Mind if I Love you?

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Pairing requested by a friend. Mostly used for writing practice, but also written because I'm a filthy pervert. This was sitting in my folder for an obscene amount of time, so I definitely need to speed up my authoring. Eight pages worth of story should not take almost two months to finish.

A lot of things were on his mind, and Ziv doubted his body would let him rest even if he weren't lost and unshielded from the weather. For ten minutes he lay there, letting his thoughts wander. The pitter-patter of raindrops might have lulled him to sleep, if there were any sort of roof above his head. Everything had gone wrong this day, it seemed. His trainer had abandoned him without so much as a word, he could not find any food, and it felt as though the rain was making him sick already. Restless, he clumsily stood back up, aggravated by the failed attempt to sleep. His stomach growled loudly, as if to mock him, but Ziv was too tired to care. He was apparently too tired to care about his trainer as well. He hadn't felt upset by the abandonment at all, really, which he found strange. I should be crying, Ziv thought, but instead the chikorita began trudging through the vast expanse of field he had come across. There was a dirt path, he saw, but it was too faded to follow, and the rain didn't make it any easier. The night sky was unusually dark as well, but there was nothing to be done for that.

He wanted so badly to lie down and never get back up, yet his feet still carried him onward and onward with no signs of stopping. The cold droplets of water chilled Ziv's body and made him shiver, and for a moment he thought he would collapse, but his legs surprised him with their unyielding determination to continue walking. I'll find a nice shelter soon, he reassured himself, only half believing it. The other half was too worried about freezing to death. Or maybe I'll die. Maybe I'll die and come back to haunt him. The thought of tormenting his good-for-nothing trainer lifted his spirits slightly, until the gloominess of his environment settled back into his mind.

Ziv sniffled and raised his eyes, and for the first time in hours a smile ran across his face. Yes, he nearly shouted out, suddenly feeling elated. It was far away, but the silhouette of a cave made him move thrice as fast. The rain didn't matter anymore, nor did his hunger. At least not until he was safe and warm inside. He could already feel the comfort of lying on his side and drifting off to sleep, basking in the dry coolness of it all. But once he had gotten just a few feet in front of his destination, Ziv's excitement slowly began to fade. He did not know if anyone lived in this cavern, or what kind of pokémon they might be. Knowing my luck, it'll be a giant charizard, he thought wearily. He shivered again and sneezed noisily, prompting him to shuffle forward despite those thoughts. Can't be much worse than out here, he told himself as the shadows of the cave enveloped him. It was dark, but his eyes were already adjusted, so he could at least make out some of the interior. The walls were several yards apart, and the roof loomed a dozen and some feet above; large enough for most pokémon. There seemed to be a passage or two thrusting back into unseen depths, but Ziv dared not venture there. Sluggishly, the chikorita settled himself onto the soft ground, his entire body screaming acceptance as he lay down on his belly and finally closed his eyes.

It was daylight that made him eventually open his heavy eyelids. Even though it felt as if he had slept for countless hours, Ziv still felt bone-tired. He got to his feet lazily and yawned, a single drop of drool running from the corner of his mouth while it stretched open. It stopped raining, he noticed with a hint of cheer. Maybe I should go outside and look for something to eat, or . . .

"Gah," Ziv yelped, flinching back a pace. A sleeping leafeon was a few feet beside him, breathing silently with its eyes half open. Where the h'ing fell did he come from? He asked himself anxiously, his heart pounding in his chest and ears. Was he here all this time? No . . . no, this cave was empty, he remembered, staring at the unmoving creature next to him. The chikorita's cry seemed to have no effect on it, which he was thankful for. This leafeon probably lived here, and the last thing Ziv needed was confrontation.

Still trembling from the unexpected surprise, Ziv made to exit the dwelling pace. He would have a much better chance of finding food now that the sun was up and the rains had passed, but something kept him there, some sort of sweet scent that he had just noticed. He sniffed the air, and the smell of something familiar filled his nose. Berries, he thought, forgetting most of his fear. He spun around to face the cave's darkness and inhaled through his nose again, smelling more than just berries this time. Grapes, I think. And a pear. It had been quite a while since Ziv last ate, but he was not about to steal. Yet he felt himself walking toward the scent anyway, despite all rational thought nagging him. The leafeon had hidden its stash somewhat deep in the shadows, but Ziv found it all the same.

Drool leaked from his mouth again as he stared the potential meal down, his mind and stomach at war with each other. I shouldn't. . . he told himself slowly, trapping a plump green apple between his front legs. Even in the limited light it seemed to shine slightly. I would hardly stand a chance against a fully grown leafeon, he continued, taking a satisfying bite from the juicy thing. He did not know a simple apple could taste so good, but it would have been even better without the guilt. He licked his moistened lips and wondered if he should continue eating, his thoughts screaming protest and his belly growling encouragement. His belly won out.

The apple was excellent, the pear better, and the berries the best. By time he was finished, Ziv felt like a glutton. More than half the stash was gone, the remains being no more than ten berries. His mid-section felt almost too heavy, so he opted to rest on his rump a while. It did little to lighten his stomach, but the discomfort had lessened, at least. The ground is cold, he noticed, gingerly shifting about to keep his bottom from freezing. It did not help.

Annoyed, Ziv resolved to bear with his cumbersome belly and returned to all fours. He felt ashamed of what he had done, but at the very least, he saved himself the trouble of scavenging for food. That was something, he supposed. The leafeon standing wide awake in front of him was also something. A cruel illusion, hopefully, but illusions could not speak. "Is that all you're going to eat?" The bigger pokémon asked, eying it's diminished pile. It was male, the chikorita noticed. For some reason that eased his mind a little, or maybe it was the words he heard that comforted him. The leafeon's tone did not seem at all threatening, but Ziv was still suspicious. Not too long ago he came across a group of aggressive leafeons that scared the wits out of him, and since then it was difficult not to judge the entire species as mean-spirited.

Ziv gave a nervous glance toward the berries and swallowed loudly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean. . ." He sputtered, desperately avoiding eye contact. He felt five years old again. "I can bring you food to make up for it," He told the leafeon, actually dreading the thought. Collecting enough food to compensate for his gorging would take a long time, especially in his bloated state. Unfortunately it was the best offer he had; an offer which the recipient only blinked at.

"What?" The stranger asked flatly, his beady brown eyes projecting confusion. "I collected the food for you."

Ziv felt his eyes widen, and an "Oh" escaped his lips. He could not think of anything to reply with. He couldn't think of anything, really, except for Why? Surely the decision to shower trespassers with food was not the most common, but it certainly seemed the most vexing. "Thanks," Ziv said, feeling stupid before even saying the word. The leafeon nodded, but rightfully seemed taken aback by the lack of genuine gratitude. What else could be said, though? A more enthusiastic thank you? It was worth a shot, Ziv supposed, but before he could try it the leafeon mercifully began talking again.

"I saw you sleeping, and, well. . . you looked so miserable," He explained, probably picking up on Ziv's confused tone. Did I really look that bad? He asked himself, rubbing his snout self-consciously. He must have, what with being out in the rain most of the night. The leafeon stiffly closed the distance between them and sat himself on the ground, looking a bit uncertain if it was safe to do so.

". . . Do you mind if I have the rest?" He asked, almost cutely.

"Not at all," Ziv responded, shaking his head. He watched the leafeon pop a berry into his mouth, and then another.

"Thanks," The chikorita finally decided to say, a moment or two after the last berries had been eaten. The new sincerity looked to be a pleasant surprise for him, because this time he smiled and responded simply with "No problem."

On the first day, Ziv learned the leafeon's name. It was Reeves, but he didn't seem to like it much. Ziv took to calling him Vee on the second day, which he happily embraced. The next few days were some of the most relaxed and carefree of Ziv's life, but maybe that was just the feeling of having such a close friend sinking in. The two had bonded incredibly well in a short amount of time. Vee always knew how to keep a conversation going, and Ziv apparently made witty jokes. Vee could gather food, but Ziv was somehow more adept at finding water. When Vee ran out of stories for the day, Ziv could share some of his past experiences, and then they'd both point out how relatable the other's tale was.

As days turned to weeks, Ziv felt something more than a platonic liking for Vee surfacing. He had felt it once in the cave, after the leafeon had asked permission to eat the berries. Ziv shrugged it off, thinking it was just the way he asked. But ever since then, that same feeling of. . . infatuation kept bubbling inside his chest more frequently; When Reeves would yawn, when he would mumble something in his sleep, and most often when their eyes would connect. Sometimes his eyes would be endearing, other times they would be downright adorable. More than once, Ziv had to look away to hide what must have been an obvious blush, but still he tried denying any romantic feelings he harbored.

After a month, though, denial became taxing. Every one of Vee's inflictions made him more lovable, and every glance made Ziv's heart pound in his ears. Vee was so nice, so caring. . . What other pokémon would search for food in pouring weather, all for some stranger they had never met? What other pokémon would share their stories after having known said stranger for only a few hours? There was no other. Just Vee.

"Ziv," He heard the leafeon's voice whisper one night, some forty days after their meeting.

"Scoot over a bit?" Ziv had boxed himself in between two trees for the night, leaving just enough room for Vee to squeeze in. It was unexpected, though. The leafeon had always slept half a dozen or so feet away, so why pick tonight to huddle together? It is a bit cold out, but. . . It had been cold out several times before, and Vee never asked to join Ziv's sleeping space during those nights. Still, it's not as though he didn't like the idea, so he hastily made room for his friend.

"Thanks," Reeves said quietly, a hint of chipper in his voice. Just that one word was enough to make the chikorita's heart race, and it certainly didn't slow down after Vee lied beside him. The warm fur brushing his side, the beady eyes glistening in the night. When did he fall so madly in love with this leafeon?

"I'm sorry about deciding to leave the cave, again. Sometimes I think it was silly to try and look for a better place," He confessed, breathing a light sigh. Suddenly the world around Ziv was brought back to him after remembering the cave. It was damp, cold and relatively small, so naturally something larger and warmer was wanted. They had left a week or two after they met, but in the numerous days that had followed, their goal remained unfulfilled.

"Well, it's not so bad out here," Ziv said slowly. "I wouldn't mind staying in this forest with you." Oops. Did that sound romantic? That question echoed in his mind a few times, and he even imagined himself as Vee hearing it. In the end he was no closer to answering himself, so he risked a glance at the leafeon beside him. He was smiling innocently, as if he had just heard an amusing joke. Good. Not romantic, just friendly.

That was what he thought before Vee kissed him. It wasn't a long kiss; in fact Ziv was only just beginning to process what was happening before the leafeon pulled away by a couple inches. His hot breath was blowing against Ziv's opened lips as he waited for a response. When it became clear the chikorita had none, Vee seemed to be ashamed. His head turned away, only for Ziv to turn it back. "Again," Was all he could say, before bringing that hot breath back into his mouth. He's good at this, the smaller pokémon thought as he met the leafeon's lips a fourth time. A fifth time, a sixth time. . . Soon Vee was on top of him, pressing his belly against Ziv's. "I love you," Ziv finally announced after freeing his mouth, feeling it was much too overdue. He got that cute smile in response, and then after being pecked on the cheek. . .

"Do you mind if I love you, too?"

Ziv's heart skipped a beat. That wording, that tone. It was the exact same as when he asked for the berries over a month ago. He wondered if Vee was aware of his crush the entire time, or more notably, the exact moment it began. Somehow they could only smile at each other as Ziv pondered it out. His confusion must have shown, because after some snuggling, the leafeon explained. "It's when I fell in love with you," Reeves told him, their eyes locked. "After you just sat there, watching me. . . That's when I knew."

". . . You should have said something," Ziv teased after a moment. Vee chuckled at the hypocrisy and rolled off the pokémon beneath him, their heated bellies losing contact. To say the leafeon's confession was a shock would be an understatement. Ziv had picked up no signs of attraction from his traveling companion during the month, but then again, he himself had gone to great lengths to keep his own attraction hidden, so obviously Vee must have done the same. Regardless, all this only made him happier for some reason, probably because it was nice to know he had been loved this whole time. Exercising no restraint, Ziv kissed the lovable leafeon full on the lips, switching positions and rolling on top of Vee. His tongue tastes good, Ziv thought, lust slowly integrating itself with affection. More. . .

As their lips smacked and their tongues danced, their members grew ever harder. Hardly half a minute had passed before both of them were at full length, but for a moment they were so busy exploring each other's mouth neither of them noticed the other's throbbing shaft. When they did, though, Ziv was the first to part their sloppy kisses. "Mind preparing me?" He asked as strands of drool snapped between their panting mouths and slickened lips. Apparently taking his meaning, Reeves nodded eagerly and grasped both sides of the chilly rump that soon turned toward him. Ziv had no doubt it would be warm by time Vee was finished.

Even after mentally preparing himself for what it would feel like, the sensation of Vee's tongue pressing against his rear end took him by surprise. He had forgotten how to speak, and could only moan as the slippery organ circled around his opening. Lost in bliss already, he pushed back a few inches, forcing Vee to recline his head further so as to not enter Ziv yet. He still had some teasing to do, after all. Around and around his tongue went, tasting every centimeter of the pink flesh and making so many circuits that his subject was loosening already. Vee's paws kneaded the smooth flesh of the chikorita's bottom, grasping and clutching and rubbing both sides numerous times and more. This feels way too good, Ziv thought slowly, his tongue lolling out. It had been about four days since he had the chance to pleasure himself, but if this was his reward for toughing it out, then it was definitely worth it. The sensations were so intense it felt as though he could climax at any moment, but by some miracle he was holding on. Until Vee's tongue pushed inside.

With his body shuddering and his cock convulsing, Ziv was wracked by his most powerful orgasm in recent memory. Strand after strand, rope after rope of the hot, sticky fluid spilled onto Reeves' belly and groin, coating his fur and pulsing member in the white mess. After it was done, Ziv lowered himself with all his weight, somehow forgetting about the face underneath him. The only thing that reminded him was the muffled sounds of protest (or acceptance?) from the smothered leafeon, groping at the rump responsible for his distress (or delight?)

Raising himself almost immediately, he saw Vee's face relax and his lips curve into a smile. "While I enjoyed the view, air is also nice," He smirked, licking his lips.

"I think you're ready now, though." Chancing an apologetic look, Ziv turned his rear toward its ultimate destination. The leafeon was as hard as ever, his four-inch shaft pointing straight at the sky. Even though the chikorita's member was mostly limp now, the sight of Vee's cock was almost enough to bring him back to full length. With clouded eyes, he lowered himself onto the excited pole, forcing it past his wet, loosened opening and slowly slipping it into his depths. The rimjob hadn't helped all that much, but it was better than no lubrication at all.

His walls stretched to accommodate the new visitor, but only just. They still hugged the pulsating shaft tightly, as if fearing it would slip back out. And slowly, very slowly, that's what it did. Ziv raised himself a couple inches, then lowered himself until his rear end touched Vee's soaked crotch. The process repeated until Ziv was bouncing up and down at a considerable pace, and Vee was bucking his hips uncontrollably at random intervals. Soon the leafeon's cock was slick with pre, allowing for an easier ride. Ziv's half-erect member bounced feebly between his belly and Vee's, slowly leaking pre upon both. Familiar paws gripped the smaller pokémon's plush backside, squeezing and caressing the curves while said backside was used shamelessly. One thing was certain: His rump had indeed been warmed. Ziv sighed contently, his hole fully relaxed as it accepted its intruder without complaint, letting the thick pole ram into its depths again and again and again.

Why should I let him have all the fun, though? He questioned, barely managing to bring the vines from his neck. He would only need two, and Vee would soon figure out why. Ziv brought the tip of one of them to his mouth and sucked on it, twirling his tongue around the tasteless bulb and making sure it was as wet as possible. Once it glistened enough for his approval, Ziv curved both of his vines between Reeves' shifting legs. One slipped underneath his hefty balls and caressed them as best it could, while the other, slobber-coated vine prodded against his exposed tailhole. Vee didn't show much interest in the vines before, but once they started their work, his appreciation formed itself vocally. "Ahhh, that's. . . mff," He moaned, panting as heavily as his lungs would allow. Ziv could only imagine how all this treatment must feel: Having his cock plugged into a nice rear, a vine penetrating his own while he thrust away into constricting depths, and a smooth massage for his balls on top of everything else. His legs spread to allow easier penetration for the vine, and it put that advantage to very good use, if Ziv could say so himself.

The pleasure welling inside the chikorita's rear end was indescribable, and he could tell Vee must be getting close. The pounding rod grew thicker with every buck, and there was enough pre slathered against his walls that a second cock might be able to fit in, with some luck. An idea crossed Ziv's mind, and soon another vine nestled close to Vee's aching sheath. One sudden push later and the chikorita's tailhole now housed two eager invaders. It was a tight fit, but by butts did it feel good, and Vee seemed to think so too, if his moan was any indication. Despite a duo now having their way inside Ziv, his member still refused to harden completely. He took to masturbating himself with yet another tendril, but by then it was too late. A sudden rush of warm fluid flooded his passage and two groping paws clutched his bottom, as if making sure he would not go anywhere. And even several moments after the fifteen-second long orgasm had ended, he didn't.

A bit woozy, Ziv had collapsed on the leafeon beneath him, tired but elated. Vee only smiled as he rested an arm on Ziv's back, none of them wanting to remove anything from their inappropriate places. The two vines were still lodged inside both their rumps, and the others had stayed wrapped around Ziv's member and Vee's package. "Want to go again?" Vee whispered in his ear, the leafeon's cock having just retreated back into its sheath. The romantic atmosphere diminished slightly after hearing that, but the familiar tension between Ziv's legs made the offer difficult to refuse. Vee's large, shiny eyes didn't make it any easier, either. The smaller pokémon sighed and kissed his chipper mate, being met with obvious acceptance. Vee wrapped both front legs around the chikorita as his simple kiss became a make-out session, but Ziv managed to part their lips before it became too good to stop. "Alright, alright," He replied, faking exasperation. Vee certainly knew how to steal a kiss or thirteen, he'd give him that.

"Just promise I'll be able to sit afterward."

That made Vee smile, and he gave Ziv's cheek another peck. "If the ground's too hard, I'll let you use my face," He promised, grinning like the cute goof he was. Ziv returned the smirk and stood on all fours, bringing his rump around to face the excited leafeon. It already aches a bit, but. . .

If it meant Vee's cock inside of him again, then he'd be willing to deal with whatever pains tomorrow brought. Ziv lowered his upper half and swayed his rear from side to side, pointlessly taunting Vee with what would soon be his. Sure enough, the paws were placed on their usual spot, and the leafeon's hardened member poked Ziv's bottom, about an inch off target. The second attempt proved successful though, and with only minimal effort, Vee managed to slip inside the already-used hole. Warm cum sloshed over the meaty surface of Vee's rod as he pushed inside, coaxing another moan from the leafeon. Ziv let one escape his mouth as well, the sudden burst of pain and pleasure eliciting a slow erection. Finally, after just a few more thrusts, Ziv was at full length, and soon his awakened cock began drooling pre.

With the idea occurring much sooner this time, the chikorita extended a single vine from his neck and twisted it around to meet Vee's undefended backside a second time. The spit on its bulb was mostly dried by now, so he promised himself to be gentle. The vine's head announced its presence with a few light taps, then slowly parted the tight hole as it entered. Vee gritted his teeth and rammed his cock inside a bit too powerfully, so Ziv hastily slowed the vine's pace even further. "Sorry," they both muttered at the same time, making mental notes to be more careful. As Vee smoothly picked up the pace, Ziv's wriggling plant remained motionless deep inside of the leafeon's backdoor, making sure he was used to its size before it pulled back out. It was hard for Ziv to focus on controlling the vine while the euphoric feelings from behind clouded his mind, but somehow he kept a steady rhythm.

Vee leaned forward and nipped at the chikorita's neck tenderly, sometimes licking the soft flesh. His hot breath seemed to blow directly into Ziv's brain, because before long it was all he could think about. Vee continued to lick and lick and lick as he took Ziv, never pausing his thrusting or his breathing against what seemed to be a sensitive spot on the smaller pokémon's neck. "I love you," The leafeon whispered in his ear, licking and nipping at that as well. He said it once. . . twice. . . four times, continuing for what felt like eternity. It repeated in Ziv's head like a beautiful song: "I love you," "I love you." . . .

Even after he stopped, it echoed throughout Ziv's skull relentlessly, and he knew he had never been happier. The pleasure building in his rump was like nothing he had ever felt, and his muddled thoughts concluded their inevitable orgasms would break personal records. Vee must have been going all out, because he had even ceased the wonderful licking in exchange for more energy. He continuously bucked his hips like a piston, slamming in and rushing out. Ziv's tongue drooped from the corner of his mouth again, and he unconsciously pushed his butt against the pleasurable force each time, feeling as if he would explode from sheer sexual energy. The perverse paws began their inspection of the chikorita's curves, kneading and pinching at satisfying times. Ziv decided to give Vee something else: He definitely knew what he was doing when it came to his mate's bottom.

The nearly forgotten vine worked Reeves' tight hole to the best of its ability, making little progress with loosening it. Still, he seemed to be enjoying the wriggling shaft, so Ziv kept it busy. More than once it nearly slipped out of the quickly moving behind, only to stop at the last second, scurry back into his depths and continue working. Penetrating him in this position might have been a silly idea, but neither of them were complaining. Instead, Vee happily plowed away, his thickening cock foretelling his climax. Ziv was getting close, too, but he was determined to make the experience last. His tailhole was stretched to its limits as the meaty rod continued thickening, and his own member bobbed with every two or three thrusts, seeping pre-seed from its narrow head. Dear fuzz why did he not confess to Vee sooner? This could have been happening weeks ago, and tonight could have been their twentieth time. Thinking of all the possibilities made him a bit disappointed with himself.

He briefly wondered if Vee ever had fantasies about them being together before this night, because Ziv certainly had. He always imagined sucking the leafeon off before anything else. After swallowing the sure-to-be-tasty load and letting it fill his belly, he would play with those large, tempting balls a while. Cupping them, licking them. . . Then after driving Vee crazy, he would ride the sensitive cock until a second wave of cum filled his tight backside, savoring the feeling of complete fullness. After that they would kiss, and a sleepy Vee would be surprised to find Ziv's hard member in front of his face. He would of course have no choice but to suck the throbbing meat, and while he was busy with that, Ziv would plunge a thick vine into his rear, spit-roasting the willing leafeon until climax.

Aside from the obvious absence of cock-sucking, Ziv couldn't say reality was much different. He had ridden Vee like he wanted, kissed him like he wanted, plunged a vine into him like he wanted. . . even played with his balls sort of like he wanted. All that disappeared from his mind the instant his real, non-fantasized climax hit. Not even two seconds later, a growing white puddle formed on the ground, expanding to an ridiculous size in absurdly little time. Before the cum even stopped gushing from his convulsing cock, the strength left Ziv's legs and he collapsed into his own mess, forcing Vee to lower himself to keep from slipping out. The wondrous licking resumed as Vee continued his thrusting, his tongue scrolling across Ziv's neck and feeling so sensual it almost warranted disbelief. Fresh breath blew past the chikorita's neck and into his nose, smelling of sweet, mouth-watering fruit. A basket of apples and pears was the last thing he pictured before Vee's knot rammed inside.

A loud yelp escaped the chikorita's mouth, though that didn't make much sense because it only mildly hurt, what with his passage being so used and relaxed. Relaxed. . . Guess that's why he started the licking again, Ziv thought, feeling the impossibly fat knot pulsate against his walls. It only took half a heartbeat for the cum start pouring out, flooding Ziv's rear almost instantly. Even with all the ropes firing directly into what felt like his colon, it wasn't enough to keep his tailhole from overflowing. Seed dripped down the center of his rump, some of it soaking into Vee's crotch as he continued climaxing. After what must have been half a minute, the creamy fluid finally ceased its oddly pleasing assault on Ziv's innerworkings. He could only imagine what his opening looked like now: Stretched beyond its limits, forced to retain its swelled state until Vee's knot deflated. Most likely it would stay a little gaped and overly pink, at least until tomorrow.

"That was. . ." Vee said breathlessly, resting his head on Ziv's weakened shoulder. Without needing to hear the next word, Ziv nodded in agreement. Vee took to idly lapping the chikorita's neck again, which somehow reminded him of something. With a grunt of discomfort from the leafeon, a forgotten vine slipped its way out of his rear, having been completely motionless for a minute or two before now. With whatever lust remained inside his brain, he stretched his mouth open for the bulb and began sucking on it, swirling his tongue around every inch. It tasted far from unpleasant. Somewhat tasty, even. Ziv decided he would have to return the favor of a rimjob sometime, but not tonight. The vine exited his maw with a pop and retracted into his neck, a few centimeters above Vee's loving tongue.

"I love you," Ziv told him, feeling both their members soften and slowly sink back between their legs. From behind, an irritating stinging sensation was already making itself known, but he hardly cared. His Vee was lying contently on top of him, affectionately nibbling and licking sensitive spots Ziv didn't know were there, slowly relaxing him to the point of sleep. If only his trainer could see what became of him. It would be nice to rub how much his life had improved in that smug human's face.

"Do you mind if I love you, too?" Vee whispered into Ziv's ear, nipping at it with utmost tenderness. His exhausted mind could only conjure up a single reply before drifting off to untold dreams:

"Not at all."