An Erotic Weekend, Part 2

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2 of The Visitor: An Erotic Weekend

When I was working on the final chapter of The Visitor 2, I starting thinking that there was a lot of things in the first story that still needed to be fixed. And by splitting it into two parts, I felt that I could add more content without making it feel too long. The original actually had a perfect middle point, so it wasn't a problem to split it in two... And then, my computer was stolen!

So this is actually my second time remastering this damn story. And, as I was writing this, I started to feel that this version is actually better, since I had to go back and think it over again- and each time I've returned to this, I've added something new to the story. Any way, I hope you guys enjoy this!

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THE VISITOR: "An Erotic Weekend"

Part 2

Adapted by Seres North, from a story by 'Paul Taylor'

At the moment, the three felt totally spent, and made their way to the couch. Whistle helped the girls opened it up and unfold the bed. And with this now out of the way, the trio quickly got to sleep, with Alison and Lily snuggled up to the wolf on either side. It wasn't long before the three of them drifted off to sleep in the darkness, the wolf cradling the two ladies against him.

Only to be awoken some time later by the crash of thunder as the storm returned. After a moment, Alison cleared her eyes and glanced over to the nightstand. Next to the lamp, was a digital alarm clock, the glowing red numbers displaying "4:02 AM". Whistle sat up and looked over to it for a moment, his brown and black-streaked hair barely visible in the near-darkness. Alison turned to look over her shoulder at him, smiling at him and giving the wolf a quick kiss on the lips. Lily rose up, running a black-furred hand through her hair as the sheets slid off her curvy figure.

There was a slight chill in the air inside the cabin, so Whistle got to his feet and made his way over to the fireplace, where her prodded and re-stoked the fire. The orange glow of the flames reflected in his gray-blue eyes as he tended to it. Satisfied with the state of the fire, he returned to the bed, the den now bathed once more in the glow of the fire. As the wolf rejoined them on the bed, Alison looked to her friend with a knowing smile- her brown eyes meeting the fox's blue ones.

With that, the raccoon leaned in and kissed him on the lips once more, one hand cupping his cheek while she moved her other hand down his hip and along his thigh. But the vixen wasn't about to be outdone by her friend, and quickly pressed her luscious form against him. As Lilly started to kiss and lick at the back of his neck, Alison began to lick and nip at his jaw. Alison began slowly moving down along his firm body, planting kisses down his chest. She smiled as she felt stomach brush against the hard length of his rapidly swelling wolfhood.

Lily wrapped her arms around his neck to nuzzle her cheek against him, prompting Whistle to turn back and kiss the vixen on the lips. The wolf grunted slightly when he felt Alison wrap her hand around him to stroke the length of his hard shaft. After a bit, the raccoon leaned in and took the head of his cock into her mouth as she gingerly started going down on him. Lily eventually broke their kiss and smiled at him. "I'd guess, from your enthusiasm, that you're up for some more fun?"

Lily released the wolf and watched as the other female took Whistle into her mouth. Alison wrapped her lips tightly around him as she slid up and down his hard length... Only to then release him and push him down onto the bed, then climb up onto him and straddle his waist. The raccoon made sure that the folds of her sex moved tantalizingly against the hardness of his swollen cock.

Lily watched silently as Alison and Whistle moved against each other, until the raccoon finally lifted herself up to position her dripping core over the tip of the wolf's aching shaft. Then, in a single fluid motion, the raccoon brought herself down on his hard length. Whistle gasped as he felt the sudden tightness of her inner folds encircle around him. He reflexively sank his hands into the fur of her hips as he began to move, almost becoming lost in the warmth and tightness within her.

Alison reached down and gripped his shoulders to steady herself as he moved- her entire body shifting with each powerful thrust. This went on for a while, with the wolf gradually increasing the pace of his motions and her body rocking in time with his... Until, there was a blinding flash of white for both of them! Alison let out a cry as she climaxed around the wolf. Whistle grit his teeth and sank himself into her as he came, spilling his seed into the female's tight passage.

Once the two had calmed down enough and caught their breaths, Whistle withdrew, their combined juices spilling out of her as his semi-hard flesh slipped free. As this happened, Lily cupped his cheek and leaned in to kiss him. Whistle sat up and watched as the vixen crawled up before him, flashing a sexy look as she brushed aside a few strands of her hair. The raccoon smiled at her friend's antics and watched as the fox extended her tongue to lap at the head of his dick.

She eagerly took Whistle's length into her mouth and nursed the hard pink flesh. After a while, Lily began to move, her lips creating a heavenly suction around him as she bobbed up and down on the length of the wolf's organ. The vixen felt him pulsing inside her mouth and sped up, while Whistle snaked his fingers into her long red hair. Moments later, the wolf lurched forward and came, his thick seed filling her mouth and throat as he climaxed. Lily pulled back from him and sat up, swallowing some of his cum before she shared a heated kiss with Alison.

The raccoon slipped back from the fray and watched as Lily climbed up onto Whistle, wrapping her legs around him as she straddled his waist as she started to slowly move. The vixen leaned in to kiss the wolf roughly, growling seductively into his mouth as she continued to grind the slick folds of her glistening sex against his hard shaft. Whistle growled back and her and gripped her backside, digging his hands into the plush red fur of her hips, and positioned her over his wolfhood. And with a quick fluid motion, the wolf impaled her on his hard cock.

She moaned noisily, adjusting the sensation of his large member filling her. But Alison just smiled as her friend squirmed around him. Lily arched her back and cried out as the wolf began thrusting, only to be silenced by a kiss from the Raccoon. Whistle then began increasing the intensity and speed of his thrusts- causing the fox to moan loudly as she rode him. The vixen threw her arms around his back and held on as her entire body shook with pleasure while he continued at a steady pace. With her friend distracted, the raccoon slipped behind her and reached around to cup her breasts.

Lily gasped- the combined stimulation of having her nipples teased, while Whistle continued his relentless thrusting inside her was quickly proving too much for her to bare. The young wolf increased the depth and intensity of his thrusts- plunging deeper with each rhythmic motion. Though he made sure to vary his pace as he thrusts into her warm passage.

As he continued pounding into her, he gripped her hips tightly, before thrusting hard and causing the vixen to bounce up and down- her slick flesh sliding against his hard length. Alison nibbled and licked at her friend's neck and jaw while pinching and teasing her rosy pink nipples. She smiled to herself as she gripped her breasts and massaged them. Lily let out a hiss of pleasure when the raccoon gently pinched her nipples, then rolled them between her fingers.

She gave a small, pained whimper as the wolf continued driving into her. The raccoon could feel herself nearing her limit as it went on. Lily, who'd been observing her the whole time, recognized the familiar look of frenzied pleasure on the other girl's face and smiled. The raccoon leaned in and captured her friend's lips once more in a kiss as she reached down to tease her clit. The fox let out a yelp and a spasm of pleasure, her full thighs tightening around the wolf's waist.

For his part, Whistle had to clench his teeth to keep from loosing his composure as he continued thrusting into the female's tight insides. Lily's inner folds were gripping his shaft tightly as he moved against her slick fold. Then, at the last moment, he gave a final thrust and buried himself deep within her tight passage. The vixen gave a muffled cry into her friend's mouth as she climaxed and arched her back as the wolf came inside her. After a while, the wolf slowly pulled out of- a mix of his thick seed and her own juices dripping messily from her passage as he withdrew.

While the busty vixen gasped for breath in the aftermath of her climax, Alison climbed onto Lily and pressed her entire body firmly against her friend's curvy form. The raccoon used her own legs to spread the other woman's, leaving the contrasting flesh of their glistening slits lined up. The darker female looked over her shoulder at the young wolf. "If you can manage it... Then why don't we finish this night off with some 'double-play'?" She asked Whistle with a smile.

Whistle smiled at the suggestion and nodded, getting up to position himself behind them, the tip of his cock aimed towards their sex-slicked mounds. The two ladies waited in silent anticipation, both letting out a pleasured gasp as he slipped his wolfish shaft between them- parting the folds of their slits with is girth. The wolf paused, his member caught in the warm grip their slick folds. Alison and Lily moaned when they felt the head of his cock brush up against their clits- sending quick little jolts of pleasure through their bodies- before coming to rest between their warm bodies.

Whistle gripped Alison's firm backside to steady himself, adjusting to feel of being held between the two ladies, while Lily held onto the shoulders of the busty vixen beneath her. She smiled up at her friend and wrapped her arms around the curve of the raccoon's back. The wolf then began to slowly move against them, his hard cock seamlessly gliding against their slick folds and into the soft, furred embrace of their bellies. After a few more experimental thrusts, he finally settled upon the correct rhythm and began moving between them.

Both of the females began to moan in time with his thrusts, causing the hard flesh of the wolf's member to became slick from their combined arousal. Gradually, as he gauged their responses, Whistle began to slowly increase the speed of his movements, sending hot waves of pleasure through all three of them as he continued to drive his wolfhood against them.

Each time the wolf moved against the two of them, Whistle's cock ground into the wetness of their dripping mounds and against their clits, causing them to moan louder as he continued. Alison began to feel lightheaded as the hard organ moved between their legs. The raccoon soon felt a familiar pressure building between her thighs as the wolf continued thrusting. She leaned down and parted the vixen's soft lips in a heated kiss. Lily happily reciprocated, meeting the other girl's tongue with her own even as the felt herself reaching her own limit.

Whistle continued to move briskly between their soft flesh. The sensation from their coupling was incredible for him as he went on. The wolf's organ was trapped firmly in the warm, velvet-soft grip of the two female's slits. Their slicked folds of the fox and the raccoon almost seemed to conform around the wolf's shaft has he continued moving. And of course, it was an amazing turn-on for him to watch the two female passionately kissing as she thrust his aching cock against them. He grit his teeth and tensed the muscles in his hips as he felt a sudden sensation start to build in his loins.

Whistle leaned in, thrusting between the two women with as much intensity as possible, gripped firmly between their sex-slicked mounds. It wasn't long before his efforts were rewarded by the muffled cries and moans of pleasure from the females reached his ears. Alison deepened the kiss with Lily as she interlaced her fingers between the vixen's beneath her.

And then, Alison and Lily let out cries of pleasure, just as they both felt themselves overtaken by a flood of warmth between their thighs. They clung onto one another and savored the sensation of their combined orgasms- their juices soaking Whistle's swollen shaft as they came. The next thing he knew, the wolf felt a trimmer run through his body...

Whistle gave a final thrust and buried himself in the lips of their glistening mounds, his entire body going stiff as he came. He felt himself shudder as his cock pulsed between them, then a pleasurable feeling of release as he climaxed- messily spilling his seed onto their stomachs.


The trio soon found themselves falling into a deep sleep after their second round of coupling had finished in the early hours of the mourning. Around noon, with the midday sun in the sky, they stirred and gradually awoke. And so, the first order of business was getting cleaned up.

All three made their way to the bathroom and began showering- washing away the remnants of the previous night's activities from their bodies. Once they were all cleaned up, they dried off and returned to the den. Whistle helped the girls to get the den back in order, then closed up the fold-out couch while Alison and Lily removed the sheets and took them to the wash room for cleaning.

Whistle watched as the two ladies started off towards the kitchen, quickly guessing their intentions, and swiftly intervened. He cleared his throat, gaining their attention. "If the two of you will show me the way around, then I'd be happy to take care of breakfast." He began. "After all, I am a cook and it's the least I could do for putting me up for the night." The wolf offered them with a smile.

The girls found the offer appealing and returned to the main room to tidy up, while Whistle made his way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Once Alison and Lily had finished sorting things out and getting the room back to normal, they retired to couch to relax.

Whistle went to retrieve various ingredients from the refrigerator- including fresh eggs, ham, cheese, and others- and took them over to the counter. The wolf then retrieved a large frying pan and set it down on the stove, heating it up as he started cracking several eggs over it. He whipped the yolk in the pan and diced up the ingredients, then took out a baking pot...

The wolf took out a large surviving tray, and set the still-hot quiche down on it- along with a stack of freshly made toast on a large plate. Whistle then took all the food and set the tray down on the dining table in the kitchen. He called to the girls, announcing that breakfast was ready, as he went back to bring a tray with glasses and a pitcher of orange juice.

Alison and Lily promptly joined Whistle at the small dining table, where he poured them all glasses of orange juice, before sitting down and inviting them tuck in. The wolf gave the two a handsome smile as he started to cut into the quiche, steam rising up, and placed the servings onto the ladies' plates. All three grabbed toast and started spreading butter and jelly onto them. They picked up knives and forks and contentedly set about eating breakfast in silence...

About an hour later, after they'd finished eating and cleaning up everything, the three of them returned to the main room of the cabin. "I don't suppose you two would mind if we get going?" Whistle asked the two girls in genial tone. "I hate to rush things, ladies... But, I promised my parents that I would go pay them a visit during my break." The wolf explained with a smile.


Alison twirled her keys in her hand as she led Lily and Whistle to her car. "I hope you don't mind taking the back seat, my dear?" She asked the wolf as she made her way to the driver's seat and sat down inside, hitting the button to unlock the doors. Lily slipped in and took the "shotgun" position beside the raccoon driver, while Whistle sat down in the bench-style seating in the back.

Lily watched as Alison inserted the key in the ignition and turned it, the car rumbling to life as the engine started up. The Raccoon fiddled with the controls of the satellite radio, before she eventually decided on a contemporary rock station. Trendy Rock music began playing as the car pulled out and they turned onto the gravel path- towards the road back to town. The three of them made small talk during the thirty minute ride into the nearby town.

A thirty-minute ride later, the three finally arrived in civilization, Alison pulled up and parked the car in front of the local Auto Shop. Whistle stepped out and turned around, just in time for Lily to walk over and hugged him. "Last night was great..." She intoned softly. "Feel free to give me a call sometime- I'd love to see you again."The vixen added slyly, slipping him a piece of paper.

Alison cleared her throat audibly to gain their attention, then walked over to Whistle and put her arms around him and leaned in close to his ear. "Thanks again, for last night." She offered him in a hushed voice, before stepping back and giving the wolf a piece of paper. "Please feel free to give both of us a call some time." The raccoon finished with a smile.

The wolf opened up the bits of paper and nodded, before slipping them into his wallet, then flashed the two women another roguish smile. "Sure thing, ladies... That sounds like a great idea." Whistle replied cheerfully as he crossed his arms behind his head.

Alison and Lily watched as he gave them a final wave and walked into the auto-shop...

(- The End...? -)

. . . ...o.o.o... . . .

I certainly hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was an interesting experiment and fun to write. Aside from what I talked about in the opening blurb, I also decided to have the story take place in the present time. This included bringing in things like cellphones and satellite radio.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do something like this again. If I come across something that interests me enough, than I might. So keep an eye out. Again, thanks to everyone for reading this. And of course, your feedback is always welcome.

-Seres North

Edit (April 2, 2011): I fixed a few mistakes and added more story details... Also, there doesn't seem to be any contact info for the original author. The site I took this from is in pretty bad shape, as evident by all the broken links. I posted this story because I thought the original version was worth preserving and that you guys would like it. And based on your feedback, it seems most of you did.

Edit (Sept 13, 2012): This time, I overhauled the entire story. I fixed the lingering grammar and pacing issues to make the story better. I also went back and made the sexual content more detailed, and added more depth and variety to the sex scenes. As far as I'm concerned, this really is the definitive version of this story, and I hope you all have enjoyed reading the final product.