The Tomes Of Malderon

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Book 1: The War For Gilneas

Chapter 4, Unexpected Turn of Events

Malderon woke up hazely like after man had to much to drink, he tried to move but somthing prevented him from moving his arms and head, he still couldn't see anything at the moment but he could hear Godfrey and another man talking, Godfrey said to the man, "Another dosage, quickly! Before he is fully awake." "On it sir." a sharp pain shot through Malderon as a needle was being stuck into his neck.

Malderon was now fully awake, he could see Godfrey standing before him, he could also see why he couldnt move, he was in the stockade. he was angry with Godfrey for imprisoning him, "Why did you do this to me Godfrey, what have I done to deserve such treatment?" Malderon was shocked at how deep his voice had become, it was more menacing than what it was, he looked at his hands, they were huge, and no longer normal hands, they were claws. "What....what has happened to me?" "You became a beast, if it werent for my research and Graymane caring for his soldiers, I would have shot you long ago." "If i am truly a Worgen now, then how am I able to speak?" "Its because of what we injected you with, the syrum brings back your...humanity, if only for a time." "so...I'll return back to being a beast?" "Yes, unless i give you another shot in a few days time." Godfrey looked behind Malderon, "Release him."

Malderon could feel the wieght of the stockade being lifted off him, he was free, he turned to look behind him where the man Godfrey was talking to earlier was standing, "Thank you." The man backed away slowly, Malderon could see the fear in his eyes. "You will go see prince Graymane, I'm sure he has some mundane little task for you to run." "Very well then, but first i want to know, will i ever go back to being human again?" "perhaps, with time i might be able to cure you of that filthy look, but for now you will just have to deal with it. The prince is a little ways south of the merchants." Malderon understood and walked off tward where he needed to be.

He saw prince graymane standing on a boulder, shooting a rifle at somthing off in the distance, like his father he was muscular, had gray hair, however unlike his father he did not have a beard. He was wearing no shirt but he was wearing black boots and black cloth pants. Malderon walked over to him and he found out what the prince was shooting at, he was shooting at undead soldiers, a few of the knights were holding them off while prince Graymane and a few riflemen shot at them, the foresaken have invaded gilneas, in times such as this the foresaken are a formidable foe. they were made up of two groups, the abominations, and the ghouls. Malderon seeing that they needed aid, would have jumped into battle without thinking, however due to his new apperance, he doubts soldiers would be able to recognize him as a friend. "sir, is there anything I can do to help?" the prince looked to see who was talking to him, he was surprised to see a worgen standing there, "Did, did you just talk?" "Yes, i would like to know if there is anything i can do to help." "well there is one thing, if you can take out the abominations you would be a big help." Prince Graymane pointed to the two abominations who were making there way over to the battle from the forest. "Understood sir"

Malderon ran through the crowd on all fours, it felt natural to him running on all fours, he sped through making his way to the abominations, however he was not used to his new speed, he couldn't stop and rammed right into one of the abominations, it stopped Malderon from moving but he sent the abomination flying into a tree behind it. The abomination's body couldn't absorb the shock from the impact, it fell to peices. the second abomination raised its large fatty arms intending to crush the Worgen who had killed its commrade, Malderon raised his arms in defence intending to block the oncoming attack, from a ways away he heard one of the rifles go off, the head of the abomination splattered, the zombie hit the ground with immense force shaking all near it, blood spilled out its neck and its arms were still raised above it. Malderon turned to see Prince Graymane aiming near where Maldeon was.

Malderon made his way back up to where Prince Graymane was, at this time the wave of soldiers had been defeated, for now, "You clearly understand commands, and you are also able to speak, why is this, and who are you, or should i say, what are you?" Malderon looked up at the prince with sadness in his eyes, "I am but a former shadow of a man, I know your father well, I was in the guard, my name, is Malderon Ragewielder." "Well then Malderon, Welcome back, here, for your troubles." Prince Graymane handed Malderon a few silver coins, "Only a man can use money." "With such respect that you give me, you are a man, not a beast. Now head on over to the shops, im sure there has to be somthing there that will fit you for armour." "Thank you sir." Malderon walked back tward the camp where the shops lay, when he was back at the camp he could tell that the people there were staring at him and whispering to each other, it does not surprise him though, with his new look comes new impressions. he found the merchant who sold armour, he was sitting in front of a tent and cleaning a pair of silver colored boots. "Excuse me, im looking to purchase some armour." The merchant looked up from his work and crawled back in a panic, he was scared of the beast who stood before him, "PLEASE TO KILL ME!" "I am not here to kill you I merely want to purchas some armour if you let me." The murchant stopped moving staring at him with confusion, "You dont want to kill me?" "Not at all" The merchant was nervous but he managed to say, "W-well then I believe I have some armour pieces that might fit you."

The merchant dissapeared into his tent, after a few seconds he came back out carrying a large silver gleeming chest plate, he then dissapeard back into the tent, Malderon picked up the chest plate, it looked to be about his size, on the center was Gilneas's Insignia which was three daggers above a half circle. the merchant came back out of the tent carrying a pair of matching shin guards, "hold on there is one more piece of armour." Malderon pur on the chest plate and shin guards when we was tying up the last shin guard, he looked up to see a bright pair of silver guantlets, they shone brightly like a full moon. "I'll take all of it" but when Malderon looked up to see the person who was holding the guantlets, it was not the merchant, but his trainer, "What are you doing here?" "I came to check up on you Malderon." "How do you know if im Malderon?" "I can always tell where my student is." Malderon took the guantlets from Malboris and stood up, Malderon was actually taller now so he had to look down at his trainer, "You grew some in the time you went missing." Malderon chuckled a little, "You could say that." Malderon adorned the silver guantlets, he stared at them again, they looked absolutely brilliant. "You can't go into battle wearing only armour, you have to have a weapon to." Malboris took out from behind him the War Hammer that Malderon had been using before, as Malderon reached for it, he had a small smile across his face.

He raised the hammer and stared at it for a moment but then rested it on his shoulder, when the hammer hit it made a small clink sound. When Malderon looked back down to thank his trainer, he was already gone, the space where Malboris stood there was an opening in the trees, Malderon could see strait through to the ocean, and in that small opening, he could see a ship, that carried the undead soldiers.

End Chapter 4