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I'm just going to make a few notes. Firstly addressing Glacie, who is a Cameo character from a friends story. She is not a Glacion as the icy name may suggest and is a Blaziken. I hope this has helped clear that factor up and yes she will be in this story some more.

Grey areas regarding Dimitri's past life will be left loose, and there will be some loose ends which you will come across which I have deliberately left as they are not relevant to this story, and there shall be possibly a follow up 5-10 chapter story at a later date. These loose ends are designed to set up the next mini series, but don't worry as this particular story is complete.

Lovers Sonata

Chapter 3

~"A long farewell to all my greatness"~

  • Shakespeare


0905hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

She was late, but what was five minutes? And it seemed normal for stars to be, as they put it, fashionably late. A long black limousine pulled up by the stone steps where he was waiting. The stairs had rows of flowers arranged to either sides, consisting of almost every colour the eye could see, it was one of the most beautiful hotels he had stayed at.

The tinted window rolled slowly down with a buzzing sound, allowing Dimitri just enough to see the passenger's eyes as they peered out. It was Ami's eyes, and he guessed it was quite routine for her to be secretive when she was so famous, or fans would have begun swarming her limo like a pack of starved Mightyenas and a Rattata.

Dimitri's equipment had already been loaded onto the coach to be sent to the next hotel in Violet City, so it would be just him and Ami. He was finding it hard to meet her eye to eye, after what she had to do last night, even though she said it wouldn't bother her. Dimitri knew he had less than two days to kill Durai, but how would he kill someone he had never even met, or seen for that matter? He couldn't let Ami catch his thoughts and intentions though, and the Breloom found himself thinking about the Gardevoir and her voice.

He skipped off the stone steps and his claws slipped around the handle, pulling back the car door. He slipped his legs in and quickly slammed the door shut.

He wasn't sure of what to expect, but he wasn't prepared for what he did see. The seats were padded with laced pink heart shaped cushions, very girlish in fact, and his eyes subconsciously explored. There was every little convenience a girl could want, a mini screen attached to ceiling, miniature flower ornaments, even a built in wine storage and a cooler box. Needless to say it was his first time in a limo, and his reaction inspired a small chuckle from Ami.

He focused on Ami as she slumped back in her chair. There was a slight jerk as the car started moving, making off to Violet city, which was a four-hour drive away. She wore a green crop top with a matching miniskirt, her legs very exposed. He avoided attention to her body, as he would much prefer to remain a gentleman.

"What do you think of my private limo, nice way to travel huh?" She asked with a certain ring to her voice, as if she was somewhat excited.

"It's rather lovely ... and very femininely inspired. Haha."

"It's kinda rude of me not to ask, but would you like a drink?"

Dimitri nodded. He was a little thirsty.

Ami took two wine glasses, passing one over to him, and Dimitri casually accepted it. He was thinking more along the lines of water, but a drink's still a drink. Ami placed a corkscrew over the bottle to open it, and the way she was struggling it was almost amusing and cute at the same time. Dimitri thought she was used to others doing it for her.

Her hand slipped and the corkscrew glanced off the mouth of the bottle, cutting into her left arm. She let go of the bottle with a yelp as it dropped to the seat, Dimitri immediately lunged sideways, examining her arm as he pulled out a small handkerchief and pressed it over her cut. She burst out in giggles.

"Dimi, it's sweet that you're worrying about me, but it's kind of funny how protective you are. It's not going to hinder me, so relax OK? You're more worried about me than I am of myself."

"It may be small, but if you're hurt, you're still hurt no matter how small it is." Dimitri gently wrapped the handkerchief around her arm tying a small reef knot to hold it in place.

Dimitri took the corkscrew from her hand and picked up the bottle, making quick work of removing the cork while she watched him with interest. He fascinated her, and his warm nature took her, she thought it was absolute that people hid their ulterior motives, to gain something they wanted, but he was different, all she could sense was the conviction of his actions. He filled her glass of the blue wine, holding a fruity aroma that was rather nice. She moved a little closer to him, gently edging a bit at a time. She took the bottle from his claws and poured him a glass to repay the favour, full to the brim. Dimitri laughed, was she trying to get him merry or drunk?

Ami moved even closer, and her thighs touched his. Dimi knew there was no way he could hide from her how nervous he was getting, he was definitely getting hot under the collar.

She offered him a sip from her own glass, he found it a little romantic and mirrored her to give her a sip of his own. Her lips touched the smooth glass, letting him tilt it into her awaiting mouth. Ami moved forward, leaning towards him as he felt his heart beginning to race like it did the other day. Those lips almost sparkled.

Then it came, her lips locked with his as her arms came to fold around his neck, Dimitri was uncertain how to react but followed his instincts, letting his own arms slide under hers to hold her close.

Ami could feel the rush, she was beginning to loose herself in his embrace. She pushed her breasts upon his chest, feeling his heartbeat thundering against her breasts, it was almost comical for a guy to be so nervous, but yet so adorable.

Her lips smothered her passion onto his submissive lips, and slipped her tongue in. The euphoria was so high her dormant sexual needs triggered like a bullet. She hadn't felt this sexual fire for someone ever before.

They continued kissing for a while, not breaking from each other.

1002hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

Dimitri wondered while locked in his bliss, if this was the start of their relationship.

Ami hesitantly parted from his lips with a small smacking sound. Most of this journey she wanted to express herself verbally as well as physically, even though she could read everything from him, it was a one way thing and there were things she needed and wanted.

"Dimi, I used to be afraid, but I see things differently now. I want you as my boyfriend, I want you as my Valentine, and I want to share something with you as lovers."

The Breloom was a little confused, they had already kissed and accepted each other, and he had a blank expression to his face. "What do you mean? I wouldn't mind, I would love sharing our glasses and plates, if that's what you mean. It would be romantic."

She giggled, he really was so clueless and innocent in romantic affairs.

"That's not what I meant. I was referring to sex."

Dimitri's heart rate suddenly rocketed faster then it already was. Ami was surprised at his emotional response, and unfortunately for him Ami picked up straight away that he was a virgin, and felt a little guilt that she was asking for his virginity. His nervous reactions were arousing her in a strange way, and she wanted to play on this, she wanted to be in control for once.

"Wow Dimi, I had absolutely no idea that you're a virgin. You have no experience at all have you?"

Dimitri hung his head awkwardly, wondering if he had just blown his chances with their new relationship. "I'm sorry. Is that bad?"

The Gardevoir just glanced at him, trying not to laugh.

"That's very bad. That's very bad you have no experience at all, Dimi."

Dimitri was feeling uncomfortable, and Ami was enjoying this a little too much.

"How long do you think you will last, Dimi?"

"I don't know Ami, I wasn't expecting things to go this fast. I was so happy kissing, I never gave sex a real thought."

Her hand touched his chest and she ran it gently down, sliding past his stomach, and Dimitri grabbed her hand with his tail.

"Ami, I'm sorry ... not like this. It's just that I don't want to do this now. I want to spend more time with you. Get to know you more."

Ami understood but it still hurt to be rejected. Her angst suddenly roared, she really wanted him now, like 'playing hard to get'.

"Come on, Dimi, I know you like me. I know you want to fuck me."

"I'm sorry, I just can't."

"I want it now Dimi, for fuck's sake! Screw my cunt!"

She was beginning to loose her composure, a side of her he hadn't seen before. He thought this was like some spoilt rock-star ranting, not having their way. Before he realised that his mind was being read, it was a little too late.

"Fuck Dimi, is that what you think I am? A spoilt little fuck?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

"You bastard, how could you hurt me so bad and have the nerve to think I'm some spoilt bitch?"

Dimitri knew he should stay quiet, there was probably nothing he could do to rectify the situation. She wasn't going to listen to him or any reason, and worse, he had ruined what could have been the start of their relationship through his own insecurity.

Ami sat in a slump, brooding over her rejection. She knew she had overreacted and Dimitri had been right about her little tantrum, but every time she had sex it was either forced or obliged under orders she couldn't refuse. This was the first time she had actually offered sex willingly.

The journey continued with a void of silence to fill the dense atmosphere. Dimitri felt he had lost her now.

1434hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

No words had been further exchanged since the earlier. The Limo finally slowed down rolling to a stop, pulling over outside the Imperial Hotel where he would be staying a couple of nights, an immense tower with sheets of black glass mounted from top to bottom, approximately eighty stories. Dimitri pushed the side door open, he hadn't really noticed when it had started raining as he submerged in his self pity, and stepped out sluggishly. The dark clouds descended, the rain pattering upon his skin.

"Sorry Ami, I wasn't the Breloom you wanted."

She slumped in her chair, gazing out the opposite window. She reached over and grabbed the door, slamming it close.

Dimitri suddenly felt a vice grip at the scruff of his neck, jerking him off his feet as he felt his body fall over backwards. His claws reached out to grab something for support as he plummeted, his back hitting the ground with a dull splash.

Dimitri tried to get his bearings as he gazed up. Being on the floor seemed almost normal, he was on the floor for the third time in these three days. He stared up at a colossal figure, like a monster over seven feet snarling down at him with the most burning eyes filled with malice.

Was this Durai, the one Glacie had referred to as Hanzael? He matched the profile as a Rhyperior with a muscular build, and orange plates covering his body. The Rhyperior wavered his monstrous tail, shaped off to double as a club. The two thugs watched from behind their boss, Marcel and Jason just gloated seeing Dimitri get what he deserved.

"I'm going to ask this only once, did you do anything to my property?"

His voice growled with enough power that Dimitri could feel vibrations resonating through his own bones. Dimitri shook his head. Ami flung the Limo's door open and rushed out, desperate.

"Don't kill him! He didn't do anything, I was the one who asked him out! I'll do anything you want ... anything, just let him go!"

The Rhyperior ground his left foot into the ground while his other swept across the surface of the blackened tarmac, connecting brutally with Dimitri's abdomen, sending him sliding a couple of meters across the wet surface. Ami screamed while some bystanders watched, not daring to intervene.

Dimitri twitched on the ground, pressing his claws to his side, his eyes closed tight trying to endure the harsh blow he had just received, with his lower ribs broken.

Ami bore her tears, although they had their fallout, she still cared for Dimitri, he was the only one who truly cared for her. She didn't want to loose him, he was her only real friend even though she hadn't known him long. She gritted her teeth and punched her fist into the wet ground at her inability to stop this.

Marcel placed his wing to the Rhyperior's shoulder. "Hey boss, we still need him, no one has his expertise. If you kill him I don't think we can get both a pyrotechnist and a effects technician overnight."

The Rhyperior's eyes shifted to the Zubat with a venomous gaze, before Marcel knew what was happening he was on the floor holding his dislocated jaw that was flapping about.

"I already know that. Interrupt me again and you die."

The Rhyperior grabbed Ami by a handful of her green hair, forcing her to her feet as he pointed to himself. He shook her as she cried, holding onto the hand that was pulling at her hair.

"Listen. You will keep your mouth shut, you will turn up tomorrow, you will set everything up, and I'll let you off in one piece. If you don't, I will hunt you down, I will kill you, and I will kill her as well." Durai threw a collection card by Dimitri's feet. "Go pick up her guitars. They're at the Northwest Street music store, and bring them tomorrow to the Violet City Stadium. Don't be late."

Those were the last words Dimitri heard as his vision blurred.

1502hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

"Dimi! Dimi! ... Come on you ass, get up!"

"Ami?" Dimitri asked as the rain slapped him into consciousness. Dimitri opened his eyes to see an unexpected face, squinting to make out her figure. "Glacie?"

"Damn, you're getting freaking heavy Dimitri. How many pizzas have you had?"

The Blaziken pulled Dimitri's arm over her shoulder as she led him up the steps to the hotel.

"Thanks Glacie, I didn't think you'll be still here."

"I kinda thought I might've gotten a shot at Hanzael if you happen to screw up, but I couldn't do anything with all those people around. You look like a Houndoom's leftovers."

Dimitri smiled as he explained what had happened while they made their way to his room.

1545hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

Dimitri tilted his head back into the comforting armchair, letting the foam cushions support his neck. He wondered how he would have done things differently if he had the chance, even though worrying about the past was off the point. Glacie just peered at him from across the lounge, as she held onto the collection card.

"How long are you going to stay like that? You've been shaking your head like a broken bob-head for the past thirty minutes."

"I'm such a loser. I had one chance in my whole stupid life to do something special and I screwed it up."

"Moaning like a bitch's not gonna get her running back into your arms. I'm gonna go pick up the guitars for you, so I hope you cheer up by the time I come back."

Dimitri heard the door close as he stared up at the lavender ceiling, wondering how he had gotten himself mixed up in this whole affair. He had made enemies with criminals, fallen for a rock star, been beaten up three times, and now he had to risk his life for the girl who probably wouldn't give a damn if he died. What if he wasn't strong enough to save her? Should he have left this to Glacie instead?

He knew he couldn't just let this go, regardless if she was still interested in him or not, he respected her for having gone to such extents just to save his neck. If there was any way to repay her this would be it, he made an oath to himself to save her or die trying.

1633hrs, 13 February 2010, Saturday

The door to his hotel room opened and Dimitri looked up to see Glacie with a couple of guitars in their protective cases strapped to her back. Without warning she dumped a box into Dimitri's lap.

"Careful where you throw things!" He shouted as he felt the weight collapse into his thighs, just narrowly avoiding getting his crown jewels squashed. "What's this?"

"Somebody you abandoned." Glacie said, eagerly awaiting his reaction.

He noticed the familiar tool kit, bringing a smile to him.

"La Caja!" He looked at the box he had named with his substandard command of Spanish, reminiscing about the memories the tool kit had brought. "I didn't think I would see her again. You kept this for me all this time?"

"Thought you might want it back someday. You always did have a soft spot for damsels in distress, though you're such a hopeless idiot. Don't cut yourself short yet, I'm sure there's still a part of her that wants you."

"I guess." He shrugged, grinning at her statement.

"New topic. If you're going to fight Hanzael, he likes to do this 'breakneck' thing. It's like some trademark of his. Even if you're a fighting type, you'll die if you fight him head on with your sucky hand-to-hand combat."

"That's reassuring. So what else can I do?"

"You were a Cruz Necro for a damn reason, mushroom head. You used to be some headshot even if you aren't now."

"Even if I could still shoot someone in the eye a hundred meters away with a pistol, I don't have a gun anymore."

"How about you make those guitars go boom, if you catch my drift."

"Thank you, but it's easier said than done you know. I'll have to disassemble the guitars, rework the inside, build a chamber, drill a wide barrel, then layer the interior with fire resistant metals to avoid burning it."

"Then get your ass off that chair already, mushroom head."

End Notes - Thanks again for reading, please leave comments, feedback and any questions and I will try answer them.