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13 of Text - "The Sacrifice for Peace" Trilogy This is the text that goes on the back cover of my book.

The Sacrifice for Peace

Volume 1

The Gathering

Mist Runner wasn't sure what he was getting himself into when the High Cleric first approached him to be the bodyguard of a young Wastelander girl. After he met Dahmietra, Mist Runner decided that he should take the girl back to his village located within The Great Forest--a place the Wastelanders held in superstitious fear and awe--so that he could consult with the great Lore Masters of The Five Eastern Forest Clans.

And so began the most important quest in Mist Runner's incredibly long immortal life--the seeds of which he and his friends would discover lay 1,000 years in the past and would ultimately shake the foundations of the Wastelander's society.

Join Mist Runner and his friends on their quest as they race against time to save Dahmietra from not only her own people, but also stop an ancient evil bent on inciting a war!

A novel by

Ronald J. Lebeck