Keston and his reprieve part 9 THE END

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The end, a little bit an abrupt end perhaps but this was ment to be a little "starter" for me, getting back into making stories, people responded really well to this, even got watchers and favourite's! im honestly honoured, the whole things really made me happy and hopefully you'll all be seeing alot more writing from me, much love folks! hope you all enjoyed the story :>

Keston panicked, his tummy gurgled in discomfort as he tried desperately to make Emma walk faster, his heart raced as he and Emma made their way to the mall exit, upon exiting Keston felt like he was in the clear, however Emma's sudden stop caused his heart so skip a beat "What are you doing? We're going to the park remember?" Keston blinked and whined in discomfort "But! I need to-", "Need to what?" Emma interrupted, Keston had no intention of admitting the problem, if he did she'd probably laugh, "I.. need to sit down" Keston mumbled, Emma shook her head and pulled him along to the park, luckily though not far from the mall, but every step they took Keston's control waned, he knew if he didn't get to a bathroom soon he'd be taking another step toward acting no different than a small child, Keston snapped out of his thoughts however as Emma made him sit on the swings while she pushed him, the park for the most part was empty so he didn't feel too bad about being there, but the pain in his stomach was becoming too hard to ignore.

Keston whimpered as Emma helped him off the swing, he sighed heavily in relief that they were done, but Emma suggested they get ice-cream before they left, she ran over to a small stand to buy some for them, leaving Keston stood in the play area alone, suddenly Keston felt his bladder cutting loose into his diaper but rather than helping relieve the discomfort it only added to the pressure in his bowels, Keston feeling the pressure was too great finally gave in and fell to his knee's, making the seat of his diaper even more prominent as he felt his control slip, his tail flagged up as the contents of his bowels escaped into his diaper, a soft bulge appearing in the back of his overalls, he whined and moaned softly as he slipped his pacifier into his mouth, sucking it loudly as he crawled to his feet, he gave a final grunt as he finished, that was how Emma caught him, she stood with her mouth agape, staring at him in shock, she knew instantly what he'd done, the smell giving it away, not to mention the large bulge in the pack of his overalls, she dropped the ice-cream in her left paw and grabbed him, pulling him along as she tried to get him home quickly.

As they walked down the street at a rather quick pace, Keston felt the contents of his diaper move as he walked, but oddly enough he didn't mind it, he felt funny, he felt like he did when he was a kit, warm, content and comfy, he smiled as he felt happy for the first time since he was young, he looked at the ice-cream in Emma's hand and asked for it, Emma looked at him with an eyebrow raised, "What? You've messed yourself and you want ice-cream?!" Keston suddenly felt himself start to whimper as tear's started to roll down his cheek, Emma realising he was about to cry quickly handed him the ice-cream and carried on walking, Keston happily licking away at the melting ice-cream cone as they arrived at his house, the TV was on so Emma quietly unlocked the door with Keston's key she'd taken from him at her house and slipped inside, Keston in tow, Keston finished his ice-cream and suddenly felt sad, he suddenly felt tear's welling up inside him, Emma realised he was about to cry and threatened him not to cry, this only scared Keston more and he burst into loud wailing, Emma panicked and tried to calm him down, only to turn around to see Keston's parents staring at the pair.

Keston's mother stared at Keston in panic, she quickly ran to him and smelt his dirty diaper, his father simply stood with a bewildered look in his face, "Keston, what happened?! Why are you in a -dirty- diaper?" she gently picked keston up and held him to her, he sniffled and whimpered into her chest as she rubbed his back like you would an upset child, Emma explained what had happened the last few days, leaving no detail untold, a few days passed and after a check up with the doctor, they found that Keston's bladder and bowel muscles were too weak so he would have to begin toilet training again, but his mental state had taken a lot of harm too and it was suggested they wait some time before trying to potty train him, Keston took this news on the chin, happy to remain in diapers for the time being, was finally getting the attention and love he'd felt he had been missing for the longest time.

Emma had been "turned in" to her parents by Keston's mother, they decided the best punishment would be to have her in the same position she forced Keston into, as well as having to spend her free time after school staying at Keston's house and playing with him, though initially she was unhappy she eventually came to enjoy playing with the boy she cared for, though she never got used to wearing diapers, Keston had over-heard a conversation between her parents and his that Emma's control was slipping and she had started to wet herself without notice, one afternoon when Emma was staying with Keston, (the school had decided that if they weren't toilet trained they had no place there and as such kicked them from the school) Keston gave Emma his toy Morten, explaining to her that Morten was an enchanted gift from his grandmother, Morten would come to life to befriend the owner, if the owner was miserable, Keston though sad to give Morten away, for the first time in his life was truly happy and such had no need for morten.

One morning while playing with his toys in his play-pen Emma came into the room, her face red with tear's, her parents chatting away with Keston's as she explained to Keston she had to use the bathroom, but her parents had told her "she was wearing it", Keston shrugged this off, talking around his pacifier, "Weww, youw are weawing a diapee" Emma whimpered before she suddenly burst into tear's as her tail flagged up as she began to use her diaper, Keston called out "Mommy! Emma needs a diapee change!" Keston smiled as Emma's mother entered the room with his father, she scooped Emma up and asked where she could change her, Keston's father responded "There's a changing table in Keston's nursery" she smiled and carried Emma off, Keston's father reached down and picked up Keston, "So, ready to watch the game sweet heart?" Keston's father asked as he kissed his son's forehead, "Yuh huh daddy!" Keston happily replied, Keston's father smiled as he carried Keston to a changing mat on the floor, "First though, you need a change you lil' stinker" Keston giggled as his father laid him down and began to change his diaper, Keston sucked his thumb as he said "I love you daddy", Keston's father said "I love you too" Keston smiled and thought to himself, Yup, life is good.