Special content 4: George gets recruited

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This Story is based In a fictional universe which I am preparing to publish on this site. The story will make more sense soon.

The cub scouts, a place where boys learn some outdoor skills and socialize with others around their age. They attend this from a very young age and they are known to teach disciplines that are valuable to society or so they would want you to believe. The secret organization S under D has infiltrated these scouts and now use them as a recruiting place for new young blood to add to their collection. This is the story of what happened to a young Wolf named George when he attended one of the scout gatherings.

George is a fourteen year old scout who is a few badges away from getting all merit badges and this weekend would give him the chance to get the rest of the badges. This weekend was his final camping trip with the scouts too since he decided it was time to move on from the scouts and get on with other endeavors.

"Come on George you are going to be late!" George heard his mother call from downstairs. George grabbed his things and went to run out of his room. He stopped to look at his reflection. The white wolf in the mirror impressed him. He was getting quite tall and kept his figure in tact by running track and field. Even though most of his friends would call that a barbaric practice.

George ran downstairs and out to the car that his father and mother were waiting in ready to carry him to camp.

The drive to the camp was long and about half way there his father asked him a few questions. "So George I hear this is going to be your last camping trip with the scouts?" His father asked him.

"Yes dad! I decided not to go back. Most of the scouts my age are about to quit as well. Don't even know if any of them are going to be there. My scout troop is teaming up with some other troop this weekend anyway." George answered back.

His father had a huge grin. "I know the leader of the troop, well his father. His father is a business partner of mine. I hope you will get along with his son!"

"Whatever!" George just ignored his father and mother's ramblings and just focused on watching the scenery as they drove.

It took a few hours for them to reach the camp site and drop off George. With a few waves of the paw he waved goodbye to his parents and walked into the camp site. He walked along the path down to the camp and there he met a brown fox and Grey wolf waiting there for campers.

"Hey there! You must be the wolf from one of the other troops!" Henry asked the approaching George.

"Nice to meet you! I am Henry and this is my brother Josh! We are the troop leaders for your age group!" Henry shook George's paw as George just looked at the wolf strangely.

"Wow! You are our troop leader? I thought our troop would be someone older!"

Henry giggled. "Well at this camp we do things a little bit differently. And I have been troop leader for two years now, don't worry I am not too strict about things but I guess you will see that soon enough."

George blinked. The fox in front of him was a troop leader at his age? How is that even possible? How could some so young be in charge of a troop. This made no sense at all what kind of troop was he going to be with this weekend?

Henry and Josh smiled at the wolf that walked away from them as they snickered behind his back.

"I can't wait to take that one. He looks like a real nice ass to take." Josh said and received a slap over the head from Josh.

"Enjoy this while it lasts! You are lucky dad trusts you to handle this more than me! But remember I am the one in control here. If you want to take someone I will have to have first dibs! Now keep it up leader!" Josh said a bit teasingly and then slapping Henry right on the ass and walking away.

Henry turned to greet some new scouts and their parents while josh went after the wolf that he had just met. George on the other hand had already received his assigned cabin and put his things away but got a call from his father saying to meet him back in front of the camp site because he needed to give something that he forgot.

When George started to head towards the exit he passed by Henry again greeting a few more scouts and campers but he noticed Henry gave these campers a key. Which was weird. He knew below each bed in his cabin there were some chests that were locked. Why would Henry be giving keys to certain campers and not others?

George continued out to the entrance and saw his father their talking with a black wolf and grey fox that looked like an older version of Henry.

"Hey there George! You left this in the car!" His father handed him his wallet. He really did not need it but it did have some things that he needed.

"Thanks dad!" George took the wallet then looked at the pair that was talking to his father.

"Bryce you did not tell us you had such a dashing young man as your son!" Lavincent said to George's father

"Yes my son has grown into a handsome young man but I should get going before I embarrass him more! I will see you at a future meeting Lavincent." With that Bryce walked away.

George was a bit worried about his father's strange behavior around these wolves. But he choose not be concerned about it too much. He was here to enjoy his final time camping with his troop. Then again his troop had not shown up yet. Little did he know his troop was already there and that he was the only one left.

George went back to his cabin where Henry was addressing the scouts.

"Okay. I just wanted to let you all know that we are sharing the camp site with a few other troops who are on the other side of the lake. We are not to bother them so try to avoid any conflicts with those troops. Also since this camp site is quite dangerous and has been known to have weird viruses all cubs who have not visited the medical center should visit it right now. According to the list George blight, August Monroe and Gregory Johnson are the only ones who have yet to visit the medical cabin. Please head over there immediately." Henry said and finished his lecture. George and the other three went over the medical cabin. It was the biggest cabin in the entire camp site and for some reason it had electricity.

George and the other two campers entered the hut and were ushered into a room where some doctors were waiting for them. Along with a camp counselor.

"Welcome to the medical hut. Please disrobe once you get into those rooms and a doctor will be along to tend to you shortly. My Name is Noah by the way; I will also be serving as a guide for you cubs this weekend so please do enjoy yourselves!" The white wolf said before walking away and letting the three campers head to the rooms.

George was not embarrassed by having to disrobe but he did think it weird that they were required to disrobe and were given nothing to cover themselves in. It was weird, this camp was weird!

A doctor entered the room a blue jackal dressed in a doctor's coat and nothing else. His sheathe just stood there limp and looking like it was ready for something to happen.

George blushed a bit. He was surprised to be in such a situation where he stood naked with an older male like this.

"Sorry about this young man but camp regulations advise us doctors that being naked helps ease the cubs through this examination. Please sit on the bed while I begin the examination." The doctor said. George sheepishly nodded in reply and sat on the examination table and waited for the doctor.

The doctor pulled out a pill and a glass of water and headed over to George. He handed the water and the pill to George and ordered him to drink it. George drank it and suddenly felt weak, sleepily and compliant.

"Okay young man. Here is your first test. Get on your knees and suck me off right now!" The doctor said in a more dominant tone than before.

George would have kicked the guy in the nuts and stormed out if he was in control of his body but he was not. He nodded in reply then got down on his knees and faced the jackal.

"What is taking so long boy? Start sucking!" George complied and opened his mouth to take the Jackal in. It took very little work to coax the Jackal out of his sheathe and George was eager to taste every inch of that hard piece of flesh.

"mmh! You are the best one today! Keep at it boy the machine should be ready for you soon." The doctor ordered again. George just started bobbing in the cock of the Jackal even faster than before and started using his tongue a bit more. He did not know what had gotten into him. Just that he needed to please this Doctor. He needed to suck the cock in his mouth like there was no tomorrow so he did.

He continued until he felt the cock in his mouth start to spasm and the doctor tremble a bit. He sped up the pace as much as he could and nearly wore out his jaw before he was rewarded with his prize. The doctor grabbed his shoulders and rammed his cock down George's throat as he shot hot ropes of cum down the wolf's throat.

George gagged a bit and swallowed as much as he could before the Jackal released and he could breathe again. He kneeled over gasping for air and coughed a bit.

The doctor looked down on him menacingly as Noah re-entered the room. "How was he? I am only concerned about getting the best virgins for the boss's birthday party!" Noah said as he looked the wolf over.

"Pretty good. He was very good with his tongue. I will Finish his programming now and have him rejoin the rest of the troop. You can send the request to his father. Unlike some of the boys here this one's father has already been recruited." The doctor added as his sheathe retracted itself slightly and slowly.

"Okay then get him strapped down and ready! I have one more to check out before my job here is complete!" Noah said as he went to leave.

"Wait just one minute!" The doctor said as he brought of a VR helmet attached to monitor and some instruments.

"What is it?"

"What is a big wig like you doing at these parts? This is a small operation we have here. Why is the area leader of New York and his sons here? And what is one of the big boss's errand boy doing here?" The doctor was not pleased that such big wigs would come out of nowhere and invade his operation.

The white wolf could only chuckle a bit. "I am here to get a few presents for the boss. I brought along a couple furs to help me out with them. The boss has something big planned for his husband anniversary which is really close to his birthday! And as you said I am just an errand boy. "The white wolf walked out and shut the door behind him.

"What a bastard. I guess I better get started." The doctor looked at George. "Get up on the bed and prepare for final programming. You will be here a while probably four hours. So get ready and say goodbye to your freedom boy. You belong to S under D now!"

George just nodded and waited for the doctor to strap him in. The doctor placed the VR helmet on his head and turned it on. George was blasted with high pitch sounds flashing lights and a very heavy vibration to his body. He was in a trance as the machine worked its magic and caused his cock to shoot straight up. The doctor grinned and gave George's cock a stroke. 'This is going to take a while I better enjoy myself'

The next day George woke up in his cabin along with the rest of the scouts. He opened his eyes and found that all the scouts were not bottomless and many had anal beads or dildos stuck right up their anus. He on the other hand had a collar around his neck that read 'Present for the Big boss, must remain anal virgin'

"I am going to be fucked by the big boss! I can't wait." George shouted out loud and then fished out the key to his chest. They had left it on his pillow so he could get access to those lovely toys. He was happy to get access to them even though he could not use them. Inside the chest was an assortment of sexual toys that ranged from rope and dildos to lube and juices.

"This is going to be fun. I can't wait to serve S under D!" George was now a full-fledged recruit of S under D.