Wrong Turn

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Another request from someone on FA. Gradually reposting all these on here. Requests are always open.

It was supposed to be an afternoon hike. "Four hours at the most, three if everyone hustles," David had said. He was the one who had spearheaded this whole affair, as he did every year. He certainly looked the part of wilderness expert: sporting a beard of brown that stretched past his collarbone, several tattoos and scars over his chest and arms, and in general a gruff appearance. He drove a truck of a living, but owned a cabin in the woods and hunted frequently. He had come onto the hiking trip armed with a Springfield M1903A4 on his back and a .357 magnum revolver on his belt. He assured his company both weapons were capable of stopping any wildlife the group came across, although also explained that shooting the animals was always the last resort.

"Where the fuck is the Land Rover?" Thomas asked, for the umpteenth time. The hiking trip was supposed to last four hours, but it felt like it had been double that. No one actually knew how long it had been. Thomas, Jake, and Sully were all wearing watches, but none of them read the same time anymore. In fact, each was several hours apart. David proposed that the mountains might be affecting the radio signals that kept the watch's time accurate, but even he admitted that was just him grasping straws. Perhaps there was something magnetic in the air, because his compass was spinning madly, something that, by all means, never should happen.

"How much food have we got?" Palmer asked.

"Enough for a couple days if we ration," David said. "We're not going to starve. And I can hear a river, so there's water." He looked around, looked up to the sky, and sighed. "Storm is coming though. That's what we have to worry about."

"Dave, have you got any idea where we are?" Sully asked. "Are we even close enough to civilization that one of us could hike out while the others wait here?"

David sighed, and shook his head. "I've been coming to these woods since I was six. I know every inch of them by heart, but I don't... I don't know where we are. I don't recognize any of this."

"We're doomed," Palmer muttered, earning an irked glare from his four company.

"Don't be such a pussy," David said. "Look, we're all tired. We've been on our feet for at least six hours. Let's just find a cave or something to stay in for the night, stay out of the storm. I'll go out tomorrow. I can cover more ground by myself, and once I get my bearings, I'll send a Park Ranger for you guys, alright?"

"Sure thing, fearless leader." Sully came close to punching Palmer that time, but kept his fist to himself. Odd as it may be, every group has a friend no one likes. This person remains within group out of pity or pragmatic use or simply because they had always been there, and no one could fathom going on without them. Palmer was such a person to these lifelong friends, but it was getting to the point that whatever use he did have was simply not enough.

For what seemed like hours, they continued their hike, T-shirts drenched with sweat and sticky against their flesh, knapsacks gaining weight with each step they took. David wouldn't show it, but he was scared. For thirty-four years of his life, he had spent every summer in these woods, memorizing every tree, every root, and every river. In his wild teenage years, he had actually ventured into the woods, with nothing but a pair of shorts and a K-Bar knife, emerging six days later with a bear skin pelt worn proudly over his shoulders. Two tours in the armed forces, service as a Ranger, it had taught him the importance of leadership and of remaining cool under pressure, but truthfully, getting shot at had never scared him. He was scared now, and it was a strange, alien feeling deep inside him. This was his place, his world, his woods, and yet he could not recognize any of it. It was as if he were on a strange planet.

His men pushed to the brink of exhaustion and fatigue, he was grateful when he finally set eyes upon something that was neither brown nor green. He approached it first, drawing his rifle as was his habit, and used the long barrel to push and prod at the odd material that stretched over the ground before him.

"What the fuck is this?" Jake asked. He reached a hand forward, and gently brushed it over the odd, cloth material that spread over the ground as far as the eye could see.

"A parachute maybe?" David proposed. "It's a little thick though. Maybe... some kind of tarp that someone used to hide something..." He squatted down, and tore one of the roots at his feet out of the ground. Bringing it to his face, he sniffed it gently, but then threw it over his shoulder. "I've seen this on the news. People grow drugs all the way out here and hide them with camouflage tarps, but this is off white. And it's covering grass, not heroin or cannabis."

There were two of the odd parachutes, one not far from the other. On his hands and knees, David crawled into the parachute, his compatriots following after him not long after. It was strange, but everything was strange about today, and everyone was just too damn exhausted to care about such trivial things as why a pair of parachutes decided to drop into the middle of the forest, or why both had one large opening on one end, and four smaller openings at the other end. All that really mattered was that they were dry and warm, would keep the elements at bay. Aside from the oddly musky, it wasn't that bad.

While everyone else curled into their sleeping bags and fell into the sleep that is reserved for exhaustion, David's sleep was fitful, and so he was first to feel the tremors that rocked through the ground. "Sully," he said, nudging the man who was closest to him. "Jake, Thomas get up."

Another tremor shook through the ground, this one lasting longer and actually throwing David and the others into the air for a moment. In only a pair of shorts, David rushed out of the fabric cover and into the forest, only to be knocked to the ground as a massive tremor rocked the earth. He groaned as he pushed himself up, and looked forward to see... to see something that was not easily put into words.

At first all he saw was a wall of tan, like the stretch of mountainous rock. But the mountain lacked rocks or crevices. Rather, the surface before him was distinctly scaly, like a snake's body, and the only rational conclusion he could reach was that a giant anaconda was now slithering before him. He took a step back to fetch his gun. But the scaly wall lifted away, and more of the creature before him could be made out.

As insane as it might have sounded, the only way to describe the creature before him was a dragon. Covered in beige and brown plate scales, each individual plate almost the size of David's head, the creature was distinctly reptilian, especially when it's slender, snake like head was taken into account. A pair of blue eyes skimmed the ground passively, and David's heart leapt into his throat when he imagined that the dragon was looking for him. It spotted whatever it sought, and leaned forward, soon picking up one of the parachutes that David had found the other night. The dragon rolled backwards, and lifted one of its massive feet, wiggling the four toes that crowned the foot happily. With a sigh, the dragon slipped the parachute onto the foot, and David suddenly realized just what they had been spending the night in.

"Get out!" David screamed.

Jake and Sully had already woken up, and pulled on a pair of pants and shoes and had joined David outside. Mouths agape, they stared at the dragon, as it picked at the sock and wiggled its toes, making sure the socks fit comfortable. Thomas was groggily trying to leave the cave, and Palmer was probably somewhere inside, when the dragon reached down and picked his second sock off the ground.

David, Jake, and Sully all stared, helpless, as the dragon lifted his other foot and brought the sock forward. He casually pulled the sock on, his four toes emerging from the holes at the front and wiggling, happy to be embraced by the warm fabric. But he frowned as he noticed something tickling his sole, and no matter how much he adjusted the fabric, the tickle would not leave him.

With a growl, he removed the sock, expecting to find a rock or piece of wood inside. Instead, opening it wide and peering inside, he was shocked to see two tiny humans, their nude bodies shivering and their little faces staring up at him with horror, shock, and fear.

The dragon turned his sock inside out and carefully dropped the humans into his palm. Holding them in one hand, he pulled his other sock off, inspecting it for more humans, but finding none, threw the sock over his shoulder, no longer interested in it.

"Anyone grab a gun?" David asked. "A knife... anything?"

Sully had left his backpack outside of the cave. He retrieved a couple flares from it, and offered to David, utterly baffled what good they could do, but they were all he had.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jake asked.

"I'm going to try and get its attention. Maybe... maybe it's friendly."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"That thing has got Palmer and Thomas," he said. "Besides, it might be friendly. Fifty-fifty chance, right? It didn't just slam its foot onto the ground to make the wiggles stop."

Striking the flare, it burst into a brilliant red, and David approached, waving the flare carefully side to side. "Dragon!" he called out. "Dragon," he said again. "My name is David Spooner. Can you understand me?"

The dragon's long, serpentine muzzle turned David, its reptilian eyes focused. Its hand was closed, keeping Palmer and Thomas smothered by the massive fingers. Maybe they were already dead. David waved the flare side to side, and then held it over his head as the dragon leaned closer and closer.

"Humans," the dragon said, a grin forming over his lips. "By the ancestors, you are all supposed to be extinct!" The dragon reached down, and with surprising dexterity for a creature that, by David's estimate, must have been at least fifty feet in height, picked up David by the arm that was over his head, holding the flare. The pressure on his hand was agonizing, not to mention it felt like his arm was going to tear off his body, but he bit back his scream and remained quiet. Soon enough he was dropped with Palmer and Thomas in one of the dragon's other hands. The dragon once more skimmed the landscaping, spotting two more humans, who were scooped up along with a great deal of dirt. They too were added to the count in his hand, and happy to have found such interesting specimens, he got to his feet. The dragon was wearing a black T-shirt and pair of cutoff jeans that exposed his long, powerful legs. He grinned down at his captives, before closing his other hand over them and headed back home.

It did not take long, by the dragon's perception of time, to reach his home. But for the humans it was agonizing hours, rocking back and forth in the hands that smelled sickeningly of leather. Palmer blubbered like a child, Jake said enough curses to kill the pope, Sully curled into a fetal position and said nothing, Thomas complained about his leg (which was broken), and David simply waited. Mounted against one of the dragon's fingers, he waited, and rocked back and forth, quiet and contemplating what had happened and a way to get out. He hadn't quite been trained for a situation like this, but to teach recruits about thinking outside the box, it was not uncommon to give them a rather absurd situation. How would you stop a military coup backed by the Salvation Army? How would you exorcise a ghost? How would you slay a dragon? Ironically, that last problem referred to the medieval portrayal: rampaging beasts that ate maidens and burned country sides, not anthromorphic lizards that spoke English and dressed in summer clothes.

At last the rocking motions stopped. David guessed he was in the dragon's home, and such suspicions were confirmed when they were dropped suddenly, and came to land on a surface that was springy and soft. A bed of some kind, though by its size, it could have fit the entire population of the New York State comfortably. The ground shifted with several tremors as the dragon climbed onto the bed, first pulling his shirt off his chest, exposing the lean build of youth, and then bringing his feet forward. His legs stretched out, corralling the little people, assuring they would not escape to the left or right. And for a while, he simply stared at them. The five of them huddled together, David telling them to be quiet, the dragon didn't seem likely to get bored. He just stared; fascinated by them, occasionally poking them with a long nail and then watching them react. At last, he leaned back, and scooted over the bed just a bit. He sat Indian style, and spent a long time stroking one of his feet, picking at the tender sole gently, before once more turning to the humans. He stretched his legs, but bent them at the knee, and rested his feet on their heel. He tilted them forward, casting a shadow over the humans, before straightening them again.

"Silly me," he said. "I had left my socks out in the woods when I came back from swimming, so I had no protection as I walked over the ground. I was so concerned with getting you back here, making sure you were safe in my home... My soles are so weary; you humans wouldn't mind making me feel a bit better, would you?"

David walked forward nervously, slowly, between the two feet that were at least three heads taller than him. The toes wiggled anxiously, and the dragon's sharp, reptilian eyes focused on the little man. "May I ask your name?" he asked. "I'm David Spooner."

The dragon's eyes narrowed. "Bowser... King Bowser!" he corrected. "Yes, I'm your king now. That sounds about right. Now, servant, rub my feet." The dragon pulled his leg back, and then thrust it forward, the foot rushing to David before he could get out of the way. The surprisingly soft pads that covered the foot's underside rammed into him, knocking him back a meter or two, and the foot settled down. Once more the toes wiggled. "Get on with it, or you will learn I am not a merciful king."

David swallowed nervously, and looked to the other four men. Despite a broken leg, Thomas hobbled to his feet with the aid of Jake, and the two of them approached the dragon's left foot. Sully got to his feet as well, and slowly, hesitantly, approached David, who was going to take responsibility for the right foot. Two little bodies, four hands, against one house sized foot would never work. David ordered Thomas and Jake to him. They would take one foot at a time. "Palmer," David hissed. "Palmer, you have to come help, or this thing is going to eat us."

But Palmer just lay there, sobbing uncontrollably. The dragon leaned forward; annoyed that he still had not received any attention, but the four who were up quickly got to work. "Jake, Thomas, Sully. Everyone take a toe."

Giving orders. David would have laughed had he not had the looming threat of a claw in front of him, and a very annoyed dragon glaring at him. The dragon sat up and rested his foot on the bed, while lifting his toes so the humans could get to work.

The dragon's foot had four toes at the front, with a fifth at the back, the purpose of which David could not imagine. He had been left with the second toe in, and immediately got to work. Gripping it with both hands, he pressed his thumbs into the pad gingerly, massaging it, although his thumbs sunk into the accumulated grim that covered the toe. He first used his hands, digging into the grim and peeling it off, throwing it out behind him. Then he removed his pants, and nude, he began to rub and scrub the toe, until that had grown too dirty to do any good. Casting that aside, and without any options, he leaned his head forward and gave the toe a gentle lick.

The taste of the toe was bitter on his small tongue, a mixture of dirt and grime, and the leathery taste he assumed was natural of the dragon. The dragon, his head looming above like an orbiting body, and began to hum passively, showing he was not amused with how little the humans were doing. "Work harder," he ordered his men.

David was strong. He wrapped his arms around the toe, and gave it a tight squeeze, holding it against his chest even as it started to wiggle. He hugged it tight, and gentle, carefully, lowered his head to softly nibble the ridge where the skin met the nail. The dragon's soft hums began to sound more sincere, and his looming face smiled softly. "Good job, David Spooner," the dragon said, and quickly added, "More."

David started to work the other side of the toe, gently nibbling it. Clenching his jaw, he actually managed to pry one or two of the scale away from the skin, which made the dragon growl and yap happily. David moved his head to the center of the toe, and carefully worked his tongue beneath the nail. It was terrifying; the sharp talon inches from his forehead, and the taste was not easy to bear, but he continued.

The dragon had to admit, all the humans did their part, but their leader especially was a wonderful servant, a wonderful slave. Perhaps why he was the leader. The dragon smiled, and gently unbuttoned his pants, already planning for later. He leaned forward and down, his long neck and flexible torso allowing him to loom over his feet and his slaves without any problem. His nostrils opened, and he breathed deep. The smell of his feet was wonderful in his nose, and adding to the mixture of scents was the raw, natural fear of his slaves. He growled softly as David, now on his knees, hugged the toe fully, and began to softly kiss and nibble on the toe's front, treating it like a lover. The dragon sighed, and used two fingers to rub his engorged erection, easing the pants lower to expose more and more of his musky shaft. The dragon pulled his foot back, and then brought it down, intending to pin the humans against the bed.

David scrambled back as the shadow was cast by the great and mighty claw, and when it did finally come down, he was spared being crushed outright. Instead, his head came to rest between two of the toes, but not missing a beat, he quickly resumed hugging and licking the toes at either side of him. The only person who had made it out completely was Jake, who had scrambled with all his might, and shouted several curses at the foot. He ran to the toe and attempted to lift it, attempting to free David, until David ordered him to get to work. Thomas and Sully were beneath the claw, wiggling and squirming considering how the dragon whined and purred. For their sake, they had no choice.

And Palmer, of course, continued whining and sobbing. His low, wailing cries irritated the dragon, whose blue eyes focused on the little whelp. He leaned forward, and plucked Palmer up with the same careful dexterity as he had before. He thought of simply eating the little human. Clearly it just was not that good at following orders. But just before he popped it into his mouth, his eyes happened to cast upon the engorged shaft that was fully erect between his legs. He was still a young dragon, and had only recently learned the secret to giving himself pleasure. He smiled at the human, wondering if... yes, that would work.

"What the fuck is he doing?!" Jake muttered.

David simply continued nibbling the toes, now focusing on the taught skin between the two extremities. The foot lifted up, and he was given a chance to breathe. Thomas and Sully, too, crawled out from under the foot, hoping to escape it. Jake ran for Thomas, hoisting him up and began to carry him, only for the foot to come back down, and all four of them to now be trapped between the yielding bedsprings and the wiggling, squirming toes and upper portion of the foot.

Palmer screamed as he was lowered down slowly towards the pillar of pulsating flesh that jutted forward from the dragon's massive thighs like an Egyptian obelisk. His screams and shrieks and begs for mercy only grew more intense as the scent of dragon youth surrounded him. The dragon's slit was massive enough that his feet, even kicking furiously, slipped inside without any problem, and sure he was inside, the dragon released his lose hold.

The squirming of the tiny human felt amazing, the way he kicked and wiggled, stimulating the virgin nerves that lined his erection. The dragon leaned forward, panting and groaning, eyes wide, foot coming down harder and harder upon his captives to assure they continued to struggle and give him the impromptu foot massage. And struggle they did. For their very lives, they fought like mad, hissing and cursing and kicking. He leaned down, first smelling his foot and the fear that radiated off the humans. He lingered, drooling, and one drop of drool crashing down and hit Sully square in the face. Sully only fought harder after that, his fear growing more potent, and the dragon's erection growing thicker and fuller as a result.

The dragon moved to his large erection. By now, the human had sunk inside and disappeared beneath the rim of the dribbling slit without any problems, though he could still be felt. The dragon felt the tiny captive as he went all the way down, kicking and squirming and trying to climb out of the vertical tunnel, at least until he sank into the dragon's testicles where he would remain trapped. The way he fought and struggled and throw himself against the walls of the sack... if he had shown so much heart before, he wouldn't be where he was now.

The pressure on David's chest was immense. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't even scream, the full weight of the foot coming down upon him. He turned his head to look to Jake, who was next to him, only to see Jake's eyes bloodshot, and crimson goo dribbling out of his mouth. A moment later, Jake vomited sticky bile, blood and organs out of his mouth, and then went still. David wheezed, sucking down a breath as the foot came down harder and harder. He pushed against it with all his might, beat against it, just tried to steal another breath to sustain him for another heartbeat.

The dragon stretched his flexible neck as far as it could go, and then craned it down sharply. Stretching his tongue out, he wrapped it around the pulsating flesh of his penis, whining and moaning as he felt the warmth and friction of his tongue against his musky skin. His lips closed over his erection next, and despite the slight pain in his neck, he bobbed his head, up and down, up and down, working his cock with a virgin's enthusiasm.

Just as the pressure seemed too great, just as he thought he would be squished as his friends had been and reduced to crimson paste, the pressure lifted off of David's chest, and he breathed for all he was worth. He rolled onto his chest and attempted to crawl through the sickly blood and guts that was left of his friends, but found he didn't have the strength, and just plopped down.

The dragon, on the other hand, pulled his head away as he felt himself hit his paradise. A spurt of white shot high into the air, arcing gloriously, only to come splashing down onto his belly. He gripped his erection and rubbed himself hard, splash after splash shooting into the air and crashing onto his chest. Spurt after spurt... oh it was glorious, and he set his head down, just enjoying the bliss hammering away at him, and the long afterglow that would follow. He rubbed himself, not wanting this to end, desperate for it to go on and on, and humped into the air, dreaming of a mate he could share this with.

Eventually, his eyes opened and he looked down, curious if any of the humans had survived his fun. At first, he was sad to see he had broken all his new toys, but at last his eyes settled upon David. He plucked David up by the foot and smiled wide, dangling the little man in front of his lips. "Oh my," he said. "You... yes, there's something special about you... Yes, yes... You're special. And your mine."

The dragon lifted an empty glass from the side table of his bed, and dropped his new toy inside the transparent prison. He lifted from the bed, and spent a few minutes cleaning up the mess he had made of his chest, washing his foot free of the drops of crimson, and selecting another pair of socks from his dresser drawer. He set the opening of the sock over the glass, and then tilted the glass very slowly. David, with newfound strength, began to struggle and claw at the slippery sides, trying to stay out of the fabric prison. In fact, it wasn't until the glass was nearly upside down that David finally lost his traction, and came to rest inside the sock. He thought of crawling for one of the four openings, but before he could move a massive, scaly foot was coming into the sock after him.

"What's wrong?" the dragon asked, snickering. "You did such a good job on my foot; I figured you'd want to make the other feel as good. Oh, relax. I'm sure you'll be just fine. And if not, maybe I can find some more of you tinies. I always wanted to have some pets."