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Jasmine is an independently minded young woman with a need to rebel from her place in society. Raja is her pet tiger. - M/F zoophilia, straight, short fanfic inc. registered characters


Nights in Agrabar can be so cold.

Jasmine stood on her balcony, the wind tugging at the blanket around her shoulders. She watched the horizon over the smoky light of the palace and surrounding city. Out there somewhere was a brewing sandstorm.

Jafar had said so.

Jasmine had only a mild dislike of Jafar, but she could not fault his knowledge of the weather. He was a learned man, studying by night in his tall tower and seeing to the smooth running of the country by day.

A rumble sounded behind her and Jasmine pulled out of her reverie. Raja, her now full grown tiger, rubbed his head against her arm fondly. He was equal parts bodyguard and pet. She smiled and followed his advice, entering her lavish quarters and letting her serving women close the sandalwood doors.

"Leave us now," said Jasmine once the women had batoned down the hatches. She didn't like to be fussed over at any point, and tonight she wanted even less of it.

Once alone, Jasmine dropped her blanket down to inspect herself in the mirror.

Her naked skin was golden brown and her breasts were pert and firm. She squeezed one with delicate fingers before letting her hair down.

Jasmine was bored.

Bored of her regimented life, bored of the mind numbing lessons on how to be a good princess and wife, and most of all, most of all, bored of ignoring her growing needs.

She left the mirror and walked to her bed, eying Raja as he lay on the marble floor. He was such a splendid animal, golden orange fur with stark black stripes over powerful, rippling muscles. She settled herself on her bed and patted the silk sheets beside her, her heart starting to drum with nerves.

Raja, obedient to his mistress over his training, got up and padded over, stepping up onto the bed and flopping down where she could curl up against his side. She often slept like that, her nose full of the scent of him and his fur on her naked skin.

But tonight she wanted more.

She leaned her back against his side and teased her breast again, tweaking at her nipples with her fingertips until they stood erect and tender. She slid her hand down her stomach and over the light fluff of her hair to gently nudge at her clitoris.

Raja seemed tense as she leaned her head back against him, her legs open and knees hitched up. She bit her lip as she worked her fingers over her labia and around and around her vagina. The hungry mouth of her womanhood started to become slick and she trailed the wetness over her swelling sex, fondling herself.

Jasmine kneaded her pearl with the heel of her hand as she slipped a finger into her vagina. It was easy to bring herself to the brink, sliding her back over Raja's fur and inhaling his smell always brought her up a bit faster.

But she didn't want to come just yet. Her fingers glistened as she withdrew them. She held them up as she eased herself up onto her knees and turned to face her pet. He'd been strictly tamed before he'd come to her, she hoped she could get him to co-operate. She stroked his head fondly, pulling firmly on one ear in a way she knew he liked.

She offered her slick fingers to him to sniff.

His great nose brushed them, his whiskers pushed forward with interest and he licked them. Once he had the scent and taste of her sex, she shoved his shoulder to coax him onto his side. Ever playful, he rolled over, resting a paw on her shoulder. She caught it in her arms and pressed the pad to her breasts, arching her back with delight as his velvet fur and pads plucked at her tender nipples. She could feel her need sliding down the inside of her leg from her desperate pussy.

Jasmine whispered meaningless promises to her tiger as she reached down to his snow-white balls. Raja nearly pulled away in surprise but she told him firmly,


They were so warm against the palm of her hand, those twin swellings. After a few moments, Raja relaxed, realising her touch was pleasurable.

When his tapered cock started to peek out of his sheathe, Jasmine felt doubt. Could she bring herself to touch that so pink member directly? She had a vague idea about what a penis should look like from overhearing her serving girls talking. Nobody had mentioned a band near the base that looked dimpled.

Jasmine discarded her doubts, she had been lusting over her great pet for weeks, dreaming of him and fantasizing with her fingers as deep as they would reach. Now she wanted the reality. She ringed his penis in her sticky fingers and smiled when the tiger rumbled with definite lust.

She teased his cock, fascinated by how hot it felt, and the slick precum that beaded the end. She removed her hand after she was sure he was enjoying it, and wiped the mix of his and her juices over her swell. Raja, vexed at being denied his climax, hoisted himself back up onto his chest, only to see his mistress get down on her hands and knees, then stretch out to drop her chest to the bed. She smiled at him.

"Come on, Raja, come on," she coaxed. God, how she wanted that animal on top of her!

It took a few more coaxes before her supplication stirred something in both Raja's brain and in his loins. He heaved up and padded over to her, stepping over her so his chest was over her back. Jasmine held her breath, hardly daring to move in case he thought better of it.

He sank his haunches down and she could feel the point of his cock poking at the inside of her thighs and at the fold of her labia. She reached back with one hand, managing to catch his wayward penis and line it up with her waiting pussy. She gasped and bit down on her arm when the tiger thrust himself into her, breaking her hymen.

The tiger's cock slid in on her slick honey and his own precum, right up to the dimpled band. Jasmine gasped with lust as the great cat started to grind himself into her, listening to his growling grunts. She pushed her back up against his soft chest fur as he rutted in her virgin pussy, reaching up to grope one of her breasts.

It was more than she could possibly have imagined.

The heat of his cock filling up her pussy, the raw strength in his every thrust and his smell, oh god, his smell. She felt his climax spill further heat into her and then he withdrew. She tried to tempt him back but he would have none of it, simply lay there licking himself clean.

She had been so close to orgasm!

Her disappointment did not last long, after she had resigned herself to sleep, feeling sore and hard done by, she was nudged repeatedly by Raja. She rolled over, about to snap at him for being such an self-centred lover when she saw his beautiful penis standing out, red and willing.

She smiled and presented herself to him.

As Raja mounted her, this time finding and penetrating her pussy first time, she pushed herself up against his fur and reached a hand up to tug on his ear the way he liked. It must have done something, for he arched his back so he could grab her hair in his teeth, thrusting with sudden frenzy. His every pound surprised a yelp from Jasmine. She dug her fingers into the sheets and clenched them.

"Oh god, yes, Raja! Yes!" she could feel her orgasm growing as her tiger hammered into her again and again. She was a tigress, she had the seed of the tiger inside her already and more was coming. She slammed her hips back to meet his every thrust and cried out when her climax rocked her body, squeezing around Raja's cock and surprising an answering orgasm out of him.

Jasmine let her self sink down onto the sheets, her tiger still buried firmly in her pussy. She gasped there until he withdrew to lick himself.

She squirmed with the afterglow, watching him with lazy adoration until he was ready again. She opened her legs again to her beautiful tiger as the sandstorm started to batter at the shutters. Being mounted over and over by Raja was a perfect way to spend a stormy night.