The Plant's Servant

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The autumn leaf skittered over the ground, pushed on by a gust of wind so that it darted from side to side and whipped about in the midst of a dervish. The swift sharp movements were beautiful, especially from the eyes of a predator who was watching the short dances back and forth. The panther crouched down on all fours and his head jerked back and forth to follow the swift motions excitedly and lashed his tail back and forth. His shoulders were bunched up and his haunches tucked in close as he let it get nearly a dozen feet away before launching himself into action.

Flir's rubbery hide glinted in the light as he charged down the small deer path and tried to snatch the leaf up with one broad paw. In his mind it was a daring and deadly attack filled with the rippling of the muscles beneath his latex hide. Even if his prey was only a dried brown leaf that was crushed beneath the blow of his paw and became little more than powder, he was still a deadly predator that all should fear. He stretched his back a little bit licked his lips with an inky black tongue as he luxuriated in the feeling of a successful hunt.

He settled down on his haunches and lifted his paw to lick it several times as his topaz eyes flickered over the forest he'd decided to take over. It wasn't terribly amusing yet. There weren't enough people that populated it and the animals had learned the sound of his latex hide squeaking faintly so he rarely saw them. Oh he'd see the flash of a white tail now and again, but he'd hadn't had a chance to take down a deer. He'd kept mostly to rabbits and the odd hunter that was too clumsy to realize he shouldn't camp beneath trees. And yet, he was still bored with being away from civilization. If it wasn't for the fact the last town had gotten in an uproar because he'd enjoyed one too many late snacks he would have happily stayed there where he could play.

Flir stood up and stretched before glancing around the dying woods and let out a soft snarl. The fall was closing in and the trees were shedding their leaves, the grass was dying and it was getting colder at night. It was primitive, annoying and the fact he was forced to spend his time chasing after leaves just irritated him further. He turned away from the crumbled leaf and picked up his paws in a trot to try and find out if there was a way he could slip down out of the mountains and towards the small town that was nestled at the base. Somewhere he could take a snack that would struggle and wriggle as the long strands and flexible spill of his latex engulfed them.

The panther followed the narrow deer paths that pushed deeper into the forest and towards patches of evergreens that grew in such close clusters that the sun was barely able to penetrate. The thick blue-green needles offered color, even in the twilight that they cast beneath them. His paws spread over the dried and dead needles soundlessly as he sniffed the air and picked up the sharp sweet scents. The trails that deer and other animals had created faded here. Despite the fact it offered decent cover, it didn't boast any tracks or scents of other animals that might use it for shelter. Flir's tail started to twitch back and forth. It wasn't as entertaining as finding a way into the village, but at least it was new and somewhat different.

He wandered through the thickly bunched tree trunks, even having to climb some, as he tried to make his own path through them. By the time he pushed into the heart of the forest he found that it was nearly black. The only exceptions were where the sun penetrated through the boughs in golden beams of light. It was eerie and silent. No birds called above him, no squirrels chattered and cursed him, nothing but silence. Nothing but the sound of his latex form squeaking at times or his soft chuffs when he landed too heavily. The place should have played host to dozens of little things, but there was nothing living here. Only the evergreens. Or at least, that's what it seemed like to him. Until he dropped down from a tree limb and saw a flash of bright purple color that didn't belong in the darkness.

The panther's ears flicked up and he twisted his head about trying to find the color that had caught the corner of his eyes. It wasn't hard to locate, not when the only beam of light in the darkness illuminated the amethyst flower and the thick green leaves that surrounded it. It was the only growing thing he'd seen ever since he'd entered the place and as such, and being a cat, that roused his curious streak. Nothing made him wild with curiosity like something different. He couldn't resist it! It had gotten him into trouble before, but this time it was only a flower. He curled his tail tip and trotted forward with utter confidence that he'd figure out what was what with the flower.

He was within a foot of it when he snuffed the air and tasted something sweet and almost intoxicating. It was slightly minty beneath the sweetness and it made his ears come up and nostrils flare. It wasn't unlike catnip, but just different enough that he didn't indulge in the urge to roll over and push it into his rubbery hide. He lowered his blocky hide and snuffled again, his lower jaw parted to draw the scent up and over his tongue.

Up close the flower was lovely looking. It was easily a rival of the carefully cultivated flowers that people grew in their gardens. The petals were long and tapered. Each one was nearly the size of his paw with a deep, nearly black, purple at the center that faded out to brilliant amethyst towards the edges. The flower was nearly the size of his head and nestled in the midst of large fern like leaves. It should have been in a garden. There wasn't a sign of bugs nibbling on it or a blemish or dying spot. And the scent, the scent made his mind spin as he pushed his head down and shoved his nose right into the midst of the plant before dragging in a deep breath. The pollen dusted over his muzzle lightly and tickled his nose before the unexpected happen.

The soft puffing sound was the last thing he was thinking about. The sudden cloud of pollen that erupted up and over his dark muzzle made him jerk backwards with a snarl of shock. The pale yellow powder clung to his lips, whiskers, nose tip and stained the darkness of his latex hide. He lifted a paw up to try and wipe it away, even as he drew in a breath that sucked the pollen up along the sensitive sinus membrane. He was assaulted with the minty sweet scent, drowning in it, swallowing it, breathing it. He couldn't escape it! He sneezed out harshly several times while keeping one paw over his muzzle, but it did nothing to erase the sudden light headed sensation that the pollen gave him. He felt as if he were suddenly floating and his heavy paw slowly dropped away from his painted muzzle back to the ground.

It was too hard to keep his paw up. It was too hard to bother moving it. It was too much effort to sneeze. The panther swayed on his haunches as he tried to make his mind work past the pleasant haze that surrounded it. It didn't dispel. It remained gripping him as he stared at the flower dumbly and the bright colors seemed to pulse and come alive. They glowed to his glazed eyes and were... they were beautiful. They were glorious and every shade of purple the world could produce and perhaps some it had yet to see. He couldn't tear his eyes away from it. He couldn't move from it. Instead the panther let his forelegs sink down in front of him so that his paws were spread to either side of the lovely flower and his muzzle dropped down to snuffle it again.

Oh when had anything smelled this lovely? His warm breath tickled over it before he turned his head and rubbed his cheek adoringly against it. He wanted the scent on him, he wanted more of it! He wanted it more than he wanted cat nip, more than entertainment or a city. The edges of the flower petals brushed along his ears as he turned his head to rub his other cheek against it. A soft purr formed in his throat and bubbled upwards as each breath he sucked in was filled with the pollen that made his mind slow to a light headed crawl. He couldn't even be bothered to notice that the blanket of dead needles that covered the ground had started to move and ripple.

He was only forced to pull his attention to them when two slender strands slipped upwards and wrapped themselves around his neck. The blunt tips were slender, barely the half inch in diameter, and they caressed over his neck and slipped higher towards his ears. Flir lifted his head and blinked his glazed eyes in confusion at the touch. It was too hard to think paste the strange euphoria to want to tear away from the seeking touch. He only turned his head to one side and caught a flash of green as one of the tendrils brushed up along his ear. The euphoria the plant caused erased any fear he might have felt, instead he chuffed out and rolled onto one side with a wild lash of his tail.

His glistening latex body twisted and wriggled against the ground, rolling as if he had found his way into a cat nip patch. The tendrils pushed upwards until they rubbed lightly along the inside curve of his ears. The plant tentacles were covered with a light fuzz that tickled the sensitive membranes and made him reach up to run a paw behind his head. He caught against a tendril, but the appendage stiffened so it wasn't dislodged. Instead the tips thinned down and pushed forward to wriggle into his ears. The penetration was slow and, despite the pollens tranquilizing effect, he let out a low yowl of shock and jerked upwards onto his stomach.

Flir tried to pin his ears back, but the tendrils pushed inwards and became thinner as they went before branching off. They formed a fine network of roots that made his eyes blur and his entire body freeze. He couldn't move! The extending tendrils spread through his mind while the 'fuzz' of minute needles released themselves into his mind. The latex feline shuddered and sucked in a breath as the world stopped to make sense. The world was no longer the feel of the pine needles beneath his body and the knowledge that he was in an evergreen forest. The world became the plant and the sudden relaxation that rolled over his body. His muscles relaxed, his eyes lidded and wellbeing and warmth flowed over him.

There was no need to worry or fight. Why was he fighting? The plant was so sweetly scented and he should enjoy it. It must be lonely in the middle of this forest, it must be lonely and no one saw to watering it or caring for it. The panther dropped his muzzle as his pupils dilated to the point that all color was lost in the darkness. He could only focus on the bright flower as the ground beneath him shivered and rippled beneath the carpet of pine needles. He didn't care, he wanted the plant, he wanted to smell it, rub his cheeks against in it, bathe in it. He would take care of it, he would make sure it had water and attention so it would flourish.

His through vibrated hoarsely in a purr as he rubbed his cheek against the petals and stretched his body out. The light headed sensation didn't fade away as the pine needles were pushed away to reveal a vast network of roots and tendrils. One of them twisted around to wrap around his hind leg and wound its way upwards before a second joined in. His latex hide was bunched up and pushed about under the green tendrils. They flexed and caressed him until they pushed up towards his hips and started to wrap around him. The slight brush of minute leaves tickled his hide and one of the tips brushed right at the base of his tail.

Flir lifted his head and rumbled out before pushing his hind legs up. Or at least he meant too. He tried too. Instead the tendrils snapped down tight around him and pulled upwards so that he was hauled upwards instead of moving under his own free will. He turned his glazed eyes back to look at his rump that was being elevated. Another set of tendrils moved up to wrap around his chest and twist over his forelegs so that he felt them growing and creeping over his smooth hide. The caress of them and feel of the plant moving like no plant should didn't disturb him. Instead he luxuriated in it. He arched and pushed along them as his body warmed up and his mind translated the pricking sensations of the slight needles into pleasure. They roused the nerves and made him all the more sensitive to them.

The blunt tip of one tendril twisted itself around his tail as something wet feeling trailed out and ran along the line of spine. He chuffed out pushed his forelegs down with a low noise as the purple tinged nectar rubbed against his dark hide. He tried to see what it was, but the answer came to him in the form of another set of tendrils. A small set, barely as wide as a pencil, twisted themselves around his muzzle and worked upwards towards his ears. They tickled against his nose as they worked themselves along his cheeks before flexing and pulling along his jaws. The panther rumbled and opened his muzzle so that his inky black tongue was visible. He had barely opened it before a thicker tendril pushed itself down and pinned his tongue down against his lower mouth.

The feel of the plant pushing itself into his maw made him tense up, but the tendrils that controlled his mind took the fear and confusion and changed it. Why was he afraid? Didn't he want and need the plant? It was glorious! The drugged panther rumbled out as the purple nectar dribbled out and pooled over his tongue. The sweet taste of it clung to his maw and filled him. It was everything he could ever want. It roused a thirst and need in him that was frightening as he clamped his muzzle around the tentacle and started to suckle and swallow. His taut rippling maw pulled and squeezed to coax another thick drop of it out so he could swallow it. It was a line of liquid fire that ran through him. The heat was almost painful in its intensity, but he wanted more. He needed more.

The panther pushed his head up while the tendril curled and twisted along his tongue before pushing in deeper. It rubbed along the roof of his maw and started to wriggle itself towards his throat. It inched and pushed as Flir pushed his forepaws out and tilted his head backwards. He just wanted more, he needed more. His body needed more. He barely even realized that he was starting to slip free of his sheath and harden. His body flared to eager readiness under the plant's control. His haunches spread a little while another inch of the tendrils wiggled into his maw and started to force his contracting throat open with a thick drooling spill of the purple nectar. It was addictive.

Flir only jerked slightly as the tendril at the base of his tail nestled beneath it. The thick bulb pushed right up against the opening with a smear of the tick fluid. His toes curled slightly in reaction while his back arched higher into the air. His nostrils flared open wide and sucked in the sweet minty scent on the air before his walls were forcibly spread. The blunt tendril forced the tight ring open while his hips were lifted higher into the air. Thicker tendrils pushed beneath his chest as he was lifted into the air, but he barely registered the fact. He was too busy sucking and pulling along the tendril in his muzzle. He tried to earn another thick spill of the heated liquid that sent electric flares of pleasure through him. His dark black shaft bobbed against his belly while he stretched his hind legs out and muffled a groaning cry.

The tendril pushed itself into him and the flow of wetness spread into his passage. It flared the heat into him. It felt as if he were on fire at both ends as the drooling nectar clung to his quivering muscles that clenched and clutched downwards. There was no fear, no concern it was too big or he should be bolting, there was only the desire for more. The need for more. He pushed his head forward and curled his tongue out beneath the tendril so that he rubbed right along the base. His hot suckling movements pulling another thick glob down while his passage was claimed. Inch by slow inch he was stretched open. His walls clamped down and contracted as he tried to adjust to thickness and the wetness that was forced out around the edges. His forepaws pushed forward helplessly as he tried to find something brace him.

Flir only became distracted when a bumping tendril pushed up beneath his belly and rubbed right along his dark length. The panther opened his muzzle wide to let out a muffled yowl as the slender tentacle wrapped itself around his girth. It circled slowly and squeezed downwards so that his hips arched forward. His hind legs couldn't get the traction to truly thrust, instead they were yanked apart at an odd angle so that the thickest tendril could push in deeper. The texture of the tentacle rubbed and pulled along his passage while the need spread and built. This was what he wanted, this was what he was. He wasn't Flir. He wasn't a panther. He was need and lust and desire for the plant. He was the plant's cat. That's all he was. That's all he knew.

With that thought in mind he pushed his muzzle forward and started to suckle harder. He tilted his head up as the tip of the tentacle flowed into his maw and suddenly thickened. He could feel it bulging as the strange texture was stretched wider and the tip erupted. The hot strands of wet sticky nectar flowed into his throat while it contracted and swallowed it down. He all but milked the plant as the warmth built to a point that had him struggling to buck against the grip of the tendrils. His tip leaked down against the blanket of pine needles beneath him as the slender tendril massaged in ways that no mouth, no hand, no passage could possibly manage. It was overwhelming and he squeezed his eyes shut with a low yowling call that ended in a burble as the nectar tried to ooze past his muzzle.

The panther's tail jerked slightly as the tendril in his rump started to move and shift. The tip pushed up and down, it rubbed and wriggled around while he arched his back in his attempt to thrust. He pinned his dark ears back against his head before letting out a groaning cry. A spill of the purple nectar oozed out of his muzzle, but he didn't care. He kicked his legs against the tendrils and arched his back. He contorted himself in their hold in the way only a feline could. His shaft pulsed slightly beneath him and the dribble of syrupy precum rolled down over the strands that kneaded around the girth. His body tensed up while the tendril in his rump gave a sudden shove forward.

The base was thick, too thick, it strained his rubbery passage open wider and wider. His muscles contracted and spasmed around the girth in an attempt to cope with it while the comparatively slender tip shifted and rubbed through him. It curled into an S shape before straightening again. It was nothing he was prepared for and he was left trembling in their grip. His lips peeled back and the tendril in his maw dragged backwards. It pulled along his tongue leaving a thick viscous dribble of the nectar that he greedily swallowed down. His entire body was burning with pleasure. Each touch roused nerves that he had never had and he was helpless in their grasp. He wanted to be helpless. He wanted to be in the plant's grasp and never leave it.

As the thickness of the tendril in his rump spread and pushed deeper his back arched. His muzzle dribbled a bit of the nectar as he flattened his ears and let out short sharp cries. He was a slave to the pleasure, a slave to the constant massaging pull around girth. He couldn't even thrust, not with his legs caught by the long plant like strands. He could only call out in harsh noises while each thrust rippled through his body and rocked him forward. His glazed eyes fixated on the flower as they sped up and the tendrils tip twisted and rolled within him. It forced him to react, demanded that he give into the pleasure that spread through every inch of his being.

Flir was pushed over the edge as the tendril that twisted around his cock pushed right up against the very tip and parted open. Something warm and slippery wrapped right over the glans, not entirely, just enough to cover the opening. The panther let out a screeching cry of pleasure as his shaft flexed and swelled slightly. The first jet of his seed erupted right into the tendril's greedy opening and pushed into it with powerful spurts. His body locked in that moment of pure pleasure and unable to concentrate on any rational thought. Not even the spill of hot nectar that pushed itself into his stomach and flowed over. The purple syrupy wetness covering every last inch of his passage while his hips twitched and tensed with attempts to thrust into the small gripping maw that wrapped over his crown.

He couldn't think, couldn't concentrate, couldn't do anything except luxuriate in the sensation of pleasure. It was a pleasure that had everything to do with the plants nectar that left him more sensitive and reactive to everything. The slightest touch set him off as his trembling form was held in the air for several long moments. His mind was dizzy with pleasure and the tendrils that had penetrated deeply into him continued to stimulate the parts of his mind linked to lust and arousal. How could he want anything else? How could he possibly think about anything else?

After what seemed like a life time he was lowered to the ground and the tendrils pulled away from him. His tail remained awkwardly quirked up as the thickest tentacle pulled free leaving a glittering purple trail along his inner haunches. The only ones that didn't leave were the ones that wrapped round his head and ears. They twisted and settled on him, breaking away from the main plant while he sagged onto his belly and panted shallowly. The web of roots that spread through his mind kept his mind fogged and sank even deeper. Removing every bit of will he had neatly, just the way they were designed too.

The latex panther lifted his eyes and blinked at the purple plant with his glazed eyes. His body heaved itself up. He should get it water, it would need water. He had to make sure it had enough water to flourish. Why was he sitting here and letting it risk withering away? That wasn't right. He gave his head a short shake and turned away from the plant and away from the tendrils that writhed and wriggled against the ground. It let him go, it no longer had to worry that it would fight him or abandon him. The tendrils that twisted around his head wouldn't let him. He was thoroughly beneath its control.

As the black panther passed through the forest he ignored a bounding deer as he trotted towards a stream. A few animals peeped out to stare at the all too familiar web of tendrils that crowned the beasts head. Another of their kind had been claimed. To serve and feed the strange creature that had claimed the evergreen forest as its home.