Just another Day in the Office

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Leroy and Chris carpool to work every morning. Here's what their conversations sound like.

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Another Gruffy backlog story here - I wrote about 800 words ages ago, and never touched it again - but here we go, a story finished after a long time in the making. Just a small little idea that I wanted to play with, and this is the result.

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"...don't ever look back, don't ever look back..."

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Leroy snorted.

"Do you have to, Chris?" the wolf muttered and shot some daggers from the corner of his eye at the fox sitting next to him. Chris was tapping his paws on the dashboard in tune to the music blasting from the car radio.

The fox's lips froze mid-lyric. The thin black lips rapidly twisted into a pouting look at the wolf behind the wheel. Leroy caught a glimpse of the sight and knew that Chris was giving him puppy eyes too, even if he could barely see the fox's green eyes at the moment for they were mostly obscured by the black fringe of his outrageous emo hair.

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"But I thought you liked me in my skintight jeans, hun," the fox's pout slowly became a smirk perfectly suitable for someone of vulpine persuasion.

The buff wolf behind the wheel answered initially with a cursory grunt.

"Maybe, but those you've got on now are just ridiculous."

Chris glanced down at his own slim legs, their usual pretty red tone complete obscured by the indeed skintight layer of black cloth that made his legs look even thinner than usual, now that his luxurious fur couldn't add any bouffant layers onto them. The song on the radio was still spouting on the joyful message of such garments. Chris chuckled a little and relaxed his neck gingerly against the headrest. He was being ever so mindful and self-conscious of the elaborate hairdo that had forced him to spend three and a half hours at Fyfy's Coiffeur Saloon only on the day before.

"I know, hun," the fox murmured and rubbed his thighs with his paws, both to have something to do with his busy paws and to perhaps restore some of his circulation, "probably not as stupid as this hair, though. It feels so weird! Like having a weird haystack on top of my head or something."

The wolf gave him another sideways glance, witnessed the outrageous emo extravaganza, and then simply shrugged, eyes firmly on the road.

"It'll pay itself back," Leroy mused.

The fox snuffled. The flow of air was strong enough to cause the outermost spiky fringes of his careful crafted head furs to jump threateningly. He chuckled quietly to himself and flicked his bushy tail up between his legs and then over his belly, so that he could run his still slightly nervous fingers through it. Chris smiled a little at the sight of his white tailtip flicking against the green T-shirt-clad tummy.

The car breaks squeaked.

"Oh, crap," Leroy breathed.

Chris lifted his eyes up from his self-pleasuring and saw the back end of a car only about one foot away from the front of their own car, red braking lights blazing still. The traffic light hovering above was sporting the same color. Leroy signaled his displeasure at the sudden jam with a loud huff and some tapping of his clawed fingertips against the well-worn wheel.

"Fuck," he muttered.

The fox simply shrugged.

The tapping only intensified, and Chris decided to look out of the passenger's window to see what was going on. He could see a bear sitting behind the wheel on the car stuck on the lane next to them. While he was spied on, the burly guy lifted a takeaway coffee mug up to his muzzle. The sight of the beverage made Chris feel hungry. He expected his stomach to grumble at any moment.

"If we're going to be late..." the wolf muttered.

"We won't be, hun," Chris smiled.

The wolf snorted.

"By the looks of this traffic, we just might."

Chris reached out with his nimble paw and rubbed it quickly over the wolf's nicely muscled arm, bare since the grey-furred male was only wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. He smiled a bit broader, now.

"We've still got over half an hour, and it's not like they can start without us or anything."

Leroy grunted.

"Well I hope so."

Chris chuckled.

"Besides, I did most of the prep already at home so we can just jump in," the fox flicked a cheerful ear.

The wolf muttered something under his breath, but Chris couldn't understand what he said. The fox flicked his ears at the wolf again.

"I think someone's a bit nervous about today," the fox smirked.

Leroy gave his fox a quick look and snuffled before his eyes snapped back to the road, waiting for the go-ahead.

"Not really," he replied nonchalantly.

Chris ran his small fingers through his bushy tail once more and yawned openly. Having to wake up at six thirty had never suited the fox well, not when he was at school, not when he was working at Starbucks, and certainly not now either. At least the California morning was bright and promised a fine weather for today, with only a few clouds in the horizon. Shame that they'd be indoors all day, though. The road was packed, however, and Chris could hear the braying of a car horn at the distance.

The light finally turned, prompting Leroy to switch on the gear and give the engine some juicy, finally moving them forward. The engine's roar calmed into a comfortable rumble after a couple of seconds of heavy acceleration, and allowed normal-voiced conversation again.

"How come you never have to do any body modification for this stuff?" the fox wondered.

Leroy snuffled.

"Well, I guess I usually fir the bill for whatever they want, with or without stupid hair," the wolf spared a paw to run it through his own shaggy head curls, and smiled a little, so that Chris could see a couple of sharp canines when he did.

The fox chuckled happily and licked his lips with his smooth, pink tongue.

"Well you're kinda the universal hunk, you know, hun."

Leroy rumbled, mostly for the hell of it, but also to show that he was indeed hunky enough that he could make such a deep sound echo from his chest.

"Yeah, maybe," the wolf replied.

Chris chuckled again and flicked his ears amiably.

"I still think that you're a bit nervous."

Leroy flicked a somewhat annoyed ear in his fox's direction.

"Are you just trying to rile me up somehow?" the wolf muttered without giving a look at the smaller male sitting next to him.

Chris chuckled and flicked his ears up and down cutely, so that they brushed against his uncomfortable hair.

"Mayyyybe," the fox snickered. "And maybe not...we know you're usually quite riled up enough."

Leroy steered one-pawedly for the moment so that he could scratch his chin with the other.

"It's just another day in the office," he opinioned. "Don't know why this one would be any different."

Chris gingerly plucked a lock of the black, spiked, newly dyed head furs between his fingerpads to further indicate the strangeness of his current do.

"Well there's this for started," he snuffled, tugging on the hair before giving it a rest.

"And the jeans," the wolf added dryly.

Chris snuffled and let his ears droop.

"I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to wear them beforehand to break them in," the fox declared dramatically. "I didn't know what I was doing, I swear!"

Leroy grumbled.

"Wouldn't be the first time," the wolf rumbled.

And then he added...

"Like when we did that scene to Golden Shower Surfers?"

Both of them let out a collective grunt of annoyance at the memory, and Chris made a face and pouted, too. It looked especially effective with the new mop of hair covering his head. Leroy spied it briefly from the rearview mirror and grimaced once again at the sight.

"And that's going off so fast when this is over and done with," he spoke firmly. "That's just ghastly."

Chris snuffled.

"It's definitely not my look," the fox mumbled. "Feels like I've stuck my head in a bird's nest or something."

Leroy chuckled.

"And you haven't even seen everything Spiffy must've come up with for your outfit," the wolf added, just because he could. "I'm kinda expecting wristbands and chains and maybe some lip gloss..."

The fox made a face and flapped his tail against the dashboard.

"Well at least you're going to tear it all off me really quickly, yes?" the fox's eyes gleamed as he turned to look at the wolf, smiling still.

Leroy shrugged the shoulder nearest to his eager fox, and snuffled a little.

"Well we gotta do the promo and cover photo shoot first...might take a while if Duncan wants us to play around..."

The fox succumbed to theatricality and slapped his paws over his cheeks and let out a murmuring sigh.

"Oh Jesus, I didn't think about that..." he mumbled from between his palms.

Leroy chuckled and patted the fox's thigh quickly with his own, big, warm paw.

"Sorry, dude," the wolf smiled a little.

The paw might've been gone quickly, but Chris chased it, and soon had his own paw rubbing up and down over his boyfriend's bare arm while Leroy tried to concentrate on driving the car.

"Damn," Chris muttered, suddenly, ears flicking up.

"Huh?" Leroy gave him a glance.

Chris withdrew his paw and audibly flopped against his backseat again.

"I'll probably have to do the promos for my scene with Brad too, with this damn hair and stuff being such a pain in the ass," the fox muttered.

Leroy huffed.

"Yeah, probably," he said. "We know you're gonna be a big mess after today, so they probably want to play it safe and make the best out of that hair and stuff."

Chris smirked and let his tail tickle his own belly as he wagged it back and forth and gave leering eyes at the wolf busy driving the car.

"Is that a promise, hun?"

Leroy smirked from the corner of his muzzle.

"Well isn't that what they pay me for?"

Chris chuckled.

"Yeah, they do," he grinned.

Leroy signaled and swiveled the wheel as he changed lanes and lined up for the next intersection that'd take a turn for the industrial park they were heading for. Chris glimpsed the familiar landmark of the huge Sears store to their right.

"Think we could buy that new kitchen table once the checks come through?" the fox mused, eyes following the hangar-sized shopping haven while the wolf put the pedal to the medal and made it shrink out of Chris' view.

Leroy rumbled.

"I have to pay the internet bill and the water and I've got some on my VISA too that needs to be paid off," the wolf rumbled. "I think it's for my sneakers. Are you gonna handle the rent?"

Chris turned to look at the wolf again, and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess" the fox replied.

Leroy gave him a quick look.

"Kinda crap that I only got one scene on this one," the wolf said. "But I was talking with Jock the other day and he said that I'll probably get a spot on Nasty Coach Secrets 8."

Chris' eyes perked.

"You did?" the fox spoke curiously. "When did that happen?"

"Jock phoned when you were at the hairdressers'," the wolf replied. "He was asking me if I was interested."

"Ohhh...well I hope you said yes!" Chris yelped.

"Of course I did," the wolf muttered. "I want to pay my share of the rent too."

The fox was still playing with his white tailtip, watching it flick while he spoke.

"Well it sounds like a great opportunity to me," the fox mused. "I mean, guys like, say...uhh...Nick Horness got their first big break on Nasty Coach Secrets. He's still filming!"

"He isn't a twink anymore," Leroy replied. "And I'm not a twink."

Chris chuckled.

"Yeah, that's my job, not yours," the fox replied with a grin.

Leroy flicked an ear at him.


"Well that's how it went for me!" the fox enthused. "You know I was doing only random dildo clips and fluffing and a couple of small low-paying scenes before I did Melville Deepbottom and bam! Front page material!"

The wolf couldn't help but chuckle, his own tail sweeping dangerously close to the gas pedal while the big male rumbled.

"I'm sure a couple of random fox fucks can't compare to a co-starring role in Barry Potter and the Wizard's Big Wand", the wolf replied.

Chris chuckled and flicked his ears cutely again.

"Got my first online review for that one," he mused, "for the scene where Melville Deepbottom gets gangbanged by all of the Weasel brothers. I was soooo sore!"

Leroy snorted.

"Wasn't that the purpose of the scene?"

The fox snuffled.

"I guess so. But I was mostly thinking of the 500 bucks each of those cocks got me."

There was a small patch of silence before either of them spoke again. This time it was Leroy.

"The coach would be played by Hans," the wolf muttered.

The fox cringed.


Leroy snorted.

"Well he is the biggest star of the studio at the moment, I guess...so maybe it'd do me some good, too."

"But it's Hans," Chris stated.

Leroy grumbled.

"Guess I can bite my teeth and take it like a man huh?" the wolf glanced over at the fox. "For us?"

Chris' smile managed to soften his forced emo looks into something that looked much more like the real person he was, underneath the layered fringe and the disinterested bout he had been practicing in front of a mirror for the past week. The fox smiled now, and patted his boyfriend's thigh with his paw.

"Well it can't always be all fun and play, huh?" the fox snuffled. "Not like today, hah."

Leroy grunted.

"About time," he snorted. "I hate not being able to tap that tight cute butt of yours whenever I want to."

Chris could feel a surge of heat inside his sheath, vacuum-sealed in the jeans as he was yet, but it was still a nice feeling. It was a good reminder of the fact that even though they'd be doing it with half a dozen furs watching, and on two or three cameras, it was still just them two, and no other extra parties doing any tapping.

"Well I hate it too, but we need those money shot bonuses, "the fox replied matter-of-factly. "That's three hundred extra bucks to the savings account."

"Yeah," Leroy nodded, rumbling.

"And..." Chris smirked and let his tailtip flick over the centre console so that he could tickle it against the wolf's leg, "after tomorrow's second shoot, we're both going to be free to do as much tapping as we want until next month."

Leroy bared his teeth in an aggressive smirk and flicked his own tail against the fox's bushy flapper.

"I'm gonna take care of that alright."

Chris rumbled happily and licked his lips.

"Uhhh I know you will, hun..."

Their verbal and non-verbal flirting would've gone on most likely, if it wasn't for the fact that the looming shape of their destination was already visible through the windshield. Chris reeled his tail back in and squirmed his tightly packed rump around the seat once more to get his tail into a comfortable shape.

"And we're just on time..." Leroy mused as he signaled and turned onto the driveway.


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