The Tomes Of Malderon

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Chapter 2 of the Tomes of Malderon series. For Chapter 1 go here: for the next chapter go here:

Book 1: The War for Gilneas

Chapter 2, The Infestation

Malderon woke shortly after the bandaging of the wound on his hand; Godfrey was looming over him, distressed he asked, "Malderon! are you ok?" "I believe I am, what happened?" "You got attacked by the prisoner, he bit you but the wound doesn't look that serious, it will most likely go away after a few hours." "thank you for saving me Godfrey, however, the one who attacked me was not the prisoner, it was a worgen." "I was indeed a worgen, it was someone who had survived a near death attack by a worgen, I had him chained here out of curiocity." "Godfrey, are you saying that most if not all of the worgen attacking our city, are the people themselves?" Malderon asked shocked, "I was not certain at first but now, im positive that is what is happening." Malderon mustard up enough energy to get back on his feet, he was a little wobbly at first but then he managed to stand with ease. "What should we do now?" "you should find your trainer, malderon, i bet the warrior's guild would be able to tell you what to do next." "i will Godfrey, thank you."

Malderon moved hazely up the cellar and over tward the market stands where his trainer, Malboris, stood. "AHOY THERE MALDERON! What brings you here?" "I would like to know if there is anything i can do for you and the guild." "Well there is one thing. you could go to the top of the towers and defend one of our spell casters, he is supposed to make a barrier to stop the infestation, are you up for the task?" "I am, tell me where to go." "go down the road until you reach the tower, go up the stairs and across the roof until you reach him." "How will i know if its him?" "Trust me, you will know him when you see him." "I understand."

Malderon effortlessly made his way down the street following the directions his trainer provided, he noticed that the soldiers are making blockades so military personel and civilians could make there way by without getting attacked by worgen, when Malderon made it to the tower, he could hear roars coming from above, his wound hurt badly now, it looks like it might be infected. when he reached the top he saw a shirtless man fighting off worgens with another man who was using daggers, the shirtless man had an orange beard and dark green cloth pants, the man using daggers was completely cloaked in black, his face was hidden behind the shadow of his hood.

Malderon raised his axe in preperation to fight, he charged into battle with his comrades, the shirtless man said, "Thanks for coming, we could use the help." "No problem, lets just kill the Worgen and be done with it." A Worgen slashed at Malderon's left, but he blocked it and countered with a horizantal slash. The Worgen died with its entrails spewing out. Another Worgen came from his right, this time it was intent on bringing him down to the ground. Malderon stepped to the side and countered with a slash to it's shoulder, the Worgen died a few seconds after from bloodloss. The last Worgen fell to the man with the daggers, "What are you doing here? We had this area under control, we didn't need you." "From the looks of it, ide say you needed my help, and with all the worgen running around, the more people the better." "pfft, please, we dont need help from people who fight like you do." such errogance, thought Malderon, "irrelevant, whats done is done, I'm here to help and i am not leave til your task is done." the man with the daggers crossed his arms and looked away in disgust, it was obvious he had a large ego and did not want to be shown up by anyone.

A loud roar came from the room next to the building they were on, Malderon looked in suprise as multiple worgen ran across the room to attack them, one big one which looked to be the leader charged first. "uuuhhh, i think you should make that barrier now." "I'M CASTING AS FAST AS I CAN! THESE TYPE OF THINGS ARE DELICATE!" luckily to his effort, the shirtless man managed to finish casting his spell, only a few Worgen managed to get there before the spell was finished, one of them was the alpha Worgen. The man with the daggers took out the three others that made it through, however the alpha slashed at him with immense speed, sending him flying into the chimney behind him.

The alpha then turned to Malderon, it could smell the blook of its kin on him, and it wanted revenge. Malderon dashed underneath it and praced for any type of attack that might have followed. The Worgen turned and slashed at him using one of its mighty paws. The paw struck the axe sending it flying off the roof, Malderon was now defensless against the alpha worgen, Malderon slowly made his way backward away from the Worgen until he could feel his back hit the chimney where the man with the daggers lay beside him, out cold. The alpha drew closer until its breath could be felt on Malderon's Neck, it was heavy, and stunk on rotten meat. Malderon searched the ground for the daggers that the man had while still paying attention to the alpha, trying not to show fear.

When the alpha was about to rip his thoat out, Malderon found one of the daggers and stabbed the alpha in the neck, he then sliced the Worgen's neck cutting it entirely leaving a gapping scar, and exposing the innards of his throat. The alpha fell to the ground dead and nearly beheaded. Malderon managed to stand up after being exposed to such danger, His breathing heavy and his heart pounding, he turned back to the unconcious man who lay next to him, he threw the dagger he had onto his lap, I need a new weapon, thought Malderon. Merchants should still be down in the town sqare still selling weapons to soldiers and others who wish to fight off the invaders.

Malderon made his way back to the market place in the town square, he talked to his trainer first to let him know of the situation. "I have accomplished the task." "Good, here, a gift from both me and the guild." Malboris tossed Malderon a few silver coins. Malderon made his way to the merchant where he bought a war hammer; he thought that there was no weapon out there that could do the job a warhammer can. the warhammer was gleeming silver with Gilneas's insignia on the side.

A messanger came on the horse that was used to carry King Graymane. "Malderon, King Graymane would like to see you, I shall take you to him immediatly." Malderon accepted the offer amd hopped up on the horse, the horse immediatly took off running tward the canal district. A few minutes later he arrived at a camp where Graymane was waiting for him. "Well met, King Graymane, What did you need me for?" Graymane looked grim at the question, "The spell used to stop the Worgen only stopped those outside the city from getting in, however, there are still several left in the city." "I would assume so, but why would this still cause an issue? All you need to do is exterminate the ones left." "Thats the thing we didn't know how many were already in the city, and please keep your voice down, we do not want them to hear us." Graymane urged Malderon to take a look over the wall that surounding the back of the small camp made by Graymane and his troops. Malderon started to climb to the top and took a good look at what was going on.

Worgens had completely taken over the canal district, the open field which once bloomed with flowers in front of the church, was now torn up by the claws of the festering Worgen. There were cannons mounted in front of the church and soldiers shooting them off defending it, and at the entrance was Godfrey shooting at the Worgens with his revolver.

Malderon climed down and looked back at Graymane who looked even grimmer than before. "We need you to take a horse and ride through their numbers to attract as much attention as possible so we can send the rest of our soldiers in there to save Godfrey and his men." "ARE YOU INSANE?! THERE IS NO WAY A SINGLE PERSON WILL SURVIVE THAT!" "Thats correct, you wont survive if your on your own. That is why i will be going with you." Malderon took a step back in shock, his commander who was the king of Gilneas was going to go on a suicide mission with him. What a surprise, yet an honor.

End Chapter 2