The hunters trophy Chapter 2 Awakening of the trophy

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2 of The hunters trophy

Stuffy, warm and wet, this were the best way to describe the air which Surasshu was inhaled when he was awakening. One second after he was feeling that his hands and neck was beeing chained on something. To that he noticed that his eyes were blind folded. Immediately he realized that he wasn´t in his bed, but were was he instead? He tried to lift up his hands, but they´re chained on the ground.

Around his neck was something, a collar likewise. He tried to stay calm, but without knowing were he was make him panic, making him screaming in a low voice. After some time he managed to calm down, but in his mind he was scared. He used his tail to scan the area.

To his luck this wasn´t chained, so he could easily scan the room. The first thing he noticed was that behind him was a wall, on that were a chain which was connected to the collar around his neck. He goes along the chain and found the know which was hold his eye bandage on hit splace. The dragon tried to open it, but he couldn´t use his tail this good so this plan failed.

In the same moment he was noticing a strange scent on him. It was different from the scent he was used to know: it wasn´t the sweet scent which his shower gel had, more it was strong, salty and spicy in a very strange way. After some inhaling this scent he was getting into it, linking it and startet to murr softly.

But he couldn´t let this distract him, since he didn´t knew where he was and who did this to him. It wasn´t the time to get horny on this scent, it was more the time to ask, who would harm such a handsome dragon like him?

From the screaming sounds the dragon was making the Predator awaked. Grunting he was getting up, looked at his new trophy: just the look of this chained, half naked and fully helpless body was getting him hard. But he was has to concentrate himself, though he doesn´t want to waste his erection on such a boring picture. But his desire was stronger then his will: he dick was pressing himself against his loin cloth, lifting him up and shows his semi hard cock, wanting to be used and this in a very good way.

He stand up from his bed, took his loin cloth down and looked at his proudly standing member, throbbing from the action which will follow. To his own safety the door to his room was closed, nobody could get in if it wasn´t urgently. The hunter looked at the dragon who tried to open the eye bandage and get free from his handcuffs.

His erection was getting bigger, so big that on the head of his penis a small amount of precum was gathering. Silenty he was murring, watched Surasshu while he was smelling on himself. He was sure that he would notice the scent of the Predator, but he didn´t expectet that he would find it this much arousing, that he would forget for a single moment that he was captured.

Now the Predator couldn´t hold himself back: he took his cock with one hand, his balls with the other and start to jerk off without taking care of beeing quiet by doing so. He was so loud, that Surasshu was noticing him immediately.

The dragon asked who he was and why he did this to him. At this moment he noticed that his voice loose some of his volume, does this came from the air he was inhalating? The only thing he was hearing was a loud growl. The Predator get loose of his dick and balls, but in his high state of erection it was very difficult for him to finish his work now. He goes to the dragon, fondle his head and growls again, this time in a almost soft tone.

Surasshu was feeling the hand of a stranger on his head. He tried to get aqy from it, but this hand was to strong and the fingers were going through his hand. Suddenly he was taking a strange scent into his nose: it was spicey...and salty.

He sniffed and tried to find the source of this scent. When he founded it, he noticed that it was only a few centimeter from his nose afield. He gasped in the direction from this thing, the answer was a very deep grunt. In his mind Surasshu was asking himself what he was doing, ´cause this wasn´t one of this dreams where he had a sex-slave, this was the reality.

But who would do this to him? Who would a young dragon, who never harm somebody kidnape? He knew that this question wasn´t really important but he could swear that the winter was starting, so why was it so warm here? After that he reached the source of this scent; it was warm, throbbed when his nose touched it and had a very good scent! But would it taste good like it smell?

He took his tongue for a short moment out, guide it to the source, starts to lick at it and noticed that the taste was even better as the scent! The Predator let his head fall in his neck and moans loudly, this dragon was very good at this, there was no doubt!

His still hard member was beeing pleased in such a good way, that the pre on his dick was getting more and more. The Predator pressis his penis down, against Surasshus mouth and waited for the moment he would open it.

In this moment Surasshus mind was tunred on again! He moved his mouth away from this penis, which precum was already on his lips. He tried to resist the will of licking it from his lips, but then he did it. A few seconds long he enjoyed the taste, but then he came back to his mind and was still trying to get away from this throbbing member which was rubbing against his cheeks. More and more from the clear substance was getting on his cheeks, without his will it aroused him and his own member was pressing against his boxer briefs.

He don´t want to, he wanted to get free, but he couldn´t. He pulls his hands as strong as he can up, feels how the cuffs pressing in his scales, causes pain and produced some wounds in his wrists. But he don´t mind, he just wanted to be free! The Predator makes some steps back and looked at the dragon by his second escape attempt.

How he was pulling with his tail on the chain which was connected with his collar, the try to stand up, but the cuffs were holding on the ground. At the end the dragon starts to whimper and cry. Who did this to him? Who?

The Predator goes to the dragon and presses without mercy his throbbing cock against his mouth. He liked his will to get free, how he was struggling and wagging his tail wildly. When his penis was pressing against Surasshus mouth the only thing he was waiting of him to open his maw; this was his only way to come closer to his „freedom".

Slowly Surasshu calmed down, but still he was angry and cried some tears. For his mouth was this penis, which he only tasted. It was strange, but he couldn´t get over it, opened his mouth and took the cock into his mouth. At once the as the cock was getting into his mouth another load of precum was shot into it which he swallowed directly.

At first he bobbed his mouth slowly on the Predators cock and with every minute he was getting into it and goes faster on it. Again he forgot that he was captured and why it happened, then this warm and rockhard manhood in his mouth was calling all his attention. He was hearing the moaning and grunting of the stranger, how it get louder when ever he took the cock out of his mouth and took it back fully. The hunter hold his head and pressed it on his dick, feeling the dragons mouth better and better on it and gets hornier by every passing second.

Sometimes he has to stop because the dragon need to breath. And when he took his with saliva covered cock back into his mouth he sucked again on it, didn´t take a break and brings the Predator and himself into a state of deep pleasure, both of them were enjoying this game which will soon lead to more action. Surasshu was so aroused that his own penis was loosing some pre, pressing almost painful against his shorts and just wanted one thing: getting free and used!

To this his tail was wagging so wild that the Predator thought he would punch him any moment with it! But as he saw that he let him go into his shorts, getting around his own member and pleased himself were the blood in his veins getting faster and wild of lust. This was the feeling when he was on the hunt: his eyes on the prey, the weapon ready to strike and his lust of killing driving him insane.

Three minutes later the Predator let out another loud moan and shot his huge load of hot seed into Surasshus mouth. The taste was overwheling him: it was the spiciest and saltiest cum he ever had in his mouth! It felt that the shots wouldn´t stop and that he couldnß swallow all the cum the Predator was giving him.

To that the seed of the Predator was very thick, what makes it more difficult to swallow, but makes it even tastier. It causes more than two minutes until Surasshu has drank the last drop of hot cum down, but the hunter wasn´t done yet. He pulls his limp dick out of the dragons mouth, closed his hands around it and starts to masturbate again.

It only takes a few seconds until his cock was hard again, but he wasn´t done. He continues, grunting harder and wilder, takes his balls and massages them intensely. Surasshu was still busy cleaning his mouth when suddenly something warm and sticky was splashing against his face. It didn´t take a second to think about what it was; it was the seed of the Predator which he starts to love more and more.

The dragon murred pleased when the seed runs down his face. He took his tail out of his shorts and took the tip of it into his mouth and sucked on it. In this moment the Predator knew that he would have many fun with this dragon!

The Predator goes around Surasshu, frees the chain from the wall, opens the handcuffs from the ground and pulls Surasshu from the ground to his bed, where he let him kneeling wait for a short amount of time. The he opens the eye bandage from Surasshus head and he could see the Predator for the first time.

When he saw the huge, muscled body of this alien he didn´t know what to think or to say. His skin has lightly beige color, black spots on his chest, which goes along his rips and covered his waist in black spots. He looked up to his face and get scared when he saw his mandibles slowly flexing in and out while he grunts into his direction. In his eyes this Predator was sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life; the only thing he wanted to was having sex with him.

Suddenly the Predator pulls him to his dick, which he kissed softly when the warm cock was presses against his face. With deep murrs the Predator enjoys these kisses, but it was nothing compared to that, what he planed to do as next.

Then the „foreplay" they had was nothing against the „taming" which will come now.

To be continued.....