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I woke up in a cold sweat and my lungs full of air, mouth open and nothing coming out of my larynx. The dreams still swirled around in my head. I could still hear the screams of the person that I was killing, all the while laughing as blood run in rivulets down my chin.

I was sickened at the thought, mostly because the person I was picturing was in my own family; all whom I'd already bled dry. I was just finishing up with my Father, his gargled screams fading away as I awoke to the last visual that scared me the most.

Granted, I didn't have the best relationship with the old man but I sure as hell didn't want him to end up as a snack for me either. I think what bothered me more was the bodies of my brother, Mother, Grandmother and Grandfather lying across various furniture and void of life. That hurt me the most; viewing my Grandfather's body. That picture is where I awoke.

I thought I was going to puke. I began to hyperventilate and then I fell out of bed screaming my lungs out. Eli and Dustin burst into the room moments later.

"Shhhhh... It's ok Tris. We're here 'Little One'," I heard Eli say as he grabbed me in his strong arms and pulled me to his bare chest and setting both of us on the bed against the dark wooden headboard while gently rocking me back and forth. Tears ran down my face as I began to sob.

I could see Dustin fretting about all of it. I motioned for him to come to me in the bed to and pulled him close as well. It wasn't long before the three of us were crying. They didn't know why I was upset or at least I didn't think they did but who knows since my mind could send out my thoughts without my agreement.

I hadn't said a word, but the fact that I was an emotional wreck and what had happened to me was more than enough to bring them to tears. Dustin and Eli surrounded me in their arms and held me until I finally calmed down. It wasn't much later that I fell asleep, cradled in their arms. I awoke the following morning between the two of them in their bed.

My movement or my thoughts woke Eli, "Morning 'Little One'," as he leaned in and kissed my forehead.

"How did I get here?" I asked in slight confusion.

He smiled down at me, propping his head on his left hand, "You passed out from the stress and we decided to bring you to bed with us just in case you had another episode," as he reached over with his right hand and ran his fingers over my tear stained cheeks. "Want to tell me about it?"

A deep sigh escaped my lips as I drew my knees closer to my chest, "I dreamed that I killed my family." Tears started to form in my eyes again making Eli pull me close to his nude body, "Shhhh... It's just a dream Tristan."

I heard Dustin's voice, "Eli, he needs to be aware."

The lycan's look was withering at his partner, "Not just yet. He's been through too much... too soon." Eli pulled me close and protectant.

I spoke up slightly defiant, "What do I need to be aware of?" rolling over to face Dustin seeing the sad frown he now gave his partner.

My, now, Sire kissed my forehead. "Tristan, those dreams were just dreams but I want you to understand the implications of them. A lot of it is due to all vampire movies you watched at one time or another growing up but also it should be a warning as well."

Dustin sat up in bed and pulled me up as well. Eli joined us both and huddled close.

"Tristan," Eli said reaching down to hold my hand, "remember what we said about making sure you took blood at least once a month?" I nodded.

"We are serious about that," Dustin added. His look told me that there was no mendaciousness in his words. "If you don't take blood at least once a month, preferably twice, you run the risk of going into a blood lust and lose your humanity until you feed. Even then..." he hesitated.

"Even then what?" I queried looking at both of them.

Dustin covered his eyes in his hands as if to wipe the sleep from them.

"Even then," Eli continued, "you run the great possibility that you will remain that beast of desire and lust. A thirst that won't be quenched," he said softly.

"For that," Dustin said pulling me close and holding me tight, "the sentence is death."

I stayed there in his arms, their arms, for the longest time. Part of me was angry for what had been done to me by Dustin. Rage filled me but it was also tempered by the fact that it wasn't his fault. He had saved my life! Lacking the best means, he did what he thought would give me the greatest chance of survival even if different from the normal route of turning a human. "No," I realized, "my rage isn't at Dustin but at Dean; the man who forever changed my life."


"Dustin," I got out over a mouthful of eggs. Eli had insisted on a good breakfast before beginning the chore of bring my stuff over to their place, what little I had.

He put down his coffee and looked at me, "Yes?"

Swallowing, I got my question out. "What's going to happen to me as I get older? My family and friends?"

I could see him looking around for his cigarettes and grumped at Eli over the fact that he couldn't relieve the tension with a puff of nicotine. The wolf appeared with a tab of nicotine gum. "Chew," he said stubbornly.

Dustin's face changed slightly, allowing his true vampiric nature rise to the top because of the irritability from the inability to stick a cigarette in his mouth. His brow furrowed, lines appeared and an animalistic look took over. I could see the tip of his right fang catch the top of his lip drawing a drip of blood. He pulled his lip in his mouth and the spot came back clean and the area healed.

Eli's hands went to the table and stared him down; a sly smile breaking his lips making Dustin's countenance change with a chuckle. Dustin shook his head and popped the gum in his mouth showing his canines as he began to chew the replacement for his beloved smoke.

He turned to me a serious look on his face again, "Tristan, you will age slower. How slow the rate will be? Honestly," taking a deep breath and releasing, "I don't know. Neither does Chance. I have sent word to the Council. I may want to bring you before them and get their take on the situation. Maybe they could provide us with more information, I'm not sure."

"What about telling them?" To that, Eli sat down and Dustin looked like he didn't know what to say.

"Little One," Eli began, "Few people are aware of our existence. Well, few pure humans. Of those, it is only who we know and trust with our lives."

"Did any of your families know?" I pressed.

Dustin shook his head. I knew his story but not Eli's. Eli nodded, "My parents and my sister knew. They were my protectors for years until all died. She never married so the family line ends with me."

"Can't you have kids?" I blurted out.

Dustin started to chuckle and then laugh. Eli smacked him upside the head. "Yes Tristan," he smiled, "even though I have the meta-gene virus and a lycan, I could still Father children although I would need to find a female lycan. And," eyeballing Dustin, "Contrary to popular belief, vampires can biologically sire children as well."

"However," he continued, "Being a gay man though would make it slightly awkward in making the proposition for sex."

I blushed at first but caught myself. "Wait a minute," I said seriously, "You could do surrogacy with in-vitro or adopt."

It seemed the thought had already crossed Eli's mind at one time. He was tapping his fingers, well, tips of his clawed nails since they came out, "That's a discussion that I've had a couple of times."

Dustin sat silent a minute, "We'll think about it a little more." Eli's nails retracted with a look of hope.

"However," his partner spoke up again, "It's seems you already have a 'child' or rather, I should I say 'brother' to raise if I'm not mistaken," glancing over at me, "his training would give you and me ample opportunity to learn to watch over a child and teach them."

Eli blushed, "So, you've kind of realized how I feel about him." Dustin smiled taking Eli's hand.

"WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!" I spoke up loudly standing up indignantly, "I'm a grown man not some child."

Eli grinned, his muzzle extending from his change and with a smart ass chuckle said, "In our world "Little One", you are nothing more than a babe."

"Well...." I started to speak up again until Eli wagged a finger at me, "SHIT!" I grumped, dropping back in the dining chair. That set off a barrel of laughter between the two of them.

The three of us headed out to the management office for the apartment I rented around ten o'clock. I wasn't expecting them to let me out of my lease easily, if at all. "Just watch and learn," Eli said from the front of their Yukon.

He'd joked earlier about getting me a booster seat because I looked so small inside of the vehicle. I glared at him and instinctually dropped my fangs. He laughed and hugged me, "Good 'Little One'. First lesson learned. Show that you are not to be fucked with even though you are young."

Still, I had to scoot up to the edge of the seat just to see out the front window. Eli watched me and chuckled again. "Shut up!" I snapped but laughed with him.

"Height does not bely strength Tristan," Dustin said making turns through city.

I nodded. "I know that but I've never been really strong. I can run. I ran track for years and even now like to run to clear my head."

"Good," Dustin smiled, "Eli's a runner as well."

"Well, as a wolf, I can see that..." I giggled.

"Smart ass," Eli laughed.

"You will be taught by Eli and me with those things you need to survive in our world, your world now," Dustin stated slowing the truck down as we neared a stoplight, "However, as to being strong. That has now changed. Your strength will be equal to at least mine now. We'll have to test you to see but I'm betting since you are of my blood that you will give me a run for my money."

I could only stare out the front of the truck. ''As strong as Dustin?" I thought, "I'm not sure about that," looking down at my arms.

"Dus will teach you all the techniques and abilities your vampiric nature will give you. Defense and offense. I will teach you more. I will teach you things that only wolves know in combat," Eli said turning around to face me.

"Why so much?" I asked.

"There are people in our world, just as are in the mortal world, that are dicks, Tristan," Eli continued. "They will try and test you. Try to bully you and then some," he paused, "Others will hate you just for what you are."

"Huh? What do you mean?" trying to figure out if they were talking about vampire hunters.

Dustin spoke up, "Tristan," taking a breath and resuming our drive, "At one time vampires were seen as the worst of the supernaturals. They were hated, feared and rightly so for a time. There were many, like Dean, who though all should subjugate to them. There was a skirmish..." Eli snorted at that last comment.

Dustin looked at him then sighed, "Your right. It was more of a mini war between many of the First Ones and the rest of the supernaturals. There were those vamps that desired all to be under their control; almost to the point of an oligarchy of a few of the more powerful 'First Ones'. Then there were others like my sire who believed in equality for all and a council made up of all those who make up our world."

Dustin flipped on his left turn signal and waited for the light that was in front of where I lived as he spoke, "In the end, many lives were lost but finally a truce and end occurred when the leader of the vampire campaign was beheaded in battle. His hold, due to his vampiric nature and his strength derived from his late sire, over those around him was broken. Those who actually believed in what we did stopped fighting and those who did not, fled."

"However," Dustin continued as he pulled up to my apartment complex, "there are those who still hold grudges. Lycans, vamps, witches, warlocks, Halflings... the list goes on. They still have trust issues after all was settled. Slowly we are bringing them into the fold and showing them they have a voice as they place their views to their representatives on the Council. But there will always be some out there, mainly older vampires, First Ones and their progeny that will hold these prejudices and seek to destroy what we hold dear."

I could only nod while trying to take it all in.

"There is a book at the house Tristan. It's on our history. Read it and you'll understand more what I mean," Dustin finished as he turned off the engine.

We all got out of the vehicle and I stretched my legs. The sun didn't seem so bright to my eyes this morning but I was wearing new polarized sunglasses that Eli had purchased for me while I was showering this morning. It seems that many times this morning that my eyes would suddenly begin to glow the golden colour of our kind and until I could get it under control. Well....

"First lesson," Dustin said putting his left arm over my shoulder. We had talked previously about how this was going to go but I was still unsure.

I opened the door to the rental office and came face to face with whom I had dubbed the 'troll'. There sat the dumpy old woman that was the secretary/bookkeeper. Short, stout, nasty and when she found out that I was gay (it had slipped out when I said I didn't have a 'boyfriend' while being asked if anyone else would be renting with me) she immediately changed her demeanor. I could only sigh to myself because this was LA and Hollywood for Christ sake.

I had only been in the town little over a week and the first day here signing a lease after contacting these people over the net while living at home and I got a real winner with this bigot. She was all sweet and nice until she found out that I was gay.

"Hello Shirley," I said with a smile. "Is Ms. Jermaine in this morning?"

The fat toad looked up with bulging eyes. Her lips widened and I could swear her tongue was going whip out and snatch me back into those cavernous jaws. "She is but she's busy!"

Eli nudged me. I looked up into his eyes and then Dustin's as well reaching out to them both. Suddenly I could hear him and Dustin in my mind. "Go ahead Tris," he spoke into my thoughts, "Just like we discussed."

The old troll had looked back down at her computer already and was typing away in obvious hope that I or rather 'we' would give up. "Shirley?" I asked again pulling my down my sunglasses and concentrating.

"WHAT?" She snapped, "I ALREADY TOLD..." It was at that moment that her eyes met mine. I could feel myself connecting with her and her mind and overtaking it, if you will. The power was flowing through me and into her exponentially. I could make her do anything and I knew it!

I felt a strong hand on my left shoulder squeezing. It was strong enough to grab my attention without breaking my connection with Shirley. "Pull back Tristan," Dustin said in a firm voice raking through my mind, "PULL BACK NOW!"

The grip on my shoulder, the strength, concern and worry that was voiced in my mind told me something was wrong. I shifted my gaze to see the full woman. She was drooling.

I took a breath, "SHIRLEY," I said firmly, "You will go get Ms. Jermaine and explain that it's important that we see her. I need to break my lease for important personal reasons. You will imply that you believe that I am sincere."

"Do you understand?" The old bitch nodded.

Taking a breath I released my hold on her. She wobbled slightly in her chair. I was concerned that I'd done something really wrong but when she felt the drool on the side of her chin she tried to wipe it up with some embarrassment.

"Shirley," I said calmly and nicely, "I really need to speak to Ms. Jermaine. I need to break my lease because of a personal matter. I hate to ask but things have become problematic for me, um, health wise."

Those words seemed to hit her like a run-a-way truck and she snapped up with a soft, Motherly look, if you call the look where one would eat their own offspring if they had the chance, as 'motherly'.

"Of course dear, I'll be back in a moment," she said sweetly. I thought I was going to faint.

I slumped against Eli as she left the outer office and into Ms. Jermaine's office.

"SHIT!" Eli swore softly, "That was fucking close," casting an eye over towards Dustin. "His power is strong, maybe stronger than yours and equivalent or higher than those on the Council." Dustin nodded with wonder and concern. I began to shake. They both pulled me close and held me.

"It's alright Tristan," Dustin whispered, "It was your first time and neither you nor we had any idea what would happen. Now we do. It just means we are going to have to teach you how to control it and harness your abilities without allowing them to overtake you."

I could only nod.

"I'll deal with Ms. Jermaine," Dustin said, "I want you to watch and take notes."

Eli coughed, "Want a scratch pad?" I elbowed him just above his hip. It just seemed to bounce. Granted, I only came up to his chest height wise.

"You'll have to do harder than that," he chuckled.

"Behave you two!" Dustin said strongly noting the door was opening.

The old hag walked out with a crooked smile, "Ms. Jermaine will see you now. Have a good day Tristan."

As soon as she sat back in her chair she seemed to snap out of the trace and I heard her mutter under her breath, "Faggots!"

I could only shake my head.

Ms. Jermaine's office was simple and unadorned except for a few pictures of what I could only assume were her families. I'd only met with her briefly when I first scouted the place out. It was the nasty hag in the outer office that handled everything else.

"Come in gentleman," she said standing up from her large oaken desk and indicating to the chairs over by a small conference table.

She moved over to sit with us bringing a folder with her. "Mr. Case, I understand you desire to break your lease with us. You do have a six month contract that requires you to at least be here through late February of next year. What seems to be the situation that you need to change that agreement?"

She was neither harsh nor bitter. It just seemed that she wanted an honest answer.

I started to speak when Dustin broke in, "It's a medical condition and Tristan will be staying with us during his recovery."

Ms. Jermaine turned to face him with a curious look as to why he spoke up for me, "And you are?"

Dustin pulled his sunglasses down, "Dustin Douglass and I think you'll agree with our request."

I saw the connection between Dus and Ms. Jermaine. It seemed to be less intense than what I'd displayed previously but there was power there as his eyes began to glow.

"Oh really?" she said suddenly and with, it seemed, 'amusement'?

Eli's face showed he was taken aback. Dustin's even more so. He pressed again.

"Yes Mam," he repeated, "I think you'll see that it's critical that Tristan be allowed to break his lease."

"Coffee, Mr. Douglas?" she asked sweetly before moving over to a coffee maker.

Now I was confused and concerned. Eli began sniffing the air then got a surprised look on his face.

Dustin took notice and turned towards Ms. Jermaine while placing his glasses on the table. She turned and looked at Eli, "Coffee? Mr.?" Eli spoke up, "Johnson."

"Coffee Mr. Douglas and Mr. Johnson?"

Both of them nodded as she turned back towards the coffee maker and came back with three cups of coffee, creamer and container with all sorts of sugars.

I was slightly miffed that I'd been left out.

She handed each their cups and put two creams into hers before taking a sip. Eli pulled the cup of black liquid to lips. I watched as he sniffed. It was subtle but it was there.

"There, there Mr. Johnson," Ms. Jermaine said with a smile, "Wolfsbane is such an old fashion way of subjugating your kind and it isn't even reliable."

My mouth dropped.