Punishing Talia- third ending (oral)

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The third ending: Talia gives Daddy a last blowjob, then he hangs her.

Punishing Talia

by A. P. Damien

Third Ending (oral)

"Bend over the chair, honey," I told Tali.

"Sure, Daddy." She leaned over the side of my armchair, her hands on the seat, her ass raised slightly, her tail to one side.

I came up behind her, draped the cord loosely around her neck, and put my cock against her sphincter. "Push back against me, honey."

Talia started to push herself onto me, but then stopped, with a hiss of indrawn breath.

"Too much, honey?"

"No, it's okay. I'm supposed to be punished. Go ahead, push into me."

I pressed slowly into her, while she sucked air between her teeth and made little tiny pain sounds in her throat. When I was about halfway in, she pushed back until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. I heard one long hiss of air, then she turned her head and gave me that smile again.

"Yes, like that. Punish me, Daddy."

I started stroking in and out of her tight backdoor, enjoying the sensation. I took the ends of the cord in my hands and started to pull, gently at first.

"This time, Daddy?"

"You've been asking me that question all afternoon, in one form or another. I'm not going to answer, so don't ask it again unless you want to be sent to your room without sex or dessert."

"Yes, Daddy." She sounded amazingly meek compared to her earlier pert responses.

I pulled the cord harder. "Yes, Daddy," she croaked.

I started moving a little faster, and she braced herself against the chair. As my pleasure started to build, I pulled harder, then harder still. Tali smiled at me again with a look. "I know what you're thinking," that look said. I slowed down, I didn't want to cum too soon.

Her legs started to go first. Little movements, then larger ones. Her knees gave way, and I pushed all the way in and held her against the chair. Then her arms gave out and her lovely chest flopped onto the chair. She was cumming, hard there's a shared wall between the rectum and cunt, and I could feel the muscles ripple. I held her there until I felt the contractions slow down, then let go the cord. She started breathing again with a loud gasp.

That left my hands free to hold her in place, and I moved in and out of her ass quickly. She started waking up as I was almost ready to cum. "What...? Oh...!" My hot semen blasted into her ass, and she came again, little yips, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" She gave me that saucy grin again.

I helped her over to the bed. We got in and cuddled, spoons, me behind her fondling her tits. We fell asleep like that, relaxed like rag dolls, sexually and in her case physically exhausted.

I woke up first. Lay there, luxuriating in the feel of having a warm vixen in my bed, her fur against mine. My own kit-vixen, but still warm and curvy and loving. Mmmm.... Bladder pressure finally got me up. I used the bathroom, then padded downstairs and got the noose from this morning. I rigged it over the chinning bar I bought a few years ago to help me stay in shape.

Talia woke up about 10 minutes later. She stretched, opened her eyes, spotted me, and asked, "So, Daddy, what's next?" Then she spotted the noose. She drew in a long breath, then let it out, "Oh......, yes...." Then she noticed. "Hey, isn't the noose a little low?"

"No. It's right where it needs to be."

She looked at it again, considering, then answered, "Yeah, I guess it is."

"Now, you've been very good about not resisting, but this is going to take a lot of willpower."

"I can manage that."

"Good." I leaned over and kissed Tali. She kissed me back, with lots of tongue. We spent a good while getting each other ready, kissing ears, necks. I kissed her nipples and fondled her boobs, and she kissed mine. Then she wrapped her hand around me and stroked slowly until I was painfully hard.

Talia padded over and knelt in front of the noose. I opened it up, put it around her neck, and pulled it snug. I pulled a pair of manacles from the dresser drawer and put them on the floor next to her. She nodded.

Then I walked over and stood in front of her. She opened her mouth and licked her way up the bottom side of my shaft. Then she slid her lips up and down one side, then the other. Finally, she put her hands on my butt, pulling me into her. She slid up and down the shaft slowly, then kissed the tip, then repeated it several times. Finally, Tali grasped the base in one hand and started moving up and down, her lips sliding over the sensitive spot where the head joins the shaft and her tongue flicking the frenum as her lips passed over it. Yes.

Tali found the right speed and set in to give me a blowjob to remember. Long and slow, yes, but the pleasure never let up. Minute after minute of slowly growing pleasure, until I was whimpering, not sure if I could stand it any more. But my daughter knew what she was doing. She made it last, nearly 15 minutes, then she sensed I was near the edge. She sped up, tongue moving impossibly fast. When the orgasm washed over me, I nearly fainted, but I managed to pull the rope and tighten the noose around her neck.

It didn't slow Talia down at all. Even without air, she kept her lips moving up and down while I filled her mouth with my semen. Cumming in Tali's mouth while snuffing her... The thought was so hot... Pleasure spread through my body. Wow! When I was able to notice the world again, I saw she was still on her knees, looking up at me with a "I did good, Daddy," expression.

I agreed. "You did real good, honey. But don't expect it to save you. Your Daddy is going to hang you for being a bad vixen, honey. Do you like that idea?"

Tali nodded.

"You asked earlier when I was going to snuff you. The time is now. You're never going to breathe again. What do you think of that?"

Tali stiffened. She sat back on her heels, her head thrown back, her body practically vibrating. I didn't need to hear the yips to know what was happening. She held that position for nearly a minute, then relaxed a little. She looked up at me with that saucy smile again and nodded, Yes. Then three times more, Yes, Yes , YES! Then she went back to kneeling, looking up at me. But her chest muscles were tight with the effort to draw just one more breath. The smile gradually turned to a look of determination, then desperation. But she still knelt.

Talia grinned at me, then made a gesture I didn't understand, she stroked her throat just below the noose. She repeated it, and I finally got it. She wanted to swallow my semen.

I shook my head, No.

Tali looked disappointed. Then she smiled again, opened her mouth, reached in with a finger, and dabbed a drop of my cum on her lips. She picked up the manacles and clicked them on her left wrist. She ran the chain under her ankles, then clicked it around her right wrist. She wouldn't be able to save herself now.

The spasms of orgasm were dying down by now, but my skin was still tingling with pleasure, all over. Tali was still kneeling; she must be wanting air pretty bad by now.

I pulled the rope harder, until her knees started to leave the floor. Now all Tali's weight was on her neck. She must have wanted to put her feet down, but instead kept her feet tucked up close to her butt. The rope was digging deep into her neck now. She looked so hot. The noose tight around her neck, that "I need air so much. I'm not sure I want to do this" look in her eyes, her face turning red.

Tali just hung there, looking up at me, smiling that saucy smile, for over a minute after I lifted her. Then her face got that dreamy look again. She slowly relaxed, first her feet resting on the manacle chain, then her hands, her eyes looking at me for a while, then they went unfocused. She was completely relaxed, out of it, but still partly conscious. And... something in her eyes... her nipples erected... she was cumming again. A few seconds more, then her right leg jerked once, then her left.

And then all movement stopped, and Tali just hung there, limp, gone. I let her down until her legs were on the floor, and her body just sort of flopped over to one side. I kept hold of the rope another ten minutes, then lowered her the rest of the way to the floor.

I sat down in the armchair, looking at my daughter's body. She was so beautiful. Eventually I was aware of a growing need again. I wrapped my right hand around myself, staring at Tali's body, my daughter, my bad vixen who'd needed to be punished. A dozen strokes was all it took, and I came, spurting onto her limp and naked body. Yes.

I set the alarm for 2AM and went downstairs to heat up the dinner she'd left for me.