlined breasts, over her flat, tight tummy, across the gentle swell of her mons, and then squeezed that finger into the snug crease of her quim, giving a low, slutty moan. "I bet you'd like to rape me."

At this point, Fang was going crazy. His eyes were bugging out of his head, his fangs bared as his gaze was fixed on Angela, unable to tear himself away. For her part, Angela did nothing to cool the wicked mutate down, instead turning, starting to grind her heavily-leaking cunny against the plastic shield that kept her separated from him. It was so very thin, and the thought of how little distance separated her from this dangerous, evil monster and that cruel cock of his just made Angela hotter. It was the lure of danger, and she found that she couldn't resist it, couldn't resist teasing this male who'd hurt so many, and would eagerly hurt many more if he was ever able to escape. Instead, she gave in eagerly, turning fully around, her tail hiking straight up into the air as she pressed her lovely purple backside against the plastic, framing her fine hot and juicy wet little cunny clearly for him, letting him see everything. It was too much for Fang, and in moments he was grinding his cock against the clear plastic, his claws raking against the smooth, impenetrable surface in his desperation. He'd been pent-up in there for too long, been unable to find real release ever since his imprisonment, his only dating with his hands and, occasionally, his tail. With such a fine femme taunting him like this, Fang couldn't hold back, and even with the outgoing sound disabled, Angela could feel Fang's roar of orgasm as he blasted his whole wet, messy, copious load across the clear plastic shield.

As Fang fell to his knees, panting hard, his eyes growing heavy as he started to drift off, now thoroughly spent, Angela started to straighten up, turning her head forward once more...just in time to see the tall, orange-and-black striped figure standing in the doorway to the abandoned lab. It was Claw!

Claw, the mute tiger mutate, must have been standing there for a while now, at least a few minutes, long enough to see what Angela had done to Fang, certainly long enough to see what Brooklyn and Maggie were doing right in front of him, their backs to the door and to the one who had just come through it. Angela could see the hesitation on the towering, well-muscled male's face, his confusion and arousal mingling and warring with each other. The big tigerguy honestly didn't know what to do, the most that he'd managed to do so far being to let the door shut behind him, continuing to keep the privacy of the moment safe, at least for the time being. Smiling as she watched a more than significant bulge form in the front of Claw's loin binding, his golden-eyed gaze stroking not nearly as much over Maggie's swaying breasts as they were over Brooklyn's bared bottom and bouncing balls, Angela decided she was still needed here. She knew somehow that she'd enjoy helping out quite a lot.

His strong, striped body tensed as Claw felt gentle hands on his chest, and he looked down, his yellow eyes wide as he looked into Angela's face. Licking his dry lips nervously, his expression showed just how nervous he was, just how afraid of being hurt, just like he'd been hurt the last time he trusted someone with everything. That someone had been Doctor Sevarius, and Claw hadn't spoken since his change into a mutate, the trauma of the changes to his body and mind too much for him to bear. Angela's sweet, sexy smile didn't lessen his fears, and soon Claw took a step back, away from Angela's gentle touch, wrapping his wings around his body, his shyness winning out.

Seeing Claw quite literally pulling into himself like that, Angela was touched. This gorgeous, handsome, powerful, and yet so very gentle male was also adorably shy, and it made her want him even more.

"Don't be afraid," she said, kneeling in front of Claw, her deft, gentle fingers slipping into the waist of his loin binding, sliding it down his legs. "I'll be very gentle."

Feeling his erection popping free in the open air, Claw shivered, closing his eyes behind the shield of his wings. His lower body felt so very exposed, so very vulnerable. But...but it felt so very good as Angela wrapped her hand around his turgid, red shaft, and started to stroke his hard flesh. The only sound he made was a soft gasp, hardly more than an exhalation, as the gorgeous gar-girl's lips wrapped around the swollen head of his cock, then started to nibble its way down, taking him into her mouth. He dared to risk a little peek out from between his tightly-wrapped wings, and his single eye grew huge as he saw Angela looking up at him with those gorgeous, dark eyes, her head bobbing forward and back, taking him right to the roots. Her sharp-clawed hands, strong enough to rend stone, were so very, very gentle as they carefully stroked and palpated his swollen, stripe-furred sac, and when he felt a single delicate digit press against his tailhole, and then slip inside, Claw's legs trembled, almost giving out on him completely as Angela found his prostate.

It was this last that finally had Claw's wings falling limply to his sides, like the folds of a cape. His muzzle grit, teeth bared as his hips arched forward involuntarily, the sensation so very powerful as Angela started to pump her hand, slowly at first, and then harder, faster. Everything was hazy now, the line between his need and his fear blurring until Claw couldn't quite think straight any more. That was when Angela pulled back, letting Claw's cock escape her lips with a wet pop, her finger inside his tailhole doing the same. As Claw gave a silent snarl at this removal of stimulation, his eyes opened wide...and rested on Brooklyn's firm, tempting rump.

Maggie gave a final, wild yowl of orgasm as she felt Brooklyn empty his balls into her tailhole, feeling so much of his copious, thick wetness dribbling down her legs. She fell forward, her whole body slumping tiredly to the floor of the lab, her eyes slowly starting to close. Behind her, above her, she could feel Brooklyn's gentle hands on her body, stroking her, caressing her, whispering sweet words in her ear. It was soothing, relaxing, a delight to the senses that was the perfect end to the most perfect lovemaking she'd ever experienced.

Then, suddenly, Brooklyn's head snapped away from Maggie's ear, just in time for the red-skinned gargoyle to keep from yelling right in her ear! Brooklyn gave an almost avian squawk of surprise as his bottom, which had remained raised even as Maggie had sunk to the floor beneath him, was seized in a pair of powerful hands. Maggie looked up as Brooklyn turned his head, looking into the eyes of...Claw! The massive, powerful tiger mutate was stronger than Brooklyn, and Brooklyn could feel the power of the male that had seized him, one hand going to the base of his tail, lifting it. It made Brooklyn swallow nervously for a moment, fearful of what Claw might do to him, knowing he wasn't going to be strong enough to resist, no matter what it might be.

There wasn't any brutal rape, however. Claw wasn't the type to do something like that, not even in the throes of primal desperation. Instead, Brooklyn gave a long, loud moan as he felt a broad, slightly raspy tongue start to rim his tightly-clenching anal pucker, soon joined by a gently-probing finger. Obliging the gentleness of the male behind him, Brooklyn raised onto all-fours, hiking his rump so as to make it easier for Claw to do as he pleased with the smaller gargoyle. Feeling soft fur sheathing powerful muscle, Brooklyn felt strangely safe letting Claw take control, even as a second finger joined the first, carefully stretching Brooklyn open, getting him ready for an even larger insertion that was soon to come.

Rolling over, Maggie sat up, her eyes wide as she watched Claw rise up behind Brooklyn, the huge, muscular male stroking his cock against and then between the curving swell of Brooklyn's tight, gorgeous buns. She'd never seen males making love before, and the sight was a heady one for her, foreign, exotic, forbidden. Brooklyn's tail soon wrapped around the middle of Claw's cock, stroking it as the red-skinned gargoyle grit his teeth, guiding the massive, mushroom-capped head of Claw's penis into place...before his head snapped back, a loud moan of pleasure mingled with pain escaping the gargoyle's throat as Claw's hips thrust forward, his cock slowly squeezing into Brooklyn's tensing tailhole. Bending down, Claw's lips met Brooklyn's in a savage kiss that was so passionate, so powerful, that Maggie could feel it from where she was sitting, the moment sending erotic tingles through her whole body.

Feeling a light touch on her shoulder, Maggie turned just slightly, enough to see Angela kneeling next to her on the floor. The lioness mutate looked questioningly at the gargoyle femme, before her golden eyes widened as Angela placed a single, delicate finger into her mouth...and started to suckle on it, slow and careful, just like she would a penis. Maggie watched, then, as Angela went to all-fours, stalking forward, her tail raised high to give Maggie a perfect view of Angela's gorgeous tushie and tight little cunny, which looked so juicy and wet right then. As she saw Angela come up alongside Brooklyn, and then start to dip her head beneath the sleek-muscled gargoyle's belly, Maggie realized what Angela was doing, and, more importantly, what she was inviting Maggie to help her do. Going to all-fours herself, Maggie felt almost like a lioness about to devour her prey as she stalked up on the opposite side of Brooklyn from Angela, keeping her cute yellow butt nice and high, tufted tail lifted so she could feel the cool air of the lab on her nether parts. The mutate femme bent her head in time to see Angela bobbing her head back and forth, suckling eagerly on Brooklyn's thick red penis, even as Brooklyn's body shuddered from the slow, gentle thrusts of the huge tigermale behind and on top of him. Letting it pop free of her mouth, Angela grinned at Maggie, and then offered Brooklyn's cock to the lioness, even as it trembled slightly with each of Claw's thrusts. Her mouth watering, Maggie eagerly accepted, taking Brooklyn's thick, rock-hard erection into her short muzzle, pursing her lips to all the better bob her head forward and back, taking as much of Brooklyn into her mouth as she possibly could with each forward thrust of her face. She saw Angela licking Brooklyn's belly and chest with her long, slightly pointed tongue, and when she released her liplock on Brooklyn's cock, letting Angela stuff it back into her muzzle, Maggie started to do the same, her raspy tongue finding the texture of Brooklyn's beautiful body so very smooth and delightful to her senses.

Suddenly, Claw seemed to just lose control, his hips starting to thrust now, harder, faster, his muzzle curling into a vicious silent snarl as his pleasure started to rise. Brooklyn, caught between the affectionate abuse of three lovers, felt his eyes roll back into his head at the first feeling of hot precum splashing inside of him. In desperation, the gargoyle reached out, grabbing both of the sweet, sexy, heart-shaped little bottoms thrust invitingly into the air to either side of his head, eliciting a pair of adorable squeaks of surprise as the two femmes raised their heads slightly. Their squeaks quickly turned to long, loud moans as Brooklyn started to dig in his talons, grinding them against and then into the soaking wet clefts of both smoking hot girls. This just drove Angela and Maggie into a frenzy, their mouths and tongues starting to lick and suck him everywhere even as he felt as much as heard Claw's soft-furred balls slapping against his own heavy scrotum, each impact sending another spurt of gargoyle precum into the greedy throats of the two lusty femmes.

A sharp, throaty exhalation of breath was all the noise Claw made as the immensely-muscled tigermale wrapped his hands under the back of Brooklyn's thighs, then lifted the smooth, red-skinned male upward as Claw leaned back, Brooklyn's thighs and rump tensing as he began to ride Claw's lap with a will, even as Claw kept thrusting his stripy hips, orange-furred and red-skinned balls bouncing against each other with vigor. Brooklyn's fingers vigorously pumping into Angela's and Maggie's gushing cunnies at the same time, never once losing a beat even as the position changed, both girls lifted their heads to give sweet, pleasured cries, and then lowered their muzzles back to the new arrangement. First Angela lapped at Claw's big, striped balls, while Maggie nibbled and sucked on each of Brooklyn's smooth red ones, one at a time, letting them flop back against Claw's as the big tigermale continued to thrust with savage vigor, his pleasure starting to reach its peak. Both Maggie and Angela started to lick their way upward, then, bathing Brooklyn's cock on either side, before first Angela took his broad, heavily-leaking glans into her mouth, bobbing her head down as far as she could before she pulled back up, breathing hard from the exertion and the pleasure that was driving he so close as Brooklyn continued to pleasure her with his fingers. Then it was Maggie's turn, and she took several deep breaths to steady herself before she plunged her muzzle down, whimpering slightly at the spike of pleasure that came as Brooklyn thrust his fingers deep into her, fingertips stroking against her G-spot good and hard. This made Maggie go a little too far, and she came up fast, coughing a little, her cheeks flushed, almost as flushed as Angela's. Everyone was close right then, and they could all feel it, even as Angela and Maggie continued to do their best to take turns sucking on Brooklyn's cock, the other lapping at his and Claw's heavy balls as the two males continued to buck and grind against each other, Claw's copious precum dribbling out of Brooklyn's well-stretched tailhole, down his tail and onto Claw's thighs and groin.

It was Claw who came first. He was the least experienced of the four at sex, and though his natural endurance was immense, and his unfamiliarity with how his body worked in this new situation slowed his inevitable orgasm somewhat, that lack of experience worked against him at the last, as did the raw eroticism of this new and heady situation. The powerful but astonishingly gentle tiger mutate parted his jaws, about to bite down on the back of Brooklyn's exposed neck, but at the last moment he arched his own neck back instead, his muzzle opening wide in a silent roar that, while it couldn't be heard, could be felt by all three of Claw's lovers, and even by Fang as he dozed fitfully in his cell.

Feeling the first spurt of hot cum under his tail, Brooklyn was the next to go, his hips jerking convulsively from the attention he was receiving from both ends, thrusting back into Claw's cock, then forward into the eager mouths of the girls. It was only a matter of seconds, thrusting and thrashing like this, before Brooklyn's cock started to spurt, his orgasm bursting in a gushing fountain onto the faces of both females as they pulled back, their faces tilted upward in an adoring posture.

Brooklyn could feel the gushing juices of Angela and Maggie on his talons as his fingers pulsed in the same spasms of pleasure as the rest of his body, transferring his own sensations to them. Their cunnies clenched down on his fingers tightly, pulsing in waves of orgasm, their sweet cries music to the ears of both Brooklyn and Claw. Maggie's voice was a higher-pitched meowing sound, almost like that of a kitten, while Angela's cry of orgasm was somewhere between that of a human woman's wail of pleasure and the muffled screech of a night-hunting bird of prey, her eyes glowing red for a moment as she lost control of herself, her own talons raking the floor, leaving deep furrows.

Slowly, the four lovers rode their pleasures downward. Claw lay on his back, flopped out like a tiger in the sun, while Brooklyn lay on top of him. Angela and Maggie snuggled up under each of Claw's huge arms, while Brooklyn rolled over, his hands gently rubbing their backs, his beaklike muzzle resting flat against Claw's broad, muscular chest. It had been a wild ride, and all four of them felt waves of exhaustion creeping over them, even the two gargoyles, who normally were full of energy for as long as they weren't imprisoned in their healing stone sleep.

If one were to subscribe to Murphy's Law, what happened next was inevitable. Maggie raised her head slightly as she heard, with senses heightened by the afterglow of multiple orgasms, the door to the lab swing quietly open. Her eyes widened as she caught sight of a pair of familiar black-furred paws, before they swept upward to the shocked face of her leader and dearest love.

"Talon," she said softly, slowly rising to all-fours as the other three started to come to themselves as well, rising to their feet in haphazard fashion, while Talon folded his arms like a disapproving parent. "Talon, I..."

"You don't need to say anything," said Talon, his face registering sadness as he started to turn away. But before he'd left, Brooklyn's hand reached out, catching hold of the mutate leader's shoulder. Talon half-turned, looking into Brooklyn's eyes curiously as the gargoyle fixed Talon with a serious gaze. After a moment of holding the red-skinned male's eyes, Talon finally nodded, giving Brooklyn permission to speak.

"I don't know what happened earlier tonight between you two," said Brooklyn in his soft, intense voice. "All I know is that I found Maggie on a ledge in the city, desperate for a male but feeling too guilty to think she deserved one. Angela and me, we showed her she deserved to be loved. Claw," Brooklyn gave the big tigermale a reassuring smirk, which Claw returned, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, "Claw just kinda walked in on the middle of things." Then his eyes turned back to Talon. "All I know is that, I love Maggie, and what we shared is something I'll always treasure. But Maggie always has and always will love you. There's nothing that'll ever change that."

Talon turned his head, looking at Maggie's tearful, hopeful eyes.

"I...I love you, Talon," she said softly, looking down, hugging herself as Angela gently stroked her back between her wings. "I really do. I realized it when the gargoyles showed me what love could be like, if only I'd just let myself feel it." Then she looked up, straight into Talon's eyes. "I want to spend forever with you, Talon. If...if you'll still have me."

Many heartbeats passed as Talon let these words sink in, allowed himself to consider what had been said, and what was really meant, his expression serious and thoughtful. Then, suddenly, his face broke into a soft, sweet smile, and he stepped forward, his arms and then his wings wrapping around Maggie.

"I love you too, Maggie," he said in his beautiful, deep, slightly growling voice. Then he kissed her, and Maggie kissed him back, letting herself belong to him, letting his whole body enfold her.


Six months had passed since that day, and Maggie was starting to have a hard time flying. Her belly was nice and swollen now, but her new mutate body seemed to be perfectly designed for handling it with minimal difficulties or inconveniences. Sevarius had really done his work well, Maggie had to admit, albeit grudgingly. She'd never even had morning sickness.

As for her relationship with Talon, it was better than ever, and the sex had been wild and passionate and so very, very satisfying, better than Maggie's wildest fantasies. He'd been the one to bring up the possibility of Maggie having a gargoyle hybrid for her first (her first!) child, and he'd said outright that he would accept her child as his own, no matter what that baby might look like. Of course, this was just complicated further when Dr. Sato, one of the few humans who'd befriended the gargoyles, declared that, unless he was reading his ultrasound quite wrong, Maggie was in for a litter of babies, rather than a single birth. Maggie recalled that she'd read somewhere that cats could have kittens from different fathers in the same litter, and when Talon learned this, he'd very nearly fallen on his rump, the silly grin on his face telling the story better than any words possibly could.

Talon's acceptance of Maggie's dalliance with Brooklyn, Angela, and Claw didn't end after that first awkward discovery. Instead, it broadened, and their relationship had become at once more deep and also more open. Maggie had once frigged herself silly while watching Brooklyn and Talon engaged in a sixty-nine, something that she'd had to do quite a bit of work to get Talon to try out. He'd discovered, though, that he didn't mind sex with males as much as he'd thought he would, thanks to his human upbringing, though, of course, he still loved Maggie most of all. Maggie had also had additional encounters with Brooklyn and also Claw, but never without letting Talon know what was going on - often letting him watch! - and always returning to him, their passion for each other just getting hotter with these adventures to make sure there was never going to be a dull moment. Eventually the three males in Maggie's life had decided they'd get together and show that hot kitty just what they thought of her, and as the plump-bellied Maggie had returned to the Labyrinth after a brisk nightly fly around the city, she'd been ambushed and erotically subdued by the three males, who then proceeded to strip her naked and stuff her very thoroughly in every hole. Maggie had never had so many mind-blowing orgasms in all her life, not even when she'd first been mated by Angela, Brooklyn, and Claw.

Speaking of Angela, Maggie knew that she was also expecting. The young gar-girl had quickly paired back up with her mate, Broadway, and from what Maggie had heard about it from Brooklyn, their sex life had not only been vigorous, it had been loud.

Now Maggie found herself crouching once more on the very ledge that, six months ago, had been the place where all of this had started. Once more, she found herself staring in as Goliath landed on the sill of Elisa Maza's apartment, eager to be united with his human mate once more. Since that time, which seemed like a lifetime ago now, Maggie no longer felt envious of Elisa as she first had. Now, all she felt was a shared bond, the kindred felt between those who had found their true loves. Assessing her life as she crouched on the ledge above the old stone gargoyle, Maggie realized that she was finally, truly at peace.

"You look happy," said a familiar voice, before the lithe, albeit somewhat swollen, figure of Angela alighted next to Maggie.

"I am," said Maggie with a smile at her gargoyle friend. "For maybe the first time in my whole life, I really, really am happy."

"So am I," said Angela, still as cheerful as always, before she patted her belly - she'd taken to wearing a two-piece halter and loincloth rather than her one-piece tunic so as to better allow for the growth of the eggs inside of her - "Hudson says that I'm likely to have two or three eggs in my first clutch. The first one always has the most, or so he told me. I think at least one of them will be Broadway's, too."

"Brooklyn told me you and Broadway were, um, getting along well," Maggie answered with a blush before she changed the subject. "So, what brings you out here tonight? Just catching the air?"

"More like catching the view," Angela replied with a giggle, motioning with her head towards the window where even then the silhouette of Elisa and Goliath pressing together could be seen. "And thinking of maybe joining in as well. Care to come with me?"

Maggie's muzzle dropped open as Angela reached up, stripping out of her halter, letting her full, dark purple-capped breasts swing free, before she easily untied her loincloth, then tucked both garments into the protective mouth of the stone gargoyle beneath them. For a long moment, Maggie paused indecisively. Then, screwing up her courage, she also peeled off her clothes, letting them slide down her body, feeling so very naughty and sexy as she felt Angela's eyes playing over her own curvaceous, pregnant, beautiful body. The two females, mutate and gargoyle, crouched there on the edge of the ledge, looking at each other, admiring each other, their arousal starting to spark quickly.

"Yes," said Maggie with a smile. "I can't wait to see the looks on their faces."

Eager to become a part of the passion shared between Elisa and Goliath - eager to start another new adventure - Angela and Maggie took wing, and flew together, naked in the cool night air, towards the open window of Elisa's apartment.