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as I'm a fan of the writing work of KindleFoxfire and of his fan service stories and as I of course totally agree with dragonien over at FA that the fanservice for an author shoudn't be written by the author himself I have made this little story of him accidently reaching the Station Omega Red from my story. This story is totally approved by him and he even was so kind as to correction read it and made some great alterations. Have fun reading it and comments and critisim are welcome, as I can only get better trough it. PS: One really funny occurance if you should follow KindleFoxfire's stories is the fact, that approx. 2 hours after I wrote Kindle to ask him for allowance to post my story he had posted his fanservice for that friday "Security Tiger" on FA and it fitted perfectly with my story so that mine could play at some time after his. If that isn't a strange Thing to happen.

This is a story of complete fiction and features characters of anthromorphic being known as furries. It contains description of affections and interactions between male characters and is not meant for underage readers. If you are offended by this or are not allowed to read such "crap", please stop now clear your browser and go to the next pastor for mental guidance to absolve for your sin of just opening this file.

All other happy reading and comments are welcome.

Ryan Kindle and Bradley Foxfire belong to Kindle for whom I have written this Fan Service

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The risks of participating in experiments

„ So, have you two thought about my proposal for transferring to special forces after the end of basic training next week?" the white tiger Rei asked his two companions while all three headed through the recreational park of Station Omega Red to the connection tubes between the space stations to reach their caserne from another sparing session with the security personal of Club Omega Red. "Of course," the fur to his right answered "Stephen may have outright denied the possibility of attending it, as you know how he thinks about the whole military, but as you already know him, that is just one of his traits to make himself look more badass. We would both love to get in there, but I don't think we are good enough for them."

"Benjamin my friend, do you still minor your abilities, even after the outcome of your final field exam? You nearly out bested Stephen in scoring first and got only second of your class because there can be no two first rankings." Patting the yellow lynx on the shoulder he turned his attention to his other companion. "You on the other hand should really work on your temper and basic association with other people. I may know your traits, but your attitude to the other supervisors nearly would have cost you the passing. Only that you, as we had agreed, wanted me as your opponent in close combat and the performance you showed before losing against me has kept you in."

The Australian shepherd dropped his gaze on the ground, his ears and tail following suit. The display of shame truly was a new trait to him Rei observed. That was a beginning and in the next week before the end of basic training he would see to it that Stephen would learn to respect superiors even if they are wrong. "Don't chastise yourself too much. During the last weeks after my little blackmail against you two you have evolved remarkably and you've gotten a lot more socialized. I'll see to it that you will be the perfect little soldier." With that remark he truly brushed the shepherd's pelt the wrong way, but he couldn't keep from doing it.

"I would never be a dumb follower of a system." The gaze he threw would have killed anyone if possible, but Rei just slapped him on the back before laughing.

"No need to worry about that. Your stubbornness will see to that. I just like it too much to tease you."

"Oh, get fucked," Stephen retorted.

Without any announcement all three were suddenly blinded by flash as bright as a supernova that originated from a small tightly packed patch of trees. Blinking the stars from their eyes all three felt uneasy of what might just have transpired. "Rei what was that? It felt like my inwards were turned upside down." Benjamin asked, still feeling like his meal tried to spring out of his stomach. "I don't know, but it came from there. We should investigate to make sure this isn't a danger to the station." Rei unsheathed his ever-present combat knife without even thinking and started to slowly make his way into the underbrush. "Be ready for anything," he called back to them, but knew that wouldn't be necessary; due to their sessions with his old comrades, they had been instilled with always being ready for the worst.

Drawing nearer to the suggested place of the flash, Rei realized that his fur started to get statically charged and got even more worried about what caused the flash. Stepping into a clearing, he was shocked to realize that that wasn't a clearing, but resembled an impact crater from a mighty explosion. The only thing amiss was the missing of scorched grass or twigs around and that it seemed the clearing was carved out of the foliage. The crater in the earth was also neatly carved out and to his surprise directly in the center of the crater lay a completely naked tiger. He had the typical orange fur with black marking all around his body and his musculature was tightly built as far as Rei could inspect from afar.

As his companions reached him they split up a little and slowly made their way down the slope to the tiger while keeping a steady watch for any surprises. Reaching the tiger, it became clear that he was quite buff and that the fur around his muzzle and his complete underbelly down to his groin was as white as the fur of Rei's. A closer inspection showed that he seemed to be unconscious but he didn't seem to have any visible injuries.

"Who is he?" Stephen asked after scanning the area one last time, "He looks like a Naturebound with that physique and the missing of clothes. But how can one of them reach the stations?"

Rei now was in a tight spot, as he knew very well that at least 90 Naturebound were currently on the five space stations oriented around their former home planet. But he and his old friends had sworn to not let his two companions know that Naturebound were held like slaves by the government for experiments to establish their protective shield. Also that he knew about it and had sworn after knowing it to get those back to their families on the planet where they had been abducted from. Only one idea came to his mind. "I don't know, but as he is unconscious and seems unhurt, let's transport him to the club, where we can interrogate him. If one of our former enemies is found here, that might lead to an outright panic."

"Are you sure it wouldn't be better to call the authorities?" Benjamin asked. "But seeing him so close I wouldn't want to share him either." "My love, do you have to jump on anything still breathing?" Benjamin's longing for other males surely irritated his mate.

"Don't get jealous, Stephen. It's now over two weeks that we train with perfect specimens that I would love to runt, but you are still my one and only." Before the shepherd could make any comment his muzzle was blocked by the tongue of his lynx.

Seeing that if he didn't interrupt them soon, he could become spectator of a more physical expression of their mateship, Rei quite noisily cleared his throat before asking. "Are you two ready?" Both blushed a little due to the reprimanding stare of their still commanding officer and said in synch. "Sorry. We were carried away."

The task of transporting the unconscious tiger was easy for the three trained soldiers. The difficulty was getting him six miles across the station to the Club Omega Red without being seen by anyone. But after nearly one hours of slinking in and out of alleys they reached the employees' back door to the club. The fact, that a yellow fox with tightly fitting black t-shirt was already waiting outside for their arrival would have startled anyone, but to the three that was quite normal.

"If you were again spying in on us you could have at least helped us transport him here Jaden." Rei addressed the fox.

"Why do you think you weren't spotted by anyone during your trip here?" Jaden countered. "I kept your presence in the streets as concealed as possible. I only left your side for the last 2 blocks to inform the others."

"Ok. I give up. So, what should we do with him?" Rei asked still being quite nervous to not let too much slip with Benjamin and Stephen nearby.

"Drake said to bring him into the backroom with the jungle theme to make sure he isn't startled by the environment when he awakes. We can use the surveillance cams in the security room to keep an eye on him. When he wakes, Michael has agreed to wear his old Naturebound loincloth again with all his tribal markings to question him."

The sudden hitting of Rei's paw against his forehead went undiscovered, as both Benjamin and Stephen suddenly piped in. "He is a Naturebound?"

"Well done Jaden. You have revealed it quite remarkably." Rei scowled at his friend and addressed the two. "Yes he is a Naturebound of the Fox Clans. But during an ambush in the war, he was saved by Drake Moroese from death and as his rites stated he had a life debt to pay, he followed him on the stations," Rei lied, to save their little secret from them.

After depositing the tiger in the mentioned room all 4 went to the security room of the club to meet up with the other 4 to discuss their next movement.

"Oww, my head feels like a train rushed through it. Bradley, I'll kill you for that," Kindle groaned while slowly returning from his unconscious state. He was a little startled by the feel of the place he was lying on. It felt like a cot filled with straw instead of a medical examination table. Him being naked again wasn't new to him, as he normally ended in that state when he allowed that good for nothing mad scientist Bradley Foxfire to test one of his newest inventions on him. Feeling a little further around, his first impression was confirmed. He was lying on some kind of primitive bed of straw covered by some kind of hide. As the throbbing in his head slowly cleared, the sounds around him startled him to the point that he sprang up and nearly lost consciousness again because of doing it too fast. He was hearing birds and other feral creatures nearby. Steadying himself he took in his surroundings and confirmed his already beginning nightmare. This wasn't the medical bay of Foxfire Industries but a primitive cottage in some unknown region.

Nearing outraged panic Kindle tried to remember the last events before entering oblivion. After the bright flash he lay on the ground in a dike and three silhouettes were standing at the rim. Had they brought him here? Who were they, and what would they do to him? During his thinking, he didn't realize the cloth flaps in front of the opening were parting as a stranger entered the hut. The sudden noise nearly let him jump out of his hide.

"I see you are finally awake," the fur at the entrance addressed him. After he had calmed a little from the shock he regarded the unknown. It was a fox or some relative to the vulpine, with the normal black nose on top of a long triangular muzzle with pointy ears above his head and the greenest color eyes he had ever seen, like they were made from emeralds. But the feature that was the most prominent was his completely snow white fur. Seeing that he was completely white didn't pose any problem, as the fox only wore a small loincloth before his groin.

"Please calm down. You are in no danger here." The fox addressed him. "We found you unconscious in the woods and brought you here. As you didn't seem to have come from anywhere nearby, and we couldn't find your camp, we brought you to our village. As you didn't bear any clothes, we got you something to wear," the fox said while pointing at a nearby ceramic bowl in the corner full with fresh water. At the side lay a neatly folded piece of cloth which looked like a larger version of the loincloth the fox was currently wearing which could fit Kindle's bigger frame nicely.

Going over, he lifted the designated clothing up and slowly tied the leather string around his waist while bringing the rectangular front before his groin. "Thank you," Kindle said after making sure his privates were covered, and he turned around to face the fox again while asking the question that was most prominently on his mind. "Could you tell me where exactly I am?"

Again facing the benevolent primitive he was a little startled, as a slight bulge was now visible under the revealing loincloth of the fox but that was only short-lived. 'Perhaps this could be a nice vacation till I can return to civilization,' Kindle thought.

"You are in the village of the prairie fox tribe south of the forbidden lands. My name, by the way, is Whitestream. May I ask yours?" the fox Whitestream answered a little bit nervous.

That location didn't ring any bells to Kindle and he didn't know what and where exactly these forbidden lands could be. "My name is Ryan Kindle" he politely answered. "I don't seem to know that particular region. Can you tell me on which continent I am currently?"

His name seemed to startle the fox before him, but he put that away, as he was sure that name would be foreign to such a primitive tribe. He didn't know that it was not the name, but his ignorance of the forbidden lands that made the fox so nervous, as every person on the home planet and even the banned on the station new that name as the place where the heretics now in orbit once lived. But Whitestream had to get more information out of the stranger before him as that was the only reason he again wore his old garments from so long ago and that he had only done because his mate had asked him to do it.

"You are on the main continent of Ferolis, but don't be concerned if you are from one of the smaller lands. We will see to it that you may return safely to your tribe. Just tell me where you come from and I'll discuss with our chief how best to get you there."

The expression on Kindle's face was of such an ultimate shock that Michael, known by the name of Whitestream before his migration to the space station to be with the one he loved, just thought the tiger had just died in a standing position. His face was completely contorted, his whole body was rigid, and not a single hair of his fur or his whiskers made any move. It startled Michael to the point that he even forgot his promise to Drake not to come into the reach of that unknown tiger to eliminate the risk of being hurt. He desperately shook the body and even hit him on the cheeks a few times just to get any kind of reaction from him. As nothing showed any effect and even a powerful kick to the abdomen didn't seem to register any kind of reaction, he steeled himself for what could happen after his next attempt and whispered into the still rigid tiger's ear "Please forgive me," before he brought his kneecap between the thighs of Kindle with enough force to cause severe pain but not to cause any permanent damage to the balls protected by that furry sac.

Kindle didn't register anything after the mention of the planet by the name of Ferolis he was currently on. That couldn't be possible. How could an experiment for accelerating muscle growth and body highs bring him to another planet? He didn't register the shaking or the repeated slapping of his cheeks and the kick to his abs was too weak for his strong physique to even register. But the searing unholy pain that without any sign suddenly went through his nerve system snapped him out of his trauma just before he would have crashed into the ground with full force as his feet lost the ability to carry him, but his natural reflexes saved him from hitting it with full force with his muzzle to turn slightly around and land on his right wrist. But as his brain registered the source of the pain returning him to consciousness, he would have loved the feeling.

He knew the hunched over figure lying before him was his doing and Michael felt so guilty about the action that had resulted in the tiger piteously shivering before him while holding his two paws before the testicles that hurt like hell, but he had to do something and he had no other choice. Crouching next to him he put the head of the tiger in his lap and gently stroked him between his ears to console Kindle as much as possible and always repeating "I'm sorry for what I did. Please forgive me."

Kindle felt the caring paws that stroked over his head and registered the pleas for forgiveness from the fox whose lap his head rested in but he was too consumed with the exploding pain his balls still registered to his brain to even think about the prospect of forgiving him. The only thing that he stuttered repeatedly between clenched teeth was the one terrorizing possibility of his current situation. "How did I end up on another planet and how for god's sake can I hope to find a way to return home, when I'm on a world whose inhabitants are still on Stone Age level?"

The sudden ice cold feeling in his groin after nearly three minutes of lying on the floor ripped him from his miserable state and returned his mind to again register his surroundings. His head was still draped in the lap of the white fox and the fox still stroked his head fur with that expression of pure guilt. But between his thighs was now an ice bag just at the right position not to freeze his hurt tests but to give an appropriate soothing coolness.

Standing in the room were now seven additional furs of different species. Behind the fox stood a grey wolf with a concerned look on his face who stroked the white fox affectionately between his ears. To the left stood another fox of the same heights as the white one only with yellow fur and the typical white gloves and socks of the foxes. Next to him stood another wolf with dusty gray-blue fur. He was three inches taller than the yellow fox, but towering over them was the black canine with brown fur around his muzzle and down his chest. By the look of his color Kindle would guess him to be a doberman but as he was standing with his front side to him he couldn't confirm it without seeing his tail.

To the right of the gray wolf stood the only tiger of the gathered strangers. He had a completely white pelt with the typical black streaks crossing over his arms, head, and feet. Directly next to him stood a yellow lynx that was two heads smaller than the tiger. And farthest to the right stood another canine with bushy grey-brown fur covering his body. He was a head taller than the lynx but still smaller than the tiger. He was some kind of shepherd breed by the look, perhaps an Australian shepherd.

The six furs besides the grey wolf and white fox were standing in a combat ready position like they were ready to subdue him if he should move a hair out of position. But what additionally caught him of guard except for the sudden appearance was the clothing they wore. The gray wolf wore a black tank top that ended just above his abs and a loosely fitting black trouser. The three to his left all wore the same formfitting tank top but instead of a trouser they wore tightly fitting black compression shorts nicely displaying their respective bulges. The other three wore white t-shirts that seemed a little too small for them as every contour of their built was visible through them. All three wore military grade combat trousers in the typical camouflage pattern. 'How could there be people wearing such clothes and his balls be cooled by ice, if this was a primitive planet?' Kindle thought.

Seeing the again startled expression on Kindle's face, the gray wolf began to address the tiger lying before him. "Hello, Mr. Kindle. You may be asking you if we seven are just in your imagination, but rest assured we are real. You are also not in some primitive village, but in a back room of my club designed in a jungle village theme. But I think we should at least introduce ourselves to you at first. My name is Drake Moroese. I'm the club owner and manager of Club Omega Red where you are currently." Stroking the head of the white fox, he continued. "This caring little person in whose lap your head rests is my mate, Michael Storm, who introduced himself with his former name." Pointing first to his left then to his right he introduced the furs standing there, "Those to the left are Jaden Flinn, Seth Heart, and Cody Reice and they are the security personnel of the club. To the right we have Rei Loire, Benjamin Nereus, and Stephen Devreu. They are visitors of my club and close friends to Jaden, Seth and Cody and they also were the ones who found you lying unconscious in that hole in a park nearby.

"I'm very sorry for our little deceit of making you think you were in a primitive village, which we only arranged because we found you completely naked and thought you were one of our former enemies. But during our monitoring of your conversation with Michael it became more than clear that you aren't from our world of Ferolis. I also want to apologize for the drastic measure my mate has inflicted on your private parts to revert you to reality." That drew a whimper from the white fox still caressing Kindle in his lap and his ears dropped completely to his head in shame.

"But now I do have a very urgent question for you. Where are you from and more importantly how in all did you manage to penetrate the outer hull of one of our space stations to land in that park?"

The info of him being not on a planet but on a space station drew another shocked expression across Kindle's face, but that one was fading more quickly as so much unbelievable had already happened that he thought now nothing could disturb him so drastically anymore. Feeling that the pain in his groin had subsided to a minor burning, he slowly tried to raise himself up in a sitting position before making an attempt to stand. Feeling a fresh surge of pain from his free dangling balls, he staggered, but to his surprise wasn't falling back down, as the tiger Rei and the doberman Cody had him firmly secured with a paw around his arm.

With help of both, he slowly made his way to the primitive cot he woke up on and after sitting down and making sure that the pain was bearable, he answered the question to the eight furs standing in a semi-circle before him. "As you already know my name is Ryan Kindle and I come from a world known by us as Earth. It's the third planet in an eight planet solar system as the ninth planet has recently been made a minor planet and doesn't count anymore. Our solar system lies in a galaxy which we call the Milky Way. It's a star nebula vortex around a mighty black hole," Kindle explained. "As to how I ended up here, that I can't answer you. The last thing I remember before shortly reaching consciousness in that mold is that I was testing a new way for muscle growth in the lab of a corporation on earth."

The expressions on the faces of the gathered were a wide display reactions. The gray wolf manager of the club, Drake, seemed utterly startled by the information, that a travel of thousands, if not million light years for that tiger resulted out of a mere muscle growth experiment. The yellow fox Jaden, the grey-blue wolf Seth, the doberman Cody and the white tiger Rei wore looks of different stages of concern, as they grew nervous by the prospects, how easy it had seemed for Kindle to penetrate the outer hull of the space station Omega Red to land in that park and of the dangers that transpired from it, if enemies should find that same means of entering. The lynx Benjamin had an expression of lustful longing to knead and grope that muscular tiger in his eyes, as he had a slight muscle fetish. The shepherd Stephen standing beside him instead was staring daggers at Kindle as he always lived with the constant fear of losing his mate because of a muscular male due to the muscle fetish Benjamin had. The white fox Michael was now standing behind his mate, Drake, with an expression of growing fear in his eyes, as even though it had been nearly three years since he had abandoned his living on Ferolis for being with his mate, he still feared anything new that would be seen as an abomination against the natural order.

After a few moments of regaining his senses Drake wanted to know more. "That is completely impossible. I see no way that a simple test of some kind of muscle enhancement product can transport anyone to a distant location. Can you remember what exactly was used in that test?"

"I had to take some kind of concoction which was a stabilizer to control the changes." Kindle began "For the procedure itself I was suspended in a tube filled with a light blue simmering liquid while a combination of gamma, micro, and theta rays were directed at the liquid to start a transfusion from the liquid to my body, which should have had the result that my body reached an increased mass of muscles."

The mention of the procedure changed the expression of Jaden, Seth, Cody and Rei from agitated to outright horror and Drake's already concerned face got an even darker expression.

A little bit startled by the reaction, Kindle got quite nervous himself again while asking. "What is it? You really make me nervous with your reaction."

Knowing that he as an ex scientist would get the needed answers to confirm his dangerous suspicion he asked the needed questions, that the other 4 surely could have asked the same. "Mr. Kindle, during that procedure, did you feel a pain like you were boiled from the inside, while at the same time feeling like every fiber of your body was torn to shreds?"

Shocked that Drake Moroese had in complete totality described the unbearable pain he had felt during the procedure he blurted out with a much too loud voice. "How the hell did you know that!?"

It was Seth who answered to that outburst. "Well as you see, Rei, Jaden, and myself have gone through the exact same procedure as you. But to think, that anyone could be so stupid to think to increase muscles with it is a disastrous error. You see, during the last war our scientists invented that same procedure to enhance the natural abilities of certain species to a degree, to make them better soldiers and transform them to a degree into living weapons."

"I knew he was again up to nothing good." Kindle growled, "If I ever find my way back home I will see to it that he will regret the day of his birth for the rest of his short life."

"Who do you mean?" Drake asked.

"The one who got me into this situation, and not for the first time. That psychotic shithead of a maniac fox Bradley Foxfire. He is seen as the greatest genius of all times on earth, but he likes to test new theories and products he has invented unbeknown to the testers as he sees them only as guinea pigs," Kindle told them.

"So you knew he was making you into a guinea pig with that experiment? Why have you done that?" Benjamin piped in, which brought wondrous stares from all the others, as it was no secret to them that Benjamin was still set on partaking in the genetic altering procedure to become like three of his friends.

Blushing under his pelt, Kindle slowly began to scratch behind his left ear before answering a little meekly. "You see, I have been friends with him since we first met in school as we helped each other out. I guarded him from being bullied while he helped me keep my grades up. After taking over his family business he then saw to it that I would get a job at Foxfire Industries in security."

"But how should I ever be able to return home, when I don't even know where that might be from here?" Kindle said, slumping together on the cot he was sitting on and getting near to tears of desperation.

"Don't give up so soon." Drake said while slowly stepping nearer and resting a consoling paw on his shoulder. "That might be not such a big problem as you think. We have the most highly detailed astral cartography of the universe and it shouldn't be hard to pinpoint the exact location of your home world. And as for the transportation, that shouldn't be such a great problem if my guess is right."

Turning back to face his friends Drake was happy that one after another they all began to realize what he also was suspecting. First were of course the three with already genetically altered bodies along with Cody, as he had worked so long with them that he had the same knowledge of the process as if also having participated. Benjamin and Stephen were of course quite confused what Drake would have meant by that statement, but only a short time later they also got it. As Michael was raised as a Naturebound and so still lacked completely in science, he wasn't able to come to that conclusion, but after a short whisper to Jaden standing beside him and a whispered answer by him Michael's eyes became saucers and he nearly fell to the ground.

"I don't know what you mean, Mr. Moroese. Why wouldn't that be a problem?" Kindle asked and after turning back to directly face him Drake answered with a devious grin on his face.

"Haven't you realized it yet? The transportation you need is you yourself, as none other than your own body brought you to our space station around Ferolis, even if I must say, that that was quite a close call as you could nearly have ended up in the vacuum of space. You, Mr. Kindle, acquired the ability of teleportation, or perhaps the ability to bend the very fabric of space and time to get from one location to the other due to your genetic alteration."

Kindle suddenly stood fists clenched and baring his sharp canines and growled into the face of Drake. "You can't be serious. That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!"

"Oh I mean what I said, as that is the only possibility as to why you ended up here. It would be of course completely idiotic for you to just use your powers now as you only survived your first usage due to some kind of luck, and I don't think, that we should strain that too much. I think it would be best that you train to know how your power works and how to control it," Drake suggested.

"But that could take forever. And how should I train if I don't know how they work and what I should do until I have mastered them?" Kindle said with worry in his voice.

"Do not worry too much." Cody said "You are here under friends and we will of course help you in every possible way. As for what you should do until then. I'd suggest we first try to change your clothing attire to a more modern and not so revealing type."

Looking down his body, Kindle saw what Cody had meant, as the front pouch had slipped a little to the left and the barbed tip of his cock was starting peeking out of his furry sheath. Shamed by his starting arousal around all the others he brought his paws before his crotch to hide it and started to turn red from shame under his orange, white pelt with the black stripes.

"No need to be ashamed around us here." Drake said trying to remove any trace of lust out of his voice. "You see all here gathered have the same notion as you. You already know that Michael and myself are mates. The same goes for Seth and Cody and Benjamin and Stephen. Jaden and Rei also swing that way from time to time, but also have swings with women. Your little reaction also soothes the mind of Michael, as I'm sure he is still more then worried to have hurt you badly with that kick in your balls." Looking at the white fox standing amidst his friends, it was clear that a guilt had fallen from his shoulders by seeing the bodily reaction.

"I'd suggest that you first take a nice bath in our employees' recreational spa to get the grime and dirt from your pelt and I will see to it that, by the time you've recovered, you will get something to wear. If you wouldn't mind, I'd suggest the same tank top and compression shorts as Seth, Cody, and Jaden wear for now, as this is the security attire of my club and I surely have them in a size that will fit you." Drake continued.

"You're very kind, Mr. Moroese, but if I wear them how can I be distinct from the security personal?" Kindle asked while standing up.

"There won't be a need to distinguish you from them, if you take my proposal to become one of them until you can safely return to your world," Drake said benevolently and all gathered nodded happily. "There are only some conditions," Drake went on. "You must give 100% while working for me, so no slackness. Follow the orders of Cody to the point as he is head of security and stop calling me Mr. Moroese or I'll shred you to bits. Just call me Drake."

The only answer Kindle could give him was an astonished nod. Seeing it, Drake addressed Rei, Benjamin and Stephen. "I'd suggest you three head back to base or you'll get into trouble for not attending wake-up call in the morning."

Turning to Seth, Jaden and Cody he ordered them. "See to it that Kindle here is a registered occupant of space station Omega Red and an employee of our club. Also clean out one of the spare rooms for a sleeping arrangement."

"Understood," all six replied and after shaking hands or groping Kindle on the ass, one after another left.

As the last one had left to do their task Drake returned his attention to Kindle. "I must now also leave you, but Michael here will escort you to the spa and will get you the needed clothes." Shortly glancing at his mate, he said with a slight mirth. "Also I do think he wants to apologize for the kick a little more privately. So have fun and clean up any mess you make if you'd be so kind. The cleaning service always complains about the stench in there." And with that he left the room and Kindle and Michael were again alone.

"So let's go to the spa if you don't mind," Kindle said while walking to the door where Michael was already standing. "You don't need to be sorry for what you did by the way. It doesn't hurt so much anymore."

That lit up the features of Michael a little more and while stepping out of the room into the corridor he just said, "I'm honor bound to see to it that if I injure my friends, that I at least abate the pain. I'll also see to it that your clothes are there when you're ready and that you will get something to eat."

"That would be great, as I feel like I hadn't eaten in weeks, but as you insist and I really could use some stress relief, let's first have some fun in the spa," Kindle said and realized that he was already growing quite accustomed to the fact of living on an alien space station in an unknown region of the universe.