Quinn's Farm: Chapter 15 - Ken's Story, part 3

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15 of Quinn's Free-Range Farm


Jhavs - Black Draft Horse

Ken - Black Wolf

Qeeno - Zebra

Author's Note : This story contains gay sexual scenes with some non-consensual sexual acts. If you do not agree or are legally allowed to read such material then stop now. If there are any keywords you do not agree with then please stop reading now.


How long had Ken been in this dark room, he had no idea. He frowned at the darkness as he couldn't trust his own senses anymore, they were so tuned at the beginning, could tell when it was by the feel of the moon. Even if he couldn't see it, he just knew it was there, but now... He frowned more as he shook his head and slowly he leant back until he felt the cold stone press against the back of his head and sighed. He couldn't tell anything anymore as a tear formed on the corner of his eye and rolled down his black fur as he wondered if he'll ever see the moon again and whimpered.

Once the first tear had fell, more came as the wolf began to cry, whimpering as he felt his tail lift up in between his legs, his ears fell back against his head and he thought on how he got into this situation, the betrayal of someone in a pack he was in... His mind went back to Shamoa, the pack leader's mate and his mother. Ken jerked his head to the side as he saw a flash inside of his head and the vision of her broken bloody body, the neck snapped as her head lay in an un-natural position.

Clenching his paws, he didn't feel the pain as he had no claws, long since plucked out but the feel of the scar tissue was the only reminder against his paw pads when he growled through tears of another vision, a greyish brown wolf who after ensuring the pack knew it was him that did it, lent to his ear and whispered. "Your mother was a slut..." Howling in anger, Ken heard a bang from upstairs as he opened his eyes, the rest of the images rushing past his eyes, the escape, the torture of no one believing him and being pack less that led him to robbing that farm and that otter...

The door opened as he saw the tall dark horse step in with the zebra behind him, Jhavs frowned as he walked across the room and punched Ken on the nose that made the wolf yelp in pain before blood splattered out as it fell to the floor. "How many times do we have to do this?"

Qeeno placed a paw on Jhav's shoulder and shook his head. "Don't think this one is going to work out. Sure he's obedient now but still, just look at him." The zebra leant into the other horse and whispered into his ear. "We should just finish him off, always buy another one."

Ken whimpered at the look that Jhavs gave him, the horse smiling as he looked at the wolf in front of him and nodded his head. "Aye your right, just one more fuck and then we're throw him out, let him be food for the homeless ones." Ken whimpered and he felt another punch to the nose and he spat out blood into the face of Jhavs, who immediately brought his knee into the abdomen which made the wolf yelp in pain, before gasping for breath.

Reaching up, Jhav lifted up the wolf as he unhooked the chain from the wall and brought Ken right up to his face. "Nothing but trouble you've been, think you've been playing us. Why you make so much noise, well... ANSWER ME!"

Ken pulled back as he heard the shout, the words ringing in his ears as he whimpered. "Sorry..." Jhavs spat in the wolf's face and snarled. "Sorry, that's all you have to say, I'll make you sorry alright." He dropped Ken onto the floor and then briefly kicked him in the chest as hard as he could. Ken yelped in pain as he spat out blood and Qeeno turned on the light to the room. "Want me to get the truck ready?" Jhav's turned his head around and nodded as Qeeno turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Lying on the ground, Ken curled up again as the hoof came in once more, connecting with his arm which made the wolf yell in pain, moving his paw to where the pain was before he felt the hoof once again kick into the paw with a sickening crunch. Ken whimpered loud, shouting. "Please stop!"

Jhavs bent down and rolled Ken onto his front before placing a knee down onto the back, holding the canine there while he pulled away his dressing gown, the horse naked underneath as he folded the fabric up and threw it towards the wall near the door. His cock was still hidden in its folds as his hand moved down to began caressing it awake as the head began to swell with the folds shifting about before the horse cock grew and then fell down before extending outwards.

Ken groaned on the floor as he shifted about but couldn't move much due to the weight on his back. Slowly he felt the weight lift from him as he shifted his arms from under him so that he could see them on the floor in front of him and closed his eyes, his ears flattened against the back of his head as he felt hands reach to touch his rear and whimpered, knowing what was to come.

The thick black horse cock throbbed as the head pressed just under the tail. Ken felt his body shake as his ears remained flat and submission against his head, the pressure began to be felt until he whined out as his rear opened up abruptly feeling the thick cock slam into him as his insides shifted about until he felt the horse groin press against his rear.

Ken laid there, rejected as he felt the cock pull out before slamming back into his body again, a tear began to roll down his black fur as he shook back and forth as he whined once again as he felt a hand from the horse move from his shoulder to where he had been kicked moments before as it squeezed. White stars shone into his eyes as he felt his body convulse before he threw up, the stench of his stomach contents filled his nostrils before his face was pushed right into the warm mess as he gagged, squirming about.

"Shut it..." Jhavs snarled as he lifted up the wolf's head and slammed it down onto the stone floor, making Ken yelp in pain as he pressed the head down hard onto the floor while his cock slammed back into the wolf hard and fast. Ken gagged quietly as he felt his nose sting as he smelt the rich iron from his own blood. His ears twitched as he heard the horse gasp before he felt the bulging cock stretch his rear more before the feeling of hot liquid began once again to fill, stretching his insides as it burst out from around his abused ring of muscle, the cum dripping down over the horses balls.

Ken tried to keep quiet as his cock throbbed before spurting onto the floor, the pain from the rats previously made him yelp in pain as he felt the hand on his head grip tighter as Jhavs shouted. "I told you to shut up." Ken didn't notice the first punch on his head; he only felt it as Jhavs slammed the wolf's head onto the floor. By this time, Ken's mind was one step behind as he didn't feel the rough pulling out of the cock from his rear as he felt the impact on the floor again, his nose spurting blood as Jhavs roughly picked up Ken by the scruff of his neck and threw him against the wall before kicking him in the balls.

Ken fell to the ground with a sickening thud before he felt the hard hoof slam into his head once again and he saw his vision waver before a large dark shadow fell over his eyes and he passed out. Jhavs looked at the form and frowned, he knelt down and pressed his fingers against the side of the neck and pulled a face. Getting up he walked over to the exit of the room and reached around the doorframe, picking up a small phone. As he flicked it open he looked at the form again and began dialling. "Queeno, can you come here, got a problem." He looked back at the limp form of the wolf and walked over before kicking it again in the gut. "Yeah, you could say that, need to get rid... No, no. The wolves won't know about it, wouldn't want that hassle on us, right I wait for you."

Jhavs flicked the phone shut as he walked out of the room, shaking his head as he moved up the stairs. Ken just laid there on the floor, motionless as he coughed, spat out some blood and quietly groaned as every part of his body ached. He didn't move as he heard the usual scurrying about from smaller rodents in the basement as his nose blew a small reddish bubble before bursting as he took a breath out.

As ken tried to move he coughed and felt a sharp pain in his ribcage, frowning he knew that it had either been bruised or broken. Opening his eyes only brought about a very blurry image as he saw flashes of light and what he thought briefly to be a small rodent nearby, lapping up at the blood that had pooled onto the dirty floor.

Footsteps could be heard from above, moving from one side to the other as Ken shifted about again, wincing in pain as he gave a soft whimper, then coughed again as he struggled with his restraints behind his back. He forced himself up from the floor he growled under his breath as he gasped for air and leant back against the wall.

Looking down, he saw his erect cock, bruised and cut as the tightness of the straps wrapped around his shaft and balls, the knot aching as he panted again, resting from the exertion that he had just done. He looked up as he heard the phone ring and heard the horse speak, but it was muffled as he whimpered and then he heard hoofs move across the room and then a door opening and slamming shut. Bemused, Ken listened as he heard an engine outside as it slowly drove off and he looked about again as he waited, listening.

Closing his eyes, Ken took a deep breath again as he frowned to the pain in his chest, the wolf snarled as he opened them again, hoping his vision had improved but it was still blurred with white flashing lights. He lowered his body down a bit, wincing as he whined to the pain until his fingers could grasp at the floor, searching until he found a small slither of glass. Carefully he picked it up as he shifted it about in his fingers and began to work at the rope that kept his paws tied behind his back.

A rodent sniffed about as it moved about on the floor, Ken continued to work on the rope and then stopped with a frown forming on his face, before it turned into a worried look. As his ears perked up he looked about in horror as he croaked out. "Who am I?" Suddenly the whole darkness around him seemed to close in on him as he stayed where he was, the small slither of glass slowly slipping from his bloodied paw pads.

Ken came out of his thoughts as he felt something prick against his erect cock and looked down as he saw a rat climb onto it, the tiny claws, digging into the skin as it began to hump into the hole in the cock head. He croaked out. "Hey, get off..." He arched his hip a bit as he winced in pain as he saw the rodent ignore him as it continued to hump, his claws digging into the flesh as it made small cuts. Ken snarled as he resumed his work at the bonds around his wrists.

Wincing, he felt the rope begin to snap, but the sharp pain of the glass slicing into his wrist made him tense up, glaring down at the rat that was humping into his abused cock which was bleeding from the cuts as it moved about trying to get a better grip around the member. Snarling now, Ken pulled as he felt the ropes snap and his paws became free as he moved them around to the front and began to pull off the rough rope, then rubbed at his wrists, bringing life back into his paws again.

Reaching out Ken grabbed the rat which squeaked as it curled up before biting on one of his fingers. With a snarl, Ken brought his other paw up, grabbed the head and twisted quickly. The rat went limp quickly as he watched it dangle in his paw. Quickly he brought it to his muzzle and tosses it in as he chewed, savouring the blood that was rushing out, falling over his black muzzle lips and swallowed. Ken heard the bones crunch under his teeth, the wolf slowly pushing himself up as he slid a paw down to rub over his swollen cock, which left blood on his fur. He moved a paw back to steady himself against the wall as he swallowed again, finishing the small meal as he moved his paw up to his muzzle, grabbed hold of the tail sticking out and flicked it away to the side as he lumbered forward awkwardly towards the door.

The door had remained open as he clawed at the doorframe and looked around, ears flat against his head as he looked at the stairs leading upwards. Slowly he pulled himself around the doorframe as his cock leaked blood down his thighs. Coughing he spat out blood and lifted a paw up to his chest and whined. Every part of his body ached but he somehow knew that he had to get out. Grabbing onto the staircase rail, he pulled himself up slowly as he took one step at a time up the stairs. The whole staircase went off to the right and then to the left as he stopped and shook his head for a moment to shake off the sudden sick feeling inside of his stomach and the spinning going around his head as his ears started to ring out.

Eventually he reached the top of the stairs and paused as he looked at the door, pressed his head against the wood and listened. All Ken could hear was the blood flowing through his ear and nothing else as he reached down for the handle and turned it, thankfully it wasn't locked as he pulled the door open and covered his eyes with his other paw as he winced to the light that flooded in. Slowly his vision returned as he pushed himself into the hallway and looked about the room, the plush carpet under his feet felt nice as he shifted them about to clean the dirt from them, his toes scrunching up to tug on the fibres.

Slowly Ken moved along the door as he coughed again, spitting out blood that splattered onto the white wall, the thick red pooled before it ran down as he made his way unsteadily towards the front door and fell against it with a loud yelp as he slid down it, holding his chest in his arms, wincing as tears flowed down his cheeks. Panting heavily, Ken gulped down some more air as he slowly turned around and his paw grabbed hold of the doorknob, pulling himself back up with a grunt.

Slowly he turned the knob around as the door remained shut, frowning Ken looked down and turned the switch as he unlocked the door and tried again as he saw the knob turn and the door slid open. Ken looked out into the dark street, the only lights being from the orange glow from the street lights and he stepped outside, naked as he stumbled down the stairs and fell flat onto his face onto the concrete slabs with a loud yelp. Slowly he began to crawl along the pathway as he made his way to where the mailbox post was and grabbed hold of it with his paws. Ken dug his claws into the wood as he pulled himself up and wobbled again uneasily.

Ken stagger as he stepped out onto the road, he walked until he was right in the middle of it and then he stopped as he saw two lights headed his way. Somehow he knew he couldn't be seen as he turned around quickly on his paws, yelped as he felt a sharp pain in his ankle and ran. Ken only managed to get a few yards down the road as he felt the pain in his ankle, chest and rest of his body peak to a point where he saw flashes of light in his eyes and then the road shifted over to the right and he felt himself falling before his head slammed into a bumper from a parked van.


Ken slowly saw his vision return as he gave a moan, his eyes opened up slightly as he saw just white staring back at him. His whole body ached but there was something else pressing against his fur. The feeling began to unsettle him as he felt it begin to crush over his body and with a loud bark his body bolted upright as he sat up and yelped as he felt searing pain flow over his body.

"Shhh..." A soothing voice came as a light brown paw moved to gently press onto Ken's chest and helped him to lean back again as Ken blinked again and stared at another wolf who looked down at him. "Take it easy, you don't want to bust those ribs again."

"Who... Who are you?" Ken asked as he looked down and saw that he was in fact in a bed, clean white sheets covered him as he felt the sheets being pulled back over him once more and he sighed softly. Venson smiled back at Ken. "Name's Vensom, you're safe now. Do you know what your name is?"

Ken looked puzzled as he shook his head. "I... I don't know..." His ears flopped down as he looked away but he felt the warm paw pads touch the side of his head and he turned to face Vensom again as he spoke gently. "You remember in time, you're safe here." Ken smiled back as he looked about and saw several other friendly faces staring back at him, all wolves as they nodded their heads and repeated the words. "You're safe... Brother..."

Ken looked confused again as he looked at Vensom. "Brother?" Vensom nodded his head. "Yes, we would love for you to join our pack. We know what happened, waited for two to return to that building you left. They won't harm you again." Ken smiled as he felt the paw brush over his head and he nodded his head and smiled. "Thank you..."