The Prostitute of Livestone

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Kira has the job of soliciting sexual activities in this place. And her clientele can be a crapshoot.

The male bobcat leaned across the table. "So, do they really do it here?"

Kari, the snow leopard whose company he had solocited, leaned in, "Do what?"

"You know," he looked quickly around the restaurant. "Kill people?"

"Yes," Kira replied.



"No way, how can they do that?"

Kira shrugged, "I don't know the exact details, each duelist has to sign a waiver and pay a fee. The winner gets a cash prize."

"Did you ever see anyone get killed?"

"Me? No, I only watched one duel. I thought I was going to see someone die though. They just shot at each other and missed. Then they both kind of gave up after that. I was kind of glad no one got hurt."

"I'm sure it's all faked."

"Oh, no, it's definately real. If it was faked they'd just pretend to kill them every time. Half the time someone just goes away injured."

"Well, they just do that so you'll think its real."

"They have all these rules about when everyone gets to shoot. They ring a bell to say when it starts and when it ends."

"I doubt that they had a bunch of rules in the wild west."

"Probably not, but they have to be fair here, I guess."

"How long have you worked here?"

"About four months."

"And you've only seen one of these things?"

"Yeah, just the one."

"We should go watch one tommorow."

The snow leopard went tense, "I'd really rather not, I don't want to see anyone die."

"Oh, come on, it's fake. Besides I'm paying you. You want to get paid, right?" the bobcat sneered.

"Yeah, you're probably right."

They ate the rest of the dinner, then headed back toward his hotel room. In front of the door, he stopped. "Well, this is me. Good night."

The ounce looked at the bobcat puzzled, "You don't want to...,"

"What? You mean, sex? I'm a married man, how dare you insinuate I do something against my wife?" The bobcat was livid.

"Well, I am..., it is kind of my job."

"Oh, oh, yes, of course, I forgot. No, I just hired you to have someone to eat with. I figure you get paid the same either way."

"Oh, yes, well, I guess I'll see you."

"Yes, I'll see you tomorrow, good night."

The bobcat entered the room and closed the door. Kira dropped back against the wall, a wave of relief washed over her. She raised her eyes and placed her hands together and prayed a thank you to whatever gods existed that she didn't have to sleep with the horrid bobcat.

She stood up and walked through the themed hotel building to the 'employees only door. She made her way through the back coridors of the hotel and down a stairway into the Tunnels.

She dropped back against the wall here and let the relief take her a second time. The Tunnels were the only place in the universe where artificial lighting and white linoleum were a beautiful sight to behold. The cold air conditioning felt particularly wonderful to the thick-furred ounce.

She stood up and made her way down to the subway. In the tunnels she could walk literally to any building in this park. But the maglev subway was the prinicple way of getting around for the park employees. She pushed the button on the wall.

Within seconds a train car pulled up alongside the station walk. She stepped into the car and entered a three digit code into the computer. She dropped back into the swivel chair. The car took off. It zigged quickly through the dark tunnels to another passage, beeping that it had arrived. Then beeping twice more when she resisted getting out of the chair.

It was a torture this place inflicted on its employees to have such comfy chairs on these vehicles which took only seconds to get to their destinations. Kira had been known on occassion to keep sending the trains from one end of the park to the other just to sit longer.

She dragged herself out of the vehicle and up the stairs. She walked to the hotel employees' cafeteria.

The park had many sections. Each section had its own cafeteria and break room buried in the Tunnels for the employees' use. Of course the various hotels were scattered across the miles of the park. Still, there was a single cafeteria area designated for them. Of course the speed of the maglevs made the distance from any single hotel irrelevant. And having a cafeteria just for the hotel employees helped ease congestion at the others.

Not that the hotel employees had to eat at this one. Any employee could patronize any cafeteria in the Tunnels. Or any of the actual park restaurants. But still, this was considered the hotel employee cafeteria. Not that Kira was considered a hotel employee, there wasn't a designated prostitute cafeteria. But she did most of her work in the hotels, so she usually came here to eat.

Of course she had already eaten dinner tonight with the bobcat. But the cheap cat wouldn't spring for desert, and she needed comfort food. Kira took a slice of cheesecake, poured some cherry goo over it, and settled down into a comfy booth.

She glanced up at the large clock on the wall. It was quarter to seven. Bobcat had went to bed early. Not surprising, it was his first day here and Livestone kept to its own clock. Cat could easily have been on his own timetable. Not that she wanted to do him any mental favors.

Damn it, why did she agree to see him again tomorrow? Not that it mattered much, it didn't hold any weight, legally. The office would simply tell the bobcat that Kira had been detained by another client and then set him up with some other unfortunate girl. That was standard operating procedure here for ditching annoying clients. But she didn't like lying.

Of course she could detain herself with another client, if she wanted. But she only had to entertain once a day. She also only had to do one more for her weekly quota. So if she did another, she'd be done a day early. All in all, it meant she was in a position to be picky.

She stood up and walked down the stairs to the maglev. She needed to access the computer system that tracked the various requests for such company. Any computer terminal could be used to access, but the best location would be in the prostitution office itself.

She rode the maglev to the prostitution office itself, then walked up the stairs to the banks of computers for the various hookers to use to access possible clients. Seven o'clock was prime time for client requests to be coming in, and prime time for the terminal banks to be in use. Kira had to wait for a terminal to open. It would have been faster to go back to her apartment and use her own computer to access the system.

Finally, she gained access to one of the computers. She logged into her account, set her current job to complete, and brought up the list of potential clients. The system knew her preferences and had filtered out any nonmatches. The remaining possibilities were sorted chronologically in order of request. But she could add in a few more filter points, if she wanted. The question was, what was it she wanted?

She was in the mood for a bit of lesbian lovin, someone who actually wanted sex, a fox. She clicked the first entry. They were by default sorted by how long the requester had been waiting. Yes, a vixen wanting some company to a play and some tender lovings afterward. Odd that she had waited so long. Apparently she specifically requested a female snow leopard. And she had a few specific requests that fit well in Kira's own profile.

Kira checked the play. The Lady Mariona. Hmm, a musical Kira had seen a few times. Not a particularly engaging one, either. But, what the hell. Could be fun, anyway. Kira accepted the job. She would probably need to meet the fox in the theatre, the Bombay Palace, before the show started in... fifteen minutes.

"Shit." Kira stood and started to walk quickly out of the office. She knelt down and took off her heels. She ran down to the maglev, called it, then rode it to the theatre district.

The prostitutes of Livestone knew the park better than anyone else. She ran up the stairs from the maglev and through the tunnels of the theatre district to the access stair of the Bombay. The tunnels integrated with the hidden passages built into the theatre itself. She could run right up to the section her seat was in. If she knew what section it was.

"Shit," Kira cursed as she ran back down the stairs and through the theatres passageways to the box office. "Hi, I need ticket information for Kira Dream. Please." The customer would have reserved two tickets, one for herself and one for her companion. The computer would have registered the ticket to her name as soon as she accepted the job.

"What was the name again?"

"Dream, Kira."

"N-26; Balcony."

"Thank you."

She made her way back through the passages and up the stairs to the balcony. She ran across the balcony as the lights were dimming. The ushers gave her an odd glance. She had been to this theatre enough times to know its layout. She counted down the aisles to N and started moving through the seats.

One good thing about Livestone is that not everyone came here for the culture scene. She only had to push past a few couples to reach her seat. The vixen in the next seat looked at her oddly as the overture started. Fuck, she had forgotten to memorize the fox's name.

"Hi, I'm Kira," Kira held out her paw, "I understand you wanted some company tonight?" Kira hoped nothing had gone wrong in the system. Or that someone hadn't decided the vixen needed to get laid for her.

"Oh, yes, I'm Wren. I was beginning to think no one would come."

"I only just got the request."

"And the shoes?"

Kira just noticed she was still carrying her heels. Another amateur mistake.

"Sorry, hard to run,"

"Oh, don't worry. The vixen picked her own heels up from the chair next to her and smiled, "I hate wearing the things, too."

The play started and the fox leaned in against Kira. Kira wrapped her arm around Wren as the show started.

Kira was a bit of a specialist amongst Livestone prostitutes. Most customers used the hookers here for their intended purpose, but there were still many that saw little reason the prostitute's company should be restricted to sexual activities. They could easily provide company at dinner, a roller coaster ride, or a play.

But these date jobs were also time consuming. Most of the hookers here prefered to get laid and get paid. Kira, being a bit of a romantic, liked the more intimate approach of the date setting. This was usually an advantage in that she could be more choosey in her own clientelle, since the ratio of customers to performers was higher.

During intermission, Wren bought them both a martini.

"Best place to see a play in the universe," she said.

"The Bombay?"

"Westland in general."

"Why's that?"

The fox stopped. "Listen? Do you hear that? The sound of a baby crying?"


"Exactly." Kira laughed. "No kids allowed anywhere in this park. And I like to think there's not a single one at any of the research stations on Livestone, either. Which means not a whining brat for light years. Brings a tear to my eye."

Wren sipped her martini, "About three months ago, a friend of mine won tickets to a performance of The Song of Sariah opera."


"At the opera house on Pandora 5. A box, full refreshment."

"Wow," was all Kira could say.

"In the next box over some brat kid was whining through the entire performance. A perfect, once in a lifetime experience ruined."

"They couldn't have alowed it."

"The mother must have been sleeping with somebody. We couldn't have been the only ones to complain." She sipped her martini again. "But yeah, that's just one of many bad children related experiences in theatres. Which is why I try to catch shows here whenever possible."

The lights dimmed and rose again, indictating time to take their seats. The two finished their cocktails then headed back towards their seats. "Sorry if I was getting a bit fresh earlier," Wren said.

"That's kind of what I'm here for."

"I know, but I don't want to take advantage of you or move to quickly."

"You're new to the concept of hiring hookers, huh?"

The fox looked embarassed. "Kind of. Also, females. You are a bit of a treat for me."

"Well, trust me, if you want to do anything you go right ahead and do it. You want anything done, just ask. You are a cute, sexy fox and I really want to please you in any way possible right now."

The lights dimmed. "Now come here and cuddle some more." The fox leaned in against the snow leopard. Another good target demographic of Kira's were virgins. Many others didn't tolerate their caution with the new experience. Kira generally found it cute.

She wrapped her arm around the fox and stroked her. The fox rubbed Kira's leg. This was a good night.


The two entered Wren's hotel room. The fox put her arms around Kira and pressed her muzzle against the cat's. She let her hand run down Kira's back. They kissed passionately as Wren pushed the leopard onto the bed. "For someone new to girls, you seem to know what you want," Kira sneered.

"Why are you still wearing clothes? Am I not paying you enough?" The fox demanded then giggled.

The leopard pulled the dress over her head and tossed it aside, looking distraught.

"You know I was joking, right?" Wren looked suddenly worried she may have upset Kira.

"Do you want me to put it back on?" the cat sneered. She pulled the slip over her and tossed it with the dress. The cat reached back for her bra.

"May I?" the fox asked, rubbing her crotch through her own dress.

"Help yourself." the cat turned to show her back.

"I am helping myself." Kira giggled. Wren undid Kira's bra and let it fall. "On all fours, please." Kira obeyed. The fox pulled Kira's panties down to her knees. Kira rolled over and finished pulling off her panties and tossed them to the side. The fox's eyes were wide as she stared at Kira's crotch.

"Like what you see?"

"Very much, thank you. Seriously, thank you. You probably don't get told that enough."

"Why don't you slip out of that dress yourself?" The fox pulled the dress over her head and tossed it onto a nearby chair. She stood there in her underwear, still looking nervous.

"Uncomfortable about being naked?"

"A little. A few second thoughts." The fox rubbed her arm.

"Take your time, dear. If I go too fast for you, let me know. I want you to enjoy yourself."

The fox smiled shyly. Kira had to step carefully, she was so close to naked fox girl. She let her paw wander down to rub her clit slowly. The vixen's ears perked up. "Not often, that people thank me for my services. It is an appreciated sentiment. Though I must admit, I'm doing this for my own pleasure more so than money."

"I bet you have to say that."

"No, I mean tonight. I had a bit of a rough job earlier, and I kind of looked for a vixen to satisfy my own desires. Enjoying the show?" The ounce moved to give the vixen a better show.

The vixen licked her lips. "Yes, very much so."

"Sit down, get comfortable. You're here to have fun, remember?"

The vixen complied, sitting on the end of the bed. As Kira continued her minstrations the vixen slipped her own paw down her panties.

"Why don't you slip out of those?"

The fox pulled her paw out and thought. "Not just yet."

"It's okay, just enjoy yourself. But I guarentee the show you're watching gets better the more I have to look at."

The vixen watched Kira masterbate for a bit longer before reaching back and undoing her bra. She tossed it to the side. Kira rubbed herself harder at the sight of the vixen's breasts. "Nice, very nice." The vixen seemed nervous being the object of Kira's sexual pleasure. Kira needed to calm her down. She slowed her activities and changed the conversation slightly, "So, you said you're not ususally into girls? What changed your mind?"

"Oh, well, I've been babysitting my sister's kids for the past month..."

"And switching teams helps prevent your own?" Kira laughed.

The fox giggled, "No, just, she has five of them under seven."

"Wow, somebody gets busy."

"Well, sissy can babysit one month out of the year, try and keep up. I'm just joking." Seriously, this is a yearly thing for them. My sister and her husband I mean. Not that I don't like the kids, I love them and my sister dearly. I'm just blowing off steam; you understand.

"She doesn't get to see her husband often, with his job and all, so they need to make the most of the time they have. So I can help her out. But still, the kids take their toll on me. But the worst is my sister's rules.

"My sister has rules for everything, what they can eat and when, what they wear, when bed time is, what they can watch, which stories to tell them when. When to take them to the playground, what kids not to let them near. The kids love their month with me because I can never remember a quarter of all the rules.

"And of course no sex. I can't have any guys over period. And I'm not even allowed to lock myself in the bedroom, watch porn, and masterbate. No, the kids might hear. I mean can understand her concerns, I guess, but a poor girl's got to have some relaxation after a day of taking care of those brats all day," she shook her head. "Although to be fair I probably couldn't finish anything if I tried before being interupted." Wren sighed.

"But yeah, after a month of all that I'm definitely in the mood for something I want. And I was in the mood for a play and a naughty fantasy of mine."

Kira smiled and rubbed herself a bit harder. "Bet you're in the mood to lose those pants now?"

Wren smiled, and pulled her panties down past her ankles and tossed them aside. She knelt with her knees spread wide and said, "Now, you like what you see?"

The ounce licked her lips, "Oh, yes. Now how about you get your paws down there. I am not about to stop you."

The fox complied, bringing a paw down to rub herself. Kira widened her hips as much as possible and brought her other hand to help. She continued to rub with her right while probing her vagina with her right.

Masturbating together was a good way to break the sexual ice when dealing with nervous partners, Kira found. It was a good way to do something sexual together before getting into heavier activities.

She looked at the fox. Wren was leaned back on one arm while she rubbed herself fiercly with the other. Kira herself had pretty good control, and could hold off her own orgasm for hours or bring herself to cum in seconds. The cat considered the former, but then remembered who was paying whom.

Kira closed her eyes and increased her own stroking. She let a fantasy of the fox fill her own mind. She quickly approached her climax, "I'm cumming," she said to let the fox know of the show. She pulled her hands from her body as she came, letting the juices from her pussy spray across the bed.

As she came down she looked at Wren. The vixen was staring intently at Kira's nether regions still masturbating furiously. The fox panted and moaned, clearly trying to make herself cum as quickly as possible.

Kira licked her lips. "I changed my mind, I am going to stop you." The cat pulled herself forward onto all fours and pulled Wren's paw away from herself. She put her face down in the fox's crotch and began licking the vixen's pussy. The fox let out a cry mere moments later and came, juice poured into Kira's mouth and down her chin.

The fox came down from her climax, but Kira didn't stop there. She started switching from licking the fox's clitorus to probing her depths with her tongue and back again. The fox was quickly brought to orgasm again, again pouring her hot liquid over the cat's muzzle.

Kira knelt up, the fox clearly spent. Kira laid Wren down on the bed. "You deserve a tip," the fox said.

Kira smiled down at the vixen. Wren opened her eyes to watch the ounce. "I, was planning on spending a week here. Would you be willing to spend the whole time with me?"

"Oh hell yes."