Keston and his reprieve p8

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part 8, things getting worse for poor lil' keston..

Keston mumbled softly behind his thumb as he awoke, the first thing he realised was again he was sucking his thumb, not only that but a familiar wet sensation surrounded his crotch, his wet diaper again apparent as he signed and climbed out of bed, he brushed his teeth and had a shower before getting dressed in a diaper and pair of baggy trousers, a large shirt and jacket, doing everything possible to wear clothes that would hide the diaper around his waist, he went downstairs and had breakfast, it being a Saturday his parents had left early, though they would be home early too, however he had no idea of Emma's intentions, so he might be gone all day, he signed as he ate his breakfast, a large bowl of cereal he figured he'd need the energy after all to endure what was likely to be a horrible day.

Keston arrived at Emma's house, a large well kept building in a high end area, Keston knew Emma was pretty wealthy but this place was owned by someone very rich, "Lucky girl.." Keston muttered to himself as he knocked on the door, it opening rapidly as Emma stood grinning at him, pulling him inside before he got a chance to speak, she took him to her room and locked the door, pushing him to sit on the bed, the room was a sickly girly pink, cuddly toys around the room, very obviously the room of a girl, she handed him a sealed package, virtually a crate, "What's this?" Keston asked, Emma simply grinned and pointed to the walk-in closet , "Put it on, then meet me downstairs" she said with a sort of No nonsense look, a dark gleam in her eye, Keston sighed softly as he took the package into the closet and upon opening it almost fainted.

A pair of childish overalls, complete with snaps at the crotch in Keston's size along with a pacifier on a necklace, a blue shirt with a cute cartoon fox on the front, a pair of Velcro shoes, a toddlers rattle and a thicker childish-print covered diaper pack were inside, Keston felt dizzy as he realised all these were for him to wear and use.. Thoughts blasted through his head at an even faster rate than usual, How did she get these?! Who the hell makes them!? Does she honestly expect him to wear them? Does he have a choice? Is he going to wear these in PUBLIC?! Keston fell onto his backside as he slipped out of consciousness for a moment, he shuddered as he was roused by the wet diaper he landed on, though his soaked diaper not even close to how disturbing the outfit he had to wear was, he swallowed his fear as he undressed and changed into the outfit.

Keston finished putting the pacifier necklace around his neck, the bulky childs diaper around his waist bulged noticeably under his overalls, snaps ran up the inner leggings making it blindingly obvious to anyone who were to focus on him for a few seconds, he whimpered as he looked at himself in the large mirror, he didn't recognise himself, all he saw was an overgrown toddler, he felt a whimper escape his throat as he made his way outside, Emma's eyes lit up upon seeing him, "YOUR SO CUTE!" Emma shouted as she jumped up and hugged him, Keston yipped softly as she held him, but felt oddly comforted, she may have been an evil little coon, but she was still pretty.. Wait what?! This girl was forcing him to dress like a toddler! She is not pretty! Keston scolded himself within his mind for thinking, not even realising Emma had taken his hand and pulled him downstairs while he was lost in his head.

"Ok Keston, we're going to the mall first, then we're going to the park and then we're coming back here and you'll be sleeping over!" Keston's mouth hung agape, "B-b-but! Uhhh! My parents.. Wont let me stay ov-" Emma cut him off by saying "Iv already asked them, my parents called them last night and they agreed.." Emma said with the same evil smirk she had when she first woke him up after diapering him that previous day, "Now, are you going to behave and comply or are we going to need to tell your parents about your crinkly choice of underwear?" Keston felt sick to his stomach, he was completely at her mercy, even if she embarrassed him in front of dozens of strangers at the mall, it would pale in comparrison to what shame he would feel should he parents find out... "Fine..lets just get it over with" Keston said as Emma took his hand as she led him outside and they made their way to the mall, lucky not far but his cheeks still burned with embarrassment as people looked at him.

They arrived at the mall, after spending almost two hours of shopping, ignoring the snickering and people cooing at how childishly cute he looked, they made their way to the food court, Keston smiled as Emma allowed him to pick a large chicken sandwich and a drink, Keston sighed as Emma insisted he wear a bib, eventually he consented and allowed her to put it on him, he heartily ate but finished it quickly, not wanting to stay too long, Emma however taking almost half an hour to eat her salad, as she finished and collected her bags, Keston felt a gurgle in his stomach, his eyes widened as he realised what was the matter, he was stood in the mall, in a diaper and overalls.. About to have a new, -severe- type of accident.