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3 of Pokemon stories and commissions Ash and Misty find themselves on the wrong end of a gengars pleasure.

Howling sex of the Night

The shrill cold wind blew on through the surrounding mountains whistling through the trees almost tearing on through the branches seemingly aimless in their efforts to hit something. However the very thought never caused the angry wind to stop as it continued to push throughout the dense brush coming upon only a few that were either to stupid or slow to stay out in the forest this late at night. Lucky for many travelers going through this region had decided to bedded down in the nearest town, and for some good reason other than how dangerous the nights in the region could be, but also that it was Halloween night.

Everywhere anyone turned kids of a younger age ran and walked in the streets dressed in costumes laughing and chatting with each other as they went door to door for candy. In the city streets and homes unlike most towns, were decorated with wild colors, pumpkins, streamers, etc. that added to the atmosphere of the entire town. It was truly a great celebration going on only those that never liked the idea of celebrating were idiots however not that many had decided to leave the town hanging around to enjoy the festival.

Nevertheless, a scary night and offer of having a hot meal and bed didn't stop Ash, the Pokemon trainer from the town of Pallet, from charging off determinedly toward his next gym battle. In tow by his side either riding on his backpack or head, was Pikachu a rodent electric Pokemon actually the very first Pokemon that had become Ash's fast friend after some troubles between the two. Trailing behind the two shivering at the intense wind whipping around them with the angry howl added with the disgruntle growls and grunts of several different animals that were hidden in the dense brush, Misty grumbled to herself as she followed her friends.

Originally one of the gym leaders at Cerulean City where she and her sisters went or at least Misty did battled Pokemon trainers that came into town. However her sisters went about stopping with battles by choosing to put on Pokemon shows on more occasions than ever for the public that stayed around for it. Now for Misty, she found herself thrown into several different adventures and dangerous missions usually dealing with Team Rocket, and it was always thanks to the pig headed Ash Ketchum who she was falling.

Normally when someone would hear her story on how much trouble the immature boy would cause for her, they would always ask why she didn't leave the group that she was in. Instead of sucking it up and telling the truth that she wanted Ash to buy her a new bike to replace the one that he stole and destroyed while trying to rescue his Pikachu, Misty went about making up some bogus excuse for staying on Ash's heels.

"I cannot believe you are pig headed, Ash! We could've been having fun back in that city that we just were in yet you wanted to continue on!" Misty yelled at Ash who had stopped at the top of the hills overlooking the valley below.

"Oh come on, Misty we are near Pewter City and the sooner that we get there the sooner I become a Pokemon Master. Besides if you don't like it out here, why don't you stop following me?" Ash answered his voice never to lose the excitement or commitment of the journey.

"Not until you buy me a new bike!" Misty answered back as the sudden scamper of a creature or something continued to cause Misty to jump at the sudden movement. "Can we at least stop for the night before we get lost or whatever is out there decides to attack us?"

"Oh come on, we are nearly there...I think." Ash answered looking back down at the map in hand turning it each and every way as if trying to figure out where they were. After several minutes of trying, he let out an exhausted sigh knowing that there was no denying it they wouldn't be able to get to Pewter City that night. "What about you, Pikachu? You are with me about wanting to get to Pewter City right?" he asked looking down at his side expecting to see his friend eager like him to get to city for their first gym battle. However the little yellow Pokemon was collapsed looking extremely exhausted clearly not one to want to continue on for that also.

"Ha! Two against one!" Misty called out in triumph as she dropped her bag to the ground in an area off the trail easy enough that the group could find their way back on to the trail whenever they were ready to move out and easy to sleep on. Knowing that he was outnumbered on this one, Ash allowed a frustrated sigh allowing his own bag to drop to the ground nearby looking ready to fall asleep himself.

"Fine we will stay here for the night; however we wake up early so we can get to Pewter City early in the morning!" He threw back puling out the sleeping bag attached to his pack clearly ready to fall asleep soon.

"Whatever, Ash. While I get a meal started why don't you two go find some firewood for the fire instead of sitting around letting me do all of the work." Misty ordered taking charge of the evening's proceedings, starting to pull out food stuffs and a frying pan from her pack not bothering to see if Ash was actually doing what she asked of him. She knew that if the kid knew what was best for him after that entire he put her through; he would get off his lazy rear and help her get the meal going.

"Yes, boss lady. Come on Pikachu before she starts throwing things at us." Ash grumbled turning to his friend who had gotten to its feet nodding his head starting off toward the bushes. "Cranky."

"Cranky! I will show you cranky if you don't get going you lazy bum!" Misty yelled out grabbing a hold of the frying pan handle ready to throw it. Immediately Ash took the hint running off toward the bushes in a different direction than where Pikachu had left in. From the shadows hidden deep away from sight from anyone that may by chance to see it; however the only thing that a person could see it although there was were a pair of blood shot eyes who continued to watch the figures threaten one another.

"Something about these two that should make the greatest outcome for tonight." the set of eyes thought as they followed the human male as he started aimlessly into the forest once more coming to realize that before it could begin with its deeds for the night there was one thing that needed to be taken care of.


Being the only one that seemed to be able to collect a nice stack of sticks that its body weight would allow it to carry comfortably, Pikachu came back quickly after a few minutes of being gone. Dropping the stack off in a collective pile next to Misty allowing her to begin a fire with sizzling cooking meat sitting in the pan waiting to be finished.

"Thank you, Pikachu." Misty told him as he offered a friendly 'Pika' to her before charging off into the woods once more where the mysterious eyes were waiting. The poor Pokemon never saw what was coming until the presence worked its magic on it freezing the poor rodent in place where it had started toward with no way to make a noise to warn his friends about the strange creature.

"Now that you are out of the way, little one...I can go to work on your friends." the eyes told the Pokemon patting Pikachu on the head. "Don't worry you should be able to move in the morning, just don't make any sudden movement and nothing should consider you as a meal for the night."

Right off the bat Pikachu watched as the eyes body formed just watching in horror as it began moving off deeper into the woods leaving the poor Pikachu standing there as the creature moved off deeper into the forest its first target clearly being Ash and there wasn't anything that he could do but watch and wait.


Moving around aimlessly through the dark under brush and bushes that surrounded his search area clearly trying to find sticks in the dark, Ash's mind wasn't clearly on the task at hand. At that moment he was still grumbling over the fact that Misty, although kind looking and joyful in appearance, continued to boss him around like she was his mother, especially when he should be preparing for his first gym battle that should be mere hours away.

"Damn, Misty...I can't believe that she won't just leave us alone." Ash grumbled as he stopped moving when he felt the snap of twigs and branches under his feet. Peering down at the ground, he let out a sigh of relief upon seeing that it was a branch that had broken off from a nearby tree lucky with most of its limbs still intact. "Finally some luck."

Bending down quickly, he started breaking off some of the more suitable branches adding it to a growing pile in his arms, completely unaware of the shadowy presence currently likening behind him sinister deeds in mind. Finishing up with what he thought would satisfy Misty from badgering him any further; he stood up straight nodding his head in pleasure about his collection in hand. "This should shut her up for the rest of the night."

Before he could start moving again back in the direction that he had come hoping to avoid from getting lost that night having to spend the entire night in the forest lost, the air around him suddenly became ghostly cold a lot colder than the night air blowing through the area. All around him all sounds that had been deafening at one moment was gone leaving him in a creepy evening as a frightening feeling came crashing in on his making the hair on the back of his neck to rise up.

Instantly his hand went to his belt looking for Butterfree's poke ball only to remember that like the rest of his things, Ash left the poke balls back at the camp. Quickly feeling the chill continue to rise and fear with it, he had only one option left. "Pika-arrrrgggh!" he tried to yell out when a massive wave of pain and heat slammed into his body from both directions causing his hands to let go of the bundle of sticks as he fell forward his hands clenching his sides in pain as he tried to stop this from happening.

It seemed to work for a bit before another hard hit of both slammed into his back of his spine causing a sharp crack to ring out into the night air as the added new pain joined with the rest. Desperately Ash tried to cry out for help hoping that Misty or Pikachu would hear him however since he had lost his breath with the first wave that had come on his had forced the breath out of his lungs leaving him unable to scream out leaving him there on the ground to endure the pain.

Another sharp punch to the middle of his spine sent him crashing forward as his hands came away from his sides to catch himself from a harsh fall. Immediately the ground darkened even further by an unknown presence, shot upward snatching his wrists and ankles sealing them into place making sure that he could never escape no matter how much he struggled.

"Now we don't want to ruin the rest of the fun." the menacing voice laughed as a cold icy hand seemingly reached down into Ash's aching throat which continued to try and scream out in pain as Ash's back arched upward as his spine began to push up against the skin and clothing that he currently wore threatening to rip the skin apart. Quickly Ash could make out the shredding and tearing sounds of his clothing as the ice cold breeze blew up against his back cooling some of the fire and pain coursing through his body.

"Good little to take care of your little friend. I got the perfect plan for both of you." the voice commented before Ash was left alone the night air around him returning to normal leaving Ash still struggling greatly to break the invisible bounds that held him in place as the muscles in his body continued to grow pushing up against the clothing causing Ash to struggle to breath feeling it become difficult as his chest pushed outward against the tattered remains of his clothes finally tore free finally giving him some release allowing him to breath normally.

Standing there on the ground panting and growling lightly as he felt dizzy almost ready to die or something, however something seemed to keep him awake as if wanting to see him endure the pain. The pain continued to envelope him revealing that he was still changing having the muscles already finish growing into place allowing Ash to stand there on all fours more comfortably as new weight added on to his body own weight displacing to different areas however he still wasn't able to see what he was changing into. With the night being completely dark and no moon to allow for any light, he couldn't see what other changes have taken a hold of his body as whatever held him in place wouldn't allow his head to turn either way to try and make out any of the changes. Trying desperately to block out the pain that he was feeling with a dull ringing jumping around into his head as the dull sounds of the night that hadn't become apparent before the changes became clear as day.

Ash found his eyes jerking open to find that the entire night was lit up like it was daytime, every detail ranging from bushes, trees, rocks and stones, etc. became present to him. Casting his gaze upward just in time to see a flock of pidgey take flight from a branch. "Oh my god what is happening to me?" he tried saying however the words seemed to come out as garbled suggesting that his vocal cords could no longer handle human speech anymore.

As the changes continued, a sudden very loud and recognizable scream shot out throughout the once silent night sending many hidden Pokemon scattered or flew out of their hiding places into the night sky or darkness. Instantly as the scream echoed out throughout the valley, did Ash realize who it was. "Misty!"

In a quick surge of energy, Ash broke free or it seemed that he broke free of his bounds and broke off into a high sprint toward the source of the scream.


**45 minutes early** **Campsite**

Sitting beside of the growing stirring the pot of hot soup that she had gone about making adding small sticks into the fire when it seemed ready to die, Misty shook her head in disbelief. Having just asked Ash to go out and get some firewood for the fire, Pikachu was the only one that had brought anything for the fire. Still at least the wood gave her enough to get something started, taking very less for the meal to be made now all was needed to be done was wait for the two to come back.

As the minutes passed by with no such appearance from the two, Misty had started to think that Ash and Pikachu had ditched her in the middle of the forest so they could get away from her. However that quickly left her mind when she came to realize that although Ash may be dimwitted, he would never go to Pewter City without his things or his Pokemon which at that point only had one so Misty was left with little to do but wait for the pair to come back and knowing how much Ash ate it wouldn't be long.

Having served herself a bowl of the soup and had gotten ready for bed just needing to wait for lazy boy so none of their food would go to waste, Misty settled down for the night. The night around her continued to be silent with the occasional sounds of Pokemon hiding in the woods bedding down for the night or waking up, causing Misty to shiver hating the idea of being stuck in the middle of a forest not really having an idea where to head for civilization.

Drawing up the blanket around her as she felt a deep chill start to race in through the camp although very cold at the moment caused the fire to flare once then twice before dying down once more leaving the area once again in darkness with the fire having died down even further meaning that it left Misty feeling even further scared.

The time must've passed by because a sudden scream of agony ringing throughout the night caused Misty to jump having nearly fallen asleep just waiting for her friends to return from wherever they had disappeared to. Looking around the camp, nothing had really changed as the bed roll belonging to Ash lay rolled up, the pot where the remainder of the food remained untouched with the spoon laying half in and half out of the soup. Below the pot, the fire had died to almost the point where there was no light to illuminate the camp leaving Misty in what she would call a scary situation.

"Damn, Ash. Only he would get lost in a forest while trying to find firewood." Misty muttered to herself as she reached down and started poking at the embers trying to get it back to life again. Lucky enough the fire was able to spark back to life allowing enough to add some warmth to the area plus to shine enough light on the ground revealing her own shadow offering some comfort knowing that no one else was in the camp but her.

Turning her back once more, Misty missed how her own shadow began to twist and reshape itself into a more sinister form being colorless except for a pair of yellow blood shot eyes that slowly opened up peering up at Misty seemingly studying her beautiful form. "Perfect addition for this night." the sinister form thought before closing its eyes hiding its presence once more allowing Misty's own shadow to return to normal mere seconds before she turned back to the fire adding more wood to the fire finally giving up on waiting for Ash and Pikachu to return.

With nothing really to do but wait until morning in which she may have a better chance of getting out of here alive much more find the two in the daylight than at night. With that in mind, she began removing her outer clothing leaving her only in her in silk panties and a tight fitting sports bra that had already began to fill out with each year giving her even a sexier form each year.

Stretching out a bit letting out a massive yawn, Misty felt around with her hands finding the welcoming sleeping mattress laying nearby pulling the flap of a blanket away to allow her to slip in finding the closeness of the blanket more comforting than the night. Lying down with keeping her back to the fire pulling the pillow up under her head, she slowly allowed herself to slip into what would be a life changing night.

It took less than 10 minutes before a sharp gasp shot out of Misty's mouth as she jerked upward out of bed in a cold sweat feeling that something seemed to be watching her. Having fallen asleep without much problem with a full stomach and warmth, her normal dreams were interrupted by a strange voice that kept on suggesting that she lose all of her clothing since no one was watching her. What seemed worse was that everything seemed real and that the very idea of being naked was appealing to her, when a pair of eyes opened in the darkness of her dream, did Misty awaken with a start.

Once again the fire had completely died down to nothing leaving her in pitch black however something in front of her seemed out of place. Stumbling around in the darkness looking for her bag however never allowing her eyes to leave the area that she thought was out of place. Seconds later she saw two blood shot eyes unnatural even for a human appeared in front of her, before the presence could do anything Misty was able to let out a startling loud scream that rang throughout the night.

Quickly Misty found her vocal cords silenced leaving her gasping for breath trying to call out for help, until an eerie voice spoke out. "Now that's much better, I have a lot of work to do before your 'friend' gets here so best get down to business."

Instantly without a second thought, Misty felt her body seemingly catch on fire with a dull heat encompassing her body tearing through her under garments allowing them to fall away quickly leaving her breasts to grow erect from the combined hot and cold air. Free of the confines of her clothing and out in fresh air which continued to grow acting as a bounding keeping her still before forcing her to all fours where the fire became intense sealing Misty in that position until further notice.

Immediately the changes began to work themselves upon the now naked human as her spine lengthen adding about another foot and half to her height, before it barreled outwards pushing back against the skin forcing her back to arch a bit while her chest pushed outward into a barrel almost in the same process sucking in her breasts allowing for only the nipples to stay in place becoming puffy and erect in the air. Quickly three more sets of nipples appeared below the main becoming almost identical to the main set calling out for attention.

Instantly the rest of her body began to follow with their own changes more subtle than most as her hands and feet began to stretch with the fingers melding together to form larger almost swollen digits with padded under the digits allowing the newly formed paws to rest more comfortably on the rocky ground. To most people that would watch this wouldn't really consider this as painful however to Misty it wasn't that simple as the bones in her body continued to break and reform themselves to allow for her body to support the form that she was changing into.

At the tail end of her spine the bone began to break through allowing for night spinney bone like appendages to spring forth spreading out in nine different locations growing longer before stopping after a few seconds. Although made completely of bone, they twitched and swayed in the warm and cool air as if reacting like a normal appendage.

It didn't take long before Misty was starting to feel cold again as the hot fiery air began to disappear signaling to her that the changes may be ending very soon. When it became apparent that the air was still icy cold, Misty found her body starting to shiver many parts of her body, new and old, started threatening to seize up did short yellowish almost tan like fur began popping up all along her skin offering a blanket of protection from the cold air.

Within minutes she found herself covered from head to rear in a soft silk like pelt of fine fur that instantly gave her a blanket of warmth spreading over her. The nine appendages sticking out of her rear continued to grow with fur, muscles, and nerves attaching to the rest of her body spiraling upward along her spine before attaching to her brain connecting the new senses and sensations to her mind where she found it strange and somewhat arousing.

The last bit of change to happen to Misty was when her face pushed out in a deadly muzzle where her teeth grew into small but deadly fangs that poked out of the corners of the muzzle. In a slight instant after the muzzle finished off her eyes snapped open revealing a pair of golden eyes even more enhanced like her senses allowing her to see in the dark.

Feeling her once tense muscles become relaxed allowing her form to fall to the ground properly although clearly exhausted as the four feet crumbled to the ground Misty found that she had no strength so she was forced to lay where she was when something unpredictable jumped out of the forest looking like it was ready to attack.

However it stopped several feet short of where she was currently laying, a look of surprise and confusion playing across its face allowing for her to fully see what she was looking at. Standing about 5' 7" weighing about 43.9 lbs by her guessing, covered in a light yellowish-cream-colored fur stretching behind it lay fluffed out behind it were nine tails where the color continued up to a point where it was revealed that the tail tips were orange.

On top of its head a large tuft of hair hung back blowing in the wind as its golden eyes stared down upon her with a weird look in them. Given time she came to realize that the creature looked almost like a fox or kitsune with nine tails making her swear that she could've swore that there was a name for a creature for this however before she could do anything or say anything the creature spoke or at least in fox speech.

"Whoa it's a Pokemon! Where's Pikachu when I need him?" a masculine voice asked as it tossed its head left to right as if looking for something. It took about a minute or so before Misty realized who it was.

"Ash! Is that you?" she cried out in utter surprise finding herself jumping to her feet finally finding her strength back her muscles tense and confusion playing across her mind.

"Misty? What in the world happened to you? You are a Pokemon."

"Look who's talking, Ash, you should see yourself right now. You look like a fricking fox right now."

"Well so do you, Misty. This is kind of cool, actually...everything is so lit up that I can see everything without any kind of problems." Ash responded drawing in deep breaths his muzzle sniffing the air in each direction.

"That may be okay for you, Ash...however it's not for me. I don't want to be an animal!" Misty cried out as if trying to wake herself up from this nightmare.

"Unfortunately human, you can never be back to normal for the rest of your life." a dark yet sinister and familiar voice rang out from the darkness causing both to jump to their feet jerking their heads in the general direction. At first there was nothing there until an almost circular shaped form appeared out of the darkness with two large ears sitting on top of its head with spikes running all over its back. In the middle of its face without any indication of a nose between them sat a pair of red eyes and a sinister smile as it looked upon the pair.

"A GHOST!" Both Ash and Misty cried coming to realize what they were seeing.

"Oh please, that comment keeps getting old." the ghost said waving a clawed hand at the pair. "As I was saying, from this night on until the day that you both die you will both be changing into Ninetails each night and then change back to your normal form in the morning."

"That doesn't sound too bad, Misty. I mean we can make quicker travel each night and probably spend a night or two." Ash pointed out which she had to admit did sound good however something didn't seem right and it soon turned out right when the strange ghost laughed at their conversation.

"Oh come now, that's no fun..." the voice said as there was a harsh snap of what sounded like fingers as a sudden wave of magic slammed into the both of them before the ghost disappeared. "Have fun as I know I will."

The new changes didn't happen to immediately until as Misty was pacing back and forth her nerves on edge and body tense, did Ash feel his nose quiver causing his body to going on automatic with his nose sniffing the night air finding a aromatic smell coming from a unknown nearby. Shaking his head as the smell started to cause his mind to fog over with lusty feelings drive out any rational thought from his mind, between his legs the sheath that contained his new cock began to swell coming fully erect as he drew in more of the wonderful aroma.

This didn't go unseen by Misty as she raised her eyebrow as Ash began to sniff the ground located near or around her causing her to look at him in confusion. "Ash, what the heck do you think you are doing?"

"Can't you smell it? Something very close smells sooo good...need to find the horny..." Ash answers came out in short stuttering.

"What are you talking about, Ash?" Misty asked jumping to her own feet when Ash got closer to her rear end which started to make her feel nervous. She twisted away from his wondering nose near her hindquarters scampering away from him fearing what Ash may do in his current state of mind. Looking down between his legs, Misty spotted Ash's massive cock dripping precum ready to hammer something and by the way that Ash was looking at her she knew his target immediately. "Ash stop don't come any closer!"

"I can't...I need you badly...please just let me..." Ash answered his answers coming out in growls and grunt as his nose continued to follow her rear end around in circles getting closer each time. Misty knew that she couldn't keep this up for long already growing tired from the endless chase. To Ash at this point had lost all rational thought allowing for the animal part to take full control of the body taking its sweet time to wait until Misty finally slowed her tries. When she finally stopped panting in not only exhaustion but an undeniable urge and itch underneath her tail caused a series of strange events to happen.

Like Ash, Misty found herself battling a strange yet erotic urge to plant herself in one spot, lift up her tails and allow Ash screw her brains out. Her body was calling out in need, the burning that had shredded through her clothing was still there however it was aimed at her hindquarters where her pussy lips, having moved up a bit closer to her anal ring, had become puffy and dripping wet wanting some attention for anyone or anything to get rid of this unknown need she was feeling.

Breaking down finally after some chase, Misty found herself dropping to a more suitable position to rest or shall she thought as the animal part of her brain adjusted a bit widening her stance a bit more easier for Ash to take care of his business. To Ash having lost control took the opportunity immediately getting in behind her sticking his muzzle between her furry cheeks following the arousing smell from the air to the source.

Instantly Ash stuck out his thick tongue out once he was sure of the area that he was looking for, and dove right in finding the first taste even more intoxicating that the smell causing him to become drunk wanting more after every lick. His cock had started to become even more painful as it was fully erect with a mind of its own wanting release right at that second and at this moment Ash couldn't stop himself from doing so that he drew back his head.

Instantly Misty threw her head back to look at him with a feral look in her eyes, her fangs out with foam dripping out of her mouth as she snarled indicating almost demanding that Ash finish what he started. "Do it, Ash! Now!"

In the very instant, he complied before she could finish the demand jumping up on to her rear end his forelegs scrambling pulling Misty's rear toward his cock finding it unbearable to hold back any further. Shoving back in her own need to have some relief to this unscratchable itch, Misty snarled twisting and shoving back desperately asking for more twisting and adjusting her form to allow Ash to thrust into her right away.

Getting himself into a more comfortable position, Ash went about jabbing away his cock desperately trying to find the sweet scented hole that he had just got done licking away at only to find that he kept on hitting her ass whole or inner thighs causing both to get frustrated. While he drew back and tried aiming again Misty adjusted a bit herself to allow for the best angle and when he shoved forward again about ΒΌ of the cock slipping right in without much difficultly.

Although neither were close to release, the single penetration caused both of them to let out an ear splitting howl that rang throughout the night signaling the hot passion to come. Beneath him, Misty seemed to be getting some sense of what was going on with her version blurred and just barely clearing she was wondering what was going on when Ash drove in another inch of his thick cock into her once virgin pussy.

Although the pain was dull having come and gone after the first penetration, Misty's mind continued to feel it with the memory still in place however right now there was a round of pleasure shooting throughout her body as Ash continued to hammer away at her body. Misty couldn't believe how since she had met this kid that nothing ever has gone right and this is the worse thing that she has ended up with.

To Ash he was having a blast at experiencing such a new thing to him, although he didn't really care for the idea of being changed like this it was a truly exciting experience and right now the sensations that were coursing throughout his groin kept him going shoving his sensitive cock even deeper relishing the feeling even more wanting it never to stop.

Already the cock had gotten in as far as it could and the knot at the very base was just crying out for more pushing up against the puffy lips of her pussy staying closed not allowing for any more intrusion however Ash wasn't about to let his cock go untreated for the painful erection. Drawing his hips back and making sure that his forelegs were locked properly into place, Ash gave one last shove driving the cock and knot completely pass the walls fully connecting them in place as he let out a feral like howl as his cock head unleashed its seed deep within Misty's belly.

Misty let out a animalistic scream as she felt the cock them together in place no matter how much Misty hated it there was nothing that she could do at this point as having already tried pulling herself away had caused her to nearly scream out in a blood curdling scream because of the pain so she was left there to accept what she, her human self didn't want.

After about 45 minutes of being tied together, Ash's erect cock finally went down enough with the knot following allowing for the cock to drop out of her opening allowing Misty to collapse to the ground where she fell asleep for the rest of the night. Ash would soon follow curling up beside Misty the night's actual events having left his mind and everything to him seemingly had been a dream.


**Morning-7:00 am**

"Pika? Pikachu!" a shrill yet concern voice called out as Misty felt small paw like hands start to shake her awake causing her to mumble in her sleep. "Alright, Pikachu...I am up."

The mouse like Pokemon offered a happy Pikachu before hoping over Misty's sleeping form and disappearing from sight once more leaving Misty to stretch trying to get herself up. The early morning sunlight broke through the branches from above striking her in the face as she slowly allowed her eyes to open to look around finding herself laying on the ground next to the remains of the fire of their camp the remains of last nights meal still sitting in the pan with the sounds of buzzing flies hovering over the spoiled soup.

"Great, another meal wasted because of Ash being late again." she mumbled to herself stretching her arms out in front of her as she let out a long yawn clearly exhausted but not as bad as last night. However her body felt exhausted and almost spent like she had been active the entire night, which was strange to her because she could've swore that she had fallen asleep awaiting for Ash to come back.

Then she remembered about the strange dream that she had last night about being changed into something called a nine tails and how Ash had, in a similar form, had fucked her with such a savage like way that same night. Even worse was the memory of how a ghost had appeared telling them that they would both be turning back into animals every night.

"Yeah right," she said letting out a laugh that was loud enough to cause someone to groan behind her...close behind her.

"Misty...what's so funny?" Ash's voice inquired sounding just as groggy as she was at that moment. The question and how close that the voice sounded caused her to freeze up, slowly allowing her head to shift to the side her eyes falling upon a disturbing sight. There was Ash being shaken awake by his Pikachu, completely naked but with his immature cock still dripping precum out of the tip of it.

Instantly Misty cast her gaze down at her own body immediately at her groin where her hands reached down confirming what she feared the most...dried cumm and some blood matted her pubic hair while trickles of both slipped easily out of her puffy pussy lips. "OH MY GOD! IT'S TRUE, WE ARE GOING TO BE BEASTS FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!"