Curse of the Were-bull parts 1-3

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Okay since no one said if they wanted to see these on here or not I decided "What the hell, why not." So here is what was my first attempt into transformation and the such, also I am warning everyone now that this contains transgender from female to male and back as well as transgender from male to female. So yeah if you think that kinda of stuff is gross I suggest you don't read it. Anyways I would really appreciate any and all feedback on this as well as my other stories because that's how I know if I'm getting better or not.

Curse of the Werebull

Susan had been having a horrible week, first on sunday when she went out to her grandparents farm one of the bulls bit her leaving a nasty wound which surprisingly healed up quickly. On monday her stupid boyfriend broke up with her just to turn around and start dating her best friend. Tuesday she had her test ripped up because she was "talking" even though it was the girl behind her. Now it's wednesday and things are about to get a whole lot worse for her. It was lunch and she was sitting by herself out by the field of the highschool. Now Susan wasnt ugly at all in fact she was quite cute, she is eighteen years old and has developed fairly well with c-cup sized breasts a petite build and size six feet, and she has long blond hair so it is a wonder why she doesn't have more friends. While sitting there staring out over the field she began to feel strange. "Great now im getting sick." With that her stomach began to ache and her muscles felt sore. "Damn, I really don't feel to good. I think I need to go to the bathroom." She then headed to the closest bathroom, checking if anyone was inside (she didn't want to throw-up or something with anyone around) she headed inside, she nearly fell to her knees as her stomach ache grew worse. She steaded herself on a sink when a even weirder sensation filled her right hand. Confused she looked down at it and was horrified by the sight. She could see her index and middle finger fusing together, her ring finger and pinky were doing the same. Soon enough she had only two fingers and a thumb on each hand. "What the he...." She was cut off as her right arm suddenly bulked up with muscle becoming three times larger in all directions. The same happened to her other arm, Then her chest barreled out with muscle tearing her shirt to shreds. She couldn't see her breasts anymore, only rock-hard muscle. Her feet began to feel strange so she took off her shoes and stared at her feet which were covered with opaque black stockings. Her feet looked misshapened and she could only feel two toes. And then they to began to swell with muscle, growing and growing tearing her stockings to tatters leaving her with size twentyfour (male!) feet with only two toes that had hard horny nails. Through all of the pain of the changes she began to feel horny, she grabbed at her crotch but then recoiled in fear as she felt a slight bulge in her pants. "N..No." Then the bulge became larger and swelled, stretching her pants until they snapped leaving her in her panties until they too snapped in half revealing a large bull penis. It continued to grow larger until it stopped at 20 inches. He couldnt hold back anylonger as he grabbed it with a large hand and began to stroke it. The pleasure grew, but then he could feel the final change as black fur swept down his body. His face cracked and began to stretch out as his hair fell to the ground, it countined to expand until it to was that of a bull with large horns on his head. With the final change complete he blew his load all over the small bathroom. And now where once there was a petite five and a half foot tall girl there is now a hulking ten foot tall male werebull eager for a mate.

Pt. 2

He felt trapped in the small bathroom with nowhere to go, the ache in his loins was still there and he needed release. In defeat he plopped down in his own puddle and began to stroke once more. The pleasure grew as he stroked his bull cock with his large hand, Then he tensed up and began to cum all over himself and the floor. After it slowed and stopped he shuddered and began to shrink. Slowly the huge horns receded into his head, his massive hands and feet shrank to a more petite size as his fingers and toes split back into five on each hand and foot. His muscles shrank and his chest deflated leaving two small breasts. As his face cracked and receded the large penis shrunk and inverted, his balls shrank and folded inward forming a small vagina in it's place. Susan opened her eyes and looked around the cum covered bathroom. She looked down at herself and sighed in relief. She then remember her experience, the massive cock, the large muscles, and the pure pleasure of it all. She didn't know how it happened or what had happened but she almost wished it would happen again. Then the realization of her sitting in a puddle of cum, naked in a bathroom hit her. Susan jumped to her feet nearly slipping in the stuff trying to figure out where to go. "The girls locker room!" Susan knew no one would be there right now, and she then took off as fast as she could making sure no one would see her. She slipped inside the locker room and went to her locker. Openning it as fast as she could she grabbed out her towel. "Thank you Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy." Susan toweled off, this time takeing a little bit more time to make sure she was dry. She then got dressed in her gym clothes which consisted of a normal white t-shirt, a pair of red shorts and white sneakers. Thinking quickly she threw the towel back in her locker and headed off to her normal locker. Checking the time she saw she had twenty minutes before lunch got out. She reached her locker and grabbed out her backpack. Susan has been living by herself for several months now thanks to the small apartment her parents got her so she knew that if she went to the office claiming to be feeling sick she could excuse herself and go home. Sure enough the lady at the front desk didn't even really care and she got out without a explanation. Susan jumped into her car and was off towards her home. The entire ride there she couldn't stop thinking about what happened, the pleasure, the pain, what happened as a whole and 'how do I make it happen again'? Susan reached her home without an incident, she was on a roll and nothing seemed to be slowing her down. "Oh hello Susan your home early?" Susan stopped and spun around, it was Miss Willows the little old lady from across the hall. "Hi Miss Willows, yeah I wasnt feeling to good so I decided to go home early." "Oh dear do you need anything?" "No I think i'm okay for now thank you for the offer heh." "No problem deary." And with that Susan was off again, she quickly reached her door and went inside silently closing the door behind her. She looked around her small apartment, it wasnt much with just a living room, with a small kitchen connected to it and a short hallway which led to her bedroom and bathroom. She tossed her backpack on the couch and headed to her bedroom. She stripped down and changed into a pair of red and black silk panties with matching bra and a pair of sheer black pantyhose over that. Susan honestly didn't know why but she absolutly loved wearing pantyhose and couldn't resist. She sat at her desk and leaned back lost in thought. 'Okay somehow I just turned into a huge horny...' Susan thought for a moment, she didn't know exactly what she turned into. 'I guess a werebull would be the closest thing to it.' She then wondered how to make it happen again. 'Hmmm... well maybe if I look at a full moon.' With that she flipped open her laptop that was sitting next to her on the desk. Susan went to google and typed in "Full Moon" and went to images. She browsed through page after page but still nothing. "Damn." Susan stood up in frustration and walked over to her bed flopping down on her back. She didn't know why but she wanted to experience it again, just one more time to feel that pleasure. She slipped her hand down her panties pushing two fingers into her mound. She despreatly wanted to feel it all again. Susan then felt a small tingle and a odd feeling in her hands. She looked at her free hand while still toying with herself. Her fingers were fusing, again leaving only two on each hand. Her hands then expanded to mounstrus size, the sudden wave of pleasure as her finger filled her more caused her to gasp and pull out. "It's happening again." Susan said under her breath. Then her arms grew muscular again and her chest barreled out ripping her bra in two. Sitting up she looked down at her feet. Through the pantyhose she could see her feet morph twist and stretch into the familar two toed configuration. Her feet began to swell causing the pantyhose to run and tear. Still growing Susan flexed her feet and felt the pantyhose to rip off of them. Strangly this excited her more as she felt the strange sensation in her groin. This time however she rubbed the growing bulge in her panties and pantyhose, a small moan escaped her lips. The bulge quickly picked up speed as it grew stretching the panties to the limit, until finally they snapped off. He grabbed the bull cock with lust and began to stroke as his tail grew out. He grit his teeth as they began to expand inside his mouth, his tounge following suite. His face cracked and stretched allowing room for his massive block like teeth and long tounge. Ebon horns grew from his head as black fur washed down his body execpt for the palms of his hands and bottom of his feet, which grew thick and leathery like the rest of his skin. A wild thought went through his head as he stopped stroking himself and bent down to start sucking on his dick. He tensed curling his toes as he blew his load. Susan tried getting all of it but it was to much and some of it spilled on his thighs and bed. After the flow stopped he leaned back as his bed creaked and groaned under the pressure. Staring at the ceiling Susan realized something, he still had all of his normal thoughts. He wasn't some stupid beast that was all about sex. "This could work in my favor." Susan was a little shocked at his new deep rumbling voice. Standing up he carefully made his way over to the full length mirror in his room. He stood in awe of himself, the huge muscles, the ten foot height, he grinned at the massive package hidden in it's sheath. He looked farther down and starred at his huge feet. "Well I guess what they said about large feet is true." Susan chuckled to himself. "Okay since pleasure gave me this form, I think thats how I can change back." Saddened a little that he couldn't just stay like this, but he knew better and began to massage his sheath. "Well here it goes." He grabbed his dick as it popped out and began to stroke it harder and harder loving the way his rough skin felt against it. Faster and faster he pumped until finally he orgasmed and splattered cum against the mirror. Breathing heavy Susan sat down on his bed as he began to regress back into his human form. After she fully changed back a devious thought came to her. 'I can use this "curse" or whatever to get back at my stupid ex and ex-bestfriend, awsome.' With that she lied down on her bed which was still moist from the cum, she reveled in it. She began to plan what to do next and how to pull it off so she could enjoy every last bit of it.

Pt 3

The rest of the week went by quickly, Susan would go to school act completely normal but as soon as she got home she would change herself into her werebull form were she would simply call herself Bull. All day she would relearn how to do normal task with her altered body, and plan out how to "attack" her ex. She also learned a couple of new things about herself one of them including that fact that to liked feet and pantyhose/stockings even wearing them for no real reason. It was now saturday and tomorrow she planned to invite her ex over claiming he forgot something at her place, which he actually did forget some of his clothes. Once there she would lock him in and show him some humilation, Susan though about rapeing him but she just couldnt she herself going through with it. Yeah she wanted to humilate him but not that way, plus she would end up hurting him or worse. So after fully fleshing out her plan she decided to relax a little. She changed herself into Bull and sat down on the couch loving how it would creak and groan under his weight, and put his feet up and turned on the tv. Idleing flipping through the channels his mind began to wander, he began to wonder how this situation has changed his life. Sure he didn't have alot of friends before but that was by choice, most of the people who "wanted" to be friends with him were the snooty stuck up type which he hated. In fact now that he thought about it his "bestfriend" Amy was one of those types, she just bugging him and hanging around him until she self proclaim herself as his bestfriend. His ex Dawson was abit better than Amy but he was still full of himself and like to show off trying to prove he was better than everyone else (even annoucing that he was better just because he got Susan to date him). Of course Dawson cheated on him so it wasnt like they were really going out at all. Bull honestly didn't care much about the relationship but that doesn't mean that it didn't hurt when he found out about Dawson and Amy getting together and dumping him. Now that he thought about it there was only one person in the school that he believed to be cute or cool, his name was Jason. Jason is in a sense a geek to say the least, he's not that strong but he was pretty smart and got good grades in his classes. Also Jason never tried to out do anyone in fact he actually promoted other people's work over his own. As Bull countiuned to think about Jason his dick began to stiffen and rise, sliding out of his sheath. 'Okay does that make me gay?... Nah.' After a few seconds Bull leaned back stroking his dick slowly. Picking up the pace a little he started to feel a familar pressure start to rise in his balls. After several more seconds and Bull stroking harder and faster he felt all the built up pressure release and he came. It splashed down on his face and couch, quickly lapping it up before he regressed back. Susan stooded up and stretch. "Man that felt good, I can really see why guys like it so much." . . . It was two o'clock and Susan had just finished getting ready for Dawson to show up, so far her plan was working hopefully it would stay on track. "Jeez, I hope he hurries up I can't wait much longer." After another ten minutes or so of waiting there was a knock on the door. "Coming!" Susan quickly got up and headed for the door. Sure enough it was Dawson, and by himself too. "They're back in my room, remember the way?" *Susan gave a slight smile.* "Umm... yeah but for the life of me I can't remember what I left." "It's just some clothes go on a head back there, i'll be there in a minute." "Okay?" As Dawson headed towards the bedroom Susan silently locked the door and headed to the kitchen. Stripping down she began to pleasure herself. Susan felt herself start to bulk up and the familair bull cock emerged. He grabbed it and stroked himself faster as the transformation sped up. Finally he came just in time for him to hear. "I don't see anything?" Quietly Bull hid just to the left of the hallway. 'excellent!' "Susan?" Dawson called out just as he rounded the corner. Bull grabbed him and gently threw him onto the couch with a soft thud, then he quickly came around the couch and set his foot on Dawson, one of his large toes on Dawson's mouth preventing him from yelling out. "Name's Bull, and how about you just lie down and relax." Dawson let out a muffled cry. "Now calm down, i'm not going to hurt you. All I want you to do while you lie there is lick my foot." *Bull made a slight chuckle.* Dawson now a a very worried look on his face as he stared at the large bull-man. "Ah don't worry I was my feet, it will be okay. Just do this and maybe something else and i'll let you go with no problems." Bull now had a wide smile as he looked at the boy, lifting his toe up ever so slightly. Then he felt it, it was small but still there. "Oh come on now you gotta do better than that or nothing is going to change unless you really start licking." At those words Dawson started to lick the large toe. A soft moan escaped Bull's lips as he began to move his whole foot up and down Dawson's face careful not to suffocate him. Bull's dick stiffened and emerged at the sensation. "All right, now for the last part. All you have to do is suck me off." "B..but..." "Don't worry everything will be alright, hell I do it to myself all the time. I'll be carefull not to choke you." Dawson now had a look of terror as Bull allowed him to sit up only to have the cock practicaly stuck in his face. "Go on now." Unsure of what he was doing Dawson put his lips to the giant dick and slowly began to suck on it. Bull gave a grunt of pleasure. "Ugh...fa..faster." Dawson picked up the pace trying his hardest to get it over with and move on with his life. Bull felt his balls tense and then he came right in Dawson's mouth. He tried to spit it out but ended up swallowing a small amount trying to catch his breath. With a content sigh Bull turned around as he began to regress back into Susan, she had a smirk on her face. "well that was certainly nice. Now...." As she turned around Susan saw Dawson clutching his stomach in pain. ", somthing is wrong." Dawson leaned back against the couch unfolding his arms. What Susan saw astonished her. Dawson's fingers were fusing together until there was just two and a thumb left. His hands grew in size as did his feet which burst from his sneakers and socks leaving only two large two toed feet in their wake. His skin looked softer as he gained an hourglass figure and bulked up is size. Dawson looked down as he saw breasts start to grow out from his chest untill they burst from his shirt leaving him with beachball sized breast with inch long nipples on each. Then something started to strain at the top of his pants, It balloned in size as it tore away from the confining pants, he now had a huge udder that was slightly larger than his breast with four inch long teats on it. Terrified Dawson reached down towards his penis, he felt it shrink into nothing as his testicals inverted eventually forming a fully functioning vagaina. She gasped in surprise from the pleasure, but just then she felt he nose expand and fuse with his upper lip as his entire jaw shifted and lengthed into a cute cow muzzle. Her ears grew into an oval shape as two small nubs popped out of her head. White fur with black splotches raced down her body, surpisingly her hair stayed but leagthened and turned a light blonde. She shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her body. "Susan, wh...what happened?" Susan stood dumbstruck at the even, where Dawson was sitting, there is now a nine foot tall werecow. "Well that was unexpected but still nice I guess." "Nice!?! Look at me i'm a freak!" "Oh relax you can turn back." "How?" "Simple, masturbate." *Susan said with a straigh look on her face* The cow woman looked at Susan in disbelief. "*sigh* Okay hold on a sec." Susan turned around and began to pleasure herself, although taking longer than usual she eventually got herself to turn back into Bull. "*whew* See it's that easy." "I don't think I can." "What was that?" "I said I don't think I can okay!" "*letting out another sigh* Well I guess this time i'll help you Dawn." "Dawn?" "Well you not a guy right now and Dawson is a guy so Dawn, now come on." Bull crouched over Dawn and and tried to get his shaft ready, after several minutes he finally got hard and slid it into Dawn, they both gasped in surprise at out tight she was. Bull then began to thrust into her, slowly at first but then he picked up speed. This lasted for several minutes until Bull said. "Wait, *grunt*..turn over." He slid out as she turned over on to her stomach but this time instead of going for the normal way Bull thrust into Dawn's ass. She yelped in surprise from the sensation but quickly got back into gear. They both pumped away until with a loud grunt Bull came, sending Dawn over the edge, spraying fluids everywhere underneath them. Bull pulled out and sat down as they both began to regress to their human forms. "*huff* I guess thank you for turning me back, but why the ass?" "Well I didn't want you to get pregant or something wierd like that." "Oh... thanks..." "By the way something you should know, you'll probly turn back if you get over aroused again." "Just great." "Oh don't worry it's not like you'll be alone." "What do you mean?" "Let's just say I have some plans, now come on i'll help you get cleaned up. You did actually forget some of your clothes over here." After getting cleaned up and dressed Susan sent Dawson on his way, but not before making sure he didn't tell anyone of what just happened. After he left Susan stripped down so she would get her clothes dirty as she sat down on the cum soaked couch thinking about the day's events, and smiling inwardly. "Wow this is the most fun i've had in years!"

To be continued...