The Yiff-A-Cub Club (part 2)

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2 of The Yiff-A-Cub Club Two members of the Yiff-A-Cub Club happen upon an 8-year-old bunny boy playing alone in the park.

The Yiff-A-Cub Club part II


The little lop-eared boy hollered out each time the wolf's huge dick thrust into him. After eleven straight minutes of getting his ass railed, the bunny was little more than a sniffling, whimpering mess clutching at the park bench planks for dear life.

Tears stained the fur on the 8-year-old's cheeks. Snot ran down his chin.

"Dude, will you hurry up," the wolf's watch stander - a perpetually nervous skunk in his late 40's - hissed as he scouted the park for potential onlookers. "Little bastard's parents are bound to notice he's not in the play fort before too much longer."

The wolf gripped the boy's pudgy hips and forced his knot past his sphincter.


The little rabbit boy let out a blood-curdling scream - the effort of which seemed to require his entire face to perform. His little stubby claws pitted long gashes in the wooden park bench. The boy fought with all his meager strength to crawl away, to dislodge himself from the wolf's iron-hard rod wedged so far up inside of him - only to have the wolf hold him by the hips, keeping the two of them locked together.

"Oh maan... they're bound to have heard that!"

"Will you relax," growled the wolf - loudly, so as to be heard over the child's shrieks and fierce protests. "You're stressing me out and it's making me take longer."

"Just... hurry up," The skunk raked his fingers through his hair for the upteenth time. The wolf sighed. Between an overly jumpy lookout partner and the little bitch trying to trench-crawl off his dick, the wolf had his paws full. Amusing himself, he allowed the lop-ear to get some of the way off his knot. He let the boy feel like he was making some progress towards dislodging the massive pole that was splitting him in two - before roughly grabbing the bunny boy's tail and jerked him back. This time the wolf had his paw ready, cupping it over the small boy's mouth to muffle his scream.

"You sure you don't want a go at this?" grinned the wolf, feeling the boy's tears trickle onto his paw. His palm would be wet with snot once he drew it away. "At his age, he'll still be plenty tight after I'm done."

"N-no," said the skunk, looking more like a black and white meerkat as he nervously glanced all about. "Boys ain't my kettle 'o tea."

The wolf moaned contentedly. "Don't know what you're missing."

In truth, the wolf knew where he was coming from. Before joining YACC, the wolf had never been with - or even considered being with - a male, cub or not. A few months ago, if you had asked him if he'd ever stick it in another man's asshole, the wolf would probably have punched your lights out. But YACC was all about being an open venue for experimentation. Just like with anything, something's always terrible until you actually try it. And once he'd tried it, the wolf had started requesting boys almost as much as he requested girls.

But today, obviously, was different. Today the wolf wasn't requesting shit, club rules or no.

The boy's shorts were pulled completely off - they lay crumpled on the ground somewhere nearby - and his tightie whities were bunched up and swaddled around one leg. His shirt was pushed up between his shoulder blades, exposing a short stretch of back ending in paunchy hips and a deliciously dimpled ass. He had one of the cutest asses the wolf had ever seen - on a boy or girl. It was what made the wolf notice him as the boy was off playing by himself in the large, snaking wooden play fort the city had built in the park last spring.

Now, as barreled into him, feeling the boy's fatty mounds slapping against his hips with each thrust he made, the wolf was in heaven.

The lop-ear tried in vain to cup his tail over his battered hole, but there wasn't enough of it to make that possible, so all the wolf got was a weak thumping against his pubic hair. The wolf thought this was funny. That's what he liked about bunnies - easy access.

"I think I hear someone coming!"

"I'm almost done," the wolf growled again. Keeping a hand gripped firmly over the lop-ear's trembling mouth, he began to plow the boy's ass with renewed vigor. The boy screeched into his palm as the wolf popped his swollen knot in and out of his tightly-ridged sphincter. It was going to be a mess down there once he was done, the wolf already knew.

Curling at the waist, the wolf bit down on the scruff of the boy's neck. He bucked his hips against the yielding flesh of the boy's rump, eliciting a hearty slapping sound with each thrust. With his free hand, the wolf gave the bunny's ass a savage slap, delighting to feel it jiggle beneath the pads of his paws.

"Dude, I hear them calling out his name!"

That was enough to send the wolf over the edge - the prospect of getting caught by the boy's mother with his dick still sheathed inside her son.

Gathering a generous portion of pelt in his teeth, the wolf slammed his hips forward, burying his knot one last time. His shoulders rolled in. His hips, mashed against the boy's upturned ass, seemed to vibrate. And just like that, he was done.

"Dude, we gotta bail!"

"Yeah yeah... I'm comin', I'm comin'." The wolf roused himself off the crumpled form beneath him, tugging loose with an audible Pop! and hastily stuffing his softening member back in his pants. His lookout was already making for the woods. The cub's ass was up-turned and still in a position of presentation. Dusting himself off, the wolf examined the stretched-out hole of the tiny whimpering boy. It had obviously taken a beating and was leaking a generous amount of blood-tinged wolf cum, but other than that the wolf figured the kid would be fine.

The wolf leaned down, picking up one of the boy's comically-oversized ears. "Hey partner," he purred softly, causing the boy to recoil, whimpering, into the crux of the park bench. "That was a lot of fun. When your mom and the police ask, tell them that I said you were really, really tight. Okay? Can you do that for me little buddy?"

But the wolf was gone before the lop-ear could reply, flitting off into the woods fast on the skunk's heels.

Moments later, shoes crunching over grass could be heard in the clearing. Members of a hastily gathered search party soon emerged on one of the very worst-case scenarios everyone in the group had been praying against.