A lesson hard learned, part 1.

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New story, probly only three parts, about a young wolf learning that pup's need alot of care and attention.. the hard way.

Jack grumbled angrily, babysitting? His parents had offered to their friends to have him baby-sit their pup while they went out to dinner, Jack sighed as the young wolf grabbed his jacket and phone, heading downstairs and wait in the living room, the doorbell rang which caused him to sigh, "Great.. They're here" he said to himself, he heard the door open and his parents greet them, they all moved into the kitchen to talk, Jack was too busy watching the TV to notice Kyle sneak up beside him and climb onto the couch before licking Jack's cheek, "Ugh! Iv told you to stop doing that Kyle!" Jack growled at the young Husky, though Kyle only giggled and wagged his tail, the toddler sat down beside him and hugged him, Jack sighed, he liked pups but Kyle was way too clingy, the pup seemed to act as if they were brothers, "Jack! We're going, call us if anything happens and BEHAVE!"

Jack growled softly, behave? Honestly? What did they think he was going to do? He rolled his eyes as Kyle suckled a pacifier and climbed into Jacks lap, "Kyle.. Get off." Jack said in an annoyed tone but Kyle naturally only made himself more comfortable, Jack shook his head and returned to sending text's to his friend Shaun, a weird girl but he was a weird wolf so they went well together.. Plus she was pretty hot, he snickered thinking about the time he had seen her naked, by *mistake* of course he chuckled to himself, Kyle pulled Jack's arm, "Huh? What?" Kyle looked upset and whimpered softly, "new diapee!" he said in a cute shy voice, pointing to the diaper around his waist, "Oh bloody hell.. Kyle! You've fricking kidding me.." Jack said in an angry tone, Kyle simply whimpered and started to cry softly, Jack sighed and picked up Kyle gently up and carried him to the bathroom, grabbed the bag Kyle's parents had left, containing changing supplies.

Jack grumbled as he finished changing Kyle, carrying the pup to his own room and putting him down with the toys from the bag, "Stay here Kyle and be quiet.." Jack grumbled as he went to his computer and started watching a pod cast, after a while Kyle started pulling Jack's trouser leg, whimpering softly "Jack...Jack.." Jack sighed and turned up the volume, hoping Kyle would leave him be, Kyle started to cry softly before crawling over to his teddy and hugging it, Kyle was about to cry louder when a small flicker of light caught his attention, Jack heard Kyle stop crying and sighed in relief, thinking he calmed down, never noticing the Strange glowing figure stand behind him before pulling his head phones off with one swift movement, Jack growled, "Hey Kyle what are you--" Jack looked up in awe, before him stood.. Or more accurately hovered some sort of Angel Girl, a tall beautiful wolf, soft white fur with brilliant yellow eyes, she wore a white set of robes that seemed to perfectly show of her body's perfect proportions, she even had a stunning pair of white wings on her back.

"I-....uhhh-...uh...y-you're an..." Jack managed to stammer out, "Yes, an angel" she said in a heavenly tone, Jack never even noticed she held Kyle gently in her arms, softly tickling his chin, "I take it this is your charge?" She asked, pointing to Kyle, Jack managed to mumble out "He- is, uhh, I'm babysitting him" She scowled "And doing a poor job of it, your more interested in watching your video than looking after this poor pup!" She said in an angry tone, "What kind of immature heartless pup are you?!" Jack growled, he didn't take insults well, "Hey! Listen here you over sized cupid, I had plans tonight and they force me to look after him! Where do you get off telling me how I should look after him!" the angel looked in shock, "HOW DARE YOU!, You rude little creature! Your no better than a pup yourself!" Jack growled, never once thinking of the consequences of pissing off an angel creature, "Maybe we should adjust your outside to fit your inside hmm?" She said with a smirk, before pointing at Jack and muttering a few soft words.

The first thing Jack noticed as she finished speaking was an odd tingling sensation in his head, he felt dizzy and slumped back in his chair, finding his body's weight suddenly too much to bare, his tongue felt thick in his muzzle as he muttered "Wha.. Did you...do?" she angel smirked as she stroked Kyle's tummy, coaxing a giggle from the pup, Jack felt sick, his chest burned and his mouth felt dry, his eyes rolled blurred as the Angel starting to get taller?.. No.. he was shrinking, eventually being buried under his clothes, he whimpered softly as he became encased in darkness but suddenly he was pulled out of out of his mammoth sized clothes by the angel, he was soon held against her side in a similar fashion to Kyle, "Much more appropriate" the angel happily said, carrying him and placing both him and Kyle on the bed, "What have you done to me?!" he said in a childish, almost girly voice, his paws shot to his muzzle as he came to the realisation that was his voice, "Only made you what you were on the inside sweetheart! A naughty little pup" she said with an evil grin.

Jack whimpered as the angel snapped her fingers, suddenly he found himself dressed in a childish diaper with a pink band with childish prints along it, he looked down and found himself now a small pup like Kyle, but his fur was a soft white rather than his usual black and he looked oddly girly, it dawned on him that he was no longer a -he-, the angel had turned him into a -female- pup, she screamed in horror "WHY AM I A GIRL YOU BIT-" she was cut off as the angel forced a pacifier into her muzzle and for some reason she felt the urge to suckle it, she began to gently suck the pacifier and look up at the angel with fear, "Good girl, now listen up, I'll turn you back once you learn how much pup's depend on their caregiver, if you don't learn your lesson within three days I'm afraid you'll need to just grow up the usual way" She smirked before they heard the front door open, "Farewell, little puppy" she said patting her gently on the head, vanishing as the door opened, Jack's and Kyle parents walked in and picked up their pups, "Thanks for the lovely evening" Kyle's mother said to Jacks parents, they said farewell as they were seen out, Jack silent the whole time, trying to digest the night's events.

"Ok, time for Jackie's beddy byes!" she said in a sing-song tone, cuddling her pup as she made her way back to her room, Jack's bedroom now the nursery of a little girls, she looked in horror and sucked the pacifier faster as she was laid down gently in the crib, "Night night sweetie" her mother said as she kissed her pup good night, Jackie was going to cry, but felt too tired and gently fell into a peaceful slumber.