Iniquitous Depravity

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2 of Vindicated Depravity Incest. Lots of it. And some seduction.

'Twilight' groaned and shuddered under the constant barrage of Shining Armor's thrusts, her chest and face pushed into the pillows repeatedly. Sweat matted both of their coats, and a slick dribble of sexual fluids was spilling from around Shining's embedded cock, seeping from within the clenching cunt of his little sister.

'Twilight' groaned faintly, biting down on the pillow to try and stifle her noises as each rocking thrust from Shining Armor drove deep inside her, filling her utterly with his thick, round cock. Her wings fluttered in reflexive spasms, and her rump lifted as high as it could, giving the best angle she could afford to her husband's motions.

The paint that Cadance was wearing smudged faintly from their sweat and the delicious friction between them, causing Shining's pristine white coat to become smudged with purple.

A constant stream of encouragement left the alicorn, her panting supplications occasionally halting from a particularly brutal, liberating thrust. "Y-yes big brother! H-harder! I can take it! I'm a big mare now!"

Shining Armor growled and gripped his 'sister' tighter, hooves clasping around her middle, helping to hold her in place against the constant rocking motion of his eager thrusts. "G-getting close, T-Twilie," he panted into her ear, before biting down on it lustfully, braying an eager snort of exhale into her mane.

"Yesss..." Cadance breathed, her ears pinning back a little bit as she squirmed at the dominant bite. Her muzzle parted and tongue lolled free as she was fucked so hard, another orgasm overcoming her, causing rippling spasms of delightful milking motions to squeeze and clench at the thrusting member. "C-cum in me, big brother!" Cadance cried out lustfully, "S-spill it all deep inside!"

Shining Armor growled heatedly against his 'sister's' neck, burying his muzzle against her, hooves gripping her all the tighter as he drove himself into her over and over again, rocking her form back and forth even with the tight grip to hold her steady.

With an eager growl, and a few rough, almost violent strokes, the tip of Shining's cock flared within his 'sister', stretching the soft, moist inner flesh around the swelling cock. Rapid throbs pulsed through the thick member, making the stallion's motions grow jerky and rougher. With just a few quick tugs, the length of swollen flesh tensed within her, stiffening and jerking rapidly. Repeated gooey bursts of thick semen splashed across her inner flesh, painting it with the heavy bursts of cum, drenching the moist inner flesh with the sticky loads. Shining Armor snarled in delight, holding himself deep inside, flared tip pressed against her very deepest barrier, each fresh spurt of his urgent spunk dashing against her deepest reaches over and over again.

Cadance tensed up, her back arching and wings fluttering on reflex, stiffening and quivering repeatedly. The alicorn's insides clenched around the spurting cock, squeezing and embracing it in a vice-like grip of milking, rhymically convulsing flesh eager to coax out every last dribble of his spunk.

The stallion gave a low groan and collapsed atop his 'sister', panting hard and shifting weak hooves to hold around her middle, burying his nose in her mane with a low groan. "Oh sweet Celestia, Twilie. That was good."

Cadance panted up at her husband, a goofy grin plastered across her features, wings slowly lowering, resting on the blankets. "That was gooood big brother," she murmured, in the perfect mimicry of Twilight.

Shining Armor looked down into the doppleganger of his little sister and leaned in to kiss at the base of her horn, grinning. "I love you, Twilie."

The two ponies stared into each others eyes for several long moments.

A prickly sensation rolled across the back of Shining Armor's neck, and he blinked once, looking up.

Twilight Sparkle stood in the doorway, one hoof on the door itself, eyes wide and mouth open, a picnic basket levitating beside her. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Shining Armor remembered that he had meant to take Twilight on a picnic that afternoon, and she must have come looking for him.

The forefront of Shining Armor's mind however, was focused on the fact that his slowly-leaking spunk was drooling from his wife's cunt, who was painted up to look like his little sister, who was standing in the doorway!

"T-this isn't what it looks like," Shining Armor stuttered, fumbling over the words in a mix of anxiousness, fear, and post-fuck-session bliss; a bliss that he was quickly coming out of as he realised that Twilight Sparkle was standing in the doorway! Who knew how long she had been there?!

Cadance blinked and lowered her gaze from her husband eyes, following his line of sight to where Twilight stood in the doorway, aghast, watching them both.

A long, awkward silence stretched between them. The silence was broken as Twilight turned away from them and bolted down the hallway, the picnic basket falling with a clatter to the floor.

In mere seconds, Shining Armor was following after her, slipping out the door with a call of, "Twilie, wait!"

Twilight was already halfway down the hall when Shining Armor made it to do the doorway, and he had a glimpse of her rump disappearing around a turn and her tail flicking out of sight.

Shining Armor bounded down the hallway, but by the time he got to the corner, Twilight had already disappeared.

Shining Armor shifted his hooves uncertainly, his head lowered and eyes on the ground in front of him as he walked. It was a few days after Twilight had seen he and Cadance together like that, and he hadn't heard a word from his sister. He had sent a letter to her, imploring her to speak to him, but it had gone unanswered.

It was one of Shining's rare weekends off, and he was supposed to be taking Twilight out for another picnic. It would be the first time he had seen his little sister since she had caught him and his wife in such a compromising position. He fully expected Twilight to stand him up.

To his surprise, however, Twilight was standing where Shining was supposed to pick her up; in front of Sugar Cube Corner. She had a bag over her cutie mark, and a basket was levitating in front of her.

"Hello," Twillight said with a wave of a hoof.

"Uh... Hi Twilie," Shining Armor said nervously. "Ready for the picnic?"

Twilight lifted up the picnic basket, jiggling it a moment. "I see you're as observant as ever."

Shining gave a weak laugh and shook his head. "Well c'mon then, Twilie," he said, as he turned and started back up the path towards Canterlot, heading for their favorite picnic spot.

It was a quiet walk, and they didn't talk at all. Shining Armor wasn't sure what to say to her. Maybe she didn't even get a really good look at what he and Cadance had been doing?

"So uh... about last week," Shining nervously said, rubbing a hoof against the back of his neck.

"Yes?" Twilight asked blankly.

"Sorry about not picking you up, something uhh... came up," Shining replied lamely, his ears splaying.

"You refer, of course, to your penis?" Twilight replied flatly.

Shining spluttered at that, and Twilight just gave a smug snort before walking ahead of him in triumph.

This put shining in a rather interesting position in relation to her, and he found his eyes lingering on her rump and the swaying purple tail. His cheeks flushed just faintly with blood, and he shook his head rapidly to clear it of the depraved images suddenly springing into his mind.

"Th-that wasn't it at all!" Shining protested, bounding forwards to catch up with his little sister, so that he didn't have the tempting view of her rump in front of him.

"Oh? So that wasn't you I saw atop Cadance in the castle when you were supposed to be picking me up?" Twilight asked calmly, raising a brow at her brother. "If not, then perhaps you should ask her who she is cheating on you with."

"I... Just... But..." Shining Armor spluttered, unable to respond, thinking furiously.

Twilight lifted a hoof to rest on her brother's lips, keeping him quiet. "Shine, you're a stallion. Stallion's have needs. Your wife is a full-grown mare. She has needs too. I'd just rather you told me before you ditched our picnic to mate with your wife."

"It wasn't like that, Twilie," Shining protested urgently. "She kinda jumped me."

Twilight gave a giggle at that, "Cadance is the alicorn of love. Lust is part and parcel of love... It's only natural that she'd want to do that with you."

"I know, but I still feel bad... I should've sent word that I wouldn't be arriving. It just kinda... slipped my mind," Shining Armor said ruefully, ears splaying back.

A faint pink tinge marked Twilight's cheeks as she looked back over her shoulder at her brother. "S-shine... Why was Cadance painted purple...?"

Shining Armor's heart began to pound faster, and his mouth went dry. "W-well, s-see, she just wanted to uhm... Try out a different c-colour scheme..."

Twilight shook her head, lifting a hoof to halt her brother's words. "Y-you called her T-Twilie."

Shining's stuttered at the blunt accusation, his ears pinning back flat against his skull. After a few moments, he fell silent, looking down at his forehooves in shame.

Sensing movement in front of him, Shining Armor looked up. His mouth fell open, and his eyes widened.

Twilight was bent over, chest to the ground and rump in the air, her tail twitched to one side, exposing everything to him.

Shining Armor closed his mouth and swallowed hard, his eyes automatically drawn to the sight of his sister's cunt bared so willingly to his gaze. The soft purple fur that covered her form was visible between her thighs, leading up to the soft, pliable outer lips of her sex. Her position was causing a slight strain on her flesh, causing the outer lips of her cunt to spread slightly, revealing the tinge of pink hidden between them. His heart thudded violently in his throat as he stared at this wonderous sight.

Twilight wiggled her rump back and forth for a moment, looking back over her shoulder, eyes narrowed, as she whispered, "And do a little shake..."

Shining Armor swallowed once more, and then looked away pointedly, his cheeks flushed deeply with pink, tail twitching back and forth behind him in reflexive spasms. He added up columns of numbers in his head, trying to concentrate on something other than the sight of his sister's luscious cunt so close in front of him. It was all in an effort to keep the swelling between his legs from taking place. That would be impossible to explain away.

"I remember you always loved to watch me when I did that..." Twilight breathed, straightening up and turning to face her brother, her head tilting slightly to the side and ears pricking upwards. "...You're... You're attracted to me, aren't you, Shine?"

"T-Twilie, I," Shining started to say, shaking his head firmly and refusing to look up, aware of the warmth in his cheeks.

Twilight snorted once, lifting a hoof to halt his words. "Don't lie to me, brother."

Shining Armor winced at her tone, and then hung his head. "I... Yes," he admitted, with painful honesty. "I am."

By the time Shining Armor looked up again, Twilight was already long gone, disappearing down the path and away from her lecherous brother.

Twilight Sparkle's heart beat somewhere at the base of her throat. Her throat was constricted, and she found it hard to breath. The shocking ramifications of her very own brother's admission rocked her. She could hardly believe it!

Of course, seeing him atop Cadance, and seeing Cadance painted up like herself, Twilight had put two and two together. But there was just something that was utterly more stunning and forceful about hearing it from her brother's own mouth!

Twilight had watched carefully when she bent over in front of him. She had watched the way Shining's eyes had been drawn straight to that naughty area between her legs. She had seen his cheeks flush with embarrassment at her accusation, and she had seen, with her own eyes, the effect that it had had on him: the swelling of his thick sheath as it tried to contain the eager stallion cock straining to get free.

Of course, Twilight had seen her brother's cock before. Growing up together, it had been almost impossible not to. She still remembered the first time; catching him looking at a magazine, holding it in front of himself with his hooves while his magic rapidly stroked at his stiffened cock.

It was an image that Twilight doubted she would ever forget, watching her brother tense and shudder, his thick cock stiffening and throbbing madly as it began to pump spurt after spurt of a gooey white substance across the floor. She had been too young at the time to really understand what was happening.

And then there were the times when Twilight was with her big brother, that she caught him staring at her. She didn't say anything about it, but she knew he liked watching her.

Twilight strode down the path, trying to push the thoughts from her mind. With a growl of annoyance, she sidestepped off the path and headed for the nearby lake. A touch of magic pulled her bag off, and she set down the basket, before unceremoniously throwing herself into the water.

The shock of cool water against Twilight's face and body was just what she needed; a refreshing awakener that flushed the thoughts of her brother from her mind.

coming up for air, the unicorn gasped, paddling back to the shore and just resting there, laying her head on her hooves, her mouth and nose just above the surface of the cool water.

Once more, Twilight's thoughts turned to Shining, and the revelation that he was sexually attracted to her. He wanted to fuck her?

Twilight tried to wrap her mind around it. Her own brother, wanting to fuck her. How did he think that would even work? How would her brother brooch a subject like that? It was so awkward a subject. Would he just brooch it to her on one of their picnics? 'Oh hey, Twilie. I wanna fuck you. You game?'?

Even in her mind, it sounded stupid. And he had been fucking Cadance, pretending that it was her! How could her own brother do such a thing? What did he imagine? Twilight felt dirty just thinking it!

Did he go down on Cadance? Did he lave his tongue against that tight pink cunt while imagining it was his very own sister that he was tonguing? Did he get Cadance to go down on him in return and pretend that it was his little Twilie who was sucking on that thick stallionhood?

Twilight wrinkled her nose in disgust, giving a faint grunt and rolling over onto her back, staring up at the sky, watching a cloud scudding towards the horizon in the west.

What kinds of terrible fantasies did he have of her? Did he watch her sleep? Did he jack off while imagining her? Or even watching her?

Twilight cast her mind back to a few years previously, just before her brother had moved out of their home. It had been late at night, and she had awoken to find her brother in her doorway. She hadn't realised it at the time, but she had been sleeping in a provocative position, on her back with her legs splayed out. She had been completely exposed. Her brother would only have to glance in to see everything. It wasn't so big a deal, considering that Canterlot and Ponyville ponies didn't wear clothes as much as other towns. But still!

Had he been masturbating while watching her? Secretly using his magic to squeeze and stroke at his stiff stallionhood while he stared lecherously at his little sister exposed like that? What perverse thoughts were going through his mind while he stared at her?

Twilight entertained the idea for a moment, of her own brother, smiling up at her from between her thighs, light blue eyes staring into her own as his nose touched delicately against her burning cunt.

A soft groan left the unicorn, and she squirmed slightly, her eyes widening as she realised that a hoof had sunk down between her legs sometime during her imagining. Automatically, she was rubbing the hoof against her cunt, working back and forth slowly to stimulate her senses.

Twilight bit her lower lip, hindlegs tensing up a little bit as she cast a furtive glance left and then right, confirming that she was alone, before she closed her eyes and returned to her imagining. Her hoof pressed against her cunt all the more eagerly, working slowly at the soft, pliable outer lips, stretching them and pressing her open a little bit so she could get at her clitoris. She knew exactly how to pleasure herself, having read a few books on the subject. Books that now were hidden underneath her bed.

As her hoof ground against her clit, Twilight bit her bottom lip once more, resuming the fantasy. Would that be what he started with? Burying his muzzle between her legs and lapping at her cunt, spreading her eager sex open with his hooves and slipping his tongue up into her body...

Twilight stiffened slightly, hindlegs kicking once more and she shuddered, her rump wiggling against the soft silt of the lake bed as that magical place between her legs grew warmer.

What would he do after he was finished tonguing her? Would he make her cum, or would he leave her on edge and wanting him? Wait right before she came, and then pull back, so that she needed him? So that she was basically drooling and clenching in her need for his cock. So that when he rolled over and splayed out on his side, stretching out to expose himself to her, she wouldn't be able to do anything but pounce on him?

Twilight swore she couldfeel his hot cock against her hooves, could feel it swelling against her as she coaxed it out of her brother's thick sheath. Is that what he fantasized about? His little sister urging out his arousal? Or did it go further?

Twilight peeked her eyes open again to look about, making sure she was still alone, before continuing.

Did he imagine her using her mouth to worship that thick, mottled stallionhood? How would she even do it? Would it already be hard, or would she have to coax it out? Maybe she'd have to tease him a little to make sure that he was already half-erect before she went down to finish the job with her maw?

Twilight entertained that idea for a long moment, eagerly rubbing her hoof against her cunt in both her fantasies and in reality. But in her fantasies, she wasn't half-submerged in a lake, she was sitting on the edge of a bed, hindlegs splayed wide and hoof rubbing delicately at the soft outer lips of her cunt, deliberately spreading them to show her brother the juicy pink insides. The young mare ground her hips towards the motions of her hoof as she imagined the look on her brother's face, the shock and awe. The light-blue eyes narrowing as he fixated on the view of her heated cunt being spread and exposed right in front of him.

Twilight stiffened up slightly, stifling a gasp with her free hoof and grinding her other between her legs all the more eagerly, feeling her insides clenching around a phantom object as her slick liquids dribbled from her depths.

What would she do then? How would she tease him after that?

Sunshine, sunshine,

Twilight breathed the start of the childish rhyme to herself, in both reality and her depraved fantasy, covering her moist cunt with both hooves to hide the view from her brother.

Ladybugs awake!

Twilight lifted her hooves away from her cunt with a coquettish grin at her sibling, eyes narrowing eagerly at him, watching the way his eyes were drawn to her aching cunt.

Clop your hooves...

With a decadent grin, Twilight lifted her hooves to her maw, slowly laving her tongue across them and tasting her own liquids directly in her brother's view, watching him the entire time.

...And do a little shake!

And then Twilight quickly swivelled around, presenting her rump to her brother and lifting it into the air, wiggling it from side to side, giving him the perfect view of her exposed cunt, hidden amongst the purple of her form.

Twilight groaned and stiffened, rubbing her hoof against her cunt all the more eagerly, hindlegs kicking anxiously as she approached orgasm, imagining Shining Armor losing control and just leaping on her, pinning her to the bed and thrusting inch after inch of stiff, eager stallion cock deep inside her.

The young unicorn's depths tightened up, clenching and convulsing in reflexive spasms as they tried to milk a non-existent cock of its load to empty into her womb. Hot slicks of her liquids spilled into the cool water as she arched and quivered, grinding her hips into her hoof all the more urgently as she imagined Shining thrusting into her with a wild, primal urgency.

Twilight clenched and convulsed several times, biting down on her hoof to keep from squealing out at her legs shook and her entire form trembled, a muffled cry of delight leaving her as her eyes rolled back, glorious climax shattering her coherent thoughts.

After several long moments filled with panting and head-spinning euphoria, Twilight Sparkle came back to earth, groaning faintly and slowly stirring, weakly lifting a hoof to push her moist mane out of her face.

It was several more moments before Twilight realised that she just masturbated while thinking about her brother!

Twilight felt dirty, and ashamed. Weak-limbed and shake, she pulled herself out of the lake and retrieved her things, before heading back down the path towards Ponyville.

Shining Armor panted heavily, before just collapsing onto his side with a low, stifled groan, careful not to fall in the ribbons of gooey white spunk he had just finished depositing over the undergrowth.

He had just watched his little sister masturbating. And he had enjoyed it. It had been impossible for him not to just masturbate furiously as he watched her using her hooves to pleasure herself.

Shining had gone after her to try and explain; to somehow make it all right. But instead, he had committed more depravity.

Twilight sat on her bed in the library, head resting on her forehooves, reading a book that floated in front of her magically. Her thoughts kept straying to Shining Armor. And occasionally, those thoughts turned naughty.

Hardly able to believe what she was doing, Twilight pulled out a roll of parchment and a quill from her bedside dresser. She checked to make sure that Spike was soundly asleep still, and then wrote her letter.

The words were messy from her nervousness, and she couldn't believe that such a simple invitation was so hard for her to write.

Dear Shining Armor

Can you please join me for a picnic tomorrow? I will meet you in Canterlot.

Please reply

Twilight Sparkle

The reason Twilight was so nervous about the invitation though, was because she didn't intend for it to be just a picnic.

Twilight Sparkle was fully intending to seduce Shining Armor.

Twilight was late.

Or, more accurately, Twilight was deliberately late. Rather than meeting her brother at the point they had agreed upon, she was instead loitering behind a line of buildings, pacing back and forth nervously.

Every now and again, Twilight would self-consciously lift a hoof to straighten her mane, or fluff her tail, or make sure that her fur was slicked down uni-directionally.

Twilight was mildly tired, having stayed up later than usual doing some very naughty things. That is to say she snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to get far enough away from Spike that she wouldn't be caught, and then furiously masturbated to the anticapatory fantasies of what she was intending to do to her brother.

But fantasy was a far cry from reality, and Twilight doubted she had the nerve to actually go through with it all. Fantasy was fine. Fantasy was hot, but this was her brother. Was she really intending to seduce him?

Biting her bottom lip, Twilight paced back and forth a few more times, before taking a deep breath and stalking around the line of buildings towards where she was to meet Shining Armor. She was half-hoping that he had given up waiting and already left, but when she rounded the corner, she saw him sitting there, waiting, a basket on the ground in front of him.

Twilight waved a hoof nervously as Shining Armor looked up. Her brother smiled and waved a hoof in return. "Twilie! I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

Twilight gave a nervous laugh at that, nodding slightly and stepping over closer to her brother. "Well... I was just... you know. Busy." She gave a weak laugh and tried to look innocent.

Shining Armor nodded gently, and rose to his hooves, levitating the basket to chest height. "Do you have anywhere in particular in mind?"

Humming faintly, Twilight leaned in towards the basket, inhaling. In passing, she got a strong whiff of her brother's scent. "Something smells nice," Twilight purred, realising after she said it that she wasn't just referring to the scent of bread coming from the basket.

"Cadance baked them herself," Shining Armor said with a smile.

Twilight smiled at that, and then jerked her head down the mountainside. "There's a quiet little lagoon along the river that I wouldn't mind having a picnic at."

Shining Armor nodded gently, sliding into place beside her. "Lead the way," he said with a gentle nod.

Twilight smiled in response, turning about and beginning to walk down the path, leading her brother towards their intended picnic spot.

Twilight had almost given up on the stupid idea of seducing her brother. What was she thinking? It was a great fantasy for a masturbation aid, but in reality it was a stupid, stupid thing to attempt.

That was, until Twilight realised that she was walking in front of Shining Armor at just the right angle. When she looked back over her shoulder at him, she caught him staring sideways under her tail, watching her rump. With a little flick of her tail, seemingly innocently, she flashed him a view of her cunt, and was so inexplicably gratified by the flush of warmth that suddenly filled his cheeks as he averted his gaze nervously.

Shining Armor wanted her. Twilight could tell.

After a few minutes walk, they made it to the lagoon, a gently swirling pool of water with the lake feeding into it, and then feeding out on the opposite side. Twilight sauntered over to a patch of grass, and laid herself out on it happily, resting her head on her hooves. The entire area was screened from view by a thick stand of trees in all directions. Anypony would have to walk within a stones throw of the clearing to even see what was happening within. It was the definition of private.

Shining Armor moved toward his sister, setting the basket down in front of her, and then levitating the blanket from on top of it, spreading it out before laying on top of it carefully. "I wish I had your fur," he stated, jealousy in his tone.

"My... fur?" Twilight asked uncertainly.

Shining Armor nodded firmly. "Indeed, Twilie. It's a lovely colour, and it's not stark white," he said with a soft laugh, brushing his chest with a hoof. "My fur dirties so easily."

"But white is a very regal colour," Twilight said with a gentle nod, scooching forwards to open up the picnic basket. She looked up for a moment, regarding her brother, "...It looks good on you."

"You look good too, sis," Shining Armor said with a little bit of a smile, before motioning with a hoof. "Cadance said I was forbidden to eat any of the loaves until the picnic started, so I'm starving."

Twilight grinned at that, picking up one of the loaves and pressing her nose close, inhaling the scent of it. It was a golden-brown colour, perfectly baked, and sprinkled with cinnamon. They smelled delicious.

Without hesitation, Twilight popped the pastry into her mouth and chewed it up happily. Shining Armor leaned in to do the same, selecting one of the larger pastries and downing it in two quick, neat bites.

The two ponies exchanged pleasantries as they made short work of Cadance's treats. But Twilight was having increasing troubles keeping her mind away from naughty thoughts. She had decided to simply enjoy the picnic with her brother, but now... she wanted nothing more than to seduce him, to feel that thick cock sinking into her body. She could feel her pussy beginning to warm and moisten, the soft outer lips, covered in the soft plush fur, swelling and flushing with blood with her arousal, revealing the shiny pink inner depths.

Shining Armor seemed to be thinking along the same lines as well, as she caught him staring at her with an eager look in his eyes, and he had rolled carefully over onto his stomach, perhaps to hide a certain swelling.

Twilight entertained the fantasy that he was hiding his swelling cock from her view, thinking lewd things about her. Twilight tried to force herself to think of something else, as she could already feel a dribble of her moisture slowly tracing down over her clit to drip off onto the grass below. Her inner muscles clenched on reflex, yearning for something inside them.

Neither of the siblings saw the pink heart float gracefully over top of them, and then shatter. Twilight blinked. Shining Armor lifted his head.

Casting a furtive glance left and right, Twilight rolled over onto her rump, her cheeks flushing deeply as she deliberately splayed her hindlegs, exposing herself to her brother. One hoof slid back behind her to support her weight, while the other hoof pressed down to eagerly begin rubbing between her legs, grinding against her already-slick cunt.

"S-Shining, I want you," Twilight breathed, her eyes half-lidded, and her tone at once seductive, eager, and tentative. Her hoof ground firmly against her heated folds, in full view of the wide-eyed stallion. "I've been sneaking downstairs in the library just so I can hoof myself silly fantasizing about you fucking me. You want me, don't you, Shining?"

Shining Armor swallowed hard, watching with wide eyes as his own sister rubbed a hoof against her quite visibly dripping pussy so very, very close to him. He tried so very hard to maintain eye contact with her, to pay attention to what she was saying, but his eyes were dragged down to stare at what she was doing to herself. He was forced to stare at what he had only fantasized about before: the hot pink folds of his sister's cunt so willingly bared to him.

Twilight whimpered faintly, rubbing her hoof against herself all the harder, biting her bottom lip, eyes sliding closed as she began to vigorously rub her hoof against herself, quickly getting it slick with the drooling liquids. Another soft whimper left her muzzle, mingled in with the soft, needy exhale of 'Shiiining...'

The stallion watched with narrowed eyes, panting faintly already. With a shudder, he rolled over onto his side, facing her still, watching intently as she worked at herself, even as he exposed himself to her in turn. His own arousal was becoming evident, in the growing of the mottle white-and-grey-speckled cock stiffening between his hindlegs.

Twilight peeked one eye open and gasped, her hoof beginning to rub at herself all the more intently, awed at the size of the growing stallion cock. "O-oh sweet Celestia... I can't wait to feel that inside me..."

Shining Armor shuddered a little bit more, his ears pinning back as he watched his very own sister masturbating in front of him. It was impossible for him not to become aroused at the sight. Chewing his tongue a moment, he stretched out, his horn beginning to glow. A blue glow encompassed his member, and began to rapidly, eagerly move up and down it, working the stiffening cock. The stallion groaned faintly, his nostrils flaring as the aroused scent of his sister so close began to invade his senses, muddling his mind even further.

Whimpering in delight, Twilight watched with unguarded interest as her brother worked himself off with his magic right in front of her. Her eyes traced down the form of his stiffened cock, admiring the soft curves and the supple bend to it, watching it throb faintly in time with the stallion's powerful heartbeat. A single bead of precum drooled from the tip of the rigid length, and Twilight groaned softly, licking her lips, grinding her hoof against herself all the harder as she watched.

Twilight bit her bottom lip until she almost broke the flesh, whimpering and panting in delight, her chest heaving, hoof grinding all the more firmly against her aching, quivering cunt in repeated motions. Her hindlegs quivered and kicked reflexively, and her limbs got shaky as she clenched her eyes closed and humped towards her hoof a few times, slick cunny squeezing around a non-existant object. A stifled cry left the unicorn as she quivered, tensing up as orgasm crashed over her body, a slick burst of her liquids drooling from her spasming cunt to wet the blanket between her legs.

Panting and pink-faced, Twilight slowly relaxed a little bit, slowly lifting her hoof to her muzzle. She inhaled her own heady scent, hoof shaking tentatively, before she took a deep, fortifying breath and pressed her nose in to begin slowly, seductively licking her hoof clean.

Shining Armor watched all this with wide eyes, his own form beginning to tense, his hips shifting into the magical squeezing around his eager cock. The tip of it was beginning to flare with the stallion's impending climax, his arousal skyrocketing at his little sister's seductive display.

Twilight panted softly, watching with narrowed eyes as her brother magically jerked himself off right in front of her. With a soft groan, she pushed herself forwards, dropping down onto her chest and stomach and crawling close to the stallion. Her nose was mere inches from his swollen cocktip as she watched him, giving a low groan at the musky scent of her sexy brother so close.

"S-shining, stop!" Twilight breathed, placing a hoof on his stomach to get his attention.

Shining Armor gave a low groan of frustration, gritting his teeth and letting his magic drop. Carefully, the stallion rolled onto his haunches, panting down at his little sister, his mouth parted as he panted hard, a slick dribble of precum drooling to the blanket.

Twilight stared up at her brother for a long moment, swallowing hard to fortify herself. She rolled onto her own haunches, and then stared at him, her eyes narrowing. She stepped forwards, pushing him over onto his back. The stallion gave a faint 'oof' at being pushed over, but broached no argument against it, staring up at her.

Grinning, Twilight stepped over him, forehooves straddling his hips as she leaned down, swirling her tongue firmly against the white fur of his stomach where his cock had spit a trail of precum. A low groan left her as the musky taste flooded her senses, and she shuddered, staring up at him.

"I want it in my mouth," Twilight said in her most seductive tone.

Shining Armor's eager cock jumped at that, drooling another spurt of precum, and this time, Twilight was there to catch it. Without a hint of hesitation, the young unicorn tilted her head down and captured the tip of his cock, quickly closing her lips over as much of the tip as she could handle, eagerly swirling her tongue against the source of the precum.

Feeling her brother stiffen underneath her, Twilight grinned around what little of his cock she had managed to get in her mouth. His tip had already begun flaring, and it was much thicker at the tip than she had anticipated. Even stretching her jaw open, she couldn't squeeze it inside her maw. Instead, Twilight settled for closing her lips in a clumsy seal around a good portion of his tip, and swirling her tongue eagerly against that little bit of flesh where his gooey precum was originating from.

One hoof rested on the ground for balance, while Twilight's other hoof lifted to eagerly stroke her brothers cock, working him off into her maw, eager to taste his semen.

Shining Armor groaned helplessly as his sister went to work on him like that, making his eyes roll back and his entire form quiver in delight. "Oh g-geeze Twilie," he panted breathlessly, trying his best to focus on her, to fix in his mind the image of his beautiful sister blowing him so eagerly. With a grunt he had to clench his eyes closed, his hips automatically trying to push towards her muzzle.

Twilight hummed with delight as she felt her brother reacting so well to her attentions. Her books told her what stallion's liked, how to please them orally. She had wanted to bob her muzzle on him, to graze her blunt teeth over his flared tip and tease him to orgasm. But that was impossible with her unable to open her mouth far enough.

Groaning faintly at the musky taste flooding her senses, Twilight shifted her free hoof from his cock, to her cunt, sliding it down her form and beginning to grind it between her legs fervently. she was insanely turned on by what she was doing: much more than she thought she would be.

With her head tilted down, Twilight could only see the expanse of her brother's chest and stomach, and nothing else. Panting, Twilight drew back a little bit, scooching her haunches closer to her brothers own rump, and angling his cock up as she rocked herself back onto her hindquarters in a sitting position. The new position was a little less comfortable than laying on top of her brother, but with him on his back like that, and his cock standing straight up, when Twilight returned her mouth to his tip, she could stare directly into his eyes. Humming eagerly against the swollen cock in her maw, she kept a seductive, heated eye contact with her brother. Twilight's smoldering gaze conveyed many things to her sibling; lust, desire, eagerness. She told him with her eyes exactly how much she was enjoying this and exactly how much she wanted him to spill into her suckling maw.

Twilight was gratified to feel the thick member throbbing heatedly against her tongue, and she readied herself to be overwhelmed with her brother's urgent essence. But then Shining Armor deviated from Twilight's mental transcript, by leaning forwards, curling up into a sitting position and capturing her horn in his maw, beginning to suckle on it rapidly.

It obviously wasn't the first horn Shining had sucked, a detached part of Twilight's mind decided. He had to have practised on Cadance many times to be so good at it. But that part of her mind was a mere whisper compared to the scream of pleasure pulsing throughout the rest of her thoughts. Twilight shuddered and arched as her brother bobbed his mouth on her horn, eagerly suckling and swirling his tongue around it. With a helpless quiver, Twilight began to rapidly, urgently rub at her aching cunt with her hoof, helpless against the sensations rising in her form, pushing her rapidly towards her peak.

Shining Armor pressed his advantage, tonguing at his sister's horn all the more firmly and applying more and more pressure to it, determined to make her climax at the same time he did. But the thick throbbing in his stiffened cock was reaching its crescendo, and even trying his best to hold back, he was about to blow.

Twilight groaned heavily against the tip of her brother's cock, gulping down a small mouthful of his precum to help clear her muzzle out before returning to pleasuring him. Each throb of his eager cock in her maw was rewarded with a fervent flurry of licks against the tip, urging her brother to give up his spunk to her suckling muzzle.

The mare was the first to tip over the edge, grunting helplessly and tensing up, her horn glowing in her brother's mouth as magic oozed from her form. Her thighs tightened around her hoof as she ground it against her clit, and she whimpered helplessly, tears in her eyes as a powerful orgasm pulsed through her form. Her slick cunt clenched again and again in reflexive spasms as her lubricating liquids drooled and dripped to the blanket below.

Shining Armor hummed happily as the metallic taste of magic flooded across his tongue, gratified at his sister's orgasm. But it was only a few moments later that he himself tensed up, his eager cock flaring and throbbing urgently.

Twilight's eyes went wide as the first thick spurt spilled into her muzzle so suddenly, splashing across her tongue and coating the inside of her maw in her brother's hot spunk. The sudden knowledge that she was taking her own brother's spunk into her very mouth made her tense up in another orgasm as she whimpered, clenching her thighs against her hoof reflexively. She was too far gone to swallow, and Shining Armor was holding nothing back, emptying himself into her maw in rapid, urgent spurts. Twilight's maw rapidly filled with the gooey, heavy bursts of spunk, pooling in her muzzle. The mare was panting too hard to swallow, and so she did the only thing she could think of without pulling back, opening her mouth up a little bit further and laying a fervent flurry of licks against the pulsing tip. Hot bursts filled her accepting mouth over and over again, the thick white mess quickly filling all available space and then beginning to drool out the corners of her open mouth, dribbling down her jaw and onto the blanket.

Twilight groaned as her brother filled her muzzle with his urgent spunk, feeling each renewed spurt forcing more of the thick mess to spill from the corners of her mouth. Over and over again it filled her muzzle, coating her tongue in the indescribable, intoxicating taste of pure, primal male.

After what seemed an eternity, the spurts died down to a slow trickle, and Twilight slowly drew back, her maw still parted.

Shining Armor slowly disengaged his own mouth from her horn, licking his lips at the odd taste still clinging to his tongue, panting down at his little sister. A low groan left him at the arousing sight of her with her mouth still open like that, holding an obscene amount of his spunk, drooling from her maw to drip to the blanket below.

Twilight's eyes opened, and she watched him with a sly grin as she closed her mouth and swallowed. It took three swallows for her to clear her muzzle of his gift, and then she opened her mouth again to show him that she had, indeed, managed to swallow all of it.

"You taste good, Shining," Twilight panted breathlessly. "Musky, and primal..."

Shining Armor stared at his little sister, his ears splaying back and his mouth parted as he panted heavily. "Y-you have no idea how hot that is," he panted, having trouble finding his voice.

"I have an idea," Twilight said with a soft, seductive giggle.

Shining Armor gave a lustful growl, and then leapt on his sister, pushing her to the ground and kissing fervently at her stomach. "Time for me to repay the favour," he growled, as he began to kiss a trail down her form eagerly.

Twilight blinked, squirming slightly on her back to get more comfortable. A giggle left her as she learned of her brother's intentions, before she gave a gasp of delight and surprise as he suddenly pressed her hindlegs open and delivered a heated lick to her quivering, slick cunt.

Shining Armor grinned up at his little sister, his nose between her legs, inhaling her wonderful scent from point-blank range. With a low, eager hum, he leaned in and delivered another lick to those wonderfully pliable, soft outer lips, watching them deform slightly under the pressure of his tongue. It was so arousing, to see them stretch like that, and he couldn't wait to just shove between them and fuck her until she was screaming. But first, he had to prepare her.

Rumbling, the stallion pressed in, letting his snout bump up against her sex, his lips parting and tongue sliding forth to give a slow, firm lick from the base of her heated, moist cunt, to the tip, flicking off her clit at the end quite deliberately.

Twilight arched and squeaked faintly at that, hooves flying to her muzzle to stifle the sounds as she quivered softly in delight and automatically splayed her hindlegs further for her brother, offering herself fully to him. "Y-yes Shining..."

Shining Armor flushed faintly at the lustful tone in his sister's voice, and laved his tongue against her all the more eagerly, deliberately pressing into the crevice of her pink cunt. The strong muscles of his tongue spread his sister's burning entrance open, just a little bit; enough for his tongue to lave directly against exposed inner flesh that would usually remain untouched. He felt Twilight stiffen in approval, a soft whimper leaving her as her tight pussy, if possible, moistened further.

Grinning, the stallion lifted his hooves to rest on his sister's heaving stomach, and then slipped his muzzle up higher, delivering a long, firm lick along the outer lips of her cunt in passing, until he reached her clit. He paused them, waiting for Twilight to look down at him.

Twilight peeked her eyes open, panting down at her brother. Their eyes locked, and a slow, sly grin stretched Shining Armor's muzzle. Without warning, he attacked her clit, closing his lips over it and suckling firmly, and then giving it a violent flurry of licks with his powerful tongue, alternating the two distinct stimulations.

Twilight's eyes widened and she ground her hoof against her muzzle to keep from screaming to the sky, her back arching so hard that her shoulders almost left the ground. Her entire form spasmed under the relentless oral attack, and very quickly, she came. Twilight screamed in delight and stuffed her hooves in her brother's mane, eagerly grinding her hips into his muzzle in reflexive delight as she pushed his head towards her in incessant lustful motions. Slick spurts of her liquids washed over her brother's muzzle, wetting his snout with her lust.

Shining Armor grinned up at his sister, his eyes narrowing lustfully. He licked his lips, and then swirled his tongue once against her drooling cunt in parting, before drawing back and panting at her.

"I want to fuck you so bad right now, Twilie," Shining panted, one hoof slipping back to stroke slowly at his stiffened member.

Twilight shuddered, her mind muddled from the hot scent and taste of her brother, and the multiple orgasms. But she knew she wanted it. She wanted it deep inside her, claiming her. with a coy smile, Twilight stretching slightly, and then spread her legs in invitation.

Shining Armor fairly pounced on her, diving over top of his sisters form and eagerly, passionately kissing her, the heavy weight of his cock pressed between their forms, grinding against Twilight's stomach.

Twilight shuddered faintly, peering between them at the tip of his cock, her mouth parting slightly in a low groan, as she deliberately twisted to rub her eager, heated pussy against the base of it. "I-I want it inside me, Shining," Twilight stuttered, wrapping her hooves around his shoulders. She could smell herself on his muzzle, and it was just making her all the more eager for him to fuck her.

The stallion nodded eagerly, pulling his sister into a fervent kiss, locking their lips together and pressing his tongue slightly past her lips in a passionate embrace. Twilight moaned faintly into the passionate kiss, closing her eyes and shuddering in delight.

Shining Armor wrapped his hooves around her smaller form, shifting back so that his thick tip slid down her form, until it dropped between her legs, grazing over her aching cunt. Twilight sucked in a breath, tensing slightly. Without warning, Shining Armor shifted and then sank himself into his little sister with a low, lustful growl.

Twilight arched under him, her eyes widening and mouth parting as she screaming in surprise and delight, hooves gripping tight around his neck and shoulders. He was so huge inside her! She grit her teeth as he shifted and pressed further into her, stretching her oh-so-tight cunt around his rigid member.

The stallion groaned faintly, gripping around his sister a little bit tighter and heaving his hips against her own, baring his teeth in lustful delight as he sank another inch into the mare, spreading her even further around his throbbing maleness. "Oh g-geeze Twilie... You're so t-tight..."

Shining Armor paused then, panting, with just the first few inches buried inside his little sister, resting his cheek on her chest and panting heavily, just slowly working his hips back and forth against her.

Twilight whimpered faintly, and then gathered her brother up against her chest, curling down to lap heatedly at the base of his ear, before whispering pure filth into it. "S-Shining... You're not going to stop now, are you? You're inside your little sister now... Don't hold back now. F-fuck me, Shining. Fuck me hard and cum in me, I want to feel it all warm and gooey inside me!"

Shining Armor's eyes widened at his sisters filthy urging, and his cock throbbed urgently as he shuddered. Twilight panted heavily and then leaned in to kiss him urgently, her tone rising. "Fuck me!"

The stallion shifted his stance, unable to help but accede to his sister's wishes, spurred on by the dirty wording of her demands. His cheeks flushed faintly with delight at her words, as he grunted as he gripped around her middle and began to do exactly as she asked. Shining's powerful hips began to grind back and forth, sliding back, and then shoving forwards, sinking into his sister's tight, spasming cunt. Twilight groaned and arched her back, pushing her hips against his motions, forcing him just that little bit deeper with each thrust. Her hooves wrapped around his chest as she urged him on with incoherent murmurs and whispers of 'd-deeper...' or 'h-harder'.

Soft, stifled groans left the mare's quivering maw as she was taken by her big brother, feeling his thick shaft spreading her eager, wet cunt, sinking so very, very deep inside her. It was only a few eager thrusts later that the stallion bottomed out in her, spreading her to her very physical limits. Twilight's eyes widened and she went rigid, her eager cunny starting to spasm and clench at the intrusion of her brother's cock, milking it urgently for its load.

Shining Armor grunted in helpless delight as he bottomed out in his little sister, feeling his tip graze up against her deepest barrier gently, making the mare stiffen and arch in delight. Panting hard, he buried his nose in against her sternum, hot exhalations washing through her fur. His eyes met her own, and he paused a moment, panting hard, an unasked question bouncing between them.

Groaning helplessly, Twilight nodded enthusiastically at his nonverbal question, grinding her hips towards him urgently. "F-fuck me!" she pleaded urgently, gripping him with her hooves. "P-please Shining!"

The stallion grinned wildly at that, gripping his little sister tight around the middle as he slid back, and then started to fuck her with a primal, fervent pace. His hips shoved up against her over and over again, sinking his eager cock deep inside her repeatedly, stretching her insides with his incessant strokes. Even her clenching, convulsing inner muscles squeezing around his moving cock couldn't slow his powerful strokes. Hot patters of precum began to spill into Twilight's rhythmically squeezing cunt, mixing with her slick juices.

Both unicorn's shuddered, nearing their peaks, their motions getting wild and desperate. Their horns began to glow, sparkling with magic.

Shining Armor grunted helplessly, shoving himself into his little sister over and over again, lifting his nose to rest against her own. He stared into her eyes in a lustful expression of love and desire as he took her hard and fast. A particularly rough thrust bumped his sister slightly.

Their horns touched.

An explosion of magic took place, and the two unicorns stiffened, their eyes clenching closed as blue and purple bolts of electrical magic suddenly linked their horns. They both quivered and tensed, thrown into mirrored violent orgasms by the electric sensations coursing throughout their forms.

Shining Armor went rigid, buried deep inside his little sister, crying out incoherently as his cock tip flared deep inside Twilight, stretching her deepest reaches around it as it throbbed and quivered. Repeated bursts of heavy spunk began to burst from him in urgent jets, splattering across the mare's inner walls in rapid, wild jets. It took very little time for the thick bursts to overcome the seal of Shining's flared tip deep inside her body, and the repeated spurts began to drool from around his embedded cock, seeping out of his little sister and making a mess of her tail.

Twilight screamed to the heavens, before burying her muzzle in against her brother's neck, gripping around him tighter as she rocked her hips reflexively, her insides milking around him. The sensation of his flaring tip spreading her deepest reaches sent her absolutely wild. She came again and again, her tight muscles rhythmically clenching and squeezing around her brother's cock, milking him for the thick load he so eagerly supplied her with, until each climatic clench squeezed out trickles of his heavy, thick, sticky essence to drool and dribble from her used cunt.

After several long moments, the two unicorns went limp, panting hard and splaying out with eachother. Shining Armor groaned, lifting a hoof to try and move his limp mane out of his eyes, giving up after the third failed attempt and just resting atop his little sister, still buried in her used cunt.

Twilight likewise groaned, loosening her grip on her brother's shoulders, untangling her hooves from his mane and then just splaying out, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of Shining's heavy spunk pooled in her to the point of overflowing.

The alicorn of love watched from the treeline with a faint giggle, removing her hoof from between her hindlegs, inspecting the moisture collected there. The aphrodisiac in the bread had worked like a charm, and a little 'help' from her magic had sealed the deal. And what was even better, was that she had got to watch the taboo union.

Cadance settled herself down to wait until her legs stopped shaking, so she could leave, watching brother and sister resting in euphoric bliss. It really was beautiful to her. Love was love, after all. And being taboo just made it all the more delicious.