The Persistent Dragon Rides the Trail

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7 of The Persistent Dragon its like.... dragonz and pornz and shit, yo.

_Okay, so this is a story where a dude ends up screwing a female dragon. _

_>_> Yeah, its that kind of story. _

There. Now that the obvious is out of the way.... This chapter is a direct continuation of the previous one, so you might wanna read that first if you haven't already. I included a bit of the end of the last chapter here to set the stage for what's to come.

Hint: what's to come is a lot of porn.

Chapter 7: The Persistent Dragon Rides the Trail

"So how was that, Jake?" Penelope laid down next to him, pressing her scaled body close to his. "Haven't I been a good dragon?" Anxiously, she pressed against him, her hips slowly shifting and moving in provocative ways.

Jacob's eyebrows shot up. She was definitely ready to continue! A weak hand found its way to the dragon's neck, and Jacob rested it there for a moment as he recuperated from his intense finish. And after taking in a single deep breath, he let out a single swear.

"That was.... really good." He took in a huge breath and let out another satisfied sigh. "Definitely the best blowjob you've given yet, actually. Whew..."

Penelope reared her head back, looking immensely pleased with herself. "Yay! Good!"

Jacob found himself smiling in amusement.

"Mm, there was a lot more than usual... and you got me all messy, too!" She exclaimed. The dragon wiped her snout with the back of her paw and then enthusiastically licked at what she had gathered up. "You tasted different than usual, too..."

"I..." he paused, panting softly, unsure of how to approach the comment of his taste. "Well, there was more than usual just 'cause I haven't been jumped by you recently..." he let out a hoarse chuckle.

"What?" she asked between swipes of her paw. "You've been holding it all in since five days ago? Don't you lick yourself during days we don't mate?"

"Lick?" he cocked his head funny, and then laughed. "Nel, I can't bend over that much! My back doesn't work like that! No one's can!"

"You can't?" The dragon looked positively shocked, and she cocked her head. "Oh my gosh, how do you.... how do you cope?"

"I..." he smiled embarrassingly. "Well, um, guys use their hands...."

Penelope felt nothing but pity for her keeper, and the dragon curled her lip down. "No wonder you like it so much when I lick you then, if you can't even lick yourself...."

"Hey! Hands aren't so bad!" he laughed. "What about you? You got no thumbs, your toes too big... and you say you love it when I use my hands on you!"

Penelope showed off a rather demure smile. "... You got a point. And I do love that. But I love tongues too. Even your tongue, though its really, really small..."

Jacob pursed his lips. Though he knew it wasn't the dragon's intention, he wasn't sure what to think about being insulted for having a small tongue.

"I have a normal sized tongue, thank you very much..." he frowned.

"Not for a dragon..." Penelope teased him. She growled playfully, and placed a delicate forepaw on his chest. "But you make up for it in other ways..."

"Heh... you're really ready, aren't you?" he asked, glancing down to her slowly undulating hips.

The dragon let out a growl. "Mmm, Yesssss" she hissed. "Jake... I can't wait for you to-"

"Well..." a grin pulled across his lips, and he paused to take another breath. "Time to head back to the house!"

Jacob sat up with a bounce, causing Penelope to curl her fins back and let out a whine of disapproval.

"What? What do you mean?" she gawked, putting an objecting paw on his thigh.

"Father has to talk to you, remember?" He stared at her, stone-faced.

"But... but..." the dragon started, staring at him with pouting eyes. "Right now? I don't even get to.... You never-"

But a smile drew across Jacob's lips. "Hah, I'm just teasing ya, Nel!" he laughed, playfully patting her on the neck and pulling her close.

"Hey! That wasn't nice!" she pouted in his embrace.

Jacob affectionately rubbed up and down along the top of the dragon's snout, one of her favorite places to be pet. "Aw, come on, Penelope... I was just kidding. In fact, I was thinking that maybe we give you your turn for a bit while I recuperate?"

Penelope let out an excited gasp as Jacob ran a sensual hand down her scaled neck, slowly making way to her flank.

"Really?" she gushed.

Jacob nodded.

There it was, Penelope thought. Jacob was being forward again, showing his feelings again, taking control again. Seeing him get like this on his own accord, not having to pressure him to touch and pleasure anymore filled the dragon with all sorts of excitement.

Penelope was sure she was gonna love this...

...She knew it.

Jacob took Penelope's hind leg in hand and rolled the dragon to her side. Slowly, he slid his fingers down her scaled belly, fingers running across her plated scutes, finding a certain forbidden excitement as he trailed down further.

Penelope watched his face with hungry excitement. He wasn't just running his fingers across her, he was actually feeling her, caressing her, tracing out the contour of her scales, her body's curves. The sensual play of his hands made the dragon feel wanted, feel special, feel.... treasured, somehow. Penelope wasn't sure if that was even the right word for it, but it seemed to fit. She took in the decadent touch with a breath of exhilaration, wondering if this must be what he was afraid to show her... this desire for her, for her body. Where was all this behavior hiding the past few weeks?

The dragon was pulled out of her thoughts quickly, sucking in a sudden breath of air as Jacob brushed up against that cleft in her scales between her hind legs. His fingers explored, running everywhere, as Jacob himself was going on touch alone as he watched his dragon's mesmerized expression.

"Jake..." Penelope whispered, feeling enamored with her keeper at the moment. He gave a shy smile in return, but said nothing.

Jacob ran his fingers down between the dragon's legs, finding a soft spot of scales that was a bit warmer than the rest of her body. He took a finger and teased along the cloven entrance, quickly getting smeared with her wetness already, and massaged her outer folds a bit, spreading them and rubbing slowly with his hand.

Penelope laid back fully, spreading her wings and rolling onto her back, watching eagerly as Jacob stroked along her outer, scaled lips, teasing, running his finger around her sensitive nub in circles. The dragon let out a pleasured murmur as he gave her a few, agonizingly slow rubs before moving just inside her slit to trace along the entrance to her draconic vent. In stark contrast to the hardened scales elsewhere on her body, Penelope's skin down there was fleshy and soft, her plump mound yielding easily under a slight touch. He placed his fingers flat against her vent entrance and massaged her there, rubbing in circles.

"Mmm, Jake," Penelope cooed, laying back and relaxing, her hind legs twitching as Jacob's finger began to prod around the dragon's inner entrance. Scooting nearer to her side, Jacob held her close as his two middle fingers began to tease her, dipping just barely in between the entrance to her vent but never sliding inside. Grinning, he watched Penelope for her reaction.

It wasn't long before the dragon let out a huff. "Jacob.... You're teasing me, aren't you?"


She churred, her tail swaying wildly in the grass, the dragon finding this new behavior exciting. "Mmm, you naughty boy! That's not nice!"

"Well," he stroked along her flank. "I got to thinking.... You do it to me a lot, and fair's fair, right?"

Penelope growled playfully, trying to hump up into his fingers, raising her hips up with the help of her tail. He met her movements with his hand, denying her, and laughed.

"Stick them in!" She pleaded.


Penelope's eyes narrowed, and she gave a playful, though menacing growl. "Do it!"

"Or else what?" Jacob teased.

Penelope grinned with narrow eyes, trying once again to hump up into his hand. "Or else I'll jump you and make you do it."

"Oh really?" he asked, continuing to lightly prod at the entrance to her vent in an agonizingly slow pace, this time pushing just a little bit farther, sliding barely inside of her. "That doesn't sound too much like the good dragon that came out here with me...."

Penelope flared her fins out and back, both surprised and enticed by his retort. "Mrf.... you're getting good at this..."

That was one comment that caused a bout of genuine laughter out of Jacob. In return, he dipped his fingers in completely this time, slowly sinking in, spreading her sensitive entrance around his digits and feeling the soft, muscular passage wrap around him. At once Penelope let out a gasp and arched her back in glee, squeezing his fingers tight around her vent. Her tail rose up and thumped loudly on the ground.

"Mm! Yes!" she churred as her keeper began to work her slowly. Jacob let out a huff as he glided in her nearly effortlessly, the dragon being very ready for him if her wetness was any indication. He sunk inside her to the knuckle, then palmed her scaly mound and worked her, pressing his fingers deep inside at a slow pace. The dragon was warm inside, and temptingly soft and invitingly snug around his fingers... he couldn't help but feel himself getting a bit ready for round two already, thinking about how it would feel to mount her once more. He held Penelope's hind leg with his other hand, steadying her, watching the dragon react to his prodding touch as he slowly worked her as deep as he could go, his knuckles pressing hard against her slit lips, his fingers stroking along the inside of her, not just penetrating, but massaging as well. Penelope brought her forepaws to her chest and basked in the sensation, her tongue wetting her lips repeatedly as she let out tiny churrs.

After a while, the dragon spoke up.

"Mm, Jake..." she cooed at him, the lust in her voice unmistakable.


"I was thinking. Can you.... can you lick me again?" the dragon asked with baited breath, her eyes already begging for an answer. "Pretty pretty please?"

Jacob flinched. "You want me to?" he asked, slipping his now slick fingers from the dragon's vent.

Penelope bit her tongue and nodded anxiously, her armored tail swishing along the ground in anticipation. "Yes, pleeeeeaaase," she asked again, drawing the word out playfully.

Jacob bit his lip. It had taken him a lot of encouragement to put his mouth on the dragon's feminine area last time, and he wasn't exactly expecting to do it again. Not that he that he was turned off by it. Penelope, her body, it was just... different. Intimidating.

"Forget she's a dragon..." he thought to himself once more.... "Forget what she is...."

He thought for a moment, trying to muster the courage again, and then looked up to meet her gaze as a shy smile spread across his face. "Well, you said you've been a good dragon all week?"

Penelope smiled wide, causing the tip of her tongue to push out between her teeth. "Yes! And I've been good with the blowjob too!" She piped up, licking her lips a bit. "Right, Jake?"

He laughed. "Definitely."

"I've been so good..." she cooed to him, her tail still swishing along the grass, her expression imploring him to give in. "Come on, Jake..." she pleaded. "Just a little tiny lick. Just for a bit. Please? Just for a little while...."

Jacob held his hands up in the air. "Okay okay.... well, I suppose a good dragon need to be rewarded." He smiled.

Jacob watched as Penelope sucked in a sudden breath through flared nostrils. "So you'll..."

"I...." he laughed shortly at the thought of something to say, before finding it in himself to collect his thoughts and put on a good show for her. Jacob tired his best to keep a straight face, and then he spoke to the dragon in a low, silky smooth voice.

"Penelope, I'm gonna go down on you and lick you 'till you squeal."

Penelope's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. "Mrf!" the dragon churred in excitement, wriggled her hips in anticipation, kicking the air. "Mm, Jake, that was the right thing.... the right thing to say!" she growled heatedly, her wings fluttering slightly against the ground. "Grf, that was so hot! So hot!"

Jacob took in a deep breath, inwardly smiling from her reaction. No turning back now...

"Do it do it do it do it!" she pleaded. If it were at all possible, Penelope spread her hind legs even wider, looking back at him in abject excitement.

Jacob crawled over Penelope's tail and sat on it with his legs on either side. He then hunched down and stared at the dragon's intimate area, taking in the view of what he was about to go down on. Penelope's large, muscular hind legs gave the dragon a bit of a human-like butt which Jacob couldn't help but find a tad appealing. Her lavender hips contrasted with the creamy tan plating of her belly and undertail. Between her legs lay a slight mound parted by a vertical slit, covered in soft, tiny scales. That in its self wasn't too alien from his own kind, and Jacob was grateful for it. The lips were slightly parted and swollen, revealing a tiny hint of the pink flesh within. He could easily see the dragon was wet with arousal from the glisten on her scales. Her large clitoris, normally hidden inside her folds when unaroused, had gingerly poked out from its hood in the upper end of her slit. Below that, in the nook between her body and tail base, nested the dragon's indented tailhole. In contrast to the cooling evening air, the dragon's slit felt warm to the touch, and the whiff of her musky, earthy pheromones quickly became noticeable as he got his head closer.

Jacob took a nervous gulp of air, only to find himself breathing in more of her scent. He glanced back up at Penelope, who seemed anxious beyond words. A smile formed across his face as an idea came to him. Jacob then bent down and started to kiss and lick not where Penelope had expected, but along the dragon's inner thigh instead. He moved slowly, sensually, stroking her legs with his hands as he explored. Penelope let out a tiny coo, enamored with his new tactics.

"Mm, Jake... What's come over you? I love it!" she churred.

"I'm...." he let out a quiet laugh, pausing to look up. "I'm taking notes from you, believe it or not. You always make a big show out of giving me a blowjob, and I thought I'd try to do the same."

The dragon stared back at him in excitement, letting out an open-mouthed huff of arousal.

"Well... I really really like it! Mm...."

She watched as Jacob ran his hands across her smooth belly scales, feeling the firm texture of her waxy armor plating and the delicate musculature underneath. He moved his lips south, drawing them across her crotch scales slowly, until he began to near that one very sensitive area. But he danced around it, feeling her scaled skin get warmer, her smell getting stronger, and worked to tease the dragon while building up his courage to dive in.

He looked up at Penelope, and a pair of striking blue eyes stared back at him from between the dragon's hind legs. Her scaled chest rose and fell with short, excited breaths. He drew a grin across his face inadvertently matching the dragon's own look.

And then, a shadow of recognition flashed across his face. Jacob flinched, realizing for the first time that he really was starting to look at Penelope differently! Yes, she was still a dragon.... but for some reason, it was starting to be a bit different now. He wasn't sure how to feel about himself, if he should be happy or worried....

Jacob moved lower, starting to feel her mound on his kisses, feeling how plump and soft she was here, how easily the skin here gave way under the push of his lips in contrast to the rest of her body. The scales were small and waxy, a welcome contrast to the more rough, large ones on her back. Wisps of her flavor danced around his tongue, and as Jacob planted his lips right on her own, he got a good taste of her: that earthy, tangy flavor that he found difficult to place. He smacked his lips for a moment, taking a few seconds to adjust to the taste, to brace himself for what he was to do...

And then, he took a deep breath, bent down once more, and before Jacob knew it, he found his tongue delicately lapping across the dragon's slit.

"Ah!" Penelope gasped, growling softly in pleasure. He couldn't see it, but her thick, draconic toes on all four legs curled and flexed, grasping at nothing as the dragon slowly wiggled on the ground.

"Jake, that's so hot. I...." The dragon trailed off, unable to say much else beyond a pleasured "Yessssss" that devolved into a long hiss of an exhale.

She found herself torn between being able to sit back and relax, and to lean forward to watch him with her own eyes. But Penelope soon found that the decision had already been made, when the dragon realized she was unable to tear her eyes away, being enamored with the sight of him... the sight of her keeper's head down between her legs, licking her, pleasuring her!

She watched with utter glee as Jacob grabbed her hips and pressed her crotch into his face, opening his mouth and sticking in his tongue as far as he could possibly reach, wiggling it around and feeling the warm flesh give way to his prodding touch. He explored every nook and cranny of the warm vent and its soft outer scales, wishing his tongue could be everywhere at once. Penelope slowly squirmed on her back, her paws grasping and pulling up tufts of grass as she was pleasured. Feeling more and more eager by the moment, Jacob spread Penelope's slit with his fingers and began to lap his tongue inside of his dragon, and stroking her slick walls with his tongue, and chuckled when Penelope began to growl in a husky show of approval.

"Mrf! Don't stop, Jake!" she begged, though unlike previous times where Jacob was far more reluctant, Penelope felt she had nothing to worry about with him stopping at all. The thought comforted her, and allowed her to relax even more.

Jacob tongue was sending the dragon in conniptions. She squealed in spite of herself as his probing fingers found her clitoris, and lifted her legs even higher in the air, not wanting any of it to ever stop.

But she couldn't keep watch forever, and as the ache in her neck grew, Penelope decided to rest her tight muscles. She lay her forehead against the ground and the dragon closed her eyes, her lips curled in a tight smile as she felt the play of her keeper's warm tongue across her most sensitive areas. She reveled in the experience, taking in each second and wishing to savor every one as blooms of pleasure welled up inside of her. She felt his thick, stumpy human tongue travel up and down, splitting her cloven entrance, pushing them to the sides... Jacob was excitedly exploring her, her tongue traveling every which way. He mouthed and nibbled at her labia, kissed along her nub, delved his tongue back into her passage almost hungrily, wanting to feel it inside her vent once more. It wasn't long before a small orgasm brought the dragon through a long growl, her vent tightening around the tip of his tongue....

He held on to the dragon's haunches as Penelope growled and groaned, and when the dragon began to calm down, he lifted his head to check on her.

No sooner than he did, he found a forepaw on his head, pushing him back down. "Not yet," Penelope whispered, and Jacob laughed.

He didn't complain as the dragon's forepaws encouraged him to dive back down on her once more. Jacob didn't know what was coming over himself. It was like he felt inspired to explore everywhere, Spreading the scaled entrance with two fingers, he pressed his face deep between the dragon's legs and stuck his tongue into her vent once more. He couldn't get far with his tongue, and for a second wished he was more well-endowed in that area.

But he found himself enjoying where he could go, lapping along Penelope's muscular walls, feeling their smooth, slick texture of her vent on his taste buds. He enjoyed the slight constricting sensation of her vent's muscles tightening around his tongue tip as Penelope squeezed on it with glee. Lapping eagerly, Jacob wriggled his tongue deep inside her, stroking her silken walls, thinking about these sensations as they'd feel around his cock, and briefly became aware of the stiff erection pressing against her tail. He was beginning to ache for some kind of stimulation.... perhaps a hole to slide into.

"My tongue is getting tired..." Jacob gasped.

"Mrf, almost there..." Penelope groaned. "Just don't stop, Jake..."

He heard Penelope groaning, the dragon panting heavily, and felt her body constantly moving, undulating, squirming at his touch. She was getting close... And Jacob knew it wouldn't take much longer once he removed his fingers from her vent and began to pay attention to the sensitive little clitoris above.

That was the right spot: all of the sudden it was like the dragon was putty in Jacob's hands. His tongue was aching, but he moved on. Hearing her growls grow in his ears, Jacob replaced the tongue in her vent with his fingers, working her steadily, gliding in and out, curling his fingers to stroke along her walls. Meanwhile, he wrapped his lips firmly around the pink nub and suckled, massaging with his lips, flicking his tongue over it as best he could. The fleshy button was like flipping a switch for Penelope, and she gasped and squealed in shock at the pure intensity of the feelings. Jacob felt her hips jump up into his mouth, the dragon trying to mindlessly grind against him now that he was lathing attention to her clit. He held a firm suction over her sensitive little nub and lapped across it with his tongue hard, passing over it quickly, steadily, with each lap increasing the dragon's ecstasy. She began to feel that familiar filling sensation, a tightening in her body as her pleasure began to culminate into a large, imminent release....

And when it did release, Penelope felt like someone had tipped a huge barrel over her and dumped an incredible, rushing deluge of water.

A long, impassioned squeal escaped the dragon's lips. Penelope dug her nose into the dirt and arched her spine. Her back lifted off the ground as a powerful orgasm coursed through her body. Jacob did his best to hold on to the dragon with his free hand, slipping it under her buttocks and wrapping it around her scaly hips, holding her tight as she bumped and grinded against his mouth.

She kicked in the air, tail thumping between his legs as an intense, violent orgasm rocked her body. Her wings fluttered, kicking up grass and pollen. The dragon's forepaws moved on their own accord, snaking downward and grasping a hold of Jacob's hairy head. She pushed his face down into her. All the dragon wanted was more. More. More! She moaned that much, rocking into his tongue and fingers mindlessly as draconic fluids oozed from her clenching, convulsing vent out onto her tail base. She held him there for a while, her brain devoid of thought or logic, as she rode the indescribable feelings out. And Jacob held on, his arms wrapped around the dragon's hips, holding her tight as she grinded against his mouth and tongue.

As Penelope came off her senseless, mindless high, she felt dazed... shocked, even. Not even the bath had been this intense, though she had orgasmed more times then. Panting as she came back down to earth, she thought why this was for a while, before eventually coming to a conclusion: It was because Jacob was more willing this time. Because he was more eager this time, more willing to pleasure her, to make her feel good... She saw how much he wanted her. And seeing it all was such a rush!

Penelope pulled his head up roughly. Jacob looked to be a bit shocked to find his head held tightly between her paws like that, with her claws digging into his scalp. His eyes quickly met her gaze. The dragon panted hard, her eyes narrowing into slits as she let out short, husky breaths.

"Take me," she growled.

That was it. Just a simple demand. And that was all it took. Jacob sat up, wiped his wet face against the back of his arm, and jumped on his dragon eagerly, dragging his erection over the cleft of scales between her legs. His hair was all messy and wild looking from her claws running through it. His skin was warm and pliable from the increased bloodflow through his body. Tiny beads sweat caused his chest and forehead to lightly glisten. His cheeks were rosy, as if he bore a permanent blush. And his expression, the furrowed brow, the open mouth and slight smile, was that of desire. Jacob looked so focused to the dragon... he looked ready to mate. Ready to mount her.

Penelope loved that look.

The dragon let out a tiny gasp of pleasure as she felt the pressure of his cock against her slit, and arched her back in reflex as she felt her inner passage stretch open, her walls pushed aside by his girth, tickled by his tip. He slid slow enough to be what seemed like an eternity to Penelope, reaching far deeper than his tongue or finger could go. His cock felt incredibly hot inside of her, and his thickness, his length, he was so much larger than his tongue or fingers... it was all so delicious!

Jacob sunk in to the base of his shaft, feeling the entirety of his cock enveloped in her warm and well-lubricated vent. He pressed farther in, pushing his hips to the dragon's own, feeling her scaled body push back into him eagerly. He looked back at Penelope, who was busy appearing positively enamored with having her keeper mount her once more. Jacob slowly moved his hips, lightly grinding against her, getting used to the feeling of waxy scales against his crotch. The hot, silky embrace that snugly wrapped around his cock made it nearly impossible to keep his hips from moving on their own. He felt his balls rubbing, sliding against the smooth scutes on the underside of her tail base as he slowly sunk into her.

"Mm..." Jacob let out, closing his eyes and enjoying the slow, casual pace. "Nel, you feel so good..."

Giggling deviously, Penelope lifted her hind legs up and Jacob found them suddenly crossed behind his hips. They held on tightly.

"Hey..." he muttered in mild surprise.

Penelope reached out with her forepaws, grabbing him around the waist. And with a quick yank, Jacob fell down against her belly with a grunt. He barely had time to react when the dragon rolled to the left, taking him with her until it was Penelope that was on top of him now, her hips on either side of his legs and her forepaws over his shoulders.

"Nel!" he gasped, sputtering a bit. "What the-"

The dragon gave a heated growl. "Not like that, Jake," she panted. "Too slow." She bent down and licked heatedly along his neck. Somewhere along the tussle, he had slipped out of the dragon, and Penelope eagerly rocked her hips against Jacob's own once more. "Mmm, you were just about the hottest thing ever licking me like that... and now I don't want to go slow anymore. I want to go fast. So I'm taking control again."

Jacob began to say something, but he was cut off by a reflexive gasp as Penelope playfully bit into his neck, which was quickly followed by a heated lick along the bite mark.

"You could have just asked..." he grunted.

"But that's not as fun, now, isn't that, Jake?" the lavender-and-daffodil dragon churred quietly, grinding into his hips once more as she took the tip of his lobe between her lips and nibbled at it, pulling hard. He heard her hot breath blow through her nostrils and right into his ear, and knew he couldn't bring himself to argue. The sensation of those waxy scales grinding against his groin in all sorts of licentious ways was making it hard to think. Penelope let out a terse growl as she heatedly lapped at his neck once more.

"Jake... you hot little thing... with your hot tongue, fingers and saying hot things... Mrf!" the dragon shivered and flexed her wings, pawing at his chest wantonly. "I'm going to ride you right here in the middle of the trail, right now."

"Cripes, Nel!" he gasped.

The dragon let out a throaty growl. "I'm going to ride you and bounce on you and mate you until it's your turn to squirm fill me with your seed." Penelope accentuated her point with a hard push of her scales into his hips.

Jacob sucked in a sudden breath out of arousal... the dragon certainly knew how to talk! "Oh geeze... you're reminding me of when you were still in heat!"

The dragon giggled deviously and gave a rough, heavy lick to Jacob's chest. "Oh? Do you miss that, Jake? You miss when I'm in heat?" she cooed.

The question caused Jacob to bite his lip. Penelope had struck a chord, and both him and the dragon had noticed. "Whew! Just.... next time, I'm on top. Okay?"

Nodding silently, Penelope giggled. Leaning back, the dragon then reared up on her hind legs, aiming to have Jacob's cock inside her once more. Her wings momentarily spread out for balance as she straddled his erection carefully and sat fully on him, sliding down and spreading her passage around his cock in one fluid motion. She rested her weight on his body with a satisfied sigh in feeling his shaft deep inside, squeezing him with her internal muscles and clenching tight. And then the dragon snaked a forepaw down her belly, running over the yellowish scutes there, until she came to that spot between her thighs.

"Jake..." she whispered, taking two toes and spreading her folds wide, showing off the pink, exposed skin, and his cock that was deeply nestled inside her entrance. She spread her vent a bit, slightly rubbing herself with her paws, and then reached up pulled back the little covering around the sensitive nub inside the top of her slit as she rocked against him slowly.

"Touch me," she grinned, exposing the tip of her tongue between her teeth.

He looked up at her, grinning for a moment, and snaked his hand over the dragon's thighs. His fingers snuck down in between her legs as Penelope continued to rock her body against him, her hips causing Jacob's shaft to glide in and out of her silky passage.

"Ah-h-h!" Penelope cried as she felt his fingers begin to rub. The dragon squirmed a bit from the stimulation, her leathery wings seemingly grasping at the air around her. "Yesss." she hissed. "Now..."

Penelope planted both forepaws on Jacob's chest. And then, with the delightful thumb running across her nub, she began to rock in earnest, using her hind legs and tail for leverage to lift her hips up high and ride Jacob's shaft all the way down. Looking down at her keeper, she then set to repeat the motion with a devious grin spread across her snout.

"Gosh, Nel..." he gasped, finding himself smitten with her drive and energy. The dragon's rambunctious behavior just seemed to energize him. Her attitude was more infectious than any disease, catchier than any song. The strangely serpentine movement of her hips, the sway of her thick tail as it brushed up against his legs, and the exotic, and admittedly naughty feeling of her reptilian body on top of his own lit a forbidden fire in Jacob's chest.

Jacob braced himself and held on. Every downward jolt of her hips rocked his body... Though small for a dragon, with her torso slightly bigger than his own, Penelope was still quite heavier than him and the weight of her frame on top of his own was something that took getting used to.

And before he knew what he was doing, the hand cupping Penelope's scaled slit was speeding up, thumbing across her nub even faster, and his free hand was moving to the dragon's hips. He reached around to her haunches as she humped into him and gripped her scales firmly, causing Penelope to let out a husky growl of approval.

"Mm. I like that... you holding me," she churred. "Squeeze my butt!" Jacob laughed, and he gave the dragon a delightful squeeze that had Penelope cooing in excitement.

Penelope bucked roughly against his hips, causing his cock to rock and press against the inner walls of her vent in all sorts of delicious ways. Jacob felt her hind legs tense up in his hands as the dragon suddenly tensed her legs and gasped as another orgasm coursed through her body. Jacob held her, steadily thumbing across her clitoris, causing the dragon to rear her head back and groan nonsensical sounds of growls and half-words of pleasure. Jacob felt her muscular passage spring to life and constrict his shaft with surprising tightness, causing him to grip her legs with both hands hard in reflex.

But the dragon was not done. After coming down from her high and giving herself a moment to pant things out, she licked her lips and went right back to her ministrations. She swayed forward and up, then back and down in a cyclic motion that brought Jacob's cock rubbing against her sensitive vent in all sorts of wonderful ways.

"Mmmm..." Penelope murmured, already quite into the act of sitting on top of her keeper. Though the position was not her first choice, the control it offered her, and the feeling of assertiveness and power that came with it was all quite a thrill for the young dragon.

Already half gone, Penelope placed her forepaws on her keeper's chest and continued using her tail to help her hind legs for leverage, flexing it against the ground between Jacob's legs to lift her hips. The strange movement was causing the dragon's body to undulate with a wild, almost serpentine movement that drove Jacob crazy. Muscles contracted and relaxed in rhythm as Penelope rode her keeper roughly, causing him to bounce slightly against the ground. The dragon was focused and virile in Jacob's arms. She was growling under her breath, eyes closed, expression focused on that wonderful little organ being thrust deep inside on every push. She panted hard on his chest; Jacob felt the dragon's hot breath pour over his skin.

"Ah!" Jacob cried, as the dragon mercilessly rode him. She let out an indecipherable mumble as another orgasm worked its way through her body. After riding it out, Penelope paused once more. The dragon briefly opened her eyes, and Jacob watched as her electric blue pupils contracted as she focused on his face. Immediately, her lost, dazed expression tightened into a smile as her eyes found his own. Penelope giggled.

"Jake... you're so hot," she gushed.

"You...." Jacob gulped and swallowed hard. "You are too."

Penelope gave a long churr at his words and heatedly licked his cheek. They meant a lot to the dragon, even if she could see admitting them was a tad uncomfortable for her keeper.

"Are you close?" the dragon panted, flicking her tongue across his neck.

"Uh..." Jacob nodded profusely. His cheeks were flushed red. "Getting there."

Penelope's eyes flashed open wide again. "Good. I want you to come inside of me, Jake," The dragon grunted, her voice husky and heated on her tongue. "Finish in me, claim me as your mate."

"As her what?!" Jacob thought in surprise.

But the word was quickly shoved to the back of his mind: the frenzied dragon immediately resumed her humping, and his mind found the sensation of a horny dragon riding him to be a tad more important at the moment. Jacob gasped and held on tight as the dragon increased her pace even further. Penelope was moving at an almost frenzied pace. Each time she slammed down on his hips hard, and the dragon churred delightfully as she felt his girth spreading her walls wide.

Jacob could feel his own orgasm approaching as his insides began to swell with a feeling of pleasure. He was at the mercy of the steady bouncing of her hips. Jacob groaned again, holding on for dear life as the feeling of orgasm grew. His legs shot out and his hands dug into the dragon's butt hard, gripping her scales firmly as the aggressive motion of her hips brought about his climax.

Penelope let out a pleasured growl as she felt Jacob's hips start to jerk. She flexed around his shaft, tightening her passage around him in delight as she felt his shaft flex and pulse in time with his bursts of fluid. Penelope watched Jacob almost greedily as he came, biting her lip and letting out a quiet whine in satisfaction, feeling thrilled to be filled up and claimed by her mate. In an instant, the thought spurned images of some horny drake between her legs, a male dragon by the name of Jacob grasping her hide with hardened claws, his tail intertwined with her own, his shaft penetrating deep, seeding her, filling her up and marking her as his mate.

The fantasy was enough to set the dragon off one last time, and she arched her back and clawed at the ground, wings extending and fluttering anxiously, her throat letting out a draconic groan as the pair's juices mingled together deep inside her vent. The combined fluids, having been built up after her multiple orgasms, leaked out of the dragon's slit and dribbled down Jacob's balls in slimy trails.

For a while, there was only pleasure.

But as the euphoria subsided, senses and surroundings came back into focus. The first thing that Penelope noticed was the sounds of panting from both herself and the human between her legs. Quietly, she opened her eyes and held eye contact for a brief moment. Jacob looked back at her wide-eyed and flushed in the cheeks. The pair looked at eachother in silence for a moment as both human and dragon caught their breath.

Penelope giggled at her human's almost shocked expression. "That was.... Mmm." She licked her lips and churred in contentment.

"Mm, I so needed that..." she crooned, and Jacob agreed, though silently and to himself. Having the lavender dragon ride him so wildly seemed to just hit the spot after their week-long break from sex. Jacob took in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh, feeling a warm sense of satisfaction and calm. He felt like he could lie there forever.

"Whew!" Jacob panted. "Seems like you had a lot of pent up energy..."

Penelope bit her tongue and grinned. "Having you lick me was just so hot..." The dragon playfully humped against him once more. " And the rest, too... Everything you did was just so hot, and it got me hot."

Jacob sheepishly smiled. "Well, sounds like you've been pretty hot, then..." he laughed.

"Yessss..." Penelope hissed teasingly, and playfully rocked into his hips once more.

"I..." Jacob paused to swallow his awkward feelings away. "Well, Nel... I'm glad you liked it, cause I've been trying to open up a bit more and all...."

"And I loved it so much! Thank you, Jake," Penelope cooed, and bent down to lick his cheek.

Jacob was about to reply, but he was interrupted by the dragon once more.

"Mm, you taste so salty!" she exclaimed, licking her lips as she placed the flavor of his sweat, and then deciding to go in for more. Jacob laughed and brought a hand up to Penelope's cheek to give her a pat.

"Okay, Nel... You can lick all you want, but I need you to get off," he laughed. "My back is killing me."

Penelope let out a disappointed whine but acquiesced, standing up slowly and letting the now softening member slip out of her wet vent. Jacob looked down. Both of their crotch areas were now a complete mess. She had gotten him a bit more wet than usual, just like how Penelope had noticed with his own fluids earlier.... Perhaps Penelope had a lot pent up as well!

"Ooh..." he said, sitting up slowly with a groan and rubbing his backside, which he had noticed minutes ago was becoming sore. "Man.... I swear, Nel, it felt like you were trying to gonna pound my hips into the ground."

Penelope giggled, rolling to her side. "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Playfully, she leaned in to give a couple of licks to Jacob's cock, eager to taste their combined fluids.

"Mm, its funny when its all soft and squishy..." She churred, pushing around with his flaccid member with her dexterous tongue.

Chuckling, Jacob let the dragon clean him, becoming used to this odd post-sex activity. He spread his legs to allow access to his balls, which were also thoroughly licked. When she had finished, she then ducked her head down between her hind legs to clean up her own body.

Finding Jacob's seed oozing out of her own slit brought a certain kind of excitement to the dragon, just feeling and tasting it inside of her was a tiny thrill. She took her time to enjoy the act of cleaning herself out with her tongue as Jacob stood up and stretched.

It was only just now that Jacob had begun to notice just how uncomfortable lying down had been for him. "Gah, my skin..." he turned around in a circle, clawing at his back. "It's itching like hell from laying on the grass.... Next time we gotta bring a blanket or something, 'kay? I think I need to jump in the pond really quick, I'll be right back." He turned for the lake.

Penelope found the complaint curious, and she paused her licking for a brief moment, but decided to say nothing as Jacob walked towards the water. How odd... grass never gave her scales such trouble!

Jacob walked to the edge of the shallows and stuck his toes in, finding the water not as warm as he would have liked. He waded out quickly, feeling his feet sink into the slimy mud, and swam to deeper, less muddy depths. The cool water gave him instant relief on his warm and itchy skin. Jacob's mind quickly turned to its self as he began to wash off.

With the temptation of arousal now free from his mind, lingering doubts and shame were quick to replace it. He could no longer tell himself he didn't like laying with his dragon, but the mere recollection of what he had just done with her struck a pained sense of guilt and shame in his mind that he just could never seem to shake. Sighing in frustration, Jacob submerged his head and came up on his back, taking in a deep breath and floating on his back in the calm water.

"Penelope's a person first and dragon second..." he repeated to himself.

Just reflecting on the words a bit seemed to help. A whisper of a smile formed across his face as he dropped the issue of species and focused on how exciting the sex was between them. It was thrilling... fun, even.

"Man," Jacob thought with a smile. "Maybe I could get used to this...."

And then all of the sudden, Jacob flinched back to reality. "My gosh, what am I saying? Cripes..."

As if to wash away the thoughts of his dragon out of his head, he abruptly submerged his head once again and came up with a gasp. He looked up at the sky... it was nearing dusk. Mosquitos would be out soon. Jacob frowned.

All of the sudden there was a swoosh and a splash, and Jacob sputtered and flailed in surprise at the wave of water that carried over his head.

"Nel!" he laughed. As the spray of water and waves subsided, Jacob saw his dragon had taken a running jump and flown out to meet him. Penelope paddled around in a circle in the dark water with all four legs and churred.

"You looked so happy out here... and I liked seeing you out here, looking all naughty being naked," she giggled. "Let's go swim!"

He smiled and shook his head. "My gosh, you silly dragon... We can't stay. Father's got to be waiting for us by now."

"Aw..." Penelope pouted, but the dragon obediently followed as Jacob made his way to shore.

"You know, Jake" she began, slowly wading to dry ground. "I was thinking.... I like being mated on my back, but I like being on top too. Its fun.... I get this rush.... like suddenly, I feel in control of everything, and you're my little human, and I'm in control of you. And that's fun," she nodded assuringly.

Jacob hid a smile as the dragon fluttered her wings, shaking off droplets of water everywhere.

"And so I was thinking... is that what you feel like, when you're on top?" The dragon cocked her head as she awaited an answer.

"I..." Jacob awkwardly cleared his throat as he quickly patted himself dry with his undershirt and hastily threw his clothes back on. "Um, I suppose," he admitted. Truthfully, he had never really thought about it before.

It was clear from her expression that the dragon expected more out of him, so Jacob reluctantly continued. "Well..." he sighed. "I think it's thrilling to be in control, yes. To be able to move at my own pace, do what I want... And, I dunno, I just like it." he shrugged. "It makes me feel...." Jacob scrunched up his expression. "Manly, I guess." He gave an awkward chuckle.

"Manly, huh?" The dragon circled him slowly, sizing Jacob up. "I like that... A big, strong and fiesty male to jump on my back to mount me hard...Mm."

"Cripes, so much sex talk with you..." he shook his head, causing the dragon to laugh softly.

"Well, I like sex talk!" the dragon suddenly decided.

Playfully, Penelope leapt behind Jacob with a single, graceful bound as he continued to dress. She found something to do as Jacob bent over to gather his shoes.


Jacob jumped, grabbing the spot where his rear end had been nipped. Penelope giggled.

"Your butt is cute... I just wish it had a tail."

Jacob gave half a laugh, but the comment stuck in his mind and made him pause.

He cocked his head. "Say... during sex, you were thinking about me as a dragon again, weren't you?"

Penelope immediately frowned and ducked her head. "No! Well, yes..." she admitted. "But I-"

"Nel!" he reassured her. "It's okay, you silly goofball of a dragon!" he said and chuckled. "I'm not upset or jealous over it."

"Okay..." she muttered. It was clear she still felt a tad guilty regardless of what Jacob told her.

"Well? What color was I this time?" he teased.

The comment caused the dragon to smile a bit, revealing the tip of her pink tongue through her lips. "Green..." she shyly replied. "You're always green. It's just that... when you were coming in me, I got this idea popping into my mind that you were a dragon, but you were still Jake, too..."

"Yeah?" Surprising himself, Jacob actually felt a tad curious about his dragon's fantasies. He felt a grin forming across his face.

Penelope closed her eyes, trying to re-imagine the moment. "And you were between my legs, and our tails were wrapped around eachother, and your claws were digging into my scales... "

The dragon paused for a moment, reliving the fantasy.

"Mm... And you were claiming me, seeding me so I could get eggs."

Penelope reopened her eyes, surprised to find that Jacob was no longer smiling. He was now completely stone-faced.

"What, Jake?"

"Eggs..." he grimaced. "Why does it got to be eggs?"

The very notion of offspring filled Jacob with unease, as did understanding it was somehow, beyond all logic, a persistent and pleasant fantasy for the dragon.

Penelope frowned. "Well, you told me we couldn't have eggs because you're human, but deep down inside I kept hoping maybe it wasn't true..."

Jacob sighed. "Nel, it's been a few weeks and nothing's happened... isn't that proof enough?"

"Well, yeah... and so I thought, maybe you were right all along and it'd only work if you were a dragon...."

Jacob let out a huff and put a hand on the dragon's back. "Exactly, you need another dragon, Penelope... it's just not possible between you and me," causing Penelope to pout and let out a whine of disapproval.

"And thank goodness for that," he added, to himself.

The mere thought that his dragon wished for eggs caused a great deal of aprehension for Jacob. He was just now starting to let himself accept the dragon as a partner for sex, and all this egg business filled him with shadows and whispers of the dragon wanting much more than that. Jacob wasn't sure what to think of it all, what to think of his dragon, her feelings and desires...

Dusk was falling quickly. Jacob saw buzzing gnats in front of his face. He needed to get out before the mosquitoes found him as well.

"Nel, we need need to hurry up and hit the road, but when we do, we need to talk." He threw his collared shirt over his back and buttoned up, having decided to forgo his now wet undershirt entirely.

"What is it?"

"It's..." Jacob pursed his lips tightly together as the fresh memory of Penelope's voice crying out "claim me as your mate" wormed through his mind once more.

"It's about us." he said, flatly.

The dragon looked utterly puzzled. "What do you mean, Jake?"

He put his hands on his hips. "I mean, like... our relationship, and..." he trailed off, suddenly finding himself unsure of what to say.

"Well, Jake, I'm so happy that you're more okay with us mating now." She bent in and affectionately nuzzled Jacob's cheek as he fumbled with putting his shoes back on. "I really, really like this new you. In fact, we should mate again tomorrow."

Jacob chuckled. "Tomorrow? Ha ha..." He pat her snout. "That's not quite what I was talking about, though..."

Penelope giggled. "But I'm serious! You made me really really happy." The dragon seemed to pause for a moment. "In fact, when we get back, I want to give you a gift."

Jacob froze in place, right in the middle of looping his belt.

A gift.... not another gift.

The dragon had given him a gift once before... a tiny trinket from her box of knick-knacks and treasures that the dragon had collected over the years. Last time it had been a little golden clockwork gear. The very mention of another gift brought the image of that little gear still sitting on his dresser. He had no idea how Penelope had managed to get her claws on it in the first place, or why she seemed so adamant on giving it to him.

There was one thing Jacob was certain of: Penelope was a dragon, and dragons loved to hoard. You never heard of dragons giving away possessions. Penelope would often get upset by Jacob just joking about taking from her box. So why then....

"Nel..." he began, his voice sounding pained. "You don't have to, really..."

"No." She glanced at him before looking away quickly. "I... I want to." The dragon looked guarded.


The dragon looked pained. "I want you to have it!"


"I'm not changing my mind this time!"

Jacob sighed. "Such a persistent dragon..." he thought.

"See, this is what I was talking about," Jacob huffed. The high-pitched whine of an insect filled his left ear, and he swiped at it.

"What?" the dragon looked concerned.

"It', hold still." He began to saddle up his dragon once more, slipping the padded leather loops around her belly and chest and buckling them tightly.

Penelope sat down, looking upset as Jacob strapped her bridle back on.

"You got that unhappy face again.... the face you always used to have after mating..." she pouted.

"Well..." he sighed in exasperation. Jacob saw no other way than to just approach the subject head-on. "Why are you giving me gifts, Nel?"

The dragon looked down, appearing deep in thought. "I... why do you care?"

"I care because I'd like to know what's going on between us, with our..." He hesitated for a brief moment. "...Relationship, and stuff. Here, lets talk on the ride back."

Jacob swung his leg over the dragon and planted himself firmly on her harness, nestled right between her wings. Penelope let out a tiny grunt as she braced herself to bear her keeper's weight.

"Lets get going," he said, and nodding, Penelope took off.

Jacob began to feel chilly as the evening air washed over his wet skin. He stifled a shiver and continued talking as the dragon briskly trotted along the dirt path back to the house.

"I just want to know what's going on between us. What all this..." he winced. "This sex, and stuff means. You know, what your feelings are for me and such..."

"My feelings?" Penelope furrowed her brow. "I... I like mating, and I like you, Jake..."

The words were familiar to Jacob, and he always thought them to be a peculiar way for the dragon to describe her feelings. Before, he had been content to leave it at that. This time, however, the words only served to cause a bit of frustration to well up inside his chest.

"But... what does that mean?" He spoke, through a clenched jaw.

Penelope briefly looked back in confusion. "I... I don't know what else you want me to say..." Jacob grimaced.

There was a period of silence as the pair made their way back to the house.

Jacob decided to try another approach. "So you really like me?"


It was clear from her tone of voice that the dragon thought it a rather odd and needless question.

"Do you really, really like me?"


Jacob hesitantly took one step further. "...Do you love me?"

Penelope giggled. "Of course, Jake! And I love food, and I love mating, and I love swimming and flying and sunny days where I can bask and lounge outside..." Penelope looked quite pleased with herself. "I love a lot of things."

Jacob grunted in frustration. It was quickly becoming clear just how difficult of a conversation this was going to be. It wasn't as if he could just ask if they were dating or not, or how serious the relationship was... he already knew Penelope would not know what to say. The ideas had always been foreign to her, and in turn, it had taken a while for Jacob to realize just how human of a concept relationships were. In fact, her understanding of marriage didn't go much farther than knowing if you wear a plain gold ring, that meant you either had kids, or at least were trying to-

"Oh cripes," he muttered in surprise.

That was it.

That must be why Penelope was giving him gifts of gold...

The dragon fancied herself to be married to him! Suddenly the idea of Penelope wanting eggs seemed to make a lot more sense...

"Oh my gosh, Nel... What do you think about marriage?"

The dragon slowed to a stop along the dirt path back to the house.


The dragon ducked her head. "I... well, I never wanted to say it out loud, cause I thought you'd get upset.... but it sounded like something fun humans do when they mate, and since we like eachother a lot and we're mating already, I thought it would be fun to be married too..."

"And the gear..."

"I just didn't have any rings.... but my gift was close enough to still count, right?" The dragon sounded hopeful.

Jacob tried to stifle his smile. "So your plan was to marry me without telling me."

Penelope winced. "Yes...." The dragon whined softly, feeling horrible for being caught in another dirty trick. "Jake, I'm sorry, but I really wanted to be married and since we were already mating I didn't think it would change anything... I just didn't want you getting upset so please forgive me... You're not mad, are you?"

Jacob laughed, startling the dragon. It was not a reaction she expected at all.

"Penelope, what do you think marriage is?"

The dragon frowned. "Its when you give someone a golden ring to mate and have kids..."

"Bingo! Looks like I hit the nail on the head." Jacob thought. "Nel, I have some bad news..." he began.

The dragon looked back and whined in objection. "Please don't get upset, Jake! I just... I wanted it. Being married... it makes me feel happy, okay?" She huffed in exasperation.

Jacob flinched at her words. "I..." he sunk his head. He could see the backside of the mansion in the distance... They would be home in a few minutes. It really wasn't a good time to sit and explain what marriage really was to the dragon.

If all that was important to the dragon about marriage was that they were together and having sex...

"Okay, Nel, we're married," he relented, patting her neck with his hand. "Just keep that a secret too, okay?"

"What, really?" Penelope immediately perked up, her eyes flashing wide. "So you're okay with it? Oh, Jake..." the dragon trilled happily, and excitedly resumed her trotting, practically prancing down the trail.

"Mm, best trail ride ever!"

Jacob couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head. Sooner or later, he knew he'd need to explain to the dragon what marriage really was, but maybe for now, maybe there wasn't any harm in letting the dragon be happy....


The short dip into the lake turned out to be a good cover for why the pair were out so long... According to Jacob, they had gone for an impromptu swim and forgot about the time.

His father had come out to meet the pair before he had even made it to the door. Jacob could easily make out his mildly dissatisfied expression from the light of the lantern in his hand. In a way, Jacob thought his being here was good providence: Penelope had never even gotten the chance to give him whatever gift she had mentioned prior. Desmond was there, and with Penelope distracted by his presence, the dragon had all but forgotten.

Simply having his father back in the picture reminded Jacob with a twinge of panic that he wanted to speak to the dragon privately about some work for tomorrow. That in itself wasn't the problem, as the dragon often ran small errands for Desmond in the past. But Jacob also knew his father had become somewhat suspicious over the time he had been spending with his dragon recently... and his sense of shame over the act brought about a feeling of paranoia.

Jacob tried to hold his composure as Penelope cantered up close to the back of the mansion.

"Your mother was starting to get a little worried," Desmond spoke flatly.

"Ah, come on, Father," Jacob waved him off. "I'm not Mother's little baby anymore. I'm a university student now... Heck, I'm old enough to buy my own horse!"

Desmond leaned in and nudged Jacob in the ribs. "That's what I told her." he said, smiling. "I know my boy can take care of himself." His expression then quickly sobered. "But still, as long as you still live in this house I expect you to be responsible and tell someone where you're going. You know better than that, Jacob. Now go on, and I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Nodding passively, Jacob escorted Penelope into her stable, removed her riding equipment, and gave her one last pat on the cheek.

"See you tomorrow, Jake," she cooed. Jacob looked back at her, his expression all contorted into a look of anxiety and worry. He leaned close to the side of her head and whispered a few terse words.

"Remember... whatever Father asks, we keep it all a secret," he hissed.

Penelope looked back wide-eyed and nodded. Jacob then shut the door and headed inside. He needed to get the smell of muddy water off of his skin.

Thankfully, it hadn't taken the maids too long to heat up some water and prep the bath. Jacob disrobed and soaped up silently, his mind running wild with all the possible scenarios going on between his father and his dragon, each more uncomfortable to think about than the next. He knew the dragon tended to not be a very convincing liar, and if it came to that...

"Maybe Penelope would let something slip", he thought. "Maybe Father will be marching straight up here in a few minutes to demand answers. Maybe he's talking to Mother right now about what to do with her.

"Or maybe Penelope gushed about being mates and wanting to have eggs with me and he just fainted from shock..."

Jacob gave a wry smile. "Eggs..." he mumbled to himself, staring down into the soapy water in the porcelain tub. "Cripes, why is she always going on about wanting eggs?"


Meanwhile, out in the backyard of the mansion, there was a knock on Penelope's stable door. The sound of a latch clicked, and then, the top half of the dutch door swung open, revealing the upper body of Jacob's father.

"Penelope... come here," he motioned.

Desmond did not like to enter the dragon's stable, feeling uncomfortable what with being alone in her personal space behind a closed door. He waited patiently for Penelope to approach the door and sit down obediently.

But to Desmond's annoyance, the dragon instead jumped up on the door ledge and got right his face.

"Yes, Dessie?" She asked with a happy smile.

"Ah! Down, dragon!" he gesticulated at her angrily. "Off, off, on all fours!"

"Oh..." her fins flattened against her head and the dragon reluctantly sat down on her haunches. "Sorry."

Desmond removed the pair of horn-rimmed glasses from his face and paused to wipe the lenses clean on his shirt.

"Penelope," he sighed. "I have a big job for you tomorrow."

The dragon did her best to respond politely, wishing to appease. "Yes, Dessie? What is it? Do you need me to deliver something?"

Penelope was familiar with the various errands that Desmond often asked the dragon to perform. Most often, it was letter or parcel delivery, to keep communication between the various facets of his large trading empire. Being free, Penelope was far cheaper and sometimes even faster than the postal service, who could certainly not be expected to lend either dragon or horse for personal business.

Penelope did not mind the tasks, but they were often difficult for her, as flying over city on her own and trying to find the right person was often a daunting and confusing ordeal. But the job was not without its perks: some of Desmond's employers were rather enamored with the dragon's cute charm and often tipped her with a coin or bit of food whenever she happened to arrive, which Penelope always enthusiastically accepted.

"Not this time..." Desmond spoke, choosing his words carefully. "You see, this is a very special job. A very important job...." he leaned forward, his voice narrowing to a hiss. "... a very secret job..."

Penelope's eyes opened up wide. "Ooh! What is it? Tell me!" she shouted, excitedly standing up and drawing close.

Desmond smiled, happy to see the dragon's interest piqued. "Now Penelope," he began, putting on a show of concern. "Before I tell you, you must swear to not tell anyone." he nodded. "Not even Jacob."

Penelope sucked in a gasp. "But... But.... why?"

"Because it's a secret job," he calmly explained, holding his palms out.

About a hundred different expressions danced across the dragon's face. "It's... really important, right?" she asked, tentatively.

Desmond nodded sympathetically. "Oh, it is... And I understand it might make you feel conflicted, Penelope. But this is a really big job..." he leaned in close. "And I really need you for it."

Desmond trusting her with an important job... this was a first! Penelope puffed out her chest, feeling excited to be considered worthy for such a special assignment. "I... Okay, I can do it, I swear! You can depend on me! I'll do a good job, you'll see..."

Desmond tilted his head slightly. "But you need to promise to keep it a secret from everyone, remember? The maids, my wife, my son..."

"Yes... I promise." Penelope put on a serious face for him and nodded profusely. "I'll keep it secret."

"Good," he nodded, smiling broadly, and leaned forward, folding his palms over the lower door. "Now, listen carefully, dragon: here's what I'm going to have you do...."


"That's it!" Jacob suddenly shouted, to no one in particular.

He was still in the bathtub, and had been thinking for quite a bit in the soapy, and now lukewarm water. All the talk Penelope was going on about wanting eggs, about imagining him as a dragon during sex; all the talk of "marriage" and wanting to be happy being with someone else....

"Penelope just needs to meet another dragon!"

Spending much of her life on a somewhat secluded mansion property, Penelope had never gotten many chances to meet others of her kind, which were already a rare site to begin with. Perhaps, Jacob reasoned, that was why she was taking such a fancy for him instead.

The last time she had met a male dragon... Jacob had to think hard about when that was. It must have been over a year ago, before the dragon had was even sexually mature. Now that she was regularly entering heat, she had no one else to look to...

... Except Jacob himself, of course!

Jacob knew that unfortunately, dragons were now a rather uncommon site in the city. Years ago, one could find a dragon serving as armored mounts in the royal army, the police, or as common modes of transportation, but due to increasing levels of strain and antagonism, nowadays such a sight was rare. Horses, it turned out, were cheaper, easier to feed and care for, and perhaps most importantly, they were far more subservient.

"Never once saw a horse talk back," Jacob had heard once, from a patrolman on the city streets.

The majority of dragons lived feral, free from servitude, and stayed far, far away from human society. Most wanted no part of humans to begin with. But even now, one might still see a dragon still working for the postal system, or some other odd job that would appeal to the creatures. The ones born in captivity had no choice, of course, but even a feral dragon would agree to a job for the promise of a warm place to sleep, a steady food supply, and the right amount of gold! One only had to get lucky and find one in the city....

... and then there was just the matter of convincing Penelope to say hello. Getting to know her own kind a bit more might do the dragon some good. And perhaps, with some luck, Jacob thought, he'd be a little closer to figuring out the complicated little conundrum going on between the two...

Jacob sat back in the tub with a satisfied sigh. "Maybe I can find time to take a trip down town with her tomorrow."


"I... I don't know if I can do this job..." Penelope mumbled.

"You willdo it." Desmond glared at her, a spike of anger beginning to show from behind his glasses.

Penelope let out a tiny whimper and ducked her head. Truthfully, as Desmond rightfully owned her, the dragon never did have an option, though the former often preferred the illusion of choice as it was far easier to get Penelope to play along.

...And this time, it was very critical to get the dragon to play along.

Collecting himself, Desmond took a step back and tried again from a softer angle. "Listen, all you have to do is just go out and play pretend for a while. You can do that, right?"

Penelope pouted, letting a quiet whine escape her lips. "I don't know... and I don't know why I have to keep this secret either..." Between this and all the secrets about her escapades with Jacob, Penelope felt like she had way too many secrets to keep track of all of the sudden.

"Penelope..." Desmond sighed and massaged his temples. "Look, l'll be frank with you, dragon, it is imperative that I need your full cooperation for this one. In fact, I'll make this easy: You get the job done, and you'll get a reward for it. Okay?"

Penelope's eyes opened wide. Gold. Maybe it was gold. Maybe, even, he'd buy her something: get her a new toy, a better riding hardness, or her very own sunbathing rock in the gardens... The possibilities were endless!

"It's really important that I get you to do this..." Desmond mulled over his word choices. "...this special job. Do you understand?"

Penelope felt a surge of pride welling up in her chest to hear she was being counted on to perform. Maybe... maybe, the dragon thought, if she did a good enough job, not only would she would get a reward, but maybe she could impress Desmond enough to have him start liking her a little bit more!

"I... okay. I'll do it!" she excitedly chirped.

Desmond let out a slow exhale, his lips curling into a smile seeing it had not been too much of a hassle to get the creature to comply. "Good girl... Just remember: tomorrow morning. I need you to leave for the docks. I'll meet you there and walk you through the steps then."

"Which docks?" The dragon tilted her head.

"I..." Desmond paused, trying to think of describing it in a way a Penelope would be familiar in as she flew into town. "The... the one closest to the big clock tower."

"Okay. Got it." the dragon decisively nodded. "Don't worry, Dessie... I'll be there. I'll do a good job, you'll see!"

Desmond pressed his lips together. She would say this for every little task or errand he had, of course... even the ones she had failed at miserably. As far as he was concerned the words served absolutely no purpose but to annoy him.

Desmond stood straight. "Well, good. I'll see you tomorrow morning, then."

"Is that it?" she asked.

"I-ah, not quite," Desmond began, suddenly remembering a pressing issue. "Actually, there's one more thing..." he cleared his throat. "One more question before I turn in for the night."

"What is it?" Penelope asked.

Crossing his arms over the top, Desmond leaned over the dutch door and got close to the dragon's face, his eyes narrowing to slits. "It's about you and my son...."

The dragon nearly felt her heart skip a beat.


post-story notes:

~Oh gosh, between the eggs, the marriage, and the lovey-dovey mushy stuff, I really touched on a lot of topics that I really don't want to write about... and a lot of topics some people really wish would happen. XD But, since this chapter was commissioned, a few of those things were inevitable...

~I write WAY too much dialogue and not enough narration (minus the porn, lol). Seriously. I can't seem to figure out how to spread things around and keep the dialogue in moderation.

~Holy crap, did you see I actually used a couple semi-colons in there? That's like some serious writing techniques and shit. People never use semi colons; they're like the unwanted foster child of the punctuation family.

~I am shaking my head that it took me 7 chapters to finally get to Desmond's purpose in the story... and even so I only STARTED the scene. For fucks sake, why can't I ever write a story without bloating the ever-loving shit out of a chapter? Oh right, porn.... That's half of it. The other half is that I have no idea how to write concisely.

~Man, I'm getting tired of writing about dragons... Seriously after a while, anything gets old and boring. I need some new material. Problem is, though, is that the past who knows how many commissions I've gotten have all been for dragon porn. Might need to spread the word a bit that that's not all I'm good for...