The One That Got Away

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1 of The One That Got Away This is a 2-part story I've had on my mind for years now, I just lacked the writing ability to properly put it down into text. I'm finally comfortable (enough) to share this work with all of you, enjoy.

Warning: Scenes with graphic romance and feelings not involved with lust can be seen in this chapter, read at your own discretion.

He saw his target, it was a parking lot, 3 AM in the morning and the scientist was tired and at a complete disadvantage to the fox. As the dog stepped out into the parking lot, heading for his car in the sparsely filled underground lot. The door behind him closed shut and the last of the white light disappeared filling the silent concrete cave with the orange glow of it's regular lights.

Once the canine was near his car and behind a concrete pillar he advanced now that he was out of sight. Making sure his shoes made as much noise as possible slamming them down as if in a hurry, he timed it just perfectly so that when the canine was rounding the pillar of concrete he parked next to the fox would collide right into him. With a startled yelp from both of them they fell backwards in shock, one was merely acting though while the other dropped his briefcase and drink. Recovering quickly, Decker spotted it, the key card the canine had loosely clipped to his belt. With a flurry of apologies and fake excuses the fox helped the dog pick up his stuff. Making sure to walk along his left side towards the entrance to the building, his paw deftly unclasping the key card from the canine's pants he quickly tucked it into his pocket and continued on his way. His vulpine ears swiveled back, hearing the dog's footsteps and eventually the beep of his car unlocking, satisfied the dog was leaving without noticing his lack of security clearance he continued forward.

Before the fox got to the door he made sure the canine's car was pulling out before ducking away from the entrance and the camera watching it silently. Once hidden he let out a soft grunt as he stared at the ID picture and remembered everything he could about what the canine looked like. The soft sounds of what would normally be knuckles cracking flooded the small shaded area as the fox's form slowly shifted, growing just a bit taller, his muzzle a bit fuller, his ears smaller. Slowly but surely Decker's formed matched the canine's more and more until eventually even the colour of his fur was a mix of brown and grey.

Letting out a deep sigh the newly transformed canine stretched and popped his joints. Transforming was one of operative Decker's most invaluable techniques, he was the most advanced human that has been born with the mutation to change his form. As Decker became accustomed to the canine's body he tested his voice, trying to match what little of the dog's voice he heard earlier when they collided. When he was born, Decker was a human, one of the few pure blooded humans left in the world. Pure blooded humans recently being born with mutations, nothing radical or extreme as levitating objects with their mind or invulnerability but some humans are able to transform their shape and size. Most can only change specific things, their hair or nail growth, their eye colour or skin colour. Depending on the varying level of the mutation one could change almost anything, Decker being the only operative thus far that could transform almost everything.

With organized crime becoming more sophisticated and powerful, the government had to change how certain laws work. Now, if the parents agreed the government could adopt a new-born and raise it as an operative from birth. The parents were compensated and the child was always very well taken care of. Once the child hit 18 years old they are given the option of leaving and becoming a normal citizen. Most did not choose this, how could they? When they've only been raised to know how to be an operative. They would be set for life if they stayed, or they could take their 5000 dollars and try to start a life for themselves.

Decker was raised as an operative once the government discovered his ability to shape shift to such an extreme degree. However, he knew that they probably had already found a new-born with an even more powerful mutation ability than him and were training him right now while he was off on his mission, so he was always humble about his ability. Nobody knew why, but Decker always took the form of a normal red fox. His overseer didn't understand why the human would go through the discomfort of growing a new tail each time he had to take the form of a human or tail-less target. Decker's mate knew and that was enough for the fox, he could always rely on the wolf anthromorph to be there with him at the various facilities he would have to bunk at during his missions.

Once Decker was satisfied with the voice change he approached the door, mimicking the dog's tired stagger he strode out with. When one was trained to mimic others their entire life it became like a second nature to you after all, almost like method acting. Sticking the key card into the slot the red light flicked off and the green light flicked on, the door making an audible clicking noise as it unlocked.

The Intel they had on each person in the facility made it possible for the fox to bump into the guy with just enough authority to gain access to the files he needed while also attracting the least amount of attention. Once he was in he started heading towards the dog's office as fast as a semi-conscious scientist could move. There weren't very many staff there at this hour thankfully, aside from feigning a few "Hey~"s and a couple "If only I was in bed right now"s he made it to the target's office. Closing the door behind him he immediately walked up to the security camera and examined it while remaining out of sight. Pulling over the nearby chair he climbed on top of it and lifted the ceiling panel beside the camera. With a quick scan over where each cord went he unplugged the camera.

Quickly hopping off the chair and approaching the file cabinet he took out his lock picks and he rolled the kit out across the ground, carefully selecting the appropriate pick for the job. It was a standard file cabinet with a cheap lock, a thug with a crowbar could break into this thing but the fox had to remain undetected. This meant he would be done in under 5 minutes and that his chances of them detecting any missing footage from the security camera were slim to nil without very thorough investigations, which they shouldn't even feel the need to do if he made sure not to leave any evidence behind.

Once he managed to pick the lock he quickly tucked everything away and the cabinet door popped open. Quickly scanning through the many, many file folders he found the ones he needed. Pulling them out of the cabinet he set them down on the floor, flicking them open he pulled his camera out of his pocket. The quiet and dark office occasionally and only momentarily filling with a bright white light as the camera went off repeatedly. Each file, each picture, the fox had to make sure he covered all his bases, he did NOT want to come back here AGAIN. Not because it was so challenging, in fact it is the opposite, operative Decker was one of the most highly advanced mutated humans on the field and he was still getting the grunt work missions.

The fox knew this place was not going to be a challenge whatsoever but he always made sure to finish his missions in hopes one day they'll see he's proved himself capable of the more dangerous ones. Once all the files had been properly photo and stored into his phone he made sure to switch memory cards and copy them into a backup memory card. If he got caught they would take his camera and assume that was all the data he managed to steal. Closing the folders and setting them back neatly in place the fox-turned-dog scurried back over to the camera and climbed up the chair, plugging the camera back in and setting the ceiling tile back in place. Hopping off the chair and pushing it back into place the fox left the facility.

The exit was always the worst part, every single footstep would always feel too slow, but if he sped up he'd attract attention. He was just thankful for the lack of an elevator, helplessly waiting in a giant metal box suspended however many feet in the air always drove him crazy. As he made his way through the halls and down the stairs it felt like an eternity, time slowing down every time someone passed by him, gaging their reactions to his reactions. He could feel his heart pumping in his chest and his body getting sweaty, thankfully due to the years of emotional training he managed to conceal any anxious feelings to internal reactions. Once he reached the parking lot he could finally breath again, letting out a deep, deep sigh of relief. Walking over to his car he unlocked it, chucked his camera into the passenger seat and then pulled out his cell phone.

The car filled with the sound of knuckles cracking and soft grunts as the fox retook his regular form and returned his voice to normal. Because a lot of the operatives these days could change their vocal pattern he wasn't able to send a voice password to report a successful mission, instead a combination had to be entered. Calling the appropriate number that would make no sense to any civilian he pushed the correct combination which was followed by two beeps. Hanging up, he pulled the vanity mirror down and gave himself a once-over, after a few voice checks he was back to his old self. It took a little while, for some reason growing or shrinking a tail took the longest. Turning the ignition the fox sped off out of the garage.

Now that his mission was complete he had a whole week free to spend at headquarters with his boyfriend. The thought of the wolf brought a smile on the vulpine face as he made his way to the inter-state highway at full speed. They met a couple years ago at a different headquarters, the wolf was originally tasked with teaching martial arts to the fox and the two other "mutants" the fox was trained with. Sadly though, martial arts was a difficult thing to excel in when one's peers could alter their height, muscle mass and figure and the fox's winning record was the lowest. Their trainer, the wolf, decided to sit the fox down and ask why he was holding back. Kazborn was genuinely curious about the fox's choice to stay in his shape despite the fact he could not win with it. Decker responded simply, "If I can't do anything with the form I like, it'll be because I never tried. I am getting better you know, it doesn't bother me that I'm not the best."

Kazborn was struck by that, until today he was always a little nervous around the mutants. You hear rumors of what they can and cannot do and you really start to question "maybe", however now that he's been working with them he realizes they're just regular people. It sounds ridiculous that he needed to work with them to figure that out but the amount of hype revolving around humans mutating was crazy and it really does get to you on a certain level. The wolf was impressed though by this fox in particular as he watched him walk off, despite the bruises and the slight limp they caused he walked with a certain level of confidence the wolf rarely saw in his peers here at headquarters. He was getting better after all, the only reason he kept losing was because his competitors would increase their strength during the fight if they sensed a chance at losing.

After that meeting the two began to grow closer, first they became good friends, they'd chat after training and the wolf would follow the fox around during free time. The wolf knew he wanted to be more than just friends though after getting to know the fox a bit more. His quirky personality, he was just -different- but in all the right ways the wolf liked. Finally the wolf decided to ask his superior officer for the right to be Decker's handler, some nonsense about being the most suitable and compatible for the job. That "some nonsense" turned into a novel of a report and the superior was a little curious about the implied depth of the notion but waved it off. The wolf was definitely the right person to handle the situation, nothing would happen to the fox in his care.

Decker chuckled in the car as he neared his destination, the memory of what most would consider their first date. The wolf decided to confess his feelings for the fox after taking him out to dinner to a fancy restaurant, then reveal the good news about becoming his handler so that they wouldn't be separated. The fox knew it was coming the moment the wolf showed up at his door to pick him up in a suit. Being raised on a base, one only wore a suit like that for a mission or to propose and the fox was pretty sure the wolf wasn't going to jump that far so soon. He played along though, getting into a suit of his own and going to the restaurant, he didn't want to rush Kaz but he was taking forever, constantly stuttering and getting nervous. The fox had to admit if he was oblivious to the whole ruse he would never have saw it coming, the wolf was very good at making excuses when he'd get too nervous. The fox remembered reading somewhere that the biggest fear in the world was rejection and as they were sitting at the table eating their overpriced steak and vegetables he looked the wolf over.

The wolf was impressively built, of course almost every operative required on the field or even might be required on the field had to be. He was a third-generation morph, which meant his grandparents were one of the first few to take the anthromorphic transformation. During the course of their friendship the fox took a moment to look up the wolf's lineage out of random curiosity, turns out his grandparents were Olympian athletes who were changed to help give them an edge in the competition. Aside from professional athletes very few people took the drug unless they absolutely needed it in their work, it was very controversial back then. The wolf was as pure bred as they could come, both his grandparents were wolves and then his parents were wolves. It was actually quite common among third-generation morphs due to the fear of cross-species breeding causing genetic weakness among morphs, that debate was only recently dispelled after all so a lot of the third generations' parents restricted themselves to their own species out of fear. (Not all of them, mind you) Aside from his impressive gene-pool the wolf had an impressive record himself, at least in the areas he excelled in. Any type of scientific courses the wolf avoided like the plague and in high school he nearly failed biology and almost didn't make it into the military at all.

The fox realized then that he might've gone a little too far with his curiosity and breached the wolf's privacy a little. Of course he only realized that now, not when he was originally looking and learned much, MUCH more about his passed thanks to a psychological evaluation that was- never mind. Decker decided to instead focus on the wolf's appearance again. Soft grey fur, adorable golden eyes and a mesomorphic body. The wolf was also sweating now, and he has been cutting the same piece of steak for about 5 minutes now, eyes cast down. The fox could also pick up the faint shuffling of a foot tapping on the floor. Decker was a little sadistic in nature but he figured Kaz had suffered enough, speaking up the fox plainly, and bluntly asked, "So, Kaz. Are you going to ask me or are you trying to cut a piece of the plate to eat with your steak?"

Kazborn looked up, a little shocked having lost sense of time, his ears nearly pinning back before he stopped them. The fox was smiling at him reassuringly and he felt like all the weight on his shoulders just melted off as those green eyes gazed at him. The wolf took a deep breath and, far too politely, asked if Decker would consider being more than friends. The fox chuckled at first and the wolf thought his world was about to end until the smile returned and he responded with a simple nod...

Decker's day dream was interrupted by the computer in the radio compartment announcing his arrival to headquarters with a series of scratching beeps that apparently would sound just like a dial-up modem if they still had any in this day and age. Pulling into the drive of what appeared to be a common apartment complex crammed into the middle of a city the fox parked his car headed into the building after locking it. The complex was originally just an apartment building for civilians but the government obtained it through chance when the owner went bankrupt. Now it a government facility which had been remodeled extensively. In reality though it was just a large barracks for operatives, the downstairs was remodeled into a recreational room and kitchen and the upstairs consisted of apartments for each operative. A total of 6 apartments rested on top of the recreational room and kitchen.

They all knew each other very well, Kaz and Decker had their own apartments, it was a formality they really only adhered to when a superior officer was around. If a big wig discovered their relationship they could try to make things difficult for them after all. There was one empty apartment not yet filled and three other tenants, a woman by the name of Natalie a mutant human just like Decker but far less advanced. Her main duties mostly included reconnaissance and spying on targets. She was the reason Decker had a target to break into the facility to begin with, she spent two months finding the perfect person he could break into the place with and what his schedule was so Decker could "bump into him." The other two tenants were also mutant humans, twin brothers in fact. They were in charge with security and acquiring/maintaining/using all of the technology they used on missions. Their job was incredibly boring for this mission though, seeing as how all Decker needed was an outfit and a lock-pick set. They were incredibly disappointed to be stuck with this mission and when Decker got to the rec room they were celebrating with alcohol in the middle of the night that the mission was over in hopes of getting a new mission with better toys.

Natalie was most likely sleeping it off, it was well into the night already by the time Decker got back. Taking off his jacket and hanging it up the fox barely had time to register foot steps on the hardwood floor before turning around and being greeted by a wall of grey fur closing in on him. His foot paws leaving the ground as the familiar rich scent of his mate flooded his nose and he was hugged tightly and spun a couple times in the air. The fox was getting a little dizzy by the time he was set back down, "Hey hun~ I'm home!" he said with a half chuckle. The giant of a wolf smiled down at the fox, his tail was wagging just like every other time he'd come home from a mission. They both made a point to see each other off and greet them once they returned regardless of what ungodly hour they were sent. It was always nice to know someone was waiting for you when you left home to go on a possibly fatal mission of course.

Kaz grabbed Decker's paw and practically dragged the fox to the kitchen area, sitting him down at one of the barstools situated around the island in the middle. The twins quickly followed, knowing that Kaz had prepared the fox a celebratory meal just like always. At first it was a couple thing just between those two but then it expanded to whoever happened to be in the apartment at the time. Decker could barely cook Kraft dinner without burning it, so he couldn't return the favor in the form of food. Kaz always liked to pick on Decker for his masterful memory of biology and chemistry but somehow unable to cook for himself. Decker would retort as any intellectual would by sticking his tongue out at the wolf followed by folding his arms and looking away indignantly.

Decker was grateful for the food tonight though, every time he shifted it took a lot out of him and he was always super hungry a couple hours later. Tonight the wolf had made a huge pot of hearty beef soup. The wolf knew the fox hated brothy soups and made it as thick as possible without making it too unhealthy. He served up three bowls and then his own and they all sat down to dinner where Decker regaled them with a much more climactic version of what happened during his mission and maybe lied about almost getting caught a couple times just to see the wolf tense up a little.

When they were finally stuffed the twins headed off to bed while the fox cleaned up the kitchen area. It was very late, or early depending on the context but it was still dark out to say the least. The light above the sink flooded just enough light into the kitchen to remind both of them that. Kaz was sitting on the island watching the fox rinse the bowls before putting them in the dishwasher and then saving the leftovers for tomorrow morning. Kaz always liked watching the fox mill about the place, his tail swishing when he was happy and when he was happy and full of good food the fox would sway his lithe hips a little.

Decker just finished wiping off the counter when he heard a deep growl beside his ear. Normally he would let his training take control and try to fight off the possible threat but instead he chuckled as he was picked up and carried away by the barrel-chested wolf to their bed room. Depending on which room they went to chose who would be on top, it was a quirky little thing they did in bed to change things up. Decker was quite the versatile little lover, always willing to try something new with the one he loved. Kaz on the other hand being such a macho wolf was a little reluctant at first when the fox initially brought it up. However after some drinks and a lot of teasing the wolf gave it a try and found he liked giving control over to the fox. It was a rare occurrence but every now and again they'd head into Deckers room and the fox would take charge, not tonight however. The wolf had the impossibly soft and adorably half-conscious fox in his arms and he was going to enjoy taking him for as long as he could remain conscious himself.

The wolf eased the fox down on the bed and began to strip immediately. Watching Decker tidy up the kitchen with that cute little walk he does always got him in the mood. Pulling his black tank-top over his head and unzipping his black cotton shorts the wolf's sizeable bulge was clearly visible to the fox as it strained against the wolf's white briefs. Just as he was about to reach for the waistband on that however a pair of smaller black paws stopped his own. He looked down and saw Decker had already stripped to his boxer-briefs and was sporting a sizeable bulge of his own. The wolf let go of his waistband and let the fox tug them down on his own, flashing the fox a toothy grin only a wolf can as all 9 inches of red throbbing maleness came free. The fox blushed as his mate grinned down at him, he was far too exhausted to let his mate's monster of a cock anywhere under his tail tonight so he was relieved when he felt the large, meaty paw on his head, guiding him to the wolf's erection.

The fox heard the wolf draw in a gasp of air as his cold nose was pushed up against the underside of the hot organ. The fox taking a deep breath of the wolf's rich musk, it was strong yet sweet and the fox had come to love the smell. Slowly he extended his flat, hot tongue against the sensitive flesh and dragged it up along the underside of Kaz's length to the very tip where a bead of pre cum was waiting for him. As the fox opened his maw wide and covered his teeth he slowly went down on the wolf, closing his eyes as the wolf's grey pubic fur pushed up against his nose and the warm, throbbing length slipped down his throat. He could hear the wolf let out a very satisfied groan as his cock was taken into the fox's hot, wet maw.

The wolf allowed the fox only a moment to enjoy his own pace before settling both his paws along either side of the fox's head, nearly enveloping it with the size difference and began to pull the fox off his length. Kaz could feel Decker's tongue dancing and teasing every inch of his shaft as it was pulled out of his muzzle before Kaz thrust in quick and fast. The fox wasn't prepared at first and made delicious gagging noises, filling the room with wet suckling as he pulled the foxes nose back down into his crotch again. Kaz enjoyed the sight of the black tipped ears pinned back and the orange furred head moving along his cock as he set the pace. His leaking pre onto the fox's tongue and into his throat as he fucked his mate's face, occasionally taking the time to really grind his length in there, loving the feeling of the fox's chin fur brushing against his soft, grey-furred balls.

The room filled with the sounds of wet suckles and gagging as the fox tried to focus on his breathing. Also underneath the noise of the wolf's deep panting and soft, suppressed moans (They had neighbors trying to sleep after all) the soft fapping noise could be heard as the fox's paw glided up and down his own slick member. The fox's cock was almost 7 inches and lubed with his pre as his black paw quickly glided along it's length. Decker was really pulling out all the stops to get Kaz to cum quickly tonight, fearing he would be mounted and unable to walk right during their off-duty time again.

Eventually the suckling noises melted into slurping noises as the wolf's cock became messy with the fox's spittle and the wolf's pre-cum, the room was filled with the wolf's thick musk and the heat of two very enthusiastic lovers. The wolf shuddered a little and dug his claws into the hard wood floor as he felt his climax rising, Kaz wanted to fuck Decker tonight but the fox was obviously not having any of it with how enthusiastically he suckled on the wolf's flesh even while the wolf's timing grew irregular and short. The was letting out louder, deeper grunts as he tried to hold back his orgasm just a bit longer, it was very difficult to say the least.

Decker could see all the signs of it coming to an end soon, the wolf's muscles flexing in his legs, the wolf's grip getting tighter slightly on his head. He could even hear Kaz growling a little under his breath. Decker gripped his fox cock tightly, his own orgasm quickly building up as he admired the sounds, the scents and even the tastes as his mate got closer and closer to shooting his load. Then he felt it, the wolf's claws digging into his skin and his nose pressed up tight against the wolf's pubic fur. Decker barely had time to prepare himself as the wolf shot thick, hot shots of wolf semen directly down his throat and into his stomach. Then he was pulled off a little so another couple ropes could flood into the fox's mouth, puffing up his cheeks before he managed to gulp it down. Then the wolf pulled out completely and the last few jets of his seed shot out across the fox's face and chest.

The wolf took a moment to enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm, the thick scent of his cum in the air and the soft sound of fapping as his mate finished himself off. With half lidded eyes he lazily grinned down at the fox, watching Decker make soft "Yiff" noises as he came, shooting his own warm fox cum across his own chest and onto the floor all the while Kaz still had a firm grip on his head, the fox licking up any mess the wolf might have left on himself. Once the fox had caught his breath he smiled up at the wolf, Kaz let go of him, "I'm gonna start up the shower, clean up and we'll hit the hay alright, hun?" the wolf half-asked already heading to the bathroom.

The fox couldn't tell what was hotter, the room or his face as he was certain he was blushing beet red. The fox cleaned up the mess he left on the floor and headed into the shower with his mate. Once both of them had cleaned their fur thoroughly they slipped into bed together. Both of them felt a happiness that night that other people would kill for, they were grateful for all of it, even the dangerous life style that allowed all of it to happen to begin with.

Time flew by for the group at headquarters as they enjoyed their time off. Once a mission was completed it had to be taken by an operative flying straight from the main headquarters. Once the package was taken from Decker's car they knew it was only a matter of a week or two before they'd receive their next mission. The entire crew was fairly nervous after they discovered the package was taken two weeks after they finished the mission. The next mission could be anything, they could be stuck in a hole in Russia for half a year for all they knew.

After a couple weeks of waiting the twins came home with a DVD that had their next orders on it. They figured a month was enough time to relax anyway, they were getting a little bored of staying in one place doing nothing all day. It might've been different if the twins had some fancy technological toys to play with, they were always so mischievous. They all gathered around the television as the twins got it started, almost like a movie night except everyone there felt incredibly nervous instead of excited. Kaz was the leader and he was afraid they might give them a mission that he felt was too dangerous. It's never happened before but the wolf was very protective of his mate and his team.

The DVD explained to the team they were heading East to Alaska, there was an underground headquarters there they would reside in that is already established. The team was needed to infiltrate a nearby compound up in the mountains. Due to the difficulty of the mission, there would be a sixth member joining the team temporarily to aid in their efforts. Everybody groaned at this, temp operatives were temporary for a reason, because they suck in a team or they don't get along and if they're going to aid them then this temp must be one hell of a prick.

The DVD started on fire once it reached the end of the message and one of the twins scrambled for the fire extinguisher, "Why do they have to make them do that!?" they all knew why but the stench and now loss of a DVD player was still an annoyance they would all rather be without. Everyone started packing that day, their spirits were a little down due to the news they were going to live in a frozen hole for an undetermined amount of time.

It took them a week to get to the headquarters but they finally made it. The log shack on the outskirts of a small "town" (if only to avoid calling it a village) was obviously a cover. However once they entered they realized that whoever was in charge of letting them in was enjoying them trying to figure out where the entrance was or if there even was one.

The twins were excited at the challenge, tweaking this, moving that, all the cliche switches from 80's cartoons. The wolf scratched his head and pulled out a map, Natalie went over to him and tried to help figure out if they were indeed at the right coordinates the GPS told them to go to. Decker examined the cabin, it was a one room deal, a cheap, rusted, broken down bed in a corner, an old oven in another corner. Everything was covered in cobwebs... except the broken television resting on the floor opposite the bed. Walking over, the fox kneeled down and examined the old television, it's screen was broken in and it looked like the plastic cover would blow away in the slightest breeze. Dust covered the brown, broken box everywhere except the old channels dial which had fairly new looking finger prints on it. The fox changed the broken television's channel until it clicked on number 6 and the cabin let out a faint whirring noise beneath them. The table in the middle of the room sliding out of place into a conveniently open spot on the floor before a large, metallic elevator emerged from the floor.

The twins flashed the fox a smile, clapping over-enthusiastically as he solved their little puzzle game. Decker frowned however, he hated elevators... so much... he felt a warm, gloved paw grip his own and looked over to Kaz who smiled reassuringly at him. They entered the elevator and the doors closed behind them, the fox's stomach felt like it started climbing up his rib cage to jump out his mouth as they started their descent. It didn't help that the elevator had no indicators or switches on the inside to tell them how deep or where they were headed, there was a small glass-covered compartment with a red phone inside for emergencies though, but Decker resisted the urge to start a panic.

Once the elevator felt like it stopped a moment later the doors opened and they were greeted by armed guards in full uniform and heavy armor. The only distinguishable thing about them was that they all seemed to have black fur and wolf-like tails. Decker couldn't say for sure if they were all wolves though, their armor made them all very similar looking though. Decker decided he would have to correlate people's names with their size here or he was going to have a really hard time telling everyone a part. They presented their ID's when it was time and all the "formalities" were taken care of.

One of the doors to the hall opened up and a rather largely built reptilian morph was laughing as he greeted them. Decker's first thought of the man was one of surprise, usually reptilian morph operatives were required to stay topside and near the equator. Their cold-blooded properties might become a health hazard and a risk to their mission in cold places like this. Nonetheless he shook the reptile's claw as it was offered and smiled back, he seemed alright so far.

Kaz greeted the man with a smile and a handshake as well, introducing himself and his team to the man who seemed to be in charge of the facility. The reptile was far more easy-going then the guards were, the team knew they were just doing their jobs but they still appreciated the lighter air the reptile seemed to add to the room. Once the team was introduced the reptile introduced himself as well, "My name is Onyx, I am running this place as it stands. I know, you're probably surprised, "A reptile morph way up here?!" he chuckled as he ended that sentence. Onyx led them through the compound, throwing jokes here and there and breaking the ice, "It's so great to have visitors come all the way here to help, obviously you must know now why you're probably here. I can't very well be outside hiking it up in those mountains and I'm a bit more of a scientist then a real operative sadly. That's why they decided to dain me a "temporary operative" instead of a full-blown fully trained operative."

Onyx went on about his history and the team was laughing along with him and sharing jokes of their own by the time they had found their rooms and dropped their stuff off. Once they got to the lunch room to eat Onyx had to excuse himself, he was a busy man with science to do! Decker realized once the reptile was turning to leave he never actually heard what Onyx himself was trying to accomplish up here he needed help for and caught him, "Oh, don't worry you guys just got here! We'll get all caught up once you've settled in for a day and discuss what our first move is then! See you tomorrow!" he cheerily said and walked off. Decker didn't like when people dodged his questions but the man was pretty nice and friendly. He was a scientist but the doctor still managed to maintain a decent figure, muscular, almost as tall as Kaz was and obviously full of energy. Maybe he was just excited at the prospect of having real company after being stuck with these emotionless guards all the time Decker reasoned.

They had dinner and while eating Kazborn showed them a map of the facility, it was a single level facility underground in the shape of a large circle with rooms attached wherever there was room, almost like a giant gear or something. The middle of the facility was for the main servers and power generators. There were no apartments, only one big barracks room for everyone to bunk in, which depressed Kaz and Decker both. It meant they would rarely find time to have any privacy to have fun with unless they risk getting caught and ratted on. Now that "undetermined amount of time" thing the DVD said last week was really starting to ring in their ears as they remembered.

Once they finished dinner they tucked their belongings into the chest next to their bunks and fell asleep. Everyone on the team nearly forgot they were underground, there was no ambient noise suggesting such and all the windows had scenes of some city playing on a large loop. The twins tried to figure out what city it was and how long the loop was but by 1AM they got tired of staring at pretend traffic and assumed the video was long enough to convince the inhabitants of the facility they were really above ground and in a hot city.

The first day flew by very quickly, everybody met up in the lunch room to meet Onyx and be briefed on the situation. There was a compound up in the mountains usually only reachable by plane that had surfaced recently and was tapping into the public's energy like no tomorrow. They needed Natalie to scout the place for any guards or traps and then have Decker infiltrate the compound and discover it's purpose before they could go any further. Onyx took each of the operatives around the facility and explained their roles to play. When he was finished, Kaz piped up "Uhm, am I able to contribute to the mission at all?" he large wolf asked with a little concern in his voice, he hated being left out.

Onyx replied with a slightly startled look as if he never thought about it, "Hmm, well you're the team's handler aren't you? We'll need you to continue looking out for your team and providing for them." the reptile responded matter-of-factly, the team looked at Kaz, knowing full well he'd be bored out of his skull if he couldn't find -something- else to do. Even back in their last mission Kaz had to maintain communication with their main headquarters, but here Onyx was pretty much in charge of that too it being his facility and all. "Well, truth be told my team is largely independent on their own, I need -something- to do while I'm down here. Do you need someone captured or interrogated? I can train the guards or at least join them to help with security around here."

The large reptile crossed both arms and scratched at his chin as the wolf spoke, trying to think of a position he could place the wolf where it wouldn't stir up any trouble. Finally when the wolf mentioned joining the guard he looked like someone just slapped him with an idea brick, "Why yes! I suppose you could, operative! The guards are a bit used to the solitude up here, I'm sure they'd appreciate some extra help around the facility. I'll get the captain to meet up with you tonight where you two can discuss your new duties and get outfitted." with that Onyx excused himself once more and left the group to their dinner.

This mission was a bit more exciting than any of them thought it would be, normally this kinda thing turned into a simple scout and run kinda deal. Aside from being a little worried about Decker infiltrating a completely unknown complex (for now) he was relieved that he could contribute to the effort, maybe he could even train the other guards with some of the martial arts he knew they all seemed fairly capable if not boring as wet cardboard.

Time flew by as the team got to work, Natalie began scouting the immediate area and the area surrounding the complex, taking her time and being extra careful. She hated unknowns and this one was a doozy. It took her longer then usual due to the terrible weather and unsafe conditions, after a month passed she was comfortable enough with the area to bring Decker out and teach him everything she knew about it. Meanwhile the twins were keeping track of what Natalie might need and what Decker would definitely need when he infiltrated the complex. Kazborn liked that the twins were enthusiastic about their work but he had to trim down some of their wish list items due to Decker simply not having hydraulically powered limbs to carry it all.

Kazborn was a little upset at first when he talked about his experiences so far, originally thinking he would become a co-captain or trainer, possibly even the leader of this operation with his experience and training. However the captain here was less then accommodating nor accepting of Kaz and his wishes and the wolf quickly found himself suited up and standing beside a familiar elevator on guard duty 3 out of 7 shifts a week with very little gratitude expressed his way for volunteering. Kazborn mostly complained though about how they haven't had any privacy time, and being stuck in a hallway for 8 hours a day gave a man time to think. Decker was pent up himself but he was a professional, trained his entire life and was not going to lose Kazborn over one night of very, very good sex no matter how good the wolf's ideas were about sneaking there or here for a quickie. The hardest time was when Kaz managed to finally align his schedule so he could slip into the shower with the fox without arousing any attention and waiting until they were alone to try and feel the fox up, who barely managed to squeeze his way free and out of the shower in time. Decker knew that Kaz was hurting for some fun but if they were found out they would be separated by some ignorant big wig at headquarters who might think Kaz was favoring the fox or not letting him reach his full potential out of fear of his safety. Which, the fox realized, he probably was, but the team seemed okay with it so far, no problems arose and they've been a team for years now.

Another month passed by before any of the tech the twins ordered arrived, leaving Natalie and Decker to scout the compound with binoculars for most of it. Mainly they sat there out of sight and recorded guard schedules after acknowledging the place had security and guards. Once it arrived the twins went ballistic, nearly shooting down a wall in the process of opening one of the gadgets and taking out one of the facilities guards. Onyx took it all in great stride though, he was an incredible delight to be around compared to the stoic and monotonous guards posted and meandering around the facility like zombies.

About halfway through the third month Decker was just finishing up a shower and heading back to the barracks to change, he was thinking about how sad it must be to be stuck in this facility by yourself for -years- with almost nobody to talk to. Decker was thinking about how best to approach the reptile to become friends when he swore he heard a nice. Stopping in his tracks the fox quietly got down and approached the adjoining hallway that led to the only known entry/exit elevator. Slowly but surely the fox peaked around the corner doing everything he can to not make a noise, thankfully he still had his sandals on from the shower and they were mostly silent.

Around the corner he saw a single guard on duty at the elevator, the fox remembered that during certain times of night/day they only needed one guy, or at least, that's what he was told. Practically straddling the side of the guard however was Onyx in what the fox initially thought was some poor comedy act where the guards that can't move or react are taunted and teased by tourists. However once he managed to take time and look closely, the hallway being fairly long and their movements were tricky to make out. Decker could clearly see the reptiles snout pressed up against the wolf's slightly tilted head and the reptiles red, wet tongue squirming and slithering around against/inside of the wolf's offered ear. The wolf's legs were slightly spread as if he were "at ease" but went too far and the fox could make out the faintest movements of the doctor's body suggesting his hidden claw was somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. However due to the distance the fox couldn't hear anything the doctor was whispering and thanks to the heavy armor covering the wolf's face and body the fox couldn't tell if this was a mutual act or one of those "Don't ask, don't tell moments" he heard so much about from the twins, then again the wolf wasn't putting up much of a fight if it wasn't mutual on some level.

Looking away the fox flashed a grin, that old reptile wasn't as lonely as the fox thought at all! Nor was he as straight as the fox first thought at all that guard had no breasts! Decker walked away as quietly as possible thinking of the scene and trying to suppress the urge to find Kaz and relieve it. The only thing that really stuck out to the fox was that for the first time one of the guards had grey fur since he arrived, not that he was paying any attention to fur colouration after first deciding to remember people by height. Decker shrugged and walked back to his bunk to get some sleep, he was a little disappointed when Kaz wasn't there in the top bunk, he liked to chat up the wolf before bed but he guessed his mate was probably on duty staring at a wall for an ungodly amount of time.

Decker was growing impatient with this mission by the sixth month in, he could take children up those mountains safely with how well he and Natalie mapped the place and set markers. He and the gang had been getting along very well with the rest of the people at the facility now that they managed to adjust to the tempo. Decker was also getting impatient because the mission was taking it's toll on his mate who seemed to be growing depressed and agitated more and more as his "guard duty" felt more and more like busy work, or at least that's how he described it to the fox.

Finally though, it was time to act, Onyx felt confident they had everything they needed, information and technology both for Decker to complete his mission. They all sat in the briefing room where the plan was explained, repeated and understood thoroughly by all members of the group, even the twins had a role to play during the mission once Decker hooked them up to the compound's security. Onyx and Kaz would monitor each of the operatives from Onyx's lab and be ready to give commands should the plan fall through.

As Decker and Natalie set off for the compound Decker waited at the elevator for a moment, expecting Kaz to see him off any second now. However after 5 minutes Natalie urged him to hurry up lest they be late and dragged Decker onto the elevator. It was now or never Decker thought, half a year of planning is finally being put in motion!