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Warning! Contains non-consensual sex and BDSM themes! Read at your own risk!

Jace is © his player, this is a commission for him

Eight by Two Step 1: The Room Kyo Mizuki

It was in a cave that he first awoke, groggy and disoriented. He could hear voices but his head was pounding so hard that nothing could be made out. The darkness around him seemed to twist and swell, almost as if it were alive. That was before it rushed forward in a flash and took him again.

The pounding was gone when he woke up the second time. He'd been moved. The cave was gone and now he was locked in a room alone, in a bed. He got to his feet and nearly fell down. It took a few moments of struggling before his body was used to moving again.

The room was barely decorated. The walls were gray, only one window was in the entire room and it was barred. He had a table and bed but nothing else. He tried to open the door but found it was locked. His lips pulled back in a snarl. He tried to recall whatever he could but nothing came. He remembered walking home from work, but who even knows how long ago that was.

He walked over to the window and looked outside, but he couldn't make much out. It was dark out, was it night? There wasn't a clock in the room, who knew what time it might be. He slammed his fist into the wall in frustration. The lock clicked at the door and his ears twitched. He spun as it opened and watched as a masked figure stepped through.

"What the fuck is this? What's going on here?" The dragon snarled. Judging from the masked figures stature it was an equine of some kind. It didn't answer. It just stepped forward, closing the door behind it. The lock clicked and beeped as it shut, closing the two inside.

"I demand answers dammit! You can't fucking do this!" Anger boiled inside him, his fist shook with the held back rage.

That was the first time he spoke...

His voice so cool and collected...

Every word calculated and precise...

"You may shout all you like, the walls are soundproof."

The dragon's vision flashed white for a moment and he threw a hay-maker at the horse. At the last possible second he dodged it and slapped the dragon's arm with a riding crop. Sparks flew and white-hot pain seared up his arm and down his spine. He screamed in agony and fell to the ground, clutching his wrist.

By the time his body stopped twitching and the pain dissipated the horse was gone. The room was empty again and the dragon was left to himself. It seemed like hours. He had started off counting the time to try to keep his mind occupied but he lost track somewhere in the thousands when he sneezed suddenly.

He woke with a start to the sound of the door opening again. There once more stood the masked horse, riding crop in hand. The dragon winced when he saw it, but that familiar anger started to boil up in his chest again. It made his stomach twist.

"What's your name?" His tone was low and serious. It felt commanding and for a moment the dragon felt himself compelled to answer.

"Jace." The dragon's voice shook however. He steeled his nerves. He couldn't let some fucked up kidnapper get the best of him.

"It's now Eight." The horse was confident. When he spoke, it sounded final. It felt useless to argue.

"No, it's Jace." He refused to give in. His defiance earned him another slap from that damn riding crop. Pain ripped across his side. For a second he saw stars. He dug his claws into the ground and willed the pain away.

"Eight. Understand?" The horse flicked the riding crop again, ready to strike him again.

"J-jace..." He coughed, the pain was intense, his vision was blurred in one eye already. A crack echoed through the room as he was struck again. Surely it would have been incredibly painful. Luckily the dragon blacked out before he could register it. That was the only lucky thing to happen to him today.

"Jace! Jace, wake up dammit!" An angry voice yelled at him from the blackness. He groggily looked up. He was leaning on a counter at work, in uniform. Could it really have all been a dream? Surely that wasn't possible. It all felt so real.

"Come on Jace, we got orders to take care of. Get it together or I'm sending you home."

Jace tried to work, but his mind kept drifting back to the dream. No matter what he tried he couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Order eight up!"

That dream may have seemed real, but this was real too. When he pinched himself it hurt. He managed to shake off some of the dream after a couple hours of repetitious work. He noticed the time, only a little bit longer before he could clock out. Some time at home was what he needed right now.

"Hey, we got eight guests in the lobby, could you take their order real quick? Then you can go home." His boss was busy changing a register out. He quickly took their order and then clocked out. 5:08 only a little bit over his schedule.

It didn't take long to drive home. The streets were surprisingly quiet today. The apartment was empty too. It made him feel uncomfortable. He locked all the doors and windows and turned the T.V on for background noise.

He ran through the dream in his head over and over, desperate to find some kind of inconsistency that would prove its falsehood. Try as he might he couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. But nothing was out of the ordinary now either. He definitely felt pain from that electric riding crop, but he could feel pain now too. He clutched his head in confusion.

His roommates came home. For now Jace used them to distract him from his troubled thoughts. For a few hours at least, things were okay. They laughed, they drank some, they had a good time. Soon enough he was getting in bed, ready to sleep. The thoughts of the room were mere distant memories now.

When he woke up things didn't seem quite right. He rubbed his eyes, then they shot wide open. He was back in that dark, colorless room. He heard a cold chuckle. He tried to move but realized he'd been strapped to the bed. The horse was standing at the foot of it. Jace couldn't see the riding crop in his hand, but he didn't think the horse wouldn't have it hidden. Jace desperately tried to piece things together. How did he get back here? He tried to wake up but couldn't. He tried to scream but he was gagged quickly.

"No need for noise now, Eight."

He struggled uselessly. The horse threw the blanket off him to reveal the dragon's naked body underneath. Jace's eyes widened. He knew where this was going, but there was no way he could stop it. A warm, swollen shaft pressed between his cheeks. Jace closed his eyes. It took a few minutes of pushing but the horse shoved in with a grunt, sending burning pain coursing through the dragon's body.

The horse allowed no time to adjust as he immediately began to roughly fuck into his newest acquisition. Jace struggled all the while, but it was useless in the end. The horse was getting what he wanted, a nice tight hole snug around his massive pole. After several minutes Jace was able to block out all the pain. It wasn't that enjoyable seeing as how he hated that horse, but at least it didn't hurt as much now. The horse's balls slapped loudly against the dragon's ass, echoing in the room like a bell tolling what happened.

The horse had quite an amazing stamina and before long Jace began to feel pleasure, however much he hated that horse couldn't keep his cock from hardening. The horse laughed at him. Jace snarled in return but it turned into a strange yelp as the horse hilted his whole fat length inside Jace's ass. He had to admit that he'd never quite felt so full but all the same he glared at the horse.

This continued for about an hour. The horse repeatedly shoving his whole length into Jace. His nails dug into the dragon's skin. Sweat dripped from the equine onto him. The restraints kept him from wiping any of it off. Warm slick precum gushed into him from time to time. At least it made the rough pounding a little easier. The horse was quite well endowed. Jace could feel each vein on the throbbing shaft and each flex the horse made. The tip bulged his stomach out some, but there was no way to stop it now.

The dragon started to feel it. He was starting to build. It started at the base of his shaft and slowly worked all the way throughout it. He roared, half in pleasure and half in frustration, as his shaft throbbed and flexed spewing his thick load up over his neck and chest. He made quite a mess, eliciting another laugh from the horse who picked up his pace. Jace's eyes widened as the flare of the horse's cock started to swell. Soon hot liquid was gushing into him like a hose had been turned on. His stomach bulged out obscenely from the excessive amounts of it. More and more gushed into him. He coughed and he could taste it. The horse pulled free and finished pouring his load on the dragon's body. Then he left without a word.

A minute or two after the door locked there was another beep. The cuffs strapping Jace to the bed released. He rubbed his wrists for a moment, then looked around. There weren't any towels. He was coated in cum, there was even some dribbling onto the floor. He growled under his breath. The took the blanket off the bed and used it to clean up the mess. A small sense of pride filled him. He knew the horse had expected him to clean it up...manually. But this felt good, this felt like defiance. He tossed the blanket over in the corner.

He felt exhausted, both emotionally and physically. He crawled onto the bed and curled into a ball. For a while he laid there quietly. Soon enough sleep took him.

I hated him...

Everything he did and said...

But part of me... Might be...

He woke up in his normal bedroom, his alarm clock going off. Eight in the morning? He groaned aloud and sat up. Surely things couldn't get any weirder.

He got dressed and called out of work. He went to the police but he could tell they didn't believe him. Who would believe someone who says every time they sleep they end up in some gray room?

He needed a plan. Somehow he had to get out of that room. If he could just figure out where he kept getting taken then maybe he could at least get someone to check it out. That's all he needed.

The day went by in a flash. He knew when he went to bed that he'd wake up in that room. It was difficult to sleep that night. He didn't fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. When he woke up he was back there again, exhausted still from his sleepless night. The horse was there again but Jace wasn't strapped to the bed. Good, he thought, that probably means he's not going to try to fuck me at least.

"Eight, do you understand what's going on?" The horse's calm voice washed over him. It chilled the dragon's blood.

"I understand that you're a fucked up freak. I won't let you get away with this." Jace snarled.

"You're being trained. I will make you the perfect pet. I am going to break you and rebuild you into something marvelous. You can't outrun us. No matter where you go you'll end back up here. You can't hide. Give in, little bitch. Give in to your lust and your desire to be a part of something greater."

"You're a monster!" Jace shouted.

"A monster you say? All I do is help you come in to your natural place in the universe. There are two kinds of people in the world, Eight. Those who desire to be controlled and those with the power to control them. Society has ruined us. It's made everyone believe that the way we live every day is just fine. That it's okay for everyone to have a little power, a little control. That's not the way things should be. That's not the way things WILL be. You are my property now, you pathetic creature. You are nothing more than whatever I desire you to be. You get sent back into society because I deem you worthy. Be wary that you don't fall from my good graces. You may want to consider your position. Perhaps a change of attitude is necessary."

Two other figures entered the room. Together they restrained Jace and forced him to his feet. For the first time he left that gray room. The hallway was colorless as well, with lights along the walls every so often. He walked down the halls. Past thick metal doors like the one to his room. He counted them along the way. Seven doors they passed as they walked. All the way to the end of the hall is where they took him. A large black door was there. A door with no visible handle or lock. The horse tapped his riding crop on it and it swung open. They threw Jace inside. He quickly stumbled and managed to keep his balance but by the time he turned around the door was closed and the world went dark and quiet.

This room was different. There was no bed, no furniture that he could tell, but worst of all was that there was no light. The room was as black as the darkest of nights.

"I'll keep you in there until you can learn to behave." The horse's voice came over some kind of speaker. Jace couldn't make out where. He didn't answer. Hours went by in that dark room. Jace's eyes couldn't adjust to the pitch darkness; that or there just wasn't anything worth seeing. When he woke up he noticed light right away. It was coming from a tiny slot at the bottom of the door. Someone was sliding a plate of food and a bottle of water inside.

Jace crawled to the food, his mouth watering. He hadn't realized how hungry he'd become. He greedily ate the whole plate as quickly as he could, quickly chugging the entire bottle too. He fell back with a satisfied sigh. The door opened maybe half an hour later. The horse's silhouette was in the doorway.

"Are you ready, Eight?"

Jace had been preparing for this moment.

"Do you want to be let out of the dark? Are you ready to accept your destiny?"

Jace swallowed nervously.

"Well? Don't keep me waiting. You aren't the only bitch I contend to after all. You aren't the only one who's destiny is to be controlled."

A moment of silence passed. The horse turned and began to close the door.

"Wait! Sir...I....I'm ready..." Jace choked out. The horse chuckled.

"What is your name?"


Two figures walked in. They helped Eight to his feet and walked him back down the hallway. He counted the doors again. Six...Seven...Eight...Nine. They weren't taking him back to the gray room? This confused him. He pondered to himself what they had in store for him now. This could ruin his plan if he wasn't careful.

The door they stopped in front of was white. They opened it and took him inside. He was surprised when he saw another person in there. It was a rabbit. He was white with black spots and when he noticed Eight he smiled happily. The two masked people that brought him inside unlocked his restraints and left. Eight looked around in confusion. The room was white all over. It had two beds, they looked much more comfortable than the one in the gray room.

"Hiya! I'm Two." The rabbit smiled at him. How was he so happy in this situation?

"Eight...What's going on?" Eight's tone was cautious. He didn't know if Two could be trusted.

"Well, you've begun to accept your destiny right?"

Eight nodded. His whole body screamed about it being a lie but the years had taught him to bluff well.

"This is the next step in the process. This is your training step. It's where Master will teach you how to be the best possible pet. They let you stay with another person who's accepted there fate to act as a role model for you. That's me." He giggled. Eight was sure this bunny had lost it.

"The next...step? How many steps are there?"

"Sorry, I don't know for certain. But know that Master knows what's best. If you're good he'll take good care of you. It's really not so bad in the end. He's very intelligent about the world. He sees things for what they really are."

Eight almost felt sorry for Two. He must have been here a long time. He noticed scars on the bunny's back when he turned around. Eight winced, some of them looked fairly painful. How much of a fight had Two put up to deserve those?

Eight lay awake in bed that night, pondering his new escape plan. He had to stay strong. He had to get out of here somehow. He looked over at Two, sound asleep with a smile across his face.

"When I get out of here," Eight whispered softly, "you're coming with me."

I didn't wake up back home after that night

I was still in the white room

And Step 2 was about to begin...