The Borders: Before

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1 of The Borders A scouting mission for a Bengal Tiger doesn't go quite the way he planned it.

Writer's Note: Hey there! Sorry for the slight delay on this one. Lost internet connection for a day. As always, comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated. I hope you enjoy the story! Happy reading~

"Zech!" The rough voice of a rather decently aged Bengal tiger boomed through the room as he opened the doors.

"That was some fine work on the barracks today! The scout master was really glad with your improvements over the past few weeks," he continued while still walking towards me, giving me a rather forceful pat on the back.

The pat caught me off guard making me move a half-step forward. Recovering my position, I looked at the tiger in front of me eye to eye. "Thank you for the kind words, father." I replied to him with a gentle smile on my face.

"Ah, seeing you move like that reminds me of the days when I was about your age, son." Nodding to himself with his eyes closed as he said that, he started reminiscing about the 'good old' days, or so he called it. It has become a habit of him lately; would be best not to disturb him when he's doing that since he has a bit of a temper.

Father isn't that old, but he certainly is past his prime being at the age of 62. His coat was colored light orange, with dark brown stripes; the belly and the interior of limbs being white. He was quite tall as well, with the height of 6'3". Having served as a knight for our nation since when he was about my age, he sported quite a large body build from the years of training and his body was adorned with many war scars. He now serves as a tactician for our troops, specifically the Legion. Being quite used to his old armor, he would try and wear it as much as he could. In fact, the only time he would take it off was if he would either sleep or take a bath. I don't blame him though, his steel armor was made with such perfection that it helped him survive more than a few would-be fatal blows.

You see, our nation has been at a constant war with the neighboring nation, the S'thids. The men of our nation first attend general education up until the age of 12, where they will have their skills tested. There are 6 roles that you may be placed to. The Legion, the brute force of our nation which consists of knights and warriors. The Swift, any organization of scouts, messengers and assassins. The Determined, our engineers and inventors. The Keen-Eye, people who handle our long range weaponry. And finally, the Faithful, which consists of our clerics. If you didn't fit with any of the groups, you would be given some sort of gathering job.

"Ah... Those were the days." His sudden statement caused me to snap my attention back to what he was saying. "You may not have become a knight like your old man but scouts are pretty important for the kingdom as well. I know you'll do me proud," he added as he placed both of his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them softly.

As he had said that, a knock came from the door. I turned my head and saw a visitor standing by it. It was a rather decently sized red deer, about 6', with a lean body build. He wore a rather comfy linen shirt that had its left shoulder strap ripped above a rather light pair of leather pants and boots. His coat was mostly reddish-brown in color; there were a few dark spots scattered around his body as well.

Placing his hand behind him, he took out a scroll and opened it with both hands, coughing to clear his throat.

"Tactician Eldred, you are being summoned by his highness, King Dravson IV to the war room immediately. It is of great importance that you go as soon as you can," he proclaimed in his rather coarse voice before closing the scroll and placing it back.

"If you'll excuse me, son. I have some business to attend to," he said as he started walking forward towards the messenger, nodding to him before leaving the room.

"Soo, Zech. I can't believe you managed to outmaneuver Troy awhile ago," the red deer commented as he leaned against the door. "You should've seen his face! That cheetah wouldn't probably be able to live down the embarrassment since he had been boasting all month that he could beat you with his eyes closed!" he added before laughing heartily.

I chuckled at the compliment. I usually wasn't one that would go out of his way to receive praise but I certainly wouldn't deny it.

"Well, that is true. Just goes to show that you shouldn't boast about stuff that you aren't sure about," I replied calmly before positioning myself in front of the full body mirror, checking myself if I had dirt on me.

I was proud of my appearance. To be honest, I looked a lot like Dad save for the scars, height and body build. I had more of a lean body build which reflected on my role as a scout. For my height, I was a bit shorter than dad, being at the height of only 6'1". Clothing wise, they resembled the deer's since it is the uniform of the scouts anyway.

Having completely scanned my body and uniform, I concluded that I was prim and prop. I turned my body towards the red deer still leaning by the door.

"Lyel, why are you doing messenger work anyways?" I questioned him as I casually walked next to the red deer.

Raising both his hand, he shrugged his shoulders as he did a 'I don't know' motion. "The scout master just called me and asked me to proclaim the message to your father." He stated before positioning his body upright.

I gestured him to go outside; he did just that and waited for me outside. Before exiting the room, I grabbed the keys on the end table near the door. Placing my hand on the door knob, I pulled on it as I left the room, locking it in the process. I turned around to see Lyel idly fiddling with his thumbs and it took him a second to notice that I was finally outside.

"Want to go to the kitchen for a snack?" he asked before adding something as I was about to say something. "You must really be hungry after all that running in rhe barracks."

"Sure am. Let's go. " I replied before patting my right hand against his back

Tuning myself towards where the kitchen was located, I start to take long casual steps as Lyel did the same on my right. Looking at the surroundings, I've never actually paid much attention. Paintings of the kings and his predecessors adorned the walls, all of them different species but just as regal as the others. Potted plants of different sizes located on every stone window and every corner of the castle walls. There were about 15 doors that I could see from where I was looking from and even more in the other areas. I've been living here all of my life and even I don't know what more than half of the rooms contain. One thing I did know and that was we were on the second the floor and the kitchen was on the first.

Lyel was the first to break the silence as we neared the grand staircase. "So, I've heard that you and Maevinna are thinking of getting engaged. Are the rumors true? " He asked as he started walking step by step down the staircase.

"Yes. The rumors are true, we have been thinking about it for quite some time now. " I casually reply as I follow him.

His ears perk up as I confirm the rumors, turning his head around to look up at me. "That's great news! You two have been courting each other for quite a few years now. " he exclaimed with a huge grin on his face. "Have you told your parents about it yet? "

"Ah, not yet. We're planning to surprise both our parents at the same time though. "

Lyel nods a few times as he closes his eyes. " ...And will I, your best friend, be invited to this proclamation? "

"Aye, of course you are. " I let out a small chuckle as I take a few steps down, patting his shoulders as I pass by him. "We just haven't thought of a good day to do it yet. Don't you worry yourself; you'll be ones of the first to know, Lyel. " Adding those words as I continue walking down the stairs.

" I'm glad to hear that. " he replies before letting out a hearty laugh as he follows me down.

As we reach the bottom of the stairs, we immediately turn to the right, passing by the guard's resting area as Lyel continues idle chatter; nodding my head whenever he asks a question as I only half - heartedly listen to him.

Thankfully, the kitchen wasn't too far away now as I could feel my stomach grumbling from hunger. Following the red plush carpet, we go past through a lot of doors once again, which was mostly the house servant's rooms. Taking one final turn, we reach a corridor containing three rooms, the kitchen, the war room, and the dining room. I could smell the tasty fresh made bread and the soup from behind the kitchen door, my stomach happily grumbling as the both of us got closer and closer.

Remembering that father was in the war room, I snap back into reality as we pass by it. From there, I could hear the King's rough voice, my father's own, and few other tacticians as well. There was a swift turn upon entering the room, so I really couldn't see anything but the King's shadow pounding on the table. From the sounds of it, things weren't going so well in the war front as I could hear some of them shouting at each other.

It wasn't really any of my business though, so I continued walking towards the kitchen door with Lyel; he still wasn't done talking.

"... Oh man. I could totally smell something good cooking in there. Hopefully, there'll be some mushroom soup. I love me some mushroom soup. Don't you like it as well, Zech? " he asked as he waited for me to open the door.

" Yeah, that does sound pretty good just about right now. " I answered before turning the knob, the wonderful scent of spices and freshly made food immediately assaulted our nostrils as I pushed the door open. Lyel rushed in before a second even passed, making me chuckle as I took in more of the delicious scent. I licked my chops as I entered the door, a rather hefty looking female red deer working on a large pot of soup meeting my gaze instantly.

" Hello there, Zech. I hope you're in for a treat because I just finished cooking this pot. " the hefty woman said in a sweet voice as her gazed look up to meet mine.

" Hello there, Missus Brachford. " I gently smile at her as I slowly walk towards the small wooden table near the door. " And yes, I am certainly quite hungry from the exhibition awhile ago. I can't wait to taste your delicious food. " I added as I took a sit next to Lyel, who was already eagerly awaiting for the food to be served.

"Such nice manners as always! If only my little Lyel could be more like you. "

"Aww, mum. I can't help it, I'm really hungry. " he whined. A soft grin crept on my muzzle as her mother giggled in the sweetest way one could possible imagine. Not before long, the older woman placed two bowls of mushroom soup in front of us.

"There you go kiddos. Straight from the pot! " she said with a sweet grin in her face before excusing herself, walking towards the door and out of the room.

Grabbing the wooden spoon right beside the bowl, I take a spoonful of the soup, its taste not disappointing my taste buds.

" Man, your mum sure knows how to cook! " I exclaim as I lick my chops from any excess soup.

"Well, she is the cook for the king. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the greatest cook in the kingdom! " Lyel replied as he took a few more spoonfuls. I chuckled at the sight, Lyel sure had an appetite but running for the kingdom mostly helped him shave off those pounds. Turning my attention back to my own food, I did the same but in a more dignified manner.

Spending the rest of the snack in silence, my mind slowly wandered around; thinking of when I'll finally be able to perform my first deed in the kingdom. I've been in the scouts for a good few years now and I still haven't even done a mission. Thinking back, father did mention that it would usually take a training period of 7 or more years, depending on the current state of war until a recruit would be given a mission.

A few minutes passed, with the both of us finished with our meals; we left the room. Outside the corridor was father standing just outside the war room. I could quite see from where I was standing that he thinking heavily since he didn't even notice us come closer to him.

"F-father? " I asked, the question surprising him a bit since he was so deep in thought. "Is there anything wrong? " adding it as I walked closer to him, putting my right hand on his shoulder.

" Ah, nothing. " he replied as he looked at my eyes. Standing straight up, he regained his normal pose before asking Lyel to come near him as well, which he did; he stood right next to me.

" I'm glad to see that both of you are here! It certainly saves me the time of going around the castle just to find the both of you. " he said as his faced turned into a stern expression. " The both of you are to report to the scout master's chambers tonight, with your full equipment on. That is all, dismissed. " nodding his head to the both of us before walking away.

Before I could even react, Lyel turned his head towards me with a huge smile in his face. "Hear that!? I bet that this is going to be our first mission! I can't wait, I'm so freaking excited! " he declared as he did a small giddy dance in front of me.

" Woah there! I'm really happy with the news as well, but don't you think it's quite sudden? Something bad must be going on in the war front. " I replied with a expression of concern in my face. My statement stopping Lyel dead in his tracks and he shook his head afterwards.

"You're right, but think of it this way, If something bad truly is happening on the war front, we'll be heroes if we pull off what we're going to be tasked with later! " he said with a smug grin on his face.

I placed my fingers beneath my chin as I nodded my head. "You're right about that. It'll be good if we could tip the battle in the favor of our kingdom. "

"That's right! Now, stop being all sad about it! " he shouted as he started dashing towards the corner. "I'll meet you later! Gotta get my stuff sorted out! " being the last thing I could hear from him before losing sight of him behind the corner.

I'm not going to lie, I was really excited as well; however, everything was quite a surprise to me. Not only that, it was only a few more hours until nightfall; I won't have enough time to go to Maevinna to tell her that I'll be going away for awhile. As I casually walked towards my room to get ready, I just decided that I would write a letter for her.

Ah crap! I didn't even notice the time as I was writing the letter; I even took my sweet time giving it to those guys handling messenger duty. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be late.

Running as fast as I could, seeing the chamber's door; I stop just right outside it and took a breather. My chest heaving up and down as I took a few deep breaths before pushing the door open; walking inside, most of the room was hidden in shadows save for the 4 figures standing around a lighted up table.

"Ah, you're finally here. We can get started then. " a rough voice which was coming from the tallest figure in the middle, leaning down on the table with his hands resting on it. " Come nearer and we can start the debriefing. " he added as his blue eyes stared at me. No one really know what the scout master looked like since he usually wore a hood; I just knew as much about him as everyone else which was that he had blue eyes.

Following his order, I took a few steps as I got closer and closer to the table; I could clearly see the other figures that were around the table. It was my own father, Lyel and Troy, which was the cheetah I beat in the exhibition this morning. Positioning myself in between my father and Lyel, I looked at the scout master as he propped himself up before speaking.

"As you guys may have guess, this is your debriefing on your first mission. " he said as he turned around, looking away from us before continuing his speech. "The reason you three have been chosen for this mission is because the three of you are the top of the recruits! The alphas of the betas! I have to say, at first you three weren't that good at all and in fact you three were quite sub-par; just goes to show what determination can do! I am quite proud of the progress you three have made! Be proud that you'll be going on this mission! ".

Walking quite a bit of a distance away and returning in front of the table before pounding his fist on the it. "But remember this! Just because it is your first mission doesn't mean it will be easy. Your lives will be at stake! Now listen up and listen good!" he said as pointed his finger on a town labeled Triquan.

"Everything has been quite calm these past few months, but lately the guards stationed on the town of Triquan have slowly stopped sending messages. " Stopping for a few seconds to look up at us before trailing his finger to a dotted line a few meters away from the town. " As you can see, the town is pretty much near the border; we've had suspicions that the town have been captured but we need verification before sending a battalion there. That right there is your job. Verify our suspicions and return back immediately to the castle! "

"Is that understood? " the scout master asked, looking at us with his intense eyes.

The three of us answering in chorus. "Yes, sir. Understood, sir."

"That's good. And oh, one final thing. If none of you return within the span of 5 days, all of you will be considered KIA. Dismissed. " Immediately retreating to another door; locking it behind him as he finished our debriefing.

Leaning back from the table, I let out a soft sigh. To be honest, I was feeling really scared; it was my first mission after all and it did have the possibility of death.

"No point in wasting time then. " Troy said as he scratched the back of his head. He didn't really look any special; he was about a few inches shorter than me and had a lean body build as well. He was wearing the same thing both me and Lyel was wearing; his fur was tan with round black spots across.

"Yeah. Let's get started on it! " Lyel answered, still as excited as when father first told us about the mission. Turning around to look at me "Let's go Zech! " he added as he grabbed my arms and tugged on it.

"Ah, you guys go on ahead downstairs. I need to have a talk with my Dad. " I replied as I looked at my father who listened in on the whole debriefing, being a tactician it was part of his duty to know what every section of the military was up to.

"Ehh, okay then. Just don't take too long eh. " Lyel begged before grabbing his bag and walking downstairs. "Come on Troy! " he waved the cheetah to follow him as he walked past the door leading outside.

"Pff. We'll be waiting downstairs then. " Troy muttured as he followed Lyel; going past the door.

Turning my head around to Dad, I could see he was still taking notes and adding some of his comments here and there about the plan.

"Father? " I asked as I approached him cautiously. He wasn't the kind of guy to be happy when being disturbed from what he was doing.

"Oh, what is it son? " he asked while he still continued dotting down notes.

"I hate to say this, but I am kinda scared. " I admitted to him as I fiddled with my fingers. A few second after saying that, I saw him look up from his small notebook before closing it with a thud. Turning around to look at me, he placed one of his hands on my shoulders.

"Don't worry son, fear is a normal part of life. It'll come and go; however, your duty to the king is important for the benefit of all. " he said as he leaned his head down; leveling it with my own. "I'll be honest with you son, the thought of losing you is scaring me, but I know you'll be able to do this son. I know you'll make me proud."

I was a bit relieved to hear my father's words. Wrapping my arms around him; pulling him in for a hug. "I love you, Dad. " I could sense he was a bit surprised at the hug since it took him a few seconds before he places his strong arms around him and pulled me deeper in the hug. Leaning in his muzzle closer to my ears and whispering the same words I had just said. "I love you too, son. "

It took us about 2 days in totally to finally reach the outer borders of the town; however, as it was already too dark, we just decided to set up camp for now. Scouting the town during the night would not be for the best since we would have to use torches to even see what we were stepping on; the light will just probably warn any potential enemy intruders in the city.

"Hmm, I think we should wait until the morning before we sneak into the town. How about you guys?" I asked as I climbed over a log and propped myself down. We decided it would be for the best to travel the woods instead of the road.

Troy let out a grunt as he heard my suggestion. "I say we just do it now. The faster we get it done, the sooner we can get back home and report." he answered in an annoyed manner.

"Troy has a good point. Remember what the scout master said?" Lyel said as he followed my trail.

"Since we're really close, let's just scout the town already." he added. They were right. The scout master did tell us to return immediately after scouting the town.

Sighing to myself as I dropped down a small ledge. "I see your point. Just remember to douse your oil lamp when we get near the town. Don't want to alert them of our position." I replied as I took a few more steps, finally nearing the end of the forest.

"Gotcha." Troy stated, a few steps in front of me.

It wasn't long before we reached a clearing a few meters away from the town. In fact, you could already see the town from where we were. Troy stopped for awhile as he doused thr oil lamp, clearing the enemy of spotting us from afar. It was already past midnight from what I could garner. Thankfully the glow of the moonlight and the starry night gave us enough vision to be able to see what we were stepping on.

"Come on, follow me. " I whisper to the both of them as we start heading towards the town.

The town looked peaceful at its current state; I could see no light source at all. It could be just everyone is sleeping but the fact that the town was not replying to the castle was nagging my head otherwise. I switched to crawling as we reached the low walls that cornered the whole town; I rested my back on them as I waited for both Lyel and Troy to catch up.

Switching to sign language, I motioned for the three of us to split up and to meet back here in 15 minutes. The town was pretty big after all; it would probably take us an hour to search for everything if we only did it as one group. The both of them nodded at me before splitting ways with Lyel going to the far right; searching for an entrance while Troy went the other way.

I turned around and raised my eyes to take a peak past the low walls; I couldn't see anyone. Standing up, I used my hands to lift myself up the wall and propped myself on it before I dropped down on the soft grass. In a semi - crouched position, I began my search as I went to the closest building I could find which was a small house.

As I neared the door, I backed my body against the wall near the door; I used my hands to push the door, which to my surprise was unlocked. The door creaked softly as it slowly opened itself; I took a small peak inside to see if there were any intruders and I couldn't see anyone at all. Verifying that there was no one inside, I stepped in; the first thing I noticed was a disgusting smell making me cover my sensitive nose with my hands. I quickly searched the area for the source of the smell as my eyes scanned around the living room.

It was weird; it doesn't seem like the house was pillaged at all since everything was prim and prop, there were no broken anything anywhere. No signs of struggle at all. Reaching the area of the rank smell, which was the kitchen, I noticed the smell was coming from the table, specifically the soup on it.

I walked closer towards the sink; not looking where I was stepping, I didn't notice there was a rather large carpet below the table. My feet tripping on it causing my body to hit the table and make the soup sitting on it fall down on me, pouring me with the disgusting smell.

"Good god..." I cursed myself as I stood up before taking out a washcloth from my backpack and wiped myself dry from the soup. Luckily I was alone or I wouldn't be able to live that down.

"It seems like the owner of this house was taken away while they were preparing food." I said to myself as I exited the kitchen after scanning it and I did the same to the different rooms.

Almost all the rooms were the same. I looked as hard as I could for signs in every room yet there were no signs of struggle at all.

" Why didn't they bother fighting back though? " I asked to myself as I exited the house, turning my sight to the house next to where I was. "Maybe another house would better answer my questions. "

I did the same on the next house and the house again after that, save for tripping, but everything followed the same creepy theme. Everything was prim and prop, save for the rotting food that could be found in the kitchen. I leaned my head back against the wall as I closed my eyes.

"Man... No clues at all and it's almost been 15 minutes since I started. "

I opened my eyes and something from out of the corner caught my eye. A light! It disappeared as fast as it appeared but I was sure I was a light source that came from the big building across the road intersection.

I couldn't waste this chance to find someone, or anything even, as long as it would help me clear up the mystery surrounding the town. I quickly jumped down the porch and sprinted towards the building; I looked at it looking for signs of what the building was. It was quite dark as well so it took my eyes a few seconds to fully read the sign hanging on the top of the building.

"Ieove Inn. "

Scanning the building for entrances, I could see that there were two from where I currently was, the front dual doors and the back door. I decided to go for the back door; I slowly opened it to take a look. I saw no movements but I still had to be cautious. Someone was here; I could feel it in my gut.

I entered the door which led me to the inn kitchen. Weirdly enough, there wasnt any spoiled food here. Everything was clean, too clean. Taking a few steps toward the kitchen counter and noticed remains of chopped up food. I took some in my fingers and brought it closer to my nostrils, sniffing on it.

It was fresh. Someone was definitely here a few minutes ago. A smile crept on my face; this villager could be the clue to know just what the hell happened here.


My ear twitched as I head the creek, making me turn my head to the source; my eyes squinting as I slowly lower my right hand, placing it on the sword's handle tied to my belt.

I just stood there, time passing by slowly; my heart beating rapidly and I felt my muscles tense the more I waited. It felt like minutes when I finally heard another creak; my eyes immediately turned to the source before I saw something zoom by.

A rat.

"Oh, Thank god." I let out a sigh as I let go of the handle; my muscles relaxing and my heart's beating going back to its normal state. I placed my fingers on my forehead; massaging it as I relaxed myself more.

Telling myself to relax, I turned around and walked closer to the sink. My eyes scanning the dishes lined up in the rack next to it as I heard another creek. I quickly dismissed it since it was just probably the rat again. Grabbing hold of one of the dishes, I took a closer look; running my fingers down it. It was still wet.


Huh, that was much more longer than the first few ones.


Shit. Shit. Shit! I got too relaxed and let my guard down!

Immediately letting go of the dish, my right hand darted for my sword as I turned around. My eyes setting itself on the assaulter that towered before me, but I couldn't see who or what it was due to the shadows. My hand pulling on the sword as I face him but before I could even fully pull it out of its sheath I felt a fist connect with my gut, making me gasp for air as I felt some of the wind knocked out of me. Before I could even do a comeback, I felt the fist quickly pull back and another one hit me again; this time hitting me right in my solar plexus, completely knocking the wind out of me. Continuing his assault, his fist retreated once again before I felt another one colliding with my jaw, knocking me back against the kitchen sink before kneeing my stomach.

The last thing I could feel was intense pain and the feeling of my bruised body toppling on the floor as I slowly lost consciousness on the floor, not even getting a good look at my assaulter. The sound of his voice laughing over me was the last I heard before completely blacking out.


Ughh... my head is hurting like crazy and I'm feeling so tired, but I don't know why.

"... -eems like you're waking up."

Huh? Who's that? That doesn't sound like anyone I know; however, I was still too tired and woozy to care. I just squirmed on the soft cushion that I was currently on before I felt something poke me.

"...- up."

I heard the voice say again; the poking continuously hitting my body and annoying me. I couldn't stand it anymore. That poking was annoying me. Opening my eyes to look at who was poking me, I was shocked to see who or specifically, what it was.

It was one of the S'thids. My eyes widened in amazement and fear at the same time; I have never seen an S'thid before in real life, only in books. The guy kneeling in front of me was huge, even bigger than members of our Legion. It was a T-rex from what I could garner, judging from the books. My eyes quickly scanned him; he was wearing steel armor, mostly covering only his lower area and his red scales glistening from the fireplace.

"Seems like Eso knocked you good. " he said in a calm but rough voice as he stood up before walking towards the fireplace.

"W-wait." I replied as I tried to stand up from the cushions. Using my hands, I tried to balance myself up but I found out that I couldn't since they would tug at each other when I moved either one; my hands were bound behind my back by a rope.

" Don't bother standing up. Just stay there and don't talk. B'rek will be with you soon enough." the T-rex said casually as he prodded the fireplace; making the fire burn stronger as it continued to heat up the room.

He was right. I was the captured one here; I shouldn't bother asking too many questions or they would just get rid of me. The fear of death quickly growing apparent in my mind; if I weren't useful to them, they won't even doubt killing me and disposing of my body.

I lay limply there as I scanned my body. Most of my clothing and equipments were taken from me; I was only wearing my wrapped loin-cloths. I felt so disgraced and humiliated lying there, but that wasn't the worse of my worries as I saw a shadow approaching the room and finally showing the figured as it passed by the frame. I scanned the other S'thid as it showed himself; looking at me as I looked back at him.

Judging from the books, this one was an Orca which bears a black back; his chest was white as well as his sides and patches of the same color just slightly above his eyes. He was just about the same height as the first one, maybe even a little bit taller and the both of them had the same muscled body build and he had a dorsal fin on his back. Having those firm looking pecs, those eight-packs abs and those mounds of muscles as his biceps, I bet this guy could probably easily lift me up and break my spinal cord if he so desired it. He was wearing about the same as the T-rex; it was most likely their military uniform.

"Finally awake, huh? " he asked in his rough burly voice as he got closer to me to which I nodded back in him as my response.

"Listen up and listen good, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. Follow what we say and you'll do fine. Be a burden to us?" he said as a grin crept up his face. "We'll make sure you die the worst way possible. The last guy who was a burden to us? He was basically already begging us to kill him after a week, but we didn't. We took our time and made it last as long as we could. " he added.

"And how long did that torture last, Trig? " he asked as he turned his head to the T-rex.

"About two months. More or less. " he casually replied without even bothering to look back at the orca.

"Hear that? Do I make myself clear? "

I was in fear. I certainly did not want to experience the same thing that poor soul did.

"Y-yes. " I muttered.

"Good. For now, just lay there; we don't really need you yet. " he commanded me as he turned around to look at his comrade once again.

"Speaking of, where is that other prisoner, the red deer?"

Red deer?! They must be talking about Trey! I just hope Trey is doing okay. Maybe when we both meet up, we'll be able to think of a plan to escape from the clutches of these S'thids.

"Eso took him awhile ago. "

The orca mumbled to himself as he turned around to look at me again; this time with a huge grin in his face.

"Turns out you're going to be doing something tonight, cat. " he said as he used his strong hands to grip me by the waist and place me over his shoulder.

"H-hey! W-where are we going?! " I asked as I squirmed from his grip.

"You and me? We're going to get real acquainted. " he chuckled as he started carrying me towards the exit of the room.

"Just make sure he can still walk, tomorrow. It'll be annoying having to lift him the whole travel. " Trig said as he took a passing glance at the both of us.

"No promises on that one. " B'rek replied to which the T-rex just replied with a roll of his eyes.

The time I was carried was of silence as I didn't want to anger the beefy orca carrying me.

It didn't take us long till the massive orca opened a door to a room that had a king-sized bed in it. Walking a few steps inside, he closed the door using his foot; locking it with a key.

"This will do. " he said as he dropped me on the edge of the bed, untying my wrists before making a few steps back; undoing his steel armor and letting them fall down to the ground, only a wrapped line-cloth covering his rather noticeable bulge.

My eyes widened at the sight; my mind overloading of the thought of what we were actually going to do, fear growing deep inside me.

Before I could even say anything, his right hand quickly untied the knot; the linen-cloth falling on the floor as well. His flaccid member coming into my view, six inches of red man meat laying over his large pair of white testicles.

I just sat there on the bed; looking at his exposed groin. My breathing getting a bit heavier; unable to say anything save for a few weak garbled words.

"Heh, that's what they usually look like when I first show it to them." He leaned down, grabbing his loin-cloth before he started walking towards me.

I tried to back up against the bed frame but it was no use. This guy was going to use me tonight.

As he got closer to me, I could see him grin wickedly before he used his free hand to grab my own loin-cloth and pulled on it hard, ripping it open. I shivered as my own flaccid dick and balls were exposed to the cold air. Gripping the back of my head with his powerful hands, he forced my face into his prick; causing me to smell the musk emanating from there. The scent was thick and strong, making me try and pull my head away but it was in all in vain since he would just push me against his groin every time I tried to.

"You better get my dick hard and completely wet or else it's going inside you dry, cat." He barked as he pushed my head harder against his flaccid member.

There was no use to fight back. This guy was definitely stronger than me and would out power me no matter what I do; I certainly don't want to end up like the guy that got tortured.

With my mouth pushed up against his groin, I placed both my hands on his meaty thighs; feeling the firm muscles as my hands crawled there up and down. Lowering my nuzzle by a bit, lining up my mouth against his large pair of ivory testicles; taking a few quick licks at first, tasting his sweaty and heavy balls before leaning my head closer to suckle on them, making the orca gasp.

"Mmmm, that's right. You love the taste of my sweaty balls, don't you, cat?"

Looking up at him, I nodded slowly before my mouth continued working on his swollen balls, sucking on lovingly as my tongue played with it inside my mouth, rolling them back and forth. Both my hand shifting focus on his thick member, my left hand wrapping around the base of his veiny red shaft as my right one wraps around the head; my thumb applying pressure on the slit, gently rubbing it up and down.

I could hear the massive orca moaning as I continued to work on his balls, fully covering it with my saliva as both my hands continued to squeeze on his member; feeling it slowly thicken and harden in my grasp.

"Uugh.. Hnhg... D-doing good there."

Pulling off from his balls, a thin strand of saliva connecting my lips, I planted a kiss on both of the testicles as my left hand lets go of his length; bringing it closer to my mouth, spitting saliva on it before bringing it back up to its previous position. Wrapping it around the base of his prick, I slowly started stroking it up and down the hardening dick, slickening it up with my saliva as I placed my loving maw around his hefty balls once more; I continued gently sucking on them.

I smiled to myself as I heard the orca let out gasp, followed by moans of pleasured as I continued to work on his meaty shaft and his balls. My left hand working on slicking the tool up and down as it grows in thickness and length. After a few strokes and taking a few more squeezes on the head with my right hand, it follows my other one's actions, stroking the orca's veiny manflesh slowly but lovingly; taking a few seconds to squeeze on the different areas of the shaft after every stroke.

"Woooh, boy. That's what I'm talking about. " he exclaims as his hands lower to my cheek; stroking on them softly. "Let's see that warm wet tongue of yours work my shaft, cat." He added as he let out a soft gasp.

With one final lick on his balls, I let go of his ivory testicles which were now dripping with my saliva; I chuckled at the sight for a bit, admiring my work before I raised both my hands to the top of his shaft. Holding his prick like that, I draped my tongue on his prick's underside from the base of his shaft to the tip, my hands letting go of the head as my tongue reaches it; my left hand going back to his base, holding his meat there for support as my right hand goes to his balls.

Aiming his broad head at my mouth, I took a few quick licks on tip before wrapping my warm maw around it. Gently sucking on tip, I could feel his dick achieve full mast as I felt it throb inside my maw. With my tongue, I draped it over the slit of his dick, making him moan as I lapped the tip; pushing the tip of my tongue inside and tasting his urethra and the pre leaking from it, it's sweet and salty taste entering my mouth. My left hand slowly worked its way up, stroking the meat before resting just below my maw.

I felt him place both his paws around my cheeks; gently stroking on them while his right hand crawls to the back of my head, pushing on it by a bit.

"Come on, cat. Suck on it. I bet a guy like you would love the taste of orca meat."

I gladly obliged as I started lowering my head and my hand down the massive manhood; my mouth feeling the veiny shaft as I made sucking noises. I could feel him spread his legs by a bit, giving me more room to work with as he continues to moan from the blowjob. Slowly taking in more and more of the behemoth into my maw, my right hand starts squeezing his wet and heavy balls, gently rolling it around and cupping it.

Sinking down his shaft, it didn't take me long to reach my limit without deep-throathing; I rested my head there with his prick still inside me, my tongue working on the underside, licking on every vein it could get itself on for a few more seconds before pulling out as my hand followed my mouth's motions. Upon having only the broad head in my mouth, I started taking more of it once again; my paw going down the shaft as it worked in sync with my maw. I could hear him let out little moans and groans as I continued to work on the orca flesh.

Starting from a slow and steady pace, my head's pace grew a bit faster as it went up and down the tasty shaft; tasting the metallic pre every time it leaked into my mouth. As I would reach my limit on his shaft, I would squeeze the meat within my grasp, making him squirt his tasty pre deep in my mouth. Feeling its every throb inside my mouth was exhilarating; it was encouraging on me to work on the meat harder.

"F-fuck. You sure do love the taste of that delicious meat inside your maw, don't you?" He says as he continues to let out little grunts, gasps and moans.

As I continue to please the orca in front of me I could feel his hand shift, gripping my head before pulling my muzzle back to his tip and then pushing me right back down onto his meaty shaft. Working me down until I could feel a good five inches inside my maw, I wiggled my tongue along the underside of my shaft as he continued pushing. My eyes rolling up to look at the orca, I slowly started giving him more dominance as he started to face fuck me. I let myself stay there, with my maw open wide as I continue to let him use me for his pleasure. He turned to look down at me, smirking as I continued slurping and suckling, working my tongue along the underside of his heavy meat.

Letting go of my head, he pulled his hips away from me, releasing his slicked up shaft from my maw, his shaft dripping saliva on the floor before leaning down to grab the rope he untied from me. I just sat there, catching my breath as my chest heaved up and down.

"Heh, where did you learn to be that good?" he asked as he commanded me to turn around and place my hands against my back to which I gladly obliged. It was much better to follow this guy than get tortured.

"Sometimes, guys in the barracks get really horny and can't wait." I replied as I blushed, feeling my arms locking with one another once again.

"So, kinda like what we do back home then." letting out a small chuckle as he added " Face down, ass up, cat."

I followed the bigger man's command once more, burying my face on the cushions; I use my foot to position my legs as I raise my tail, spreading my ass and showing more of it to the orca. I could feel my throbbing member drip pre on the bed as I waited for the orca to make his next move. I could hear the orca growl as his hands grip my cheeks and starts kneading them, working along my firm rump.

"Gotta love the site of your ass pushed out behind you, waiting for me to stuff my fat cock into you."

The orca's hands continue gripping and kneading my ass, pulling my cheeks apart slowly to expose my tight pucker. I let out a soft gasps as I feel his warm hands hold my firm rump and spreading me open much more for his viewing pleasures. After a few moments, I could feel a hot wet tongue drag over my tight pucker, making me let out a moan. I felt him do it again, slowly rolling his tongue along my pucker, smearing his hot saliva over my tail hole. The feeling of his warm wet tongue slicking my tail hole making me squirm on the bed. Moving my hips back slightly, I try to push my rump closer to him; enticing him to enter his warm tongue inside me.

Gripping my hips tightly, he holds them still. His tongue makes smooth, long and rough licks over my tight pucker, teasing along it with the very tip of his tongue before he pushes the squirming appendage into my hot hole, slicking it up. I let out a loud moan as his slick tongue enters my tight hole, slicking up the anal rings near the entrance. I softly clench my anal rings around his tongue, letting out smaller moans as my tail hole is prepped up for the larger treat. Taking his time, he slowly swirls his tongue, wriggling it and curling it inside my tight pucker, thoroughly lubing up my inner walls with his saliva before he pulls back.

I waited for seconds before I felt the orca's leaking tip hit the entrance of my hole. He slowly circles leaking tip around my hole before aligning it straight into the entrance and slamming forward, forcing his thick dick into my hot hole with a wet slurp. My eyes instantly open and widen as I feel quick searing pain emanate from my pucker. I bury my face on the couch cushion as I scream in pain, the cushions muffling the shout. My anal ring instantly clenching hard on the orca's shaft, I could feel the veiny meat snuggled comfortably inside my warm tight hole. I could hear the orca growl in satisfaction.

"That's right. Take it like a little bitch." He barked as his hands gripped on the my locked arms, using them as leverage as he pulls me back; his hips pressing on forcing more and more of his meaty pole into my protesting hole.

I bit on my lower lip as I felt the orca forcing more and more of his red length into my tail hole; my anal tunnel spreading wide with every push to accommodate the girth while still clenching tightly on the manflesh. My throbbing member was leaking pre on the bed sheets, leaving a trail of pre as he pulls me down on his shaft. His hands holding me tighter as he pulls me back more, his hips bucking forward. His thick meat keep sinking inch by inch into me till I could feel his hips meet with my ass; the orca letting out a load and long moan.

I let out a load moan of relief as I feel his broad head nudge against my prostate, making my member spurt another drop of pre on the bed sheets. With his thick manflesh fully impaled inside me, I could feel his larger pair of testicles rub onto mine, making me blush. My anal tunnel squeezing on the girth nestled in between its inner walls, slowly trying to accommodate to it. I could hear the orca growling deeply as he grinds in to the hilt, his hips slowly shifting from side to side, churning his dick deep in my hot tight tailhole. His hands crawling to my hips, kneading on them before he pulls back and slams forward, hilting into me again, making me scream in pain once more, my pucker not yet used to the length inside it.

I moan as I feel him slam his manhood deep into my hole, hitting my prostate; the intensity of his thrusts pushing my hips forward, making the bed rock forward as well. His larger pair of testicles slapping with my own making soft slapping sounds with every thrust. One of his hands pulls back and comes down in a hard slap on my firm ass as his hips pick up. Slipping out to the tip before ramming his thick nine inches of orca cock into me again, he keeps that pace hard back in out in out, his heavy orbs slapping my taint as he leaks hot pre into me.

"Yeah you love that big dick in your ass, don't you?"

Groans in pain as I feel the orca's hand swiftly come into contact with my ass, the pain quickly residing as I feel pleasure course into my body as he continues to thrust his manhood deep and quickly in me, hitting my prostate. His thick length slamming into me hard, making my own manhood bounce up and down from the intensity.

I moan louder as I feel him impale his member in my needy hole, feeling the veins and feeling it throb inside as I clench harder on it. I could hear the orca snicker as he sinks his prick into me again and again. His hands slide up my sides, moving to grip my shoulders. I felt him lean forward, putting his weight into the thrusts, making them harder, pushing me forward with each deep stroke of his cock into my hot ass.

Turning my head around to look at the orca, I saw him lift one foot to step onto the side of the bed, lining his shaft up just right to punch straight into my hot tunnel. I grit my teeth as I feel him start to pound harder, his cock barreling deep into me with each thrust. I would clench my anal rings around the thick member every time it was inside me. With my ass held high for him to continually ram his cock into my needy hole, my prostate was getting abused with every thrust making me get nearer and nearer into my orgasm.

I hear him growly deeply as I see his hips shift and lift up, angling his dick down to pound against my prostate like sledgehammer with each thrust of his hips. His pace increases, ramming into my tight ass with abandon as he holds me down, claiming my sweet hole for his own. His paws gripping tighter, forcing me back onto his shaft, driving to the very hilt with each body rocking thrust.

"Nnngh fuck yeah....take that dick you sweet little bitch."

I moan harder as I feel his every thrust hilting hard into my prostate, making my member start to leak pre like a faucet. With his hands controlling my shoulder, all I could do was take it and moan in pleasure as he forced me into his dick. I could feel the bed rocking back and forth with his every thrust, the sound of the frame squeaking, mixing with my moans and the slapping sounds of our balls and hips colliding with each other.

I could hear the orca growl deeply, his hips still sawing his thick cock into me while he sinks one of his hands under me, gripping my cock roughly; making me gasp. His hand keeping time with his jackhammer thrusts, ramming against my prostate while he strokes my throbbing member. I could slowly start to feel the pressure of my orgasm building in me, his dick jackhammering into my prostate while his paw strokes my dick only intensifying it. He hunches over me, driving deep and hard into my pucker, grunting with each powerful thrust.

I... I'm g-going to... His e-every thrust into me... I...I-I..

Letting out a roar of pleasure as I feel my climax reach its peaking point, my dick starts throbbing madly before finally firing thick ropes of cum as he still continuously thrust his flesh inside me, making me spray my cum all the sheets bellow me. My orgasm making me clench my anal passage harder around the orca meat, deeply wanting his seed in my bowels. I heard him let out a growl, his hips keep on thrusting; pushing it harder against me as I continue spilling my seed.

After a few more hard thrusts, he sinks in deep grinding to the hilt in my clenching ass before throwing his head back; yowling out as I felt his balls start to empty into me, spurting hot thick boughts of milky cum into my needy hole. Feeling his seed entering my tail hole made me let out a moan, filling up my pucker with what his orca juice. I continue clenching my tunnel around the massive member, wanting more and more of his precious seed. His hands hold onto my sides, panting as his hips make short little thrusts as his cum keep pumping into my hot tight hole.

Turning my head around, I look at his expression as I gently circle my rump in its place, feeling his member up and down as his seed splashes around my tunnel, his thick tool plugging my pucker, giving it no way to drip out. I could still feel his thick seed spurting into me, torrents of the hot milky spunk entering my anal passage. I continue grinding my ass back at him, waiting for his to completely finish using my abused hole.

His hands trailing towards my back, softly rubbing on it before dipping down to my hips; gripping on it as he starts to pull himself off me, inch by inch of his cum smeared dick slowly easing back out of my tight hole. As I feel him completely pull out, I felt the cold caress of the night air hitting my, making me shudder as I fall flat on the bed; his milky seed trickling down my abused asshole.

" Heh, the boys are gonna love having you around." I heard him say as his hands gripped on my hips once again; lifting my body over his shoulder as we start heading towards the room with the fireplace again.

I couldn't even bother to move anymore; I just let myself lay limply on his shoulders as he carried me.

It wasn't long before we reached the room, I took another look around; this time there was about five of them, but I was too tired to care identifying them. The orca set me back from where he took me; gently placing me on my sides as he pulled a bed sheet over me.

"We'll be dousing the fire place soon. Don't want you getting sick on us now since the air here can get really cold." He said as he pulled away from me.

Making myself comfortable on the cushion, I shifted my body as my eyelids were dipping lower and lower; making me let out a soft yawn as I let sleep slowly take over me.

I'll think of a way to escape... soon.