The Angel of Yiff Chapter 17

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17 of The Angel of Yiff (Forbidden Book 3) The seventeenth chapter of The Angel of Yiff!

And the fifty-third chapter of Forbidden!

The Angel of Yiff Chapter 17 -- Hot Stuff

Tanya stopped her car on the street in front of the 'Cameron Estate,' and turned to look at the house. She blinked, "So this...'Matt' guy lives here?"

Jasyn, sitting in the passenger seat, chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, he's pretty well off."

Alex smiled and leaned up between the seats, "QUITE well off."

"Obviously." Tanya shifted to neutral and pulled the e-brake, "So, this guy is the one that's been helping you two out so much? How old is he?"

"He turns 30 next month." Jasyn unbuckled his seat belt, "That's why we're coming over: today's his early birthday party."

"I'm gonna' go out on a limb here..." Tanya eyed the two boys, "...and guess that you only know how old he is BECAUSE of the birthday party, right?"

Alex smiled guiltily, "That not...INaccurate."

"You two didn't even know that much, but you trusted him enough to come over here all the time?"

"And stay the night!" Alex's smiled widened.

And Jasyn grinned as well, "Yup!"

Tanya sighed and chuckled, "Well, I guess I can trust that you two aren't gonna' get into any trouble tonight. There's supposedly two adults...and even still, you've been sneaking off to this place for a year already, and nothing bad happened." She leaned over and kissed Jasyn on the cheek, "You two have fun, and I'll be here to pick you up tomorrow afternoon!"

"Thanks again for taking us!" Jasyn shamelessly returned the kiss on the cheek, "I'll be sure to get that tire checked out as soon as I can."

"My car gets better mileage anyway; this saved us money." Tanya waved to the two of them as they climbed out of the car.

"See you tomorrow Mrs. Fuller!" Alex waved back.

"That's my mother-in-law's name!" After they closed the doors, Jasyn's silently mouthed "Tanya" as she pointed at herself with a smile, and then put the car in drive and pulled away.

Jasyn looked over at his boyfriend and smiled, "Love you, Alex."

The fox turned his head and smiled back, "Where'd that come from?"

Jasyn shrugged, walking up to the door, "Dunno..." He looked back over his shoulder and smiled, "Just felt like sayin' it. Something about how well you get along with my family."

"It IS nice." Alex ran the few steps he'd fallen behind and wrapped his arms around the wolf's shoulders, kissing him on the cheek, "I love you too, Jasyn."

Jasyn nuzzled him back and then turned his head and knocked on the door. After a moment, it swung open with Luke standing in the entryway.

The wolf and raccoon greeted one another with a smile, "Hey Luke!"

"Hey Jasyn, punctual as always!" Luke stepped aside so his two friends could enter, "Matt, Chris, and Riddick are in the living room. I'm not sure about Sirrus & Rei."

"Thanks, Luke." Jasyn walked into the house.

Luke nodded to the wolf as he walked passed, and then looked at Alex, "Oh, Alex! Could I get some help in the kitchen?"

Alex nodded and then looked at Jasyn, "I'll be in the living room real quick, hun, I'ma' go help Luke."

Jasyn nodded back, "Alrighty." He smiled and wandered off into the living room.

Alex followed Luke into the kitchen, "Need me to help you get the food and stuff brought to the living room or something?"

"I don't actually need anything..." The raccoon smiled and shook his head, "I just wanted to know how you and Jasyn were doing."

Alex nodded courteously, "We're doing great, this time around! I've been spending most of my time over at his house, and he's been spending some of his time at mine. If that makes any sense..." He paused running that logic over in his head before continuing, "His parents are really cool with everything, too, which is nice!"

Luke grinned wide, "Good to hear!"

"We've even..." The fox coughed, "We finally went all the way. It was kinda' hard for me to do it...but, for Jasyn, I was happy to. I mean: it's Jasyn."

Luke's ears twitched as he grinned even more, "Really?? How was it?"

"It was awesome, Luke! I didn't even know that being...errr...taking..." Alex paused to collect his thoughts, "I didn't know that being on bottom could even feel good! My only experience with it beforehand was anything but ideal, after all. But this time, it was great! We've done it more since then, but nothing could compare to that first time." He shook his head and looked up almost nostalgically, "Feeling that, knowing that it could mean that much to both of us, and be so much more than it had been with James..." He took a deep breath and looked back down with a smile, " was indescribable!"

"That's great!" The raccoon grinned and tapped a toe against the ground shyly, "I'm glad to hear it went so well."

Alex smiled a little and tilted his head, "You and Riddick haven't gotten that far, yet, have you?"

" really." Luke coughed a little and blushed.

The fox furrowed his brow and looked down for a moment, then back up rubbing his chin, "You know? That's something I've been meaning to ask..."

Luke blinked, "Hmm?"

"Well, once you DO do it..." Alex hesitated, "...which one of you will be on top? I mean, you're both...uhm...bottoms, right?"

"Well...I mean..." The raccoon blushed, rubbing his arm as his voice lowered, "I think I'm more of a bottom than he is."

Alex chuckled and nudged the raccoon's shoulder, "Don't get all shy about it! I'm the...sub or bottom or whatever...with me and Jasyn. There's nothing wrong with it."

Luke was still blushing, but smiled and nodded.

"Well then, other than that, how are things going with you and Riddick?" The fox leaned back on the kitchen counter.

"Good," Luke smiled and nodded, "I can honestly say that things have been going really well."

Across the house, through the living room, and down the hall, Jasyn and Riddick stood in Riddick's room, and the wolf leaned back against the doorframe, "What do you mean? How are things not going well? I thought things were GREAT between you two!"

"No, no. I mean...they ARE. It's just...I'm a little worried." Riddick turned around to his dresser and pulled open a drawer, "But don't worry about it, Jasyn, it's my problem. And I figure someone around here needs to be able to fix their own, yeah?"

"You sure?" Jasyn stood up from the door frame.

"Yeah!" The panthion put a few pairs of folded underwear in the drawer, "But, uhm...about the plan. You got this all worked out right? You handled your end?"

"My END? This whole thing even happening rested on my end." Jasyn laughed and crossed his arms, "But yeah. It wasn't easy or free, but it's handled."

"I didn't figure it would be. I probably don't even want to know how you worked it out." Riddick closed the drawer and turned around, "You think this is gonna' do the trick?"

"I'm pretty certain..." The wolf nodded and flashed a grin, "But it's your dad, Riddick. So, you tell me."

"I'll just say: I wish I was as optimistic as you are."

"Eh." Jasyn shrugged, "If it doesn't work, we'll just use the direct approach: Hammer and a net!" He smiled wide

The panthion chuckled in return, "You're stronger than me, so you can deal with trying to keep my dad netted!"

"Well, I could try! No promises, though."

Riddick snapped his fingers, "Oh! On to more important business!" The cat spread his arms and turned around once, "How do my clothes look for the party? I'm going for a less flamery look than I used to go with. Y'know: casual. Does it work on me?"

The wolf rubbed his chin and walked around the panthion. Riddick was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans covered in with tan patches and a black T-Shirt with a picture of a band on the front: definitely not the look everyone had gotten used to the previous year.

Jasyn stopped behind his friend and smiled as he gave him a firm slap on the ass, "Looks fine!"

The panthion yipped at the slap and stood up straighter, with a smile, "Well I already knew my ass looked good! I was asking about the clothes."

Back in the living room, Matt sat down on the couch by Chris, and leaned back a bit, "There we go!" He stretched, "The food's all laid out on the table. So now everyone can go on in there to get their drinks or chips or anything they might want."

The lion nodded and stretched as well, making a few grunting noises as he flexed in his usual jeans-and-open-shirt, "Yup! So, where the hell are those kids?" He put a paw next to his mouth, yelling at the random points of the house, "Because I'm hungry!!" He grumbled and lowered his paw, "I can't start cooking until I know everyone's ready."

Matt chuckled, "Let's see: Jasyn and Riddick are in Riddick and Luke's room...I didn't catch where Luke and Alex are...I need to find out if Luke or Riddick invited anyone else...and..." He paused for a moment, thinking, "Duncan! Duncan was invited and he's not here yet, I need to find out from Jasyn if he's still coming."

Chris cocked an eyebrow, "Duncan?"

"Duncan." The ottercoon nodded, then tilted his head, "Haven't you met him, yet? He's Alex & Jasyn's best friend, and came over here a while back. I guess you just missed him: German shepherd, about your size?"

Chris involuntarily sat up straighter in response to the 'about your size' comment, "I don't seem to recall." He glanced toward the entry way, "I guess I'll meet him soon enough though."

"Yeah, if he's coming over." Matt put his own paw by his mouth and yelled like Chris had, "The party is in the living room!! Get out here and have fun damn-it! Don't make me send Chris!!" He stopped and looked over at his old friend, "...that was supposed to sound threatening and funny...but was it just me or did it come out like a 'Don't make me tell your Dad' moment?"

The lion laughed and nodded, "Yeah. Yeah it did." He leaned back, "YEAH! Listen to your mother!" He turned back and grinned at Matt, "And that made it worse."

Matt sighed and put his forehead in his paw.

Alex walked out of the kitchen with Luke close behind, "Fine, fine...we'll come out and socialize." The fox hopped over the back of the couch, plopping right down beside Matt, and leaned over to nuzzle his shoulder, "Is this better, Mom?"

"Yes..." Matt clicked his tongue and semi-glared at both Chris AND Alex, as Jasyn and Riddick came out of the hall, "...MUCH better."

Luke grinned and hopped over the couch too, landing between the Ottercoon and Lion, "Be nice to Mom!" Luke grabbed a hold of Matt's arm, leaning close to him as he glared playfully at Chris, "This is her birthday party!"

Chris laughed and grinned broadly at Matt, and Jasyn just laughed, walking through the living room on his way to finding a seat.

Riddick laughed too, "Come on Matt! We're just messing with you."

Matt pulled his arm away from Luke and grabbed the raccoon, pulling him close and half into his lap, giving him a tight hug, "Yeah, yeah! That's about all you boys are good for lately..." He looked at Chris, "...all five of you."

Chris huffed and hopped up, flexing, "Please! There is nothing BOY about this!"

"Eh...I dunno', I've seen better." A voice popped up from behind the couch, and the group turned to look, seeing Duncan standing in the living room, "Hope ya' don't mind that I just kinda' came on in. Alex and Jasyn said they do sometimes..." The German Sheppard rolled his shoulders, obviously flexing at Chris, through his tight white tank top, and then leaned on the back of the couch.

Chris paused for a long moment and glared at the dog, "...Duncan I assume."

"And you're Chris." Duncan crossed his arms on the back of the couch, forcibly flexing his pecks behind Luke & Matt's heads, "Expected darker fur, what with Shadow 'ere being yer kid."

"Shadow?" Riddick muttered.

"He gives everyone nicknames." Alex whispered to the panthion, "I'm Allie."

"His mom's a panther..." Chris crossed his arms and flexed as well, clicking his tongue, "I see you work out."

Duncan stood up and tilted his head at the lion, "...and I see I'm not the only one."

From the couch, Luke moved his mouth silently, and looked back and forth between the two large furs of his many and frequent fantasies.

Beside him, Matt put his paw over his mouth and tried not to laugh, "I see introductions aren't in order..."

Jasyn grinned and held up a coke he grabbed from the kitchen, "Told you Chris was a big boy, didn't I Duncan?"

Matt added, "And I told you Duncan was about your size, didn't I Chris?"

"You did..." Chris tapped his foot, "ABOUT being the key word."

Duncan cocked an eyebrow and smirked challengingly, "Yeah! Simba here's still got a little ways to go."

Chris coughed, "Excuse me?!" He pointed at the dog, "I'm twice the size of you, Pup!"

"Now everybody's gotta' call me Pup?" Duncan looked at Jasyn, "See what you started, Woof?" And back at Chris, "And you listen 'ere, Grampa! If you even outWEIGH me it's 'cause of that extra inch o' height ya' got, but I doubt even THAT's done the trick for ya'."

Chris took a step closer to the couch, the three furs there getting virtually sandwiched between the two larger ones, "Oh? Well why don't we test that theory, pup?"

Duncan put his paws on the back of the couch and leaned over Matt and Luke to look at the lion closer, "If you're talkin' 'bout a test o' strength, that's not a great idea, Simba. I been in football AND on the wrestlin' team."

Chris leaned forward more, their noses almost touching, and grinned his big toothy grin, "And you think I wasn't?"

Duncan smirked and let out a soft growl, "We can compare trophies later. Go ahead n' pick your game Simba. How're you wantin' t'test this, exactly?"

Chris stood back up straight, flexed his right arm, and put a paw on his bicep, "I was thinking arm wrestling. Tried and true."

Duncan didn't take his eyes off Chris, "'Ey! Hot Stuff!"

Beneath him, Matt jumped a bit and looked around, noticing that Alex & Jasyn's eyes were on him. "Me?" He mouthed to the boys, one of whom shrugged and one of whom nodded in return. "Me?" He looked up at the shepherd.

"Who else?" Duncan still didn't look at him, though, "There an island in yer kitchen?"

"Uhm...yeah..." Matt just nodded.

Duncan turned and motioned toward the door to the kitchen, "Over here?"

Matt followed his paw, "Yeah...that's it."

Without another word, Duncan walked over and pushed open the door to the kitchen, walking in.

Chris grumbled and stomped after him, "Little punk...thinks he's more...I'll show him..." The lion pushed through the door.

Jasyn, sitting in the recliner now, waited for the door to close then burst out laughing.

Riddick looked over at Luke, then at Jasyn laughing, then at the door to the kitchen. After a moment he shook his head and followed after the two big furs.

The other four stood last, but Matt held out a paw to stop Alex and Jasyn, "Wait. Hot Stuff?"

"I dunno'." Alex shrugged.

"I think it's because you're red." Luke interjected himself as he walked past the three and followed his boyfriend to the kitchen.

"No." Jasyn patted Matt on the shoulder, "It's because he thinks you're hot. Duncan's always had a thing for the fluffy ones."

Jasyn and Alex walked on ahead of Matt, as Alex argued with his boyfriend, "Yeah, but they were all girls."

"So?" Jasyn shrugged, "So were all of mine, 'til last March."

Matt just shook his head and followed along after the boys, the last one to push his way into the kitchen.

Only a few moments after the swinging door to the kitchen swung still, Sirrus hopped down the last step of the stairs and padded into the living room on all fours, "Err..." He looked around and sat, his tail swaying lightly as he cocked his head to one side. He HAD heard people, right?

"SIRRR-" Rei came flying down the stairs, having jumped from one of the higher steps, and slammed into the back of Sirrus, "-UFF!!" He knocked his 'little master' over and rolled into the living room.

"Gah!" The dragon rolled farther into the living room too, and then sat up, clicking his jaw, "Rei! Where is everyone?"

Rei shook his head a little bit and sat up unsteadily, "Uhm..." He sat himself up as high as he could and looked around the room, "Not here!"

Sirrus nodded and laid down, stretching out slightly, "Must be somewhere else, then."

The rabbit padded over to the dragon and nuzzled his side, nudging him enough to roll him over on his back. Sirrus rolled over and cocked his head to one side.

Rei hopped on top of his playmate and smiled, "Get up! It's time to play!"

The dragon perked his head up and grinned, "Play?"

Rei giggled and turned around, wiggling his tail and jumping up three steps on the stairs, bounding away from Sirrus so he could get chased.

Sirrus hopped up and bounded after, slipping on the stairs once, but managing to roll back and continued chasing his bunny. Rei, though, was nowhere to be seen when Sirrus reached the top of the stairs. The little dragon just sat down and cocked his head, looking back and forth down the long darkened hallway.

Rei peeked his head out of the bathroom and looked at Sirrus who happened to be looking the other way at that moment. The rabbit padded out of the room as softly and stealthily as he could manage, but his big feet still made noise...and Sirrus turned around and jumped back.

Rei lowered down to the ground like he was ready to pounce hid dragon, but bounded the other way instead, and into Matt's bedroom. Sirrus just scrambled after, grinning and slipping lightly on the wood before disappearing through the door.

Back down the stairs in the living room, Alex plopped down on the couch beside Matt, followed shortly by Jasyn who sat beside the fox.

"Ok!" The fox spoke up as Luke took a seat, and Chris & Duncan took their places in the middle of the room, "You heard Matt: we're gonna' do the best two out of three! And this is your second event!" He smiled and crossed his legs, then looked at Jasyn, "It's like some real athletic competition!"

"Oh yeah. Just like it." Jasyn grinned and crossed his arms, Big hunks and all."

Matt sat back and clapped his paws together twice, as it was his party, he'd become de facto master of ceremonies for the event, "Ok boys! You're both far too clothed for this; get out of those shirts and let's get this started!"

Duncan grabbed the bottom of his tank top, "All five o' you are judgin' this, right?"

Riddick, standing, looked between himself, Alex, Jasyn, Luke, & Matt, "Yep! All five of us."

Duncan looked around too. Matt & Riddick were most certainly in Chris's corner, but as for the other three... "I got this in the bag." The German shepherd and smiled wide at his two best friends, and then shamelessly winked at Luke before he lifted his shirt up and pulled it off.

Luke moved his mouth and thanked God he was leaning forward, feeling his pants tighten at the mere sight of the shirtless dog in front of him.

Chris chuckled at the canine and smirked before rolling his shoulders back and simply letting his open dress shirt slide off his arms and onto the floor. "Don't be too sure of yourself. I know the 'coon's got a thing for you...but did any of the boys ever tell you why Riddick and Luke were grounded around Christmas and New Years?"

Luke went wide eyed and shrunk down a bit, as Matt laughed.

Alex rubbed his chin, looking at Chris, then at Duncan, and then back, "Is this just on muscle, or over all looks? Like...are we taking everything into the mix -- personal opinion and whatnot -- or are we JUST worried about who's bigger?"

Matt scratched his own chin, "I dunno. What do you say Chris?"

Chris chuckled and put his paws on his hips. His jeans were loose with the lack of a belt and hung down slightly, showing off the top of his boxers, "I don't know..." He smirked over at Duncan, "What do you think...Pup?"

"Well...Grampa'," Duncan put a paw on his own hip and hooked a thumb under his waistband, letting the weight of his paw casually pull it down just enough for the top of his boxers to show too, "We already brought strength inta' this mess, so it's obviously not just about size anymore. I don'see why looks shouldn't have somethin' to do with it, too!"

"Heh..." Chris held up his paws and shrugged, "Well, alright...but don't say I didn't give you the chance."

Duncan feigned a mocking laugh, "You think bringin' looks inta' this gives YOU the advantage??"

Alex chuckled and leaned back in the couch, putting his arm over Jasyn's shoulders.

Riddick looked toward the recliner, at Luke, "If looks gave ANYone an advantage it would be me...even if I wouldn't come first in muscle."

Luke chuckled distantly and nodded, letting his head slowly droop to one side as he looked at both Chris's and Duncan's hips, where the boxers were just barely showing.

Chris chuckled and put his paws on the back of his head, "Oh? You think so do you, kiddo?" The lion cocked an eyebrow at his son, "So much are you willing to do to prove that, pretty boy?"

Riddick held up his paws and stepped back, "Hey now! I'm not involved in this! This is between you and Duncan." The panthion moved around behind Luke in the recliner, and leaned on the back of it, "I'm just over here keeping nice and quiet..."

Duncan chuckled, "Everybody wants to be a contender today..."

"Don't I know it?" Chris scoffed at the teenager.

Duncan paid him no mind, though lifting his arms up and running both his paws through his headfur. He stopped them on the back of his head and stretched out his torso to flex his back muscles, and then looked over at Luke, knowing he was the one that he got the biggest reaction out of.

Luke jerked and looked down, blushing deeply while mumbling something really quietly.

Jasyn shifted slightly, not used to seeing Duncan or Chris like this, and then leaned over to Alex, still eyeing the two in front of them, " you think they'll have to strip?"

Alex leaned over closer to Jasyn, whispering back, "Do...uhm...I you think Duncan would DO that?"

Matt clapped his paws together twice, again, "Enough stalling! It's time to get this started. This is my birthday party and I want a show! We'll do a few poses at a time. Chris! You're first, give us your first pose."

Chris scratched his chin for a minute and grinned, bringing both his arms up, curling at the elbows, flexing his biceps, and looking at the both of them, then flexing his entire upper body.

Alex put both his paws under his jaw, one gently rubbing his neck as he watched on, Chris's every muscle coming out perfectly defined through his thin yellow fur. His eyes though, couldn't help but travel south, where just the top of the lion's pubes showed out of his boxers.

Jasyn nudged Alex and smirked, noting where his boyfriend was looking and making sure to take a long glance himself, and the fox just looked away with a guilty chuckle.

"Hmm..." Matt rubbed his chin, "Reminds me of your first night here." He coughed and sat up straighter, trying to at least APPEAR to be remaining professional, "Ok...that's good Chris. Now it's Duncan's turn."

Chris let his arms down and rolled his neck as he crossed his arms, "Yeah, lets see it, pup." He flashed a grin.

Duncan said nothing and slowly turned himself at an angle, his back facing more toward Luke & Riddick, and his front facing toward Matt. He pointed both arms down in front of himself and tensed them, then pulled them back up, ending in the same basic position Chris was in, but bending his shoulder blades together as well and flexing his back and ass for the raccoon and panthion behind him.

Luke's mouth fell open just a little bit as he felt his pants growing even tighter, and again thanked God that he was leaning forward.

Jasyn clapped and gave a short whistle, "Wait till the guys on the team hear about the pretty boy! Woo!"

Riddick looked down at Luke underneath him, and saw that the raccoon was already tenting, but shook his head and looked back up at Duncan, "I dunno might have some real competition this time."

Duncan relaxed himself and smirked at Chris, "Hear that, Simba? I got a whistle!"

Chris rubbed his chin and raised his eyebrows, looking at the German Shepherd's tight stomach, "Not bad for a straight boy...not bad. But still," he grinned and locked his paws together, "I have experience..." The lion flexed his arms and raised them more or less straight up above his head while looking down slightly, and put on a blank expression as he stretched out his sides and his own tight stomach. He had to model for pants at one point, and what works once...

"Way to go dad!" Riddick smiled, "Don't let this amateur show you up! You show him where experience and training can get him!"

Matt put an arm over his lap and tilted his head, "I don't know Riddick...I don't think Duncan needs the experience." He paused for a long moment and looked up and down Chris, then reached forward and touched the lion's stomach...his fingers naturally trailing down toward something else.

Alex nudged Matt, "Hey! Don't touch! You're supposed to be impartial!"

Matt jerked his paw back and smiled slyly, like he was caught doing something he shouldn't have, "What? I can touch if I want! It's my party."

"His stomach, maybe." Riddick laughed.

"Yeah!" Alex added, "And we could see where your paw was headed.

Jasyn laughed and grinned, "C'mon Duncan! You'll have to work extra hard to beat that!"

"Oh, I ain't worried..." Duncan smiled as Chris relaxed, "Th'little 'coon here'd already be all over me...he's just a little shy, though..." The Shepherd smiled over at Luke, "Ain't that right, Bandit?"

Luke coughed and moved his elbows to cover his lap as he shuffled his feet on the ground, pretending to look at something else.

Duncan sighed and moved over in front of the recliner, not letting Luke ignore him. He got down on one knee in front of the raccoon and flexed his chest muscles as he raised both of his arms. He tilted his shoulders, left high, right low, and extended his left arm out even with the angle of the tilted shoulders. Watching his outstretched left paw, he curled his right arm behind his head, before slowly turning his head to look at Luke, knowing the raccoon wouldn't be able to pretend not to look at this.

Luke looked at the dog with his mouth hanging open and his arms hanging limply between his legs as they slipped off his knees. Duncan moved his head toward himself twice, in a "come here" gesture, letting Luke know it was ok to touch.

Matt glanced at Alex, "So HE can touch?"

Alex shrugged, "You started it."

Luke, ignoring everything else, slowly reached out, very, very bashfully, and softly ran his fingertips down along the German shepherd's chest, stopping high on his stomach.

Duncan smiled and relaxed, but Luke's paw didn't move. The shepherd paused for a moment as Luke's paw brushed through his fur, and then he chuckled aloud at the kid, "Uhm...buddy?"

Luke jerked slightly and pulled his paw back, blushing and shuffling his feet, "Er..." He spoke softly and blushed more, "Sorry."

Duncan chuckled and ruffled the raccoon's headfur, "No reason t'apologize, Bandit! Judgin' from yer pants; you were holding yerself back from doing somethin' a lot worse 'n that!" The dog smiled and stood up, with a wink, "Admirable restraint!"

Luke coughed and lowered his head, shuffling his feet a bit more as he tried to keep from blushing any more than he already was.

Jasyn laughed and grinned, then looked over at Chris, "C'mon! Last pose for each of you! Off with the pants!!"

Duncan looked at Jasyn and raised an eyebrow, "I don't think so, Woof. Posin' for a room full o' gay guys is one thing...lettin' one of'em touch me is another still...but doin' this in my boxers: that's an entirely different story."

Chris grinned and popped the button on his jeans, slowly zipping them down. He put a paw on his hip with his pants open, hanging loosely around his waist, "What's wrong, Pup...?" The lion grinned as he reached around and unbuttoned his tail clasp, "...scared?"

Duncan narrowed his eyes at Chris, "I ain't scared o'..." The shepherd tensed in frustration, "Damn-it! Yer all sons o' bitches for this." He looked at Jasyn as he started to unbutton his own jeans, "Not a word o' this leaves this house, you understand me, Woof?"

Jasyn grinned broadly and nodded, adjusting his pants a bit, "Aww! And here I was gonna' get the camera."

Duncan growled a little, but wasn't left with much choice. Slipping his tail through its hole instead of undoing it, he dropped his pants before Chris could finish take his own off. The German shepherd wasn't aroused -- not even close -- but his boxers weren't that big on him, and his sheath's bulge could be made out through the fabric.

Alex looked at Jasyn, "And you get to see even more than this after games and everything, don't you, Beautiful?" The fox looked back at Duncan's bulge and tilted his head, "Y'know Jasyn, I think he may be bigger than you..."

Jasyn looked at Alex, then at Duncan, then back at Alex, "Hey!" The wolf looked down at his crotch, "I'm plenty big." He narrowed his eyes at the fox.

Alex grinned at Jasyn and kissed him on the nose, "Oh, come on! I was just playing. After all," he turned back to the show, "you're bigger than me. Why would I make fun of you?"

Riddick chuckled, "Come on Dad, off with yours too! Duncan did it." The panthion stopped and furrowed his brow a bit, "Did I seriously just ask my dad to strip?" He coughed a little and looked away from the lion, "Lookin' good, Duncan!"

"Thanks, Shadow." Duncan winked at the cat, and then took a breath and smiled, trying to be as comfortable as he could manage being nearly nude around so many gay guys.

Chris dropped his pants and smirked at Duncan, his full sheath bulging out the fabric, as Luke, from behind Duncan, let out half of a small whimper before clasping his paw over his mouth.

Duncan couldn't help but glance down at Chris's package and then looked back up, "Damn-it, Simba! That's not fair! Yer getting' turned on by this, and look bigger 'n me." The dog looked down at himself, grumbling, "Ain't a damn thing I can do 'bout it either. No way he's wakin' up around all o' you..."

"Ok, you two!" Matt called attention back to himself, "One last pose each and then we'll render our judgments!"

Chris laughed and grinned at the German shepherd, "Oh, Duncan?" The lion simply slipped his thumbs under the front of his waistband, just near the hipbones and relaxed, grinning, "I'm not even hard." He took a breath and flexed his upper body, but stayed in the same relaxed pose as he grinned at Alex and Luke. He tried to avoid Matt, though...after all, this had to be at least SORT of fair.

Duncan looked blankly at the lion, mumbling quietly, "Bull shit..." He surprised himself when the first thought in his head was to ask to see it, to prove the lion was lying. Of course, though, he didn't ask.

Alex just stared at Chris's bulge, not even looking at his muscles or the pose, and gently licked his lips, as Jasyn leaned forward along with him and tilted his head, staring just as dumbly at the huge lion. Riddick, however, intentionally wouldn't look at his dad, getting a little uncomfortable after his last comment to him.

Duncan looked around the room at Luke, Matt, and the others, all but Riddick staring dumb struck at the lion, as he tried to figure out what he could do that could get even close to the same reaction, that wouldn't involve going nude.

Matt leaned back in the couch and let out a sigh, "I've gotta' say, Chris: I see it every day and it never gets old..." He looked over at Duncan, "Something has to be said for new sights, though."

Duncan looked at Chris, "Ya'done? I think it's my turn..."

Chris just relaxed and nodded, grinning as he gestured for the shepherd to continue.

Duncan moved over a little and waved Chris to move out of his way. After a moment of thought, he turned himself to where he was facing as straight on as he could, for everyone to see. The dog took a deep breath and let his eyelids drop a bit as he hooked both of his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers. He let the breath out slowly, in a shaking sigh, forced but effective, and pulled the front of his boxers down enough to show everything right until the top of his sheath. With another gentle tug, he caught the waistband on his sheath, tightening his boxers around it and forming a quick artificial tent.

Jasyn grinned and adjusted his now throbbing member through his pants, "Go Duncan!!"

Luke's jaw dropped as he stared at Duncan's now-framed crotch and tried in vain to push down his ACTUALLY tenting pants, "Wow..."

His eyes still drooping, Duncan looked at Luke, "Sorry, Bandit: can't let ya' touch this time..."

Riddick had to actually stick his paw into his pants to adjust himself, "Holy've done this for a girlfriend of yours, haven't you?"

Alex pushed his tent down too, "Maybe more than once..."

Chris raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms, grinning at the German shepherd, "You got some nice stuff there, pup. Congrats!"

Duncan relaxed and stood back up, winking at Riddick, "More 'n once...and more 'n one girlfriend." He turned to look at Chris, "And you do too! Not sure if ya' played up t'the boys here as much as I did with m'last one, there...but all poster worthy, nonetheless! You been a model'r somethin'?"

"Yeah!" Chris chuckled and grinned, "I modeled jeans a while back; pays well. You should look into it. Though, I think you'd be better suited for underwear."

"Underwear?" Duncan looked down at himself, "Ya' think so? Thanks!" He smiled at Chris and then turned back around to look at the others, " what's the verdict?"

After taking a deep breath and looking at Duncan, and then his dad, Riddick was the first to answer, "That last pose was freaking amazing, Duncan! Pulling them down so you made that tent even though you weren't hard and..." The panthion shivered and shook his head, "Unfortunately though...I gotta' go with my dad. He's bigger, he's BIGGER, he's got the experience...but, most importantly: half of those genes came to me!" The younger cat stood up straighter and smiled, "And you don't expect me to vote against myself, do you?"

Luke just raised his paw slightly, using the other to cover up his lap, and blushed, "D-Duncan. Duncan let me touch." He smiled shyly at the still semi-tenting Shepherd and shrunk into his seat.

Duncan looked down at his forced tent and blushed a little, pulling his boxers back up so it wouldn't look like he was hard or anything.

Alex scratched his cheek, "Yeah...I've gotta' give it to Duncan, too. It might be that last pose..." the fox turned to look at Jasyn and smiled, "...or it might just be that I'm a little bias toward big masculine canines."

Jasyn smiled back at his fox then looked up at Duncan & Chris, chuckling and leaning back, not even trying to hide the fact that he was hard, "Now, albeit I'd normally go with whoever got me hard...I've been throbbing since this thing started, so I'll go with the one that got me there first. Vote's yours, Chris!"

Duncan looked at Chris, "That's two-to-two Simba! That only leaves Hot Stuff t'break the tie." The Shepherd let out a little sigh, "Looks like this one's goin' to you."

Chris put his paws behind his head and looked over at Matt confidently.

Matt slowly stroked his chin and narrowed his eyes at the two of them, "Hmm...this is a hard one..." He leaned back with all of the other furs' eyes on him. "Chris is bigger...but Duncan turned me on more. Chris's package is bigger...but Duncan used his better, and there's something to be said for the guts it took the Pup to do it."

"Seriously?" Duncan muttered, "Everyone's callin' me Pup, now."

The ottercoon put a paw on the back of his head, "Really, really tough. I mean...Chris turned me on plenty and used his bulge well too...and I can't ignore the size advantage, either. I mean...that's what started this, right?"

Jasyn leaned forward, "C'mon! Out with it!"

Alex nudged Jasyn, "Hush! He's trying to make the right decision..." The fox lowered his voice to a whisper and leaned over to his wolf, "And besides, the longer he takes, the longer they're in their boxers..."

Jasyn blinked and looked at the two, "...oh yeah."

Matt snapped his fingers, "I've got it! We'll do one final pose to decide who I go for. All you have to do is strip out of your boxers and pose together!" He smiled really wide at the two furs, "A little touching never hurt anyone!"

Chris smiled slyly and looked over his shoulder at Duncan, his arms still crossed.

Duncan kept his arms crossed and clicked his tongue, "I'd sooner just take th'loss...MUCH sooner."

Riddick chuckled, "Oh come on, Duncan...afraid you'll like it?"

Duncan huffed, "No, Shadow...I'm afraid Simba, here will!" He looked at Chris, "Tell 'im it ain't happenin', and t' make up his mind from th'last three poses."

Chris turned and took a step toward the canine, "You sure...?"

Duncan growled and put his paw out, holding Chris away, "Jasyn...this ain't what I signed on for."

Jasyn nodded, "Come on, you three: be nice to him. He's been really cool to do this much, and we don't want him to never come back over, do we?"

Chris laughed and shoved Duncan at the shoulder with a grin, "I was just kidding." Then looked over at Matt, "C'mon Matt, it's up to you."

Duncan sighed in relief and stepped up beside the Lion, looking at Matt too, "Yeah, Hot're the decidin' vote."

"Okay...seriously: joking aside..." Matt shook his head slowly and shrugged, "I just don't know. I really don't think I can pick a winner from the two of're're both like statues. I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I can't even dumb it down to whether I like cats or dogs better."

Chris laughed and nudged Duncan, "Guess it's a tie then."

"I guess it is." Duncan smiled, "So whatssay we just make the third event 'winner take all'?" He looked at the door out into the back yard, "You got weights?"

Chris nodded and noted momentarily how the dog automatically assumed they were out back, "Yeah. I keep them in a shed back there."

Duncan nodded, "Then that's how we can settle this." The shepherd started to pick up his pants and then decided against it: no need to sweat in them. So he turned and walked toward the back without them, "We'll head out back, and have one more test of strength. Winner takes the gold. Sound good?"

"Yup!" Chris padded after, stretching his arms a bit.

Matt stood up from the couch and started to follow them, but Duncan held up a paw as he opened the door. The German shepherd shook his head as Chris stepped out the door, "Nuh-uh, Hot Stuff! This is just me n' n' the boys just make things more difficult. We'll handle this one ourselves and then come back n' tell you who won."

"Yeah!" Jasyn chuckled, "Come on Matt: the children wanna' play alone."

Matt shrugged and sat back down, "Fine, it's too hot out there anyway..." He winked and waved at Duncan, "You two have fun! Don't do anything on the weight bench that Chris and I haven't done!"

Duncan slowly raised an eyebrow, "Oh God..." He turned and followed Chris out the door, into the back yard.

"Not something I would've thought a year ago..." Jasyn chuckled, shaking his head as he rubbed his crotch a bit, "...but that was hot!"

Riddick stood up from behind the recliner, still tenting to no end, "Entertaining to say the least..."

Alex nodded, "Yeah," He glanced down at Jasyn's tent and rubbed his own idly, "...that it was."

Luke just stayed silent, looking blankly at the spot where Duncan had been standing, trying to will his cock to go down.

Riddick looked over at Alex who almost ready to jump onto Jasyn, and the wolf who was kneading himself in a likely intentional attempt to tease the fox. Riddick smiled and walked around the recliner, still tenting but trying to ignore it, and got Alex & Jasyn's attention, "AHEM! I think we all need to get calmed down and relaxed. The last thing we want Duncan walking back in on, is an orgy."

Alex blinked and looked away from Jasyn, "S-sorry..." He smiled dumbly.

Jasyn laughed and reached over, rubbing his fox's crotch, "Oh! But what fun it would be!"

Alex twitched and kicked his leg, stifling a moan.

"No, no! Quit it, you two. You're staying the night and have a bedroom for that." Riddick waved them up from the couch, "Come on! We'll go grab some snacks and stuff from the dining room. I'm thirsty anyway."

Jasyn stood up and reached into his pants, adjusting his throbbing member and sighing, "Fine. I guess I'm hungry anyhow." He grinned slyly over at the panthion, "Of course, I could have always eaten something else...but normal food will have to do."

"Hey! I'm always a supporter of voyeurism," Riddick smiled his and his father's toothy grin, "...but we've got a little straight friend here today, and we don't want to scare him away." He turned and headed toward the dining room, "Come on, you two!"

Alex stood up and adjusted himself too, sighing in relief and following after them into the dining room.

Luke, though, just blushed and didn't move save for trying his best to adjust himself through his pants.

Matt watched the three teenagers leave the room and the double doors to the dining room close behind them, and then looked over at Luke. The raccoon continued idly groping at himself from time to time, staring blankly at the middle of the room where Chris & Duncan had been. Matt smiled softly to himself and sunk into the couch, sighing heavily and laying his head back.

Luke smiled shyly, finally speaking, "That was awesome."

The ottercoon didn't pick his head up, "Yeah, it was nice. Duncan's one hell of a show-man..." He let his legs spread just a bit, his pants tightening enough across his lap to show that he wasn't hard at all.

Luke cocked his head as he noticed Matt's crotch; he couldn't help but take a look, "You're not hard?"

"Hmm?" Matt lifted his head up and looked down, "Honestly? I wasn't hard the whole time, kid. That's why I kept myself covered, so it would look like I WAS hard and was hiding it." He chuckled a little and sat up straight in the couch, "I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much, though. I thought you and Alex were gonna' pop."

The raccoon blushed and rubbed his neck a bit, "Guess you learn to control yourself, huh?"

"Me? Not at all!" Matt raised an eyebrow mocking that assertion, "I have less self-control than ANY of you kids! Remember Sirrus? Or better yet, have we ever told you the story of Chris's first night, here?" He shuddered playfully and smiled a bit, "I was all over him right here on the floor in the living room."

Matt pointed to the exact spot where he first sucked Chris off, and Luke followed the finger, adjusting himself yet again as he imagined the scene playing out.

"So, no. It wasn't that." The ottercoon shrugged, his smile fading with a huff of breath, "I just wasn't that into it tonight. Stuff on my mind, y'know?"

Luke smiled wryly, "Oh..."

"Heh..." Matt leaned forward and looked down at his footpaws, his paws together between his knees.

The raccoon leaned forward too, "Anything I could do?"

Matt looked up, "Not really, Luke...but thanks for asking. I'm just a I guess." He let his paws part and sighed again, "And I've been looking forward to this party for a while too. I wish I could just get over this and have some fun."

Luke got up, his hard-on finally subsiding, and padded over, sitting next to the ottercoon, "What happened?"

The ottercoon looked at his basically adopted son, "It wasn't even anything was just..." He paused for a moment, "I told you he's been coming home later and later lately, right? Leaving from time to time, and never will say what's going on..." Luke just nodded, and Matt continued, "He left again today before the party started, and he was gone for nearly 2 hours." Matt sighed, "I don't know, maybe I was just hoping...that nothing like that would happen today of all days, y'know?"

Luke looked down and nodded, "I'm sorry."

"I just really wanna' know where he keeps going! I don't care what it is, anymore, but knowing would have to be better than just wondering, right? Imagining how many bad things it could be..." Matt shook his head, "Look, no. I'm sorry. You don't need to hear about this tonight. Just because I'm preoccupied, doesn't mean you kids shouldn't be having fun."

"But it's your party." The raccoon shook his head, "Who should be having fun, if not you?" He moved closer and put a paw on his adoptive father's leg, "And I'm sure it's nothing bad."

Matt smiled and put an arm around the boy, "I hope you're right, kiddo." He kissed him on the forehead, "I know I've told you before, but I really do think of you as my son."

Luke just smiled and blushed, but didn't say anything back.

The ottercoon nuzzled him and looked away with a frown, "Sorry if that bothers you." He let go of him.

Luke shook his head, "No! It's okay. You've done a lot for me, and everything and, I mean, I just..." He collected himself, "I just get embarrassed is all." He moved right up against Matt's side again, smiling up at him playfully, "You're like a mother to me too!"

Matt looked over at him again and just laughed, wrapping his arms back around the raccoon and kissing him on top of the head again, "Thanks kid! I love you."

"Love you too, Mom." The raccoon kissed him back, on the cheek.

Just as Luke's lips left the older fur's face, Riddick walked back out of the dining room with Alex and Jasyn on his heels, each one holding a drink and a random snack.

"Hey, Matt!" Riddick stopped a few feet into the room, "Stop hittin' on my boy. I'm not afraid to tangle with a 30-year-old!"

Luke wrapped his arms tighter around Matt and grinned at the panthion, "But he offered me candy!"

Matt sat up straighter and pulled Luke as close as he could, "AND a ride home in my windowless van!"

Alex chuckled as he walked past Riddick, walking over and taking a seat, "Uh-oh, Riddick! Candy AND a car ride? I think you might be in trouble."

"Yup!" Jasyn walked up to and put and arm around Riddick's waist, "Looks like you'll just have to come home with us!"

Before Riddick could say anything back, Rei came bounding around the couch and tore through the living room, dashing between Riddick's feet and through the doors into the dining room.

Riddick lifted a footpaw up, "What the hell?"

Sirrus galloped down the stairs and slid into Riddick and Jasyn's feet, making the wolf jump back. The little dragon recovered quickly, though, and charged after the bunny again.

Alex just blinked a little with a chip halfway into his mouth, as he, Luke, and Matt watched the two pets disappear.

"Anyway..." Riddick shook his head and looked back at Matt, "The raccoon is mine! I'm not going anywhere without him!" The panthion sat his food down on the coffee table, "Come on Matt, like I said, I'm not afraid to fight for him!"

"Pfft! Yours??" Jasyn snickered and walked around the couch to wrap his arms around both the raccoon and ottercoon, "They're both mine!"

Alex swallowed his chips and looked around, "Hey, I want to belong to someone too!"

Matt moved Jasyn's arm, "Jasyn can have you, 'cause I belong to no one!" The ottercoon let go of Luke and stood up, "Ok kitty-cat, you wanna' fight for him? You got it! Chris calls me your mom enough. Sure he won't mind if I give you a spanking."

"Oh? A spanking, now, is it?" Riddick smiled and lowered himself into a stance like he was ready for a real fight, "We'll see who ends up over whose knee when this is all over."

Luke looked back and forth between the wolf still holding him, the ottercoon, and panthion, "How about we all just be Jasyn's? After all: he and Matt are the only doms in the room."

Matt looked back at the raccoon, "No way I'm giving you up to Jasyn after I spent all that money on candy, AND followed you around in my car! You have any idea how much work that was?" He smiled and looked at Riddick again, "Come on!"

Riddick dived at Matt grabbing onto him like a tackle, and Matt grabbed onto the Panthion as he slammed into him and then he picked the teenager up on his shoulders.

"News flash, kitty! Chris isn't the only one who uses those weights." The ottercoon spun around, laughing at the helpless cat on his back.

"You put me down!" Riddick flailed about, to the amusement of Matt and their onlookers, but was careful not to actually hit the ottercoon, "These teeth aren't just for grinning!"

"Oh, I know!" Matt stopped spinning, "You think your dad doesn't bite?"

"Does he?" Luke smiled involuntarily when he heard that, and Alex and Jasyn laughed aloud at how elated he looked at whatever mental image it had concocted.

"Doesn't Riddick?" Matt looked at the panthion on his shoulders, "Don't you?"

"Wanna' find out?"

Riddick rooted his head about, trying to get at Matt's arm and bite it, but before he could manage, the back door slid open.

Chris entered first in a huff and looked at no one. Silent, and eyebrows low, he simply marched in and through the living room in a determined and frustrated stride.

Riddick laughed from atop Matt's shoulders, "Duncan show you up out there, Dad?"

The lion, though, didn't even turn his head as he trod up the stairs, two at a time.

"Dad?" Riddick blinked.

Matt sat the panthion back down on his feet as the two watched Chris disappear into the second story. Luke and Alex watched too, but Jasyn's eyes were on the sliding back door, where Duncan entered shortly thereafter. Out of sight of Matt and their friends, the wolf and dog shared a long, silent look, Jasyn's eyebrows rising slowly, and Duncan nodding in return.

The German shepherd went about gathering his clothes and redressing as the rest exchanged their own silent glances: shrugs and shy smiles with Matt, but nods of affirmation with one another, out of his sight.

In time, after the shepherd was dressed, Chris came back down the stairs, dressed, now, in his next-to-best: his best dress shirt, khakis, and his mane pulled back in a pony tail. Adjusting his collar and cuffs, he walked back through in silent and adamant frustration yet again, only to be stopped by Matt as the ottercoon circled the couch to meet him.


Chris only glanced at the ottercoon, before going about putting his watch on, "Sorry Matt. I need to head out for a little while. might be a while."

"Wait." Matt held up his paws, "I the middle of my-" he stopped himself, not wanting to sound like a drama queen, " the middle of the party? Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"I know...but, it really can't." The lion finally looked at his friend, blankly, "I'm sorry, but a job's a job, y'know? I didn't think I even had to get this done, today, but..." He looked away at Duncan, then back at Matt, "...but I was wrong. Turns out I'm on a shorter leash up there than I thought."

"" Matt looked down; he wasn't sure how long he could keep believing that excuse, especially twice in one day, now. But he forced a small chuckle and a smile, determined not to let on how this actually made him feel, and then looked back up "But, I mean, you haven't even told us who came out on top with the weight lifting, yet."

"Duncan can fill you in. He was there." Chris just shrugged, and started around Matt, back on his way for the front door again.

The ottercoon let out a huff of breath, and reached out, stopping the lion and turning him back to face him again, "Yeah...I know b-but..." He stammered and hesitated, but finally he managed to stutter out a sentence, "But what about the food? You said you'd be fixing everyone a big meal tonight and for me not to prepare too many snack foods, right? I mean..." His eyelids drooped for only Chris to see, having a lot of trouble hiding his disappointment, "Will you be back in time for that?"

Chris broke under his friend's gaze and looked away. He'd been obviously frustrated, bothered by something...but he couldn't maintain it with Matt looking at him like that. With a huff, he looked back and his eyes softened, "I'm sorry...I really am. I'll be back as soon as I can...okay?"

Before Matt could answer, a muscular, tan arm draped across his shoulders, and he turned to see Duncan's smiling face.

"Don't sweat it, Simba! I'll take care o' Hot Stuff, 'ere, fer ya!" The German shepherd turned to look at Matt, "Ya' don't think yer lion's the only one around 'ere that can cook, do ya?"

"Oh yeah?" Chris smirked, "You think your cooking can stand up to mine?"

Duncan just shrugged, "Somethin' else we'll have to compete on someday, eh?"

Chris looked away from the dog and back at Matt, "I'm sorry, Matt. I promise I'll be back soon." He leaned in close and gave the ottercoon a kiss on the cheek, "Have fun without me."

Matt just placed a paw on the recently kissed cheek as the lion leaned away. He wasn't sure if Chris had done anything like that around so many people before.

"And YOU..." Chris pointed at Duncan, "You make sure he does."

Duncan saluted with the paw not around Matt's shoulders, "Aye-aye, Simba!"

Chris and Matt shared one last look before the lion turned and left through the front door. Immediately, the ottercoon sunk silently under Duncan's arm.

"Hey!" Duncan shook him, "Don't you worry 'bout him, Hot Stuff! Duncan here'll take care of all o' Simba's duties, no problem." He paused and narrowed his eyes, "Well most of 'em anyway. You just keep those paws above the waist, okay? And no: neither tears ner the fact that I didn't bring a gift'll change that rule."

Matt couldn't help but help but be a little entertained by the big friendly dog, and chuckled, "I make no promises. Chris said it was your job to make sure I had fun, after all." He winked.

"Well just don't tell Allie n' the Woof." Duncan whispered, "Don't want 'em getting' their hopes up!" Then he raised his voice loud enough for everyone to hear, "Now! Let's go make a mess o' your kitchen and leave it fer Simba t'clean up when he gets back!"


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