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1 of Obsession Had this idea swarming around my head for a very long time, so I took some free time that I had over the weeks to put it down.. It's a one-off adult story with little background this time. Standard rules apply.

I grin as I trace down that muscular pectoral with the tip of my claw right to that brown nub, before I stop and circle my claw around it, watch as he squirm under the touch of my claw.

Finally... it has been so long...

I had no idea when it happened. It was just a normal school day. I was an audio crew for my school's annual open house. All I had to do was to make sure everything is connected and working fine. I followed the protocol and made sure everything was right before I take a break while the performance is on-going. I sat down in front of the board and watch the stage.

I guess that's when I noticed him. That grizzly one. I've seen him around and about before; but this is the first time I've seen him perform. He was representing the school's wrestling team and showing off some basic moves and skills. It was nothing too complex or obscene, just a few throws and pinning.

I barely notice it, but during the entire performance, my eyes were staring at no one but him. The way he moves, the different angles of the bearish face kept my eyes glued to him. In my mind, I know that this bear will be pretty interesting to meet.

After that point of time, that's where the obsession starts. I subconsciously began to keep a lookout for him. Every time he passes by, I'll stare at him. Josh had become my new eye candy.

But I didn't stop there. I went on to stalk him through the internet, feeding myself with his information. What I've found out was not too bad; clean records, highly active and single. But the thing was I wanted to know more about him. No matter how much I found out about him, may it be something nice or nasty, I still wanted more.

That was when I realised that I'm obsessed with him. I'm thinking too much about him for my own good. The image of that bear couldn't leave my mind. I'm far too deep to fall back out. So I just kept thinking about him, a male schoolmate that I had no interaction before. I've never spoke to him, not once, and I'm already that crazy over him.

I wanted to approach him all the time since I noticed my obsession, but school work and schedule made no opportunity for us to interact with one another. Slowly, day by day, I began to lose it. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I don't dare to ask him out either. I don't know how tolerant the people here were to individuals like me, a man who likes men. I don't dare to get into trouble... or get him into trouble.

Keeping my feelings in, my mind became clouded with him. I began to break down and turn desperate. In my head, I just know that I want him, but I don't know how to go about doing it.

Another thing is dreams. I dreamt of him, I dreamt of us together. It didn't help my obsession, not even one bit. I loved every moment of the dream; it made my real life look like a nightmare. I loved it when he focused his eyes on me and whispered sweet things into my ear, especially when he addressed me as "dear".

If I could just hold him once, if he could just be my lover for a moment. For so long I've prayed, for him to notice me, for us to be together; because I love him so much my greed kept growing. I want him for myself. All by myself.

Time passes and it has been months since I've gotten into this mess, but so what? All I could do was just to utter his name. I couldn't stand the fact that that's all I could do.

Am I crazy? No, I think I'll just grow crazier the more I meet him. My head gets fuzzy, my heart is confused. I don't know what I'll do either.

I'm sorry.

_ _

I dig my nose into the valley between his pectorals and take a deep sniff. Oh, his scent. So strong, so sweet, it's only spurring me on. I've already gone too far to back down anyway. I sniff eagerly, trying to take in his scent as much as possible... the smell that is unique, the smell that screams his name in my head.

It is almost instinctive that my tongue shoots out to caress the meaty pectoral, solid and firm from heavy trainings. One lick by the other, I try to taste as much as I can. He continues to squirm under my administrations. I smile to myself, because there's no way he can escape. All tied up to a chair that is a size too small for him; just to show that curve of his brown rump.

So far he hasn't been struggling much. Perhaps he is too afraid to do move about? There's no point in struggling anyway, he will just topple on the floor. I doubt he is that strong enough to break free those ropes and cable ties with just sheer strength.

He is here on the chair, all for me, in front of me. The multitude possibilities that I can do to him right now makes me tingle in anticipation.

I spend my time slowly working on his body, softly kissing the valley between his pectorals and proceeding downwards, leaving a trail of saliva. Mmm. I reach his warm fuzzy tummy where I bury my nose and nuzzle it. He has what one will call muscle guts. A large tummy but with defined abs. Due to his species, it's pretty impossible to have a lean, washboard abs. But it's not like I'm complaining.

I let my paws roam freely while I gently feel his brown fur, feeling his abs rise and fall as he breathes. I seriously won't mind letting his tummy be my pillow; I could just lie there on top of his soft warm cuddly fur.

I slowly snake my paws behind him and find his brown stub tail. I grab at that brown ball of fur, giving it a small squeeze and tugging it, I was surprised when he made a soft moan. Grinning wide, I began to play around with his tail. After a while, I realise that his tail is most sensitive on the underside, just below the tailbone, because he actually twitched when I press against it.

I want to continue downwards with my paws, but something else in front catches my attention. I feel something tapping against my chest. I lean back and find his semi hard red bearhood out of his sheathe, flexing away, growing in size with every subsequent flex.

I smile and watch while it closely grows to its full mast. I even give it a few licks on the tip while watching.

All of a sudden, he let out a muffled cry. I look up and see that his blindfold has slipped down a little, allowing his left eye to study his surroundings. Maybe he didn't expect a male wolf to be servicing him, or that he is not dreaming and that he is bound tight... though I bet it's probably both.

"I won't struggle if I were you, you're just gonna fall over and hurt yourself," I whisper to his ear, and reach behind his head to remove the blindfold, "and since you've seen what I'm doing now, might as well just let you observe more clearly with both your eyes."

I look at his widen brown eyes and lower back down to resume what I had been doing, never breaking eye contact. I dive my nose into his crotch and catches the smell of his musk, strong and concentrated, making my head slightly giddy as I drown in his scent.

I push my nose harder into his sack, letting my tongue out and play with his large orbs; licking them and let them roll around using my tongue. At some point of time, even let a small nibble on them both.

Even after he sees me playing with his body, his raging erection never died down any. Perhaps he is secretly enjoying it... but from how he is whining into the mouth gag, it makes me think otherwise.

Staring right into his eyes, I give a long slurp from his sack right to the tip of his maleness. He jerks uncomfortably and lets out a grunt. This bear is well-endowed, having both the girth, the length and a complimentary set of orbs to make many of his species jealous.

I reach my paw out and give his length a good squeeze. To my surprise, pre oozes out of the slit and drips down the length. Caressing his orbs with my other paw, I try to take his length into my muzzle. He whines even louder as I begin to work up and down that hot, hard red rod, tasting his pre in my muzzle, that slightly salty clear fluid.

I work slowly to feed more inches of that rod into my muzzle. You know, I've never dream that I'll even be able to do this, to taste it for real after imagining for so long. I bit back my gag reflex and take it all the way to the hilt, giving his sack a good squeeze at the same time, burying my nose into his fur. Slowly, I pull out, revealing the red rod to the cold air inch by inch until the entire thing is out, and then I dive down the length again, eliciting a loud moan from him. Over time, I speed up and work on the length, up to the point when I hear his irregular breathing. I tug at his balls in attempt to stop it from drawing up and lifted my muzzle from his maleness entirely. The bear gives grunts of discomfort while his rod flexes uselessly. I'm not going to let him finish so easily, in fact, I'm going to give him something better.

I reach up and touch his cheek, where he flinched slightly at the touch. I climb up to his lap and rubbed my own erection against the valley of his pectoral, feeling his smooth brown fur with a tinge of sweat against my sensitive member, allowing me to coat his fur with strands of my own pre.

Ever so slowly, I reach down to stroke his glistening wet rod, letting my paw slide up and down effortlessly. With my other paw, I scratch at the back of his ear and whisper to him, "Look into my eyes."

His eyes darts up to look at mine, wondering what am I going to do. I hike my tail up and lower down to sit on his lap slowly, guiding his member to the entrance of my pucker. I shiver involuntarily when his member met my pucker. Taking a deep breath, I lower my hips more, never allowing us to break eye contact. Slowly, his hot rod spears into my body, while my pucker stretches out to fit his girth. I've never been in situations like this before; all these sensations are new to me as well. As I slowly slide down the length, inch by inch, my member slides down along his body and both of us let a loud moan in unison. I feel the length reaching deeper and deeper inside me, until my ass cheek finally meets his meaty thighs.

My pucker squeezes at the invading length in reflex. I can see the lust behind his frightened brown eyes. I lift myself up from his length, keeping that squeeze until the tip of his member is left, before sliding back down, engulfing the hot rod back to its velvety, warm orifice. At some point, his length pressed against something makes me moan in pleasure. Wanting to experience that feeling again, I begin to ride that bearhood at a faster pace. The bear moans even louder than before as I assaulted him, bouncing on his lap, squeezing pleasure out of his member.

Riding that large rod and rubbing my dick against his belly fur drives me into pleasure to the brink of insanity. I can't last long like this. I reach my arms around his neck and hug him as I brace myself for my orgasm. The bear beneath me tenses up and screams into his gag and I feel thick ropes of warm fluid flooding into me. I clench both my teeth and pucker as I came at the same time, spewing white cum all over our chests and tummy.

Basking in the afterglow, I feel some of his seed slowly dripping out of my ass. The sweaty bear underneath me is panting away, recovering from his own orgasm. I'm a little shocked at how much this bear can cum at one go. Slowly, the bear lifted his head up and looks back at me with teary eyes.

Cry? Why are you crying? All the previous times you were happy... or was I dreaming?

Guilt sets upon me immediately.

Smile, please smile, you're the cutest when you're smiling.

What have I done?

If this was all a joke, if someone woke me up then. I know this was all my persistence to reach out to you, if only I lessen my greed...

If I knew I'd live like this as a sinner.

I had just effectively forced him to mate me against his will.

It's just my obsession... please don't curse me.

I hang my head in shame of what I've done to someone I like so badly. Is it too late to make amendments now? I untie the ropes that bound his paws together and free his arms to move.

The bear didn't waste time to pull out the gag out of his mouth with his free paw.


"Kevin, honey! You could have just asked or warn me beforehand!"

But luckily, he is already my mate.

"Can't help it. You actually dozed off on a chair, babe," I laugh at him as his softened member slips out of my pucker.