The First Time

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2 of Hot Nights In Neon City Just a little story that was sitting on the back burner for awhile. Hope you enjoy. : )

It's summer time in Neon City and schools had just gotten out the week before. The once busy youths were now enjoying their vacation time from classes and forced learning schedules at Neon High; a perpetual mixing bowl of different cultures from all over the foxen metropolis of Neon City. Kenny Foxworth, a foxen teen who had just turned 18 on the last day of school had found it a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the fashion that it was the last time he would see a teacher and endure the grueling crunch sessions therein but also a sign that he was almost an adult in the eyes of his peers. Meaning it would put him under stress knowing that he may be the only one to do the more 'classified' acts of male activity. In other words, he could score those dirty mags from the local gas station without any problem whatsoever. Kenny kept his black hair short and trimmed his whiskers when they grew to an unruly length. His friends, a trio of foxes named Jon, Rob and Dusty, would tease him about acting like a vixen. They hassled Kenny about his constant need to shower three times a day, at least. Kenny's reason, a lie to those who weren't with him all the time especially in the shower, was that he sweated heavily under his fur and that he didn't like the smell of sweat. Not a clever lie, but believable to his friends since there were many stairs at the school and someone was bound to sweat rushing to their next perspective class. But this wasn't the case especially with Kenny. He had recently began getting those urges that males are prone to have. Namely that feeling to breed and keep the species going, least that's what Kenny told himself to make it sound less dirtier in his mind. Kenny's luck with females was next to none and he relieved himself in an age old fashion known to males. Most guys knew it as "Whacking Off" or some other non related equivalent in the male dialogue for masturbation for which Kenny often found himself being questioned about. In a very well conceived lie Kenny thought out the most minute details in which to deny his views of "self gratification". Truth in the matter he was into it, big time. He just never let anyone in on his little secret. It was Saturday and Kenny would put his newfound status to some use. His mom had left him some cash to get himself pizza for dinner since she wasn't going to be home until the day after. This was her plan and hadn't counted on Kenny having one of his own. An adult mag was the target at the local gas station. The magazine, a copy of the latest issue of Furr, wasn't any different from the others in a sense that they all shown furries nude and whatnot. But this one had something the others lacked, that bit of realism and far fetched fantasy together in one pictorial that Kenny wanted from any mag. Inside this issue of Furr were women who were currently serving in the armed forces and are showing off the latest in military hardware along with themselves of course. Apparently someone out there had the same tastes as he and Kenny was thankful he wasn't the only one with such tastes With the cash burning in his pocket, Kenny waited painstakingly until the evening to put his master plan into action. The reason, most of his friends would be at home and wouldn't spoil the master plan.


Business was as usual for the furries fueling up their rides, getting eats within and some candy for the little ones at home if they were bonded or single parents. Kenny had found a spot nearest the entrance in case he ran into one of his friends. In the event he did, Kenny planned on informing them that he was buying it for someone else and would act to the best of his abilities to make it believable. If word got out that it was for himself it would destroy the school boy status he so desperately tried to keep up with for the sake of his mother. How she wanted Kenny to keep up his academic skills to get a good job and hopefully a girlfriend. Sure some girls go for the typical bad boy of the group but Kenny was from a respected family. There were expectations to live up to and since he was brought up to have respect for others, refrained from being one of those troubled youths. Kenny shut off the vehicle and sat inside the older model Mercury Tracer. It was good on gas, needed little maintenance but overall, earned no points for presentation. The brown paint was starting to chip in spots, the front grill was holding together with the aid of shoe goop and the interior was being held up by a combination of duct tape and superglue. One of Kenny's native friends described the aging vehicle as a "Rez Ride". A vehicle that looked bad on the outside, was falling apart inside but was still some how drivable. Kenny asked his mom one time after a ride to school about why she didn't spring for a newer model car. She only smiled back as she told him about the times she had in the car and Kenny grimaced at the thought. Mainly on a hunch that maybe he was conceived somewhere inside the vehicle sent shivers up his spine. Then she began again on how the car was given to her by her father after she graduated high school. And that she had many fond memories that kept her from trading it off. Kenny chalked it up as old people being old people since there wasn't much he could do to change his mother's mind about the car. Kenny's mom had hinted at the notion that one day she would give the car to him as a gift. Kenny didn't know if it was a sick joke or a very sincere heartfelt gift. This car after all was almost an heirloom, an old and falling apart one. The door creaked open signaling to any within earshot that the door was in some desperate need of WD40 A vixen opened the door for Kenny as she was walked out. "Thanks" Kenny said as he walked in past her.

The air inside smelled of caramel popcorn, a pleasing scent to Kenny's nose since the outside air was dry and smelled of exhaust and fuel. Taking a moment to get a look of the area Kenny sees that the candy aisle was empty and proceeds towards it. It was the selection as usual, you have the chocolate selection, for which there are many. Snickers, Hershey's, Butterfingers, and a few others. Then of course you have the ones labeled as others, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Starbursts being the choice to have in class. Then there's the giant selection of chewing gums and mints. "But what does a real man have?" Kenny asked himself. Most of his friends at school ate Snickers and he never seen any of the girls eat chocolate at school, which left him in the dark even more. None of the teachers ate candy, least in front of the students during class hours and he knew there was a candy machine in the teachers lounge but this only left him wondering more. A wolf stood beside him and grabbed a Snickers and a Three Musketeers before taking off in another direction in the store. Unknowingly, the wolf had just answered Kenny's paradoxical boggle. Reaching for a Snickers Kenny smiled, it was clear to him. The drink displays were the next stop for the fox and he stood there, once again. Kenny asked himself, "Now what would a man drink?" Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sprite and many others stand before you. All offering a chilling experience in their own right. Then of course, the next display over offers energy drinks. Rockstars, Mt. Dew, Monsters and even their chilled coffee selection. Unless you drink milk, the last display doesn't have much to offer in the sense that you want to feel manly. And in the case of the fox, would either help or crumble your image in buying a dirty mag. "When in doubt, 'Do the Dew'" Kenny said while opening the display and grabbing a drink. After securing his selections Kenny walks up to the front of the store. A she wolf was working the till tonight as Kenny stood behind the wolf from earlier. The wolf's scent lingered in the air, a hint of Avatar and gas fumes that still remained on his clothing. Kenny tried not to breathe in too deeply for fear that the smell would haunt his sense of smell. Kenny notices that the wolf had also gotten coffee and set its on the counter along with a copy of Maxim and those two candy bars. "Is that all for you?" said the she wolf while ringing up the items. "Almost, I also got gas out there on pump number 7." the wolf said. "Okay." Kenny watched the wolf produce his wallet from his back pocket and offer the she wolf his credit card. "Paying with credit card? Okay, then let me print you a receipt. I also need to see some id." Kenny noted her response and quickly gets his own from his wallet. Better safe than sorry he thought as he holds his id in his left paw. "Okay Mr. Black Wolf, now if you'll sign this." says the she wolf. The wolf casually signs the receipt and grabs the bag the she wolf had put his goodies in along with his coffee and walks out leaving Kenny and the she wolf alone in the store. "Good evening" the she wolf offered, with a smile. Kenny smiles back in response. Who wouldn't? Its rude not to smile back especially when a girl smiles while looking at you. "Slow night tonight isn't it..." Kenny said as he glanced at the she wolves name tag and hesitates before speaking, "....Z-Zoey?" Zoey smiles in response to hearing her name and rings up Kenny's purchases. "Do you have any fuel?" she asks after bagging Kenny's snacks. "Not today I'm afraid." Kenny replied, remembering the real reason why he was there. "I also need an issue of Furr. The one with Furries of War on the cover if you don't mind." Kenny said trying not to sound nervous. Hopefully Zoey would be done before she picked up the aroma of Kenny's sweat. "Is that one of those mags behind the counter over there?" Zoey asked while pointing over in the direction of the covered display not knowing if she was right or not because no one bought any today. Kenny was amazed that she didn't know and replied in an all knowing tone, "I'm pretty sure, yeah" he said. "Okay, give me a moment" Zoey said while walking towards the display. There was a reason why they were covered she found out. Furries were posing and doing things Zoey would never even dream of. Well, maybe not in a magazine, but in private. With her bent over the display searching for the mag Kenny couldn't help but notice her figure. Her legs were well toned and she trimmed her foot claws. She appears to be a natural wolf and wasn't afraid to show that she was. The way her white tipped tail moved about with such grace and beauty, Kenny wondered if she was a freak or one of the more traditional girls. The latter being the less fun of the two. "Would she be willing to try new things or just keep it simple?" he thought as he sized her up for a possible future kill. Suddenly it occurs to him that his thoughts were beginning to get carnal as he thought about her sexual appeal to him. Is she of natural color or does she dye her pubic area? If so, what color? Does it have a design? He thought as his most basic instinct kicks in to full gear. As quickly as it had come the feeling was gone the moment Zoey stood back up and returned to the front with the mag in her hand. "Okay, the drink, the candy and mag brings your total up to $15.85. Will that be all?" she asked, knowing the foxes true intentions with the mag but playing it off as guys being guys, especially singe guys. Which was true in this particular situation. "Alrighty" Kenny said while handing her the twenty his mom had given him. He was feeding himself alright, not his body per se, but a mind is a terrible thing to waste. After giving Kenny his change Zoey put the mag and other items into a plastic bag. She figured she would be doing him a service by concealing Kenny's chosen reading material. "Well...thank you your patronage" she kindly offers as Kenny grabbed the bag from her paw. "Thanks" Kenny said as he headed towards the door and out of the Zoey's company.

***** The drive back home was lively mainly because Kenny had something or should we say, someone on his mind. Zoey was an alright looking she wolf but the fact that it was someone outside of school made it more appealing to the fox. Pulling into the driveway of his mother's house, a small two story home in the suburbs of Neon City. Kenny departed the vehicle soon after shutting it off and goes to the front door. After entering Kenny locks the door behind him and heads upstairs to his room. It wasn't the typical mess a male would usually leave their room in. Kenny's clothes were neatly tucked away inside the drawers of a dresser off to the side of his bed. His dirty clothes were in a hamper by the corner on the other side of the room. A computer desk by the window also served as a makeshift table for dinner when Kenny was supposed to be working on homework but instead spent that time chatting and looking up porn on the internet. Plopping down onto the twin sized bed Kenny thumbed through the pages of the magazine stopping only on the page that began the section he had been wanting to see. Once there Kenny quickly finds a vixen holding an MK 107 Diablo rifle in very provocative pose. She, the vixen in the pictorial, stood in a way that was both a sign of predator and prey. Her blue eyes taunting in the sense that she wanted Kenny but also in a sense that she wanted play hard to get. The world seemed to stop as he gazed upon her magnifigance. Her uniform tattered and torn in all the right places with her fur sticking out giving at hint at what's to come. A promise of her attention. In his eyes she wasn't just another random face with a great body and magnificent fur. It was something else that made her different. A feeling that he couldn't place at the moment with his body urging him to get to the good parts that it so desperately wanted to see. Then it hits Kenny like a ton of bricks as he turned the page to the next set of pictures. He realized that she wasn't just a vixen but a perpetual goddess of war and she was all his. Panting over the pictures Kenny felt like the zipper of his pants ready to burst. He was more than ready to begin but tortured himself effervescently for a few more moments. She was more than eye candy now, her visage more and more becoming a drug that caused Kenny to want more. More vixen, less clothing. Kenny's gaze started at her knees covered in orange fur with darkened highlights. A sign that she kept her fur nice and only for the viewer, Kenny. Slowly Kenny's right hand made it's way down his chest towards the aching erection that swelled with untold fury under the crotch of his denim pants. Stopping only for a moment Kenny caresses himself with the promise that it would soon be free. To feel the air, to feel his touch. In one picture the vixen is sitting on a makeshift bunk with the rifle sprawled out across her lap. In another she is sans uniform jacket and showing off her creamy white breasts. Kenny holds the mag carefully in his left hand as not to bend the magazine in half and kept his eyes glued to the vixen. His other hand pulling down the zipper and releasing the beast. The actions started with soft petting, a tease to get things started since he was home alone and needn't bother with rushing, pacing himself. Just him and the magazine were in this hypnotic state that was his off world of fantasy. In this state Kenny was free to do whatever he wanted, free to touch, free to feel, free to seek out the end he so desperately wanted. All in the name of self gratification. Kenny's breathing got heavier and slower as he dipped his hand into the opening of his pants then slowly slid his hand under the elastic band of his briefs. His hardened member twitching at the slightest touch of his fingers. Gripping himself gently Kenny began stroking himself in a slow up and down rhythm. The feeling pleasing and urging at the same time. Moments later Kenny decided to go push the feeling further along and removed the cotton barrier that separated freedom and captivity. The feeling was alien at first then slowly became the norm. Now exposed and fully aroused Kenny grasped himself with untold freedom. The feeling of fur against bare flesh aroused him further with the thought of what's to be. Arching his back Kenny began a series of motions that would soon set his blood aflame. The up and down motions along his fullness pushed him into lust untold as the vixen lead the way into the lustier side of perverted fantasy. Looking at the opened vixen Kenny imagined himself inside her. His soft but firm grip representing the vixens vaginal walls tightening around him. He imagined kissing and fondling the vixens breasts that helped push his fantasy further. She was warm and accepting about his size, a feeling Kenny could only imagine in this fit of erotica and fantasy as a given. The action was growing hotter as he quickened his pace thinking about the vixen moaning whilst taking him. Moans of satisfaction escaped Kenny's muzzle as he feels his cock jerk in his clutches a signal that he was hitting the pre stage of his undoing. Kenny didn't want it to end just yet, he had only just begun to slip further into his fantasy involving the mistress of his latent desires. It was this thought that pushed him to slow his luster and maintain a sense of control over the growing need to finish. Releasing his burning erection Kenny got his breathing under tight control. His blood racing a thousand miles an hour, more than usual. He manages to relax himself just enough to let the thoughts of the vixen fade from his mind a few moments. Taking a few deep breaths Kenny managed to lower his excitement level and then begins again, in a more relaxed position. Meaning he turned to his side and got a better grip on himself in which to finish. A position he imagined as doing the vixen from behind with one of her legs held in the air and her tail brushing against his upper torso. It was as this moment Kenny realized he was nearing the end, an end of a journey and the need to fulfill his fantasies. The vixen staring back from the pictorial with lust in her eyes. Provocative yet subtle, peaceful yet untamed at the same time. An animal, as fierce as a thunderstorm and as beautiful as the dawn. Her eyes blue like the morning sky after a storm and just as cold. The suppleness of her breasts aching for a touch, a loving caress. Her sex bare for all to see. Wanting, waiting, teasing. A rare treasure to behold no doubt. The end draws ever closer as the journey nears its end. That bitterness of defeat, a loss that Kenny wants experience again and again. And then it comes to be. The death of love. A sweet sacrifice. The quest had ended, in his paw and in his mind. She had brought a smile to Kenny's face and a peace that was worth the struggle. Kenny had shot his load onto his bed cover. The action was so hot that he thought he could see steam rising from the white, milky like substance that sat in a spattered puddle. Alas there was no vixen, no weapon, only the mind and body of a fox with an overactive imagination. An imagination that wasn't wasted.