The Tomes Of Malderon

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Chapter 3 of book 1 of the Tomes of Malderon series. for chapter 1 go here: for the previous chapter go here: For the next chapter go here:

Book 1: The War For Gilneas

Chapter 3, The Mission

Malderon made his way away from the camp, Graymane chased after him, "Wait! I want you to do this besause your the only one i know of who is gutsy enough to take on this challenge." "I wont do it, I JUST WONT! I WONT HAVE MY KING SLAUGHTERED BECAUSE OF ME!" "I wont die, I have riflemen mounted so if anything strange happens, i will be safe." "No, no its to risky, there has to be another way." "MALDERON I AM ORDERING YOU TO DO THIS MISSION!" Malderon became angered at this, however he must not disobey his king, furious he said, "Long live King Graymane." "I'll take that as a yes, mount up, we ride in an hour."

Malderon made his way to a tent where surprisingly enough, his trainer was there waiting for him. "Malderon, what makes you look so down?" "Graymane has asked me to go on a suicide mission with him, I am willing to sacrafice my life for my king but I'm not willing to put his life in my hands as well. What should i do master?" "i know exactly what you should do, you should go on that mission with him." "What?! I thought you were my master, my guide, you are supposed to help me when needed!" "I am, I'm going to teach you a new skill." "what skill is strong enough to stop hundreds of Worgen?" "no single skill is enough to kill that many, however it can send them away if they get to close. Its called the Battle Cry, it is a loud roar that can send even the bravest of foes away crying and shaking." "how is that skill used?" "You use a small amount of mana to amplify your voice, the mana in it also adds a fear effect sending them away, I will not demonstrate it because of Graymane's orders."

"I will try this when I am on the mission, Thank you master, this move will be very good in my arsenal." "Here, take this, it will tell you everything you need to know about it. Read it quickly, I'm sure Graymane is getting anxious." Malboris reached into his backpack and took out a first edition manuel on the skill known as Battle Cry.

Malderon took it with interest; he flipped through a few pages and studied the moves until they burned an image into his mind where he can to it in his head with ease. "Thank you again Master." "no problem, now go kill those Worgen so we can regain Gilneas." "I will."

Malderon walked out of the tent to see that Graymane was waiting there for him, "Lets go, now, we ride." Graymae mounted a nearby horse, he extented a hand for Malderon to get on as well, Malderon grabbed Graymane's hand and mounted he horse as well. A soldier who was accompanying Graymane handed Malderon a satchel full of flash bombs, Malderon turned to Graymane "Is this what I'm using?" "Yes, it will get their attention and keep them chasing us, I hope what you learned from your trainer helped." "It most likely will" "LETS RIDE!"

Graymane urged the horse to run forward and up over the wll. The horse landed with a loud thud and immediatly the nearest Worgen attacked, Malderon reached into the satchel and pulled out a flash bomb, he lit it with a match that was also found with the flash bombs, he threw it on the ground just a few feet to the left of them, the bomb went off and blinded the worgen that were near but got the attention of the ones away from them, through the cloud of smoke a Worgen jumped through after them, the horsed raced through the crowd barely avoiding blow after blow of Worgen.

To Keep the Worgen away from them but to keep their attention, Malderon lit off what was left of the flash bombs, now, all the Worgen were chasing after them, Graymane turned the horse tward the church, from the entrance Godfrey yelled, "FIRE!" several cannons in front of the church fired into the crowd, taking chunk after chunk of Worgen out, but still they press on, when they reached the church Malderon jumped off and turned tward the horde of rampaging Worgen that were rushing to the church, he focused up the mana needed and used the skill, Battle Cry. A loud roar emminated from Malderon's mouth sending the nearest Worgen flying back into the crowd.

All of the Worgen that were charging to attack the church were now running away from Malderon. The skill had worked its magic; they no longer had any interest in going there. Malderon confidently turned around and walked into the church.

When he went inside soldiers closed the doors for fear of another attack, Malderon looked down at the wound again, this time, it looked even worse than before, it looked really disgusting, pus was spewing out of it and large clumps of fur was forming around the wound, it was obvious the wound had become infected.

Graymane stepped up to the pedastal to adress the crowd within the church, "My friends, thank Malderon for our efforts of defeating the Worgen, it was he who stopped the rushing horde from killing us all."

The crowd turned to Malderon and cheered with glee, suddenly, a soldier burst into the church screaming, "THEY'RE COMING, THE WORGEN ARE COMING BACK!" the soldier stopped for a minute and calmly said, "I thought you ought to know." the soldier fell to the ground, dead, with large gaping scratch marks shown on his back. Graymane looked to the crowd and said, "Prepare for battle, this could be our last stand!"

Just then, a Worgen crashed through the back of the church window landing on Graymane, it roared in triumph. Malderon looked tward the other windows as more Worgen poured in killing citizens and soldiers alike, as soon as Malderon thought it couldn't get any worse, it did, the shadows of the nearby people and Worged shifted over to malderon encircling him and engulfing him in darkness, the darkness over him slowly took shape over his body, forming claws and paws, until he himself was horrifically transformed, into a Worgen.

The entire church was over run, and then the canal district, and then finally the entire city of gilneas was swarming with Worgen. Later that month, traps were set for Worgen in the wilds, intent to kill them, a Worgen got caught in a bear trap, later hunters found it and brought it back to the only camp left that was not taken over. It was thrown in a cage, whining it cowered in the corner of the cage.

Godfrey made his way over to the cage, he looked sickened by the sight of the creature, however he also looked angered. "Do you know what you did, do you even remember? you slaughtered all your friends, all your family, anyone who crossed your path, I should kill you right now." the Worgen moved to the side of the cage where Godfrey was looking in, it looked at Godfrey with the intent to rip him apart. "however you may still have some humanity left in you, Malderon, maybe some left, but we shall see." the Worgen formerly known as Malderon moved back into the cage and continued to stare at Godfrey until he left.