The Tomes Of Malderon

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This is the start of a colaboration of stories based off of my choices and decicions made by my worgen character that i made in WOW, now this is purely fan based, i dont wanna get sued by anyone. depending on whether or not its popular i might make more. for those of you who are in the horde, screw you i love the alliance. i'm going to be posting chapters per day. For chapter 2 go here:

Book 1: The War For Gilneas

Chaper 1, The New Beginning

He emerged from his home in a blaze wearing nothing but his cloth pants, blue puffy shirt, and black boots, he could hear the screeches from the other citizens, the city was being over run by beasts, these beasts are so monstrous, they hardly can be concidered that they had a human side at all. He ran to the nearest soldier who was defending himself against the monsters, the soldier wore pale gray armour, with black cloth underneath. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" yelled Malderon "THE WORGENS ARE INVADING, GO TO GRAYMANE! WE COULD USE ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!"

He ran to the town square, avoiding the attacking worgen, as he ran he noticed an abandoned axe, he grabbed it and deflected a scratch from another worgen. he cleaved through it like it was a slice of steak.

At the town square he saw Graymane defending himself with a handful of guards. when he reached Graymane he asked, "What can I do to help?" Graymane who was suited in his best armour which glittered gold in the moonlight, answered vigorously, "Thank god your here Malderon, your expertise in fighting would be a virtuous asset, we need you to go find citizens in their homes and help them escape." "Understood"

Malderon moved to the nearest house, he banged on the door. "Hello? is anyone in there? We need you to come with us, this is Malderon of the guard!" The door swung open, blood was splattered across the walls and the floor, a low growling could be heard from inside. "Hello?" He raised his axe to defend himself from any attack. A woman ran out screaming, "MY HUSBAND IS DEAD! SAVE ME!" Malderon caught the scrambling woman, "Calm down, I will do what I can." She broke away screaming, he cautiously moved into the house, around the corner he saw the dead body of a man that must have been the husband of the woman. on top of the dead body was a creature gorging itself on the remains, a Worgen had entered the house and was eating the body like a wold that had not had a meal for days. "Prepare for death beast." Malderon swung his axe and with a movement that was inhumane, caught the axe, it looked up from its meal, hungry for some fresher meat. it flung forward intent on killing him, but it knocked him over, and with the same momentum, Malderon kicked his legs at the worgen sending it over him and into the wall, scrambling to get up he immediatly swung his axe at the creature, the blood from it splatterd across his face, nothing but a low whine from the wounded Worgen could be heard from the house.

Malderon looked down at the beast, he humbled it for its ferocity and battle skills, however he must kill it, for the glory of king Graymane. Malderon swung his axe once more and decapitated it, the head rolled forward at Malderon's feet, mouth open, eyes wide, and blood still spurting from its mouth.

Malderon retured to Graymane who was on a horse that had been recovered from the battle, the night wsa sighlent, Graymane thanked him for what he did and wanted him to go see Lord Godfrey, he would help in this infestation. Malderon gladly accepted the challenge.

Malderon made his way over to Godfrey who was several blocks away, no Worgen in sight he kept his guard up the entire way. He found Godfrey in front of a cellat foor that was open; sounds of pain could be heard inside. Godfrey was wearing his small round glasses, a tattered black suit, and a top hat, his facial features indicated that he was an old man but could still put up a big fight; he noticed the wandering stranger and asked, "What do you want?" Malderon answered, "I was send by Graymane to find you." "Ah yes, I want toy to go find Akina, she will hive you a dog to use, you may have noticed that it has been quiet lately, that is because the Worgen are using the shadows to stay concealed from out sight, with one swift movement they take us out. It is because of this reason I need you to go to Akina, the dog she will give you will aid in our defense, if this works then all our guards will be accompanied by dogs, god speed." "As well to you Godfrey." Before Malderon could leave Godfrey said, "You can find Akina in this cellar, she is taking care of a special guest." Godfrey pointed toward the open cellar he was next to.

Malderon thanked him and continued downstairs, below, he saw a woman and a man, the man was in the corner, cowering and bound in shackles. The woman had a whip in her hand; she wore a puffy white shirt and tight leather pant, next to her was a german sheppard that growled at the man in the corner. The woman turned to Malderon and said, "WHY ARE YOU HERE? No one is supposed to be down here." "I came down here because Godfrey said that you would give me a dog to use, in order to fight the Worgen." "i dont like giving up Shebah, but if its for the good of Gilneas, fine, take her, but i want her back unharmed or i will have your head on a pike!" "understood!" Malderon had a look on his face that showed he feared the woman, but respected her, he called for the dog and the dog obediently followed.

When they reached the outside the dog immediatly picked up the scent of a Worgen, it growled and then ran into the building to the right, in the shadows somthing moved slightly, Malderon seeing this out of the corner of his eye, raised his ace in response. The thing moving within the shadows jumped out, it was a worgen. It pounced on top of Malderon and attempted to bite his face off, however, the rod of the axe deflected the attack so instead of biting Malderon, it bit the axe. Growling furiously at its attack failing it let go of the axe and attepted to claw at its prey. when the paw came down, Malderon slid his body to the side avoiding the attack and immediatly attempted to kick off his attacker. The Worgen flew into the wall of the building it was previously hiding in, when it hit the wall it roared immensely, deafening anything, it then attempted to pounce at Malderon again. The sound of a gunshot was heard and the worgen stoped in its tracks. looking down at the wound in its stomach it howled in pain until another gunshot hit the worgen square in the face, killing it instantly. Malderon, stunned at what had happened, turned around and saw Akina standing behind him, with a rifle in her hands. "I should have done this myself instead of watching that thing back in the cellar." "Thanks" "DON'T THANK ME! YOU ALMOST KILLED MY DOG! Come here Shebah." the sheppard barked and walked happily tward her with a skip in its step. "Well, it worked, do i get somthing for my efforts?" Akina gave Malderon a malevolent stare for endangering her dog, she then reached into her satchel and pulled out a silver coin, she tossed it to Malderon and said, "Here, take it, BUT DONT ENDANGER MY DOG AGAIN! Now go see Godfrey."

Malderon obeyed and walked back to Godfrey. When he arrived Godfrey looked worried, "Malderon, i need you to go watch the prisoner and tell me his condition, I would like to know as much as possible for my research." "Understood" Godfrey pointed to the cellar where he saw the cowering man from before.

He arrived downstairs and the man he saw before was no longer there, what was there, was a Worgen. Malderon cautiously approched the prisoner. A faint whining sound was coming from it, "What did you do with the prisoner?" the whining continued with no answer, Malderon got closer, "Did you hear me? I said what happened to the prisoner?" the whining stopped and a deep voice came from the Worgen, "hahahahahahaha" "LOOK AT ME! WHAT DID YOU DO?" the Worgen turned around and yelled, "I AM THE PRISONER!" the Worgen jumped from the place it was in and with immense force it broke the shackles and landed on Malderon, in defense Malderon covered his face with his hands, the Worgen bit him but as soon as it did a gunshot was heard again, the bullet landed in the Worgen's skull killing it.

The shot came from Godfrey; he shot the revolver he had hidden in his suit. The Worgen fell atop Malderon crushing him, "AAAAAAAAHHH HAHA! HELP ME!" Godfrey pushed the dead worgen off of Malderon and attended to his wound on his hands, during this time, Malderon had passed out not from the pain, but from the curse that had been passed down upon him.

End chapter 1