Senok and Sarah

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This came about when a friend told me to write a naughty story, and so I did. The four characters are utahraptor / deinonychus hybrids. It is written where my character would be their mother (feathered dein), with two other friends I RP with as their fathers (one feathered utah, the other a scaled utah) who are intentionally left unnamed. It's probably not as well written as I'd like, but I've never been much of an author and was surprised when I manged to get 6 pages worth (roughly two pages per "scene" each of which is a little different, hence so many tags--the gay/lesbian stuff is at the end). There is a bit of loose background setting to this story, though as it's intent was a fap piece, many of those details are left omitted (and others probably should have been). One question I had was "where did they get the idea for bondage?" and I'll say only that one of their fathers is responsible. ^..~

Senok and Srra--or Sarah as most called her--watched their mother mating with a larger feathered utahraptor from the top of a short cliff, under a bush. It wasn't their father, not that the two young chicks minded much: their mother frequently had sex with a small circle of males. Nor was it the first time they had watched her mate. What was different this time was that the two chicks were maturing and interested in what was going on down below for the first time.

Senok and Sarah were the eldest of the four hatchlings by a couple of days, Senok only a minute older than Sarah. Despite their mother's promiscuity, there hadn't been any more eggs, yet, although it appeared that a couple more might be by this time next year. Another two half-siblings, in all likelihood; they didn't mind.

Sarah's green feathered tailbase itched with an uncomfortable warmth, something she hadn't felt before a couple days prior. She knew she was going into heat, given what their parents had taught them recently about mating. She scratched idly with one tan-skinned paw, attracting Senok's attention. The brown and green feathered raptor hissed softly and she looked back at him, his engorged penis sticking out from under his tail and his crest raised slightly. Sarah blushed a little and turned back to the display below, both of them very aroused by the sight.

The blue male was thrusting erratically into the green deinonychus as she cried out in ecstasy, her claws furrowing the ground. It wasn't long before he pressed himself against her and roared in orgasm, his potent seed filling the smaller female's womb. She smiled and chirred happily, nuzzling up against his neck and muzzle; likely impregnated given the time of year. He smiled back and they kissed deeply.

The two raptors cuddled in the afterglow while the younger pair crept silently away from their hiding spot under the bush, still unnoticed. Collecting some previously gathered vines; the two siblings went to a clearing in the forest a short distance away, but far enough to not be noticed, at least by the adults. In the clearing were their younger half-siblings, also returning with some lengths of vine. The two scaled hatchlings were also already aroused, the combined scent filling the air and setting everyone twitching at the smell of it.

"Do we have enough?" asked Gamma, her scaled hide blue with green stripes.

"Enough for a little fun, anyway," Senok replied, throwing a loop over Gamma's neck, tugging her close.

"Eep!" She giggled as her half-brother started tying her up; tail over back, hands bound, legs spread wide with a sturdy branch.

Delta, a slightly darker blue than his sister, had likewise snared Sarah, his green feathered headscrest rising. Rolling her over onto her back he tied her front paws together to a small tree at the edge of the clearing, her hind paws to her tail, which left her puffy vent visible under her feathered coat.

Despite the season, and their heat, the four were mules. Infertile. Their acts this day wouldn't result in any unwanted eggs; at least not viable ones. Nor would any future acts; all four looked forward to it with relish.

Gamma blushed deeply as she crouched in front of Senok, eager to have the heat of her arousal quenched. Senok wasted little time in mounting his half-sister, his throbbing erection sliding easily into her cloaca, both of them moaning deeply in satisfaction. Pleasured cries from Delta and Sarah reached their ears as the two of them got underway as well.

The two males rocked against their bound partners with wild abandon. Senok's pre leaked from his tip, as it had most of the morning, into Gamma's already wet vent as he pushed in deep with a loud groan as he took her virginity. The four of them had played with each other and themselves before, as well as with their parents when they learned about mating, but none of them had ever experienced full sexual penetration before.

Gamma strained against her bonds a little, arching her back and pushing against Senok's thrusts as her needy vent squeezed tightly around his shaft. "Oh Senok! This is wonderful!" She cried, her first orgasm of the morning hitting hard, causing her to tremble and collapse to the ground, to lay on her chest, Senok still above her, bucking hard.

Senok growled in pleasure and nipped at Gamma's shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her middle, trying to get even deeper into her slick passage. He looked over at the other pair, Delta straddling Sarah's tail the two sharing a passionate kiss as they mated belly to belly. He growled again, a small amount of jealousy washing over him as he watched his half-brother claim his sister. He bit down on Gamma's neck and claimed her for his own, his instincts driving him to be the one to give the female eggs, her own lusty growl escaping her throat.

Delta pushed himself deep into Sarah's vent, her feathers tickling his belly and making him twitch in pleasure. His muzzle locked tight with Sarah's in a deep kiss, both of them murring and moaning happily as he rocked against her, plunging his shaft deep into her belly. Sarah's legs twitched, pulling against the vines that held them against her tail, her claws scratching at Delta's scaled chest, unable to embrace him, although he held her close in his own paws, pulling her against him with each thrust.

They soon broke the kiss and gazed at each other with affection, before glancing sideways at their two growling siblings. The sight of them drove Delta onward, eager to reach his climax before Senok does, to be the first to fertilize his...mate. Sarah too pushed back eagerly against Delta, her desire for his seed burning through her belly and tail. "Fill me Delta, give me your cum!" She cried out as she orgasmed hard around his shaft.

He grinned and thrust against her roughly, his shaft twitching, "Yes my little hen." He moaned and clenching his eyes shut he plunged into her deeply, his tip teasing against her cervix as he climaxed, spraying his seed into her passage, a little going strait into her womb. They panted and snuggled close, Delta untying her hands so she can hug him tightly as they rest happily, his crest still flared with excitement.

A few moments later another pair of pleasured cries fill the air as Senok buries himself inside Gamma as they both orgasm. The two half-siblings pant and flop sideways onto the ground, Senok's shaft throbbing and still half inside Gamma and in full view of the other pair due to the branch still spreading her legs wide. Delta bucked against Sarah gently, upon seeing his sister spread open like that. A low rumble escapes his throat and his cock swelling as he thinks about what they'd planned next: they were going to trade.

But he was in no hurry, they had all weekend to themselves while their mother enjoyed herself with the other male; their collective Third Father. The four rested through the humid mid-day of the forest, eventually separating and untying themselves to drink and eat from the stores they'd built up over the last few days; sneaking off a piece of meat here, or a tasty fruit there. Sometime in the early afternoon they gathered together again, well rested from the morning's activities, although still quite aroused; the two male's shafts hadn't retreated into their openings while they rested.

"It's our turn now," declared Sarah, holding a piece of vine in her claws. Gamma nodded in agreement. "And you're mine, big brother," she added, grinning a broad toothy grin.

"Eep" was all Senok got out before his sister pounced on him, wrapping the vine around his muzzle. She pushed him to the ground and stood over him. He glanced at his younger half-siblings and saw that Gamma had also wrestled her brother to the ground, wrapping vines around his wrists.

The two males submitted themselves to their fate, knowing that their sisters were going to give them a good time regardless, just as they had done to them a few hours ago. Senok looked up at his sister and held his paws together so she could bind them. She shook her head and instead tied his feet to a crude pair of stakes she pounded into the ground. That done, she smiled up at her brother and started licking the underside of his tail teasingly, as she worked herself closer to his erect length inch by slow inch.

Senok growled low, thrashing his tail as she did this. He wanted to take her, mount her roughly, and fill her snatch with his seed. It was agonizing having to wait for her to make up her mind about she wanted, but this is what they'd agreed on before: everyone got fair share at being top. And right now, it was the girls' turn. Senok moaned and arched his back, as some pre dribbled from his tip as thoughts of breeding his sister ran through his head.

Delta was fairing a little better, but not by much. Gamma had tied him up the way Sarah had been earlier: hind paws tied to his tail, forepaws bound together to his chest. But he was closer to achieving penetration. Gamma was grinding her cloacal lips against his hard shaft, causing him to moan and twitch, trying to thrust his tip into her folds proper, but she kept him from doing so, sliding herself up and down his shaft, their combined fluids having already coated his rump and tail.

Gamma had also tied a rope around his neck, like a leash, and was tugging on it, drawing Delta's head up off the ground, which gave him a lost-puppy-dog look. He whimpered and pleaded with Gamma to mount him. She just smiled and said nothing, as she continued to slide up and down his length, her vent lips teasing him. Delta groaned and clenched his jaw as he suddenly climaxed, his pleasure boiling over. His seed spurting out of his shaft and splattered across his belly messily. Gamma chirped happily and immediately moved to lick it up, her tail lifted high in the air as she did so, displaying herself to the older pair. Delta's cum was sweet and ever so slightly bitter, which sat well on her pallet; tangy like a citrus fruit. She murred and lapped it up greedily.

Only Sarah saw her half-sister's raised tail, messy with precum. She grinned, inwardly congratulating Gamma. Then, finally, to Senok's delight, she started licking at his shaft. She lapped up the pre that had oozed from her brother's shaft and into his groin feathers, still moving just as slowly as before. But now she repositioned herself so that she stood muzzle to tail with Senok, her vent dripped with her juices, which splattered on his nose. One of her feet gently trapped his paw.

Senok tried to thrust his length into her muzzle, but she pinned him down with her paws as she slowly worked her tongue across his length. Senok whined, unable to part his jaws, even to lick his lips of his sister's sweet-smelling nectar. With only one paw free, he reached up and started to rub his claws lightly against her cloaca. Sarah hissed in pleasure and looked back at her brother, enjoying the torment she gave him.

Turning back to her prize, she slipped her muzzle down around the hard flesh in front of her, gently sucking while her paws squeezed Senok's thick base. He moaned and shudders, his hips bucked against her, his climax was approaching quickly. He rubbed his paw against Sarah's slit, gently sliding one digit into her. She moaned and pressed back against his paw, pushing his claw deeply into her. Her passage squeezed around the digit and she murred, thinking about what it would feel like to have his cock there instead; if it would be any different than Delta's. She wasn't sure, but she thought it might be thicker.

Sarah bobbed her head on Senok's length, moaning in pleasure as he fingered her. Senok tensed up underneath her before he orgasmed with a muffled sound. Sarah gulped down his warm seed happily, murring contentedly and enjoyed the salty/sweet taste as it sprayed into her maw.

As his flow subsided, she slurped off his length and turned around again. Glancing over at the other two, she saw that Gamma had finally slid Delta's length into her slide and was riding him roughly. She positioned herself to do the same as Senok pulled off the restraint around his muzzle and licked his nose clean.

He gasped as his sensitive length slide into his sisters's cunny and she took the opportunity to catch him with a deep, muzzle locking kiss. He moaned and licked at the inside of her muzzle, tasting his own seed. He closed his eyes and bucked against her gently as she slowly rode him, trying to draw out his second--or rather, third--orgasm. Senok wrapped his paws around her shoulders and held her close, loving every minute. Loving his sister.

She loved him back, pressing close and gently rocking herself against his body, feeling her climax building. His shaft was thicker than Delta's, but not quit as long, but it felt just as good, pressing all the right spots inside her, and with a squeal she orgasmed, her insides rippling along Senok's shaft, quickly drawing out his own climax. His length pumped her full of his cum, not quite as much as he'd fed her, but still plenty enough for it to seep into her egg chamber and mixing with Delta's.

Delta roared as he orgasmed a moment later, his third climax having taken longer than the previous two. As Senok and Sarah looked over, Gamma climaxed as well, her body going taught as pleasure washed over her. She collapsed on top of her brother and they shared a kiss, his paws stroking her neck and back.

Siblings cuddled together and rested again, tired and happy. But their respite was interrupted suddenly with a squawk as a feathered form fell out of a tree at the edge of the clearing and landed between the two pairs of lovers. All four of them looked at the black and white velociraptor as he untangled himself (and tried to hide his arousal, which poked out from under his bony tail).

"Verak!" cried Senok.

"Eeeh!" Verak mumbled before dashing back into the bushes and hiding again.

"Were you watching us?" Gamma asked.

"Maybe!" The bushes rustled as the small raptor moved around out of sight. He wasn't that much smaller than the four of them, but he was full grown and they had yet to reach their full size. "I won't tell!"

"Would you rather join in, then?" asked Delta.

"No! Too kinky for me!" replied the hiding velo.

"You sure? Looked to me like you liked it."

"Eeeeh!" The bush the velociraptor was under shivered with the distinct look of someone blushing heavily. "Just watch!"

"Your loss." Delta shrugged and extracting himself from underneath Gamma, went to get a drink of water.

Gamma on the other hand, shifted slightly to face away from where Verak was, and unsubtly raised her tail as she stretched out and laid on her belly, her messy rear pointed strait at the velo.

Senok and Sarah also separated and stretched before curling back up with each other, his shaft pressing into her feathered belly, twitching slightly.

"We're going to be a while before we start back up again, Verak. Going to be pretty boring under that bush..." Sarah said as she snuggled up close to her brother, her claws playing through his feathers, pondering if she could catch the little velo and breed him. She knew she was a half-breed, part utahraptor, part deinonychus. So mixing in a little velociraptor didn't seem like much of a stretch.

Shame she'd never bear a clutch: having some hatchlings of her own, fathered by Verak, sounded like such a neat idea; little featherballs, a complete mixed breed of all the three raptor species. Maybe she could get him to mate her mother instead, get some half-velociraptor siblings. Yes, that'd make for a nice addition to their little group. She closed her eyes and smiled, drifting off to sleep with those thoughts in her head, her brother already snoozing against her.

When she awoke, she was curled around herself; Senok had risen some time prior and was now tearing into a side of meat, along with Delta and Gamma. She went to join them, where she leaned up against Gamma, her tail laid over her half-sister's. The two exchanged a glance and grinned, but said nothing.

When they had all finished, Gamma said, "I have an idea. Why don't you two boys play together, and us two will share each other?"

"That doesn't seem na--" was all Delta got out before the two females had leaped at the two males and started tying them with the vines; binding muzzles, feet, and paws. The two females then positioned Delta on his back and Senok above him each facing the other's tail, then tied the two of them together.

Sarah unbound Senok's muzzle and he cried out in protest before she'd pushed him down, his jaws parting around Delta's shaft, and strapped him in. Gamma had done the same thing to Delta. The two could only pull back their heads far enough to get themselves half way off the other's cock, any further and they simply dragged their parter's hips along with.

Sarah and Gamma sat back with smug expressions as they watched their brothers struggle vainly before they shivered and gave into the pleasure they were giving each other. Senok thrust his hips down, pushing his shaft into Delta's maw with a groan. Delta's own hips pushed up against Senok's muzzle, pre and saliva oozing down his length and across his hips and tail. Soon enough the two were smiling and eagerly enjoying each other's company.

This done, Sarah smiled at Gamma and gently pushed her sister over onto her back and took up a similar position, her paw rubbing softly at Gamma's cloaca, her tail held up so that Gamma could easily reach and rub her in return. The two females rubbed and licked at each other's vents, lapping up the various fluids that had accumulated there. Sarah pressed her nose into her sister's groin, arching her back and pressing her own snatch against Gamma's snout. Gamma murred and accepted this, wrapping her paws around Sarah's hips and pulling her close as she slid her tongue deep into her sister's slit, enjoying the combined taste of all three of her siblings.

Sarah twitched and moaned deeply as she felt Gamma's tongue enter her and lap eagerly at her inner walls. She smiled and returned the favor, pressing her oral appendage into her sister's cunny, spreading her jaws around Gamma's tail as to get her tongue as deep as she can. The other raptoress shivered and murmured appreciatively, her eyes closed. The two slurped and lapped at each other's cum filled vents, the two males looking on with one eye as they, too, occupied themselves.

There was a muffled roar, then another as the two males orgasmed into each other's muzzles. Gamma stiffened and clenched tightly to Sarah as she, too, came, her fluids washed over Sarah's muzzle. Sarah smiled and happily licked her sister clean before she shuddered and orgasmed with a shrill noise. Sarah groaned and cleaned Gamma up before flopping sideways, panting and grinning. Gamma rolled over and finished cleaning off Sarah's feathers before lying back as well.

"We should untie them. Wasn't really fair, like that," Sarah said.

"Mmm, but it looks like they enjoyed themselves," Gamma observed.

"Make it up to you tomorrow, mm?" Sarah asked, giggling softly as she knew well they'd have trouble replying.

"Mmmph!" came the muffled reply.

"Alright, we'll untie you," Gamma sighed.

The two females quickly shred the vines holding their brothers captive. Senok and Delta simply flopped down tiredly, panting heavily from their unplanned workout. "Tomorrow! Maybe we should tied you up now, tail raised, and see what Verak does while we leave you overnight in front of him."

"Eeeh!" came the bush's reply.

Sarah just grinned.