Mathews Plans: Chapter 3 Traps, Favors, and Deals: part 3

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7 of Mathew's Plans Ok here is is. The final part to Chapter three. I have plans for one more chapter 'Tieing up the lose ends' it hopefully won't be as long as the rest.

Mathew's entire family makes a change accepting and working together heading to the family's future. This is twenty two pages holy cow, hopefully its got some stuff that 'EVERYONE' will like. Story, smut, character development, and small hot little scenes and previews of what might come.

Mathew and Ellen were woken up the next morning by Carla, Mathew had been up only a little earlier to feed Amanda. "Both of you two up now, get some clothes on we have company." Carla told them before stepping back out.

Mathew wondered who could possibly be here at eight am. He had on a pair of shorts and a teeshirt while Ellen was still trying to find something clean and not maternity huge. Mathew realized he probably should have already changed out the clothes in the dresser. Ellen finally opted for one of Mathews jeans, they were a bit big but with a belt and a nice blouse she looked decent.

Ellen stopped for Amanda when they passed the nursery, Mathew waited hearing several different female voices coming from the living room. Mathew peeked around the corner seeing nearly a dozen different young teens, he recognized all of them as being either Ellen's classmates or friends.

The next few hours Mathew tried to stay out of the way, allowing his sister to visit with the other girls and hearing them chatter and coo over his daugther. He spent the time washing clothes and going through his closet unpacking several of Ellen's things. Later after the visitors had left and lunch eaten, he found himself holding Amanda on the bed in the nursery talking with Ellen.

"Are you upset? Not being able to go with your friends?" Mathew asked his sister.

"It's fine." was all she said.

Mathew slowly stood up and walked his daughter back to her crib laying the tired kit down. He walked back to sit beside his sister on the bed wrapping his arms around Ellen and pulling her in close. "I'm sorry. I always though I could help home school you and keep you happy. I forgot about your friends, I'm really sorry you can't go to the sleepover." Mathew earlier carrying the first load of laundry back to his room had stopped to ease drop in the entry hall next to the living room. Several of the girls were urging Ellen to come that Saturday to a sleepover, the last one before school would start again. No matter how they pleaded or whined Ellen had been adamant, Amanda came first and since Mathew was working she wouldn't attend.

"It's fine." Ellen replied again.

Mathew pulled his sister in to his lap turning her slightly and connecting their muzzles in a long passionate kiss. "Do you," Mathew said pulling away, "want to go, I don't want you to be upset or feel trapped here because of what I did." Ellen leaned in to her brother resting her head on his shoulder, she realized Mathew was wanting her to tell him if things were alright or not. Little did the two know Carla was now standing just outside the doorway listening.

"If I had a choice between going to school and having sleepovers and friends; or you, I choose you. Sure I want to go to Kelly's party and see everyone next Monday in school, but what would we do with Amanda, Mat I can't ever give her up, or you. You promised me a family Mat that is what I want now." Mathew cuddled his sister, heart throbbing with love, his sister, his daughter, his family that was all he wanted now too.

"You know," Carla said from the door, "there is no reason we can't try and work things out so you can have both." The siblings watched as their mother came in to the room. "When is the sleepover they were begging you to go to?" Carla asked.

"Saturday." Ellen answered.

"That shouldn't be to hard, Elroy will be home, unless of course we are at the hospital." Carla stroked her middle. "As for school, in a month or so Mathew will be an adult. Your father and I were discussing it, Mathew could work the extra day Thursday to Saturday, I will only be working Monday to Thursday for a while, your father agreed to take Thursdays off that will leave and adult in the house at all times." Carla laid out the plan. "So Monday to Wednesday Mathew, Thursday Elroy, Friday and the weekend me. That way Ellen you don't have to be here you can go to school."

"But I should be home." Ellen said.

"Ellen you've been stuck in this house for weeks except for yesterdays lunch, it isn't good for a kid your age. You need to get out and socialize." Carla told her daughter. "And you need to go to school too, learning at home is better than nothing but trust me I know, you need to graduate at school."

Ellen still wasn't sure till Mathew hit on an idea. "You can take morning classes and come home at lunch. That will make sure you have four classes and get the basics, we can home school the rest." Mathew squeezed his sister a little tighter as she nodded.

"Mat, last night you fell asleep," Ellen said breaking away from him, "I got really upset and was ready to wake you, only," Ellen began playing with the heart pendant at her neck, "I realized as long as you're beside me that's enough, I want to go to school and see my friends but all I need is you." Ellen finished by leaning back in and kissing Mathew.

"I think I will stop the two of you there," Carla said as her son began fondling his sister's plumped breasts. "I need one of you to clean up the kitchen and living room, my feet hurt and I'm going to lay down, dinner would be nice as well." Carla added.

Ellen leaned in whispering in Mathew's ear, "Take mom and go practice."

Mathew grinned wickedly standing up as his sister moved over, "I can try but there are those pesky rules," Mathew said taking his mothers arm. "How about a massage I'll start with your paws and I won't stop till you tell me too."

Carla looked back at her daughter still sitting on the bed, she watched a little shocked as Ellen stuck out her tounge and made a few lapping motions. Carla stopped Mathew to stare hard at Ellen who ducked her head and blushed, "The two of you are the worst." Carla told them.

Mathew leaned in purring at his mothers ear, "Yes." was all he whispered.

A few minutes later Mathew had his mother comfortably laying on her bed with her legs mostly off the edge and several pillows to make her comfortable, "Mathew, I am not in the mood anything physical, please just a massage."

Mathew considered for a moment starting with her right paw, "Tell me when to stop." Carla truly enjoy her sons touch for the first time, his kneading and stroking helping with the ache in her feet and legs as he hit her knees she asked him to go no further so he continued with the other leg.

"You know Ellen won't be happy if I learn nothing." Mathew told his mother.

"What is it you want to know? Mathew that's high enough could you please start over." Carla told her son.

Mathew complied starting back at her toes this time. "When I was licking Ellen last night inside there was a firmer spot." Mathew waited seeing what his mother would say.

"Yes that is a good spot, You know about her Clitoris?" Carla asked, 'Yes' Mathew answered surprised his mother was allowing the conversation to proceed.

Mathew continued rubbing and realizing his mother wasn't going to offer anything more Mathew asked, "Any other spots? Or things I could know?"

"Mathew," Carla started but he had already moved his paws back down and switched legs, "Have you tried purring while you lick?"

"Purring?" Mathew asked.

"Yes while your inside try purring, also making raspberrys against her lips would be good." Carla instructed her son, she struggled to sit up. "Mathew a little help." Mathew kneeled helping his mother to sit, he gently rubbed his paws on his mothers very pregnant belly.

"You think its a boy or girl?" Mathew asked placing a cheek to the thin blouse when he felt the unborn move.

"That's a boy, call it mothers instinct," Carla paused staring down at her son. "I wanted to tell you I wont have a paternity test done. Elroy is insistent though."

"I don't think it is necessary, it's dads kitten. Call it instinct, but I know 'this one' isn't mine." Mathew said looking at his mother grinning before returning his cheek to her belly, carefully placing his arms around her waist and purring while hugging his mother. Mathew purred louder when his mother began scritching his head and ruffling his ears. Carla enjoyed her sons attention for several minutes before she asked him to let go, she still wanted to lay down and try for a little sleep. Mathew helped her get comfortable, Carla ended up laying on her side with her belly resting against the mattress several pillows propped around her legs, chest and head. Mathew considered for a moment crawling in to bed behind his mother, but knowing that wasn't what she wanted, Mathew walked around the bed and climbed in on the other side. He wiggled up close to his mother without making to much contact to be sure not to disturb her carefully placed limbs and pillow structures.

Mathew purred lightly, gently stroking his mothers arm that was resting on a pillow, "I do love you mom." he told her when she closed her eyes. Mathew waited for twenty minutes till he was sure his mother was asleep before slowly creeping off the bed. He found he had a hard time leaving his mother room, and worked against a serious urge to climb back into her bed and listen, head pressed against her middle.


Once again, very early the next morning, Mathews door was opened and the was urged to get up, "Mathew hurry," Elroy had the light on and was shaking his son awake, "Get some clothes on and get to the car we are going to the hospital." Mathew was up and charged by the words, adrenaline working far faster than any stimulant, except maybe Ellen.

"Mat what about Amanda?" Ellen asked from the bed.

Mathew had the dresser open putting on what ever was on top as he though, "Get dressed," he told Ellen, "I wont leave the two of you here." The siblings scrambled to grab everything and follow their parents out to the car. It was still full dark and cold in the late spring morning, "Ellen wait." Mathew said as she pushed back past him carrying Amanda back inside.

"Go!" she called hurrying though the living room, "I'll lock up."

Mathew sighed watching his breath mist from the light of the porch. Elroy met him halfway to the car, "Get in back, wait what's this?" He asked as Mathew passed the baby pack to him.

"Ellen's coming." Mathew answered to a slam of the front door. Mathew got in the back of the car helping his mother up enough so that she was still semi prone laying against his lap and chest. Mathew stroked his mothers head and belly as Elroy helped Ellen and the kit, now wrapped in a extra fuzzy blanket, in to the front seat before climbing in himself and backing out the car.

Mathew had a funny thought in a few years they either needed a bigger car or they would have to take both vehicles to get around together, he continued thinking about maybe driving on his own but was brought back by his mothers moan. Suddenly the stereo was blasting drowning out any sounds but yells and screams. Carla had explained after the first false alarm trip to the hospital for Ellen, that Elroy, who had a hard time not helping people, found himself to upset to do a simple act like drive a car when he heard someone in pain. It was truly difficult for Elroy to not try and help someone who was injured, and to ignore a cry of distress left him feeling sick. The solution in his mind was to block out any sounds by concentrating on the blaring sounds from the speakers.

Mathew continued holding and trying to help his mother through her contraction, till she relaxed panting. Mathew bent down as far as he could and kissed his mothers nose. Carla watched her son trying to regain her breath, she stared at his eyes in the dim light that came from outside the car. She hated this part but knew it would be over soon, Finally. Carla still watching her son noticed him grinning, 'what in the hell is he thinking now' she worried just a bit he could do several things and no one would know or hear what was happening.

She felt her head raised up so he could call out loudly in her ear, "Next one is mine right?" Carla shook her head as she felt his paw catch her muzzle holding her head still. Mathew leaned closer again licking her nose and muzzle tip, he nodded as he allowed her head to lower back in to his lap. He spent the rest of the ride to the hospital caressing every part of his mother he could reach, helping with her contractions and pain as they came, but always keeping his paws against her body stroking and petting.

The total drive to the hospital was just over twenty minutes and as they pulled up to the E.R. Elroy cut the engine and dashed inside. Mathew with his ears still ringing spoke loud enough so that his mother could clearly hear him, "I do love you mom." Mathew was stroking her belly, "You look beautiful pregnant you know that?" Carla had already decided that now was not the time to try and argue with her son. She could admit to herself that she was slightly aroused, but every contraction had crushed that feeling, that is till her son started moving his paws again.

Amanda had not fared so well on the drive to the hospital, even with her mother covering her ears blocking most of the sound now in the silence the kits wails broke out. As Elroy and the medical staff helped Carla, Mathew helped his sister try to calm down Amanda. One of the E.R. Nurses moved the teens to a small waiting room upstairs nearer to the maternity ward where they had sent Carla. The siblings fed and changed their kitten and began the long wait.

"Mathew," Ellen said later. "I am really hungry." Mathew felt his own stomach clench at the thought of food. Mathew checked the time seeing it was a bit before seven a.m.

"I'll go check for something." Mathew walked silently through the awakening hospital. He only had to wait a few minutes before the main cafeteria would be open, but realized his pockets were empty and he had no money. Mathews stomach growled, they had eaten dinner early last night and then chowed down on popcorn later while watching a movie. He slowly walked his way back to the waiting room trying to figure out how to get some money or who he might call for help. Mathew pleaded for two styrofoam cups at the nurses station and brought back a cup of water for Ellen.

"I don't want to call dad out but maybe we should, although I don't know if he remembered his wallet." Mathew finished explaining to his sister.

"We can wait a while, I don't want to call dad out unless we have to, I didn't want you to leave me at all." Ellen said remember her horribly long ordeal, the three time Mathew had left, her father had stood in, allowing Mathew to use the restroom and relieve a little stress by walking the hall.

"I'd call Miranda but I don't know her number." Mathew said, "No one I know would be up right now, or wouldn't be likely to come here just to drop off some money."

"Mrs. Ember would come." Ellen said brightly.

"Once again, I don't have her number. Do you know it?" Mathew asked watching his sister shake her head.

"I know Robin's phone number but she has to be dead asleep right now, I know she would come, but not unless it was really important." Mathew stopped talking walking back to Ellen and sitting next to her so he could take his turn at holding his daughter since they had left the cradle. While Ellen was off to the restroom Mathew pondered again going though the list of everyone he knew who might be able to help. After a while Ellen came back and they switched places again, when his sisters stomach grumbled again Mathew made a decision to do something, he borrowed the phone back at the nurses station and dialed Robin.

After six rings Mathew hung up the phone waited a minute then dialed again. "Helloowho is thiss?" the sleep slurred voice sounded over the phone.

"Robin, it's Mathew do you have Miranda's phone number?" Mathew asked.

"Mathew what?" Robin tried collecting a conscious though, "Why are you calling me now? If you have to call out for work do it later."

"Robin wait!" Mathew nearly shouted at the phone afraid she would hang up. "Pleas I just need Miranda's number were at the hospital." hearing the silence Mathew added, "Mom's in delivery."

"Oh." was all Robin replied, Mathew waited in silence while Robin rummaged for the number, "Here it is," she said rattling off the numbers for Mathew, "Mat how did you know my number?" Robin asked after he said thank you.

"I saw it on the board your number is the same as my birthday 0613." Mathew told her.

"Figures" Robin mumbled, "I'm going back to bed Mat bye" and with that Robin had hung up.

Mathew reset the receiver and picked it up again dialing out the number Robin had given him, by the fourth ring the call was answered and Mirandas voice came though clear, "Hello."

"Hi Miranda, it's me Mathew," he started. Mathew explained what had happened that morning adding in that his sister was starving, "I was just wondering if maybe you could bring a little money for food. I will pay you back when I come in to work."

"But what about your mother?" Miranda asked.

"Mom," Mathew realized he had said little besides that she was in the hospital, "well she's ok last time the came to talk with us, otherwise they would have told us if something had gone wrong. I'm not sure if dad has any money or his wallet and we didn't want to bug him."

"Alright Mathew it will take me a half an hour at least but I will stop by soon." Miranda said already planning on how to alter her day. Mathew thanked his boss before hanging up and hurrying back to Ellen with the good news. It took Miranda nearly an hour to get to the hospital after she had called her head cook and explained she wasn't going to be in till the evening, and stopped off for hot chocolate and donuts. "You both need to plan a little more for the unexpected." Miranda told the two, "It's a good idea to pack a bottle of water and cookies or crackers in your baby bag. Everyone plans for the baby but that bag should be for you as well, slip a ten in one of the pockets or something." Mathew nodded sure he would do just that when he was back home.

Mathew finished off a donut and took a large gulp of the still warm chocolate standing up, "I'll take Amanda now." he held out his arms.

"No, it's alright I have her." Miranda said.

Mathew grinned having been able to visit his father for a few minutes just before Miranda had arrived and had asked and gotten special permission for his boss. "I'm sorry I have to take her now." Mathew said while nearly forcing her to give up the kit, "Please come with me." he said leading her back to the nurses station. "This is Miranda could you take her back now?" Mathew asked the nurse staffed at the desk.

"What are you talking about?" Miranda asked.

Mathew grinned even bigger at his boss. "My mother said she wouldn't mind if you paid her a visit." Miranda seemed more than a little stunned and the nurse had to actually guide the squirrel the first few steps down the hall, Mathew watched though the windowed door they passed though till they rounded a corner before heading back to Ellen. He hoped she would be able to witness something even if it was just a part of a dream she could never know.

The sibling had been content most of the morning with update on their mother nearly every half hour, hearing that she was progressing well and there were no problems, they weren't even surprised when the nine o'clock check up was a little late. The surprise came about ten minutes after nine when both a nurse and Miranda walked in to the waiting room. Miranda rushed forward hugging Mathew, "You have a cute fuzzy baby brother." she told him.

The nurse behind her told them. "Alexander Warren born 8:51 a.m. 5 lbs. 2 oz., Congratulations." The nurse said smiling as she left he room.

"Thank you Mathew," Miranda reached out an arm to try and include Ellen and Amanda. "You have given me a gift I will treasure for always." Miranda added a few more tears to her already damp cheek fur. After hugging the teens for a minute Miranda let go and stepped back scrubbing a paw on her eyes and cheek. "Ok." she took a deep breath, "I will take care of Amanda, so you can both go back and meet your new brother. When your done your father asked if I could drive you home, unless of course you want to stay."

Ellen and Mathew thanked Miranda and had the nurse lead them back to the nursery where Alexander was while they moved their mother from the birthing room. It had been a rather quick and easy end to the pregnancy of Carla resulting in a kitten nearly snow white excepting two grayish patches on each side of his neck. Both sibs were allowed inside next to the crib but admonished not to touch, they spent minutes just staring at their new brother before Mathew asked if they could check in on their mother.

Back in a private room Carla was dozing as the teens entered, Ellen went and asked their father a few questions while Mathew went to his mothers side and kissed her forehead. Mathew watched his mothers ears twitch and figured she wasn't quite asleep. "Just think about it ok." he whispered to his mother, he moved back petting her arm, "A new brother, thank you." Elroy told his kids to go home and that he would be there for dinner, and with that the Warren teens headed home with their kit.


After nearly a week of trying to work out a routine that allow a fair split of the duties required in caring for two infant kittens, Mathew finally found himself at the library the next Monday which also happened to be the third of June and the first day of school. Centuries of misconseptions that most females had their heats in spring had the educational institution sending all kids and teens home during the spring time to allow family to deal with them. Although modern times had proven that notion wrong long ago the schools had kept the break running from the first Friday of March to the First Monday of June.

Actually for Mathew it was a good thing the library had been deserted for most of the morning it had allowed him to get a great deal of work done with out being interrupted. Anyone who did pass the table Mathew sat at would see the adulthood paperwork and citizens books and assume that the young man was working on being accepted as an adult. Mathew though was currently into his fourth law book trying to understand exactly how the partnership paperwork was accepted or denied. So far it seemed any couple could fill out the paperwork pay the fees and were either approved or denied. The process involved a magistrate, one from the family branch, who would review the paperwork. If there was a problem the application could be rejected, that was the catch to Mathew, what was considered a problem. The first and main reason for rejection was if someone wrote a formal objection, usually by a family member, which could result in; a full rejection; a simple meeting with the magistrate and all parties to discuss the matter; or a full court appointment where all sides would bring in everything they could to try and convince the magistrate one way or another.

Truly all the power was held by the magistrate, Mathew decided he would go each day and file the paperwork, there were four or five magistrates in the family branch, filling out a application each day Mathew hopefully mean he would get at least two maybe three to look over the applications increasing his chances. Mathew grabbed paperwork for seven applications plus the paperwork he already had on citizenship and headed for home.

He spent over an hour in the early evening with his father trying to figure out what to do once an application was rejected. "Mathew," Elroy said, "there probably hasn't been a brother/sister marriage in a decade or more."

"But there is no law against it." Mathew answered.

"True but a magistrate doesn't necessarily have to have a specific reason to deny it, it's just an application." Elroy pointed out.

"So I refile." Mathew said, "as many times as necessary."

"I don't think you can afford that." Elroy told his son.

"It's two hundred and twenty five a week." Mathew replied, "I can file one every day for five days."

"Mathew that is just going to waste money." Elroy told him.

"It is not a waste!!" Mathew almost yelled at his father, "if someone told me I only had to pay a thousand to marry Ellen I would. Doing it each day only proves how serious I am."

Elroy sat back in the chair at the kitchen table, considering his sons course of action. There was a small wail sound that echoed in to the room, so Mathew got up. "There might be something to that idea Mathew they can't keep taking your money and denying you. They would eventually have to give your money back, or stop you from filing, if they did that well maybe you could try a legal approach if they denied your rights to file." Mathew watched his father for a moment while he thought. "Go on." Elroy waved, "I have to check it out."

Mathew headed for the nursery he had gone all day with out seeing either Amanda or Alexander. Mathew held back in the hall hearing his mother and sister talk. "He's just so fuzzy." Ellen said.

"Well he is just a little fuzzier than you were but each kit is different, you were such a little shocker. Zapping half the people who tried to pick you up, your brother cried more than a few times because he though you were being mean." Carla stated.

"And there is nothing we can do?" Ellen asked.

"Nope, not with a little kit. When they are older there are some combs and shampoos that can stop or cut down on static, but you wouldn't use them on infants." Carla informed her daughter.

Mathew felt it was a good time to enter, "So how are they doing?" he asked watching his mother and sister who had swapped cubs to breast feed.

"They are both fine." Ellen told her brother. Mathew sat down on the carpet in front of Carla reaching out to tease his daughter slow swaying tail.

"Mathew," Carla said getting her sons attention, "the answer is no."

Mathew moved his hands from his daughter to his mother. Carla had on a nice pair of pants and Mathew began rubbing the fabric on her thighs, "Can I ask why?"

Carla leaned forward making sure her sons attention was on her face and not somewhere else, "Elroy is my partner. If you don't understand that than you should not be trying for one with Ellen."

Mathew nodded completely accepting her reason. "Are you going to have another child?" he asked.

Carla waited a moment before answering, she motioned for her son to sit up on the bed but he stayed sitting on the floor in front of her. "I don't think so." Carla finally answered, "Why are you asking?"

Mathew slowly reached out and placed a hand on Carlas belly just under his daughter. "I have though about you many times." Mathew confessed to his mother, "Yes it is just lust, an obsession, but that doesn't mean I don't love you." Mathew pulled his hand away and stood up, he bending over to kiss his mother, "But you looked so much hotter when your pregnant. I wanted nothing more than to snuggle up with you and your big belly." Carla looked over at Ellen who was watching the two talk, "Ellen was different," Mathew told his mother, "I always wanted to cuddle with her, but when she was pregnant I had to worry more about her or the problems she was having." Mathew reached out to take his daughter who had dozed off, moving across the room to replace her in the crib.

Carla had stood up but Mathew had caught her before she reached the door, hugging her from behind, "Mathew," she said, "dinner will be soon."

"Forget dinner, and forget dad," Mathew said leaning in to lick her neck a few times, "Carla will you be with me tonight?"

"Mathew now isn't a good time." She answered.

Mathew turned her around and to look at her, "I suppose that is better than trying to tell me I don't understand." Mathew took his mothers neck and gently pulled her forward, locking muzzles in a tounge tangling sloppy kiss that lasted for a full minute. "Your rules," Mathew spoke quietly when he broke the kiss, "will mean it will never be a good time." Mathew turned to watch Ellen put their brother back in to his crib. "I think you're to worried or scared to ever take that step. Your rules mean that I won't ever try to do anything more than ask, which leaves you safe." Mathew wondered if he had said enough, he looked at his mother before shaking his head and leaving the room.

Mathew stood at the door to his room for a minute, trying to decide if he should go back and maybe ask when a good time might be. He sighed hearing the light footsteps and feeling the arms wrap around his middle. "I'll keep trying Elly, I think mom is right about having kits but that doesn't mean we couldn't still be a close family."

"I'm glad you think I am right about having kits." Mathew herd his mothers voice behind him, "Mathew," Carla whispered in his ear, "are you sure your ready for this?"

Mathew leaned back in to his mother, "Of course." he answered.

"You are so young and know so little," she purred in his ear, "your father isn't the perverted one he just has less control than I do. He only knows what I taught him, and a few things he's learned on his own. I'm the one who has the wild desires and I always keep them in check." Carla started gently licking her sons ear, "If you come to my room now, I will teach you more than what you have been able to imagined so far." Carla bit his ear had enough to pierce all the way through. Mathew gasped and shivered in his mother's arms. "Careful Mathew," she said finally letting go of his ear, "I was young too, there were only two men besides your father and I chased both of them off. If you decide to stay in my bed tonight you will be a toy, not my son. I will use you... all... night... long." Carla spoke the last three words slowly feeling her son tremble in her grip while she slowly stroked his shaft though his pants.

Mathew was still shaking as his mother moved off, he wasn't sure if he was excited, scared, overjoyed, or just shocked. Mathews first though was about Ellen and he returned to the nursery finding her standing between the two cribs. He turned his sister to face him and just stared at her face. Ellen asked what was wrong and he explained what had just happened. "It is what you want isn't it?" Ellen asked.

"I want all of us to be together," Mathew answered, "all of us, how ever we please." he hugged his sister tight, "I always pictured us together able to hold you and mom with dad, all together."

"You are being foolish Mathew." Ellen told her brother. "You promised we would have sex whenever you or I wanted, we've done all kinds of things." Ellen tried not to blush for the moment, "you can finally get mom to teach you, but now your not sure because mom wants something from you. It's like when we were in the shower, I was upset but I love you, it wasn't hard to say yes. Is mom somehow different?"

Mathew grinned with his sister, he always liked it when she reminded him of their promises, "I love you Elly with all my heart and soul," he said gripping her tighter, "I guess I'm just a little nervous, it always seemed like I was trying to force or move her and now suddenly mom says yes, and be careful."

Ellen grinned more seeing her brother flustered, she grabbed his rear and tail, squeezing one while giving the other a firm tug. "Maybe she's right, maybe inside she is just like you." Ellen told her brother, "In the end I think you will enjoy it." she giggled at him.

Mathew nodded inside now he was no longer unsure, if it was a wild ride than it would sure as hell be a fun one. "Ellen, I think mom is right we should only have each others kits."

Ellen nodded, "It's to bad though dad has almost begged me to let him mate me in season."

Thinking for a moment Mathew smiled, "Good let him, we'll get you some pills or a shot as long as you don't get pregnant, I wonder if mom would agree to that." Mathew held on to his sister for a moment longer. "I will see you tomorrow," he said stepping away.

Ellen nodded again, "I'll have breakfast ready, whenever you get up."

Mathew stepped back out in to the hall turning to see his father waiting at the door to his parents room. Mathew had only ever made one plan when it came to his father, there were no words or arguments that he needed. Mathew walked straight up to Elroy and embraced him, a second later Elroy placed his arms around his son and the two shared a strong hug, one that they had not had in several years.

"Mathew," his father spoke, "you should really be careful." Those words from his mother had sent his emotions spinning, however out of his fathers mouth they simply made him pause to think. "She has been planning for you for days. I didn't think she was ready yet." Elroy stopped speaking looking at the bedroom door wondering how much he should tell his son about what waited inside. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked Mathew.

Mathew stepped back letting his arms drop, "Your bed is big enough to sleep four," Mathew look at his dad, "Maybe next week for my birthday we could all sleep together." Elroy considered what is son had just proposed, "It's not like we even have to do anything," Mathew said, "I just want to be with my whole family."

Elroy stepped aside from the door, "Maybe." was all he said. Mathew nodded and stepped forward placing his paw on the door, he shivered again as he turned the knob and pushed the door open. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

Carla watched her son as he just stood back against the door. "Your father thinks we should have a safe word, something you can say to stop me, but toys don't need words, come here Mathew." Carla beckoned from the bed.

Mathew made his decision, he walked to the bed and knelt down in front of his mother. "I will do what ever you ask, or want I am yours to use. I only have one favor I would like to ask of you first mom." He looked up to his mother, "I would ask that we have sex during your season." Mathew spoke quickly to stop his moms protest, "There are pills and things right, so you don't get pregnant." Mathew reached out to stroke Carla's middle lifting the loose blouse out of the way. "Not that I wouldn't enjoy seeing you pregnant again."

Carla pulled her sons head into her lap and scritched his ears, listening as he started to purr. "I will think about this Mathew I won't promise anything, but maybe after tonight you won't have a need for that little fantasy anymore. Now Toy," she said gently tugging on his head fur, "up and undress me."

Mathew stood up with his mother kissing her muzzle and nibbling at her neck while he gripped her blouse and lifted it between them. He bent his head forward licking over her boob stopping at the stiff areola. He gently drew the nipple in to his mouth and suckled, warm cream instantly jetted on to his tounge and he increased his suction drinking his mothers sweet cream.

"No no," she said pinching his nose shut so he wouldn't be able to breath, "a little off the other side but you leave the rest for your brother." Mathew swiftly complied latching on to her other nipple guzzling down all he could before she told him to stop.

"Better than the last time." he told her rolling his tounge around his mouth savoring the treat.

"You don't remember the last time my little Toy." Carla told him.

"That is why it's so much better." Mathew said catching the elastic of her pants in his paws and stretching it so that he could slide them over her hips and let them fall to the floor. Mathew stepped back and quickly stripped of his clothes not realizing his mother was frowning at him.

She held a finger against his chest stopping him from coming closer again. "So eager are you." Carla watched her son nod as she looked over his fur, seeing his fully erect shaft, "I should make you redress, but I will allow you some leeway, hurry up on to the bed and lay down." She gave his rear a heavy stinging slap as he climbed up, making him hiss. Carla pulled off her own wet panties, she was already soaked and ready from anticipation. Carla did not bother with foreplay or words, only telling him, "Toy try to hold on as long as possible." before she climbed on top and pressed his shaft inside shuddering slightly with the penetration.

Mathew bucked upwards only to feel a paw on his belly and see his mothers shaking head, he tried his best to stay still as Carla slowly rode him to start out. Both enjoyed the act of gentle penetration and withdraw; the soft gripping wall or the hard firm shaft. Carla started picking up the pace lifting off higher before dropping down on his crotch, Carla moaned out driving faster on her son enjoying the rising pleasure.

"Ellen's faster." Mathew grumbled unable to help himself as he shoved his hips upwards. Carla screeched wrapping on paw around his muzzle and digging her nails into his shoulder, what ever gear she switched to was a shock to Mathew as she began driving against him shoving his bottom in to the mattress. After several pounding seconds he could almost feel his ass leaving the mattress rebounding with the force of his mother driving down on him. Carla yowled out in pleasure squeezing on his shaft once before dragging herself up on to his belly separating them. She continued moaning stroking her lower lips across his belly fur soaking her juices across his middle.

Mathew whined looking up at his grinning mother, "Good Toy." she panted, "that was a good start." Mathew wiggled trying to free an arm and reach his throbbing member, "Not yet Toy." she told him, "I want my Toy to build a big load to blow." Carla rolled off keeping Mathew paws away from his crotch, both watched his staff sticking up leaking each time he squeezed. "No don't flex," she said holding her Toy tight, "just relax." Mathew tried following her orders slowly over minutes his stick softened some allowing it to droop slightly touching his fur. "Good." Carla said straddling him again but down on his legs. She slowly moved forward allowing her hot lips to rub and suckle along the base of his sheathe and shaft before sliding them against his member. Mathew whined again then puppy whimpered to his mother silently begging her.

"Don't worry Toy." Carla said stroking his cheek and neck. "I will allow you to release soon. I'm just teaching you how to get a bigger load, next I'll show you the strongest orgasm you ever had." Carla used a paw to guide her sons penis back inside, laying down on top of Mathew and pressing back till he was hilted. "Now enjoy Toy, but don't blow to soon."

Mathew grabbed his mothers lower back and began humping up inside of her, the break had not been enough to do more than set his pleasure and peak back about halfway. He quickly built up speed forcing himself inside as fast as possible, working back up to his release. Carla moved to her elbows licking and blowing against her sons face and neck trying to distract him from his single minded task. "Slow down Toy, enjoy it." Mathew didn't, he began trying to pull her down while driving up and in another minute, grabbing handfulls of fur at her hips forced them together as hard as he could. Mathew blew with a screech holding on tight to his mother while blasting jets of semen inside her tunnel. He moaned out trying to hump upwards with each surge that ran though his penis, by the time he was finished he was shaking exhausted by one of his longest orgasms ever still quivering and oozing inside his mother.

"Mmmmmm" Carla murred as she licked the tounge that was hanging out the side of her sons mouth while he panted. "I guess I'll let you rest for a moment, but don't disappoint me, I'll be ready soon." Carla rolled off her son and scooted off to the end of the bed. She pulled several things out of the nightstand while Mathew closed his eyes and tried to regain his breath. Carla took several minutes to prepare herself before she crawled back on the bed laying down next to him. She snuggled in close slowly grinding her legs and crotch against his leg. At first Mathew smiled fully prepared to start again till he felt something weird against his leg. Eyes still cosed Mathew felt around realizing that his mother had on some kind of panties, till he came to a hard rubber shaft that she was grinding against his fur.

Carla caught his paw as it moved away making him circle the strapon shaft with his paw and rubbing it through his paw moaning. Mathew sat up interested, Carla leaned back and allowed him to explore, he quickly learned that the heavy string like panties didn't just hold on the dildo but also held in something. Mathew felt her spread lips though the fabric and wiggled the fake penis around earning both a groan and a grin from his mother. "Suck on it Toy." she told her son, Mathew stared down at the staff unsure if he should do as he was told. "Toy," Carla said slowly, "you did promise me didn't you?" Mathew nodded before lowering his head gripping the shaft with one paw and guiding it in to his muzzle. Mathew hadn't really had a good blow job, Ellen who had sucked him on occasion had always stopped after a few minutes of holding his penis in her mouth sucking, she had stopped each time complaining about his taste. Mathew inexperience showed as he tried just sucking on the rubber guiding it to the back of his mouth only to gag, he pulled off retching and coughing.

"Well you tried Toy, you have a lot to learn this is only six inches on your side," Carla said gesturing, "I have a bigger one." Mathew looked at the toy and then down at himself, they were roughly the same size and basic shape but the toy was definitely thicker. "Alright Toy on your paws." Mathew turned facing the bottom of the bed aiming his rear at his mother while she sat up.

Carla crawled over to the nightstand to grab a small jar of scented oil, "Normally revenge is best served cold, but I'll make sure yours is warm and slippery, I hate anal Mathew but I will make the same deal I did with your dad." Mathew pressed his lips together as he felt on of his mothers fingers press on and then invade his ass. "I will take you three times in the ass then you can have mine once. So you owe me this plus five more times before you can ask again." Mathew nodded as he felt the finger pumping in and out of his rear, it was odd but not at all painful. Carla pulled her finger out and spread a little oil on his pucker with her finger before forcefully cramming two fingers in, she grinned a little hearing her sons hiss of pain and his anal ring slam closed against her fingers. She waited for the clenching to stop before working her finger all the way inside wiggling them back and forth. Mathew was trying to get used to the burning sting of his but while his mother worked inside of him, suddenly Mathew gasped feeling like he just almost pissed himself. Carla pressed over the spot again smirking as her son squeezed hard on her fingers and slightly moaned.

"That's it enjoy it Toy, doesn't it feel good." She asked as she scissored her fingers in his anal ring widening him before grinding back against his prostate. Mathew was nearly overwhelmed by the sharp pain and sudden pleasure, he moaned pushing back against his mother as she tried to withdraw. "I think your ready." Carla said letting her paw curl and slowly allowing her fingers to leave her sons pucker. She dripped a little oil over her rubber shaft and after smearing the shaft she replaced the oil on the nightstand and crawled up behind her son.

"Mathew," Carla said quietly leaning over his back, "you need to relax, it will be much easier on you that way." Mathew felt the pressure against his hole as his mother guided the tip against his rear. He groaned slightly as he tried relaxing feeling the tip press and barely penetrate before Carla backed off. She worked back two more time allowing just a bit of the head inside before allowing it to slip free, the fourth time she pressed harder forcing the head to pop in. Carla paused with her sons hiss, she gave him a few seconds before applying pressure allowing the oiled shaft an unrelenting entrance, continuing its glide forward clenching muscles or not. Carla stopped finally when her crotch pressed against his rear, she wiggled her hips moving the toy around not just in her son but herself as well.

Mathew heard his mother say "Here we go Toy." he tried relaxing and bracing his body as his mother grabbed his hips and started thrusting, she didn't start gently, but neither was she overly harsh, this was in it's way payback and she was going to make sure her son never forgot this experience. It took a while but Mathew finally felt his rear truly relax, allowing his mother free access to every thrust, turn, jerk, or wiggle as she used the toy to pleasure herself while ramming it against him. "Oh yes." Carla called having forced all the way in and rocking up and down causing it to hit the pleasurable spots inside of her. She leaned in over her son using short jabbing strokes as her paw searched down his side gripping Mathews shaft like a joystick when she found it. Carla used her thumb to grind over his tip and head while jacking the upper part of his shaft.

"Mom" Mathew finally cried out not able to stay silent any longer, losing himself now in pleasure heightened greatly by the slight lingering pain.

"That's it cum for me, Cum with me." Carla said speeding her paw up to ultra blurr speed while she slammed and grinded her hips against his ass. Mathew could feel his ball contract as inside his rear that new special spot was repeatedly rubbed and nudged, it felt to Mathew like his penis was growing thicker and heavier in the few seconds that passed before he could feel the semen pulse up his shaft to spray out on the bed, behind him his mother shoved up hard to his tail forcing the toy down against his prostate while the opposite end moved to press against her g-spot. Carla screeched out in pleasure while Mathew opened his mouth to join in only realizing his body was overloaded his vision blacked out and his breath halted. Mathew lived through the heightened pleasure as each blast of seed coursed through his privates, squeezing his entire life down to each moment of squeeze, pulse, spray : squeeze, pulse, spray Mathew shuddered under his mother collapsing. Carla leaned down making sure to stay inside as she panted and rolled both of them over on to their sides. Carla was quickly regaining breath looking over her used son at some of her best work ever! Mathew had literally left a pool of cum on the mattress his shaft still oozing and dripping twitching every few seconds.

Carla leaned in and licked her sons ear before nibbling listening to his rasping breath rattle though his body, she looked to his face shaking him slightly, "I told you I would give you your strongest orgasm ever." she grinned pleased with herself. It was moments later that she still couldn't get a response from her son that Carla realized he had totally passed out. She threw a leg over her sons and pulled Mathew in to a close embrace more pleased with herself than she had been in a long time, she could allow him to sleep a while they still had a long night to go.

Carla cuddled her son smelling his body and musk it had been years since she felt so good and it was all thanks to Mathew. She knew now she could live out a few fantasies that she had kept hidden in her life, sure that Elroy would never approve, and so she would allow Mathew to have a fantasy of his own. She still wouldn't bear his kit but that didn't mean he couldn't dream about knocking her up during her next season.

Mathew was coming around, he felt very gentle hands stroking every part of his body while a tounge was softly caressing half of his face and muzzle. The strong full feeling and an aching throb told him his rear was still in use, he felt his mother purring in his ear, "How was it?" she asked. Mathew wasn't sure how to answer he couldn't really remember anything past the first few seconds of his orgasm, but each of those seconds held pleasre greater than any he knew. Mathew gave a long slow groaning hiss as he felt his mother draw back pulling on the toy before snuggling back close again, "I see the Toy is not ready for another ride yet. I didn't break you did I Toy?" Carla asked.

"No" Mathew said trying to relax against the mattress. There was a loud sharp rap at the door and a short struggle as Mathew tried to move away.

"Relax Toy, don't worry." Carla spoke louder calling out, "Enter!"

Elroy slowly entered the room shaking his head slightly at mother and son, Mathew folded his ears back as Elroy spoke 'to his wife' "I did something that I now need to apologize for it."

Carla started sitting up and stopped at her sons pained cry, "Does he need to leave?" she asked her husband.

Elroy shook his head, "This is partly for him too, I've though about how to tell you all afternoon but now I know I won't be able to sleep until I do."

"Really?" Carla now said interested, "Even with your daughter at your side?"

Mathew and Carla watched as Elroy adjusted his pants, "Against your wishes I had a paternity test done when Alexander was born."

Mathew could feel his mother tense up and told her, "It's still not my kit, I know its not." he told her.

"No the father is me 100%" Elroy spoke. Mathew felt his mother relax and bury her head in to his neck, letting out a deep held in breath.

"Thank you Elroy, I still don't," Carla paused she gave her son a squeeze while looking directly at her husband, "I don't want to hear about this ever again, he is our son. I didn't and won't allow anyone to question that." Elroy nodded before Carla continued, "Are you going to bed now?" she asked her husband.

"Just about I was going to help Ellen change the kits." Elroy said.

"Sure you wouldn't like to have a little fun before you leave, my Toy needs to learn how to use his mouth." Carla whispered to Mathew, "you did say anything didn't you."

Mathew laid there somewhat stunned feeling almost like he had no choice as he nodded. "Carla that is not what I want." Elroy said clearly upset. "I won't let you force him to do this."

Finally finding his voice Mathew studdered out, "It's ok dad I don't... mind..." Mathew trailed off suddenly realizing if he truly wanted his whole family together he should have tried to include his father before this. Mathews insight for the moment showed him a whole new level of sharing that the family could tryout. He almost missed what his mother was saying while his mind ran loops.

"It's ok Toy I can see neither you nor your father is ready for that." Carla said petting his head while pulling her hips back finally separating the two. Mathew groaned and lay on his stomach attempting to move his tail which had been trapped under him, but even that simple movement brought a pain and ache to his abused rear.

"Carla." Elroy said looking from his son to his wife, trying to figure out what to say to his wife.

"Relax Elroy I'm not truly hurting him although he will be sore for days. He's already enjoyed himself, and maybe he'll be more careful in the future." Carla said, Elroy shook his head again as he left. Carla allowed Mathew a few more minutes of rest before she coaxed him back up, she got him to straddle her chest as she laid on the mattress.

Mathew slowly slide down retaking the toy in his ass with his mothers encouragement, "I want you to ride me Toy, then we can ditch the strapon and continue, we still have all night." Carla told her son. Mathew looked at the clock as he slowly pulled himself back up before dropping himself back down. It was a little after ten p.m, it was going to be a long long night.


Mathew woke the next morning looking at his mothers back as she slept just a foot away. He was a little worried about waking her for several reasons he carefully rolled over to get up. Even sitting at the edge of the bed on the mattress seemed painful for his tailhole but far more than that was sore. His legs felt sore and his arm seemed to twitch a few times without being told to. Mathew worked to stand up his legs, wobbling badly, feeling like his muscles were more like an accordion slowly deflating than strong cells meant to hold him upright. Mathew worked to gain his balance before he took a shaky step forward after managing that he tried the second step only to have his knee bend and the leg give out. He tried twisting throwing his weight back on the bed, he only half succeeded sliding off the mattress leaving only his arms and head on the bed. Mathew shuddered trying to hold back tears as he shook near the end of the bed feeling totally helpless. Suddenly hands where on his back moving around to grip his waist and helping him back to his feet, Mathew stumbled but with help made it to the bathroom. He dropped on the toilet mewling in pain from his sore end, looking up he could see his concerned mother who pet his head. For a brief moment he saw her grin before she schooled her expression and turned away.

"Breakfast is ready." Ellen called from the bathroom door. "Mathew?" she asked after not hearing any response, he tried looking at his sister but dropped his head quickly, the thought of breakfast set his stomach to rumble but ended with a nauseating twist at the end.

"Just some juice right now Ellen." Carla told her daughter, "Don't worry Mathew you'll be just fine in a few days, I'll get you cleaned up."

"That would be my job." Ellen said stepping in to the bathroom, Carla stood in her daughters path stopping her from going further.

"I clean up my own mess." Carla forcefully told her daughter, holding a paw up she held back Ellen's argument. "But this time I will let you help. I'll go get some juice you can set up the bench in the shower." Carla walked to the kitchen thinking maybe it was a bad idea to continue with Mathew if Ellen was going to get upset or jealous, still even she was a little concerned for Mathew. Their night had been a bit more rough than she had planned, even she was feeling sore trying to hid the fact she wasn't walking quite straight.

Carla and Ellen helped Mathew on to the bench in the shower, Carla stood on the inside claiming one shower head to wash while Ellen worked lather over her brothers back and chest. Together the women finished cleaning Mathew's privates and legs, Carla kept her daughter from teasing Mathew explaining that arousing him now would only make his muscles more sore if he sought release. The two dried Mathew and got him to bed. Ellen fed him breakfast while he laid on his side trying to rest his body. Besides the few times he he got up to go to the bathroom Mathew stayed in bed the enrire day. He was surprised later when his mother moved first one chair then another next to his bed. Carla also brought in two folding trays and told Mathew that dinner would be soon.

Twenty minutes later found the entire Warren family including both infant kittens in the back bedroom, Carla and Elroy in the chairs while Mathew, Ellen, and the cubs were on the bed. The family had a nice dinner while the infants dozed, they ate; laughed, most were jokes at Mathews expense; and in general enjoyed each others company.

Near the end Carla brought out a notebook, "I know we have all been trying to adjust to the problems and changes most of them caused by Mathew. Don't deny it," Carla said staring straight at her son, "You are the biggest culprit, especially since you can get Ellen to help you along. I'm not very happy with how some things are going but I can accept them. I have written here everything I would like my family to be, most importantly I have listed things I don't want to happen. Such as, if we are going out in public you two could try to act like brother and sister, I don't care if you have Amanda you can still at least behave." Carla moved on to stall any questions, "I would like each of you to read and then write what you want or don't want. We already talked about Ellen going back to school and how we can each work, seems you were right Mathew if we work together you two can have a decent life together." Carla handed the notebook to Elroy. "If we really are going to be a family together then we need to work together, support, and help each other. Mostly Mathew I want the surprises to stop. If you want to change something write it down, then we can discuss it." Carla watched her son who was paying attention, "I want to chose where my life is headed not have some path you force me to take."

Mathew watch as his mom finished and continued to stare at him, "You would never have let me be with Ellen."

Carla nodded simply before speaking, "You do agree things are different now, we can work together now."

"Of course." Mathew answered.

"So then do you want me to write down how you want us to all sleep together?" Elroy asked his son.

"If we need to, yes. I wanted to ask it as a birthday present dinner, a movie, and go to bed together." Mathew laid out a plan.

Carla cleared her throat, "We would all have to agree to that, and what limitations to set." Mathew let out a little giggle before gasping when he shifted his bottom.

"Not like that," He told his mother after a moment, "just sleeping together in the same bed, with clothes even."

"Why what's the point?" Carla asked. Ellen reached over petting Mathews leg as he sat leaning against the headboard with pillows propped behind his back. Mathew uncaring about pain reached out grabbing Ellen knocking both of their near empty plates out of their laps. There was a small burbling and a purr from one of the kits at the end of the bed as it shook when Mathew pulled his sister to him.

"I want to be with my family, we slept together once before, I still remember that." Carla smiled it had been after they had first moved in to this house. Elroy had bought the biggest bed available and the family, cubs and parents had spent the entire first week in the same bed while the back of the house was fixed and both bedrooms were painted and setup.

"Let me get this straight," Carla said with a somewhat sarcastic voice, "you did all this just to get back in to our bed and sleep with us?"

"Yep and all just in time for my birthday too." Mathew grinned listening to the family's happy noises Elroy chuckling; Carla a snort and a few 'hhmphs'; Ellens breathly giggle in his arms; even Amanda little squeal as she kicked her paws in the air gaining the entire families attention.

"Ok." Elroy told his family, "I'll take the notebook next. How about we take Sunday night to discuss this again." He said taking his plate and standing. Elroy gathered the rest of the plates up and stacked the dishes on a tray and left the room with them, while each mother took their cub to go feed. Mathew worked his way back to a prone position. He had felt such power and control, like a burning flame, when he had his sister accept him, now laying in his bed, that burn of power had shifted to a glow, like and artists joy at putting the final touches on a much prized piece. Mathew hadn't truly understood where all this was going to lead when he first planned to take his sister but he couldn't possibly imagine any better result.


Next Thursday, June 13th, just after lunch time found Mathew at the local municipal complex, with citizenship paperwork in hand, standing in the courtroom before a magistrate for the first time. He had left his parents, sister, brother, and daughter outside wishing to do this himself.

"Mathew Warren, is there any specific reason your hear on your birthday, eager maybe?" the head of the court asked.

"This is the first day that I can get citizenship, I didn't want to wait." Mathew responded.

"And where are your parents?" the magistrate asked.

"They are waiting, I don't believe it is necessary for them to be here." Mathew spoke, "I have their written agreement with the paperwork, but I think these say more about me." Mathew held up ten separate letters, which were passed to the magistrate, all affirmations claiming how he not only acted responsibly but was most capable as well. The magistrate took several minutes scanning the documents before stopping on one in particular. Mathew could guess which one it was, Ellen's doctor had surprised both sibling during a checkup visit for Amanda. It was a simple statement saying how Mathew took the responsibility and care for his and his daughter seriously, he had listened and followed advice and done all he could though out a hard pregnancy never once showing any sign of disinterest or apathy.

"Am I to understand you have a child, with your sister?" the question was asked. "Yes" was all Mathew answered. "And you expect me to grant you adulthood with such irresponsibility." the magistrate pointed out.

Mathew paused before speaking, "Sir, did you read that paper right?" the magistrate waited clearly wanted Mathew to explain himself, "If you truly looked at each statement separate you might not see much, but you have them all. I was just over fifteen when my sister came in to season. Each of those letters shows what happened after that. You can call what happened extremely irresponsible, but one action does not show you how a person is." Mathew slowed trying to make sure it didn't seem like he was just reciting a pre made speech, "I have taken full responsibility, cared for my sister, gotten a job, finished school, and now help to raise my daughter." Mathew stopped waiting to see how the magistrate would say.

"You wish to be judged only by what happened after, how is that being responsible?" the magistrate asked.

"No." Mathew said quickly, "I want you to see that even if I do act irresponsibly I will take responsibility for what I do."

"GOOD!" The magistrate stated. "See that you keep doing that. Far to often teen walk in here with their parents, notes, jobs, and good grades and figure that is what makes them a good adult. It's not acting like and adult that truly proves who you are, but the ability to accept and deal with life that make a good citizen. Congratulations Mathew Warren."


It was ten minutes later and Mathew still flying high with his sister attached to his waist slightly dizzy from the several times he had spun her in circles with him. "Let's go home and get dressed we have a late lunch to go to." Carla said trying to get her son to stop dancing across the pavement to get him in the car. The family went home and got dressed up Carla wearing her new earring for the first time with a elegantly cut emerald green dress and Elroy in a nice suit. Mathew and Ellen both wore their best dressed outfits, Mathew wearing a new shirt and dress jacket he had just bought days before.

They made it to Spring Grove just after three allowing Miranda and Robin to take both cubs away as they were shown to their seats. Every employee stopped by their table to wish Mathew a happy birthday several also congratulating him on adulthood. They were served a upgraded double date special again this time with the proper placement of the meal stating the parents were one couple while the sibling were another. Besides two stolen kisses during the meal and some minor foot play both teens did behave themselves for the meal which all enjoyed. The two couples after a quick check on their kits left them behind and headed to the theater where they watched a family movie together and truly each enjoying the company of the family. Then the Warrens went back to pick up the cubs and headed home.

Mathew had just finish placing a fresh deposit of seed inside his sisters vagina when there mother walked in on them. "Well sorry for interrupting you birthday present but we were wondering if you wanted to join Elroy and me in the living room for a movie."

"Only if you don't mind if we don't wear clothes and we won't keep our hands to ourselves." Mathew told his mother as he started thrusting back between Ellen's legs.

"It's not a porno so you'll need clothes." Carla informed her son.

He stopped pulling out and turning around to face his mother she seemed totally serious, "Who asked to watch a porno and be naked?"

"That would be your mate, she wrote it in the notebook this morning, but since we haven't discussed it yet clothes are required if you come out of your room, and remember you said we were wearing some form of clothes when we go to bed tonight." Carla informed her son.

Mathew looked back to his sister, "You?" he asked. Ellen nodded grinning having learned well from her brother what a naughty thought could accomplish. Mathew took his sister again right then, and then a third time but moved her to her paws first, taking he from behind.

It was close to nine when the family gravitated to the parents room Mathew had just checked on the cubs and crawled in to his parents bed with his sister while Carla sat on the edge and Elroy was out turning the lights off. Ellen and Mathew cuddled in the middle under the covers till the lights were turned out and each parent took a side getting in. Mathew first move was to turn facing his father behind him in the dark, he gave a hug which Elroy returned feeling his son bump and grind for a second against his crotch. Both males were able to feel the stiffness of the other threw the shorts both had chosen to wear.

Mathew reached out to give a quick kiss to his father, "Someday maybe." Elroy answered his sons kiss with words.

"How about in the morning?" Mathew answered his father as Ellen pulled him back closer nuzzling against his neck while his legs still rested against his father.

Carla spoke, "Get some sleep in the morning I'll take you and you can both take Ellen." the words were spoken so casual that no one even spoke out against it, each considering what exactly that next step meant.

Mathew and Ellen both tired from there coupling earlier dozed off first and were asleep first to snore slightly while there parents listened to their night noises. Elroy was thinking bout what he should do with his son in the morning, he had never before imagined himself with another male. Could he commit some sexual act with his son, could he take a turn on top... could he take a turn on the bottom? His mind was having trouble each time stopping in the middle of some carnal act only to jump to something else never quite deciding if he would or wouldn't do that.

"Elroy" he heard his wife whisper, "stop thinking so much and get some sleep." Elroy grinned at his mate who sometimes seem to be able to read his thoughts, he tried slowing his mind before suddenly realizing he couldn't do anything the next morning he had work. "Just sleep," Carla whispered over her children, "I already called your work earlier and told them you needed another day off." Elroy wondered for a moment who exactly was planning all this his son or his wife. He slowly drifted off to sleep deciding along the way, both were schemers and both were sexual monsters at times. One better at planning the other better at sex.