Punishing Talia- second ending (vaginal)

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The second ending: vaginal, lotus position, ligature strangulation.

Punishing Talia

by A. P. Damien

Second Ending (vaginal, lotus position)

I didn't even need to look. "I like Dog-style."

Talia got on her hands and knees and cocked her tail to one side. I stood behind her and started to push into her. She gasped, a sudden indrawn breath. "Too big for you?" I asked.

"N...no. Losing my first virginity hurt more than this. Just... need to get used to it."

"Strain outward, like you're trying to push out a big bowel movement."

"Okay, Daddy."

I pushed against her, slowly, gradually increasing the pressure. She gasped a few times, cried out once, then the head slipped inside her.

"Aaah.... that's worth the pain of getting there."

I stopped for a little to let Tali get used to it. After a few seconds she leaned back, pushing herself onto me. I wrapped the cord around her neck, and pulled it taut.

"Is this it, Daddy?"

"Not yet, honey. A little patience."

"Yes, Daddy."

I started moving inside her ass. Every time I slid into her, she mirrored my movement, pushing herself back onto me. As I slid out, she leaned away.

The sensations started to build, and I slowly tightened the cord. Her breathing grew raspy, then I couldn't hear anything at all. But she continued to support herself on all fours and move with me.

After maybe a minute without air, her arms and legs started to tremble. She started to move around, struggling for air, but still keeping her bum in position for me to fuck. Then her arms gave out and her head and upper body collapsed onto the bed. I let go the cord.

She wasn't out exactly, but she wasn't fully conscious either. She just stayed there, gasping, while I fucked her harder and faster. "What...?" she said as she started to come around. Just then I came inside her. "Ohhhh!" she said, and came again. No yips this time, just one long scream of pleasure.

"I'm still here," she said, looking disappointed.

"I told you this wasn't 'it'."

"You're right. I'm sorry, Daddy. Are you going to punish me for my presumption?"

"I need to rest first. Then we'll discuss your punishment."

"Yes, Daddy." The saucy smile was back again.

We slept a couple of hours. When I woke up, Talia was lying on her side, gazing at me with that smile on her face. I got up, stretched, and thought about what to do next.


"You look like you just had an idea," Tali said.

"Yes. That 'Korea Lovers' clip..."

"It was so hot!"

"Would you like to die in a lotus position like that?"

"You bet I would."

"Good." I sat down on the bed. "Come."

Tali sat down facing me, our legs intertwined, her arms around me. I kissed her, lightly at first. Then she opened her mouth and we got serious. I fondled her tits, lovely tits, they felt so nice. Her hands found my sheath. I bent down and kissed her left nipple, then her right, back and forth while she moaned and gasped, until she couldn't take it any more.

"Please, Daddy, do me. Do me now!"

I slipped the cord around her neck again. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up a few inches. I crossed my legs, moved her into my lap, then started to lower her. She reached down and guided me into her. "Yes..." she moaned, wrapping her legs around me.

I leaned forward, pushing myself a couple of inches farther into her. Then I rocked back, pulling out partway. She matched my movements, pulling herself onto me as I rocked forward, pulling away as I rocked back.

As soon as we had our rhythm established, I grasped the ends of the cord and pulled until she could barely breathe. The rasping sound of her breathing turned both of us on, and the effort of breathing made her cunny clamp down on my cock. It was even better than Kegels.

She couldn't lean back any more, so she put her hands on the bed and used them to lift herself up whenever I started to lean back, then lower herself as I leaned into her. We kept this up for several minutes, then she whispered, "It feels so good, Daddy, but I need more. Punish me Daddy, like you promised? Finish me now?"

"Yes, honey, I will."

I pulled the cord hard and her rasping breaths stopped completely. She continued to raise and lower herself for another 20 seconds, then she just wrapped her arms around me and locked her lips to mine. It was hard to get much movement in this position, but I managed to rock enough to move in and out an inch or so. Slowly, stretching out the pleasure... Another minute, and her legs started to quiver. She broke the kiss and her mouth opened as she struggled for air. She looked so sexy, her face red, starting to turn purple, her eyes staring at me in a mixture of panic and desire...

I felt it when she came, her cunny spasming in waves around me. It used up the last of her reserves, and her arms slowly relaxed and fell limp at her sides. I moved faster, as much as I could, and soon filled her pussy with my semen. I guess she was right: I didn't need to worry about getting her pregnant.

Her legs straightened out, then kicked slightly a few times. I held on while I counted to 300, then slowly lowered her body on to the bed. I was panting so hard I couldn't hear anything, so I held my breath and listened for any sound from her. Nothing. I put my ear to her chest. There was no sound. I checked her carotid pulse. No. My daughter was gone. Punished the way she wanted.

I eventually dragged myself out of bed and looked at her. She still looked beautiful. With her slightly blue face, and a red mark all the way around her neck, she was still sexy. I wrapped her body in a sheet.

I walked slowly downstairs and heated up the dinner she'd made for me. I took some photos of her and transferred them to my computer, encrypted, then erased them from the camera. I set the alarm for 2AM and went to bed.