Trapped and trained chapter 3: Parenting

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Chapter 3

The next day Alfred and Dan were at Alex's school. Alex had taken the day off for mourning the loss of his foster parents so Alfred was at the school clearing up the records.

They were in the principal's office talking to a female deer dressed quite formally and was currently checking over the paperwork they submitted.

"So I take it Dan here will be Rin's adopted father?" The principle asked.

"Yes he will. We already have the adoption paperwork. I am just hoping this will not cause Rin any trouble in school." Alfred stressed. He knew how some of these rural towns like this operated. Some of them were so highly religious and homophobic that he was concerned about this.

He did not however expect the reaction from the deer. She was laughing. Really laughing. "You must not have lived here long! This will not be problem. I assure you of that!"

Alfred was not convinced. "I cannot say I am satisfied with that. I know many persons say that but then they cannot uphold that promise. I also know Rin might be like his old man. Already has boyfriend who we might enroll here in the future. How can we be so sure they will not be harassed?"

The principle laughed again. But this time she pulled out a card with an address on it and handed it to the couple. "That is the address to a party that occurs for all boys currently enrolled in this high school here. Since we are small and only have about two hundred students we host a part for all the boys in the high school every year at this residence. We normally do not invite persons born outside this town but in Rin's case we can make an exception. But he must bring this boy along."

Dan and Alfred looked at the principal funny but decided they would see what this party entailed first before making a judgment. They left the principal's office and headed home to get their boys ready for the party. They would need to get special permission for Alex so Dan called the boss and his father Marcus over.

Back at the house. Alex and Rin were just waking up. They spent the night cuddled up against each other sleeping. Even though they both had resisted at first they surrendered themselves and enjoyed sleeping with each other. What they did not know is what their three older brothers did. Marlon, Crimson and Shadow had come in after they fell asleep and taken all their clothes off and left them sleeping naked in the same bed.

Rin and Alex woke up at the same time both facing each. They both blushed as they woke up and greeted each other. Slowly it dawned on them that they had their clothes missing and quickly covered up from the other. With red faces they both tried to find clothes to cover themselves in but found none anywhere. Wrapping themselves in their bed sheets they made their way to downstairs where they found their older brothers on the couch, all nude and watching TV.

"Where are our clothes?" Both Rin and Alex screamed out together. The three on the couch started laughing. Alex and Rin blushed in anger as they walked down the stairs. When they got there, they saw the boss dragon walk out of kitchen. Only wearing some boxer shorts behind him was Alex's grandfather and he was totally naked.

His grandfather looked at him angrily. "What are you covered up in? Are we going to have the same problem with you when your brother? That god damn son of mine should have raised his sons better. I am getting Tommy here to straighten him up!" His grandfather said. Alex was looking at his grandfather like he was insane but Rin had his eyes on that prize between Marcus's legs.

"Might be worse grandpa! Alex has always been shy. Might take him a while to adjust. Don't blame dad, he just wanted to raise us his way. And not like he did with Tony and Henry." Marlon added in from the couch.

Alex titled his head to the side and looked at his brother. "Who are Tony and Henry?"

"Our older brothers! You will meet them eventually. Probably after your fifteenth birthday." Marlon added again.

"Why is my fifteenth birthday so DANG important! Everyone uses it as an excuse to not tell me anything!" Alex threw the sheets off himself and stormed up the stairs leaving a blushing Rin in his wake.

"Alex wait!" Rin shed his sheet and ran after Alex.

The door to the basement was heard being slammed and shortly after a white feline with purple hair came out. He was quite muscular and like the rest of the felines he was quite tall.

"Hello Dad!" the feline went over and gave his father a kiss on the cheek.

"Nice to see you could take some time off and visit Tommy" Marcus answered back.

"You said you needed me to help sort a situation out. So of course I would be willing to help! My boys can handle my job with ease now so I could stay here for the two weeks!" Marcus said returning the kiss on the cheek.

"So where is Dan? I have not seen him in a few days! And what is this huge trouble he caused. A few us heard about to lockdown that headquarters had to go through thanks to his kid!" Tommy was looking around for his brother.

Outside however on the newly paved street that lead to their mansion Alfred and Dan had just left their car and held two invitations to a party for the high school boys. The boss was waiting for them or so they thought.

"Alright guess we can break the news to Alex. I do not know if he will get permission though you know how the boss can be. He would probably let him go with some kind of huge restriction" Dan said as he opened the door finishing the conversation he was carrying on with Alfred.

Once they opened the door and walked in Dan was surprised to see Marlon, Crimson and Shadow all naked along with his brother on the couch.

"Tommy! What are you doing here? And why is everyone naked?" Dan asked quite annoyed everyone would just make themselves at home so well. He did not mind the boys doing it but his brother was another story.

"I told them to rid themselves of those infernal things." His father said coming from the kitchen. "I am disappointed in the way you have setup your household here so I am changing the rules around here."

Dan became enraged. "What gives you the right to come into my house and change all the rules I have set for my boys! You have no right dad!" Dan yelled out.

"No right? No right?" His yelled back. "Your son caused us to los hours of work with his stunt. He got discovered and has endangered this town! All because you decided you did not want to raise him in the compound!" His father got closer to him grabbed him by the fur and shook him. "And what has your independent raising got us? Marlon nearly got himself killed on one of first missions because he was uncomfortable around his team! You have always been a failure of parent, and now it seems like you screwed up all four of your boys."

Dan gave in to his father he could only look away. No one notices Alex and Rin had returned down the stairs. Alex was furious at how his grandfather was treating his father. His flames had manifested around him and were cloaking him. The four wolves felt his flames but it was un be knownced to all the others. The wolves looked over at Alex with concern. Then it happened Marcus threw Dan across the room and into a wall. The same way that Dan had done to Alex the day before. Alex realized his father took after his grandfather. He saw his grandfather go over and lift his father off the floor. He had enough of this.

"You are a failure at everything you-" Marcus was cut off when Alex punched him so hard he slammed him through a wall.

Everyone in the room jumped a bit as they startled by Alex's actions. Alex went over and grabbed his grandfather and lifted off the ground. "Don't Insult my father like you anything." Alex said then threw his grandfather away and walked away. The boss had seen enough. He teleported over to Alex and grabbed him by the paw.

"What!" Was all Alex could say before the boss put a cuff around his wrist. It was white and scaly seemed to have been made from the scales of the white dragon.

"What is this?" Alex asked rubbing the cuff as it turned invisible.

The dragon smiled at him. "That is a precaution. You seem to have an advanced connection with your powers. That should not be. Your powers have come in a few days too early. This suppresses all your powers and prevents you from being detected or realizing the accidentally like you have been doing for some time now. Your father wanted to get permission for you to leave the house and this is the only way I am letting you out of this house."

Alex looked back at the dragon with a curious look on his face while rubbing his wrist. Marcus and Dan managed to finally rise to their feet. Marcus was a bit concerned about the dragon approving a request like this. "Are you sure boss? This is the first time any offspring has been allowed out of a barrier before their fifteenth birthday! What makes this time so special?"

The boss turned to Marcus and raised an eyebrow. "Intel! As Rin's friends told us this town is a hotbed for refugees from the rebellion. I want to figure out how many have awakened their powers and how many are close to it. This party and the school would be a good place to identify them without arousing too much interest from our enemies. I can also gauge how much energy those dark immortals are putting into recruiting. Alfred leads the rebellion his son Rin will also be a target and he has not had a chance to really train his powers. His friends have so they will be providing security."

Rin had also came down the stairs and was looking at the dragon curiously as his father joined the conversation. "I will start Rin's training soon probably tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure he is okay. His parents just died and he got thrown this horrible curveball. And then there are his friends who have known about the rebellion and are probably part of it. Did they tell you who they work under?" Alfred asked Marlon.

"They said that one of the elders in the town was a survivor of Dragon's respire. That should be the answer in itself." Marlon responded

Alfred just scratched his chin a bit as he thought back on that battle. "That battle was a disaster. If Dan and his team did not find out about that then we would have been dead. Even then we were all nearly killed. I never expected them to be so powerful. I thought we could take control of their main headquarters. That was a foolish dream and we were stupid to even try it."

Rin and Alex were curious as to what they were being left out of. "What are you people talking about? What battle?" Alex asked.

"We will tell you on your fifteenth birthday!" Marlon, Dan, Marcus and The boss all responded at the same time.

Alex just face palmed. "That excuse is getting VERY old! Two weeks! In two weeks that excuse will become totally invalid you better be ready to tell me everything!" Alex said then stormed off to the kitchen.

Rin just stared at him and went to go after him but he was stopped by his older brother crimson. The red wolf dragged the younger black one towards their father.

"While Alex cannot know anything for a while. You on the other hand can know and will have to know." Shadow said while joining them. Marlon went after his brother to ensure that Alex did not overhear this conversation at all. Once Marlon had left the room and they were sure Alex was not listening then they began.

"Rin. You are what is called a Dark blood." His father stated.

"Dark blood?" Rin asked back.

"Dark bloods are those who carry the blood of the dark immortals with in them. You see when I first gave powers to Marcus and the other four originals I did it to prevent the Dark immortals from controlling this world. I did so by giving up most of my power to do so. These dark immortals would not use my method so they created ten mortals from their own blood and then sent them out into the world to breed. They breed dozens of offspring who in turn breed dozens themselves and after a few generations they started to become dark and gain powers. They started serving the dark immortals. Although the ten generals would have to do the recruiting and turning of the furs the breed these furs would be some of the most formidable. It was them and their Servants, dark creatures who they created and controlled against us, our spirits and our slaves. Since my fighters who I call the Guardians had immortal bodies while their fighters had mortal ones the battles were in our favor but they nearly killed my guardians. Both sides have trouble actually killing each other since we are so even in terms of power. To solve this I gave my guardians the ability to breed as well. Once our numbers increased to match theirs we took control and drove them back. But the ten generals returned just recently in fact, we have been dealing with rogue dark bloods for centuries." The boss lectured as Rin and the others listened.

The boss cleared his throat and continued. "Dark bloods have always served the Dark immortals and the generals as long as they have been discovered. That was until eighteen years ago" The boss looked at Alfred and motioned for him to continue.

Alfred took over. "That was when I turned against the general. I had spent years convincing others to join me. And a few of them had young children who needed to be protected so they hid their kids in hopes that they would not fall into the hands of the dark army. We staged a coup d'état in Dragon respire. Around one hundred of us attacked the ten generals. But their strength was overwhelming. If we had attacked them one at a time we could have defeated them. But together they were unstoppable and most of us were killed. I managed to hold off the generals until a few of the last survivors escaped then I was rescued by Dan over there and his team. They managed to push back the generals enough for us to escape."

"So what does that have to do with me other than being the child of the rebel leader?" Rin asked his father.

"Rin. There was a reason I sealed my memories of you away. I did that because I wanted to make sure you were never found. You were born with an awesome power. Power equal to that of the generals, I knew they would come after you with a fury if they ever found out. So I sent you away with my most trusted subordinates and then erased the memory of you from everyone's mind including your mothers." His father answered back but turned away from his son at the end not being able to look him in the eye.

"My... Mother?" Alex asked barely audible. His father nodded in response. "Is she alive? Can I see her?" His father still could not meet his eyes.

"She died! She was hunted down for being part of the rebellion and killed. But she was tortured for months before they killed her. They wanted to know where you were and I still wonder how they found out." Dan answered so Alfred did not have too.

Alex looked at Dan then back at Alfred with tears in his eyes. He clenched his fist. "If they want me so bad why did they try to kill me when they destroyed my house and when Alex was helping me run?"

"They did not try to capture you? They tried to kill you?" Alfred looked surprise to hear that.

"That blue raven guy nearly sliced my head off!" Rin said pretty loud. The others were quite dumbfounded. They had no idea what was going on.

"I know Blue was there but why would he kill you? I thought he would capture you? What the hell does the dark army know?" Alfred asked to everyone in the room. Everyone started to think about things but no one was really getting it.

"Well I will ask some of the guys back at base to look things up. Just focus on this party. Rin why not go get Alex and get ready for it. And Marcus please give them back their clothes. They will come around eventually. Just don't be too hard on them. And you saw how Alex feels about his father and that is what is important." The boss said then walked off to head the teleporter his job was done.

Rin watched the dragon leave then saw Marlon and Alex enter the room once again.

"What were you guys talking about?" Alex asked.

"Tell you on your birthday Alex!" Rin said than ran up the stairs.

"GOSH DANG IT!" Alex yelled then ran after Rin. "You are going to tell me!"

Everyone else just laughed at the boys seemingly already over the fact that they were naked and blushing. It was going to get much easier for everyone as long as they kept everything together until Alex's fifteenth birthday.

Meanwhile back at the school it was lunch time. River, Benjamin, Kyle Patrick and Antonio were all eating lunch together outside on a bench.

"Have you guys found out who leaked Rin's location to the dark army?" River the white otter asked the group.

Kyle took a bit of his lunch. The white mouse looked at the white otter passively. "I am sure someone told them about Rin but left something out"

Patrick and Antonio looked at him curiously as the wondered what he was talking about. The panda bear took a sip of his drink while the green husky asked the mouse a question. "What would they leave out?"

Benjamin the brown bear just shot Antonio a dirty look. "Antonio that is freaking easy. They left out the fact that Alfred was his father! Do you really think that they would only send Blue here to deal with him?"

Antonio retreated submissively as the bear growled at him. Kyle stepped back in though. "Benjamin that is quite rude you know growling at someone cause they did not figure out something like that. You better be learn to treat your teammates nicely especially if we gain the trust of the guardians."

Benjamin just growled again and looked away. Antonio was still cautious about re-entering the conversation. River gathered everyone's attention back though with a change of subject.

"While we do not know what the hell these guys want for now we should just enjoy the party. I even hear Rin is bringing that Alex boy with him!" River said giggling like a maniac.

"Weird they were not born in this town and normally outsiders aren't allowed to participate. I wonder what got Alex and Rin in." Kyle Patrick asked.

"I have an idea" Kyle giggled "I bet you that Rin and Alex are a couple!"

"NO way!" Benjamin responded!

"Okay how about a bet then?" Kyle responded grinning evilly.

"A bet!?" everyone else yelled out.

"I bet four hundred dollars that Alex and Rin end up as a couple by morning!" Kyle reached into his pocket and pulled out four hundred dollars and slapped right on the table. Everyone else reached for their wallets for this bet.