Vixen Goes for a Hike... [ Pt.1 ]

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A stressed vixen needs to get away, and goes for a hike. She does not predict to encounter a wild and hungry dragon...

Warning - Yiff and adult scenes ahead. PART TWO HERE -

Jenny was having a bad day. The vixen was stressed, and overall fed up with her work. It was friday, and it's been a long week for her, full of long hours and angry supervisors. Finally, she was home, and she prepared a backpack for the next morning, she desired to get out, experience the wild before she would have to go back tothat dreadful office... Morning came, Jenny rose up early. Prepared a meal for herself, she engulfed the sandwich with ergency beforepacking bread and nutella into her pack. Out the door she went...She lived on the edge of the small town, and all around it was thick forest and mountains... she didn't like the mountains so much though, so Jenny went to the east, where it was flatter terrain. Jenny was naturally athletic, always had a fast metabolism that gave her that body. Baring a lush red coat of fur on herself, she was overall very attractive. But took no care to please others, she wore an old pair of trackpants, they had rips and scuffs all over them.For a top she just wore a raggy white T-shirt and sports bra. She found the usual trail she takes into the forest, and began striding into it... but she's taken this path so many times...It bores her. For once she decides to stray from the path. Jenny walked in a rough straight line, having a good sense of direction... plus the forest offered many little quirks she would use as a guide back to the path. Such as large fallen trees, interesting rock placement, and so on. Almost an hour and a half into her adventure, with a mixture of walking and jogging. She came across a clearing.There was a small and old log near the edge, it wasn't a large clearing, but it was enough for her to enjoy a little sunlight. Little did she know that this clearing was formed by a large beast, it was his usual resting spot. He formed it himself, pushed the trees over and all.He spent alot of hard energy making the clearing. As time went on, Jenny already ate one sandwich, but couldn't help admiring the sky. Oddly... there was no wildlife in sight. Not a bird, not a single rustle of a land walking creature. She was too oblivious to note this sign... and began to make another sandwich.This time she treats herself, she gets the Nutella spread out, and puts it on her bread, licking her lips with a broad smile. The vixen sighs with content.   Silently, a great dragon standing at 3 metres tall works along a twisting and winding path through the forest. As Jenny had put her sandwich down and laid back to get lostin the warmth of the light, the dragon catches her scent. It perked its webbed ears. The dragon's body was a patchy mess of greens and greys, and powerful wings that were folded neatly on it's back. He didn't like this at all, who was athis resting place?He snuck forward, inching agonizingly slow towards this intruder. The dragon's eyes widen as he sees a lovely vixen, and more importantly, food... these "civilized" ones always had great tasting little treats. Maybe he'll spare this one... Jenny gets startled by the sound of a crunching stick, finding herself suddenly face to face with a large, scalie head. She squeaks. The dragon grinned, his two great blue eyes glancing down at her pack, where that food was. The vixen instantly knew what he wanted, she calmly nodded her head, raising one hand, open palmed as a sign to remain calm... As the other hand grasped that half eaten nutella sandwich.. "Is this what you w-want..?" She hesitantly and softly spoke. The dragon let off a deep and pleasant thrumming sound from it's throat, before it leaned it's snout forward.A thick, pink and slender tongue slides out from between the dragon's lips and wraps around the vixen's hand, slickening it with thick goopy saliva as that sandwich gets wisped away into the dragon's maw. Jenny was left wide eyed, gulping nervously. The sensation of that tongue around her hand sent quivers down her spine. In a single gulp, the sandwich was gone, and the drake grunts for more... "I-I don't have any more bread!" She spat out, feeling intensely scared... she looked at the nutella jar, grasping it and shaking it a little. "W-would you want some of this?" The dragon tilted it's head, ears fluttering a little as it shows interest.Jenny subconciously wanted more of that tongue on her, she couldn't admit it to herself yet though. The vixen dipped two fingers into the jar, and pulls them out with a scoop of chocolate spread, offering it out to the drake. The dragon leaned down and wrapped its tongue around her fingers, in one tight lick, cleaning those digits. More shivers run down the girl's spine, oh did that tongue feel incredible around her fingers. She dipped her fingers in again, got out a big scoop and let it droop over her hand... the dragon almost instantly leaned in to cover her hand with his tongue, the vixen squeaked and shut her eyes, within moments her hand was cleaned and let dripping wet. Her own sex began to ache and drip, she gulped... raising her shirt up with a hand, as the other picked up nutella and spread it onto her belly. That hefty dragon head leaned down and the thick tongue ran over her belly. The dragon was thinking this was quite a strange person, but he didn't care. He was getting this lovely treat, that's all that mattered. The vixen whimpered in pleasure. She had to have more... she looked around, there wouldn't be anyone out here but she was paranoid... slowly beginning to raise that top off. Then work off her bra. She was relatively flat chested, it didn't bother her in the slightest. More chocolate spread is pulled out, the dragon attempted to snatch it up, but follows her hand to her chest, she spread it, all over... and wipes her hand clean on her neck. She is overwhelmed by the dragon's mass, having to lay back as it pushed forwardand licks over her breasts, giving continuous and hard drags of it's tongue over her. Working up to her neck, nibbling at it a little. His stomach ached with all this teasing, starting to grow impatient, he raised his head up from her neck and parts his lips, intending to engulf the vixen here and now. But suddenly, another hand is waved infront of him with more nutella... while lost in thought, while nibbling her neck... she had undid her pants and pulled them back, there was a trial of nutella following down her belly... His lips closed. She remained oblivious... It can wait, he thought, he wanted more of this stuff. That tongue licked over and over in hot laps along her belly, leading down finally to her crotch, the dragon tore the trackies off with a paw.The vixen felt a jolt of fear as this happened, but it subsided immediately as a hot tongue began running over her nether regions. She moaned out, saliva mixed with chocolate... it drooled and coated her fur, leaking down to her rump.The dragon leaned up, and stared at her, his stomach growling... She was lost in ecstacy, dipping her hand into the jar again, she had to fiddle a bit with it... not much nutella was left. She placed that hand down over her crotch again... The dragon wonders why Jenny was so insistent on putting it over her self, but what ever he thought. That pussy of hers tasted fine either way, that addition of chocolate made it even more interesting. Jenny fingers herself this time, forcing nutella into her sex, pushing it down between the folds... and panting as she did so. As her hand pulled away the dragon's lips were stuffed to her netherlips, and he sniffed deeply... she stared in wonder, her cheeks were hot and her heart racing as that thicktongue once again meets her folds. Her eyes clench and she moaned.Lap after lap that tongue ran over her crotch, finally it began to delve into her... The dragon churred with pleasure as his tongue digs slowly into her sex.It rubbed along meaty, chocolate lined walls... Making his tail wag about behind him. The dragons crotch ached, all this time he is spending licking out this vixen is making him want to mate.Her scent flooded his nostrils, slowly the nutella was all licked up and gone... His tongue pumps for a little longer... Its length delving deep. Causing the vixen to eventually sit up and hug the dragon's head, she was recieving so much pleasure it drove her crazy, panting out loudly and whimpering. Jenny's ears twitch and turn as the clearing is filled with squelching, wet sounds... A few moments later, the dragon pulled out, his head rising with a string of saliva and female juices running and snapping from between his lips and her sex.She is left seated, panting, looking up at the dragon... Now the beast looked at her and wondered, his stomach ached, as did his crotch... As a creature thats bred to survive, he needs to eat. He needed to feast... But at the same time, his crotch stirred and distracted him, he stared, wondering what to satisfy....    To be continued...

   Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this short story I put together.  I didn't put that much effort into it, since it's my first story.  I didn't know if anyone would like it, so I kept it short. If this gets much interest, then please let me know :D You like it? Awesome!    Looks like people are interested in both endings of this story!  So I'll be making 2 seperate short stories to follow after this one.    They will be - Soft vore, the dragon follows the call of his stomach. (In progress) Rape -


Thanks for reading!