my first day to school

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i new at this and i'll love sue tips of how to start a story

my name is travis and i'm a gabumon i have one brother named edward but people call him evil gabumon we live with my dad that a weregarurrumon aan my mom die she die when a greymon tried to steal are car my dad fought him but my mom came out to fight and got hit with a huge fire ball and burned and the greymon got away. Ever my mom death we went to the over side of the island to get her out are mind my dad strated dating a gay guy and thing got out of hand. The gay guy was a leomon and he always get in a fight it like he want to fight all the time i had to fight him once but after that i didn't get in troulbe much. Well the day was the day to go back to school and my dad drove us there " you guys better behive in class you hear " dad said " we well " both the gabumons said and he drove off. Edward looked around and saw no one " well are you scared? " he said with a evil look " not really " i said but for real i was " well you should it not easy being the new kid and try to avoid saying your gay " he said " but i am gay " i said " good luck than and don't go crying to me or i'll kill you " he said. My brother went to jail for 18 year for marder he killed my grandpa my grandma a wargreymon and meltalgarurrumon and i call the police but cause i think his killing was getting out of hand so for that day on he hate me and try to kill me everyday and i hated it. The school bus and it was pack with digimons my brother sat next a veemon that was angry and he wanted to miss with him and i walked on the bus to see want seat to sit in there was a girl who strand at me and triped me and everyone laughed " THAT NOT FUNNY THAT MEAN!!! " said a guilmon he picked me up and sat me next to him " are you ok? " he said " yeah thx for doing that " i said he smiled at me " my name is mac what yours? " said mac " oh it travis " i said. the bus stoped at the school and it was huge it was about tall as a skyscraper " man i going to be late this year " i thought mac was next to me " do you mind if i walk you to your class? " he said " oh no i don't minded " i said some reason i was blushing i frount of him and he was to " wweellll let's go i guess " he tried to say " oh of cause " i he and we went in the school bluiding. A angelmon was a the decks " why are you two late? " she said " WHAT WERE LATE ALREADY!?!!! " we said " no i'm balling with your ball you got five mins get going you two " said she laughing " oh i thought never mind let's go " said mac " ok " i said the classes was boring but in the last hour i saw mac again but he looked piss off i wanted to help him but some part of me said forget about it it not your bussies but i went anyways " hi mac what up " i said " oh nothing it just never mind " he said " what you can tell me " i said " well i'm at home alone and i want you to come over maybe? " he said blushing " ok but i have to ask me dad frist ok " i said " ok " he said and we went back to work. The bell ringed and there was a fight i went to look hoping that edward didn't do anything this time but it was just a agumon and a veemon fighting and the veemon was pointed on the floor by the agumons foot " stay down little man it over " said the agumon "not in tell you say your sorry " the veemon said weaklee this was getting out of hand the veemon was bleeding from his head to his leg i wanted to help but i was scared to move. Than mac came in " what are you doing jason? " he said angry " oh nothing much mac " said jason " let him go NOW!!! " he shouted " make me " said jason they went at it to and mac sat on top of jason " GET YOU FAT ASS OFF ME " shouted jason " make me " said mac everyone started laughing some reason i started to and jason saw me laughing " WHAT YOU LAUGHING AT FAT DOG " shouted jason everyone moved a looked at me " oh nothing sorry " i said trying to move for the crowed " leave him out of this you two " said a black guilmon " mac got off him " he said "ok bro " said mac he got up and jason did to " you didn't have to come ray " said jason " oh ok good luck next fight than " siad ray and he left. Mac catched up to me " wait i'm sorry for last time can you forgive me? " he said " yeah who was those guys? " i said " oh ray is my brother and jason my stepbrother " he said " oh so you dad or mom got at it i guess " i said " no my dad dead and my mom with a greymon " he said " oh my dads gay now " i said " REALLY?!! " said mac " yeah and i'm " than a hron shout out loud are little chat " come on travis you want to get home or what " said my dad " oh yeah here i come sorry i'll tell you later " i said " wait can you come over later " he said blushing " i'll ask him ok " i said "ok but can i give you something " he said " what?" i asked than he kissed me on the lips. I felt his touge in my mouth moving with my touge we kiss for a min the i broke it " oh thx mac " i said blushing " oh your nose is bleeding " he said he winped it with his hand " there you go " he said " thx i have to go now " i said and i went to the car and we left.

that my frist story i hope you liked it