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I was bored so I decided to start a story about my favourite game

I do Not own World of Warcraft or any of its characters all rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment



I was walking through a back alley trying to avoid a group of drunk guys, that were yelling at anyone that happened to pass by, when a rip in the air appeared in front of me and a large tentacle lashed out at me and wrapped around my leg and pulled me towards the rip, I instinctively grabbed for something...anything so I could stop myself from being dragged into the rip in the air, panic was starting to set in as the tentacle's pull became stronger and more vigorous, tugging at my leg, pulling me ever closer to the rip, I groped around, now in blind terror, finding nothing to grab onto I started to scream for help hoping someone would come, with one more pull the tentacle dragged me through the rip.

A splash of icy cold water hit me as I passed through the rip, instantly I was chilled to the bone, I thought I was going to die, then I heard a deafening roar, of pain and the tentacled swayed and let me go, I gave a cry of pain as I hit solid ground and I heard a loud voice boomed,


In front of me I saw a massive draconic head crash down on the little island where i had landed, i coudn't stop staring, my eyes were glued to the eye that was focused on me i saw.....insanity.....its eye,no wait,there was something else anguish...regret, then the head reared up and the dragon roared as a blast of light hit him and he exploded in a burst of powdery light a small amber heart-shaped rock hurtled towards me, I caught it with both hands, clutching it to my chest I stood up and looked around putting the rock in my pocket.

There were an assortment of people in armour, but they looked odd their skin colour was different some even had fur, now that i had stopped panicing and my mind cleared i connected the dots I figured out that I was in the World of Warcraft.

Author's notes

Yeah i know the prologue is a little short but i didnt know how to make it any longer with that last bit sounding too much like and end of chapter :p but hey theres always chapter 1