Hunter of Worlds: Phase1-Chapter10

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Modern-Fantasy themed series of short stories, centered around Kalevar Savantes, a wolven mercenary who is part of an experimental program designed to engage in conflict across dimensions and time periods. Success will be dependent upon his ability to retain his own sanity, and upon the leadership of his Overseer, Fayah. A young scientist responsible for guiding him through his assignments. The tenth chapter of his first phase of assignment. This piece includes suggestive themes, sad goodbyes, and preparation for war. :3

Phase 1, Chapter 10.

Hannah awoke to the gentle tinkling sounds drifting from her kitchen, metal on metal clicking and jostling against itself. Yawning, the doe rolled over and stretched, slightly disappointed to have woken up all alone. She must've fallen asleep on the way home. Taking a few moments to push her hair away from her face and back into a ponytail, the female picked herself up off the bed and peeked gingerly around the hallway towards the kitchen. Blinking as she found the hallway itself to be lined with weapons leaned against the walls, she tiptoed quietly towards the source of the jingling brass and steel. Kalevar was sitting silently at the kitchen table with his paws steadily working a meticulous set of instruments, lines and lines of ammunition set out in neat patterns upon the table infront of his workspace. Emerald eyes remained entirely focused on their work, not shifting up in the slightest even as the wildcat offered a greeting.

"Have a good nap, beautiful?" "Uhm.. Yeah, hun.. But what's all this?"

She questioned lightly, gingerly picking up a round which was nearly large enough to fill her tiny palm. Turning the smooth brass over between her fingers, she couldn't help but notice the scratches embedded in the sides of the casing, the semblance of a cross etched upon every piece of ammunition which had been prepared. Deciding not to ask, Hannah carefully set the bullet back down and pulled up a chair to sit across from her friend. They remained that way, sitting in silence save for the light ambiance of Kalevar's tools. After what felt like hours to the doe she finally managed to clear away the lump in her throat, luminescent blue eyes turning carefully upwards to stare at the male she had come to be so fond of.

"So.. I assume you have a plan, then..." "Not necessarily a plan.. Just a target." "Shouldn't you have some sort of strategy? You look like you're about to go off to war, sugar." "It is impossible for me to create a solid tactical scenario with the information I have to work with, Hannah... My organization has been able to offer rough mappings of the area I am to operate in, but the geography alone isn't sufficient for a plan of attack. We can only theorize so much of where patrols and security will or will not be.. Until I get in range and see for myself, the best I can do is be prepared for anything." "It sounds like suicide, just like last time! You work your way in, guns blazing, then what? You die, taking the whole place to pieces around you? That's what it looked like you were trying to do last night, and you would have gotten away with it if I hadn't come to get you! You can't just run off and leave me like this!" "Last time was a mistake.. I made an error, and--" "Mistakes happen, Kale! I don't care who you think you are, or who you work for, nobody is perfect! You're a person, not a weapon! What happens if you fuck up this time and nobody is there to help? You.. you'll..." "This is what I live for, Hannah. What i've been trained to do." "Well would it kill you to consider living for something else? Or at least making room to share? I don't want to be alone again, Kale! You being here.. it.. It makes me happy." "Relax. I'm a soldier. I always come back home." "One soldier.. One. Against how many, Kale? Just what do you think you're going to do all by yourself?!" "Simple.... I'm going to kill them all."

As Kalevar stood up, ruffling Hannah playfully between the ears, the deer couldn't help but give him an incredulous look. The wildcat moved to the hallway with calculated steps, picking up several of the assembled weapons and bringing them back to the table where he laid them out infront of Hannah. Seeming rather pleased with himself, Kale pulled his chair over to be beside the doe, kissing her on the cheek before beginning with the introductions, her protests easily being swept away.

"Killing everyone can't always be your solution, you know." "Sure it can, now look. These girls are going to stay here with you. Say hello to Nino and Serra."

The wildcat gestured happily to the SIG P226 and 870MCS Remington respectively. Picking up the sidearm, he began to push it into Hannah's palms, but she quickly pulled away. Tilting his head, Kale spun the weapon in his palm and extended the grip towards the doe, nodding for her to take it. The look in his veridian eyes showed that there would be no arguments, and after a few moments of staring contest Hannah gingerly slipped her fingers around the cool synthetics of the weapon. For the next few hours the two of them became acquainted with the various firearms Kalevar had bought and assembled, and near the end of it Hannah seemed to be enjoying herself. Too caught up in the quality time they were spending together to worry over the idea of just what it was he intended to use all these weapons for, she giggled and smiled as he stood behind her to help position her body into each of the shooting stances. Admittedly, she found it somewhat odd that he chose to name each individual piece, as she was introduced to 'Isabella' the C8 Carbine, 'Jezel' the 92FS Beretta, 'Jenna' the M11-A1, 'Kaitie' the UMP45, 'Tabitha' the 870MCS.. Who, according to Kale, happened to be Serra's younger sister. And last but not least, 'Vera', a T-76 Longbow outfitted with a high-powered hunters scope.

"It's not top of the line, but I had to work with what they had... All in all, not a bad lineup."

Kale would say as he showed off each of the pieces, and Hannah had to admit there was something a little cute about the way his eyes lit up when he talked about it. Perhaps it could seem a touch frightening if you wanted to view it in the potential psychopathic serial killer sort of way, but when you were willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt it was slightly endearing to see the wildcat get so enthusiastic over something. Even if it was weapons.

"I'm still not sure I feel like I can trust these 'girls' of yours to bring you home safe to me, Kale..." "Ouch, whoah.. Easy around the girls, they're sensitive. How can you say that? You of all people should know that women come alive in my hands.." "You're hopeless." "Maybe, but you like it." "Hmm... Guilty, I suppose. Though you could stand to be a bit less stubborn." "Now where would the fun in that be?" "It'd be here, in my bed, not out shooting up the neighborhood. That's where." "Touche.. It isn't fair for you to put it that way..." "Alls fair in love and war, hun."

Sticking her tongue out playfully at him, Hannah gasped lightly as he pressed in and nipped it before kissing her deeply. A muffled groan worked from her lips as their tongues danced, the gentle pressure of his paws against her waist sending a rush of blood to her cheeks. He was just so damned affectionate and good to her, it didn't seem real. How could he be a killer in one moment and such a sweetheart the next? These thoughts were all swept away as her head clouded over with the rush of endorphins being released at her partner's touch, the subtle caress of his paws lingering across her fur. As the small of her back was pressed into the wall, Hannah gradually lifted her legs to wrap them around Kalevar's waist, supporting herself using his body and the framework of her home. As the tips of his fangs found the side of her neck, she whimpered and tipped back her head as he swept the length of her hair away to expose her vulnerable throat. He whispered across her skin as his tongue ran smoothly from her shoulder to jawline.

"Hannah..." "Y-yeah, hun?" "Not to be a complete buzzkill, but... I need to go."

The doe's long ears drooped in defeat, her eyes immediately filling with glistening tears. Her hands reached into the long fur around Kalevar's ears and neck, gripping the back of his head and pulling him into her for a long kiss. Staring into the soft glow of his glassy green eyes, she touched her nose to his and nuzzled against him. They remained there, nose to nose and eye to eye, until finally Kalevar leaned in to offer one last kiss. Setting the doe on her own feet he nodded reassuringly. In those moments there had been a silent but binding understanding passed between the two of them, and despite the streaks of saline liquid trickling down Hannah's cheeks, he knew she trusted him to return safely into her arms. His preparation was short, his hands knowingly attaching each piece of equipment to his frame. Form-fitting black pants hugged his lower body, flaring lightly where their ends were tucked into the sleek leather of his jungle boots. His upper body was fitted inside a modest assault jacket, lightweight but fitted with thick padding and Kevlar weave. It certainly wouldn't protect him from a hail of bullets, but it could at least offer him a second or third chance if things went bad, and it would make knife attacks far less threatening to his core muscle groups. It had been the most valid mixture of mobility and defense he could procure with his limited resources, each piece of material covering his body dyed the pitch darkness of the midnight sky. Holsters were slapped into place, rifles attached to clips at his shoulders and lower back, knives dipping into his boots and sheathed at his waist and shoulders, sidearms hid beneath his arms and at his thigh... A weapon accessible from every angle, a weapon ready for every situation. Magazines of ammunition filled the rugged pouches which hung at his waist and thighs. Everything was ready... And the hour was fast approaching. There was one last hug between himself and the doe who had so readily taken him in and befriended him, before Kale quickly closed the door to spare himself the pain of seeing her break down.. He knew she had been holding it in, for his sake, and he was unsure of whether or not he could bring himself to leave should he see the full extent of her heartache. With solemn pawsteps, the wildcat slid his shades over his visage and began his descent.

"Alright, girls.. Walk with daddy... Tonight, we dance where angels fear to tread."