Human Origins Chapter 6: Seal

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6 of Human Origins Luxikam unlocks his third seal, and Syreth is shy about his feelings.

Hello, humans and furries. Here is the 6th installment of my series, Human Origins.

(Luxikam's view)

"Owch! Syreth! Why'd you drop me?"


Only after hearing a motherly voice say, "Syreth, what's going on here?" did I understand what was happening, so.... I ran for it.

It's a good thing I did too, because when I looked back the way I came, I was sure I could see his mother looking directly at me through the window. Fortunately, I had already used my Seal of Nature, so she most likely assumed I was just a regular wolf. But then again, regular wolves aren't white, not to mention they don't wear clothes. "I feel kind of guilty, having to leave Syreth without telling him where I'm going , but at the same time he should understand that I can't afford to get caught, right?" I thought to myself as I decided to train to try to break another one of my seals. It's been 2 months since I've unlocked the Seal of Strength, and I just feel confident that I should be able to unlock another.

"Of course Syreth did it so that I couldn't get caught." I continued to reason with myself as I searched for somewhere to train, but the more I thought about it,the more I had my doubts. "Or maybe, he dropped me so that HE wouldn't get caught!" I found myself thinking, but then again, Syreth hasn't exactly been selfish for the short time I've known him.

"Eh regardless, I'll just train myself so that I can break my seal, then I'll just come back to his house later and thank him."

After about a hour, I found a open field. As I shifted back into humanoid form, I took a really good look at such a expansive piece of land, something that seeems so unnatural to exist in the forest. What I see is simply beautiful...

It was principally field upon field rolling on and on off into the far distance. The land rose and fell gently, and the fields were bordered by the forest trees. There were even some dots off in the distance, which I assumed to be more deer. All of this, bathed in the soft light of moonlight rays, is yet another theme of nature, which brings quite a contrast to the forest.

This place seemed so calm, compared to the green invasion of trees I called home, it was untouched by the gloomy jungle of untended plants, the damp mossy tree trunks. It was sacred, unmarred by the industrious life of humans and wolves. A perfect place for me to train.

After awhile, as I continued to punch and kick at nothing but my own emotions, trying to express myself in the best way that I could, I found myself almost subconsciously training. It was as if, I was outside my own body, listening to the surrounding area speak it's soft voice.

The grass seemed to complain, making a rather noisy sound as it bent resiliently underneath my trampling feet. Never had it said anything else, nor will it say anything else. It did not break, it just complained aloud every time, for nothing like this had ever happened to it before. I was almost spacing out, for I realized just how miserably small I am compared to the field of whispering grass I stood in. Everytime I moved myself slightly forward with my momentum, the grass straightened itself up behind, so no one could have known where I came from. I could've dropped out of the sky and it wouldn't make any difference.

All of a sudden, I stopped. My body was starting to lock up, and I fell over. It was happening again, I was unlocking a seal, and I was about to find out what it was.

When I regained consciousness,another white wolf was seated in front of me. He looked almost identical to me, except for his tail. Unlike my tail, white and furry. His was black, gray, and white. The monks taught me that a multicolored tail indicates that more than one type of wolf could obtain this seal. The colors of the tail indicate what kind of wolf can have the seal. Apparently, only red wolves cannot receive the seal I'm about to be granted.

Something also appears beside me. It takes awhile to materialize, but once it does, I realize what, or rather, who it is. It's me, in my feral form. I've learned about this too from the monks. If I appear in both forms during a seal unlock, then that simply means it will affect both of my forms. If that doesn't happen, then the unlocked seal, will only apply to whatever form I'm in. Both the Seal of Nature and the Seal of Strength, have affected both of my forms, and I guess this seal will too.

The wolf, now simply put his claws on me, one on my forehead, and one on the feral essence next to me. My whole body begins to ache, but it's somewhat bearable, the excitement of what the third seal for me could be is easing the pain. A voice in my head, deep and calm spoke to me. "Welcome, my young pupil. I am Master Slypha, the original, warrior monk." He stated with a warm smile.

"It's a honor to meet you, Master." I replied with a bow.

"Indeed it is, now listen as I pass on the third seal to you..."

"The third seal, is the Seal of Enhancement. Like the Seal of Strength, it is passive as well as active, meaning it will take effect immediately, but upon being called, will grant you additional power. Like the name implies, it will enhance your physical and mental abilities passively. Your body mass will increase, meaning your muscles will enlargen, and your claws will be bigger, as well as sharper." He explained as this information pours into my mind.

"That's quite a lot of changes, Master." I understood, already feeling my body enlargen.

"Certainly. But among the biggest changes, however is when you call on the Seal of Enhancement. Then you will receive my gloves, the Slyphid Claws."

"Slyphid Claws?" I questioned.

"Yes," He responded, materializes the weapons in his hand. "gloves made out of silver, with three sharp blades on top that will lay over your claws. These will be your most adept weapons, since you are adept with your hands. However, these gloves do more then just damage."


"Heal. You may not know it, but you are already recieving energy from the moon in this forest. These gloves will give you the power to absorb that energy and redirect it. You can heal another person with them, or you can heal yourself."

"I see.."

"That's all the power I can give you, until you improve in your skills."

"Thank you, Master Slypha." I bowed in respect, finally able to move again.

He bowed in response, then simply said, "Don't disappoint me.. there have been many that have used those gloves incorrectly and suffered the consequences..." then disappeared.

When I reawakened, I was still in the field, with my new, stronger body. Besides my new height, lengthened and sharpened claws, I also noticed that my fur seemed... whiter. I guess everytime I unlock a seal, my fur becomes even more white. As much as I wanted to use my new seal, and learn about those new Slyphid Claws, the dark clouds above my head wouldn't allow me.

"That's strange, it hasn't rained in this forest for 2 weeks..." I thought to myself. Then came the clap of thunder. It was an angry, thirsty clap, unlike the normal, deep and liquid rumbling of the rainy season. Wind arose and filled the air with moisture, as the rain started to fall. I Decided that it was time for me to get back to Syreth's house, for my safety from the storm, in because of my concern for his safety. My heart skipped as the familiar flash of lightning appeared behind me, followed by another loud growl of heated air.

"I had to be afraid of thunderstorms..."

(Syreth's view)

I was awakened by the sound of thunder crashing somewhere relatively close in the distance. I had been sleeping for 3 hours now, that is after my mother made me abandon Luxikam. I had already persuaded my parents to go visit someone else. "*sigh* Here I am, comfortable in my bed with a roof over my head, and he's out there in that storm somewhere." I thought to myself.

"What kind of friend am I?" I probably appeared selfish to Luxikam, leaving him just because of my parents. As another flash of lightning made itself known outside, I started to picture Luxikam being struck by it. I didn't realize it at first, but I was actually shaking with worry, thinking about his safety. But, then I heard a howl, different from the mighty gales outside. It was almost like a whine, a cry for help. Could it be? A wolf silohouette, ran straight towards my window.

"LUXIKAM!" I yelled . Barely even having time to get the window fully open, he leaped through the opening and landed on top of me.

"Uhm, hi Syreth. Sorry for getting you wet... Are you alright?" Luxikam stated as he got off of me and helped me up.

I, for some reason got a immediately naughty thought when he said wet, but I dismissed it quickly before I blurted it out. " I'm fine and it's no problem, my parents arent home." I stated as I led him to my bathroom. "Uhm, here just take those soaking wet clothes off, let me get you a towel." I said as I walked out of the room.

When I came back, Luxikam was shirtless, and shaking his fur out, to ge t some water out of it. For some reason, I don't remember him being that tall or... that buff. I couldn't help but gawk at the mere size of his massive arms and tree trunk-like legs. He wasn't this big before, I don't think. Then again I'm surprising myself that I noticed his size in the first place. Was I really that observant subconsciously? Luxikam explained how he unlocked another seal, and his increased strength, and much to my own suprise, his worry for me. I tell him, "I was worried about you too..." handing him the towel and running to get my Dad's bathrobe. "My dad's 6'6, even with his increased size, I think he should be able to fit it," I thought to myself.

"Hey Syreth, can you rub this shoulder for me? I think I stretched a bit too much when I was doing my training."

"Of course, Luxikam."

Luxikam has to bend down for me now, since he's so tall. As I rub my hand slowly over the chiseled body hidden by his fur, his eyes meet mine. I blush and feel extremely awkward, but since he's asking me to do it I don't stop either. I just keep going, caressing his muscles as the heat behind all that fur rises. Unfortunately for me, I didn't notice the rather considerable amount of water on the floor, and as I went around him to try to get the back of his shoulders, I fall backwards towards the tub, but he swiftly puts his hand behind my back and catches me.

I wanted to say thank you, but the way he laughed at my sudden misfortune, made me stammer with my words.

"Luxikam... I-"

"Don't speak, it will ruin the moment."

He just pulls me up closer to his face, and I notice that he's now blushing as well.

"Uh-uhm, be more careful Syreth." Luxikam said as he walked back to my room.

Apparently our awkward episode wasn't over, for just as we entered my room, a sudden gale from my open window blowed out the only candle, bathing us in a sudden, pitch black, darkness.

"Don't worry, I can see well in the dark." Luxikam said as he grabbed my hands and led me somewhere. I hoped he couldn't see how red as a tomato I am, reacting to his touch. "I'm so sensitive... " I think to myself.

We lay down on what I assume is my bed, and he lets out a big sigh.

"Uhm, Syreth?"

"What is it, Luxikam?"

"I want to tell you something, but I'm afraid of what you'll think, but before I do, I must ask... Do you trust me?"

"Definitely! You can tell me anything."

"Thanks, this isn't easy..."

I could tell whatever he was going to say was important, and that he was even closer to my face. I can feel his warm breath softly wash over my face. I hope that what he's going to tell me is what I think it is.