Punishing Talia- first ending (anal)

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The first ending: anal, ligature strangulation.

Punishing Talia

by A. P. Damien

First Ending (anal)

I looked at the drawings on her screen. "I like the one with the woman face-up, the one they call 'Missionary Position'."

Talia lay on her back and bent her knees almost to her chest. I put a pillow under her ass and knelt between her feet. Then I pressed against her.

"Oww... Daddy."

I stopped. "Want to skip this, Tali?"

"No. It hurt losing my other virginity too. Just go slow at first, okay?"

"Sure, honey." I pushed into her slowly, while she gasped and cried a little.

When I was all the way in, she moaned again. "Ohh.... it hurts... it hurts so good. Keep going, Daddy."

I paused. Then I spoke slowly like a TV anchorman with something portentous to announce: "Talia Snuff-Slut, you are accused of Uncovering Your Father's Nakedness, Promiscuity, and Conspiracy to Commit Murder by asking your own Father to kill you. How do you plead."

"Guilty on all counts, your honor."

"You do realize that continuing to breathe is a privilege? And that it can be revoked for bad behavior?"

"Yes, your honor."

"And you still plead guilty?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Then you stand convicted on all counts of being a very bad girl. It is the judgment of this court that your breathing privilege be permanently revoked." I wrapped the cord around her neck.

"Yes, Daddy!"

"Effective now."

"Yes, Da... gurrk!"

I pulled the cord tight, cutting off her breath, and began moving in her ass. She moved, matching my rhythm, pushing back against me whenever I pushed into her. Then she started to struggle, squirming as I thrust into her, trying to pull air into her lungs. Her hands went to her neck, trying to loosen the cord, but she kept her knees bent to make it easy for me to move in her ass.

Then her movements became uncoordinated. Her hands fell to the bed, and her legs straightened out partway. But my weight and the pillow kept her asshole in position for me to keep thrusting. Her nipples grew erect and I heard tiny noises in her throat, the same pattern as her yips earlier. Her asshole squeezed down hard on me, and I came deep inside her. I held onto the cord, pulling hard. Soon she was sprawled out on the bed, nearly limp, only the tension in her upper chest and a slight trembling in her legs and arms showing she was still alive.

Then her knees came up to her chest once more, and slowly relaxed. There was no more movement. I held on for another five minutes by the clock, then let go of the cord.

I set the alarm for 2AM, then went downstairs to eat dinner.