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"You were given an amount that no human has ever received," those words rolled over my mind back and forth as I sat there. "What exactly does that mean for me?"

Dustin shrugged, "I don't know. Hell, we don't know," nodding at Eli. "This is a situation never faced before and the fact that you can communicate with us telepathically is unique to only an 'Old One'."

"Can you tell me more about these 'Old Ones'?" I asked sitting up.

Dustin sat up straighter to look me in the eye, "The 'Old Ones' are ancient vampires. The first to sire all in the world that exists today. They are thousands of years old. I am a direct descendent of one. My sire was turned by one of the Old Ones, a 'First', and then I was turned by him. Most 'Old Ones' do not walk to the earth anymore."

"Where are they?"

"Those that remain are asleep," Dustin replied looking over at the fading sunlight outside, "I know of only four that survive after all these centuries. Many got tired of living and walked to the sun to end things."

"I thought you said that sunlight doesn't affect you, well, us," thinking of what was happening to me.

"It doesn't," he sighed, "Our DNA changed after the 'First Ones' were turned. Something within their DNA matrix and the meta-virus combined to stop that problem. It was a surprise to all when it occurred. It was during a sentencing of a particularly repulsive vampire, a 'First One', that was turning people left and right, many of those people from within what would be later termed a 'sanitarium'."

I nodded, "Just what the world needs," I grumbled, "a bunch of crazy vampires."

"Exactly," Eli agreed.

Dustin shook his head at us but continued, "It was the first time that sort of 'death' sentence was used on a vampire. This person was considered so heinous that the chosen punishment was beyond what would normally be used. Death by sunrise to an ancient vamp was one of the most horrific things to face."

"He was tied to a wall in a building and allowed to face the sunrise as it crept up his body," Dustin continued while rubbing his chin," "It was a surprise later when they found him unhurt and still living. He laughed that he was a 'GOD' until it was discovered that all First Ones and their progeny had changed. They knew that we could be destroyed by removal of the head so he was summarily executed. However," he took a breath, "they knew immediately that because of this change the one major way to keep all in line was gone. That's when they created the 'Enforcers'."

"Enforcers?" I asked.

"An enforcer is a person who upholds the vampiric code. A code that dictates how they live their lives, and those codes of other supernaturals, within the world, assisting in turning those who are given a choice and ensure that our world, the world of the supernatural, tries to remain secret," Eli disclosed. "Dustin is an 'Enforcer'. His sire was as well."

I looked over at Dustin, "I keep hearing was, isn't he still alive?" Dustin shook his head.

"Dean killed him," Eli said softly.

"How? If the First Ones are so strong, how could Dean just killed him?" I asked.

"The only way to do so was when vamps sleep. Not a normal sleep but one of long rest. It's not something commonly done today. Only the 'Old Ones' and the 'First' do it. The world goes by too fast for them and they have trouble dealing with the change around them. Dus' sire had gone to sleep. We think Dean had snuck in and fed on him. How? And how he was able to do so without waking him?" Eli shrugged, "We don't know and probably never will now."

I could see Dustin's shoulders drop and shake. Eli got up and pulled him close, "It's alright to mourn my love." Dustin nodded and allowed himself to be held. I sat on the couch and gave them their time until Dustin pulled from Eli's embrace and turned back to me.

"Tristan," he spoke after taking a deep breath, "My sire was like a Father to me. My own family had disowned me and I was near death when he found me. He gave me a choice and took me in without any questions. After my turning, he and I were inseparable. He allowed me to see that the world was a lot bigger than my own small world in New Orleans. We traveled and he allowed me the opportunity to view it all and understand that all life, including our vampiric one, was precious. I was the only person he ever turned."

"So, like, he was kind of a Grandfather to me?" cocking my head.

"In a sense, you could say that," Dustin smiled.

"Have you turned anyone besides me?" I asked hesitantly. Dustin smiled for a moment, "Technically, you were never turned." The smile soon faded, "One," he paused with a sad smile, "and I also took his life."

"You mean Dean?"

He nodded with a deep sigh, "Dean was my first. I thought we were in love. I had dated him for some time but things became complicated. When I came across him again, I turned him."

"Again?" I asked with interest. Dustin took a deep breath. You could see his face drop as memories welled up and then slowly, ever so slowly he let them go.

"There was a situation he was involved in and at the time not really near death and could have survived his wounds," Dustin stated.

He looked across the room. I could see him remember the past as he told me this part of his life, "We had met a few years before and had a relationship but he disappeared. He was a gambler and wanted the better things in life than what he'd grown up around. When I came across him again, I had been turned. Dean wasn't aware of it and I didn't tell him. It was like nothing had changed. We were back together and loving the city."

"Little did I know or suspect at the time that he was trying to position himself to marry into wealth. My feelings for him were not reciprocated in the same manner. It was during all this that I found him wounded. He had been shot a couple of times in a duel for sleeping with the wife of another wealthy family."

"I still had feelings for him. He was a Southerner, a kindred spirit. I just didn't know the hidden sadistic nature he held and how much he truly hated humanity. It came out later."

Dustin rubbed his temples, "During the time we were together, my own heart would be broken. Many times, I found him in bed with men and women. I finally couldn't take it anymore and left. After I had been given the role of being an 'Enforcer', I found him again and again in bed with both sexes and he'd become worse. I found that his sexual appetite had gone from the pleasure of a carnal nature to one of the sadistic need of over feeding for the sheer pleasure of it. He left many dead and drained of their life essence just for the simple satisfaction of watching their faces as he took their lives."

"I thought we were able to use other sources?" as I spoke up. Dustin's eyes caught mine, "Tristan," he smiled to me, "that was another time. It was before blood banks."

"Oh!" the realization hit me. Followed by my soft "Yeah..," realizing quickly that I was lucky that this situation happed in today's age.

"We have to feed Tristan. It's a simple fact of our nature. Then, as in now, we can take the blood of those who live around us without doing any harm. A simple feeding of a few ounces and we are fine for a month or more. Many times, during that era we have people who willingly provided us with what we need. Some were lovers, some were spouses and some just got off on the fact of it during simple sex. There are some who still prefer to feed that way. There are even some humans that willingly continue to offer their services," he said with a little shrug of his shoulders.

I looked at Dustin skeptically.

"There is an eroticism and sexual pull from our feeding, Tristan. Our nature permeates in sexuality. All supernaturals are of that nature. We and the Lycans are the strongest and on equal footing there. Our needs and our lives are sexual in nature. With Lycans it's an 'innate' need to 'hump'," looking over at Eli a smirk. The wolf's eyes glowed and he ran his tongue over his teeth.

"With our kind," he continued, "our nature is in our need to feed. We are sexual as much as a lycan but our need to replenish those amino acids and proteins cause us to seek out our partner. It's like hunting but on a different level. We 'lure' our, for lack of a better word, 'prey' with our abilities to create a desire within the person we need to feed from. We feed and, if they are just for that moment of need, we wipe their minds to make them feel like nothing happened. However, the sexual satisfaction and the need for sex during that feeding is overpowering to both ourselves and those we feed on."

"WOW!" I gasped out, "You're saying that this is all about sex for us? What about sex itself?"

Eli stretched languidly towards my direction. My eyes were drawn to his body, his stomach, the tightness of his abs. His lats corded and released as I watched the 'V' of his waist slowly move with the stretch and his large cock flop down over heavy shifting balls. I felt my mouth water and my own dick begin to swell.

"Pup!" Dustin spoke up drawing my attention from Eli and over to him. I realized that my cock had really started to swell. Dustin's eyes were glowing and I could see a rather large bulge had slid down his left jeans leg.

Eli just giggled, "See... It's our nature," making me look back over to him and finding us face to face. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips and I just shuddered. I felt like I was going to blow right there on the couch.

"BEHAVE!" Dustin spoke loudly with a laugh.

Eli began laughing as well. I began to blush profusely while trying to calm my body and my cock down. Eli pulled me against his chest. My back to his strong body as he hugged me, "I can't help it Dus," he giggled more. "This one just pushes all the right buttons in me," then pointing at Dustin's crotch, "and in you as well."

I went flush. The heat radiating from my embarrassment radiated across my body. I spoke up changing the subject back again, "Dustin what else happened between you and Dean." That simple question brought him back slightly. Eli on the other hand, pulled me tighter whispering in my ear, "Spoil sport!"

Dustin sat down and continued, "I was tasked to hunt him down and end his rampage one way or another. I found death followed him and then there were the ones he'd turned; evil and nasty creatures that I eventually hunted down and destroyed. Those were usually outlaws, thieves and murders who paid him a price for the ability to 'live forever'."

He leaned back on the couch and I placed my feet in his lap. He reached down and massaged my calves.

"Why didn't you do anything about him then?" as I stretched my body and held in a silent belch from digesting the food from earlier.

"I still cared," Dustin answered with a soft smile. I nodded understanding. "I attained a promise from him during our battle at that time. He made a blood oath to me that he would cease what he'd been doing and feed only when need was there. There were times though," Dustin paused, "where I believed he was responsible for some deaths but I and the Council could not prove it."

"However," as a fire lit within his eyes as he sat bolt upright, "his attack on you was unwarranted and I would have been prepared to haul him in front of the Council again. They could make the final decision as to his fate. That was until he spoke of killing our Sire. My Sire and his by default. It is Death to kill your Sire."

"What's going to happen to me?" unsure of what I still had become or what would continue to happen.

Dustin moved along the couch as he and Eli surrounded me in their arms, "You are my 'Blood Child' or 'Son' now by blood. I will watch over you and teach you. Your powers are going to be something that we will have to discover like we did tonight but I will help train you on our innate abilities and how to recognize when the thirst will come. Eli will help train you as well." I shuddered, "I really don't want to be drinking blood."

Eli pulled my chin to look at him, "It is something you have to do 'Little One'. I'm sorry but if you don't then the cravings will take hold and you won't be able to control yourself. You could end up hurting someone or even the person you might love. As long as you partake of blood once in a while, at least once a month, you will be fine. If you fail to do so, well..." he trailed off.

"I think that's enough for tonight," Dustin said getting up, "You need your rest."

I looked at him with both mirth and annoyance, "I'm not a kid."

Eli chuckled.

"That's true," Dustin smirked, "But you've been through a lot and you do need to process everything. Tonight was the first time you've had blood and your body needs to finish its healing process," pulling me off the couch. "Pup, show him where the guest room is again and the bathroom so he can shower. It has been a few days and the sponge baths only got so far."

I leaned down and took a whiff of my pits, "Ok, a shower I can agree with."

Eli leaned in and sniffed, "Oh I don't know," he mused, "It kind of smells heady and nice." I looked down to see his cock chub up again. A good part of me just wanted to lean down... Eli seemed to catch my thoughts and smirked at me.

"Pup behave!" Dustin said while laughing. "I'll get the kitchen cleaned up while you show him where everything is, ok?"

Eli nodded and led me down the hall, flipping the light on to make it easier to see. Although, honestly I could see very clearly and well in the dark, and I'm sure that Eli could too with his canine abilities. It was probably more for the sense of normalcy on my behalf.

"Ok Tris.." he paused swinging a door open, the one I came out of earlier, "This is the guest room. You were in here while you were recuperating."

"Tris?" I said looking at him. He just smiled from ear to ear, just attempting to challenge his shortening of my name. I shook my head with a smile.

Now that I could actually see clearly, I got a good look around. It was furnished beautifully with a large bed with some nice, soft sheets.

He moved to a side door, "Here's the bathroom. It connects to our bedroom through that door over there," pointing to the dark wood panel with the gay art adorning it.

"Strip!" he ordered. I looked at Eli with questioning eyes. "Please," he waived his hand, "I think I've seen you naked already. Those clothes that Dustin got you were worn by me for a couple of days. I'm going to throw them in the wash and get you some fresh shorts to sleep in."

"I usually sleep naked," I said I yanked off the shirt.

"Even better," Eli quipped.

I started in on the sweat pants, bending over to pull them off my feet. I heard a low growl and slight wolf whistle as I bent over. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Eli licking his lips and his dick swell a little bigger. "You're one horny wolf, you know that?" I quipped.

Eli laughed, "We told you Lycans are naturally sexual. Being gay and appreciating a nice ass just makes it even better. Makes me want to shove my face between those cheeks," he softly growled heatedly.

"Just your face?" I laughed. He grabbed his cock in response.

I raised my eyebrows at him, "You sure Dustin would appreciate that?"

Eli pulled me to him and kissed my forehead and then my mouth, slipping me a bit of tongue, "Little One, Dus and I have been together for nearly sixty years."

My eyes grew wide, "WOW!" Eli nodded.

"Yep," he sighed, "and we are good together. We've taken many a man to bed with us in that time. Neither of us is jealous and we always do it together. For a few years we even had a three-way relationship until that person decided they wanted to go out on their own."

"YOU!" he said with a throaty growl, "Peak both my and Dus's interest. Or could you not tell by the way he was reacting to you in the bar and the log he had in his pants earlier?"

I blushed. From being naked in his arms, his large and uncut dick pushing against my cut one and more so from the fact that I was beginning to think of being in bed with both of them in a 'Tristan Sandwich'.

He let me go with a swat on my ass and moved to turn on the shower. That didn't help either knowing my own sexual inclinations.

"Eli?" He turned towards me and raised his eyebrow. "I don't even know your last name."

He grabbed his dick and waved it at me, "Johnson." I shook my head laughing. I began wondering again allowing my mind to run free. I knew I wanted to ask but how to do so without being so blatant.

"Speaking of that," I asked hesitantly while pointing slightly to his endowment.

Eli smirked, "You are wondering if I have the other things that come with the wolf ancestry in my blood?"

"That was something you weren't supposed to read from my mind," I paused leaning against the sink.

"I didn't have too," he laughed. "Plus, learn to close your mind off more," as he leaned to test the water temp. "You're the one with the ability. It's you that's allowing us to stay in mental contact telepathically, otherwise, we wouldn't know what you're thinking."

I thought about the two of them for a moment and wondered if I really wanted to cut them from my thoughts when so much was new and worrisome. I decided to change the subject.

"Ok, different topic. How does one turn into a lycan?" I asked with all seriousness.

Eli pulled me to him, my back into his chest and wrapped his arms around me to show us both in the mirror. His chin resting on the top of my head, "To answer the first question, yes, we lycan males have the same attribute you are asking about, although, we only use it when we are highly sexualized and when we are aware our partner can handle it. In other words, LOTS of spit and or lube," he giggled.

"Secondly, a lycan is made, not turned like with vampires."

I looked up in his eyes, "Made how?" His eyes glowed with a slight yellow tint.

"A person is turned to a lycan via our saliva," he replied. I started to ask about the whole thing if they are bitten then... when Eli held his hand up, "Just a second." I waited.

"Yes, people are bit now and then by lycans, rouge lycans usually. Ones who have no one to teach them about what it means to be our kind. However, we have to purposely infect the person. The meta-gene virus is held within our saliva but is only released when we consciously release it from within our body. A simple bite won't do it otherwise there would be lycans running all over the place," he spoke with seriousness about the subject.

"As for our society, like wolves, we usually pack together. But, there are those of us who prefer to be alone as well or create our 'pack' with other supernaturals. Dustin and I are a pack. We have a few other members as well, like Chance," he said.

"This is all so new," I sighed.

Eli squeezed me tighter to him and rubbed his chin on the top of my head. "It'll be alright 'Little One'," leaning in and kissing the top of my head, "You have a family and a pack now and we'll keep you safe and teach you all you need to know. This is going to be a sharp learning curve for all of us. Now, go get into the shower before I bend you over here and take advantage of your innocence," giving me a sound smack on the ass.

I pulled away and walked into the warm water of the shower as Eli moved to the door of his and Dustin's room. "Eli?" I called out peeking out of the shower. He poked his head back into the bathroom acknowledging my call. "I'm not that innocent," I smiled. He let out a soft growl and showed his canines in a horny look as I poked my head back under the warm water.

The warmth of the water felt great going down my skin. I hadn't really realized that I was craving a shower so bad. Besides physically needing it, the fact that the drops falling down my face and skin made me feel like all that had happened was pouring away. It was a slight cough that told me Eli had returned. "Hey," I said turning off the water.

"Here's some sleep shorts Tris if you decide you want them," he put them on the counter while I dried off. "I've put a glass of water and quarter glass of blood beside your bed. It's warmed up and I want you to drink it. You're too new to the turning and we don't know how you'll react."

"Eli," I grumbled and the annoyance in my voice evident. I did not want to partake in the viscous fluid, it taste still fresh in my memory and as to why I was supposed to do so now.

He looked at me seriously. "Tristan," he paused taking a breath, "I've been through this before with other vampires. Trust me, it doesn't bode well if you don't."

I balked, "But you both said that I was different."

"You are," Dustin said walking into the bathroom with nothing on. It was evident he was getting ready for bed as well. I was thrown back by how handsome this man truly was as well as Eli. They both could turn a straight man's head. My eyes raked over his body and came to rest on his crotch. HOLY FUCK!

I started rubbing the towel over my hair to hide my face from the blush. He was hung heavier than Eli! It looked like someone had attached a small quarter horse's cock to a man! I rubbed my scalp hard to take my mind off of it.

"Tristan," he said leaning against the door frame, "the fact that you are different is one of the main reasons that I want you to take this seriously. It's also the reason that I heated you up another small glass of blood. We don't know how your body will continue to change over the next few days or weeks and to that end, you are going to have to be more diligent than you have ever been."

"Which is why," Eli stated while pulling me close and hugging me again, "that we want you to move into our place until you are settled in your new life."

My jaw dropped at the statement. "I-I-I just got the place and signed a six month lease. I have no job as of yet," as I tried to make an excuse.

Dustin walked over and pulled me into a hug as well, "You are now my blood son and I would be remiss in making sure that this situation isn't taken care of properly. You are all I have in family."

I knew immediately what he meant.

"Tristan," he said ruffling my damp hair, "the apartment can be rectified easily and any furniture that doesn't fit in the guest room, well, now your room, can go into storage. Now, scoot," he said smacking me on the ass and pointing me towards the bedroom.

He and Eli both followed me in and watched as I drank the quarter glass of blood. It didn't taste as bad now and I wondered if I was either beginning to like it or I was just getting used to it. Either way, it scared and annoyed me.

"Good night 'Little One'," Eli said pulling Dustin's hand back towards their bedroom. Dustin waved good night as I lay back on the bed and wondered at how I would ever even explain this to my family.