Wet Dreams

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This is a story I wrote a long time ago with a friend, I know the sleep sex goes almost exactly like in Mediocre Mage, But I hope you enjoy this and Leave a comment or two.

Once, there was a young skunk named Ethren. He was abnormally light for his age, being 5 feet 9 inches and weighing only 70 pounds, he was usually picked on because of that and being a skunk as well. He only had one friend, Craz the big horned sheep. For the first time in his life he was going to have a sleep over with Craz and he wanted it to be perfect. Ethren cleaned his room and fixed everything.

That night, he and Craz played until their bedtime and found a large problem. "My mom is gonna kill me! I can't believe I forgot my pajama pants on my bed." Craz exclaimed. To this Ethren replied "It will be fine, I always sleep naked. What could happen?" So the young sheep went into the bathroom and changed into the shirt he had brought, luckily it was long enough to cover everything, he thought but was surprised to come back and find the skunk entirely nude and not even trying to hide his sheath and balls. Ethren's mother called from the bottom of the stairs for them to go to sleep one last time before the downstairs light turned off. Both boys climbed into bed and switched off the lamp. "See you in the morning, goodnight." Each said before closing their eyes.

That night both teens experienced very weird dreams, Craz had nightmares about clowns and Ethren had a dream about Molly, the little squirrel in his class. In his dream, the skunk was totally naked and so was Molly, he was sort of confused and didn't know he was dreaming but he did know she wanted to have sex with him. The next thing he knew he was totally unsheathed with the tip of his 8 inches pressing the pussylips of the squirrel, then suddenly his hips bucked forward into Molly. Both boys woke with a startled whimper. Craz began crying in pain, Ethren looked down and where Molly had just been was his cock half buried in his best friend's quivering tailhole.

Craz managed to whimper for Ethren to pull it out. The young skunk tried to pull his hips back and was met with extreme sensations he had never felt before. Ethren couldn't help it, his instincts took over and his eyes became glassy, his hips began thrusting in and out of the bleating big horn under him. Craz cried out in agony and Ethren snapped out of it. "I am so sorry, what just happened, I just was overwhelmed by this feeling." The sheep bleated "I don't want to be mounted, I'm a male! Don't fill me, please!" both were panting and wheezing for air. Ethren tried to take it out once more and got up to the last inch and was overcome again only this time he was able to see what was going on. He buried his entire shaft and forming knot directly into his best friend's rear end. Then to make things even worse his knot inflated to full size inside of Craz making him almost scream as his ring stretched wide.

Ethren stopped himself from finishing off inside of his friend just in time, both the skunk and the sheep were crying now. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, something keeps taking over me." Ethren sobbed as he shot out rope after rope of sticky hot precum inside. "Please, just try one more time; I don't want to be your mate."

For the final time, he retracted his hips slowly and wasn't overcome. Then his knot hit the inside of Craz's tailhole and Ethren moaned out as he tried to stop himself, but it was too late. His pelvis thrust forward hard lodging his cock up against the sheep's prostate gland. Craz bleated getting a suprised pleasure from the prodding of his prostate. The skunk grunted as his cock twitched and his sac pulled up close to his body. With a loud squeeling moan, Ethren began painting the wiggling ram's silky walls with thick, creamy, virile skunk semen.For every rope splattering against his prostate, the sheep launched his load of cum into the inside of his pajama's shirt, soaking it thoroughly.

When Ethren finally finished pumping his cum into his friend's rump, he layed there pantinging, still firmly knotted inside Craz. "Why did you do.... it?" Craz whimpered, trying to deny the pleasure he had just recieved. Ever so slowly, the young skunk's knot deflated and Ethren slid his exhausted length from the young ram's rear.

Ethren finally caught his breath as Craz's tailhole squeezed back into tightness. "It was an accident, I'm so sorry. If you feel you have to, please do the same to me, so we are even." Ethren said as his eyes started tearing up.

The ram looked back to the skunk, "maybe, if it makes us even." Ethren quickly turned over onto his other side, then hesitantly raised his large, fluffy tail to reveal a small black pucker surrounded by white fur. Craz began fondling himself as his black length began slipping from its sheath. He held it in one hand and aimed so the tip pressed firmly on the skunk's pucker, the touch causing the hole to clench. Ethren relaxed, allowing his hole to loosen slightly. "Ready?". The skunk nodded and closed his eyes and waited for a horrible pain. Craz slowly pushed his tip forward into the tight virgin hole. Whimpering, the skunk wiggled as Craz pushed his length against him, the cum his forced mounting lubing the dull shaft slightly. With a whine and a long moan, the black pulsing meat sank inside. His breath coming in deep pants as he keeps a steady pressure, sinking deeper and deeper until the entire throbbing member was hilted in his buddy. With a slow movement and reversal of pressure, he began slidingg back, pulling out to the very tip before bucking his hips forward. Without any more warning or waiting, he started humping hard and fast into the crying, but still moaning, skunk. After about five minutes of rapid jabbing into his prostate the skunk cried out and began spurting his second hot load onto the sheets. The ram felt the black ring clamp around his equally ebony rod and instantly began pumping hot, goopy spooge into Ethren's tailhole. They both sat panting for a few moments then Craz pulled out and closes his eyes, Ethren following suit.