A rodent most vicious

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My first attempt at writing anything in about three years. Please comment and tell me what you think.

The sun was beginning its descent over the horizon as a lone eevee made his way through the forest in pursuit of something to eat. Before too long, he came across an oran tree, its branches laden with berries.

Licking his lips, he began to climb the tree, hooking his claws into the bark as he went along, steadily making his way up to the berries, when...


He was sent flying back down to the ground by an Iron tail to the head.

"Argh! W-what- Who-" He stammered, rubbing the bump on his head with his paws as he looked back up into the tree, only to see a female pachirisu smirking down at him.

"Oh dear, did I do that~? My apologies~" She giggled tauntingly as she lept down, forcing him to roll out of the way with a squeak to prevent her from landing on him.

Without even waiting for him to stand up, she slammed into his side with a quick attack, sending him flipping several feet with a yelp. "Why are you doing this!?" He shouted to her as he scrambled to his feet.

"Hm... Why? Well, I suppose I could tell you its because I was protecting my home, or because I've laid claim to that tree, but in actuality..." She began, before striking him with a thunder wave, causing him to fall over paralyzed. "...I just love doing this~"

His eyes went wide with surprise as she slowly strutted her way over to him and kicked him onto his back, forcing his legs apart and exposing his dangling pouch. "Wh-what are you going to do to me?" He asked fearfully.

She giggled at him, smiling sweetly at him. "Why, I'm going to have fun with you, thats all~" She said, before delivering a slap directly to his balls, causing him to squawk in pain.

"Don't worry, I'm not a monster. I'll at least make it... Somewhat enjoyable for you~" She said, reaching out and stroking his sheath, prompting his member to slowly begin to emerge against his will.

Smirking at him, she leaned forward and began licking his shaft, Her left paw taking hold of one of his testes and squeezing it, causing him to squeal like a pig. "Thats it, Squeal for me~"

Slowly, she dragged her tongue from the base of his shaft up to the tip, then kissed her way back down again, causing it to throb and leak in response, while her repeated rough squeezing of the poor fox pokemon's left orb caused him to yelp and beg.

"P-P-Please... Don't... I'll g-give you anything you want!" he pleaded, causing her to stop for a moment and scratch her chin in thought. "...I'll tell you what. Since you were so keen on taking berries from my tree, I think I'll just take YOUR berries as payment. After, you can have all the berries you want... If you're able to move well enough to get them~"

On that note, she dug her thumb down into his ball as hard as she could, nutflesh bulging outwards in an attempt to escape her grip, before it finally collapsed with an audiablePOP, causing Eevee to shriek in agony.

"Whoopsie~ Guess I don't know my own strength. That berry popped while I was trying to pick it. Maybe I should just eat the other one right off the branch~?" After saying this, she released his pouch and leaned down, taking his other orb into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue for a bit.

She looked up at him innocently, reaching up to stroke his member as she suckled on his still intact grape, the poor male teetering on the edge of unconciousness. Smirking, she bit down hard on the rubbery sphere, causing it to dent and bulge before popping with a squelch.

This was the final straw. Eevee's member twitched and began to spurt onto his stomach, his mind unable to process the immense pain he was in, before finally just giving up and allowing him to pass out. After chewing on his mush-filled sack for a few more moments to ensure there was nothing left but goo, Pachirisu spat it out and stood up, looking down at her handiwork with a grin.

"Boy, those berries sure were good. I hope he's happy with his end of our bargain when he wakes up~" she giggled to herself, scampering off back to her home so that she could relieve herself in private, and wait for the next male to come along. Doing this to him had gotten her quite worked up, as it always did, after all!